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 The Swordsman Journey Book Two by Gulong

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PostSubject: The Swordsman Journey Book Two by Gulong   Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:06 am

The Devil Island has always been the scourge of the martial fraternity...

Book Two
Chapter 34: The Ghastly Mask of the Pampered Baby Doll

When Zhan Bai had awakened, he could felt his body aching with pain. He turned and looked around his surrounding and saw that he was in the hall of a broken temple!

There was a broken ceiling on the roof so he could see the stars above and knew that it was night. But the disrepair statue that was in the hall frightened him for at first he thought it was a dead corpse.

He was lying on a hay of dry straws and he was covered in a thick cotton blanket. The surrounding was quite tidy. Even though he was aching with pain when he had first regained conscious, he was actually feeling quite comfortable too.

But suddenly he saw something that frightened him so much that he could not say a word out!

It was because he had turned his attention to a burning lamp that was nearby and from behind that lamp, was a green face, red hair weirdo! And he had a shining short blade in his hands and he had plunged forward towards him with that blade!

He was so shocked at this graphic scene that he broke into a cold sweat immediately and he cried out. He had fallen into the hands of a devil and all of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain in his legs that caused him to black out once again…

When he awakened a second time, the sense of dread and fear was still upon him. He quickly turned his eyes all over the place but once again, he was shocked again!

Another weird thing had happened. Instead of that horrible looking green face and red fair man, a young but extremely seductive young maiden was looking tenderly at him!

Zhan Bai was so taken aback that he immediately sat up straight. He exclaimed in stunned shock. “Where am I now?...”

But the a great pain overcome him and before he could finish, he had fallen onto the bed of hay again!

That enthralling young maiden laughed enchanting. “I just help you to remove the secret projectiles that are in your body. Even though the poison has been cleansed but the wounds have not healed yet. Now don’t move around yet and rest for another two or more days, then you will recover.”

Zhan Bai noticed that when that young maiden was speaking, she was like an orchid that flurrying gentle in the wind. Moreover she was extremely enchanting. He had seen many beautiful beauties like Murong Hong, Wan’Er and Jin Caifeng who was so beautiful that she was bestowed as the number one beauty in Jiangnan. They were all beautiful to an extent.

But this young maiden here, her beautiful appearance was not beneath that of Jin Caifeng. Her grace and charming air was not beneath that of Wan’Er. Even her cold elegant air suppressed that of Murong Hong. Moreover she was extremely enchanting and appealing like the setting sun and she looked wholly perfect without any tinge of undesirables!

It was as though she was the sun that had appeared in the night, taking the chill off the night. That enchanting tenderness of her splendor loveliness was totally indescribable!

Moreover, she was carried an air of grandeur in her and in this eminent beauty, she did not bear any of the squeamish of a rich young mistress that caused her to be much praised upon!

Zhan Bai had never seen or heard of such a splendor and enchanting maiden!

Therefore he was stunned and lost in daze for a while as he stared at her, before finally turning his head around as though he was looking for something!

But that extremely enchanting maiden laughed. “What are you looking for?”

Zhan Bai replied. “Earlier, I though I saw a red hair, green face person…”

She laughed once again and took up a mask and blinked at him a few times.

Zhan Bai had a sudden realization. That green face, red hair person that he had saw was actually just a mask wore by this maiden.

Zhan Bai sighed. “So it is maiden’s mask! Alas! Then it means that my life is also saved by you then?”

The enchanting young maiden nodded her head.

Zhan Bai asked. “May I ask for maiden’s name? Could you be so kind as to reveal your name, in order for me to repay your kindness in the future!”

She laughed again but did not answer. She took the green face, red hair mask out once more in a playful manner.

Zhan Bai looked at her in bewilderment, not knowing her true intentions even though she seemed to have lots of doubts and questions to ask of him.

She laughed. “Guess what is my name?”

Zhan Bai asked in great bewildered. “Maiden, are you teasing me? How is it possible to guess a person’s name?”

She stared seductively at him with her profoundly big eyes before replying. “Do you really not know or are you playing dumb?”

Zhan Bai was startled and started to look carefully at this extremely enthralling maiden whose looks alone was enough to cause dizziness. He did his best to search his memory but no matter how hard he tried, he could not recall there was a beautiful young maiden that wore a ghastly mask in the pugilist fraternity.

Finally, with a bitter smile, he shook his head and said. “I have never met maiden before and moreover have never heard others…”

Actually he wanted to say, “mention about someone like you.” But because he was afraid this might displease her, therefore he left his lines hanging in mid-air.

The young maiden lifted her mask and pointed it to him. “Don’t you know me after seeing this mask?”

Zhan Bai was even startled than ever before. For a moment, he did not know what to say and thought secretly. “Is it because she is already so renowned and famous in the pugilist fraternity? Is it because I am so ignorant that I do not know her?...”

The young maiden smiled at him as though she was a caring mother caring for her baby as she patted him. “Don’t waste your efforts to think anymore. You will know it in the future. Even though I have helped you to extract the darts out of your body but you are still severely injured. You should rest for another three to five days more before you can fully recovered. Now that you have just awakened, I bet you must be feeling ravished. Let me fetch you some food while you wait here…”

When she had finished, she threw six bronze coin darts on the ground besides him and turned around. In a blink of an eye, she had sped off as though she was lightning and vanished out of the broken window!

Zhan Bai was dumbfounded and thought in bewilderment. “What astonishing swiftness movement skill! Not only was he unable to match her, not even Lei Dashu’s astonishing swift movements, not even the [Iron Guts Divine Donkey] and [Divine Ap], not even Wan’Er, that he had praised for her swiftness movement and agility, could even compare to her!

Zhan Bai thought in sudden realization. Judging from her godlike swiftness movement, her martial level must also be very high. Earlier, she had wanted him to guess her name, simply by this action alone, this showed that her fame must be really resounding or else she would not have asked him to guess. But why did he not have heard of her before?

All of a sudden, he had noticed that six bronze darts that she had threw on the ground. He was angry simply by looking at it! He had noticed by now that these bronze coins matched exactly the coin that his father had left behind for him and were the exact secret projectile used by Jin Jiu and not the gold coin darts that were used by Meng Ruping and Young Master Qilin!

In his sorrows and anguish, he recalled how like his father, he too, had almost perished from the same bronze coin darts. Therefore he found himself reaching unconsciously towards it…

All of a sudden, there was a sudden flickering of light and the young maiden had returned. She did not even had the time to take off her mask as she said in a low voice. “Do not move! There are still traces of poison in these coins!”

Zhan Bai froze immediately as the young maiden continued. “The poison that is cloaked on these darts will need three days to be ineffective. And it is only the second day. You have to wait till tomorrow before you can safety handle it.”

Zhan Bai was startled. “What? I have been here for two days already?”

The young maiden giggled. “Exactly! From the fifteen to the seventeen nights, it is exactly two days. Actually, I have overreacted. Even though the poison from these darts may be very powerful but as long as it isn’t in contact with blood, it is harmless. It just that I am afraid that you may not know of it and play with it in your hands, thereby cutting your fingers accidentally…”

And then she held out the food that she had brought and placed it in front of Zhan Bai without removing her mask. “Here is your food! You have eaten for two days now and must be starving now!”

Zhan Bai saw that she was holding the ‘Nanjing Specialty Duck’ and a deep fried pancake. It was wrapped around in a bundle of leaves.

But the duck and the pancake were too dry and Zhan Bai had gulped his food in a hurry. He was left choking and was flustered when she started to laugh at his comical look!

She was laughing till her tears filled the brim of her eyes. And her that enchanting laughing seemed to have the power to bewitch and would have led others to develop wild fantasies. As she was laughed, she remarked. “Oh my little dad! Will you eat slowly? The secret projectile did not kill you but if you end up choking to the death, then it won’t be that so worth it…”

When she said, “Oh my grandpa!” Zhan Bai almost choked. That young maiden stared at him and Zhan Bai managed to grasp out when he finally managed to digest and breath, “Alas! Oh my mum! I almost choke to the death…”

When Zhan Bai murmured out, “Oh my mum!” He seemed to have coincidentally taken an advantage over the young maiden who hurriedly replied. “Hey! How could you…” And she murmured out. “Oh my mum!”

Both of them had unintentionally yet so coincidentally seemed to try to take advantage of the another. When they realized that, they could not help but joined in laughter together.

This laughter seemed to break down their barrier completely and estranger their affections together.

All of a sudden, the young maiden cuddled her head in Zhan Bai’s embrace as she said. “You’re bad! You’re bad! You take advantage of me…”

Zhan Bai was once again in pain, yet was feeling funny when the young maiden had suddenly cuddled into his embrace as she flew into a pampered aloofness to protest. But she had forgot that Zhan Bai was still injured and it re-opened his wounds on his chest as she clawed and beat Zhan Bai on his chest. He felt unbearable itchiness yet he could not resist laughing out aloud.

This broken temple was soon filled with their naïve and innocent laughter.

All of a sudden, there was a weak sound that seemed to that that of a falling leaf. If one did not pay heed to it, it certainly would not be able to hear it. But this extremely soft sound could not escape the notice of this young maiden who was extremely accomplished in martial skills!

She ceased her silvery laughter, stood up suddenly from Zhan Bai’s embrace and tenderly asked. “Who is that? How dare you voyeur at us!”

When she had asked, “Who is that?” She had already sprung out of the temple and was already on the roof of the temple as she searched for the intruder.

She was unbelievably quick! Even though she was astonishing fast and quick but there was no one in sight! She was extremely confidence in her sense of hearing and also extremely full of faith in herself. She would never hear wrongly!

She hummed coldly before adding. “I afraid that you have already known who is here. If you dare to peek again, I shall not be polite anymore!”

There seemed to be an air of vital force in her face as she spoke. Even though her voice was not really loud but she could be heard tens of miles away!

If there were really someone here earlier, that person would surely have heard her voice. In fact anyone within ten miles radius could have easily heard her terrifying and chilling voice!

She returned through the window again and Zhan Bai asked her. “Maiden, what have you discovered?”

Once more, she broke into a beautiful and enthralling laughter. Her tone now was totally different when she was at the roof! Her tone and voice earlier was so icy, chilling and terrifying but when she saw Zhan Bai, she became seductive and alluring. “Maybe there is one or two cowardly rats that are hiding on the roof earlier and they are peeking at us!”

The young maiden joked with Zhan Bai for a little longer before she required Zhan Bai to sleep and rest more. And she started to sit down just besides him with her eyes closed as she began her mediation practice…

But Zhan Bai was too excited to sleep. His desires were as big as a hurricane. Not to mention sleep, he could not even rest in peace!

Therefore he opened his eyes again and looked at this unknown and mysterious maiden who had saved him!

Her mediation practice and pose was exceptional unique and strange. She was not sitting straight but was using her jade hand to support her curvy chin. She had revealed her long and naked jade legs, with one stretching out and the one blending. She was smiling with her eyes closed as though she was a beauty that was taking a nap. Then again, she looked like a seductive drawing that was meant to allure the desires of others! It was just not possible that this was some kind of a mediation pose!

Then Zhan Bai saw that there was mist vaporizing from her ears, nose and her tiny mouth! And in that instant, there gathered what seemed to be three layers of flowery clouds over her head!

Obviously, not only was she deep in the mediation practice but her internal strength had already been cultivated to the extraordinary and marvelous levels of ‘Halo of the Three Flowers’ and the ‘Five Vital Energy Channels’!

She was simply too attractive, words could not describe how enticing and enthralling she was. Even though Zhan Bai had always harbored no ill-intention or evil thoughts in his heart but so enthrall was he that, he was staring at her…

She seemed to have noticed that Zhan Bai was looking at her. Gradually, in an unhurried state, she stretched her naked legs and then walked on tip-toe towards him before touching Zhan Bai gently on his body!

Zhan Bai became numb at her touch but at the same time he had felt a strange warm. He could not describe it but it had caused his blood to escalate very fast….

Zhan Bai moaned once as his mind swayed from his heart and he seemed to lose all his self-control and discipline…

Instead, that superb enchanting young maiden gently blew against his ears as she whispered. “In order for you to recover even earlier, I have to exercise my internal power to treat you and in the process will expend some of my vital force. Now lift you internal power unison with me, alright?”

Zhan Bai felt a deep shame in him that caused his forehead to burn intensely. He thought. “Zhan Bai, alas, Zhan Bai! Stop letting your thoughts run wild! She is trying to be kind so as to treat your injuries ah…”

He calmed himself down with firm resolution and circulated his internal power to hers as she began to treat his injuries with her hands.

He could feel a soft warm heat that was generating from her hands as it went throughout his body!

Her hands were moving around and massaging around Zhan Bai’s body. He felt extremely comfortable and relaxing. Even the pain that was in his legs and shoulders gradually vanished…

Just when they were in a perfect limbo, that young maiden suddenly raised her eyebrows and stopped. On closer observation, a great malevolent air flashed forth on her enchanting face!

And then she was gone!

Zhan Bai was taken aback but could not find a logical deduction. Just then he heard a flurrying sound of clothing that was brushing against the wind.

At first he thought that it was the mysterious and enchanting young maiden that had returned. Therefore he did not pay much heed to it but until that person walked in front of him, only then was he taken aback!

Instead of that enticing young maiden that had appeared, it was a young man in white! He had a silver fan in his hands!

Because he did not know him, he was naturally taken aback.

But the young man in white smiled at him. “It seems that you are in the midst of an absolute amorous situation. To have the ‘Alluring Enchantress’ in your company, even a broken temple can become a theatre of joy!”

Zhan Bai was stunned. “What makes you say so...”

The young man gently clapped his fan before replying. “The alluring maiden is but a skeleton that carried flesh. Beautiful maidens are nothing but poisonous scorpion. If still now you have not wakened up from your lustful dreams, I afraid you won’t even know how you die!”

Zhan Bai was startled. “Can you explain it in a more concisely manner?”

The young man shook his head. “Lust is the immaterial and the immaterial is the lust! Hurry and turn back from this abyss of worldly suffering before it is too late! “

Zhan Bai was all the more confused and he asked in bewilderment. “What advise do you have for me? Stop beating around the brushes…”

The young man in white laughed all of a sudden. “Do you really not know who that enchantress is? And you actually have the tenacity to get close to her!”

Even though Zhan Bai thought that the young maiden was indeed extremely mysterious but she had saved his life. Therefore he did not harbor any ill feelings towards her.

On the other hand, this young man in white kept humming and hawing mysteriously. Therefore he took a dislike to him.

So he said. “If you do not have any more things to say, please leave now! I am ill and weak, I really do not want to talk with you anymore!”

The young man exclaimed aloud. “I come with good intentions and never will I expect that you will misunderstand me! Frankly speaking to you then, that enchantress is the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll]!”

“She is the number one Evil Heretic in the entire fraternity! Do you understand now!”

When Zhan Bai received a jolt in his head as though he had just been struck by lightning! He asked hurriedly, “Are you serious?”

The young man answered. “Why should I bluff you! I followed that Prime Evil Heretic all the way here from the Devil Island. Can it still be false?”

Zhan Bai began murmuring to himself. “Is her! Is really her…It is truly unbelievable…”

It was because decades ago, this [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll] once shook the entire pugilist fraternity. It was because even though her beauty was out of the world and as beautiful as a fairy but her heart was as poisonous as a venomous scorpion!

Her martial levels were also extremely powerful and unfathomable. Because she had a natural disposition for lascivious activities and was weirdly jealous as well, she would toy with all the handsome young men and had them bowing under her skirt as subjects. When she was displeased or unsatisfied, she would kill them at any moment.

What’s more, when she had encountered beautiful maidens, she would either kill them or gorged their eyes, cut their tongues, disfigured them and tortured them till they did not look human and let them turn to suicide to end their painful and sorrowful miseries!

Therefore even though she had not roamed the pugilist fraternity for a very long time, she had created a huge impact and earned the irk of everyone. Because her martial level was weirdly formidable, very few people in the martial fraternity were her match. No one knew where she had learnt her martial skills. In a few short years, the number of young men and young maidens that she had killed and ruined were too numerous to count!

Because she had ruined the lives of too many young men, among them, were the protégé disciples of all the major clans in the martial fraternity. Therefore she created such a stir and public anger that whether they were of the orthodox clans or the Heretic Sects, everyone hated her to the core.

At one time, both the major orthodox clans and the major Heretic Sects gathered all their super fighters and numerous fighters to round her off at the peak of Mt. Taishan.

She was defeated in that battle and had sustained severe injuries all over her. But unexpectedly, she managed to escape!

In that battle, the eight most powerful orthodox clans and the thirteen Heretic Sects in the martial fraternity had numerous dead and injuries. Most of their leaders and top fighters either perished or were crippled! That was why all the talents of the eight major orthodox clans had suddenly been dried up!

That was why for tens of years now, the martial levels of these eight major orthodox had actually deteriorated, for the young and old were all dead.

That was why the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity could have such a powerful stranglehold in the martial fraternity now!

And the pugilist fraternity had also forever lost trace of this [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll] and she had since disappeared!

Some speculated that she had died of her injuries. Others speculated that she might be cultivating further martial training on the Devil Island. There were all sorts of rumors but only the fact that she had since disappeared, was true.

As time passed, the havoc and destruction that were done in the pugilist fraternity was slowly being forgotten. Occasionally, some elderly pugilists could still give passing remark about her in some taverns.

Zhan Bai had heard it from an old escort chief while he was working as a escort guard in an escort agency. But he had treated it simply as a legend. He had never expected that the young maiden that had saved his life, could be this notorious and nefarious [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll]! That was why he had been so startled!

Moreover, he could not believe that this unbelievable beautiful and enchanting young maiden would be the nefarious Prime Evil Heretic that was so infamous decades ago?

While he was still in a state of shock, he had a sudden thought that caused him to recover from his daze. He thought that it was an impossible thing. It was because even if that Prime Evil Heretic Lady was still alive today, she could not be this young!

Therefore, he broke into a laugh. “Do you think that I will be so gullible to believe your words?”

The young man replied. “I know that you will not believe but when you have realized it, then it be too late for regrets…”

Suddenly there was a cold hum that came from the back and the young man’s countenance had changed. He turned around and saw the young maiden had suddenly returned and she was wearing her horrible mask!

No one knew when she had re-appeared again!

Zhan Bai looked at her and thought that indeed, she looked as horrid as a malicious spirit! If Zhan Bai had not seen her true face, he would never have imagined behind that mask hid the most enchanting maiden ever!

She said coldly in an eerie voice. “I could have guessed that it is you! Even though you may have lots of tricks and ruses but you can’t fool me. But, I am feeling strange. Why did you follow me everywhere I go? At every opportunity, you will seek to create some problems for me. What is your true intention?…”

As the maiden was speaking, the young man in white had suddenly extended out his palm towards her.

The maiden retaliated with a blow as well and when their palms had struck against one another, the windforce that was generated was powerful enough to snuff out all the lights and plunged the place into darkness!

In the darkness, even though Zhan Bai was lying on the bed but he could feel the electrifying power of their palms as he ached with pain as their windforce clashed against one another!

All of a sudden, the young maiden shouted. “Are you trying to escape again?…”

And then Zhan Bai could hear a powerful thunderous explosive force of a palm!

The young man replied in the darkness. “I am not accompanying you any longer! Don’t be too sure of yourself yet. When the [Ocean Three Aegis] have arrived, you will surely perished…”

The young man was already gone. His swiftness movements were simply too astonishing.

The young maiden could be heard exclaiming, “This time round, even if you could fly to the Heavens, I would still get you!…”

Even before both of them had finished talking, they were already hundreds of feet away. Zhan Bai was stunned at their swiftness movement arts, they were so fast that it had never been witnessed before!

Zhan Bai thought. “That young maiden that carried that ghastly mask, if instead, she was what the young scholar described and was the infamous and wicked sick [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll], then he would be in terrible trouble.”

“But it is impossible! How could an Evil Heretic that had already found fame decades ago be so young?”

“Why did that scholar, whom he did not know want to put his life at a personal risk just to warn him? And why must he run from that young maiden?”

“And who are the [Ocean Three Aegis] that the scholar has mentioned just before he had fled?…”

The more Zhan Bai pondered over it, the more bewildered he was. At last, he decided that they were all not good people for they had purposely intended to be mysterious and did not want to tell him their names and background. Moreover their martial levels were simply too astonishing. If he had fallen into either of their hands, he shuddered to think what would have happened to him!

Therefore he decided to leave this place first and to recuperate his injuries in a secretive place before he avenge for his father once again…

Once Zhan Bai had the concept of running away, he immediately put into motion his plans. But then, when he put his hands and legs to work, he discovered that he was not in pain anymore! He tried to circulate his vital energy and found that he could focus it as freely as ever again and moreover all his wounds had been healed.

He knew that it was the effect of the young maiden’s treatment on him earlier and was secretly pleased and happy…

But when he tried to flip and stand, he was stunned once more. It was because in his semi-daze state, he was not aware that he was not wearing anything!

He tried to gather his clothing in the darkness and discovered that his clothing had all been torn! Finally, he realized that the young maiden had torn his clothing in her attempt to remove those poisoned darts…

Suddenly when he had thought of the exact situation how a young maiden had stripped him, he became red with flustering…

But that was not shamed him most! He suddenly discovered that the most wondrous book in the entire fraternity, the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual that was always been with him, was now gone! Even the Heartless Precious Sword that was dear to him was also missing!

Zhan Bai was angry that he started to curse aloud. He was not thinking of running away anymore but to find that mysterious and enchanting young maiden and asking her to surrender his Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual and his Heartless Precious Sword!

He could no longer wear his clothing. He was so angry that he tied the tore the cotton blanket up and used it as a big string to tie his broken clothes on his body. Even though it did not look like clothing anymore but at least he was all covered up and could not be affected by the cold chilling wind.

It was dark outside. He did not know where this broken temple was situated at but he did not care. He wanted his things back and he gave chase to the last direction that the young maiden and the scholar in white was heading to!

Chapter 34 Ended
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PostSubject: Re: The Swordsman Journey Book Two by Gulong   Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:07 am

270 years, a highly regarded man created a highly sought Divine Book the 'Bones Binder, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ after he went berserk and was harmed by the 'Most Desire of the Desirables', the Heavenly Enchantress who seduced him with the Glamourous Soul Bewitchment Skill.
He left behind a warning to all the seekers of his Divine Book, those with poor willpower should not seek it.
Lest the Heavenly Enchantress could one day havoc the entire martial fraternity again, his Divine Book also tested the seekers willpower so that they could one day fight her off...

Chapter 35: The Ultrapowerful Fighter From Hell

Zhan Bai went in hot pursue and had traveled a few miles but still, there was no sight of her. He had reached a big vast river and knew that he must have pursued in the wrong direction. Just when he was about to turn back to another direction, he heard the sounds of several footsteps!

Quickly, he hid himself among the tall grass and saw there were tens of people. They were carrying some kind of a black chest on their shoulders!

Even though Zhan Bai was near to them but because he had concealed himself quite well, they took no notice of his presence.

What caught Zhan Bai’s attention was the fact that these men were all strongly built and was wearing golden armors. He thought they were familiar looking and then he realized that they were from the Jin Residence! What were they doing in the middle of the night with so many black chests?

Just when Zhan Bai was suspicious, a golden armor warrior began to complaint. “I wonder what our Master is thinking when he asks us to carry these heavy chests to the river? We don’t like we are shifting house but what is the reason?...”

Another golden armor warrior replied in a low voice. “Forth brother, you may not know this! Two nights ago, all the people that were trapped in the Great Stone Formation had mysteriously escaped! Our Master is afraid that they may seek vendetta on us therefore he gives the order to shift all the valuable items away. In case, he couldn’t handle them, at least there is a contingency plan.”

The other golden armor warrior was startled. “I have heard that those who are trapped in the Great Stone Formation are doomed forever in there. But how could they have escaped?”

“That I do not know. But I have heard that it is not our Master that had activated the Great Stone Formation. It was our Young Master Meng that had done it on the sly. Therefore our Master had even blown his top on him and blamed him for messing up with his plans. He had totally messed up on his master plan to control all the others and our Master had total faith in that master plan. That is why Young Master Meng is being locked up now.”

“Why did Young Master Meng disobey our Master and acted on his own? Has he gone crazy?”

“He is really crazy. Just think about it, if he is not crazy, why did he trap our young mistress in the Great Stone Formation as well?”

“Why did he do that?”

“It is because of that Zhan fellow. Originally, our young master and young mistress had grown up together and they have strong familiar feelings with one another. Young Master Meng had even wanted to take young mistress as his wife. Even our Master had given his approval. But ever since that Zhan fellow had come to our residence, our young mistress had suddenly gave Young Master Meng the cold shoulders. She began to pay plenty of attention to the Zhan fellow. Therefore it caused our Young Master Meng to be upset. When that Zhan fellow had severed his arm, he was even more upset and had sworn vengeance. But two nights ago, once again, he was injured by the Zhan fellow and in a fit of anger; he triggered the Great Stone Formation…”

Even though their voices were low but Zhan Bai was able to hear clearly.

Suddenly a strong built man whispered by putting his fingers into his mouth as he jumped. “Get ready to board! The boat is here!”

Zhan Bai could see tens of shadowy boats approaching swiftly!

And Jin Jiu was sitting in his wheelchair at the foremost of those boats!

When Zhan Bai saw Jin Jiu,, his blood boiled in rage as he was the person that he hated the most. He could not resist his rage as he jumped out of his hiding place. “Jin Jiu! You sly thief! Surrender your life over!”

Because he had suddenly appeared, the others were taken by surprise and did not oppose him as he flew towards Jin Jiu. Moreover Zhan Bai was also quick therefore even if they wanted to stop him, it was already too late.

With a shout, Zhan Bai’s maddening windforce from his palm flew towards Jin Jiu’s chest!

Jin Jiu had not expected that someone would out of the blue, attacked him. He raised his palm out to receive the blow and there was a thunderous clap and his wheelchair was almost pushed into the river!

Luckily for him, a top exponent that was behind him helped him to hold the wheelchair in place or else he would really have fallen into the river!

It was not because Zhan Bai’s blow could hurt him that caused his wheel chair to be rolled back but because the boat was unstable and the river was fast moving.

As for Zhan Bai, he was knocked back towards the shore.

The [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu was not at all pleased that his secret had been discovered by others. Therefore he was startled and furious. He shouted aloud. “Take this person down! And kill them all!

Zhan Bai regretted for being rush. Now Jin Jiu had retreated to the middle of the river and he was being surrounded by so many.

Tens of golden armor warriors had already surrounded him and when they saw that there was only one assailant, they were a little surprise and shouted at him.

Four golden armor warriors immediately sprang themselves upon him but Zhan Bai knocked them all down and sent them flying ten to twenty feet away with just a blow!

The shouting immediately ceased because Zhan Bai’s palm force was too awesome!

Suddenly there was a quick shadow that came upon Zhan Bai’s head from the mid-air like a gigantic bird!

From the style of the swiftness movement and the strength of that stance, Zhan Bai immediately deducted that it must be the [Iron Wing Bird] Tian Bashu!

But after the [Iron Gut Divine Donkey] had imparted his skills to Zhan Bai for nearly a hundred days, his martial level had increased by leaps and bounds. Therefore even though he knew that Ba Tianhe was a super exponent and moreover he was aided and protected by his Divine Iron Wing, he decided to take his awesome descending blow!

There was a thunderous clap as Ba Tianhe was knocked back in mid-air. He did two somersaults before he withdrawn his startled expression and landed on the ground!

Everyone from the Jin Residence was taken aback! In the entire martial fraternity, fewer than few could take the descending stance of the [Iron Wing Bird] Ba Tianhe! Moreover, Ba Tianhe looked like he had lost the upper hand!

No one could see his expressions in the darkness but they had guessed that Ba Tianhe could be quite startled indeed.

Ba Tianhe was about to launch a second attack when the flying lanterns launched by the crews on the boat illuminated the fighting scene and everyone saw the wrenched state of the assailant.

Zhan Bai was wrapped around in a torn blanket and have straps of clothing all around him. He was not even wearing any shoes! But a powerful air of malevolent was on his charismatic face.

Half of the fighters from the Jin Residence had already been acquainted with Zhan Bai. They murmured among themselves in a startled manner. “Ah! So it is him!…”

[Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu was shouting from the boat. “Do not let this petty thief escape! Everyone get him!”

Tens of golden armor warriors and a group of strong built exponents had surrounded him but none dared to make the first move as they had all witnessed the awesome power of Zhan Bai.

All of a sudden, there was a loud laugh that came from the back. And the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] Gongsun Chu had appeared!

He had a heartily laughter on his face. “In so short a time, your martial prowess seems to improve again! Haha! But I have something that I do not understand and I must ask you. The Jin Residence has always treat you as a honorable guest but why did you keep going against us? Is there a reason for that?”

Zhan Bai had a fond affection for this [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] ever since he had gained entrance into the Jin Residence, this old man had always been looking after him. So he suppressed the rage in his heart and replied. “Senior Gongsun, you may not know this but my late father was killed by Jin Jiu, that sly thief! The vendetta that I have is between the two of us only. It has nothing to do with the rest. It is not my wish to become your foe!”

Gongsun Chu was moved to ask. “Young fellow. May I know who is your late father?”

Zhan Bai answered immediately. “The son shall not mention his father’s name lightly. Since senior has asked, I will not hide it then. The [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian is my late father!”

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] grasped out aloud. “My apologies. I did not know that young fellow, you are the son of the great knight-errant Zhan…”

In the darkness, Zhan Bai could hear the sounds of the boats as it slipped away.

Zhan Bai said impatiently. “Since I have made myself clear. Will Senior Gongsun washes your hand off this matter and allow me to pass?”

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] Gongsun Chu was having difficulties deciding and did not reply Zhan Bai immediately.

But when Zhan Bai was growing more and more impatience as the boats slipped further and further away. Not wanting to let Jin Jiu escape, he shouted aloud. “Old croak Jin Jiu, don’t you dare to run!…” And he immediately sprang forward towards the river.

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] Gongsun Chu was a man of righteousness and he had long heard of the chivalrous fame of the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian. When he had known of Zhan Bai’s background, he did not have the intention to fight anymore.

But he was also an honorable protégé guest of the Jin Residence and had been greatly indebted to the Jin Clan. Therefore he could not decide and did not answered Zhan Bai immediately.

But when he saw Zhan Bai had sprang past him, he wanted Zhan Bai to make things a little much more clearer to him so he shouted after him. “Young fellow, wait! Listen to me…” And he reached out to grab his shoulder.

But when Zhan Bai had sprang past Gongsun Chu, he sensed a powerful windforce coming towards his right shoulder. He had misunderstood that Gongsun Chu wanted to fight with him. Not wanting to waste his time to evade and dodge the attack, he retaliated with a grab towards Gongsun Chu’s ‘Guan Yuan’ pulses in his right shoulder.

Gongsun Chu was not on guard against Zhan Bai and did not expect Zhan Bai could react so swiftly. He was startled and enraged at the same time. If the ‘Guan Yuan’ had been severely hit, his right shoulder would be rendered useless!

He did not expect that a young fellow like Zhan Bai would already possess such powerful imagination in his execution of his martial skills. Also, he had not expected Zhan Bai to use a deadly masterstroke on himself as well! He had kind intentions and treated Zhan Bai as his junior and now Zhan Bai obviously looked down upon him!

He shouted in fury as he used his left palm to strike Zhan Bai on his chest.

Zhan Bai knew he was now in a critical situation as he had just unintentional provoked Gongsun Chu into fighting him. He tried to withdraw his attack stances and hopped ten feet away!

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was very angry and he almost exploded with rage. “Young fellow, how dare you be so arrogant. You must have too much self-belief in your martial abilities and that is why you are acting this way! Come! Let me experience first hand what superior techniques you have!”

Gongsun Chu then bent his back and attacked with his ten fingers, clawing towards Zhan Bai!

Zhan Bai was taken aback at how fierce this attack was. It was like a gigantic dragon that was clawing towards him! Gongsun Chu mannerism looked extremely dominating, his back was bent like a bow, his claws were as hard as steel and his eyes were staring in rage! All of a sudden, Zhan Bai recalled that this nick was the Crouching Iron Back Dragon!

Zhan Bai was startled by his sudden display of extraordinary power that he did not dare to receive this incoming attack. He turned around like a breeze to evade!

But before he could stand firmly on the ground, another powerful windforce came from behind him. Zhan Bai quickly turned around to receive the incoming blows without seeing who was that.

There was a thunderous clap and suddenly Zhan Bai’s shoulders had grown numbed and his blood reversed its flow as he was knocked three steps back!

Zhan Bai immediately thought. “Such an awesome power!”

He thought that another super fighter had arrived at the scene and when he could finally see clearly, he saw that it was the [Iron Wing Bird] Ba Tianhe! And he was staring at Zhan Bai menacingly!

The first time that the [Iron Wing Bird] Ba Tianhe had descended with his unique stance, he was only using six folds of his martial power and therefore was at a disadvantage. And now he had used ten folds of his strength!

Zhan Bai had turned around in a hurry and he could not muster all his strength. Therefore he could not take the blow!

While Zhan Bai was been startled and numbed by the attack, he heard the powerful heavy breathing of the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] behind his back! Never would he expect that the two most powerful and renowned fighters in the pugilist fraternity would gang up against him!

In his rage, Zhan Bai forgot to evade and used the Wind Thunder Diagram Swordplay into a fist style and hacked as though his hand was a sword!

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was agitated that his ‘Ancient Dragon Claws’ had been evaded by Zhan Bai and when he saw Zhan Bai had just exchanged a blow with Ba Tianhe, he immediately followed up with a ‘Hidden Dragon in the Ocean Deep’. But Zhan Bai was too quick and he missed.

After the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] had missed him, Zhan Bai returned a blow and hit him on his back! Zhan Bai strength was powerful enough to shatter stones and severe metals but when he hacked down upon his back, not only did the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon]’s back did not break and he did not react with pain, the only feeling painful was Zhan Bai himself! But luckily, he had pushed the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] ten feet away.

The maddening [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] turned around and bent over before charging towards Zhan Bai with the ‘Furious Dragon Sweeping its Tail’ to kick him and followed it up with the ‘Might Dragon Awakening from the Lake’ and at the same time, used his left fingers to poke Zhan Bai’s eyes with the ‘Dragon grabbing the Pearl’.

He had masterly combined three deadly masterstrokes into one! So awesome was this attack that it could cause the weather to change!

Zhan Bai did not dare to take these deadly masterstrokes headlong so he used the ‘Nine nine Origin’ swiftness movement that was imparted to him by the [Iron Guts Divine Donkey]. No matter what deadly stances and strokes that the opposition wanted to use, they would find it hard to even touch him!

It was a special skill taught to him by the [Divine Donkey] to counter Wan’Er ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’ swiftness movement skill so that he could win the bet against the [Divine Ape].

Never would he have expected that Zhan Bai would use it in such a situation and [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] three deadly masterstrokes were thereby evaded!

When the [Iron Wing Bird] saw that Gongsun Chu had still not taken down Zhan Bai yet, he decided to join in the battle fray!

When the Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence had decided to join forces, Zhan Bai could not believe that their power would be this super awesome even though he had witness them joining forces in the Beggar Formation!

Every one of their blows was weighed like a thousand Newton’s force! Furthermore, the claws of the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] could shatter stones and ripped apart anything. Moreover he kept using his uniquely special skill ‘Iron Mountain Back’ as he charged into Zhan Bai from time to time in a frenzy attack.

Not only was he unable to evade his ‘Iron Mountain Back’ charge attack, Zhan Bai was forced to use force with force as he received it.

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was famous for his back. Not only would fists and blows not hurt him when it struck his back, even iron weapons could not harm him! Moreover [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was also protected by the ‘Invincible Bull Inertia Power’ that render attacks useless against him.

Now Zhan Bai realized too late why the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was the big brother to the [Iron Wing Bird] and had defer to him!

Zhan Bai was thrown into an extremely bitter fight. Even though he had the martial power to withstand their combined assaults but it was being done quite forcefully. But his clothes could not withstand their aggressive force and his own forceful movements! And his clothes began to loosen and it started to cause him great inconvenient as it slipped down his towards his pants! He was looking extremely pathetic now!

It seemed like very soon, he was going to be taken down…

He was so tormented by this fight. Firstly, he was being trapped by two formidable masters, one in the air and one on the ground. They virtually cut off all his escape route. Secondly, the broken blanket that he had used was wrapped around his legs but even if he had proper clothing, he could still not escape from their combined attacks!

After fighting for a few more rounds, the clothing that was on him had been loosened and most had slipped to below his waist and causing his upper body movement to be inconvenienced and he was slowed. It looked like he was going to be taken down anytime soon…

All of a sudden, there was a captivating shout and a shadowy figure had flashed forth with a shining blade.
Suddenly the [Iron Wing Bird] cried out in pain! And he was thrown back fifty to sixty feet away!

Indeed he had been flung off a great many distance! He picked himself up and turned over and saw that his famous Divine Iron Wing Armor had lost one of its wing! Furthermore his left shoulder was also dripping with his own blood!

He was looking terrible white and his expressions startled with resentment. It was obviously that he was resentful that his beloved Iron Wing Armor had just been damaged!

In the battle fray, a small but slim person with a green face and red hair had appeared!

Other than Zhan Bai, all the top fighters of the Jin Residence were taken aback!

The [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was shocked and furious to see his old buddy’s precious Divine Iron Wing Armor had lost one of its wing and with a great roar, he charged with his palms towards the green face, red hair person!

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon]’s palm force was extremely powerful and awesome and it looked like a towering mountain as it leashed aggressive and dominating over the green face, red hair weirdo!

But the green face, red hair weirdo just carelessly flipped out blow and it jolted the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] five step backward!

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon]’s eyes almost exploded with rage as he stared at the weirdo. He had never expected the weirdo to possess such almighty martial power! And this infuriated him even further!

So he decided to use his invincible special skill, the ‘Iron Mountain Back’ as he bent down and charged with his back with tremendous awesome force towards the green face, red hair weirdo!

The green face, red hair weirdo smiled a little before saying in a low voice. “You are courting your own death!”

At the mention of the word death, the weirdo had pierced a sword into the iron back of the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon]!

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was protected by the Invincible Bull Inertia Force that rendered him impervious to all weapons. Moreover, his iron back was as hard as steel! Empowered by his martial powers to its peak, his iron back was even more solid and invincible! But a gentle thrust from this green face, red hair weirdo destroyed his invulnerability!

[Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was twitching with great pain as he howled terribly aloud! Because his invulnerability skill had been destroyed, it caused all his blood and vital energy to reverse. The pain that he had to endure now was a thousand fold compared to a person that did not have any martial foundation!

Even Zhan Bai could not bear to watch his unbearable sufferings!

The fighters of the Jin Residence were scared out of their wits! They had never expected that the two great walls of the Jin Residence would both be injured at the same time and in so swift a time!

Because [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] was an old senior that cherished the juniors, he was highly regarded. Many cried out for him when they saw him howling with such terrible pain!

But that green face, red hair weirdo moved again with the sword and was even faster than the wind. In an instant, quite a few strongly built men had their heads cut off and they collapsed on the ground!

“What is there to be surprised at!” The green face, red hair weirdo commented after a few heads had been rolled and was back in the original position. “Those who dare to make a sound here and there, this will be your examples!”

There were so many top exponents in the Jin Residence but they were all jolted with terrifying fear! They had just witnessed super exponents such as Ba Tianhe and Gongsun Chu going under in just a single stroke and the rest of the top exponents just lost their lives in such an unbelievable casual way!

There was a deadly silence as no one dared to make a sound. They looked at the weirdo as their faces turn gray with sheer horror and fright!

Only Zhan Bai knew that beneath that mask, was an enthralling heavenly young maiden. He raised his eyebrows in displeasure. He had never expected her to be this vicious and ruthless! Moreover, she was also using his Heartless Precious Sword!

Therefore he sprang to her. “Return my Heartless Precious Sword to me!”

She turned her head to him and asked. “What? Are you feeling soft? Have you forgotten how they have ganged up to bully you just a while ago?…”

Then suddenly, she stopped. It was a lucky thing that she had her mask on or else Zhan Bai would have saw her face flushing in red!

It was because Zhan Bai clothes had slipped down to his thigh! His entire body was all revealed but he was not aware of it!

“But no matter what, I do not want you to use my sword to kill the innocents in such a reckless manner! Return my sword to me now!”

She almost giggled out and laughed. “Look at your weird self! You should cloth yourself…”

Zhan Bai lowered his head and saw that he was naked. Immediately he turned deep red with embarrassment. Hurriedly, he tried his best to wrap his tattered clothes around himself.

A few of the fighters of the Jin Residence had regained their composure and a few cowardly ones even tried to slip off unnoticed.

But it did not escape the green face, red hair person notice and immediately, she flash to and forth again with the Heartless Precious Sword and once again, heads rolled onto the ground and there were fresh blood everywhere!

None dared to move again!

Zhan Bai could not bear to watch anymore and shouted at her. “Return the sword to me now! If you continue to kill so recklessly, I will not be polite to you anymore!”

But the green face, red hair person pointed the Precious Heartless Sword at him to return him. She asked, “The sword is named heartless. Do you think it will be afraid of dripping itself in blood? What’s there to be startled at if it kill a few dogs?”

Zhan Bai took the sword back furiously and said. “To think you can still say that aloud! Are they not humans too?”

She answered him. “Yo! Why are you so fierce? Did I not kill them because I want to save you huh!”

When she had exclaimed ‘Yo’, her voice had returned to normal. Compared to her mask and her voice now, it suddenly became imcomparable. The Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence and all the top exponents were suddenly taken aback and mystified to hear the voice of a young girl!

They all thought. “This devil like weirdo, why did he sounds like a girl…”

But Zhan Bai ignored her and carried his sword towards the riverbank. When he had reached, he saw the Jin Jiu had long fled! Even the black chests had disappeared!

Zhan Bai was stunned as he stared blankly at the river before the green face, red face masked maiden appeared quietly behind him and asked of him. “What are you looking for?”

Zhan Bai answered, “My enemy has escaped! I want to cross the river!”

She replied, “Then, let get on the boat first!”

Zhan Bai was even more startled as he replied. “But I do not know how to row a boat!”

She laughed captivating at him before telling him, “You do not know but I do know! I guarantee you that I will surely send you to the other end!”

As Zhan Bai was eager to pursue his enemy, he did not pause to analyze. Without further ado, he had jumped onto the boat.

Chapter 35 Ended
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Chapter 36: The Surprise Truth

Zhan Bai had never taken a boat ever in his life before. Moreover this boat was narrow and small. When he first took his first step on it, he immediately tilted over to the other side! He knew that he had used too much force when he stepped on the boat. He almost flipped over into the waters as he said cried out in a startled voice but luckily, a pair of hands had suddenly grabbed him and pulled him back!

He had been pulled back by the [Pampered Baby Doll]! She had grown up on an island and riding on the boat was as though riding a horse to her. But she had never expected that Zhan Bai would be so clumsy and when she had pulled him back, he tripped again and into her embrace!

Because she was not on her guard, because of Zhan Bai’s body that was on her, her slim body lost her balance and she fell onto the boat!

Even though the boat was very small, coincidentally, the length of the boat could just managed to squeeze in their height but there was no space for them to incline to the side!

Both of them were facing the sky, Zhan Bai was on top of the ‘Pampered Baby Doll’. It was a lucky thing that the boat did not capsize! As both of them struggled to stand at the same time, they could only do it clumsily as the boat was really too small! Therefore for a while, they could not stand on the boat.

Then Zhan Bai decided to turn over his body first to use his hand as support as he really could not find his footing with his face facing the sky.

The [Pampered Baby Doll] removed her mask hurriedly at the same time and tried to stand again. And coincidentally, they had come face to face!

Under the faint glow of the light of the moon, Zhan Bai saw the enchanting and enthralling features of her face. She was no longer wearing that irritating green face, red hair mask and instantly, his mood improved tremendously!

Now he felt that her slim body was so heart-warming and she was so fragrance. Her breath was like orchid. Suddenly he felt his arms and legs growing soft and after lifting himself up halfway, he fell upon her again and would not move again for a long time…

Actually she was not the [Pampered Baby Doll]. It was just that she had been misunderstood. As for her real identity, it would be explained later.

Even though her behavior was erratic but that was forced upon her by circumstances. She still had a good heart and was still a shy maiden that was not experienced her first blossom yet.

Therefore when Zhan Bai had landed heavily on her, her whole body grew soft and numbed. She could not give a word to this strange sensation for it was the first time she had ever experienced it. She felt confuse in her head and heart She wanted to lift herself up but lost all her strength. She grasped captivating twice, then closed her eyes and stopped moving!

Both of them remained in this situation for a very long time without moving, letting the boat drifted on its own.

In the meantime, the Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence and all the top exponents of the Jin Residence stared at them in fear and shock until the boat that they were in had drifted far away.

They did not dare to pursue or stop them. Only when they were finally far away did they regained their composure, gathered their casualties and with a great blow to their morale, the returned to the Jin Residence. But first, back to the focus of the story first…

Together with that enticing and enchanting young maiden with a mysterious mask, Zhan Bai enjoyed a blissful, tender and heartwarming feeling. It was as though he had forgotten everything in this world and allowed the boat to drift anywhere in the river without a care…

It was deadly quiet in the boat and both of them could hear one another’s beating hearts and intoxicating breaths. But they could not distinguished whose heart and whose breathing had taken place for they were like one.

Zhan Bai was in a dream like state. He felt like a baby and she was like his mother in one instant, the other instant, he was like a husband to her, then the next, she was like his lover and he was protecting her and loving her affectionately. Even though he was in a dream like state, he was also awake in his mind. It was just that he did not opened his eyes and was afraid this beautiful dream would vanish…

But what was this enchanting maiden thinking now? She had only shifted gently. Was she feeling painful because he had been pressing against her, or was she numbed?

Afraid that he had hurt her, Zhan Bai tried to get up but she had all of a sudden, grabbed her hands around him!

Zhan Bai received a electric jolt as though her hands were charged with electricity as she caressed him. This caused him to feel warm and his blood was stirred!

Zhan Bai opened his eyes quickly and saw that their faces were in close contact.

He looked at the enchanting beauty that he was embracing and saw that her lip was curled in a seductive manner and that her face was flushing like a peach blossom. It was as though she was anticipating something.

All of a sudden, she lifted her bosom, started to grab Zhan Bai tightly and was clawing non-stop…

In the first place, Zhan Bai was not wearing any clothes. Therefore all the parts that she had grabbed was his flesh! It was not a seduction anymore. It was also not a sinful thing too. It was a natural thing to do. Zhan Bai was immediately was filled with desires and urges and began to embrace her madly, madly kissing her and also madly…

The maiden looked like she could not endure Zhan Bai’s madness. She panted heavily and exhaled delicately as she was being pressed upon…

Time passed, the first ray of the morning sun brought them back to the mortal realm!

And then the boat hit the rocks off the shore and it startled them! They had been brought back from their trance and were now looking at one another in hues of red!

The beautiful and enchanting maiden lowered her head and looked at Zhan Bai’s naked body before she laughed coyly. “Look at yourself…” Before she had finished, she had already sprang towards the shore. But all of a sudden, her captivating voice would be heard as she grasped aloud. She started to fall into the treacherous waters even the distance was only ten feet!

But Zhan Bai responded immediately, caught her in mid-air and they landed on the ground together.

Zhan Bai inarticulately asked in a soft affectionate tone. “You…What has happened? The distance is so short and yet you can’t jump properly!”

She bats an eye to Zhan Bai to protest. “If it not for you last night…”

Although Zhan Bai did not understand but he had some linking. He felt sweet but he also apologized profusely. “Are you alright then?…”

That beautiful young maiden began to riposte in melancholy. “Although it not a big deal but my entire training is ruined! I can no longer attain the impervious golden body from now on…”

Zhan Bai blamed himself. “It is all because of me that you are ruined! Alas! Come to think of that, last night, I should not have…”

Instead, she giggled before saying. “It is not entirely your fault! I have the blame as well. If only…” But she had suddenly stopped.

Zhan Bai asked. “If only what?”

The beautiful maiden began to sigh. “Before I had come to the Central Plains, my father had forbid me not to come. He said that my heart and mind did not have a firm foundation yet and I could succumb easily to matters of the heart. But I did not believe. It was because I had no eyes for all the men in the world. Therefore I insisted on coming. Never had I expected that my father had been right after all. After meeting you…”

Zhan Bai interrupted. “After meeting me, you could not resist anymore…”

An honest and frank young man like Zhan Bai had learnt to say sweet nothings now once he had been opened to the relationship of the hearts.

The beautiful maiden started to flush in red once more as she waved her fists. “If You dare to tease me, I will hammer you!”

Zhan Bai protested in a hurry. “Oh, how could I dare to tease you…Earlier, you mentioned that you have a father? Who is your father? Aren’t you the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll]? Where did your father come from then?”

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai had raised some doubtful questions.

The beautiful maiden replied. “Where did you heard from that I am the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll]?”

Zhan Bai replied. “It was the scholar with the silver fan that had told me. Frankly speaking, I do not believe him. Just think about it, that [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll] was a Chief Prime Evil and had gained renowned many decades ago in the pugilist fraternity. How could she be so young like you!”

But maiden smiled and said. “He is right. I am the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll]!”

Zhan Bai was stunned and looked at her with startled expressions. “Are you serious?”

The beautiful maiden chuckled. “What is the matter? Are you afraid now?”

Zhan Bai was startled for a while before he exclaimed. “If it were last night, maybe I would be afraid. But after the affection that we had last night, I am not afraid now! Moreover I know you are joking with me. You are definitely not the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll]!”

The beautiful maiden stared at him before asking. “If I am the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll], what happen then? Then you would not love me anymore! And the love pledges that you had made to me last night, would all be considered void?”

Zhan Bai was even more startled. “Even though I do not believe what you have said. But even if you really is the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady, Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll], I would still love you. As for the pledges that I have made you, even if the heavens and earth have perished, it would never changed!”

The beautiful maiden was touched by Zhan Bai display of affections and flew into his embrace. She kissed him and said. “You are so nice!...”

Suddenly she pushed Zhan Bai away and said. “Look at you! You are only concern with talking and did not pay attention to yourself. Hurry and dress up! If someone were to say, how embarrassing it would be!”

Zhan Bai lowered his head and saw that his clothing was all loosen up and he was half naked. It was a lucky thing that there was no one in this wilderness. If he was seen in this state and with such an enchanting and beautiful maiden, someone might have misunderstood and he would be embarrassed to no ends!

He gathered his tattered clothing and wrapped them around himself. “I really must find some clothing. The state that I am in is really in no state to see anyone!”

This caused the beautiful maiden to laugh and Zhan Bai added. “You still haven’t told me who your father is after such a long time!”

The beautiful maiden replied. “Even though my father lives overseas but if I am to mention my father, you will surely know!”

Zhan Bai was growing impatience. “My mistress! Don’t brush against the brushes anymore! Hurry and tell me, who is your father!”

She answered. “The [Silver Fan] Liu Zonghou is my father. I am Cuicui.”

Zhan Bai was so startled that he jumped up. He asked hurriedly, “Number seven of the Jiangnan Seven Heroes?”

She nodded her head solemnly and answered. “Indeed!”

But Zhan Bai felt like a million arrows had just struck his heart and he looked up to the heavens in a sorrowful manner. “Oh Heavens! Why did you let me meet my enemy’s daughters one after the another? Wan’Er! Murong Hong! Fan Suluan! Jin Caifeng! And now it is you! Liu Cuicui! Cuicui! Last night, I still do not know that your clan name is Liu! Why don’t you say so earlier? Why don’t you say so earlier?....”

Zhan Bai was crying out in great grief and miserably as though he had lost his mind.

But Cuicui was deadly quiet. After Zhan Bai had been raving hilariously for a long time, she said in a slow manner. “I knew more about this matter than you. The ones that had harmed your father were the Jiangnan Five Heroes. My father has no share in it! Furthermore, because he did not join their scheme, he was forced out of the Central Plains, taking my mum and I with him to a desolate island!”

Zhan Bai did not believe her but when she explained it in such convincing manner, he asked. “Then how did you know who I am?”

Cuicui replied. “Why should I not know? You are the son of Uncle Zhan Yuntian and your clan name is Zhan and your name is Bai. You are my lover now and will be my future husband! You are such a silly lad. Do you really think that I would be so worthless? Without even knowing who you are, I would surrender my innocent body…to you…?”

Cuicui had grown up in the wilderness of a desolate island. She was used to being frank, generous and straightforward. There was not a hint of falsehood on her. But when she started to mutter those last words, she became coy, shy and could not finish it.

Zhan Bai said. “That is really weird! I have only met you last night. Except for my name, I have never even told you my background. How did you know so clearly?”

All of a sudden, she laughed. “Do you know who was the one that had released all the people in that Great Stone Formation?”

Zhan Bai was taken aback. “Could it be possible that it is you?”

Cuicui nodded. “Not only was I the one that had released them all. Furthermore, like you, the reason that I have come to the Central Plains is to seek vendetta on the Four Martial Aristocratic Clans for my parents!”

Zhan Bai was even more startled. “Your father has been harmed by them as well, even though he has been overseas?”

Cuicui sighed. “It seems that you do not yet know the details that led to the feuds with our seniors. It was what my father had told me. Your father, together with the Four Martial Aristocratic Clans and the Zhenjiang Fan Fei are all swore brothers and they are known as the Jiangnan Seven Heroes…”

Zhan Bai interrupted impatience. “This I know!”

Cuicui replied. “Since you know then I do not need to say more.”

Zhan Bai became anxious and replied hurriedly. “I have only known a little. What actually happened next, I did not know the exact details. Will you please continue?”

Cuicui said, “Then don’t you interrupt anymore!”

She looked around and saw a tree. “That looks like a good place to shelter us from the wind and we can also see the sunrise on the waters too. Let go over that side first before we talk further!”

Therefore they walked over to that tree.

Cuicui explained to him that the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian had borrowed the Water Alleviate Divine Pearl. Together with the [Silver Fan] Liu Zonghou, they had reached the bottom of the lake and discovered a secret passage that led to the treasures. But as the treasures were too many, they could not recover it. Therefore, they had decided to return to the shore first and discussed with their other five swore brothers on the best possible way to retrieve the treasures and to distribute it.

Zhan Yuntian decided to distribute the treasures to all the poor refugees in the surround areas. Liu Zonghou had also agreed with him but the other five swore brothers did not agree and firmly insisted on distributing the treasures among them.

But Zhan Yuntian was their lead and most elder swore brother. He was stubborn and unyielding. No matter how much the other five had protested or suggested alternative ways, he was insistent on doing things his way.

As the other five heroes could not persuade him, they were forced to agree with him. But in secret, they decided to plot against him! It was because this treasure hoard did not just contained incalculable amount of riches, the three legendary martial treasures were also included inside! They were the Water Ascension Jade, the Immortal Golden Cinnabar and the Epitome Martial Chronicles! These three legendary martial treasures were highly prized by the martial fraternity for more than a thousand years. Therefore it aroused the greed of the other five heroes!

Therefore when it was the time for the second evacuation, while Zhan Yuntian was unprepared, they launched a surprise attack on him, using all their most deadly masterstrokes. The [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu who was famed for his use of the Bronze Coin Darts as his secret projectile technique succeeded in wounding him. And then the five of them joined hands and attacked mercilessly. This caused the great knight- errant, a hero of his times, to perish in the end.

As the [Silver Fan] was still evacuating the treasures in the depths of the lake, he did not know what had happened above. Only when he finally broke the seals to the treasures and uncovered a way to transport them, did he returned to the shore, only to learnt that they had murdered their eldest swore brother and threw his body along the lakeside!

Zhan Bai face was covered with his tears and his voice was incoherent at this point. “My father did not die at that time. Even though he had suffered grave injuries but he made it back home to see my mother and I before he passed away!”

Cuicui said, “I afraid that this fact was unknown even to my father. He only mentioned that he could not find your father’s corpse. He supposed that your father had been buried by the pugilist friends of the fraternity. He would never have suspected that your father would actually make his way to his family before he died.”

Zhan Bai told her. “There is one more thing that I do not understand. Before my father had died, besides this Heartless Precious Sword that he had given me, he also gave me six items…”

He reached to his clothing but there was nothing there.

Cuicui laughed as she took something out from her bosom. “Are you looking for these six items?”

Only then did Zhan Bi realize that all the stuff that he had with himself was with her. But because there was now no need for them to divide things so clearly now, he was not anxious to have it back. He lowered his head to say. “Indeed, it is. Other than that Bronze Coin Darts that I know belonged to that old croak Jin Jiu. The rest of the items, I have no clues.”

Cuicui answered. “You do not know but I know! This silk cloth is taken from the clothing of the [Meteor Hand] Murong Han!”

Zhan Bai nodded. “I thought so too!”

Cuicui continued, “This iron pearl is a unique secret projectile of the [Conqueror Whip] Fan Fei and it is called the ‘Iron Finger Silver Ball’! This bronze button came from the [Origin Finger] Sikong Jin and this string comes from the [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong and I was tied by this string before. As for this random hair, is actually from my head…”

The more Cuicui continued, the more startled Zhan Bai was.

All of a sudden, there was a sudden windforce that flew over their heads and Zhan Bai was greatly taken aback!

Just when Zhan Bai was about to turn his body to evade it, Liu Cuicui did not even turned her head around and caught the secret projectile with her two fingers! It was a handkerchief!

Zhan Bai was greatly startled. Who on earth had such highly accomplished martial power? To send a soft cloth as a secret projectile and with such a powerful ring sounding windforce! That person's internal strength was unfathomable high and unimaginable!

Then Zhan Bai turned his head and saw a white fair beautiful maiden with a slim body, looking at him with absolute sadness and sorrow. She was standing against the wind, her dress and clothing were fluttering in the wind and she was looking at him at the highest elevation of the riverbank!

Chapter 36 Ended
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Chapter 37: Here come Chaos!

Zhan Bai was caught totally by surprise as he grasped. “Oh it is you! Wan’Er, why are you here?”

Wan’Er refused to answer even though her lips had moved. Was she crying or was she smiling? Finally her melody yet melancholy voice answered. “The rivers and the mountains belong to no one. This is not even your house. What’s the matter? Both of you can come here yet I cannot huh? Am I disturbing the two of you huh?”

She wanted to say, “Am I disturbing the two of you from your loving cooing endearing talks!” But she was still a young maiden at heart. Even though she was jealous, she still found such words to be beyond her to say in public. Therefore she did not say it out!

Zhan Bai flushed but said, “I am asking you. Aren’t you injured in the garden of the Jin Residence? Why are you here?”

Zhan Bai was not one that was well disposed with his words. He did not know that he should not have ask in public. It had been humiliating to Wan’Er and immediately, she started to blush. “Whether I am injured or not, it have nothing to do with you! Even if I were to die, it would not concern you huh!”

Suddenly she froze and forgot what she wanted to say next for she had a startled look for she saw the person that was behind Zhan Bai, had turned around.

Zhan Bai looked to look and saw the Liu Cuicui had turned around with her ghastly mask.

Wan’Er did not believe her eyes. From the back view earlier, she was so sure that it was a girl that was sitting besides Zhan Bai while they were chatting. How did this ugly monster come into the scene?

Cuicui asked in a ghastly eerie voice. “Who is she?” Without waiting for Zhan Bai to reply, she sprang to him and took his Heartless Precious Sword from behind his back!

Zhan Bai was unprepared for that and he had a sudden fright. Then he suddenly recalled how Cuicui had killed so many in such a reckless manner last night. He was even more afraid that she might attack and injured Wan’Er that he quickly said. “Come! Let me introduce both of you. This is Wan’Er and this is Liu…”

Even before Zhan Bai had muttered her name, Cuicui had already shook the Heartless Precious Sword and said in a cold manner. “Oh! So both of you have already known one another! Hurry and confess, what is your relationship with him?”

Zhan Bai had not expected that Cuicui would have such strong jealousy. But come to think of that, his relationship with her was now unusual but he did not want her to hurt Wan’Er, therefore he hurriedly said, “She is just my little sister…”

Cuicui rebuked him, “I did not ask you. Stop interrupting!”

Then she turned to Wan’Er and said. “Don’t just stand there. Hurry and confess the truth! Or else, I will be impolite to you!”

Wan’Er was exceptional intelligent. When she saw Cuicui with her mask, she thought she had seen wrongly. But when Cuicui started to speak, she could sense and tell that she was extremely jealous. Even though she had disguised her voice but Wan’Er could tell she was putting on a disguise and masking her voice. Moreover, another telltale sign, was the panicky look on Zhan Bai’s face.

Therefore she coldly hummed. “Then who are you to Zhan Gege? How dare you raise your voice at me!”

Cuicui replied, “I am his wife, you…”

But Wan’Er laughed coldly, “Ha! I have never heard that Zhan Gege has already been married! Where did a wife come out of the blue? Moreover…”

Cuicui shook the Heartless Precious Sword in her hands angrily. “Moreover what!”

But Wan’Er smiled and said, “Moreover you should take a look at yourself in the mirror. You can also take a look at yourself in the river to check if you are fit to be Zhan Gege’s wife…”

This enraged Cuicui and she thrust the sword directly towards Wan’Er bosom!

Cuicui’s martial accomplishments were extremely high and when she lifted the sword, it was as quick as the wind. The only hint of the attack was just a flash from the Heartless Precious Sword and was impossible to see with the naked eyes!

But who would expect that Wan’Er’s ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’ movement swiftness skill had reached the point of perfection! All she needed to do was just to shift a little and she was out of harm’s way! Furthermore, she had also retaliated with a palm stroke and the windforce exploded furiously towards Cuicui!

Zhan Bai shouted, “Stop the fighting!…”

Zhan Bai had come into their midst, thinking of stopping them. At this moment, Wan’Er had already sent her windforce out and it happened to head towards him!

As Zhan Bai had just arrived in their midst, he could not evade Wan’Er blow in time so he had no choice but to take the blow. There was a thunderous blow as both Zhan Bai and Wan’Er was each forced one step back!

Wan’Er thought that Zhan Bai was helping that green face, red hair weirdo to bully her. She was angry that she turned white and her tears were brimming in her eyes. “Who are you helping huh?”

Before Zhan Bai could reply, Cuicui had thrust another attack at Wan’Er!

Zhan Bai had sensed the sharp edge of the sword’s windforce as it came from his back. He shouted loudly, “Stop it!”

But Cuicui had no intention to stop her attack and continued her assault!

Left with no choice, Zhan Bai tried to use the ‘Sealing Sword’ sword technique to snatch the sword from Cuicui’s right hand so as to prevent them from fighting.

But with Cuicui present martial accomplishments, she could easily changed her stance and hack Zhan Bai’s right hand. But she was not willing to injure Zhan Bai, therefore she withdrew her stance and tried to sprint past him!

But in Wan’Er enrage state, she had actually used her ‘Soul Seeking Finger’! She lifted her eyebrows and then targeted Cuicui’s heart with a flicker of her finger!

But Zhan Bai saw and he rushed to block her. Even though Wan’Er was angry but she was also afraid of harming Zhan Bai, therefore she withdrew her stance!…

But once again, Cuicui’s sword stance had come again!

Zhan Bai began to left turn, right block, fending here and parrying there while at the same time shouted for them to stop fighting but he could not stop these two maidens from their multiple attacks!

Even though all their strokes and stances were extremely ruthless and vicious but because they had saw that it was Zhan Bai that they were about to harm, each time they would change their stance and executed another stroke!

Even though their attacks were ruthless but it was not particular intense. However, it caused Zhan Bai to be in a state of panicky with his hands and legs. He had to block one and then moved to block the another. In a blink of an eye, both maidens could exchange more than ten such deadly attacks at one another!

Zhan Bai tattered clothing was beginning to loosen piece by piece now! Each time he turned left and right, moved his hands and legs, piece by piece, it had loosened until everything dropped to the ground and he was totally naked in front of the two maidens!

Since Liu Cuicui had already seen it once, it was not a big deal to her. Moreover, she was wearing a face and no one could see her red embarrassing hues!

But it was the first time that Wan’Er had saw Zhan Bai in such a state and she was so coy with shyness that even her ears were red! She did not want to fight with Cuicui in this state now and she batted an eye towards Zhan Bai, before she turned around and sprint off.

This delighted Cuicui who laughed, “Hey! Why did you run now? If you want to run, fine but first you have to leave your head behind…”

And she flew towards Wan’Er to pursue her!

Actually when Zhan Bai clothes had all slipped off, he was already a bubble red. Hurriedly, he gathered his clothing and tied them up together while cursing his bad luck for this embarrassing state. But when he was ready, both maidens had already ran out of his line of sight!

As Zhan Bai was really afraid that both maidens would be at one another’s throat, he immediately pursued after them in a panicky state. But as both maidens’ movement swiftness skills were astonishing fast, he lost track of them after he had passed two hills!

Feeling extremely anxious and worried, he hurried his steps and after another turning in another hill, he came to a small and narrow recluded valley!

This valley was surrounded by two large cliffs on both sides. There was a town just at the mountain below. There were many old and young people, amounting to hundreds of them that had gathered in a huge circle in the area.

Zhan Bai would see and hear sword energies, palm windforces and the flashing of blades as it resounded throughout the valley! Obviously, there was a fight there!

And he also saw that Wan’Er and Cuicui was also among the crowd. The strange and weird thing was that the two maidens were not fighting anymore but they were also looking at the commotion!

Bewildered and curious, he increased his pace and after a few hops, he managed to breeze into the crowd in lightning speed.

He was suddenly stunned on the spot!

It was because among the crowd, were all the top exponents of the Four Martial Clans and half of them were previously trapped in the Great Stone Formation!

Zhan Bai knew that it was Cuicui that had released them from the deadly formation. But they were all looking intensely at the duels that were in the middle of the circle, totally oblivious to the other bystanders who were their enemies!

Moreover, even when Zhan Bai had arrived, none paid any heed to him and was totally focused in the fighting that was in the circle. They were totally unconcerned about anything beyond the circle!

So Zhan Bai turned and looked too and saw that there were six people fighting intensely in the circle!

On the ground, inside the circle, were tens of corpses! Obviously, they must have killed before he had arrived!

He turned around and saw that many in the crowd were bloodied. Some had lost their arms, some lost their legs and many had been injured but still, they had not retreat to recuperate from their injuries and wounds! It was as though this fight was absolutely very important…

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai had saw that those that were dead or injured were all the most powerful exponents from the Four Martial Clans! He was greatly taken aback. Who on earth would possesses such unearthly martial levels so as to kill and maimed so many?

He turned his attention at the six that were fighting intensely. One was an elderly old man with a long white beard, one was an ugly old granny and the other one was a middle age fat round monk with a baby face! He had never saw them before and from their dressing, they did not look like they were from the Central Plains!

As for the other three men, Zhan Bai had some knowledge. One was the [Divine Cloud Hand] Xiang Chongtian, one was the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]Yao Bingkun, the other one although he had never seen before but his name was known to him, Xu Huanan the [Poison Snake Sword]! All three of them were the super exponents of Young Master Anle!

It obvious that this fight was crucial to Young Master Anle! So he looked around for him and saw that Young Master Anle was with his father, the [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong. They were looking extremely tense and were looking at the fight with such focus that their eyes did not even blink throughout!

It seemed that this fight was extremely crucial to them!

Young Master Anle was no longer his usual carefree state and was sweating profusely. He was holding tightly onto the old book that he was always with him nervously!

On the other side of the crowd, stood the scholar in white that Zhan Bai had seen before. Even though it was now winter but he was waving his silver fan and was full of smiles, looking extremely proud and overbearing!

Zhan Bai did not know what caused him to be so proud and happy? But from the look of it, that elderly old man, that white hair granny and that middle-age monk was winning the duel though!

[Divine Cloud Hand] Xiang Chongtian was fighting the old elderly man, the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]Yao Bingkun was fighting the old granny while the [Poison Snake Sword] Xu Huanan was fighting the middle-age monk.

Among them all, [Divine Cloud Hand] Xiang Chongtian had the most critical and hardest fight. It was all too obvious that that long beard elderly old man’s martial level was simple too high!

Everyone knew that in the past, Xiang Chongtian once challenged seven escort agencies from Zhedong alone and used his bared hand to kill the [Golden Blade] Dai Dongji, a famous bandit king. As a result, his name began to resound in renown throughout the fraternity!

But that was when he was young and now he was much older now. Naturally his martial levels had developed into a much higher level. The hard aspect of his martial arts had by now evolved into another higher realm and the soft aspect of his martial arts had become his strength! Not only was he given the number one seat as the top fighter in the Yun Mo Manor but he was also the best of all the super exponents in the entire martial fraternity!

Especially, on his hand, he also wielded the Purple Lightning Blade that could cut through metals and rocks. On his left hand, he used his famous ‘Divine Cloud Hand’ as he hacked, chopped, jabbed, pierced, punched and the blade in his right hand to hack, swing, chop.

The multiple images of his extraordinary martial skills as fist and blade swirled into a seeming unstoppable hurricane!

But, that bearded elderly old man with just his bared hands were also hammering him and no matter how Xiang Chongtian had tried, whether left or right, he could not escape the magical radius of his bared hands!

This caused Xiang Chongtian to break into heavy panting and sweat.

That bearded old man was composed and relaxed as he sent his palm left and right, in gentle succession and Xiang Chongtian looked like he was about to be defeated…

The [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]Yao Bingkun fight with that white hair granny was not easy as well!

Zhan Bai was once injured by him and knew the power of his Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm very well. But now, his seemingly powerful Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm had lost its usual power! Moreover, he had also taken out his unique ‘Cactaceae’ weapon that he had refused to use lightly. He seemed like he was on the defensive more than on the offensive. He seemed panicky under the bared hands of that white hair granny…

The [Poison Snake Sword] Xu Huanan forcefully fought to a standstill with the middle-age monk but it was only for the time being!

Among the three top protégé fighters of Young Master Anle, two of the fights were almost a lost cause. No other, he was this nervous and tense!

Zhan Bai did not know what was the reason for this intense fight. And moreover, it had also attracted all the other Four Martial Clans who could not get along and got them to be interested in this fight? At the same time, the most puzzling thing was, why Cuicui and Wan’Er who was fighting one another so dearly that he could not stop them, could also thrown aside all their differences and be speculators in this fight!

Was there some hidden motives behind this intense fight?…

Zhan Bai began to ponder as he watched the fights when suddenly that white hair granny shouted. “Old Undying! Since you already have the upper hand, why don’t you made that fellow into mince-meat now? Why are you toying around! There are still so many people waiting around to die. Hurry and use your finishing masterstroke to settle this round so that we can proceed to the next fight!”

The long bearded elderly man answered. “Disagreeably Old Granny! The Central Plains fighters are such weaklings! How do I satisfy my crave for a good fight!”

While he was saying, he had unleashed a deadly killing masterstroke as he laughed merrily, “Black fellow! When you have died, do not blame me. When you reach the King of Hades, just tell him that it is that Disagreeably Old Granny that wants me to kill you!”

Xiang Chongtian was well known in the entire martial fraternity. No one dared to show him the least disrespect! And now, he had to suffer such insults! Even though he knew he was not the bearded elderly man’s match, he unleashed two deadly masterstrokes in a last bid to turn the tide using his life as a gambit!

But the bearded old man just smiled and extended his out his hands and sent him flying away in a horrifying beast like scream, twenty feet away! On a closer look, Xiang Chongtian’s Purple Lightning Blade had mysteriously disappeared from his hands and was now in his belly!

Xiang Chongtian was white with ashen as he collapsed onto the ground. It looked like he was not going to make it alive!

Everyone in the crowd was appalled! It was because such a method of displacing a weapon and causing it to harm’s the owner was never heard or seen before and never was such a thing been known could possible cause it to happen!

The bearded old man laughed. “Disagreeably Old Granny! What this mince meat now? Now it is up to you now!”

The white hair granny chuckled. “In no more than three strokes, I will wipe him out as well!”

[Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was a hot temper man. When he heard that this white hair granny was boasting of his defeat, he was so furious that his heart jumped. He shouted angrily in a thunderous voice. “Stop being so arrogant! I will use my life and fight it all out with you!” Immediately, his palm turned red as he leaned forward!

The white hair granny laughed again. “Red fellow! Even if you turn your palm red, it is totally useless! I can still send you back home to your granny…”

[Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was so angry that he lifted his Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm to ten folds of his strength! And a burning windforce began to descend upon the white hair granny!

The white hair granny suddenly turned over her palms and an extremely cold breath of air began to rise from her hands as she accepted the wispy hot blow of the Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm!

Once their blows locked with one another, [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] immediately sneezed twice and his red face immediately turned to a horrible white!

Everyone was stunned again! What sort of a palm skill was this? Without any signs, without any warnings, it had thrashed the invincible Red Sloe Blood Skill Palm that no one dared to lock palms with into demise….

[Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] was alarmed! He knew that the Blood Sloe Skill that he had bitterly trained for sixty years was ruined! His inner heart suffered a heart-break and there were two tears that beamed down on his old face!

But he clenched his teeth and lifted up his heavy weighed ‘Cactaceae’. This ‘Cactaceae’ was his unique weapon of choice and he could wield it expertly but now, he had to use all his strength simply just to lift it up!….

And he lifted it up one inch by inch in an awfully slow manner…

The surrounding crowd did not know the real intention of the [Red Dragon]. They had seen his horrifying white face, his tears and the way he had shivered as he had tried to lift his weapon…Everyone thought that he was too overcome with sorrows…

The white hair granny was teasing him. “What do you think of this palm? You should think me for letting a red fellow like you becoming a white fellow…”

But the long bearded elderly man suddenly shouted. “Disagreeably Granny! Look out for any secret assault…” And he threw a palm towards the [Red Dragon]!

But it was a little too late as the [Red Dragon] exploded his Cactaeae as he was thrown back by the powerful hit from the long bearded old man…

Because the white hair granny had been forewarned, she used her powerful palm to slice the incandescent cloud. But still, there were sparks of fire on her white hair and it caused her white hair to burn…

At the same time, the incandescent cloud had sent sparks of fire into the crowd and there were startled cries and screams as clothes and other inflammable items began to burn…

Chapter 37 Ended
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Chapter 38: Ocean Three Aegis

There was confusion among the crowd as they tried to put out the fire. The white hair granny’s hair was almost burnt out even though she did not have much to begin with!

This infuriated her and immediately she lifted her fingers thrice in a row towards the [Red Dragon] that had collapsed on the ground!

There were three resounding cranking sounds as three blood holes appeared on his body! And it was even larger that what a thrust from a sword could do! Instantly, there was a large pool of blood that spilled to the ground!

Everyone was flabbergasted! What sort of a deadly skill was that? It was powerful enough to kill from a distance!

Wan’Er who was standing nearby, immediately cried out in astound, “Soul Seeking Finger!”

Only Wan’Er had recognized this finger skill of the white hair granny. That was because the [Divine Ape] had imparted this skill to her but he was never this powerful!

The white hair granny grinned at her. “I did not expect that a young lass would recognize my finger skill!…”

Wan’Er was annoyed at the white hair granny for calling her a young lass and therefore, she stared at her unhappily.

Just when she was about to throw her ire at her, the white hair granny had turned to Young Master Anle to say, “Isn’t it time for your Yunmo Manor to submit now? Hurry and surrender your treasure over now!”

Although Young Master Anle was full of anxiety but he managed to smile with pride. “Don’t be so impatience. There is one more unfinished fight!”

The white hair granny turned around to see that the [Poison Snake Sword] and the middle-age monk were still in a stand off.

The [Poison Snake Sword] was now attacking the monk with his extraordinary display of sword techniques, one stroke after the another, in continuous sequence with his twin blue snake swords! It was like a wall of beaming blue light as he slashed against the monk!

The white hair granny furrowed her expressions and croaked out like a duck. “Shortie! You have always been blowing your own trumpet. Now you cannot even settle a skinny fellow! Hurry and use your secret skills to destroy this skinny fellow, I still have many matters to attend to!…”

The long beard elderly old man added, “The skinny fellow is nothing to worry about! Disagreeably granny, did you not see that the skinny fellow’s twin swords are really not easy to handle for him!…”

The white hair granny stared impatiently. “Shut up. Let me go and destroy him then!” And she lifted her sleeve and was about to join in the fray…

But the [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong called out to her in a hurry. “Wait! Do not forget what we agree upon earlier! This is a duel and we agreed that no one should aid the other and win by superior numbers! So you mustn’t join in to aid him!”

The white hair granny had no other alternative but to step down. She asked impatiently, “Shortie! Are you win or not?…”

The fat monk replied. “Stinky old woman! Why are you so impatience? I will surely send him to the western paradise for sure…”

Zhan Bai was bewildered. It was obviously that these three were in a group but they were cursing and scolding at one another. He wondered where they were from. And what was this agreement that the [Universal Palm] was heard talking about? Two super exponents from the Yunmo Manor had been killed and yet none had stepped forward to help even though there were numerous fighters around.

Feeling puzzled, Zhan Bai tapped the strongly built man in front of him hoping to get an answer. But instead of an answer, the strongly built man stared at him viciously before turning his head back to the fight…

Zhan Bai was taken back because that strong built man was Liang Jue from the Jin Residence. Zhan Bai recalled how he had accidentally killed his older brother Liang Peng. Therefore he could understand his attitude towards him and was not moved to anger. And he remained as bewildered to the situation as ever before…

At this moment, the [Poisoned Snake Sword] fought with greater courage and ferocity. That was because he knew that not only was the fate of the Yunmo Manor was in his hands now but his reputation was also at stake now!

Because the [Poisoned Snake Sword] attacks were too fierce, the middle-age monk was suddenly forced to tumble back five to six steps behind with his face on the ground!

Seeing that the fat monk was now injured and seizing the opportunity, the [Poisoned Snake Lord] flew towards the monk with the stroke, ‘Meteor over the Moon’! It looked like the middle-age monk was not going to survive for he seemed not to attack this fresh attack with his face down!

Suddenly, the long bearded elderly man laughed. “You are indeed worth praising! If you have used this earlier, wouldn’t you have won much earlier?…”

Everyone was startled. Why was the elderly man happy that his companion would soon be killed?…

All of a sudden, the monk’s face had stick out of the ground and like a giant frog, he croaked exactly like a toad twice before he flew towards the [Poisoned Snake Lord] with his hands extended outward and a mini twister could be seen from the ground. There was two large imprints on the ground as the dust gathered!

There was a thunderous clap as the [Poisoned Snake Lord] was hit. Even before he had landed on the ground, the middle-age monk had struck him with such force that all his organs had shifted!

Everyone cried out in startled voices. “What sort of martial skill is this?”

While everyone was still profound by the fight, the middle-age fat monk had suddenly stood up and laughed. “What you think stinky old woman?”

The white hair granny laughed. “Excellent! Excellent! Shortie, you do have some ability!”

The bearded elderly man turned to Young Master Anle and his father. “You have nothing to say now, right? From on now, Yunmo Manor and your Clan belongs to the Ocean Three Aegis Clan now!”

Young Master Anle looked at his father, the [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong. Their expressions were dead and they lowered their heads together in silence. It looked like they were extremely sorrowful.

The white hair granny began to shout aloud to the crowd. “Is there anyone that still do not want to submit? Hurry and report here to die!”

The scholar in white began to wave his silver fan. “Young Master Duanfang, Young Master Qilin and the newly joined Young Master Anle of the Four Martial Aristocratic Clans have decided to join the alliance. Only you, Young Master Lingfeng, is left! What is the matter? I suggest that your Baotu Manor Clan might as well join in the alliance without a fight. Or you are thinking of sending some scapegoats to die?”

Young Master Lingfeng who was famed for his heartlessness began to turn and look at all his top exponents. He once proud haughty look was now no more. But all his top exponents lowered their heads and did not even dare to look into his eyes as though they were afraid that they might be chosen to join the fight…

The scholar in white added, “Never would I expect that the renowned Young Master Lingfeng would be such an indecisive person! Do you want to be my subject or do you want to fight? Hurry and speak your mind!”

It was the first time that Young Master Lingfeng was subjected to such humiliations in public. None of his top exponents had volunteered to step forward. After witnessing so many fights, he knew that even if they had volunteered, they would only have die in vain. But to surrender without a fight, in front of all the pugilists in the martial fraternity, was really a terrible loss of face! Therefore he turned red and was extremely awkward…

All of a sudden, a shadow flashed into the circle. Not only was the swiftness movement fast, it was also extraordinary beautiful. And an arrogant middle-age man was seen flurrying as he landed!

He bowed with his hands to Young Master Lingfeng. “Nephew! How are you been doing?”

When Young Master Lingfeng had saw it was [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou, he was instantly glad! He hurried to say, “Uncle Zhao, are you fine as well?”

Zhao Jiuzhou nodded and then turned to the scholar in white. “I may not be talented but I am willing to meet those extraordinary pugilists from overseas!”

The scholar in white asked. “Are you representing the Baotu Manor then? Then, will you pick another two to join the duel and then we can started the three versus three duels!”

Zhao Jiuzhou replied. “I represent only my [Ultra Boastful Scholar] nick. I just want to exchange some pointers from someone high. I do not represent any clan or sect!”

The white hair granny interrupted. “Arrogant rascal! Does this mean that even if we have killed you, it would also be in vain? There is no reward in that!”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] laughed aloud. “Granny, do you not know my pledge when I was young?”

The white hair granny answered. “Who cares about your pledge or whatever stuff. Since you do not represent anyone, what is the point of killing you? It is only a waste of our effects only!”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was famous for his arrogant and boastfulness. But this white hair granny was even more arrogant than he was. Instead of being upset with her, he laughed aloud. “In my early years, I swear that whoever could defeat me, I would acknowledge that person as my protégé master! But I have never met a match ever in my life. If anyone among the four of you could win me by a stroke or stance, I would immediately acknowledge you as my protégé master. Isn’t this an even better gambit?”

The white hair granny laughed. “Arrogant rascal! You are really something with your guts but you have forgot something very important. If anyone of us would to make a move, you would be dead. How could a dead man still acknowledge us as your protégé master?”

Zhao Jizhou was startled. He had been absurdly arrogant in his entire life and now he had met someone who was ten times arrogant than he was!

The white hair granny asked. “Arrogant rascal! You don’t have to feel startled. Do you know we are the [Ocean Three Aegis]. As for this young master…” She pointed at the scholar in white politely. “You do not need to know who he is.”

Everyone was wondering who was this scholar in white was. The granny had scolded and cursed everyone except him.

The white hair granny continued, “Whoever dare to fight with the [Ocean Three Aegis], we would never allow anyone to live to see another day. Arrogant rascal, do you understand it now? As long as the fight starts, you will surely die. And you still have the cheek to talk about this acknowledging protégé master thing!”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was moved to anger and with a great shout, he attacked the white hair granny with his fists!

The white hair granny had not expected him to attack all of a sudden. Moreover, he was also extremely quick. Unable to return the blow in time, she evaded out of his windforce radius!

This ‘Wind Chaser Wondrous Hand’ was self-created by Zhao Jizhou himself and was as wondrous as it was powerful. Because he had been infuriated by the granny, he began his attacks with a series of deadly masterstrokes in a single breath!

Because the white hair granny was unprepared, for the time being, she was panicky!

Each of his windforce and blow came like angry waves and was as solid as the mountain! This was something that was never seen before!

He had actually forced the white hair granny to evade all the way and she could not even retaliated!

Even the long beard elderly man was silence now and he was looking at the intrigue strokes of the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] with respect in his eyes…

Even the scholar in white was now clenching his fist and he had a strange expression on his face…

Only the fat monk was clapping and laughing. “Old woman! This time your bluff is through! You deserve it!”

The white hair granny cursed the fat monk as she evaded the [Ultra Boastful Scholar]’s blows. “Despicable Shortie! I am now in a tense situation and you are making dines by the side…”

Because the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] hated the haughtiness of the white hair granny, he deliberately intended to humiliate her by felling her with his blows, he did not shown any mercy and executed three more deadly masterstrokes on her!

The white hair granny was now trapped in an hurricane of windforce and palms images!…

The beard elderly man was greatly startled!

Even the fat monk did not dare to make fun of the granny anymore and his expressions were that of astonishment!

It was obvious that they had never expected to encounter such marvelous martial art on this trip to the Central Plains. But because they had to abide by the rules of the martial fraternity, even though the white hair granny was panicky, they could not interfere…

Suddenly the scholar in white clapped his silver fan with his hands, and exclaimed. “Mountains and rivers are all impassable…”

All of a sudden, the white hair granny with a shout broke through the windforces and the shadowy palm images as she jumped almost forty feet into the air! And then she fell upon the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] with both her hands, as her blows sped thunderous on top of his head!

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] was renowned for his arrogant. Even though the white hair granny’s incoming blows were extremely awesome, he did not want to evade it and raised both his hands in retaliation!

There was a huge thunderous explosion as both palms locked and the crowd could feel the ground shaking. Many could not stand properly and was forced to step back hastily!

Even though the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] was extraordinary talented but his internal strength was unable to match that of the white hair granny!

He was jolted into moving back five to six steps and he had turned white with ashen as he shook uncontrollably as he fell onto the ground!

When the white hair granny had landed onto the ground, she was filled with uncontrollable rage. She moved slowly towards the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] and lifted her middle finger and circulated the startling epic martial power of the ‘Soul Seeking Finger’ as she aimed at his chest!

“Hold your hands!” Zhan Bai shouted loudly as he sprang into the circle.

The white hair granny was taken aback when she saw it was a young handsome man in tattered clothing. She laughed. “Baby boy! Are you bored with life? How dare you appear in my presence with such boldness!”

Zhan Bai replied. “Even though in a duel, the victor is king but old granny, why must you kill him? You are so old already yet your temperament is so hot!”

The white hair granny stared at him and shouted. “Ignorant rascal! Do you know the rule of the [Ocean Three Aegis]?”

Zhan Bai replied. “I do not know!”

The vital energy of the Soul Seeking Finger skill had not dissipated yet and now the white hair granny pointed her finger towards him. “When the [Ocean Three Aegis] fight with anyone, we will never leave anyone alive. Now that you know, right? Now scam!”

Zhan Bai was a man of righteous spirit and he would never bend his principles. Furthermore, he was irked by the white hair granny forceful tone. So he replied, “No matter who you are, you can’t ignore the rules of the pugilist fraternity! You do not attack a wounded person with such heavy hand!”

The white hair granny laughed instead. “So you mean to say, you are deliberating courting your own death!” And she pointed her finger at him.

From the evil look of the white hair granny and from the shivering malevolent air of her cold finger, Zhan Bai knew how awesome her finger skill was. Therefore he secretly circulated the Thunderclap of the Buddha divine skill in preparation!…

At this moment, the seriously wounded [Ultra Boastful Scholar] was breathing again after a period of short recuperation. When he saw that it was Zhan Bai that had lost to him previously and had stepped forward to save him, he was ashamed in his heart. But at the same time, he knew that Zhan Bai would not be a match for the white hair granny, so he called out, “Young Hero Zhan! Hurry and step back! Let me take a few more blows from her!”

And he rushed to step forward, having circulated his vital energies into his palm and unleashed a blow forward!

The white hair granny crackled with a weird laughter before she swung her finger that she had been pointing towards Zhan Bai, towards the [Ultra Boastful Scholar]!

When Zhao Bai saw that the white granny was going to harm the [Ultra Boastful Scholar], he gave a great shout and unleashed the ‘Thunderclaps of the Buddha’ that he had readied in advance towards her!

The Thunderclaps of the Buddha was a divine skill from the Western Regions. Even though the windforce was not as furious but there was a powerful softness to its inner aspect that could be felt. This likeness was like a huge tsunami wave!

Even though the white granny had unleashed her Soul Seeking Finger towards the [Ultra Boastful Scholar], she could suddenly feel a weird sense of huge inner softness coming towards her! But she did not put it in her heart even though she had sensed something was amiss and that Zhan Bai had unleashed his blow at her. She looked down on this seemingly inconsequent young man and therefore she continued her finger force towards the [Ultra Boastful Scholar]…

But the middle-age fat monk interrupted hurriedly, “Old woman! Be careful! That young man had just unleashed the Thunderclaps of the Buddha!”

The white hair granny was startled at the name of this divine skill that she swung her Soul Seeking Finger in an arc in two directions. Her finger skill was powerful and the windforce flurried furiously as she struck both the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] and Zhan Bai at the same time!

At the same time, the white hair granny was jolted by the Thunderclaps of the Buddha and was forced to move five to six steps back!

Zhan Bai felt as though a nail had been riveted through his palm and he was in agonizing pain! He almost could not stand straight! He clenched his teeth and thought, “What an awesome Soul Seeking Finger!”

The fat monk was startled for a while before he hopped in front of Zhan Bai. “May I know whose your protégé master is?”

But the white hair granny after having pushed back by Zhan Bai, was feeling extremely humiliated and her fury was like a thunderstorm as she launched herself on Zhan Bai!

Zhan Bai tried to lift his fists and hands to fight her off but he was so pained as though millions of nails had been riveted through him that he could find no strength! And he thought, "Oh no, I am finished!"

All of a sudden, two shadows had flashed into the circle as though they were sparrows!

All of a sudden there was a beaming light and an ear-piercing windforce that attacked the white hair granny together!

The white hair granny’s swiftness movement was like lightning as she evaded both the sword and the palm! She landed ten feet away, turned around her head and saw that it was an extraordinary beautiful maiden and a weird person that had green face and red hair!

Indeed, they were Wan’Er and Cuicui! In order to save Zhan Bai, both had entered the fray at the same time!

Because the white hair granny was forced back without hurting Zhan Bai, she was even angrier than ever before! Immediately, she launched herself on them!…

But the scholar in white was shouting panicky. “Grand Aunt Hong! That green face, red hair person is to live. As for the rest, kill them all!”

Even though the white hair granny was in a maddening state but she seemed to obey the scholar in white. She turned her Soul Seeking Fingers divine skill on Wan’Er while against Cuicui, her finger had been switched to a claw as she launched herself in mid-air as she jumped upon them!

Wan’Er turned her body around and she lifted one finger on each hands with the Soul Seeking Fingers divine skill as well! She aimed at the throat and the heart of the white hair granny!

At the same time, Cuicui had retaliated with the ‘Radiance of the Moon’ as she slashed towards the white hair granny’s left shoulder!

The white hair granny was startled! She had never expected them to dodge her attacks with such lightning speed and that they had such an awesome level of sword technique and finger power! Especially Wan’Er’s finger skill, it was so similar to her Soul Seeking Finger!

She changed her course in mid-air and tumbled ten feet backward before asking, “Little lass! Who taught you your finger skill?”

Wan’Er answered. “This you do not have to know. As long as you dare to hurt a hair from my Zhan Gege, I will surely take your life!”

The white hair granny laughed. “Great! I have always been unreasonable. Never would I expect to encounter someone who is even more unreasonable than I am! I ask you little lass. Who is this young man to you that is worth your concern for him?…”

Cuicui had noticed that Zhan Bai palms had a red dot on it and he was extremely pale. Her sweetheart was injured and she was pained to watch it. Therefore with a angry shout, she hacked towards the white hair granny while she was distracted with Wan’Er!

When Cuicui’s sword was in attack poise, it cut through the wind in a cold brilliant light. It was obviously that Cuicui swordsmanship had already attained the stage of ‘Merging Energy into Sword’! When her sword technique was out, the display was earthshaking!

The white hair granny was greatly startled by the display and she quickly tried to dodge it. But she was a little slow as her sleeve was sliced by the brilliance light of the sword!

Wan’Er too, was heartbroken to see Zhan Bai in such a wretched state and without waiting for the white hair granny to secure her footing, she flickered out two of her fingers towards her!

At the same time, Cuicui continued with a ‘Meteor over the Moon’ and the Heartless Precious Sword was like an extended rainbow that flew towards her! It was like she had almost reached the highest marvelous divine state of ‘One with the Sword’. There was no trace of her at all! Only the brilliance light of her sword was seen!

The white hair granny had totally lost all her insolence! And she turned white with fright. She had never expected in this mundane world, there existed someone that could attain such a godlike level with the sword! Even Wan’Er’s Soul Seeking Finger could not be underestimated!

With both sword and finger attacking her at the same time, she dared not retaliated at all and with great anxiety, she tried to evade…

Many among the crowd, were the top exponents in the martial fraternity. They had roamed the fraternity throughout the years and had never seen such a superior level of swordsmanship! They were all startled and cried out in alarm!…

The scholar in white was startled and panicky. And he shouted, “[Old Chou] and [Sealing Abbot]! What are you waiting for? Quick, go and help!”

The beard elderly man and the middle-age fat monk immediately jumped into the fray. One stopping Cuicui, the other Wan’Er!

The heroes of the martial fraternity who was looking the fight with heart stomping startled cries began to wonder whom that green face, red hair person was. They had never heard or seen such a person before yet the martial attainment and swordsmanship that was being displayed was godlike!

As for the young man Zhan Bai, many in the crowd had already been acquainted with him. Each time he had appeared, his martial level would improve by leaps and bound, each time more powerful than the next! The speed of his progress was unusually fast.

Take for example all the super exponents of the four martial aristocratic clans, this white hair granny had killed them all. Even the fate of the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] was unknown. But this young man Zhan Bai, could push her back earlier and now, remained undefeated for tens of rounds! Wasn’t this a strange and astonishing thing?

Many in the crowd had also recognized Wan’Er. When they saw that she could fight the [Sealing Abbot] to a standstill, they were amazed! But it caused the top exponents from the Clan of the Young Master Lingfeng to be puzzled! It was because although her skills were directed imparted from the [Meteor Hand], she could be considered just a first rate fighter but it was impossible for her shine in front of the [Sealing Abbot] that had already killed scores of top exponents from the martial fraternity!

And now, in front of all the heroes of martial fraternity, she had actually fought the [Sealing Abbot] to a standstill. Wasn’t it an astonishing thing?

Young Master Lingfeng thought, “I did not seen my younger sister for months. When did she learnt all these powerful martial arts from?”

Just when all the heroes of the fraternity were still bewildered, the fight between Zhan Bai and the white hair granny had reached the most critical stage! Even though this last blow from Zhan Bai’s ‘Raging Thunder and Violent Wind’ had jolted the white hair granny three steps back but all his tattered clothes had slipped from his body!

In this very tense situation, it invoked numerous laughter from the crowd!

Zhan Bai was red with embarrassment as his ears and face burned. Panicky, he tried to grab his tattered clothing…

But the white hair granny did not let her guard down as she continued to attack him while laughing at him. “Young boy. I didn’t expect that you would be so poor that you could not even afford any proper clothing! How dare you be a busybody! I would surely let you die violently!” And she unleashed three thunderous blows!

Because Zhan Bai’s legs were not as agile now, he had no choice but to exercise his palms in retaliation!

There were three loud explosive blows! Zhan Bai could feel his blood had started to reverse and his eyes could only see the darkness!

The white hair granny palm force was as heavy as a ton and each blow was heavier than the next! He almost could not suppress any more blows!

After the three blows, the white hair granny had gained the upper hand over Zhan Bai, she immediately regained her usual insolence and arrogant self! She began to laugh eerily and jumped upon Zhan Bai to deliver the finishing blow as she raised both her palms in mid-air!

In his semi-conscious state, Zhan Bai could feel the power of the white hair granny’s palm as though it was a mountain as the pressure neared him! He tried to evade it but forgot that his tattered clothing was holding onto his legs.

Left without a choice, he lifted his hands up to accept the incoming blow!

There was a large thunderous impact and Zhan Bai felt as though a ton of sledgehammer had just struck him! He threw out blood and his head had received a jolt! Immediately he fell onto the ground…

In his dazed condition, he could hear the white hair granny eerie laughter and another powerful palm windforce began to circulate and its force was pressuring upon him now!

He began to sigh with great regrets. “Didn’t expect that I, Zhan Bai, would be finished here…”

All of a sudden, a brilliance glow of sword light flashed through his dazzling vision!

And then he heard another captivating voice, as flurrying windforce began to whirl and shot towards the white hair granny!

By now, Zhan Bai had totally lost conscious as he fell to the ground. What was going to happen next, he would not know further…

Chapter 38 Ended
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Chapter 39: The Heavenly Enchantress

Life was just like a dream. Fortunes wavered and changed unpredictably. Someone dreamed that he was a butterfly in the dream and when he woke up, he realized that he was a butterfly dreaming that he was a man.

While Zhan Bai had been unconscious, he had felt exactly the same!

After he was knocked unconscious by the three blows of the white hair granny of the [Three Ocean Aegis] fame, he had awakened now! But he did not know the passage of time!

Slowly, he regained his senses and he wondered if he was alive or dead now? The first sensation that he had heard was the splashing of water followed by the singing of the birds! The sounds were soft and music to his ears and extremely loud and clear!

He began to wonder if it was unreal? An illusion? Was he even awake?

He did not know where he was. He tried his best to recall the past. But no matter what, he could not remember where he was?

Finally he opened his eyes and saw the blue sky above him!

The blue sky was extremely bright and so blue, it was transparent to him. It was like a crystal clear lake that was above him!

On that blue sky, there were a few drifting clouds and it caused much melancholy as one looked upon it!

He turned his eyes to the left and saw a weird tall cliff. It had the shape of a flower and it formed a protective shade over him. And on its most high top, was a majestic waterfall that looked like a maiden weeping! At the bottom of the waterfall was a beautiful lake and the mists from the waterfall were liken to clouds on the lake. Besides the lake, grown many wondrous grass and flowers. It was as though it was paradise!

He was lying on a bed of soft grass and it was even more comfortable than a cotton bed!

Besides him, there were all kinds of flowers and he was decorated just like a prince!

Zhan Bai began to wonder in bewilderment, who had exactly put him here? Such a beautiful place but where was he? And who had planted so many flowers around him?

He really had many unanswered questions on his mind!

He began to look around but when his eyes had glanced the lake, he was greatly taken back!

It was because in that beautiful crystal clear lake, there was a snow white beautiful maiden with long black hair over her back. She was singing and playing in the waters!

All of a sudden, she had approached the shoreline and had stood up!

This caused Zhan Bai to be even more startled! Even though he was an odd one and was not interested in what other men had lusted for but this scene had suddenly caused his desire to be moved…

It was because when that nude beautiful maiden had stood up as the waters dripped from her, she was like a beautiful polished sculpture! And her body was displayed right before his eyes!

The beauty of the maiden’s nude body could not be drawn or described. Her white translucent flesh, the fullness of her bosoms, every parts of her body was wholly perfect and full of splendor loveliness!

The nude maiden had her back towards Zhan Bai but he could still some of her front. He could not help praising her. If a woman could be this perfect, it was really the work of God!

However that naked maiden did not know that Zhan Bai was appraising her in his heart and she was still singing an unknown tune as she reached out to a white lotus and plucked it before she pinned it on the side of her long hair.

Oh! It was because she was trying to pluck this white lotus that she had emerged from the waters! But while she putting the white lotus on the side of her long hair, she had turned slightly and had saw Zhan Bai!

And Zhan Bai was staring at her with his big bright eyes as though he was in a trance!

She started to greet him with a delightful cry. “Ah! Bai Ge! Oh You have awakened!” And she ran towards him as she kicked the waters! “Ba ge! You have awakened! Now that you have awakened, you can play with me. I have guarded you for two months now! In this wilderness, I am the only person around. I really feel so bored…”

She was like a fire that would instantly consumed Zhan Bai as she ran towards him nakedly. But Zhan Bai was not any man from the mundane world. He immediately suppressed the fire of desire in his heart and said. “Cuicui! Hurry and wear your clothes…alas…why am I sleeping here….alas…ah! Where is this place?…”

Because though Zhan Bai had already calmed himself down but because she had suddenly embraced him, he was suddenly incoherent in his speech!

Cuicui moved her lips, stood straight in front of Zhan Bai and lifted her bosoms. “Wear my clothes! Wear my clothes, what clothes are you talking about? I have grown up on an island and have always play in the seas, run in the beaches and sleep in the covers of the trees, I have never wore any clothing!”

When Zhan Bai saw that she was naivete and unpretentiousness, he laughed. “That was when you were little. Therefore you can still not wear any clothing. But now you have grown up, it is time for you to wear your clothes!”

Cuicui lifted her eyebrows and said. “Who say so! Just a few months ago, I am still playing on the beach without any clothes!”

Zhan Bai said, “That is because the desolate island have no one on it. Now that you have come to the Central Plains, there will be people everywhere. Therefore you have to wear your clothing….”

But Cuicui interrupted, “Rubbish! There are fishermen on the desolate island but here, there are no one!”

Zhan Bai was speechless and did not know what to say to her. But when he saw her bosoms, it was really very beautiful and dazzling therefore he could not help but feel his adrenaline began to rise and his thoughts were confused. And his face turned red as he stared at her with his big wide eyes…

In this divine paradise, to be able to appreciate the naked body of such a goddess was something that a mortal could not be able to dream of. While he was still staring at her, Cuicui interrupted with a chuckle, “Bai Ge! Why are you looking at me like that?”

Zhan Bai was snapped out of his trance by her and he muttered, “Alas…you are so beautiful!…”
Cuicui was delighted that Zhan Bai had praised her and she was like a flower that had bloomed, “Then, you will not force me to wear any clothes now?”

This question invoked memories of when Zhan Bai was at the Baotu Manor. At that time he had been enchanted by the lyrical tunes of the [Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng. He had taken off his clothing then and had thought that man was one with the nature. Without any clothes, man would be more natural and closer to nature, more holy too…”

Because he was thinking of nature, the fire in his desires was quenched and he hurried replied. “Yes! Without any clothes, you are more beautiful than having clothes! I…”

But Cuicui had suddenly turned her slim body away and was now hiding behind some rocks as she laughed delightfully. “It is great that you know! But I cannot let you watch anymore. You are looking like you will eat me and I am scare of you…” As she chuckled, she took out a long robe that was made of nets!

As Zhan Bai watched her putting on the robe, he exclaimed in his heart. “Ah! It really so beautiful. If only he could be her companion and led a carefree life in the mountains, forget about all the riches and glories in the world, all the kindness and hatred, it would really be so wonderful!…”

Cuicui had walked to his side now and brushed her hair with her hands. “Bai Gege. Try to circulate your vital force now and check if you have recovered from your injuries? If you have recovered, I have a wonderful thing for you to see!”

Zhan Bai was bewildered. “What sort of a wonderful thing? Isn’t it the same as showing me now?”

But Cuicui acted conquettishly as she said. “That will not do! You must first exercise your force first and prove to me that you have fully recovered, only then would I shown it to you!”

Left without a choice, Zhan Bai began to mediate. It was only then he had discovered that he was wearing a similar robe that Cuicui had been wearing. He used his hand to rub against it and found out that it was very soft yet it seemed to emit light. It was not silk nor satin. He began to wonder what was it. And could not resist asking. “Where do you get this clothing? The material is really very good!”

Cuicui said. “While you have been sick, I have been gathering the Heavenly Cocoons that could be found in these mountains and had weave it. But because I do not have needles and strings, I have tied it into places with the silk string myself. What do you think? Am I a fine weaver?”

Now then he noticed that indeed, the robe had been tied into places with the silk itself and not with strings. He secretly praised her in his heart. Not only was she extremely beautiful and talented in martial arts, she was also agile in her handicraft!

It must have taken her a lot of efforts to weave without needles and strings. Moreover she had to weave them into suitable clothing, it was really hard work. Therefore he praised her. “It great! It unbelievable! It must have taken you a lot of efforts and time, right?”

Cuicui answered. “Not more or less. It took me exactly sixty days!”

Zhan Bai was startled. “What? I have been unconscious for two months already?”

Cuicui replied. “It been more than two months already! Have you forgotten that it was winter when you come and now, it is spring!” And then she began to sigh. “What is the matter? You think you have been unconscious for a long time? What about me? Do you know that I have to spend two months on my own. I am really so bored!”

Zhan Bai did not notice the melancholy in Cuicui voice. He had only remembered that his vendetta for his late father had not been avenged yet. Therefore he said hurriedly, “I need to go now!” And he started to stand up…

But Cuicui pressed him down with her hands. “Bai Gege, where are you going?”

Zhan Bai replied. “I have to look for the Four Martial Aristocratic Clans and avenge my late father!”

Cuicui said. “Bai Gege. You do not have to seek vengeance anymore! The Four Martial Aristocratic Clans are no more! [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu, [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong, [Origin Finger] Sikong Jin, [Meteor Hand] Murong Han and the [Conqueror Whip] Fan Fei had all been killed!…”

Zhan Bai exclaimed out in disbelief. “Cuicui, please do not mutter nonsense! The Four Martial Aristocratic Clans are so powerful that their prestige and power reached to the heavens! Moreover, they had numerous top fighters. How is it possible that they would all be killed in so short a time!…”

Cuicui had saw that Zhan Bai did not believe in what she had said. But she continued. “Bai Gege! Do you think that your little sister would lie to you? Do you know that during the past two months, how many changes have occurred in the entire martial fraternity? Not only had all the leaders of the Four Martial Aristocratic Clans died violently, the nine major orthodox clans’ leaders, even the two Alliance Chiefs of both the Heretic Sects and the Orthodox Sects, including the Pirate King, they had all either perished or had surrendered. And now the entire central plains had fallen into the hands of a Prime Heretic Evil!”

Zhan Bai was in total disbelief. “Then, what has happened to the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity?”

Cuicui replied. “The Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity have now become insignificant figures!”

Zhan Bai was greatly startled. “Who on earth is this Prime Heretic Evil? He actually possesses such seemingly high level of martial that he could dominate the entire fraternity in two months!”

Cuicui told him. “Even if I tell it to you, you will not know him. He is the [Ocean Dragon God] that resides somewhere south of here, on the Devil’s Island. He is also known as the [Lord of the Southern Seas] and his clan name is Long and his name is Xiaotian!”

Zhan Bai thought for a while before he said. “I have never heard of this name in the martial fraternity. But just him alone, he could dominate the entire fraternity?”

Cuicui laughed. “Of course it is not him alone. There is still the [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas], [Four Peach Blossom Fairies], [Eight Demons of the Devil Island]. There is still the [Ocean Three Aegis] and that scholar in white with the silver fan that you had met in the Lost Soul Valley!”

Zhan Bai was stunned and his eyes were wide-opened. “Who is that scholar in white then?”

Cuicui said. “He is the only son of the [Lord of the Southern Seas] and he is known as the [Young Lord of the Southern Seas]. You can also called him Master Long Fei or [Dragon God Prince]!”

“Proclaiming the [Ocean Dragon God]’s name, he invaded the central plains. But in actuality, his father the [Ocean Dragon God] was not in the central plains. The mastermind behind this entire scheme was his alone. But you can say that the entire martial fraternity is under the control of the Long Clan now!”

What Cuicui had said, made sense and he was forced to believe. But he could not help himself as he muttered. “Never would I expect that in a short span of two months, the entire martial fraternity would undergo such tremendous changes?…”

Cuicui noticed that Zhan Bai looked downcast and she could not bear it in her heart. So she said, “First, let us not bother about the chaos that has happened in the outside world. We still have this piece of paradise left. Without my permission, no one can enter here alive! Let us not talk about this first. Bai Gege, exercise your vital force first and check if you have fully recovered?”
But Zhan Bai was still asking, “Where is this place?…”

Cuicui comforted him. “Bai Gege, don’t ask too many questions now. There is still so much time for these later! Exercise your vital force and I will let you see a great thing!”

Zhan Bai saw she was eager for him to do that so he temporary put aside his doubts for the time being. He began to exercise his vital energies using the intricate formula of the Bone Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual.

He began to circulate his vital energies around him with his eyes closed. He discovered that only was his vital energy was not damage but it had in fact grown even more vitalized than in the past!

He opened his eyes and said. “My vital energy is able to flow throughout all my organs without hinder. I guess I am fully recovered!”

When Cuicui heard that he was fully recovered, she laughed in joy and was extremely delighted. “Actually, the injuries that Bai Gege had sustained had been light and shouldn’t have caused you to be unconscious for such a long time. It just that little sister had given a wondrous miracle herb called the Red Sandalwood Flower for you to consume.”

“According to the Book of Miracles, this Red Sandalwood Flower exists on the most lofty tops of Mount Taihua. Not only can it improve one’s martial power, it can also heal the wounds and cleanse the poisons. It can also prolong one’s longevity and prevent hungry. But those without strong foundation in their in their internal strength could not consume it. It is because the effects of this herb is simple too overwhelming and would cause the organs to burn and died of excessive bleedings.”

“I have obtained a bunch of such flowers by accident and had carried them with me. But I dare not use it. But coincidentally, Bai Gege had sustained a severe injury. After I have beaten off the [Ocean Three Aegis], I took you to this place. But because I had no other medicines and I suddenly recalled that I have these Red Sandalwood Flowers with me. Because I have noticed that Zhan Gege have a strong foundation therefore I let you eat of it…”

When Zhan Bai had heard that she had given him such a precious miracle herb, he was extremely gratuitous to her and he said. “Cui Meimei, you are really so nice to me! How can I ever hope to repay you in this life…”

Cuicui was greatly comforted by his words and she laughed. “Bai Gege, your little sister do not want you to thank me. But as long as you will forever remembers me in your heart, that is good enough. But let me continue first.”

“At that time, after you have consumed the Red Sandalwood Flower, you had turned into a burning fire, hotter than even charcoals! I was so scared and saw that after five days, you were still unconscious and the heat that was in your body did not dissipated at all. I was really so scared out of my wits and was afraid that I might have given you the wrong medicine. Left with no other alternatives, I have to use my pure feminine body…”

At this point, Zhan Bai was greatly moved and touched by Cuicui’s gesture towards him. He did not know how to express this touching gratuitous towards her so he just embraced her slim body tightly…

Cuicui too, hugged him warmly and tightly and she was drunk with love in the embrace of her lover…

Time passed, goodness know how long had they embraced one another in this drunkenness.

It was Zhan Bai that had first awakened. He held Cuicui’s fragrance shoulders and gently lifted her up to say. “Little sister Cui, didn’t you say you have something wonderful to show me? What exactly is that thing? Show it to your brother now, alright?”

Cuicui exclaimed. “Oh! If Bai Gege had not mentioned it, I would have forgotten about it! Yo! Bai Gege, look at this!” And she took a colorful book from her robe.

When Zhan Bai saw the look, he laughed. “Isn’t this my Bones Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual? Is that what you meant by this wonderful thing that you wanted to show me?”

Cuicui flushed and said. “Not just this Soul Destroyer Sacred Book. Why don’t you open a page and take a look!”

Zhan Bai did not understand and thought to himself. He had already seen the pictures that were in this book countless number of times. And the hidden words that were in the book, he had also touched just as countless number of times. So no matter if he opened the book with his eyes opened or closed, he had already known what was in this book.

But because Cuicui was sincere and even though he knew that it was the seductive picture of the Heavenly Enchantress that was inside, he followed as instructed and opened the book!

But he muttered under his breath in great puzzlement. “What is so interesting in the book? I have already looked at it countless number of times…”

But before Zhan Bai had finished, Liu Cuicui had suddenly turned her slim body around and had suddenly removed her Heavenly Cocoon Robe!

All of a sudden Cuicui had positioned herself in a pose and looked at him with a million affections! So seductive was this pose that it almost cause Zhan Bai’s soul to be taken away!

The expression on her face, especially, was extremely amorous. She was no longer looking like an innocent young maiden and looked more like an unrestrained lascivious doll now!

At first, Zhan Bai was startled and then he was furious but what followed next, was the burning fire of his desires!

So quickly did this desirous fire that had come upon him that he could not stop this blood rising adrenaline from overcoming him! He had begun to lose control of himself…

It was a lucky thing that Cuicui had immediately withdrawn from her pose and had the Heavenly Cocoon Robe on now. She laughed delicately and was full of shyness. “Bai Gege! What do you say about this? Is it wonderful to look at?”

Zhan Bai had just lost his soul due to this sudden fright. He did his best to regain his concentration. Circulating his vital energy, he managed to calm his desirous fire down after some time. He sighed. “Little Sister Cui! You are a pure and holy maiden. I do not want you to do this ugly pose in the future…”

Cuicui laughed. “Bai Gege! You are pretending to be proper! Do you only see the appearance but not the real subject within?”

Zhan Bai did not understand and was stunned for awhile. Then he opened the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual again and again, he saw the extremely seductive pose of the Heavenly Enchantress that Cuicui had portrayed and he was instantly unhappy about it!

Zhan Bai exclaimed. “Sister, what you have demonstrated earlier, was this picture of the Heavenly Enchantress! But what was that for?”

Cuicui turned to say to him in a serious tone. “Bai Gege! Do you know who is my protégé master?”

Zhan Bai answered. “Since sister did not tell me, how would I know?”

Cuicui answered, “My protégé master is the [Heavenly Enchantress]!”
But Zhan Bai corrected her. “That…is impossible! The Heavenly Enchantress had lived more than two hundred years ago, how is it possible that she could be alive now…”

Cuicui batted him with her eyes and said. “Why is that you are always doubtful of my words? Would I lie to you? Moreover I would never use my benevolent protégé master as a subject to joke about!”

When Zhan Bai saw that she was unhappy, he began to change his tone. “Let us not talk about this first. What is the purpose of that pose then?”

Cuicui said. “The drawings described a type of unique martial art that my protégé master had been practicing. It is called the ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’. No matter how powerful a fighter is, he will find it hard to resist. Even those highly attainted priests and monks that had practiced austerities to the point of perfection would not be able to resist it…”

Zhan Bai had suddenly recalled that while he was in the small cave that Lei Dashu had put him into, in order to impart the Soul Destroyer Skills to him, he had once told him the story of a highly regarded man, the [Lord of the Only Eye] and how he had been bewitched by this skill and had went berserk.

So he said, “How matter how powerful your protégé master’s ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’ is, it is still a heretic skill and not an orthodox martial art…” He wanted to add, it was not a morally and proper skill but he shut up as he did not want to be disrespectful to Cuicui’s protégé master.

But it caused Cuicui to be vexed, she stared at him and asked, “What is heretic and what is orthodox? The victor is the strongest whether it is by skill or by power. Is there any difference with using lust to entice the enemy, instead of swords and blades to kill someone?”

Cuicui had expressed out her unhappiness. If it were others, in order to curry favor with their loves one or was a slippery person, they would immediately change their tone. But Zhan Bai was an upright person. Even though he could see the displeasure on her face but he continued to say. “There is really a difference. Take for example, if a person wishes to travel to a place. If he did not take the straight road, there may be no difference at the start but as the distance increased, the difference will be a thousand mile…”

Cuicui interrupted. “I am not going to argue any philosophy with you. Let me ask you then. In these 108 drawing of the Heavenly Enchantress, hid an epic unfathomable palm display, a wondrous and marvelous body swiftness skill and a swiftness movement skill with a million illusion changes.”

“The palm display is called the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hand’, the body swiftness is called the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ and the swiftness movement is called the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’. Any of those three could be proclaimed as an epic skill in the martial fraternity.”

“If you use a sword and use the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hand’, it will become the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Sword’. With these set of epic divine skills, you can look disdainfully at the entire fraternity and to dominate all corners of the world!”

“Bai Gege, didn’t sister just show you such a good thing? Yet you repay my kindness with a bite and even lecture me!”

The more Cuicui had continued, the more startled was Zhan Bai and he was filled with astonishment. He let go of a long sigh. “Really? I…”

Actually Zhan Bai had wanted to say that he had looked at the Bones Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual countless number of times and still, he had not notice these skills? But before he could say it, Cuicui had interrupted him. “Bai Gege, you keep doubting my words every time. Fine! Treat it as though I did not say anything.” And she turned around to leave.

When Zhan Bai saw that Cuicui was angry, he immediately flew to her to apology. “Cui Meimei, please do not get angry. I believe in you absolutely. I am just about to ask you for instructions. It is entirely my fault that I do not know how to express myself. I am terribly sorry. Will sister please forgive me?”

Zhan Bai was bowing respectfully and he was stumbling in his speech. He looked really comical. He was usually plain spoken and wooden, now he was trying to be elegant in his speech to please her. This caused Cuicui to laugh captivating, unable to suppress it any longer.

When Zhan Bai saw that Cuicui had laughed, he took the opportunity to ask her. “Was the pose that sister had displayed earlier, the first stance of the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hand’?”

Cuicui ceased her laughs and she replied. “It’s not. That was the actually the first stance of the ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’ called the ‘Heavenly Fragrance Body’. But the stroke that opposed that ‘Heavenly Fragrance Body’ is the first stroke of the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hand’ and the counter steps will force out the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ and the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ in response.”

Even though Zhan Bai was not a thinking person that planned ahead but he was exceptional gifted in martial arts. In fact, his level of martial perception and comprehension was way higher than any one!

Now that he had heard it from Cuicui, he began to understand immediately. “That means to say that in order to practice this ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hand’, it require two persons to train right?”

Cuicui answered. “Consider yourself smart this time round. Not only must this Soul Destroyer Scripture required two persons in order to reveal out these three wondrous epic skills but you must also trained it with me as well, nothing less! It is not your sister is trying to exaggerate but in this entire world, only I can practice it with you, there won’t be another person…at the same time…”

Cuicui rolled her eyes with coyness but at the same time, there was a sly expression in her eyes as she smiled. “In this entire world, only Bai Gege could practice and master this Heavenly Subduing Enoch epic divine skill.”

Cuicui had noticed that Zhan Bai was looking at her in bewilderment. She knew that he was in disbelief again. Therefore she continued. “Bai Gege, you must not be in disbelief! It was because my protégé master the Heavenly Enchantress had already passed away. As for her ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’, in this entire world, no one else knows this skill other than me! Therefore it must be up to your sister alone. If it wouldn’t because I want my Brother Bai to learn the new skills, would your sister be willing to sacifice…my sex appeal?…”

Zhan Bai had a sudden realization. And he paid another respect to her in a hurry. “Little Sister Cui, I have understood now! Not only must this Heavenly Subduing Enoch epic divine skill require both of us to practice, moreover, without this Bones Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual, we can’t learnt it at all! It looks like Heavens is aiding me! Sister, let’s stop the idle chats and hurry and help me learn this epic divine skill!”

Cuicui replied, “Helping you to practice this skill is not a hard thing. But Bai Gege, after you have learnt this martial skill, how are you going to thank me?”

Because Zhan Bai was in a hurry to learn this new skill, he said in a hurry. “I will let little sister do whatever you want! As long as you help me to practice this skill, whatever sister wants to do, it will be up to you!”

Cuicui lifted her eyes and said. “Bai Gege, this is what you have promised! Don’t regret it later!”

Zhan Bai exclaimed. “A man of honor do not make empty promises! How could I have forgot what I have said? Let’s stop talking and hurry, let me practice this skill!”

All of a sudden, Cucui began to laugh aloud. It was a startling thing to see a maiden laughing in this manner. As Zhan Bai was distracted by her, that beautiful as a fairy, as enchanting as a fairy Cuicui, had took off her robes and she was looking seductively and alluring at him. “Come! Bai Gege, it is time for us to practice the skills together…”

Chapter 39 Ended
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Chapter 40: The Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands

Along a wide yellow road, there was a heavy-armed escort. If one would to look at it carefully, they would know that it was the ‘Yanjing Escort Agency’ that was taking this route.

If one would to take further notice, they would know that it was led the [Resounding Iron Fist from Heshou] Old Escort Chief Ru! There were more than ten carriages and they were all led by excellent fighters!

Old Escort Chief Ru was about sixty. It had been a long time since he had personally led the escort. Now that he had to be in charge personally, spoke volumes of the importance of this escort.

There was a fat man that was on his left and he was clothed like an official. There was another thin man on his right and he appeared to be the chief constable.

This fat and thin men were both Heshou most famous constables from the Magistrate. They were the [Fat Agile Official] Zheng Boxiang and the [Iron Monkey] Hou Linshan, a famous heroic constable from the capital.

From the looks of it, it was also an official escort.

But they were sweating now even though the weather was not warm at all.

Old Escort Chief Ru began to shout aloud to his left and right. “Pass down the orders. I want everyone to be on high alert!”

It was because Old Escort Chief Ru knew from his experiences that this dense forest was a possibly place for an ambush.

The one in charge of passing the signal down was the [Quick Horse] Liu San and he immediately rode from front to back, all the while shouting, “Escort Chief has a command! Everyone on high alert!”

Everyone began to unsheathe their weapons and marched solemnly in a tightly held formation!

[Fat Agile Official] Zheng Boxiang was laughing to Old Escort Chief Ru. “It is comforting to us that we have you to lead us this time!”

[Iron Monkey] Hou Linshan added. “That’s right! Last time we have a young escort chief by the name of Zhan Bai to lead us. That was really a heart-stomping experience!”

At the mention of Zhan Bai, the [Fat Agile Official] began to shiver and he turned and looked around before he said in a low voice to Old Ru. “Now that Brother Hou had just reminded us, I remembered now that Zhan Bai was robbed in these forest too! Old Master! You must be wary!”

Old Escort Chief Ru nodded his head but did not say anything.

Although the the [Fat Agile Official] had spoken in a low voice but it was overheard by [Iron Bull] Zhou Datong. It was supposed to be his turn last time to head the escort but Old Ru sent Zhan Bai instead. He had been bearing a grudge ever since.

Therefore he said aloud. “How could a young man be able to handle such heavy responsibility? Last time round, I had already pointed out he was unable to handle it. Look at what had happened now? Not only was the escort a failure, he had also gone missing! Till now, there had been no news from him…”

Just when he was about to continue, Old Escort Chief Ru interrupted him with a great shout. “Zhou Datong! Shut up!”

He had never expected Old Escort Chief Ru to shout at him and that he had suddenly grown extremely solemn and something was wrong with his expression!

It was because there were supposed to be eight scouts in front of them and their shouts had suddenly ceased! (It was a rule for the scouts to shout aloud in front of the escort agency to warn others of their coming).

[Fat Agile Official] and [Iron Monkey] began to ask in panicky. “What is happening? What is happening?”

Old Escort Chief Ru turned to glance at the two constables before he replied solemnly. “Let us prepare ourselves for the unforeseeable!”

Without waiting for the reply of the two constables, he raised his hand for the caravan to cease its movement. Next he ordered for the carriages and wagons to form into a circular formation and he ordered half of the escort guards to stay behind to protect the caravan.

And he immediately led over thirty of his escort guards with him into the forest to investigate.

Even though [Fat Agile Official] and [Iron Monkey] had saw that there would be a unforeseeable event ahead but they were assured by the experiences of the Old Escort Chief. And they rode their horses and followed him into the forest as well.

But there was nothing in the forest! Not even a single scout had been sighted! Not even their horses were to be seen! It looked like the entire forest was never disturbed in the first place!

But the Old Escort Chief could sense untold dangers and mystery in this forest as he could feel the malevolent air!

Even though he had great experiences and did not panic but still, he could find no clues!…

They began to travel deeper into the forest for Old Escort Chief could not abandon the eight missing scouts! But still, he could find no trace of their movements! Where did they go? It was really a baffling mystery!

[Iron Bull] Zhou Datong cursed in a low voice. “Damn it! We have really met with the supernatural!…”

But before he could finish, there were cries of shouts like a million Calvary had arrived! It had come from the direction that they had come from!

Everyone was greatly startled and was about to turn their horses around, dozens of arrows flew in all directions and more than ten escort guards were instantly killed as they were caught unprepared!

Old Escort Chief Ru knew instantly that they were caught in a trap. Therefore he shouted aloud in a rage. “May I know who are you! How could you use such vicious traps on us! Why don’t you have the guts to show up?”

All of a sudden, there was a hilarious laughter and it jolted the ears of everyone like rain of needles!

All the escorts were startled! For it was obviously that the invisible man’s internal foundation was exceptional solid!

And eight strongly build masked man in black jumped down from the surrounding trees while the escorts were stunned by the weird laughter.

These eight masked men had piercing eyes and they were eerily frightening!

Hoping that he would happen to know a friend or two from the heretic side, the Old Escort Chief shouted aloud. “I am the [Resounding Iron Fist from Heshou] Ru Guoxiong! May I know where are you from and what are your names? So that at least I can receive you!”

The nearest of the eight masked men laughed aloud. “Who cares who are you. None of you are going to get out of here alive!”

[Iron Bull] Zhou Datong was angered by his insolence and he was also the most impatience. “Audacious bandits! See if you dare to take my blow!” And he threw a blow towards him! He did not dismount from his horse and galloped towards him!

The masked man replied. “You are courting your own doom!” As he accepted the challenge.

There was a thunderous clap and suddenly Zhou Datong screamed out aloud and he sent flying from his mount to a distance of several yards! He was flung off and had collided with a tree. It looked like he was dead!

Everyone was astonished for Zhou Datong, who was also called the [Iron Bull] had been practicing the Iron Fists diligently and he was not a weak fighter at all. And now, this…

The same masked man began to laugh aloud. “Oh really, I thought that he has some abilities and dare to make a dine. What a pathetic fellow! From the looks of it, all of you are all useless escorts that only make a living from this trade. Who isn’t afraid of dying? Hurry and come forward!”

When the Old Escort Chief saw that one of his own men had died in such a violence manner, he was both startled and furious. He shouted at him. “Since you will not reveal your true identity and is so ruthless to my men, I will really like to receive some almighty instructions from you!” And he cranked his fists and it could be heard loudly!

Ru Guoxiang was renowned for his Iron Fists and from the looks of it, this reputation was definitely not in vain! He really did have some startling martial power!

At the same time, he had also in secret began to circulate his surrounding martial power in preparation!

Just when he was about to go forward, [Mighty Warrior] Shao Ling had shouted thunderously. “Let me take care of this fellow so as to avenge for Big Brother Zhou!”

Shao Ling was eight feet tall and unbelievably strong! He was a good friend of Zhou Datong. Old Escort Chief Ru knew that he was not the masked man match and wanted to hold him back but this [Mighty Warrior] was too impatience and anxious to avenge his friend.

He had already attacked the masked man while he was shouting! He was still cursing, “Bandit! Surrender your life in return for my Big Brother Zhou!”

But the masked man did not even bother to dodge this giant and delivered towards his heart!

With a great shout, the Old Escort Chief exercised his renowned Iron Fists as the windforce broke through the air as he attacked at the same time the masked man had just struck Shao Ling!

Unfortunately, another masked man saw and took the blow for him!

There was a thunderous clap and the Old Escort Chief could feel his shoulders had grown numbed! And at the same time, Shao Ling was forced back seven to eight steps backward!
Therefore he knew instantly that they were all top exponents and was not to be trifled with!

Shao Ling was still standing but it was rather forcefully. He could not resist opening his mouth and he had vomited out fresh blood!

Old Escort Chief Ru’s eyes had turned a furry red. In less than one stroke, two of his escort leaders were either dead or wounded! And he was also worried for his caravan for he had heard cries of battles earlier!

He began to attack furiously with his iron fists like a hurricane towards the nearest masked man!

Even though that masked man had been pushed back more than ten steps back by the Old Escort Chief Ru but very quickly, in just three kicks and two punches, he had pushed him back to the original position!

The masked man’s fist display was truly extraordinary and in just another second, he had pushed the Old Escort Chief Ru more than ten steps back!

The rest of the escort guards began to attack with their weapons against the masked man now that their Chief was in terrible danger!

The rest of the other seven masked men did not unsheathe their weapons and joined the battle fray with just their fists! But already, they had caused much pandemonium!

[Fat Agile Official] and [Iron Monkey] was scared out of their wits and they did not even have the strength to move! And they could not join the fight!

Even though Old Escort Chief Ru knew that they were not a match for these masked men but they could not run either, so he could only fight it out bitterly with them!

More than half of the escort guards had either been wounded or killed when there was a series of whistles that echoed throughout the forest!

All the escort guards were secretly crying out in miserably against these unstoppable masked men and now, they even had more reinforcements coming to aid them!

Old Escort Ru sighed aloud to the sky. “Heavens want me dead!…”

Another five masked persons had appeared. The weird thing was, they had ordered the eight masked men to retreat and did not join in the battle fray!

And the eight masked men began to beat off the escort guards with a series of powerful windforce as they retreated into the forest!

Hurriedly, Old Escort Chief Ru ordered everyone in a hot pursue after them. When they came out of the forest, they had saw that the caravan had been robbed and the carriages were all gone!

Old Escort Chief Ru’s eyes turned a deep red as he saw the numerous dead and wounded at the scene. And immediately, he chased after them even though he was not their match!

The two famous constables, the [Fat Agile Official] and [Iron Monkey] dropped to the ground and began to cry out bitterly!…

It was because this escort was extremely important. It concerned their family lives as well. If they lost this escort, they would surely lose their very lives if they returned home!

As for Old Escort Chief Ru, it not only concerned his life but his reputation was at stake too! Because the rest of the escort guards were all grateful to this old man’s kindness and benevolent, they too began to pursue hotly, throwing their life and death to the winds!

Other than the eight masked men, there were four masked maidens and a masked monk. Altogether, there were thirteen of them that were responsible for safeguarding the rear.

Among all the escort guards, Old Escort Chief Ru had followed them the most tightly! He was chasing them as though he had gone crazy. But it was also because he had a better swiftness movement than the rest of the escort guards as well.

The bandits were unable to shake him off and he was leaving clues for the other escort guards to follow.

And this infuriated the masked monk who suddenly turned around and leapt towards the Old Escort Chief Ru like a giant toad as he croaked just like one, twice in a row!

Old Escort Chief Ru felt a huge tremendous windforce from the palms that were about to descend upon him. He knew that he was unable to evade it and sighed with regret in his heart. “I am finished!…”

All of a sudden, there was an earthquake and it seemed like the mountains had moved! And the dirt and grass began to lift from the ground and reached as high as half the sky! This tremendous amount of force was never ever seen before!

Old Escort Ru thought that he was going to die so he had closed his eyes but when he had found out that he was still alive, he opened his eyes and saw Zhan Bai standing magnificently in front of him!

And the veil of the masked monk had flew away in that occurrence and the fat monk was staring at Zhan Bai with a bewildered look!

Zhan Bai exclaimed. “Oh, so it is you!”

That fat monk exclaimed the same too. “Oh, so it is you!”

Old Escort Chief Ru stared in disbelief that it was the young man Zhan Bai that had saved him! It was because he had once helped him and even allowed him to be an escort leader for a few days. He knew intimately the depths of Zhan Bai’s martial prowess. But the person in front of him, if it was not Zhan Bai, then who else would it be?

The [Sealing Abbot] was startled but he croaked weirdly as he circulated all his entire martial powers and sent his hands towards Zhan Bai!

Only this time, the [Sealing Abbot] had used all his strength, therefore the force of this attack had been tremendously fierce! Two huge waves of windforce, cranking like the thunders came upon Zhan Bai!

Zhan Bai was calm and he coldly hummed. “You are courting your own death!”

When he said the word ‘death’, he had unleashed the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands’ that he had newly acquired!

Two huge waves of force began to collide with one another in mid-air and there was a huge thunderous explosion and the ground began to move as though it had just been struck by an earthquake! When the dusts had settled, the [Sealing Abbot] had been knocked twenty feet back!

The eight masked men and the four masked maidens cried out and they helped the [Sealing Monk] to his feet.

The [Sealing Monk]’s eyes were fluttering and he had vomited out fresh blood! From his appearances, he had been seriously wounded!

One of the four masked maidens, unveiled herself and she was beautiful and seductive as well. She stared at Zhan Bai and shout at him. “How dare you injure the Sealing Abbot! What is your name?”

When Zhan Bai had saw her removing her veil, he thought she was very pretty but she had a tinge of flirtatious in her watery eyes that caused him to stare blankly and reply, “I am Zhan Bai! Not only did I dare to beat the Sealing Abbot but if you do not return the escorts, I will make sure that everyone of you will have to stay here as well!”

Chapter 40 Ended
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Chapter 41: The Radiance Light of the Buddha

Another maiden walked towards Zhan Bai and removed her veil too. She stared viciously at him before adding. “You actually have the guts to go against the Nanhai Clan! You have better watch your steps in future! The Nanhai Clan will surely let this slight be remembered for your three generations!”

And then she turned around to say to the rest. “Go! Let us go back now!…”

“Go? After the murder, the robbery! Even if you want to go now, I afraid it won’t not be that easy!” The voice had come from several yards away but no one could see who was that. When the voice stopped, a green face, red hair weirdo was standing in front of everyone!

Everyone was awe-struck!

It was because this green face, red hair weirdo’s swiftness movement had reached the attainment of invisibility! That was really quick beyond imagination!

The two maidens that had unveiled themselves lost all their insolence and arrogance. They were scared out of their wits and their beautiful faces had lost their countenance!

Other than the two unveiled maidens, even though the eight masked men’s expressions could not be seen but from their expressions in their eyes, they were just as startled!

Old Escort Chief Ru was startled and delighted at the same time. He did not think that after a few month time, Zhan Bai’s martial accomplishments would shown such much improvement and so extraordinary! And from the tone of that green face, red hair weirdo, that person seemed to be helping him as well. He knew that today, his savior was here and he urged panicky. “Worthy Little Brother Zhan! Do not let them go! Your Old Brother’s life is in these escorts…”

The two moving and enchanting maidens did not care a hoot what Old Escort Chief Ru was telling Zhan Bai. They were looking at the other two veils and eight masked men for actions.

Two other moving and enchanting maidens

The other two veiled maidens batted one another in the eyes and then cat-walked gracefully like the breeze two steps before one of them respectfully said. “Yo! So it is the Ghastly…Liu JieJie (Older sister)! Our young lord has missed our Liu Jiejie so much and he has even ordered us, if we would to see you…”

While they were talking, the eight masked men had lifted the Sealing Abbot and left…

Indeed, this green face, red hair weirdo was Liu Cuicui and she ranted them. “Who is your Ghastly Jiejie!…”

The Old Escort Chief Ru shouted panicky. “Worthy Little Brother Zhan! Do not let those bandits escape!…”

Zhan Bai replied. “Old Brother, do not be anxious! These bandits would not be able to escape!” And he was like a mist as he moved and instantly was in the front of the bandits, blocking them!

These eight masked men were the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] and their martial levels were very high. In the Nanhai Clan, except for the [Young Lord of the Southern Seas], [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas], [Ocean Three Aegis] and a few of the other super fighters, their martial levels topped the list! And their swiftness movements were unique and exceptional strong too!

But now, when this young man Zhan Bai had moved, he was now standing in front of them, they were all startled!

The [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] knew that a strong foe had arrived and if they did not use their deadly masterstrokes, they would not be able to escape!

Therefore they started to execute the ‘Demonic Hands’, a unique skill from the Devil Island!

Instantly, Zhan Bai could feel he was in a daze! And from the current of the windforce that was generated, hid a demonic head! It was really horrible and the demon had a long hair and piercing looks and carrying two ghostly claws, and its claws were slashing towards him! He was greatly taken aback!

This was the most powerful aspect of the Demonic Hands! When four demons had joined hand to hand, the windforce could generate an illusion that could hurt its target with unseen force and injured the mental of the target as well! It was powerful beyond compare!

Even though Zhan Bai had numerous experiences with various tough fights by now and had fought with many top exponents of the martial fraternity but he had never seen such a weird phenomenon before! He thought that his opponents had used the occult arts and in startled panicky, he smashed his palm with the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands’ at the big demon head!

‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands’ instantly displayed its awesome power and its windforce was like a mountain and with a tremendous thunderclap, the Big Demon Head illusion was smashed to bits and instantly, four of the demons were jolt backwards and their pupils were unsteady now and they looked like they would fall at any moment!

And immediately after that magnificent display, Zhan Bai had jumped into the mid-air, fifty to sixty feet high and displayed the ‘Descending Buddha Lord’ stance and directed it towards the other four Demons! He began to rain down his palm forces onto the ground in rapid successive blows! And this stance was even more powerful and furious than the last stance!

So the four Demons were all startled at the same time and did not take to take the raining blows. Instead, they focused on evading it with their extraordinary swiftness movement skill, the ‘Demon Wind’! And they scattered ten feet away from Zhan Bai’s extraordinary flurrying windforce!

When Zhan Bai had saw that the Demons had escaped from his stance, he immediately switched to the ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’ still in mid-air, another stance from the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands.

He turned around in mid-air like a big bird, spin and released shadowy images from his palm that seemed to follow the Demons as they moved, and each of the Demon was struck by a thunderous palm!

When Zhan Bai had landed in the dust clouds, the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] were all howling and twitching with pain on the ground!

The escort guards that had arrived by now, had saw the fight. And they were all cheering with joy and delight for they had suffered greatly in the hands of these masked men!

Old Escort Chief Ru nodded his head with exclamation of praises. If he had never seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe that such a powerful level of martial arts could actually have existed!

He began to wonder where did the young man Zhan Bai learnt his skills from, after a period of less than a year?

Even Cuicui who knew intimately the foundation of Zhan Bai, was secretly awestruck and bewildered when she had saw Zhan Bai used stances after stances, strokes after strokes while he was still in mid-air!

She began to wonder whether Zhan Bai still had another set of epitome skills that he did not want to reveal or did Zhan Bai had a fortuitous encounter that she did not know? He would actually had such an astonishing and startling epitome martial display!

It was because even though this Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands was instructed by her to him, even though the ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’ could be used in mid-air but it was not that agile and could not be used continuously!

In Actuality, Zhan Bai had just learn that while he was in the midst of the battle. Even he had not expected that he could stay for so long in the mid-air and not descend!

He had dueled with the [Iron Wing Bird] Ba Tianshu many times and noticed how powerful his flying stance was and how he had made use of the rebound force that flew back towards him to stay afloat. Therefore he tried to substitute his arms with the Iron Wings and made use of his powerful palm force to generate the rebound force. This caused him to stay afloat and he had actually mimic the [Iron Wing Bird] and used his stances while in mid-air against the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island].

Of course, it was also because Zhan Bai internal energy had reached a seemingly high level. Therefore he could lift himself with just a breath of vital energy in the air and not descend. Those without his level of internal energy would never be able to do that!

But as it was the first time that he had used the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands in mid-air, his palm strength had suffered a discount. Or else, all the [Eight Demons of the Devil Land] would have lost their lives by now!

But even then, the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] were all beaten to a miserable and pathetic state, as their heads turned and swirled in confusion!

The four veiled maidens were the [Four Peach Blossom Fairies] of the Devil Island and they were also the top fighters in the Nanhai Clan. And they too were greatly taken aback by this scene. They had seen that the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] did not even have a chance to retaliate and were in such wretched state.

If this stalemate continued, not only would all the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] be killed, they would soon after as well! Therefore they suddenly waved and threw a ‘Poisonous Peach Blossom Miasma’ each, towards Zhan Bai!

Immediately, a pinkish fog and mist could be seen and it came towards Zhan Bai at an alarming speed!

Zhan Bai had sniffed a strange fragrance…

Cuicui cried out to him. “Bai Gege. Dodge it! These are the ‘Poisonous Peach Blossom Miasma’!”

While warning Zhan Bai, Cuicui had waved her sleeve with a stance, “Fragrance Windforce’ as she stirred a maddening whirlwind and sent the red mist tens of feet away from Zhan Bai!

Because Zhan Bai had been warned by Cuicui, he managed to hold his breath in the nick of a time and was not poisoned by the ‘Poisonous Peach Blossom Miasma’ as he descended onto the ground!

When Cuicui’s ‘Fragrance Windforce’ stance had scattered the mist, all the vegetation and trees that the red mist was in contact with, had withered!

A few escort guards that reacted slowly were engulfed by the red mist and had stumped to the ground, dead and covered with a reddish powder!

What a powerful ‘‘Poisonous Peach Blossom Miasma’!

Everyone was flabbergasted!

As for the [Four Peach Blossom Fairies], the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] and the wounded Sealing Abbot, they had all disappeared, having made their escape!

Old Escort Chief Ru was sighing and all the escort guards were sorrowful. As for the [Fat Agile Official] and the [Iron Monkey], they were howling with their cries.

Zhan Bai knew that they were anxious and saddened by the loss of the escort. But he had to say something to his old friends.

He paid a respect to the Old Escort Chief and said, “Old Brother. How are you getting along? It was because I have an accident outside and did not return. I hope Old Brother, you would forgive me!”

When the Old Escort Chief had seen that Zhan Bai had now possessed such remarkable and startling martial abilities, he was greatly comforted. But at this moment, he was in no mood to be happy for him. He did not even mention familiar ties and was sighing with sadness!

Zhan Bai asked. “Old Brother has to personally escort this caravan. I wonder what precious items are there in this escort?”

Old Escort Chief Ru let go of a long sigh before he answered. “Worthy Little Brother Zhan, I do not want to mask it from you. This consist the gold of the entire province of Jinan, there are a total of three hundred thousands of taels! If I lost it, even if I sell my entire estate, I would never be able to repay it!”

After hearing it, Zhan Bai was also anxious for him…

Cuicui laughed. “What is the point of getting anxious. Where you lost it, there you find it!”

Zhan Bai lifted his hand and said. “That is right! The bandits had raided the escort here, their hiding lair must also be nearby! Let us help Old Brother to get back the money for him then!”

Because Old Escort Chief Ru had witnessed earlier the martial levels of both Zhan Bai and Cuicui, he knew that it was not hard for them to help him get back the escort. So his sorrows became a delight instantly. “With both your help, I am truly gratuitous to no ends!”

Zhan Bai replied. “Old Brother. Please do not say that! When I, Zhan Bai was down and out in the pugilist fraternity. I have your help to thanks for. And now, Old Brother has a problem, I will definitely do my best to help!”

Old Escort Chief Ru shook his head. “With Worthy Little Brother to help me, I have nothing to say but this…” He waved towards Cuicui and said. “As for brother here, I have never seen him before and he was also willing to help me, I am truly grateful!”

Zhan Bai glanced at Cuicui and said, “This person here is not an outsider…”

Zhan Bai had wanted to introduce Liu Cuicui to his Worthy Older Brother but all of a sudden, he saw that Cuicui was wearing a mask and was not willing to expose her identity therefore he had stumbled in his speech.

Cuicui continued for him. “I am the [Ghastly Face]. I await instructions from Old Escort Chief!”

Old Escort Chief Ru had a vast experience under his belt. He knew that from the mannerism of Cuicui’s speech, the way she had moved and her expression, that she must be wearing a disguise but he did not want to expose her. So he just smiled. “I have long heard of you!”

But in actuality, no one had ever heard of the [Ghastly Face] in the entire martial fraternity!

Since Cuicui had declared herself as the [Ghastly Face], Zhan Bai went along with it and tried to change the topic. “Let us investigate their whereabouts first in case there might be further changes. It is the correct strategy!”

Naturally, Old Escort Chief Ru was happy since that was what in his mind. He gathered everyone together and after an discussion, decided to follow the tracks of the escort carts. This would surely lead them to their bandit nest!

Everyone praised this plan and therefore, they immediately embarked into hot pursue!

The tracks ended at a walled residence! And this residence had an imposing grandeur to it and its wall was twenty feet in height! It was just like a small city!
There was tower guards too and from the looks of it, this place was heavily guarded!

Old Escort Chief Ru was startled. “Isn’t this the [Meteor Hand] Murong Han’s Baotu Manor? Would the renowned Young Master Lingfeng, one of the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity would resort to robbing my escort?”

When Zhan Bai had heard that this was the Baotu Manor, he took a careful look and from the looks of it, it was!

He began to recall the past! And he was overcome by emotions and for a moment, were in a trance…

Old Escort Chief called out. “Liu San! Take the invitation card out!”

[Quick Horse] Liu San immediately took out a stack of red invitation cards and presented it to him.

Cuicui was laughing by the side. “Old Escort Chief, why do you need an invitation card for?”

He answered. “I have met Murong Han once before but I have never expected that he would raid my escorts. Accordingly to the rules of the martial fraternity, I am paying him an visit and to find out what he is going to say to me!”

But Cuicui said. “I think you have better forget about it! Murong Han may not be able to make the decision now! Moreover he would never receive you!”

Old Escort Chief Ru said. “I am abiding by the rules of the martial fraternity! I think, no matter how insolence Murong Han is, he would never dare to decline! Old Escort Wei, go now and announce our coming!”

Cuicui smiled but did not say anything.

[Broad Bear] Wei Tiancheng walked to the bridge of the entrance of the city wall and loudly proclaimed. “Attention to the guards of the Baotu Manor! Old Escort Chief Ru from the Yanjing Escort Agency is paying a visit to the manor!”

Wei Tiancheng was tall and strong in his breathing. His shouts were enough to travel widely for miles! But still, there was no movements or a sound from the walls!

Once again, he shouted loudly many times more but still, not a soul had answered him! There was not even a shadow above! It was as though it was a dead city!

This angered him and he took out a ‘Crescent Dart’ and aimed it at the ropes that were attached to the drawbridge.

The drawbridge dropped to the ground with a loud thunderous clanking sound when the ropes were severed by his ‘Crescent Dart’!

Next, he proceeded to the drawbridge and continued his mission to deliverer the invitation card!

But obviously something was wrong here and Zhan Bai was suspicious. But he was greatly moved this man, who was willing to risk his life for everyone!

That was also because Old Escort Chief Ru was popular with his men and a hot blood man like the [Broad Bear] Wei Tiancheng was willing to risk his life in order to fulfill his given task!

Just when Wei Tiancheng was about to reach the entrance of the gate, an arrow flew from the top of the wall towards him!

With a great shout, Wei Tiancheng used his fists and flung the arrow off!

But there were even more arrows that arrived from the top of the wall now and this caused him to fend in a panic! And he was in an immediately danger!

Old Escort Chief Ru, Zhan Bai, Cuicui and all the escort guards immediately sprang towards the walls!

But because Wei Tiancheng had the big red invitation card in his hands, it was not convenient for him to move his palms and therefore, he was struck by as many as ten arrows!

As Old Escort Chief Ru flew to him, at the same time, began to fend the arrows with his iron fists, he said to him. “Brother! It is hard on you!”

Wei Tiancheng was on the verge of death but he struggled to hand the red invitation card to the Old Escort Chief. “Old Brother! I have failed the mission! Take back this invitation card and will Old Brother choose…another…man…” And he had expired!

The [Broad Bear] Wei Tiancheng came from a famous secret projectile clan, therefore he was called the such a name. Even though he was big, but he was also broad in his attacks with the secret projectiles. But who would expect that he would die in an array of random arrows!

Old Hero Ru began to lament in tears as he hugged him. “Oh my Brother Wei! Rest in peace! Old Brother will surely avenge for you!”

He put down Wei Tiancheng’s corpse and then sprang up the wall! The archers that lied in ambush had all been killed by the escort guards and Zhan Bai. There were bodies everywhere down the walls and up the walls.

The rest of the escort guards had already charged into the manor!

Even though Old Escort Chief, Old Hero Ru had lost an important escort and he had lost many brothers, even though he had been very angry but still, he did not want to start a massacre. That was because he still have some ties with the [Meteor Hand] Murong Han.

When he saw that a massacre had started, he rushed inside, hoping to stop Zhan Bai and his escorts from committing a possible fatal big mistake!

And now the darkness had descended and there were no lights everywhere in the manor. It was really mysterious and eerie!

He started to ran towards whatever direction that gave clues to a fight and battle cries!

After running past three courtyards, he had sighted no one!

Not only did he not see any fighters from the Baotu Manor but Zhan Bai, the [Ghastly Mask] and all his thirty odd escort fighters were all missing as well!

Old Escort Chief Ru was bewildered. As he ran, he began to think. “Are all our men captured?”

“Zhan Bai and that [Ghastly Mask] have such highly accomplishments in their martial arts, could they been ambushed?”

“Other than the Manor Lord, [Meteor Hand] Murong Han, there are many fighters that I have known in the Baotu Manor. But where are they now?”

After running past another two courtyards, he finally reached a big courtyard with a garden.

This beautiful garden was grandeur and it brought out the wealth of the Murong Clan but still, there was no light, only darkness! He could no longer even heard the faint cries of the battle anymore!

Nor did he meet with any ambush!

But the atmosphere in this place was extremely tense and horrifying!

He halted his steps and could feel the darkness that was like a demon engulfing him! This place was unusual desolate and the atmosphere was also most unusual!

Even though Old Escort Chief Ru had once walked from the north to the south and had a rich wealth of experiences but he was so startled that he had broken into a cold sweat!

All of a sudden, he had a thought. “Since there was no one here, why don’t I call out and see what happen next?” Therefore he began to shout. “Hello…”

But when he had shouted, there came back his echo! “Hello! Hello! Hello!…” And it occurred more than ten times in loud and low echoes!

All of a sudden, a startled bird flew past him and he was so startled by it that he broke into a cold sweat!

After a while, when everything was quiet once more, he had regained his composure. Just when he was about to shout again, all of a sudden, a window that faced the moon had flung opened!

And he heard a melancholy voice!

This sighing was like a melancholy ghost that blew from the tomb. It was so solemn, so sorrowful, so melancholy, so wretched that no mortal being would bear to listen to this sighing!

Greatly frightened, Old Escort Chief began to turn his head around and saw that a long hair woman with a face as white as a paper was in the window!

Old Escort Chief, Old Hero Ru began to shiver a few times and there was a cold icy air behind his back. “I have really met a with a ghost tonight!…”

It was because that woman face was so white, as white as paper and her long hair was so long and her eyes were so dull and lifeless that it fitted the description of what a ghost was like in the legends!

Even though Old Escort Chief Ru was scared out of his wits but he was after all an old pugilist. He did not run in panic but was rooted on the ground, looking at her with startled expressions!

That window had been nailed with iron planks. That female ghost must be trying to push the window opened because he could see her hands moving on the windows now!

Her terribly white and eerie face was resting on the iron planks of the window. She did not seem to notice that there was a living man that was standing just outside the window as she began to recite melancholy once more.

Long yearning, breaks my heart…
I roll back the hanging, gaze at the moon, and long sigh in vain…
My lonely lamp is not bright, I’d like to end these thoughts…
Above is the black night of heaven's height…
The sky is long, the road is far, bitter flies my spirit…
The spirit I dream can't get through, the mountain pass is hard…
Frost coalesces on my bamboo mat, changing its color with cold…
The moon is like the autumn that never sleeps…
I think of him all the time but never once have I seen him…
His past memories flashed in my eyes…
My tears were like lake…
Suffering terrible heart breaks…

She had turned upside down the poem by the great poet Li Bai and had changed it. And now the poem had become even sorrowful, even sadder and the heart felt her sorrows and grieves. It was really unbearable to the heart, just by hearing it!

Only then did Old Escort Chief finally understood that this woman was not a ghost but a young maiden that was possibly abandoned by her heartless lover?

Or was she a young maiden that had lost her husband at an early and was now a widow?

But only one thing for sure was that her infatuation and her devotion to her was extremely touching and heart wrenching because she was thinking of him all the time, at all times!

Mustering his courage, Old Escort Chief Ru yelled out to ask. “Hey! Maiden! Who are you?”

But that maiden did not even look at him in the eyes and she was still looking with longing at the moon, murmuring in a low prayer. “Bai Gege! Where are you now…do you know that your younger sister Hong is thinking of you in painstaking hardship…do you really know?…”

“Bai Gege? And younger sister Hong?” Old Escort Chief Ru now had some clues. Who was this “Bai Gege”’? But one thing for sure, this maiden name must have a “Hong”!

And then he heard that young maiden recited melancholically. “Alas! Bai Gege! You have already been gone for a total of two hundred ninety-nine days now…in another sixty days, it would be fully a year. In this year, your little sister tears have all dried up!…Bai Gege…Why did you not return yet?” As she recited, her tears began to flow once more!

Old Escort Chief Ru was astonished that this maiden had remembered the number of days that her lover had gone away, so superbly clearly!…

All of a sudden, there was a cold hum that came from nearby!

Old Escort Chief Ru was startled and he did not know that someone would have appeared behind him unnoticed! Therefore, that person’s swiftness movement skill must have already reached the point of epitome!

In his startled and horrified state, he turned around quickly and used his fists to guard his chest. And he saw three old men standing about thirty feet away!

One of them was about fifty and he had a silver flute on his left hands! On his right was a bald old man with no facial hair. He had no left arm and only had a right arm. He was about sixty and he carried a bronze bell on his side! On his left side, was another old man, about sixty. He had only one leg but he was standing without any clutches! He wondered how did this old man balance himself as he walked? He did not seem to have any weapons on him.

But he did recognize two of them! The old man with only an arm was Sima Jing the [Soul Seeker Bell] and the one leg old man was the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju. Together they were known as the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] and were known in the Northwest as the resounding two Prime Heretic Evils!

Many years ago, when Old Escort Chief Ru was running the escorts in the Northwest, he had encountered them before and his impressions of the two was strongly etched in his head!

As for the old man in the middle, even though he had never seen him before but from his dressing and that silver flute of his, he must be that Zhang Shipeng of the [Soul Snatching Silver Flute] fame.

It was also because these three were also the top ten super exponents of the Baotu Manor, therefore it was quite easy to recognize them since he was in the Baotu Manor now.

Old Escort Chief Ru had saw them appearing in an eerie manner and without any word. It was obvious that they had some hostilities against him. So he bowed with his fists and said. “So it is Brother Sima and Brother Li! I believe that this must be the renowned composer [Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng!”

Zhang Shipeng hummed coldly and said. “Brother Ru the Escort Chief of the Yanjing Escort Agency, indeed enjoys a well-deserved reputation. You could actually recognize us!”

Old Hero Ru laughed. “The top ten super exponents of the Murong Residence are all well known through the entire fraternity. How would I not know?…

“Murong Residence?” The [Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng interrupted him and laughed aloud as he looked into the sky. “The Murong Residence has already been deleted from the records of the pugilist fraternity! And now this manor is just a branch of the Nanhai Clan in Jinan! Please be careful with your choice of words!”

Old Escort Chief Ru was stunned to hear it from the mouth of one of the top ten super exponents of the Baotu Manor. He asked in disbelief. “Is it for real?”
[Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing said. “Old Ghost! Do you think Brother Zhang will lie to you?”

But Old Escort Chief Ru was still in doubt. “Then what happened to the Master of the Manor, [Meteor Hand]…”

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju interrupted. “It is not important anymore. Brother Ru, do not ask anymore!"

Old Escort Chief Ru was bewildered but he was forced to believe because they were solemn and serious. Now that Baotu Manor had changed hands, why were they all still here? Unless they had betrayed Murong Han and joined the Nanhai Clan? The pugilists’ hearts were really so unpredictable!

He asked. “Then, my dear friends, have you all surrender…join in alliance to the Nanhai clan?”

Their countenances changed at the mention of the surrender, even though Old Hero Ru had quickly changed the wording to a better one.

Zhang Shipeng was the first to speak. “It is good that you know now, silly old man. Now the Nanhai Clan is the most powerful and influential clan and would soon dominate the entire central plains. Even if you want to join the alliance, it is not you that decides!”

Even though Old Escort Chief Ru had a good temperament but he was moved to anger at being called a silly old man. He angrily replied. “Even if you let me have the chance, I would not want it! But you three have betrayed your Master, aren’t you afraid that you be made a laughing stock by the people in the pugilist fraternity?”

[Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing began to laugh aloud. “Do you think that tonight you can still leave here alive?” And he jeered at him non-stop.

Old Escort Chief Ru was moved to anger by Sima Jing’s insolence and he said angrily. “Even if I were to be tore to pieces here, the three of you will never be able to silence everyone in the entire fraternity!”

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju said. “In order to let you die peacefully, I will tell you the truth then! Tens of years ago, Murong Han had joined hands with his swore brothers to murder their older swore brother, the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian. He had already lost his qualification to become the Alliance Leader of the Martial Fraternity!”

“The Nanhai Clan had exposed his vile deed and doing justice for the good of all! And Nanhai Clan will be the new alliance chief and will lead the entire central plain martial fraternity in three years time!”

“Not only that, they would also reveal the Epitome Martial Chronicles and share it with the pugilists in the martial fraternity. And in three years time, they would organize an assembly of the heroes and on top of the lofty peaks of Huashan to determine who has the most qualification to become the new alliance chief in the most fair manner! And the entire martial fraternity would be unified as one…”

And then he stopped to laugh. “But it is a pity a silly old man like you have no such blessing now!”

[Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing continued. “It is because tonight is the end of your life span, silly Old man!”

Chapter 41 Ended
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Chapter 42: The Execution

As Sima Jing said, he had raised out his legs to kick him and on his single arm, he had lashed against Old Hero Ru with his Soul Seeking Bell!

Old Escort Chief Ru had not expected that Sima Jing whom he had known would attack him! When he heard the tingling bells of the Soul Seeking Bell, he knew it was deadly and did not dare to touch it, so he evaded instead! But at the same time, he had used his famous Iron Fist to counter attack with a ‘Vicious Hack’ towards Sima Jing’s waist!

As the loud windforce of the Iron Fist had been heard, Sima Jing shouted, “Great!” And he evaded the counter attack and aimed his Soul Seeking Bell at his chest with the unique masterstroke, ‘Startling the Dragon with the Chime’!

Sima Jing was deservedly one of the top ten super exponents! Not only was his quick with his body swiftness movement, his strokes were also marvelous and breathtaking!

Old Escort Chief Ru was slightly taken aback and he used his iron fists to engage him!

Both were hitting at one another with fast strokes and for the time being, the winner could not be determined!

[Soul Snatching Silver Flute] Zhang Shipeng was growing impatient! It was because they still had an important matter to attend to and could not afford to waste their time!

It was because they still had an important matter to settle and as the fight dragged on, the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju became impatience and with a great shout, he leapt into the air and joined hands with the [Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing, against Old Escort Chief Ru!

Old Chief Escort Ru had forcefully fought to a standstill with the [Soul Seeking Bell] and now that the [One Leg Flying Heretic] had joined the battle fray, he could immediately feel the heavy pressure of this intense fight. But he swung his iron fists, in readiness for this bitter fight!

Zhang Shipeng was even more anxious! When he saw that both the [Soul Seeking Bell] and the [One Leg Flying Heretic] had not succeed in their attempt, he began to blow his lips with his silver flute!

The tone of his flute play was melancholic and extremely sorrowful! This immediately had the effect of bring memories of a demise of a hero and his beautiful lover had to be a widow!

The soul of Old Escort Chief was immediately affected and he felt his demise and all his courage and aspirations had fled him therefore his movements became slower!

Because of this, Sima Jing immediately attacked him with his Soul Seeking Bell and he narrowly dodged it!

But there was still the [One Leg Flying Heretic] and he was kicked in his chest as he heard the cranking of his chest ribs!

Old Escort Chief Ru tried to change his stance but it was already too late as the [One Leg Flying Heretic] had kicked him again, sending him flying off ten feet away. Even though this kick had not hurt his vulnerable point but it caused him to lose his consciousness!

Zhang Shipeng immediately stop playing his flute while Sima Jing carried Old Escort Chief Ru away after he had clapped his ‘Sleep Accupoint Point’.

Sima Jing turned towards Zhang Shipeng. “This silly old man is really tough. If Brother Zhang did not blow your flute, we would have lost a lot our precious time!”

[Soul Snatching Silver Flute] told him, “Let leave the idle talks for later! Let us hurry! Young Lord may be waiting for us impatiently…”

All of a sudden, there was a melancholic melody as the voice said, “What’s the point of winning by numbers? Are you still a hero? You have disgrace the Baotu Manor utterly!”

[One Leg Flying Heretic] turned around to look up and saw the long hair maiden that was looking from the iron window. Then he turned around to speak to Zhang Shipeng. “We have forgotten that there is still one person from the Murong Clan that we have weed. Why don’t we weed them out completely…”

Even though the [One Leg Flying Heretic] voice had been low but it could not escape the hearing of that long hair maiden. She added. “If you want to silence me, then you have better be quick! Or else, when my Bai GeGe is here, none of you would be expected to get out of here alive!”

Sima Jing was infuriated and shouted angrily. “I will first kill you then!…”

But Zhang Shipeng stopped him. “She is just a mad woman and would not be able to do anything. Brother Sima, let’s not waste anymore time and go to the Young Lord for further orders!”

And they walked away, with Sima Jing carrying Old Escort Chief Ru on his single arm, towards a meeting hall.

In the meeting hall, there was a table, on that table was some books but underneath the table, there was a secret compartment. When Zhang Shipeng turned the button underneath the table, a secret door had opened and all three of them, walked into the dark passage.

Even the secret door had been small but the passage inside was broad and was lit by many candles!

This passage led to a big secret chamber and in the chamber were several golden chairs. And the scholar in white with the silver fan was sitting on one of the golden chairs!

On his left side of the august golden chair, an extremely elegant and beautiful maiden in sparking golden dress was seated besides him!

Other than the shining golden outer garment dress that she was wearing, this maiden was also decorated with beautiful pearls and phoenix accessories.

Her unique appearance was never ever seen before in the Central Plains!

She was just like the heavenly fairy from the Nine Celestial Heavens, or a princess from the Dragon Palace!

She was really very beautiful and as elegant as a phoenix and she exuded a matchless prestige but there was a dark malevolent air that was radiating from her too!

The scholar in white and that golden dress maiden were both seated at the most important row. The [Eight Demons of the Devil Island], [The Four Peach Blossoms Fairies] and the earthshaking [Ocean Three Aegis] were all also presented! As for the Sealing Abbot, he seemed to have fully recovered!

And seven of the top ten super exponents of the ex-Murong Clan were also seated with them!

In the center of the chamber, was a large pillar. Tied to the pillar was the Master of this Manor, the [Meteor Hand] Murong Han, his wife Mistress Murong, his daughter Wan’Er and his son, Young Master Lingfeng!

The bizarre man, Lei Dashu with his messy hair was also tied with them!

And tied to the pillar, were the forty to fifty escort guards of the Yanjing Escort Agency!

Obviously, the Baotu Manor had a change of ownership and the original owner, Murong Han and his entire family were all prisoners now!

The top ten super exponents of the Murong Residence and most of the three thousands protégé guests had mostly surrendered to their new lord now. Only a few loyal men like Lei Dashu remained and they had all been taken prisoner!

This was really such an unpredictable change! (Translator Note: the original is a Chinese saying “10 years in He Dong, 10 years in He Xi”. This refers to the interesting story of weak State of Qin as it fight for domination against the powerful State of Wei during the start of the Warring State Period 2500 years ago. Eventually Qin and Qi emerged as the strongest state during the middle period of the Warring States.)

The fierce fights of the pugilist fraternity were really full of untold dangers and schemes! No one could predict the end results!

Zhang Shipeng, Sima Jing and Li Ju had just arrived and they threw Old Escort Chief Ru to the pillar in the middle and then they bowed respectfully to the scholar in white. “We have fulfilled our mission and capture the [Resounding Iron Fist from Heshou] Ru Guoxiong!”

The scholar in white turned to the maiden in golden dress and smiled at her. “Younger protégé sister, can we begin the execution now?”

That golden dress maiden began to look at everyone with her phoenix eyes. Everyone, including the heroes that were seated was terrified and panicky lowered their heads!

There was an air of terrifying malevolent air that radiated from this incomparable beautiful maiden and the hearts of everyone turned cold. She used an icy tone, as icy cold as the north-pole wind, as she said. “There is still a man and woman that have evaded capture. Where are they?”

The [Ocean Three Aegis] began to rise in panic, full of sincerity and in fear, to answer. “Your Princess Highness, that young man Zhan Bai and the [Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll] are not in the manor. We can always investigate their whereabouts later!”

The golden dress maiden was displeased and she was about to throw her furor when the scholar in white quickly added. “I guess that they are outsiders to this matter. Let us not bother with them first and first…”

The golden dress maiden was solemn for awhile and then she said. “How dare you plead with an outsider!”

In his entire life, the scholar in white feared this beautiful maiden exceedingly. He immediately tried to laugh, “Younger protégé sister, you are overtly serious! How would protégé brother help an outsider?”

The golden dress maiden laughed coldly for a while before she said. “Do you think I do not know what is in your mind?”

The scholar in white had a bitter smile on his face as he clapped his silver fan on his hands but he did not know what to say…

The golden dress maiden stared at him before she clapped with her jaded hands before shouting, “Let the ceremony begins!”

Immediately, twelve children appeared in the chamber with fragrant incenses on their hands.

When everyone sniffed from it, a strange thing happened!

This sweet fragrant incense began to cause all the clear mined people to feel drowsy and all their desires were to be obedience and worship their masters! Even thoughts of resistance were totally cast out of their minds!

And those who were unconscious began to awake even though their accupoints had been sealed!

Even Old Escort Chief Ru regained his consciousness and the scene immediately took him by surprise! But what caught his attention most was a painting of a naked woman in the chamber that was hanging at the back but she did not look human, much like a demi-goddess. There were also a few big words hanging there. “The Founding Father, the Lord of the Southern Seas”!

The entire chamber was filled with a kind of suffocating smoke and it caused everyone to feel like they were isolated in the big wilderness or on top of a lofty peak!

There was a bronze plank in the middle of the chamber and five wicked huge blades were hanging wickedly on top of it! Just a look at this execution device, brought horrors to the mind!

Murong Han was the first to be dragged to the bronze plank by several hooded men in black clothing!

The golden dress beautiful maiden began to use an eerie voice to say, “The reason why the Nanhai Clan is now in the Central Plains, is because we want to exterminate all the evil-doers of the martial fraternity and to restore the dignity and honor of the central plain martial fraternity. Anyone who is a evil-doer, who is a villain, will be exterminated as an example!”

Everyone was looking at her as she spoke. She seemed to hold an enthralling and bewitching power over everyone! But none to look at her in the eyes!

As no one dare to say anything, she pointed her finger towards [Meteor Hand] Murong Han and said. “As one of the [Jiangnan Seven Heroes], because of his greed, he plotted to kill his elder brother, the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian. Does he or does he not deserve to die?”

Everyone was moved mysteriously to shout at the same time whether they wanted or not, “Deserve to die!”

“Kill!” Old Escort Chief Ru was surprised for he was the one that had shouted this word unconsciously! He did not have this desire in his heart yet he was shouting for it. Wasn’t this strange?”

The gold dress maiden waved her fingers and exclaimed. “Begin the Execution!”

All of a sudden, Murong Han, a hero of his times, were dismembered as the five wicked blades hacked off his head, arms and legs as five burly men hurled down the five wicked blades!
When Murong Han was dismembered, Mistress Murong fainted from the fright as she watched her husband died before her very eyes!

Young Master Lingfeng had turned white with fright and he lost all his usual haughtiness! Even his mouth was trembling with fear!

Only the weak Wan’Er looked on with raging eyes as she rebuked. “Despicable people! This vendetta for my father’s death, even if I were to die, I would seek you out for vengeance!…”

But the golden dress maiden appeared not to hear Wan’Er and pointed coldly at the unconscious Mistress Murong. “This lady has helped her husband to do evil and was also not proper. Does she or does she not deserve to die?”

Everyone began to shout at the same time. “Deserve to die! Kill!…”

In the midst of this great shouting, there came a disturbing voice behind the walls of this chamber!

An alluring and enticing maiden voice was heard saying, “I have said already that I brought you here to see the fun, not to be a busybody!”

A rough voice that came from a man said. “This lady had once saved my life! How could I just stand and do nothing!…”

The golden dress maiden was slightly started and she swept the chamber with her phoenix eyes!

Even the scholar in white was startled as he turned ashen and began to look around…

All of a sudden, there was a thunderous explosion as stone and ashes stirred up from a solid wall!

Instantly, there was confusion in the chamber as a man leapt out from behind the wall!

A tall, handsome young man with a majesty bearing stood straight in the middle of the chamber! He was wearing a Heavenly Cocoon Robe and radiated an air of righteousness! He was none other than Zhan Bai!

Whether they had recognized him or not, everyone was stunned! But the feeling was different from everyone else.

Old Escort Chief Ru was full of delight on his face, because a savior had come!

Lei Dashu was full of surprises! It was because he did not think that with Zhan Bai’s martial accomplishments, he could kick a hole in such a thick wall!

Young Master Lingfeng was startled because he did not know that Zhan Bai was the one that was hiding behind that wall!

Wan’Er was startled and delighted as she called out pitifully. “Zhan Gege!”

Even the [Ocean Three Aegis] had all stood up in surprise! And the scholar in white had a astonished expression on his face!

That golden dress maiden had all of a sudden, had an amorous expression on her cold face as her eyes glowed as she looked at Zhan Bai. It was no longer the heart-piercing cold glance but she was looking coquettish at him!

That Zhan Bai could cause so many maidens from those noble clans to surrender their hearts to him, surely there must be a strong explanation for it. Or else, given that golden dress maiden icy cold haughtiness, how would she be move by him?

The scholar in white who was the Young Lord of the Southern Seas had never saw the Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas, who was the golden dress maiden, ever smiled before.

When he saw that she was smiling at Zhan Bai, he became extremely jealous and thought, “Why is all the good stuff all taken up by this fellow?” Therefore he shouted, “[Ocean Three Aegis]! Here is the person that you fail to capture and he is here now! Take him down now!”

[The Ocean Three Aegis] immediately turned ashen and the white hair granny, whose real name was Leng Yanhong, began shout. “What a fellow! I couldn’t find you and yet you have show yourself up!” She began to sprint towards him with a blow of her palm!

Zhan Bai lifted his hand to accept the blow. There was a huge thunderous impact as the windforce rippled out around them and it snuff out tens of candlelights in the area!

Zhan Bai was still standing firmly on the same spot while the white hair granny was jolted into moving three steps back!

The white hair granny looked viciously at Zhan Bai with her wide-opened eyes. She did not believe that the young man that she had defeated a few months ago had actually just used a single palm and had jolted her backward!

The Sealing Abbot began to shout at the side. “Old woman! Be careful! This fellow seemed to have eaten some miraculous herbs and his palm power has suddenly become stronger!”

The [Ocean Three Aegis] had always been together and would not be far from one another. They enjoyed joking with one another and talking in reverses with one another became a norm. But the Sealing Abbot had been wounded by Zhan Bai just recently and he tried to warn the white hair granny but she had instead misunderstood that he was looking down upon her and laughing at her!

Therefore she laughed. “Bald monk! Don’t blow the trumpet of others! Take this blow!”

And she circulated twelve folds of her vital strength as she launched against Zhan Bai!

When Zhan Bai had saw that the incoming blow was even more powerful and fierce than the previous blow, he began to muster ten folds of his strength and displayed the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands’!

As the two waves of stunning powerful windforce collided with one another, a thunderous thunderclap exploded in the area and shook the entire chamber!

The white hair granny Lei Yanhong was jolted five steps backward!

The white hair granny did not believe that the young man that she had just defeated three months before would have such awesome palm force!

With a shriek, she began to muster ten folds of her martial power into her Soul Seeking Fingers as she aimed her fingers towards his heart!

From her fingers, a powerful ear-piercing windforce flurry mightily towards Zhan Bai!

Murong Mistress, Zhan Wan’Er and all the escort guards were all extremely worried for Zhan Bai and they all cried out for him in a startled manner…

Zhan Bai lifted his legs with the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and he had vanished while the white hair granny powerful Soul Seeking Fingers had missed and exploded the wall behind Zhan Bai! A deep big hole with no depth could be seen!

The white hair granny ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ was indeed awesome!

The white hair granny was slightly stunned and began to wonder what sort of a movement swiftness skill did Zhan Bai use to escape her fingers?..

All of a sudden, she senses a burning sensation behind her back and it seemed like something was burning!

Instantly, she had sensed something was amiss and had turned around but still, she was a little too slow and something burning had struck her painfully at her left arm and she was flung more than ten steps against a wall! She collided with a big bang and she sundered to a state of dizziness, her eyes had turned white and she was grasping for breath!

The power of the skills in the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual were indeed beyond compare! He had wounded the number two of the [Ocean Three Aegis]! The white hair granny martial accomplishment had been honed to perfection and she had dodged the full impact of the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands! Or else, even with her internal strength, if Zhan Bai had struck her heart area, she would not survived!

Now that Zhan Bai had wounded the white hair granny, whether it was friends or foes, they were all startled! Everyone was stunned with disbelief that Zhan Bai had actually possessed such a high level of martial accomplishment!

But this enraged the long beard elderly man whose real name was ‘Chou Ruhai’! With a great thunderous shout that silence everyone, he had leapt as quick as lightning towards Zhan Bai with his right palm that had been imbued with vital energy!

A seeming powerful barrier seemed to have surrounded his hand as the windforce exploded furiously and the powerful was tremendous awesome! Zhan Bai was enveloped in fear…

Not only was Zhan Bai afraid. In this chamber, no one had ever seen such power before and this stunned everyone. There were many super exponents in this chamber but none had never seen this uniquely powerful palm force before! Everyone’s countenance changed…

Zhan Bai had never seen such an almighty palm force before and he did not dare to take this blow. Just as he was about to use the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ to evade…all of a sudden, he heard a tiny voice, that was like an ant, whispering in his ears. “Bai Gege! You need to have confidence in yourself. Do not be afraid. Test it with your Sacred Enoch and check your progress with it!…”

Zhan Bai knew that it was Cuicui that was secretly reminding him with the Great Whispering Skill and this restored his fighting spirit. He swung his arms before unleashing a mighty blow towards the incoming blow.

He had used the ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’ of the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands!

Flurrying windforce like the mountains, followed by the palm collided with the awesome vital energy barrier of the long bearded elderly man’s palm and it seemed that the cosmos had collided with a big bang!

The chamber was enveloped by several powerful ripple of windforce and dust as it started to shook uncontrollable! Rains of pebbles and stones were thrown in all directions as a whirlwind was formed!

When the debris had cleared, everyone was still exclaiming in astonishment. Only Zhan Bai had remained even though he was shaking but he had remained on the same spot!

At the same time, the Sealing Abbot had jumped upon him with his ‘Toad Skill’. This powerful skill had originated from the Western Region and its power was astonishing too!

It was because the Sealing Abbot had calculated that after Zhan Bai had fought two ultrapowerful fighters at a single go, his vital energy would surely be drained and he could slay Zhan Bai on the spot now…

Wan’Er was paying full attention to Zhan Bai now that he was here. When she saw that Zhan Bai had defeated two super fighters, she was absolutely delighted! Besides that, she was also hero-worshipping her lover now. She wished she could fight besides him. Since she could not, she prayed for his safety and for his victory…

When she saw the Sealing Abbot had made a sneak attack, she shouted panicky, “Zhan Gege! Be wary, there is a backstab!”

In actuality, even if Wan’Er did not warn him, he could feel it. He tried to muster his vital energy and discovered that not only was his vital energy not weakened after he had clashed with the two super exponents but he was still feeling as energetic as ever! Instantly, he knew that his internal energy had reached the point of self-renewal and the stage of pureness! He was greatly comforted in his heart and finally he had some achievements with his martial accomplishment and could avenge his late father.

With this comfort, he turned around without looking and unleashed his palm!

There was a thunderous thunderclap and the Sealing Abbot that had the sneak attack was flung off twenty feet away into a wall, as blood was spat out of his mouth!

Among the [Ocean Three Aegis], the long beard elderly man martial accomplishment was the highest, followed by the white hair granny and the Sealing Abbot was the weakest. If the other two Aegis had fallen, so how could he have stand?

Zhan Bai had defeated the [Ocean Three Aegis] one after the another. Regardless of friends or foes, they were all stunned at the same time!

Everyone stared with wide-opened eyes in awe of Zhan Bai and none dare to take one step towards him…

Chapter 42 Ended
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Chapter 43: The Bewitching Asura Formation

The scholar in white was clenching his silver tightly and he looked like he was in a state of panicky. But what was he thinking?...

The Eight Demons of the Devil Island had turned white with ashen. They had not expected that someone from the Central Plains would possess such an astonishing level of martial accomplishments!

Even the ex-super exponents of the Murong Residence, including the likes of Zhang Shipeng, Sima Jing and Li Ju were standing like wooden blocks. It was because they had never expected that the [Ocean Three Aegis] that had defeated them all could be defeated today!

Only the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] and the golden dress [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] had shown no fear. Instead, they seemed to be delighted!

These [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] were all charming and desirable maidens. They were all looking at Zhan Bai seductively and with beautiful charming smiles. All those that had looked upon them would see stars and be dazzled by their beautiful and sexy poses…

Even the high and mighty [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] whose beauty was not beneath that of Liu Cuicui was smiling at Zhan Bai! Because she had long been used to giving orders and whatever feminine fatale she was supposed to exude was long forgotten by her. Moreover, her majestic malevolent air was also frightening, thus no one dared to even be causal with her!

But now, not only was she not angry with Zhan Bai for injuring the [Ocean Three Aegis], her solemn face was now bursting with a beautiful and charming smile! She smiled at him and asked. “Who are you? How dare you oppose the Nanhai Clan?”

If this were muttered by others, it would not meant anything. But because she muttered it, it was deemed to be very polite!

But how would Zhan Bai knows that? He only knew that she was as wondrous beautiful as the Heavenly Fairy from the Nine Celestial Heavens and that she was smiling but because she had radiated an air of detestable malevolent air, he said impolitely. “I am Zhan Bai. Even though I have no plans to oppose the Nanhai Clan but because I could not bear to witness such reckless killing therefore I have stood up to president justice for the martial fraternity!”

It was a honest reply but Zhan Bai did not appreciate or even aware that she had been polite to him and thought only of the righteousness that he was supposed to do and his tone was loud and impolite!

Even though the [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] had secretly developed an affection for him but she was moved to anger by his haughtiness and his tone. She replied coldly. “What great audacity! Is it just you alone or you have a powerful backer, that you dare to mouth such disrespect loudly?”

Zhan Bai too, was moved to anger by her words. That was because he only thought that she was just a maiden that was around twenty and did not know her status in the Nanhai Clan. He only thought that she was being disdainfully towards others.

Therefore he angrily told her off. “I have always do things of my accord. With my Heartless Precious Sword and my righteous blood in my heart, I wandered the entire fraternity to fight for justice!”

She lifted her eyes and looked at his arrogant heroic spirit before she said. “Does it means that you are determine to oppose the Nanhai Clan then?”

When Zhan Bai saw that she seemed to look down at him so he hummed coldly but did not say a word as he walked to the center pillar to untie Mistress Murong…

The [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] had never such an insolence young man before and he even dared to be so be wanton in her presence, therefore she shouted angrily at him. “Stop!”

And she had flashed in front of him and with a solemn look, she asked. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Saving others!” Replied Zhan Bai but he did not even look at her and continued to loosen the ropes on Mistress Murong…

Just as the furious [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] was about to lift her hands…The Second Sister of the Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms, [Concubine Hibiscus] Shui Yujiao breezed towards her and said sweetly. “Your Highness! You are a lady with a high standing. You need not bother to deal with this small fry personally. Let us, four sisters deal with this fellow for you instead!”

Then she batted her eyes at the other three Peach Blossoms Fairies.

And then with sweet and loving smiles, they moved gracefully and had surrounded Zhan Bai like a gentle breeze!

Because the [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] had also considered her status and now that the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] had volunteered to fight in her place, she nodded and returned to her seat.

It was also because she understood in her hearts that even though with their martial accomplishments and internal strength, they were not as strong as the [Ocean Three Aegis] and definitely could not compare even to Zhan Bai!

But they were full of trickery and had carried with them, bewilder powders to drug their opponents. They were also foxy and seductive. To deal with a young man like Zhan Bai, was definitely not a problem for hem. Now what she needed only to do, was to sit down patiently until Zhan Bai had been captured…

But Zhan Bai ignored them and continued to loosen the ropes for Mistress Murong and then he loosened the ropes for Wan’Er…until he heard a soft hum in his ears…

This cold hum was full of jealousy and he knew it came from Cuicui who was hiding behind the walls but he continued to help Wan’Er to loosen her ropes…

Once Mistress Murong had been loosened, she began to thanks Zhan Bai with tears on her face as she fell to the ground as she started to pick the [Meteor Hand]’s broken body parts…

When the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] had saw that Zhan Bai had freed Mistress Murong and was unloosing Wan’Er now, they laughed. “Young fellow! You can’t even take care of yourself, yet you still have the leisure to take care of other business?”

But Zhan Bai ignored them and continued to loosen Wan’Er. The eldest sister of the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms], the [Concubine Fragrance Cloud] Hua Yuyan was the first to attack Zhan Bai with a blow!

This windforce was soft and not lifeless but it carried a thick fragrance sweetness!

Zhan Bai extended his hand out to take this incoming blow!…

All of a sudden, a soft voice whispered in his ears. “Silly! Do not take this blow! Hurry and stop your breathing!”

Zhan Bai was startled by this voice and he immediately hold his breath but unfortunately he had took a sniff and he was feeling drowsy now!

At the same time, the other three fairies of the peach blossoms had each extend a palm towards Zhan Bai!

Like the first attack, all their attacks were fragrance! But Zhan Bai had already hold his breath.

He executed his Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands and generated a windforce around himself and extended it towards them but they were too agile and had easily evaded his attacks!

They purposely did not want to clash with him and evaded all his attacks while they lashed out their hands towards him, sending a wonderful powdery fragrance towards him!

It was because they had estimated that no matter how highly accomplished was his skill level, he had to breathe eventually and then, he would be knocked down by them! Therefore they unleashed their attacks unabated!

Unknown to them, Zhan Bai had learnt the energy refinement skills of the orthodox intricate formula of the Soul Destroyer Manual. He only need to circulate his vital energy around him, there was no need for him to breathe at all as long as he had one breath of vital air in his mouth! And this vital air of energy would then be circulated throughout his entire organs, renewing itself to power his martial power in a self-renewal process!

Therefore after tens of rounds, Zhan Bai was still kicking and fighting, showing no signs that he would be knocked down anytime soon!

The [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] were bewildered and began to wonder if this young man had mastered the golden invincible body, therefore he was now immune to the ‘Soul Snatching Fragrance Powder’?

Instead, this invoked their eagerness to win even more. After their Eldest Sister [Concubine Fragrance Cloud] Hua Yuyan had dodged Zhan Bai’s blow in a hurry, she began to exclaim sweetly. “The clouds and our dresses are merged as one!”

And then she moved her arms as she somersault in the mid-air as her outer garments began to slip off from her like a cicada wings! And revealed her smooth, snow white body!

She was curvy and buxom as she lifted her bosoms towards Zhan Bai, she was intoxicating and full of elegant demeanor to behold!

When Second Sister Shui Yujiao saw her Eldest Sister had initiated the ‘Asura Bewitching Formation’, she turned around and added. “The spring wind revealed the beauty!” And she too removed and threw her outer garment, far far away!

Third Sister [Concubine Frost] sung. “Revealing the lofty tops of the mountains!” As she sung, she turned her body around and slipped off her outer garments and revealed her ample bottom to Zhan Bai!

Forth Sister [Concubine Rainy] Miao Yumei sung, “Dancing under the intoxicating moonlight!” She disrobed and revealed her naked snow-white bosoms to Zhan Bai. And her naked nipples were pointing firmly at him.

Rather than dodge Zhan Bai incoming blows, Concubine Rainy had pushed her naked bosoms forward. This gave him a big scare and his hands became panicky!

Zhan Bai was stunned and shocked beyond words. He had been through countless bitter fights and had seen many others too but he had never been one like this! He did not even know what to do?

As the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] began to sing, they had taken off all their clothes and danced naked around Zhan Bai! They had stopped flurrying the fragrance powder now but the liquid fragrance of their snow white naked bodies were even more intoxicating!

Except for the [Young Lord of the Southern Seas]. The [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] and a few top exponents with superb will, everyone else was intoxicated by their dance and their enchanting figures!

No one had the strength and was powerless to do nothing. They were like a lamb that could be slaughter at any point of time…

Even Mistress Murong, Wan’Er who were women, when they had sniff the liquid fragrance and that came from their bodies, had became semi-daze!

No one would expect that this ‘Everlasting Joy Melody’ combined with the four stark naked maidens would achieve such a deadly intoxicating power over everyone else!

But other than surprise, Zhan Bai was not affected by it. It was because he had faced and gone through the deadly tests of the ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’. Was there anything else in the world that could still confused him?

But Zhan Bai was a honest fighter. When he saw that the four maidens had took off their clothing and began to sing and dance in front of him, he stopped attacking them. He was also embarrassed to strike at them.

Therefore he did not attack them and only looked at their beautiful and shining figures in deep thoughts, as he really did not know what to do next!

A soft voice was scolding and laughing at him in his ears. “Silly! Can you stop your dreaming? This is the most powerful skill of the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms], call the ‘Asura Bewitching Formation’. If you do not break the formation soon, you are going to be in deep trouble!”

Zhan Bai shivered for awhile. He knew that Cuicui was reminding him. He composed his spirits to calm himself down as he charged his hands with vital energies and he shouted thunderously at them. “I am a man that will not fall for your temptations! Stop your bewitching tactics. If you do not retreat, do not blame me for…not…being…polite!…”

As he faced them, he began to shout. He forgot he supposed to hold his breath and when he had shouted, he had exhaled the fragrance. He began to feel drowsy and dizzy, even his speech became a mutter.

Before he had fallen unconsciously to the ground, he glimpsed Cuicui who had appeared with her ghastly mask besides him to lend him a helping hand. And then he heard the [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] shouting angrily. “How dare you, you wretched maid! After you had betrayed the Protégé Clan, you actually have the audacious tenacity to appear in my presence! Surrender yourself now or do you want me to give the orders to seize you instead?”

Cuicui bowed to the [Dragon Maiden of the Southern Seas] in a hurry and said. “Cuicui is paying my respect to Your Highness! But it will be the last time. From on now, Cuicui will leave the Nanhai Clan…”

Zhan Bai had never expected that Cuicui would actually be from the Nanhai Clan!...

All of a sudden, the [Southern Sea Dragon Maiden] interrupted with a shout. “Shut up! How dare you mutter such audacious words! Have you eaten some iron guts? You could actually say it loud! I ask you! Do you know what is the punishment betraying the Nanhai Clan?”

Cuicui shivered but when she remembered that Zhan Bai and her had pledged their bodies to one another and that Zhan Bai hated the Nanhai Clan, she was determined to make a clean break. If not, she would never have the chance to be with her Bai Gege in the future.

Therefore she spoke courageous. “Everyone has their own aspirations. How could their aspirations be suppressed! Cuicui has decided to leave the Nanhai Clan, may Your Highness on accord of that fact that we have been close affectionate sisters, you will let Cuicui off!”

[Southern Sea Dragon Maiden] hummed coldly and laughed. “We are close affectionate sisters? Stop sticking gold in your face! You are in fact my maid. I have treated you a little better and you have the tenacity to steal my ghastly mask and left without a word! And now you even have the tenacity to betray the Protégé Clan and even dared to debate it in my presence!...”

When Cuicui had seen how unmoved the [Southern Sea Dragon Maiden] had been, her attitude became hardened as well and she protested. “What makes you think I am your maid? It is only because my father is staying at your place that I took the initiative to attend to your needs! This is because I want to repay your clan kindness for allowing my father to stay. And you really think of me as your maid?”

“Then you must be really blind! As for that ghastly mask, it belonged to our Protégé Master. When she died, she had never said she was going to leave it to you. Of course you can use, but I can use it as well!...”

These words so incited the [Southern Sea Dragon Maiden] that for a long time, she was so angry that she was at a loss of words.

Finally her phoenix eyes stared at Cuicui and she shouted, “You are actually rebelling! How dare you contradict me! If I do not tear you to pieces, then I am not fit to lead the Nanhai Clan!”

And then there was a tremendous earthshaking windforce and Zhan Bai could only conclude that Cuicui and the [Southern Sea Dragon Maiden] must be coming to blows against one another!

[The Young Lord of the Southern Seas] were trying to stop the fighting with words of persuasion. Even though the windforce of their fingers and blows were extremely powerful and furious but Zhan Bai could no longer hear!

Time passed and Zhan Bai felt a chill on his face that caused him to shiver. This caused him to immediately wake up from his slumber! He turned around and saw that he was in a room and many people were standing around!

He noticed that this blanket was quite familiar and then he recalled that when he was first rescued by Mistress Murong, he was also lying in this bed! And indeed, this was Young Master Lingfeng’s room.

But now, the circumstances were not the same as last time.

At that time, he was still wounded and Young Master Lingfeng had thrown him out of this room without a word.

But now, he was surrounded by so many people and everyone was looking at him with concern as he regained his consciousness!

Mistress Murong and Wan’Er especially, both were sitting on the edge of the bed as they looked with concern at him with sparkled eyes!

Liu Cuicui was holding a cup in her hands and she had thrown a cup of icy cold water at him, causing him to wake up!

Old Escort Chief, Old Hero Ru and his escort guards were all delighted and they were all looking at him in anticipation and waving at him when they saw that he had awakened.

The cold and haughty Young Master Lingfeng had stood quietly at a side and did not say a word. One wonder what was in his mind?...

Zhan Bai looked at one another as he climbed out of the bed in a sudden. “What is going on here? Where are the pugilists from the Nanhai Clan now? They had fled?”

Old Escort Chief Ru approached him and said. “My worthy brother! You have awakened! Circulate your vital force first and check for internal injuries. All other matters can wait!”

But Liu Cuicui put down the tea cup to a side and said. “Nothing to worry about! The fragrance scents of the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] could only dazzle and knock down a person. It could not cause grievous harm! Now that Bai Gege is awaked, everything is going to be fine!...”

Wan’Er eyes were bleary with tears. With great delight, she called to him. “Zhan Gege! How are you huh!...”

Mistress Murong was wiping tears with her sleeves in both a sorrowful and delightful manner as she said. “Young Hero Zhan! I am grateful that you have saved me but my husband…” And she burst into tears at the mere mention of her husband.

Young Master Lingfeng had wanted to say something but he could not bring himself to say so…

Zhan Bai gathered a mouth of vital energy to circulate his entire body and felt no obstructs therefore he knew that Cuicui was telling him the truth. He jumped up of the bed and caught hold of her hands and was extremely agitated as he asked. “Cuicui! I want you to tell me the truth! Are you really from the Nanhai Clan?”

Cuicui nodded her head solemnly.

This was as good as admitting it.

Zhan Bai flew into a rage. “Then, why did you not tell me earlier?”

Cuicui hummed softly and loosened Zhan Bai’s grip on her hands and she walked to seat herself, refusing to say anything…

Zhan Bai hated evil in his heart and when he saw the cruelty of the Nanhai Clan and the wantonness of the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms], he knew that they were definitely not a righteous clan.

Therefore he was angered by their actions and when he had known that Cuicui was also from the Nanhai Clan, he was extremely furious. Even though they were not married but they already have a husband and wife relationship with one another and their ties were also unusual now.

He hummed coldly. “How dare you! You actually deceive me!...”

Old Escort Chief Ru came forward to persuade him. “Younger Worthy Brother Zhan! Don’t be too agitated yet. Maiden Cui had risked her life to save you. It obvious that she had abandoned the darkness for the light…”

But Zhan Bai was still furious and disregarded Old Escort Chief Ru as he angrily said. “No matter what is the reason, the fact that she did not tell me from the start, is deceiving me…”

Cuicui’s heart was broken when she heard that and with a sobbing cry, she had flew out towards the door!...

Old Escort Chief Ru tried to halt her but because Cuicui swiftness movement was simply too fast, by the time he had reached the door, she had disappeared without a trace! He tried to call out after her, “Maiden Liu!” But it was in vain and she was not in sight!

He returned to the room and said to Zhan Bai. “Younger Worthy Brother Zhan! It not because Big Brother wants to tell you off but your temper is really too hasty! Even though Maiden Liu is from the Nanhai Clan but she has saved your life on a number of occasions when you openly opposed the Nanhai Clan! It is obvious that she has the determination to leave the Nanhai Clan. As the saying goes, a gentleman should not stop a person from doing good! In the presence of everyone, you have totally disregard her feelings, is that the way you want her to turn over a new leaf?”

Actually, the real reason why Zhan Bai was fuming was not only because she was from the Nanhai Clan. It was because of the many reasons that cumulated his anger over several months therefore he had released them in a single outcry.

When Zhan Bai and Cuicui was first acquainted, Cuicui had saved him and he had felt immense gratitude towards her. There was no love between them. Later when he discovered that she was behaving mysteriously and this raised his suspicious of her, so he tried to sneak off with her knowing. But when he discovered that his Heartless Precious and the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual was taken by her, he began to pursue her over his lost items.

Once again, they had met by the river when he fought with Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence. And in a small boat, they had developed an intimate relationship with one another. It was a coincidence feeling for one another and there was no solid foundation to this affection!

Zhan Bai had thought that he had caused a pure maiden to pledge her body to him, therefore he could not shirk his responsibility of taking care of her. Therefore he was determined to take her as his wife and be his long life partner together! This was the nobleness of Zhan Bai and it shown his magnificent heart!

But Cuicui’s heart towards Zhan Bai was true. As a young maiden that was in love for the first time, her warm affections were the same as any other maidens that had fallen in love for the first time; it was like warm affectionate fire, once her heart was given to her love, she would pledge her body to him. It was a lucky thing that she had met Zhan Bai. If it were a playboy, she would be left to curse for her pitiful fate!

Cuicui had never faltered in her love for Zhan Bai. In the Death Soul Valley, in order to treat Zhan Bai, for three whole months, she had used her naked body, just like a chicken would to incubate its eggs, to nurse Zhan Bai back to life!

And she even used her naked body to demonstrate the ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitchment Skill’ to instruct Zhan Bai so that he could finally mastered the three epic divine skills in the Soul Destroyer Manual!

For Zhan Bai to have his present martial accomplishments, much of it was owed to Cuicui!

Cuicui had teased Zhan Bai continuous on his promise of “Whatever sister wants to do, it will be up to you!” She should not be too serious about it but ever since they had left the valley, she had restricted Zhan Bai’s movements with his promise and it raised his irk.

Moreover, she was always wearing that loathsome ghastly mask of hers and this caused Zhan Bai to be unhappy in his heart!

Even though Zhan Bai’s rage was a accumulation of his irritation but Cuicui was terribly distressed and she had to be subjected to such grievous humiliation that she left without a word.

As Old Escort Chief Ru did not know their inner thoughts, he faulted Zhan Bai for being too harsh.

Zhan Bai was still fuming with rage now and his anger did not subsided!

It was because he felt that Cuicui should not have tried to deceive him. In his heart, he was Cuicui’s husband and how could a husband tolerate it if his wife were to deceive him?

Even Mistress Murong spoke up on behalf of Cuicui. “That maiden Liu is really a nice girl and moreover her martial levels are also exceeding powerful. If it were not for Maiden Liu, all of us would have already been killed by that vicious young lady from the Nanhai Clan!”

But Wan’Er was muttering. “If it were not for that [Young Lord of the Southern Seas] that had a conflict of interest with that [Soutern Seas Dragon Maiden], I afraid that even that Liu Cuicui could not handle it huh!”

Mistress Murong stared at Wan’Er and said. “Wan’Er! Only you are being obstinate! Didn’t you can tie by them too? It is all thanks to Maiden Liu that we are all freed…

Wan’Er protested stubbornly. “If your daughter was not ambushed by the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms, how could I be so easily caught…”

When Old Escort Chief tried to separate them as Mother and Daughter began to quarrel. “Forget it! Let not bring up the past again. The Nanhai Clan has now dominated the Central Plains and would kill discriminating. If we do not think of a plan to stop them, I afraid the entire central plains martial fraternity would soon become a bloody hell for the living. How many people would soon be dragged into this hellish catastrophe?...”

All of a sudden, the messy hair Lei Dashu barged into the room and reported to Mistress Murong. “I have counted the number of loyalists that are left, they numbered about one hundred and this included those that had defected from the Nanhai Clan. Now they are waiting for Mistress Murong for further instructions!”

Murong Mistress was indeed a high bred and she knew her duties. Even though she had experienced such a wrenching experience, she could still manage to compose herself and dried her tears as she walked to the great hall to address the protégé guests…

Lei Dashu took the opportunity to know Old Escort Chief Ru and at the same time, he began to enquiry about Zhan Bai.

When Zhan Bai had saw Lei Dashu, it was as though he had met his next of kin. He immediately told him who were the ones that had been responsible for his late father’s death!

Lei Dashu thought it over and said. “Nephew, even though your late father’s vendetta is very important but now Master Murong had already died. As the saying goes, all debts will be buried when one is dead. Why don’t you cancel this feud with the Murong Clan now. The most pressing task is to unite the entire martial fraternity to resist the Nanhai Clan. What do Nephew think about it?”

And his piercing eyes were looking at Zhan Bai. When he saw that Zhan Bai had nodded his head, he knew that his good father’s son was a magnanimous man and he felt comforted in his heart.

He waved his hands and caught Wan’Er and Young Master Lingfeng by their hands and dragged them towards Zhan Bai. “This is Master Murong’s son and daughter. This feud belonged to the last generation and does not involve this generation. Let bygones be bygones, alright? I hope that the survivors of this generation would remove all enmity and become friends instead and become a close-knit family!”

Wan’Er had fallen in love with Zhan Bai but did not know that their families had such an outstanding feud. Now that Lei Dashu had stood up to resolve their feuds, naturally, she was none other than pleased…

As for Young Master Lingfeng, he was used to being haughty and he felt a little unease now.

Lei Dashu urged him again. “Worthy Nephew Zhan! What is the matter? My sworn brother the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian was a man of great magnanimous. As his son, surely you are not that narrow minded right?”

Zhan Bai reached his hands toward Young Master Lingfeng!

Next he turned towards Young Master Lingfeng. “Worthy Nephew! Now it is up to you now!”

Young Master Lingfeng flushed and he reached out to grab Zhan Bai’s hands. “Since Brother Zhan is willing to forgive, there is nothing more for me to add.”

Wan’Er was already feeling delightful from the start and she had grabbed the other hand of Zhan Bai tightly. If there weren’t so many people in the room, she would have plunged into her Zhan Gege’s embrace!

Old Escort Chief Ru and the rest of the escort guards were all happy that Lei Dashu could resolve the feud between the two families with just a few words and they came forward to congratulate them.

Lei Dashu was so happy that he began to laugh hilariously!

But as he laughed, tears were also flowing down on his cheeks and now he began to cry. Now he looked extremely sorrowful!

Everyone was startled at this sudden change of emotions!

At the same time, the loyal Protégé Guests that remained with the Manor Clan had walked into the room with Mistress Murong. When they were outside, they had heard his laughter but when they had entered the room, they had heard his sorrowful cries.

Therefore, they asked him in bewilderment. “Brother Lei! Others call you the Crazy Lei, are you really gone crazy? You are such a big man, why are you laughing and crying?...”

Lei Dashu lifted his teary face and related the feud that had happened between the Murong Master and Zhan Bai’s father to Mistress Murong. He then said. “Sister in law! You have treated me as though I am your brother but I am also the sworn brother of my nephew Zhan’s father. I am laughing with joy that I can resolve the feud between your families. But I can’t avenge my swore brother Zhan’s death, can I not cry?”

When Lei Dashu had explained it, all of a sudden, Mistress Murong had hugged Zhan Bai and cry in a sorrowful manner!

Now even Lei Dashu was stupefied by this sudden action and he did his best to pull Mistress Murong away. “Sister in law, you just say that I am a mad man but have you gone crazy too. Why are you crying as well?”

Mistress Murong cried out tearfully. “I had never expected that he would do such a thing! Do you know that Young Hero Zhan is also the nephew of my Zhan Clan!”

Mistress Murong maiden clan name was Zhan and she was in fact a cousin to the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian!

No one would have expected that the two families were in fact, relatives and therefore Mistress Murong had held Zhan Bai’s hands tightly as she began to relate to him their family history…

Greatly moved by the scene, Old Escort Chief Ru muttered. “The feuds of the pugilist fraternity are really so unpredictable. Sometimes relatives are foes, sometimes foes can be relatives…”

All of a sudden, Old Escort Chief Ru thought of something important and he asked. “The night before when I have barged into the Manor, I was in this huge garden but I saw a room that was sealed. May I know who is she? Why is she being locked in that garden…”

Before he could finished, Wan’Er had shouted, “Alas! That is my older sister!”

Mistress Murong was also panicky. “It is Hong’Er! She is locked by that evil husband of mine! If you have not mentioned it, I would not have remember until now! Hurry and let us free her out! She must have suffered exceedingly!…”

And she was the first to leave the room in a hurry!

Wan’Er, Zhan Bai, Lei Dashu and the others followed suit. Their swiftness movement speed were all astonishing fast! Soon, they had reached the huge garden.

The pale white Murong Hong was pressing her face against the iron window as she recited the Lamenting Longing…

Long yearning, breaks my heart…
I roll back the hanging, gaze at the moon, and long sigh in vain…
My lonely lamp is not bright, I’d like to end these thoughts…
Above is the black night of heaven's height…
The sky is long, the road is far, bitter flies my spirit…

It was said that the Mother and daughter’s hearts were linked as one. When Mistress Murong saw her in this pitiful state, she cried aloud. “Hong’Er! Mum is here to save you…”

But Zhan Bai had already flown to the entrance and had smashed the heavy chain that locked the door with his palm!

Murong Hong was still in a dreamlike trance as she stared widely at Zhan Bai for a while before she flew into his embrace before she sobbed uncontrollably in great sorrow!

Her messy hair, her thin body, her heart breaking grieving caused many of the onlookers to shed tears of sympathy!
Everyone thought that [Meteor Hand] Murong Han truly deserved to die for the way he had mistreated his own daughter to a such sorry state!

When Mistress Murong saw that her own daughter did not plunge into her embrace but into Zhan Bai, she blamed herself for being too weak and did not put to a strong fight with her husband and she had caused her daughter to suffer this terrible ordeal.

But still she thought, it was not proper for a unmarried maiden like her to be crying in a man’s embrace. It was also not elegant too therefore she pulled her daughter to her to say. “My child! It is all mum’s fault that you are locked for so long by your father…”

Murong Hong flew into her mother’s embrace as she wailed uncontrollably! She had already suffered such ordeal…

It was only when everyone did their best to comfort her, only then did Murong Hong regained her composure slowly. Then she was taken away by Mistress Murong and Wan’Er to the hall for some food before Mistress Murong asked Wan’Er to take her to the bathroom.

Next she asked Lei Dashu to stay behind so that she could discuss something with him.

Lei Dashu clapped his chest many times and then he went to look for Zhan Bai.

Mistress Murong had accede an request to Lei Dashu that he could match-make her daughter Murong Hong to Zhan Bai. That was because she knew her daughter’s heart after she had plunged into his embrace and cry. She felt that her daughter had to marry Zhan Bai and not others therefore she had asked him for this favor.

Since Lei Dashu had spoken, he felt that he had no other choice. It was because Murong Hong and he had a naked incidence before and now that she had cried in his embrace. Moreover, Murong Hong affection was only for him and he did not have the heart to reject her sentimental affection and her love, furthermore he was still angry with Cuicui. Of course, he did not dare to disappoint Lei Dashu since he had asked him personally. Therefore, he nodded his head as an acknowledgement.

But Zhan Bai had never expected that he would hurt the feelings of another maiden!

That maiden was Wan’Er!

When Zhan Wan’Er had accompanied her sister to the bathroom and to dress her up, she had returned to the grand hall and was shocked to hear of this news! Her sister had already become the fiancée of her one and only love!

She was so heartbroken that she had quietly slipped away!

She did not want to fight with her sister nor did she want to witness this heartbreaking joyful occasion. Even if she wanted to kill herself over her love, she did not want to give her mother any troubles. Therefore she had decided to leave.

When the Murong Residence had finished the funeral preparations and when they were about to prepare for Murong Hong and Zhan Bai’s wedding, they had suddenly discovered that Wan’Er was missing. No one could guess her whereabouts!

But in Zhan Bai’s heart, he knew!

The forlorn Wan’Er had left her home because of him!

Wan’Er had risked her life to save him many times. She was a naïve and a delicate young maiden that did not have any experience in the pugilist fraternity but she dare to roam alone in the dangerous fraternity simply to search for him. And once again, she had left her home to step into the dangerous pugilist fraternity.

Zhan Bai was a warm-blooded man. Under this circumstance, would he feel comfortable knowing that Wan’Er was out there alone while he was spending his honeymoon?

Therefore, Zhan Bai discussed it with Murong Hong that they postponed their wedding before they notified Mistress Murong and Lei Dashu of their decision to search for Wan’Er!

As Old Hero Ru had to locate the missing escort, he decided to join them in their search as well. It was because the Nanhai Clan cleaned out everything, leaving no clues to the whereabouts of the escorts!

Lei Dashu was worried for Zhan Bai and Murong Hong therefore the four of them decided to leave together!

They had chosen four good horses from the stable and left the Baotu Manor. But the fraternity was so vast. In order to find a person was like a looking for a needle in the vast ocean, it was really not an easy task!

Zhan Bai deducted that Wan’Er was not familiar with any other routes and she had only been to Nanjing. Moreover Nanjing was near here. In the Mountain Rocks of the Twelve Caves, there was a Death Soul Valley that Wan’Er used to stay as she learnt her martial skills from the [Divine Ape]. Therefore she could be there.

Lei Dashu thought this was a good deduction. Moreover, Old Hero Ru did not have any destination or clue in mind, therefore he could follow them too. With that in mind, the four of them galloped towards the City of Nanjing!

Chapter 43 Ended
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Chapter 44: The Plans of Domination

As the four of them traveled to Nanjing, they discovered the flags of the Nanhai Clan was everywhere!

And there was a new popular poetic chant that was spreading in the pugilist fraternity. Even kids knew how to sing it in the streets.

Young Master Anle is not a dashing joy seeker anymore.
Young Master Qilin is not hospitable anymore.
The roaming Duanfang has a new master now.
The Divine Dragon of the South Seas is the Lord of them all!

Even this poetic chant was obviously a reference to the Four Masters of the Martial Fraternity but Young Master Lingfeng was not included in it.

It was also obviously that the four aristocratic clans were now broken by the power of the dominating Nanhai Clan and the Young Lord of the Southern Seas was now their Master!

When they had traveled to a hill with numerous trees and forests, they saw a raging fire.

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai shouted with great panicky from his horse. “Oh dear! The location of the raging fire is where my late father’s two old friends are staying! Why is there such a great blaze over there?”

Lei Dashu asked. “I know most of your father’s old friends. I wonder who is the two highly regarded men that stay in that hill?”

Zhan Bai replied. “Living Dead Man and Dead Living Man!”

Lei Dashu was startled for awhile. “What strange names. I have never heard before!”

Zhan Bai said. “That was just their assumed nicks.”

Zhan Bai began to describe their martial techniques and fighting style to Lei Dashu.

Lei Dashu clapped his thigh and exclaimed. “The [Two Equivocal]! It must be these two brothers. It is because in this entire martial fraternity, only the two of them would know this unique skill ‘Taiji Soul Snatching Palm Equivocal’. Let us go and take a look!” And he galloped his horse towards the blaze.

Zhan Bai, Murong Hong, Old Escort Chief Ru followed suit.

When they had reached the destination, from a distance they saw that the Living Dead Man and the Dead Living Man was in a biter fight and they were surrounded by tens of attackers!

There was a young man that stood up against the attackers with the [Two Equivocal]; it was Young Master Qilin! Zhan Bai had recognized him immediately and he began to think. “What is Young Master Qilin doing here?”

Why was he helping the [Two Equivocal] as they opposed the attackers?…

From the distance, the dwelling residence of the Dead Man Dwelling was blazing in an ocean of fire!

Zhan Bai shouted from afar. “Old Seniors do not panic! I am here to aid you!…”

And he flew into the crowd and jolted two attackers away…

Lei Dashu began to laughed aloud. “The Two Equivocal! You have been hiding for decades and refused to see me. Now that your rabbit hole has been burnt by others, where can you hide now?…” As he laughed, he too, jumped into the battle fray!

All of a sudden, a man shouted at Lei Dashu. “Crazy Lei! I did not think that you could have escaped from the massacre in the Baotu Manor. Tonight, I will let you meet your maker!”

A bald, one arm man looked eerily at him! It was the [Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing!

Lei Dashu laughed aloud. “I thought who is that. So it is the famous Sima Jing that is acting like a bandit in this wilderness!”

Sima Jing shouted angrily in a loud thunderous voice when he saw that Lei Dashu had belittled him. “Crazy Lei, I will let you have a taste of my Soul Seeking Bell and scattered your corpse in this wilderness!”

And he released his Soul Seeking Bell and aimed it at Lei Dashu’s face! He had used his killing masterstroke with his first attack!

Lei Dashu had learnt the [Enoch Hands] from the Soul Destroyer Manual. Even though it was not as unstoppable as the one that Zhan Bai had learnt from Cui Cui ‘Glamorous Soul Bewitching Skill’ but its power was still startling!

Sima Jing had been disadvantaged by the fact that he had only one arm. Even though his martial skills had been very good but his left side was always lacking in defense that was why Lei Dashu always retaliated against his left!

All of a sudden, Sima Jing had been struck on his left arm with a blow from Lei Dashu and he could feel aching pain on his left arm!

This palm caused his blood to reverse and he quickly tried to circulate his vital energy to stabilize his breathing…

Lei Dashu laughed. “That very night when you looked for me, on the accord that we are the protégé guests of the same clan so I did not hurt you. But now you actually betray us in our time of crisis therefore today, I will let you have a taste of my Enoch Hands!”

With that, he jumped into the mid-air with the ‘Buddha Lord Descending’! Lei Dashu hated such a turncoat with a fervor. Even though Sima Jing was now wounded but he purposely used eight folds of his strength, to end his life!

Sima Jing had underestimated his opponent and had been careless therefore he was hit. And now, it looked like he could not evade this second attack in his weakened state…

All of a sudden, a shadow flew towards Lei Dashu and took his blow from the mid-air! There was a thunderous clap and Lei Dashu trembled twice in a row! Obviously, the new comer’s palm force was not weak!

But the attacker had also been flipped in a somersault thrice before he had landed with his face turned red and white. He had also taken some beating as well! The attacker was none other than the [One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju!

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju shouted at Lei Dashu. “Crazy Lei! To think you are so arrogant after winning by just a stroke or half. I will make you swallow all your words!” And he lashed against him with the ‘Golden Leopard Claws’, ‘Vital Hits’, ‘Dismembering Ape and Tiger’ as he unleashed three killing masterstrokes!

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju was famous for his body swiftness skill and his wondrus martial strokes. And now he fought like he was fighting with his life and these furious attacks pushed Lei Dashu thirty, fifty feet backward!

At the same time, Old Escort Chief Ru and Murong Hong was fighting off the rest of the attackers. Zhan Bai had taken down five of the attackers and when he saw that Lei Dashu was in a desperate fight, he sprang towards him!

But Lei Dashu shouted. “Nephew, wait! Let me take care of this one leg monster!” With a great shout, he regained his composure and after his second stroke, he managed to retaliate against him with four, five strokes and pushed him back fifty feet back!

By now, the [Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing had taken the opportunity to normalize his breathing. When he saw that Zhan Bai was fighting mightily and courageously, and that all the top exponents were obviously not his match. Moreover, when Zhan Bai defeated the [Ocean Three Aegis], he had bear witness to it. He knew that this was going to be a tough fight tonight so he put his finger into his mouth to whistle a ear-piercing tune!

[One leg Flying Heretic] Li Ju had used a false stroke and then he had jumped away. “Crazy Lei! I will let you live temporary for a while. I will surely settle this debt with you doubly in a short while time!” And he disappeared into the forest!

At the same time, the [Soul Seeking Bell] Sima Jing and tens of top exponents had also retreated…

This ear-piercing whistle was a signal for a retreat.

Just when Zhan Bai was about to pursue them, Lei Dashu stopped him from doing so and he shouted towards the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass]. “I will surely wait for you, anytime of the day!”

But the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] did not reply and they had disappeared without a trace with those men from the Nanhai Clan!

The [Two Equivocal] came forward and thanks everyone for aiding them before they turned to say to Lei Dashu. “Brother Lei, we have not seen you for more than ten years and you look as magnificent as before…”

Lei Dashu patted at his messy hair and laughed merrily. “Are the two of you purposely trying to tease me? I am so messy, how magnificent can I be?”

[Elder Equivocal] said. “I am not pointing to your appearances but your looks! If benevolent young master did not describe you, we would not have guessed it was you. That is why we say, you look exactly the same as many years ago!”

Lei Dashu said. “Let’s not mention the past anymore. I thought the two of you have become a recluse. Why are the the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] looking for your troubles and who are those attackers?”

[Younger Equivocal] replied. “It is a long story. Brother Lei, let me introduce you to a friend first!” And he pointed at a handsome man. “This is the renowned Young Master Qilin!”

“And this is the resounding [Enoch Hand] Lei Zhengyuan of the South and North decades ago!”

Young Master Qilin bowed with his fists in a hurry. “I have long admired you!”

Lei Dashu began to look at him with sparkled eyes before he burst out laughing. “So the Young Master Qilin is not hospitable anymore, is you then?”

Young Master Qilin flushed.

Zhan Bai had noticed that Young Master Qilin was dressed in simple clothing and he did not carry any expensive accessories. Moreover he was not as cheerful as ever before and he had a look of anxiety on his face.

He recalled that Young Master Qilin had always been hospitable to him. Even though their fathers had a feud but at least they had known one another for some time, therefore he asked. “Why is Young Master not in Nanjing and instead was here?”

Young Master Qilin had suddenly bowed his head in shame…

[Older Equivocal] or the [Living Dead Man] was surprised. “Both of you have known one another!…”

Lei Dashu had a bitter smile on his face as he looked at the burning house. “We have not met for years and to think we do not even have a place to sit and chat! Just tell us what had happened!”

Therefore the [Two Equivocal] began to related what had happened while everyone was listening with great interest!

The [Older Equivocal] was worried for Zhan Bai if he were to go to the Nanjing Jin Residence to avenge his father. Therefore after he had saved his younger brother, who had been bewitched by the Bones Binding, Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual and after they had released Wan’Er, they decided to head towards the Mountain Rocks of the Twelve Caves in search of him.

But instead, they had searched in vain and therefore worried that Zhan Bai would be in the Jin Residence, therefore while sneaking into the Jin Residence, they had fought with the top fighters of the Jin Residence and had lost.

But as they were still worried for him, even though they were not the matches for the top fighters of the Jin Residence, they continued to linger in the area. While lodging in a inn in Nanjing, they continued their nightly foray into the Jin Residence…

Finally after a wait of one month, they had heard that the Four Young Masters of the Martial Clans had organized a Yuanxiao meeting and then they had heard that all the heroes of the fraternity were trapped in the Great Stone Formation and that Zhan Bai too, was in there…

Then they had heard that Zhan Bai had not died in the Great Stone Formation but he had been killed in the Death Soul Valley near Mount Zijin…

Another said that Zhan Bai had surrender to the Nanhai Clan…

But in their last foray into the Jin Residence, they had accidentally rescued Young Master Qilin who had been imprisoned in a stone cell!

At first, they had found an unconscious young man that could not be awaked. Finally when they had managed to revive him, they was shocked to learn that this young man was actually the renowned Young Master Qilin of the Jin Residence!

Only then did they know that the Jin Residence had now become part of the Nanhai Clan and was their base for their operatives into the martial fraternity!

The [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu had been dismembered and cut into five pieces while Young Master Qilin and Jin Caifeng, the [Jiangnan most beautiful Maiden] was captured.

As for the rest of the protégé guests of the Jin Residence, half had died or surrender to the Nanhai Clan. And subsequently, the Jin Residence had become their main base in their foray to dominate the entire central plains martial fraternity!

And the [Cripples from Beyond the Pass] was here on the orders of the Nanhai Clan to capture Young Master Qilin!

Lei Dashu and the rest were all startled by this sudden change!

Zhan Bai was not only taken aback but he was also bewildered!

It was because it was not what he had heard from Cui Cui! She had told in the Death Soul Valley that the Nanhai Clan had already dominated the entire martial fraternity and that the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity had become either joined the Nanhai Clan or had become minor leaders now!

Furthermore, he had heard from the Dragon Maiden and the Young Lord of the Southern Seas that they

It was obviously that Cuicui was lying to him! That was because both Young Master Lingfeng and Young Master Qilin had both become prisoners and they had almost lost their lives! It was obvious that the Four Young Masters of the Martial Clan did not all join the Nanhai Clan!

Another lie!

When Zhan Bai recalled how Cuicui had lied to him, his anger was aroused!

And now that he had proved that Cuicui had lied to him, he was even angriler…

Lei Dashu said. “It seem that we need to make a trip to the Jin Residence. Most probably, Old Escort Chief Ru’s lost escort will be there as well!”

But Old Hero Ru said. “The stolen escort can still be located later. First, let us find Wan’Er first!”

Lei Dashu said. “We must find the missing person as well as the lost escort. Since we are going to Nanjing, we can do both at the same time depending on the circumstances!” And with a great shout, “Let us go now!”

Everyone was taken aback. He had galloped down the hill like a lightning bolt and he did not even bother to confirm with anyone else. He was really a hastily man!

Zhan Bai turned to ask the [Two Equivocal]. “Old Seniors, do you want to go with us?”

The [Two Equivocal] said. “Of course and with immediately effect! We not going to take the burning of our house lying down! We will extract this debt back!”

Young Master Qilin was so moved that he caught of Zhan Bai’s hand to said. “From now on, I really need your help!”

But Zhan Bai hummed and said. “Does Young Master not know that your father is my late father’s killer?”

Young Master Qilin was taken aback!

But Living Dead Man said. “Now that the Master of the Jin Residence had died, the feud should end here. Let us instead join hands together to deal with the Nanhai Clan. This is the most pressing matter!”

Dead Living Man said, “Young benevolent master! Let us go now!”

Zhan Bai thought. “Nanhai Clan had helped him to kill two of his father’s killers and now he had to go after them instead. What is hatred? What is benevolent? This is becoming more and more complicated…”

And he stood there for a while in stunned silence…

When Murong Hong saw that Zhan Bai was still staring blankly on the same spot, she said. “Bai Gege! Let us go now too!”

Only then did he wake up from his daze.

Young Master Qilin felt so lonely. He used to lead all the heroes and now he had to follow the others now. But what made him most bewilderment was what Zhan Bai had told him, “Do you not know that your father is my late father’s killer?”

He really could not understand this sentence! It was because he had never known that his father, the [Heavenly Bronze Coin] had killed Zhan Bai’s father…

And so the seven of them traveled together to Nanjing!

They had reached Nanjing and lodged into a inn while waiting for the tongs of the third watch before they decided to enter the grounds of the Jin Residence and breached the tall walls!

Among the seven of them, four of them were quite familiar with the place. Young Master Qilin had come back to his own house and was naturally familiar. Zhan Bai and the [Two Equivocal] had been here on a number of occasions and they were familiar too.

Only Lei Dashu, Old Escort Chief Ru and Murong Hong was not familiar, as it was the first time they had visited the Jin Residence.

But when they had all leapt upon the tall wall, Young Master Qilin, Zhan Bai and the [Two Equivocal] were all greatly taken aback!

It was because the grand hall of the Jin Residence had been restored to its original height and it was not supposed to be there at all!

After the Great Stone Formation had been activated, everything was supposed to be leveled down the ground! But the Nanhai Clan seemed to be thoroughly versed in the arts of secret mechanism that not only had they restored the Great Stone Formation but they had also improved upon it with several marvelous changes!

Young Master Qilin was the most astonished because it was his own residence and they were greatly disturbed by what they had saw.

There was not even a single light in the entire place! Even the halls, stairs, courtyards and passage ways had all been changed!

Even Young Master Qilin did not recognize which rooms and which way to go!

Young Master Qilin whispered to Lei Dashu and told him about the weird changes!

Lei Dashu was also greatly taken aback! How on earth did the Nanhai Clan reconstruct the entire place again in so short a time!

The seven of them began to gather another one another to discuss about this strange phenomenon.

Old Hero Ru was the oldest among them all and had the most experience. He said. “When I was doing an escort in Henan and passed through the Hidden Dragon Fortress. It is exactly the same as now. The Lord of the Fortress is known as the [Miracle Engineer]. Every two, three days the entire fortress layout would change. Those who enter the first day would not be able to find their way out anymore in the second day!”

“This is known as the ‘Art of Heaven’s Mechanism’. It can cause rooms to rise and change their positions, even the windows and doors will be relocated and change their directions. This art is further advance by the use of trees, flowers and grass to confuse. Even those that knows the place well would not be familiar with the way out!”

“Then we have come in vain?”

Old Hero Ru said. “That need not be the case. Let not be concern about the correct paths, we need only to find the suspicious spots but we must be warp of the hidden traps that are part of the formation!…”

All of a sudden, a cold eerie voice like an ant said. “If you know the way, then you know. If you do not know the way, then you do not know! If you are unsure, how can you make a wild guess? If they have tried your method and lost their lives in trying, won’t they have died in vain!”

Lei Dashu had recognized that the person that was eavesdropping on them was using a rare and unique skill, the ‘Ant Whispering Skill’ as a warning to them. He mustered a breath of vital energy and sent his voice towards the direction of the voice with the ‘Great Whispering Skill’. “Are you friend or foe? Why don’t you show yourself up?”

But there was no reply!

Among the seven of them, Zhan Bai and Lei Dashu were the most impatient and hasty. And they refused to accept defeat therefore when Lei Dashu had finished speaking, they had leapt down the walls and into the Great Stone Formation!

They thought, “The more you have tried to scare us, the more I will like to test how great is this Great Stone Formation!”

Old Hero Ru and Murong Hong tried to stop them but it was too late and there was nothing for them to do but to follow suit!

The [Two Equivocal] and Young Master Qilin too leapt down from the walls!

All of a sudden, millions of ringing arrows flew towards them! It was extremely loud in their ears in this silence night!

Everyone’s spirits were affected by the ringing arrows! It was because they knew that the alarm had been raised and that the ambushing traps were extremely deadly!

But it was a good thing, all seven of them had unusual martial skill levels and even though the ringing arrows were furious and many but none of them had been hit!

What made this even scarier was the fact that there was no one in sight! Some one had been observing their every step and every movement!

Lei Dashu lost his temper and shouted solemnly. “I am the [Enoch Hand] Lei Zhengyuan and I am here for a visit. If you have the guts, show yourself up!”

But there was just a cold laughter in the darkness! The voice was not loud but it was extremely icy and eerie!

Lei Dashu in his rage sent his palm force flying towards the direction of the voice with the ‘The Western Guidance’!

The power of the [Enoch Hand] was indeed awesome as it sent a powerful windforce like a maddening whirlwind into the darkness and there was a spark of light as it collided with the walls in the darkness!

In the windforce created sparkles of light, they saw an evil looking, long hair weird man with a long hair. It was as though he was a ghost as he grinned with his sparkling teeth. In the darkness, he was extremely horrible to look upon at!

Without a word, Lei Dashu attacked him but the mysterious evil looking man just breezed ten feet away! It was like he was really a ghost without any physical body!

He kept attacking the mysterious evil looking man with ten of his best killing masterstrokes but he just breezed away each time! This really enraged Lei Dashu!

So Lei Dashu after he executed a few of his Enoch Hands in a timely manner, decided to muster ten folds of his strength to display the most powerful stance of the Enoch Hands, the ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’!

Not only was the ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’ powerful, it could also hit in all directions and this would force the mysterious evil looking man to retaliate against his attack!

And just as expected, Lei Dashu saw that the mysterious evil looking man had no more room to evade and just when his ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’ with its flurrying power was about to strike him, he just disappeared into the empty air, as he sent dust and dirt flying everywhere with his stance!

Lei Dashu landed the ground in stunned silence and he thought, “Does this fellow knows some occult arts and he could tunnel away? Or did I just meet with a ghost? My palm had almost hit him but at the last moment, he had simple disappeared?…”

Lei Dashu began to look around and was even more startled. Not only was the mysterious evil man not in sight, but Zhan Bai and the others were all not there as well!

He immediately realized that he had been lured away from his companions! Just when he was about to run back in search of his party when three mysterious persons appeared in front of him!

One of three men that had a long whisker and a big head seemed to look down on him and laughed at him. “A person like you that would not even recognize an illusion from the ‘Delusion Smoke’ dare to barge into the headquarter of the Nanhai Clan and had blindly attacked for more than ten strokes. Are you tired of living? Do you surrender yourself or do you want me to do it?”

Lei Dashu flushed. He had never expected that the mysterious evil looking man that he had been trying to attack was just a delusion. Therefore he had grown angrier and shouted thunderously. “Since you dare to speak in such an audacious manner, you must be someone of some importance! Why don’t you announce your name? I don’t want my [Enoch Hand] to kill some nameless nobody!”

The big head man replied. “I will tell you so that you could die in peace. I am the head of the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] of the Nanhai Clan, the [Big Head Hades King] Shen Gongming! Now surrender your life!”

As he spoke, he had moved like a quick breeze in front of him, his body swiftness and movement swiftness were marvelous to behold and Lei Dashu shouted. “Let’s fight it out then!”

But Lei Dashu was secretly taken aback that such a super exponent existed in the Nanhai Clan! He had never saw such mysterious fighting techniques before and non was it heard before!

Just when Lei Dashu was still trying to grasp his opponent’s techniques, the [Big Head Hades King] called out. “What is the two of you doing? Come and help me take care of this old fellow!”

All of a sudden, the other men had joined the battle fray as well.

Lei Dashu was greatly taken aback. He was already feeling miserable and now with two more men in the melee, he was attacked from left, right, center and he was plunged into a desperate situation!

Chapter 44 Ended
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Chapter 45: The Real Heavenly Enchantress

When Zhan Bai, Murong Hong and the others had saw that Lei Dashu had encountered with an enemy, just when they were about to lend an helping help, they were attacked by meteor rains of secret projectiles in the darkness!

These secret projectiles exploded with a kind of fiery mist in mid-air as numerous of such secret weapons were thrown from the darkness!

Everyone was startled and immediately, they held their breath, as they were afraid that the mist might be poisonous!

But the thick mist refused to dissipate and all of a sudden, tens of mysterious evil looking men were seen grinning at them! They looked exactly like the one that Lei Dashu had saw!

They started to attack those mysterious evil looking men but they kept breezing away and did not put up a fight!

Zhan Bai martial power had by now improved tremendous and he could shake the entire martial fraternity. He lifted his palm and sent a tremendous windforce against the mysterious evil looking men but they had suddenly dissipated into the thin air!

He was astonished and thought, “Are they ghosts? They could actually dissipate into the thin air just like that?…”

All of a sudden, he heard an eerie, evil laughter that came from the shade of the flower pavilion.

Therefore he displayed his ‘‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ but when he had reached there, there was no one in sight! In this entire martial fraternity, was there any swiftness movement skill that could best the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ in speed?

He was thoughtful of a while before he had a sudden realization. “Could this be a luring and baiting tactic used by the enemy?…”

When he tried to go back to the original location, he discovered that Murong Hong, Old Hero Ru, Young Master Qilin and the [Two Equivocal] were all nowhere to be in sight!

But he could hear the sounds of battle in the darkness!

Because Zhan Bai was worried sick for the safety of his fiancée, he had broken into a cold sweat and sprint in a hurry towards the direction of the battle cries in the darkness!

The ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ were epic skills from the Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual and must be combined with Cuicui’s ‘Glamorous Bewitchment Skill’ of the infamous most desirable of the desirables, Heavenly Enchantress, in order for him to learnt these two epic skills.

When he had used both these skills at the same time, he was really quick as a shadow and as swift as meteor fire!

This Nanhai Clan Headquarter was tightly guarded and there were watchers everywhere. Anyone that entered the ground of the Jin Residence could not escape notice!

But because Zhan Bai had used these two epic skills and not even his shadow could be seen, he had flew past unnoticed by anyone, past three courtyards and went deep into the recess of the Jin Residence!

The weird thing was, he had followed keenly the sounds of the battle cries but now, there was not a sound anymore!

He realized he was lost! How could be come to be here? Where was everyone?

He continued to wander in a hurry until his sharp eyes saw a person on the ground!

Zhan Bai’s heart jumped up! Was it Old Hero Ru, or the [Two Equivocal], or even his fiancée that had met with a mishap? He flew immediately to lift the dead corpse!

But even before he could lift his fingers to touch the dead corpse, the dead corpse had suddenly turned around to deal him with an icy cold vicious blow!

Zhan Bai had been caught off guard and moreover the distance was also so near, this blow smashed against his head with a thunderous force!

But it was a good thing that his martial level had been improved tremendously and his reaction had become an instinct as he lifted his palm windforce to the top of his head as he used the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and the incoming blow narrowly missed hitting his head by just three inches!

But he had never expected that the ‘dead man’ that had suddenly turned around to hit him, had spat blood out of his mouth before he finally expired!
Zhan Bai turned to look at this dead handsome young man carefully and saw that he had only a right arm. He was Meng Ruping whom he had fought for a number of times!

He began to wonder who had injured him? But from the looks of it, he had gathered all his vital energy for this last blow. It was obvious that his hatred for him was deeply entrenched in his heart!

He concluded that it must be Lei Dashu, Old Hero Ru, the [Two Equivocal] or even Murong Hong that had injured Meng Ruping and therefore they must be nearby and therefore, he hurried ahead!

After running through the southern route, he came to another courtyard and this courtyard was filled by dismembered corpses! There were body parts and blood everywhere and it was unbearable to look upon!

Zhan Bai deducted it could not be the works of Lei Dashu, Murong Hong, Old Hero Ru and the [Two Equivocal] because the five of them were incapable of such vicious cruelty!

And then he saw a sign that hung on the entrance of this passage way, ‘Yi Qing Court’!

It was pitch dark all around but there was a light that shone from the top of a multiple floor building!

And then Zhan Bai heard a giggling and the tearing of clothes!

Zhan Bai was profoundly startled. In this bloody courtyard, how could there be a weaving maiden? Obviously, this was suspicious and he used the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ to lift himself up like a smoke and to hide his sudden appearance and peeked at the window of the building!

This type of purple-red window was only used by the super-rich and during the day time, from the outside of the building, others could not see the inside. This was an invention by the clever but a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity. It was because when it was night, the opposite thing happened. The room was bright while the outsider was dark, this caused those that was inside to be oblivious to the outside while those outside could see clearly what was in the inside!

It was better if Zhan Bai did not peek. But when he did, he was stunned on the spot…

It was because in the middle of the room, in front of a big mirror, was an extremely alluring and beautiful maiden, suffused with a sensual look as she removed her clothes from her shoulders and her waist as she began to strip in an erotically dance!

That extremely beautiful maiden had a magnificent elegant beauty that was unmatched anywhere else! She was tearing her clothing from her body and with each tear, she muttered a sweet erotic sound!

By now, she had tore most of her clothing and under the light of the lamp, her slim body was simply too erotic beautiful and too irresistible!

The entire building was filled with a kind of sensual feeling!

And a young man in white was standing with his back facing against a window! This young man had a silver fan in his hands and he was staring at this extremely beautiful maiden with an intent look while he muttered lewd words and lewd laughter!

This unexpected peek had caused Zhan Bai to be profoundly dumbfounded!

Especially when he had saw that the sensual and erotic beautiful maiden was none other than the young mistress of the Jin Residence, the most beautiful maiden in the Jiangnan, Jin Caifeng! And he was greatly bewildered and troubled!

And that young man with the fan was none other than the [Young Lord of the Southerns Seas] or the [Dragon Prince of the Divine Dragon]!

At the moment, Jin Caifeng had already stripped to nothing and the [Dragon Prince] was now hugging and fondling her naked body with his hands while he was saying lewd words…as he was loosening his clothing.

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai noticed that Jin Caifeng’s beautiful eyes seemed to be in a daze and that she seemed not to be herself. He guessed that she could be drugged and lost control of herself!…

When he recalled how Jin Caifeng had attended to him and how she had attentively fed him with soups everyday when he was recuperating in the Jin Residence, and how she had risked her life to save him in the Great Stone Formation and now that her lofty pure body was going to be tainted by evil. Without a second thought, he smashed the window with his palm and entered the room!

Just when the [Divine Dragon Prince] was about to fulfill his lusts and carried her to the seventh heavens, he was profoundly startled when he saw Zhan Bai appearing before him!

But he soon calmed himself and said. “Never expected it to be Brother Zhan! The [Lovable Pampered Doll] has already been taken by you. Surely you do not intend to interrupt my delightful business? Do you?”

But Zhan Bai laughed coldly. “I would also never expected the honorable [Dragon Prince] as a lecher and be so despicable as to retort to using drugs!”

The [Divine Dragon Prince] withdrew his smiling face and attacked Zhan Bai with his silver fan, aiming at his forehead!

It was a lucky thing that Zhan Bai was well versed in the Enoch Hands Epic Skill that caused his martial levels to have a tremendous improvements. As a matter of fact, it was now high enough to disdain the entire martial fraternity!

Even though the [Divine Dragon Prince] had made a sudden attack but without even to consider, he had moved with a natural reflex with the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ three inches away like a breeze and counter-attacked on the [Divine Dragon Prince].

The [Divine Dragon Prince] was surprised in his heart because he had expected Zhan Bai’s body swiftness and strokes would be even quicker than himself. But the fact that he dared to invade the Central Plains and to dominate everything else, was because he had an extraordinary level of martial accomplishments too!

With ease, he parried off Zhan Bai’s counter-attack and was about to retaliate again when Zhan Bai had circulated the power of his palm and this caused him to jolt three steps backward!

The [Divine Dragon Prince] was a man of great cunning and after he had saw Zhan Bai fended off the first two strokes of his attack, he was afraid that he might be defeated by him and damaged his reputation so therefore, he purposely allowed himself to be forced back so that he could turn his body away to sprint towards the window!

But at the same time he had leapt upon the window, he had turned around with the ‘Last Autumn Breath’ and three blade bones of the silver fan were aimed and exploded in Zhan Bai’s face, chest and waist!

Then he yelled at him. “I must go now! But tonight you have to stay in this building for the time being!”

Zhan Bai had managed to evade the three silver blade bones when the [Divine Dragon Prince] had just made his exit. Just when he was about to pursue, he felt a hot body plunging onto him!

Zhan Bai turned around and the hot body plunged into his embrace!

It was the naked Jin Caifeng and he embraced her sensational and fragrant body, he was first aroused and next, he was taken aback!

He tried to push her away in a panicky but because Jin Caifeng had taken a kind of powerful aphrodisiac drug and her strength was surprising strong. When Zhan Bai had failed to push her away, she had grabbed her arms around his shoulders and he was unable to move!

Her eyes were half-closed and she was pressing her body against him like a snake. She was tightening her hold on him with every passing moment and she was moaning deeply with her delicate breath!…

She did not look like the proper young mistress of Jin Residence, she was obviously a lascivious playmate!…

Zhan Bai secretly cursed the [Divine Dragon Prince] for being so despicable! He looked noble on the outside but in secret, he had resorted to such despicable means to get his tainted hands on the lofty body of an innocent girl!

But now he was greatly troubled by this sight and did not have the heart to use force against a naked maiden that had lost her will but at the same time, he could not struggle free…

All of a sudden, a five inch thick metal plate had shut the window and Zhan Bai was greatly taken aback! It was because he knew that the [Dragon Prince] had activated the mechanism traps in this building.

Therefore, left without a choice, he pressed his fingers against Jin Caifeng’s sleep accupoint on her naked body. Next he lifted her up and carried her to a bed with a cotton blanket!

Just when he had drew out his Heartless Precious Sword and was about to smash through the iron plate walls, a thick white fog began to flurry inside the room.

Even though he had held his breath but he was still affected by the white fog and he felt a sudden daze!

Zhan Bai had not expected this white smoke would be so powerful. When he tried to lift his Heartless Precious Sword to smash against the windows and the doors, he felt as though all his strength had been drained away from him and he happened to collapse on the bed, between Jin Caifeng’s naked legs.

Zhan Bai’s hands and legs had grown soft and he did not have any strength to even move…

All of a sudden, he heard a maiden voice outside and she was saying coldly. “Protégé Brother! What good things are you playing here?”

The [Divine Dragon Prince] had a bitter smile on his face. “Protégé Sister! You think too much! What good things would I play? I just captured a strong opponent…”


The maiden hummed coldly, refusing to believe him. “Do you think I do not know humph! It is obvious that you have taken the ex-young mistress of this place to this building. What good things do you think you are up to!”

The [Divine Dragon Prince] just giggled bitterly but did not say anything.

That maiden continued to say coldly. “I do not care about your misconduct at home. But our father has tasked you with such a mounting task in the Central Plains. If you continued to behave in this wilful manner, you will surely disappoint our father and mess up everything! Hurry and open the door!”

It was obvious that the [Divine Dragon Prince] did not want to open the door so he smiled to say. “The intruder’s martial levels are exceeding high. That is why I have used the ‘Dragon Slumbering Fragrance’ to knock him down. But as I have just released it, he may not be drugged yet and may be still conscious…”

The maiden was getting impatient and shouted at him. “Stop your skilful and flowery speech! Open it!”

But the [Divine Dragon Prince] tried to stop her again and the maiden shouted again. “If you not opening it, do you think I do not know humph?”

And then, the metal plate walls that sealed the windows began to lift on it own!

And the white smoke in the room began to dissipate!

As the maiden walked into the room, she threw two crystal balls into the room and this totally dissipated the white smoke!

The [Divine Dragon Prince] followed her nervously and when he had entered the bedchamber, he was greatly taken aback and all his countenance faded away!

It was because the bedchamber was void of anyone. Zhan Bai was gone, so was the naked Jin Caifeng who had lost her will because of his powerful aphrodisiac drug!

Therefore the [Divine Dragon Prince] was bewildered and baffled!

The [Divine Dragon Princess] asked. “Brother, where is that person that was trapped by you?”

Even though he was astute beyond compare but now he was stumbling for words, not knowing how to answer…

It was because at the same time when the [Divine Dragon Princess] was forcing the [Divine Dragon Prince] to open the doors, a maiden in a ghastly mask had taken Zhan Bai and Jin Caifeng away!

Even though Zhan Bai could not move but he was extremely familiar with that maiden. It was because it was the same maiden that he had made love on that little boat and was the same maiden that he had driven away with his scolding, Liu Cui Cui!

Zhan Bai was baffled why Cuicui would appear in this place? Where was she taking him? But because he had been poisoned by the ‘Dragon Slumbering Fragrance’, he had no choice but to keep silence!

Cuicui carried Zhan Bai in one arm and Jin Caifeng in other arm. She scooped out the naked Jin Caifeng just like that and did not pay heed that she should be clothed as she sprang past the window and took several turns.

Finally she reached a garden with that had an artificial mountain before she dropped both of them together on the ground.

And then she turned to laugh coldly at Zhan Bai for a while. “I don’t wish to save you but in order to know the wicked face of you men that I have come to save you. Let me ask you! You already have me as your wife, why did you have Wan’Er and now, you have Jin Caifeng! How many girls did you actually know?!”

Zhan Bai had been chilled by the cold wind and by now, the [Dragon Slumbering Fragrance] was beginning to lose its effect. Even though he had not recovered his strength yet but at least he could now speak.

He had a bitter smile as he said. “You really such a strong vinegar! Before you have check things out, it best that you do not jump to conclusions…

Cuicui smirked coldly, “I don’t believe your one sided remarks. Wait for me to wake her up and checked with her. If I found out that if she and you have a relationship, at that time, I will surely settle this score with you!”

And she popped a pill into Jin Caifeng’s mouth.

Jin Caifeng began to sneeze twice continuously before she was awakened from her daze and under the moonlight, she had suddenly saw a green face, red hair ghastly ghost and that she was spark naked outside, she was shocked and stunned!

When she turned her eyes around and saw Zhan Bai, without a second thought and could not help but to plunge into his embrace!

Liu CuiCui hummed coldly. “What do you have to say now? This is the best proof!” And then she unsheathed the Heartless Precious Sword from Zhan Bai’s back and thrust it towards Jin Caifeng’s heart!

Zhan Bai shouted aloud. “Wait!”

Cuicui smiled coldly, “What is the matter? Are you sore in your heart humph? And then her voice changed and she shouted thunderous. “I must kill her in your presence no matter what!” As she stabbed towards Jin Caifeng!

Zhan Bai had not recovered his martial power yet and when he saw that she was about to pierce into Jin Caifeng’s heart and that he was unable to stop her, so he laughed coldly in his rage. “You are a shrew! Do you think by killing an innocent girl that it will cause me to love you? Hehe! You are simple dreaming!…”

When Cuicui heard that Zhan Bai had scolded her a shrew, her heart broke and then she cried as she pointed the sword towards him. “Who are you calling a shrew?”

Zhan Bai thundered out. “I say you are a shrew! Even before you have found out the truth, you have jumped to conclusions and moreover you are so vicious!…”

Even before Zhan Bai had finished, Cuicui had turned her slim body around and threw the Heartless Precious Sword on the ground with tears on her face as she left!

Cuicui hatred the mere mention of the word shrew with a fervor!

It was because her Protégé Mistress the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll], the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady] had a pitiful fate! She was abandoned by her vicious father in a desolate temple before she was a month old. The Heavenly Enchantress had found her, rescued her and even imparted her epic skills to her!

When she had grown up, she was as beautiful as a flower, moreover her martial levels were also extremely high, countless number of young men had bowed down under her skirt!

Coincidentally, the Heavenly Enchantress had been connived by the others and in a moment of spur, in order to prove her superiority and to ruin the attainment of the most highly regarded most marvelous man of all time, the [Lord of Only Eye], she had used the ‘Glamorous Bewitching Skill’. While she had succeeded but she attracted the irk and fury of the entire martial fraternity and the Heavenly Enchantress was branded an Evil Heretic and all the heroes of the fraternity began to surround and attack her.

Without a place to take refuge, the Heavenly Enchantress fled to a deserted island!

Because the Heavenly Enchantress was extremely knowledgeable in the arts of formations and mechanism traps. The art of delusion illusions was also her specialty therefore she began to construct an intrigue defense of such array and filled it with all kinds of confusing and dazzling illusions that led to many deadly mechanism traps and ambushes!

She devised her defense so well that even an immortal could not even breech her defenses! And for the time being, she was safe from all outside disturbances!

But during the course of this work, because the island was lacking in food, both the Heavenly Enchantress and her protégé disciple had to fish for their food. Coincidentally on that desolate island, in the seas off the mountain rocks, there was a type of blood eel.

This blood eel was beneficial to the body and as the more they consumed of it over time, their internal strength and their vital energy began to increase tremendous! One day, during a catch, they had accidentally caught a thousand year old blood eel. When they had divided it and share of it, they found out that they had attained the level of everlasting youth and immortality!

It was only two hundred years later that the Heavenly Enchantress corporeal body faltered and she died in a peaceful mediation, leaving only her protégé disciple, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll], the [Beautiful Skeleton Lady] to be alone on that island!

At that time, the battles for supremacy in the Central Plains Martial Fraternity was getting fierce and there was endless massacres and killings. Many evil heretics were unable to survive in the Central Plains and they fled for their lives. Many ended up on this desolate island!

It happened just when the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] was feeling bored and lonely, therefore she allowed them to stay. Evil Heretics like the [Four Whores of the Peach Blossoms Island], the Bandit King [Big Head King Hades] and his eight sworn brothers, the [Ocean Three Aegis] and many countless number of people.

At that time, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] had fallen in love with a young warrior by the name of Long Xiaotian and he was the future ‘Lord of the Southern Seas] and the [Divine Dragon God]!

Just when they were romantically linked, for unknown reasons, Long Xiaotian had abandoned the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] and returned to the Central Plains and there was no news from him for a year!

Because the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] was filled with longings for him, she took a trip to the Central Plains, only to discover that Long Xiaotian had already married another lady and he even had a son!

At that time, she was filled with flaming rage and jealousy as she came to his house to look for him But unexpectedly, she was drugged by an evil friend of Long Xiaotian and was raped by him!

And Long Xiaotian made use of this as an excuse to severe his relationships with her and even called her a wanton whore!

Unable to deal with this shock, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] began a massacre in the Central Plains Martial Fraternity and she really turned into a wanton whore as she began to toy with the young men and she would kill them without a second thought! As her martial levels were super high and that she was always wearing a ghastly mask, that was how her she got her nickname, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll, Beautiful Skeleton Lady]!

Later, she attracted the irk and fury of the entire martial fraternity and scores of super exponents from both the Orthodox Clans and the Heretic Sects fought with her on the lofty peak of Mount Taishan and she was thrown down the bottomless cliff.

But fortunately, she survived. Heartbroken, she returned to the Devil Island and did not return ever since.

But because Long Xiaotian had obtained the Secret Record of the Martial Knowledge, he was pursued by both the Orthodox Clans and the Heretic Sects for this secret manual. This caused him to take refuge in the Devil Island again for the second time with his wife and son!

Goodness know what methods did he use to persuade the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] and they were back to their old relationships once more. Therefore, Long Xiaotian, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] and his wife began to live together.

Moreover because of the Secret Record of the Martial Knowledge, he had attained a high level of supreme martial skills! He became the Lord of the Southern Seas and the Divine Dragon God, established the Nanhai Clan and began to recruit protégé, becoming the Conqueror of that region!

When his son had grown up, he was to become the [Divine Dragon Prince] or the [Young Lord of the Southern Seas]. Later his wife would give birth to a daughter and this daughter was to be known as the [Divine Dragon Princess] and she would be the one that holds all the power in the Central Plains!

The [Divine Dragon Princess] was accepted by her second mother, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] as her protégé disciple. Because the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] had no child, she really loved the [Divine Dragon Princess] as her own. But she disliked the [Divine Dragon Prince] therefore he learnt his martial arts from his father instead.

Later, Liu Zonghou the [Silver Fan] had fled from the Central Plains. He was one of the [Jiangnan Seven Heroes] fame. His wife had been killed by his other five sworn brothers because he had refused to cover for them when they had murdered Zhan Yuntian.

Left with no choice and with no footings in the Central Plains, he fled with his daughter to the Devil Island and joined the Nanhai Clan!

His daughter, Liu Cui Cui was around twelve, thirteen when she had arrived and even from her young age, she was extremely beautiful and this delighted the [Lord of the Southern Seas] and he forced Cui Cui to be the [Divine Dragon Princess]’s attendant.

Liu Zonghou was one of the Jiangnan Seven Heroes! His daughter was a young mistress of a heroic clan, how could he allow his daughter to be a maid! But because he was a guest and he needed the protection of the Nanhai, he had no choice. Even though he protested it in his heart but he had to act as though he had been willing!

But Cuicui had been blessed from this misfortune instead! Because she had to attend to the [Divine Dragon Princess], she was chanced by the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] and she had taken a liking to her. Therefore, Cui Cui became the third protégé disciple of the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll]!

Moreover, Cuicui was also an exceptional quick learner and her natural endowment was above that of the [Divine Dragon Princess]. Even though she had entered the Protégé Clan much later but her martial accomplishments were now much higher than the [Divine Dragon Princess].

Not only did she learnt all the arts of secret mechanism and delusion illusion skills, she had also mastered the ‘Glamorous Bewitching Skill’ that the Heavenly Enchantress had imparted to the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll]!

Even though the [Silver Fan] Liu Zonghou was not partake in the plot to kill Zhan Yuntian, he had a secret.

It was because he had secretly removed the cover of the Epitome Martial Chronicles and replaced it with a broken book.

And the book was later obtained by the [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong and that was the same broken book that Young Master Anle refused to leave out of his sight and hands!

It was also the reason why Young Master Anle, no matter how much efforts did he expend to decipher the fake Epitome Martial Chronicles, his martial levels did not improve by leaps and bounds!

Or else, there would not be Young Masters of the Martial Clans! The entire martial fraternity would have belonged to Young Master Anle alone!
Therefore Liu Zonghou began to study the martial arts in the Epitome Martial Chronicles, so that he could settle the feuds with the other five sworn brothers!

But when he had mastered most of the martial skills in the Epitome Martial Chronicles, his inner demons and flaming fury was extinguished by the Epitome Martial Chronicles and he lost his desire for vengeance. Therefore he had given his silver fan to the [Divine Dragon Prince]! But occasionally when he was bored, he would have an idle chat with his daughter on the past.

That was why Cui Cui knew so much about the Jiangnan Seven Heroes!

Even though Liu Zonghou had truly comprehend the true essence of the Epitome Martial Chronicles and was now indifferent to vendetta and heroic domination but Cui Cui had never for once, forgot how her mother had died!

Coincidentally, this year, the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] had passed away and the entire Devil Island began to fall into the hands of the [Divine Dragon God]. He had long wanted to dominate the entire martial fraternity and the power of the Nanhai Clan was simple overwhelming. He also could not forget how he was driven away from the Central Plains Martial Fraternity in desperation!

Therefore he ordered his son and daughter to lead the [Ocean Three Aegis], [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms], the [Eight Demons of the Devil Island] and countless number of top exponents to invade the Central Plains!

And Cui Cui had followed her young and left the Devil Island for the first time mistress into the Central Plains.

Before she had left, her father warned her, “The young men of the Central Plains are all attractive and talented. Your resolve is not strong enough. If you were to go, you will surely be snared in the net of affections and your training and attainments will be ruined!”

But Cui Cui laughed it off. It was because she had resisted and fought off the advances of two lecherous father and son, the [Divine Dragon God] and the [Divine Dragon Prince], so she did not think anyone men would interest her. Therefore she did not put her father’s words in heart.

But during the foray into the Central Plains, in her eagerness to avenge her mother, she had secretly left the [Divine Dragon Princess] and went on her own to the Jin Residence to spy upon the [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu.

And she had found and saved Zhan Bai along the river. And that was also the first time, she had fallen in love!

And now, Zhan Bai had scolded her a shrew! It broke her heart terribly!
It was because the [Divine Dragon God] was an extremely lecherous guy. He had abandoned the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] and married the [Central Plains Beauty] as his wife. There was no other reason, other than the [Central Plains Beauty] was much more beautiful than the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll].

But when the [Central Plains Beauty] after giving birth to a son and a daughter, her beauty began to fade away as she increased in age. As for the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll], after she had defeated at Mt. Taishan and had fallen into the bottomless cliff, she had been disfigured by that incident. Therefore she was forever wearing that ghastly mask. This irritated the [Divine Dragon God] and annoyed him to no ends. Therefore he began to have a secret relationship with the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms].

The [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] could tolerate the presence of the [Central Plains Beauty] but she could not tolerate the [Four vixens of the Peach Blossoms]. Therefore she frequently quarreled with Long Xiaotian. And Long Xiaotian had scolded her a shrew on a countless number of occasions, therefore that was why Cui Cui had an indescribable hatred for this word!

It was because the [Divine Dragon God] once had an extra martial affair that he had scolded the [Ghastly Pampered Lovable Doll] as a shrew. He had even tried to rape her before but she managed to shake off his advance in an intrigue manner. Her father and her disdained the [Divine Dragon God] and they had long wanted to leave the Nanhai Clan but did not dare to do so.

And now, Zhan Bai had used the exact phrase of the [Divine Dragon God] to scold her for his extra martial affair and scolded her a shrew!

Therefore she was so heartbroken that she threw the Heartless Precious Sword with a loud clang on the ground before she cried out in terrible grief as she left!

But just as she had taken the first step, she heard a cold chuckle and a shadow flashed from the artificial mountain and a maiden in cotton garment and dress was now standing in front!

This maiden in cotton garment and dress was indeed Wan’Er and when Zhan Bai saw her, he called for her in a hurry. “Wan’Er!”

But Wan’Er beautiful face had lost her usual naïve and a grieving and sorrowful look was on her expressions. Even though Zhan Bai had called her in a warm and affectionate voice but she ignored him.

Instead, she moved her lips slightly, it was as though she was smiling disdainfully as she began to lift her finger and drew a circle as she pointed at Jin Caifeng!

Even though Jin Caifeng and Wan’Er was both of the same sex but she was so embarrassed when Wan’Er stared at her. Moreover she was a high bred and Wan’Er had stared at her for quite some time as she drew circles with her finger in mid-air. Therefore she flushed a deep red and was shameful…

Wan’Er still pointing at Jin Caifeng with her finger as she drew a circle, perhaps indicating that she could blow a hole in her anytime, smiled coldly. “Brother Zhan!…Young Hero! My sister and you are already married and still you are here, fooling around with other girls! Don’t you think you are overdoing it?”

This caused both Jin Caifeng and Liu Cuicui to be profoundly shocked at the same time!

Cuicui turned around and forgot her tears and broken heart. Jin Caifeng too, had forgotten her shyness as they exclaimed. “You…”

Even both had spoke at the same time but they were unable to continue!

Obviously, both maidens had their hearts broken by this news…

Zhan Bai knew what they were thinking about and he was determined to severe the tangled strings with a swift blade and be done with it! Therefore he purposely said. “Sister Wan’Er is right. I have instead, under the proper rites, married Murong Hong and we are now official husband and wife now…”

Before Zhan Bai could finish, Cuicui shouted at him, “Is it for real?”

Wan’Er smiled coldly by the side. “Why should anyone take it as a joke huh?”

Cuicui felt a jolt in her head as her slim body began to sway. And her tears were flowing uncontrollably as she pursed her lips. She wailed out to Zhan Bai. “You…you are so heartless….humph! Tell me! Tell me! What have you done to me…?”

When Zhan Bai had saw how upset Cuicui was, he realized how heartbroken she was now and that she was true to him. He began to regret how hastily he had been in agreeing to the marriage. In this circumstance, did he still have the will to severe the tangled strings with the swift blade? It was really not an easy matter to do?

Just when Zhan Bai was full of regrets and did not know what to say. There was a horribly cry of someone screaming coming from afar! The shrieking cry was absolutely appalling!

Even this voice was not large, but it caused a shiver down to everyone and they broke into a cold sweat. Zhan Bai and Jin Caifeng lost their countenance!

Jin Caifeng plunged violently into Zhan Bai and cried out grievously, “Brother Zhan….Young Hero! Please, will you help! My father is in grave danger!…”

Zhan Bai was not concerned with the life and death of the [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu. He was more worried for Lei Dashu, the [Two Equivocal], Old Escort Chief Ru and his fiancée Murong Hong!

At this moment, he had managed to dissipate the poison of the ‘Dragon Slumbering Fragrance Scent’ from his body and he had recovered his martial power now.

He removed his outer garment and threw it to Jin Caifeng before he picked up the Heartless Precious Sword. He said to her, “Where your father is now, I do not know. You have to find him yourself! I have to go now to help my friends…” And he went towards the direction of the terrible shriek!

The three maidens, each with a different feeling turned and looked at one another. But none bothered to say anything.

Only Jin Caifeng was the most anxious as she put on the outer garment that Zhan Bai had left behind in a hurry and ran towards the direction of the shrieking scream!

Cuicui bat an eye at Wan’Er and said, “Do you have the courage?”

Wan’Er lifted her nose and hummed. “Why should I be afraid?” And then she leapt into the air like a wisp of smoke and disappeared.

Cuicui was the last to go but all four of them arrived at almost the same time to a huge courtyard!

In the middle of the courtyard, there was a large arena meant for sparring and there was lanterns all over the place.

In the middle of the huge arena, Lei Dashu, the [Two Equivocal], Old Escort Chief Ru and Murong Hong were fighting scores of fighters from the Nanhai!

There was also a tall platform that was above the arena and the [Divine Dragon Princess], [Divine Dragon Prince], the [Ocean Three Aegis], the [Four Fairies of the Peach Blossoms] and many more, were viewing the fighting as a speculators!

Chapter 45 Ended
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Chapter 46: The Earthshaking Gambit

The fighting arena was surrounded by tall pillars and around the pillars was gruesome sights of dead people that were chained to it!

There were many dead bodies around the arena and the executioners of the Nanhai Clan with their evil looking blades were also presented!

Lei Dashu was fighting with his bare fists and so was the [Two Equivocal]. Old Escort Chief Ru had a big saber with gold and purple coloring while Murong Hong deployed a red short sword. Everyone was fighting like a living tiger and dragon as they fought with all their best skills against the tens of Nanhai Clan top fighters.

They were all composed and seemed to have the upper hand. Every once a while, a fighter of the Nanhai Clan would be killed or be wounded on the ground!

The [Divine Dragon Prince] was watching on the high platform and he was waving his silver fan with an annoyed look, as his protégé fighters were unable to achieve victory. He began to look around for fighters.

The white hair granny, Lei Yanhong, one of the [Ocean Three Aegis] sprang into the air with a shout and she was as fast as a lightning bolt as she hacked her hands towards the top of Lei Dashu’s head!

Lei Dashu had been fighting five men when he suddenly noticed a powerful windforce flurrying towards him. It came from a white hair granny that jumped towards him as quick as lightning.

He immediately waved his left hand furiously to send the surrounding foes into a temporary retreat as he lifted his right hand up in the gesture of the ‘Heavenly King Holding Up the Pagoda’ stance as he received the thousand weight force of this white hair granny!

There was a thunderous explosive clap and it sent all the surrounding attackers to steer clear of them! And Lei Dashu was sent five steps backward! The power of this white hair granny’s blow was awesome!

Lei Dashu was secretly shocked at her power. And then he heard her adding, “Take another blow from me!” As she aimed towards his chest with a furious blow!

Lei Dashu was a haughty man with an unbending spirit. Even though the white hair granny was overpowering in her bearing, he refused to evade or dodge. He extended his right palm with a powerful and furious windforce out to accept the new coming blow!

There was another thunderous explosive clap and once again, Lei Dashu was knocked back five steps backward!

The white hair granny shouted thunderous, “Good fellow! If my third blow could not take your life, I will reverse my name and write it!”

With that, she mustered twelve folds of her martial power as she extended out both of her hands!

After Lei Dashu had took two blows from her, his shoulders were sore and numbed, even his blood was reversing now. Even though he had never seen such awesome power before but he had an unbending nature.

He clenched his teeth and mustered his Enoch Hands to its peak to take her blow!

Zhan Bai who had been standing on top of the walls had never expected Lei Dashu to accept the white hair granny’s third blow. He was expecting him to evade and then retaliated against her. “Oh no…”

But even before he could leap off the walls, Lei Dashu and the white hair granny had exchanged blows!

There was a thunderous explosion as two furious windforce collided against one another! The sound was like a thunderbolt!

Lei Dashu had moved ten feet back and his body was swaying but he was still standing!

The white hair granny was staring at him, hoping that he would soon fall…

But not only did Lei Dashu not fall, he had actually opened his mouth to say, “Old granny! How do you write your name?”

But as he opened his mouth, he could not resist the flow of the reverse blood anymore and fresh blood was spat from his mouth!

The white hair granny laughed. “When you have reached the King of Hades, you can go and ask him what is my name in reverse!” And she raised up her fingers!

Zhan Bai knew that it was the white hair granny’s Soul Seeking Fingers and he shouted panicky, “Dashu! Dodge now!…”

But Wan’R was even quicker than him and she too, used the Soul Seeking Fingers as she flew in mid-air as she aimed at the white hair granny’s right arm!

This was the brilliant part of Wan’Er. It was because she knew that her Soul Seeking Fingers were not as powerful as the white hair granny therefore she did not want to meet her Soul Seeking Fingers outright.

If the white hair granny did not withdrew her stance, she would have lost her right arm instantly if she continued her attack on Lei Dashu!

The white hair granny changed the direction of her Soul Seeking Fingers in a zigzag direction in a bid to deflect Wan’Er Soul Seeking Fingers.

Such was the awesome power of the white hair granny that there was a deep bottomless hole in the ground as her weakened Soul Seeking Fingers clashed and was deflected by Wan’Er Soul Seeking Fingers!

Wan’Er Soul Seeking Fingers were not weak too. There was also a bottomless hole in the ground too!

Both their Soul Seeking Fingers were absolutely startling!

Wan’Er hurried to Lei Dashu to support him as he swayed. She asked anxiously, “Dashu! Are you injured huh?”

In the Murong Residence, Lei Dashu had doted on Wan’Er and Wan’Er was also the most respectful to him. Now that she had seen Lei Dashu in such a state, she was extremely anxious…

Zhan Bai had leapt into the fighting arena as well. When he saw that Lei Dashu was being care for by Wan’Er, he turned with a solemn face towards the white hair granny. He shouted, “You are already so old yet you are so vicious as to deal with a wounded person! Tonight, I will accept all your incoming epic skills!”

With that, he spread out his hands with the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands stance and said, “I will let you make the first move. In three strokes, I will still take your old life!”

When the white hair granny saw Zhan Bai all of a sudden, her expression turned to fright and her insolence had fled her all of a sudden. It was because she knew that this young fellow was just like her jinx. For a moment, she remained on the same spot, not knowing what to do…

All of a sudden, a long beard elderly man and the Sealing Abbot appeared at the same time in front of Zhan Bai!

The long beard elderly man laughed. “Young man! Because of you, because the Central Plains have you, the [Ocean Three Aegis] are sincerely convinced and ready to concede! But tonight, the three of us who had lived long enough, are going to join hands together and get some instructions from your epic skills.”

“Others would think we are bullying you! But to you, you will think that we are ganging up to bully you…”

Zhan Bai laughed aloud. “I have respected you as an old fellow! Why don’t you admit that you have a thick skin?”

The elderly man flustered and he began to laugh. “Alright, I am a thick skin old fellow that had lived long enough. But to have the [Ocean Three Aegis] joining hands to battle you alone, isn’t this your honor! I dare to say this, in this entire martial fraternity, only a young fellow like you deserved this honor. There would be not a second person!”

Zhan Bai laughed with a heroic display. “So you mean that Zhan Bai has the three of you to thanks for this glory!” And after he had finished, he displayed the stance of the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands!

In the middle of their conversations, those who were fighting had suddenly stopped and they started to retreat to the edges. And there was a huge empty space in the fighting arena specially meant for the [Ocean Three Aegis] and Zhan Bai!

It was because, everyone had understood that when the four of them had started to fight, it was bounded to be earthshaking scene!

Even the [Divine Dragon Prince] and the [Divine Dragon Princess], and all the super exponents on the platform had all rose from their seats in great anticipation!

Murong Hong and Jin Caifeng did not know the martial levels of the [Ocean Three Aegis] but from the tense atmosphere and that Zhan Bai was going to fight with three opponents at the same time, they knew that they must be ultrapowerful fighters! And they began to worry for their Zhan Gege!

Wan’Er knew deeply the power of the [Ocean Three Aegis] and when she saw that Zhan Bai had agreed to their challenge, her heart fluttered and she did not what to do…

Even though Cui Cui had practiced alongside with her Zhan Gege and knew intimately that his martial power was powerful enough to disdain the entire fraternity but when she had heard that he was going to challenge the [Ocean Three Aegis], the three super exponents of the Nanhai Clan on his own, she broke into a cold sweat for him…

Lei Dashu, the [Two Equivocal] and Old Escort Chief Ru had just witnessed the awesome martial power of that white hair granny. If one of them had such awesome martial power, what would happen if the three of them would join hands together? How many manifolds would that awesome power, be boasted? They were panic with great anxiety…

As for the protégé fighters of the Nanhai Clan, they were all delightful. Even though quite a few of them had once fought and witnessed Zhan Bai martial levels but the [Ocean Three Aegis] was the trump cards of their clan! To deal with the young man Zhan Bai, it was more than enough!

Therefore with delightful and joyful expressions, they became speculators to this rare epic martial fight!

Even the long beard elderly man was delighted with joy when he saw that Zhan Bai had accepted their challenge! He raised his thumb towards Zhan Bai and praised him. “Young man! You are indeed an extraordinary man! You are indeed worthy to be the number one extraordinary talent for the past one hundred years in the entire fraternity!”

When Zhan Bai had saw that the long beard elderly man was praising him sincerely, he was awkward and withdrawn his stance, bowing with his fists and said. “Old Sir, I am not worthy of your praise.”

The white hair granny laughed. “Young man, you don’t have to be courtesy with us! Our old man is telling the truth! To tell you honestly, the three old fellows like us, thought of ourselves as the invincible in the entire fraternity. Even our master, the [Lord of the Southern Seas] dare not say he is a match for the three of us…”

When the white hair granny had said this, the long beard elderly man battled an eye to her. It was because the [Divine Dragon Prince] and the [Divine Dragon Princess] had suddenly lost their countenances!

But the white hair granny was an outspoken person and did not care the reactions of the others as she continued. “And now tonight, young man, you are going to challenge the three of us. Has something like this ever happened before in the past?”

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai asked them a surprise question. “The three of you have such unrivalled martial skills, why are you serving another…”

The Sealing Abbot exclaimed hurriedly. “Despicable old woman, you only know how to mouth rubbish…”

But the long beard elderly man sighed slightly and said, “Baldy, tonight we are talking to an extraordinary talent and we must be honest!” And he turned to Zhan Bai to say. “We have unspeakable reasons for that and we don’t have the time that now…”

And then he changed his expression and said. “Let bygones be bygones! That the three of us would join hands to fight against a young boy like you is something unprecedented! Therefore we must have a gambit for tonight’s battle!”

When Zhan Bai had saw that they were opening up to him and was outspoken, the amount of enmity in his heart for them had lessened. So he asked, “May I know what Elderly Senior would want to bet?”

When the elderly man saw that Zhan Bai had addressed him as an elderly senior, he was happy and began to scratch his ear and smoothened his long beard to ponder. Finally he said, “If the three of us were defeated by you, we will forever leave the Nanhai Clan and would not be involved in the rights and wrongs of the pugilist fraternity.”

“The same goes for you too if you were to be defeated and you must leave the Central Plains Martial Fraternity and not meddle in the affairs of the pugilist fraternity. Do you think it is fair?”

Zhan Bai was a honest and frank young man. Sometimes he was a little silly but tonight, he had suddenly become smart and therefore he asked. “We must make it clearer. If the three of you quit the Nanhai Clan, can you still remain in the Central Plains? If I quit the Central plains Martial Fraternity, can I still remain in the Central Plains?”

The long beard elderly man laughed. This young man was really not to be trifled. “No matter where you are, the condition will be ‘do not meddle in the affairs of the pugilist fraternity’. Just the main point will be good enough. As long as it is a matter of the martial fraternity, we are not to meddle or ask about it. No matter where we go, whether it is the Central Plains or overseas, it does not matter but we must make it a point not to see the pugilists of the martial fraternity as criteria. What do you think?”

At this moment, the [Divine Dragon Maiden] flashed an eye towards the [Divine Dragon Prince] and he turned ashen. Just when he was about to jump down…

Because everyone was paying heed intently in the conversation between Zhan Bai and the [Ocean Three Aegis], no one noticed what these two siblings were up to!

Just when the [Divine Dragon Prince] was about to jump, Zhan Bai had suddenly said, “Even though it is a brilliant idea but I am unable to do it!”

The long beard elderly man was stumbled and he asked, “Young man, do you have anything to add or say?”

Zhan Bai said, “I have yet to avenge for my late father’ death. Unless I am dead, as long as I still have a breath, I must surely avenge for my father!”

The long beard elderly man shook his long beard before asking, “It is absolutely irreconcilable and justify that you should pursue the vendetta for your late father. But may I ask who is your late father’s killer is?”

With an iron gut, Zhan Bai said word by word. “The [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu!”

All of a sudden, the white hair granny began to laugh merrily!

When Zhan Bai was not happy to see the white hair granny laughing like that. “May I know what is so funny about it, elderly senior?”

The white hair granny pointed her fingers toward the pillars where there were numerous bodies. But she could not stop laughing and could not speak.

The long beard elderly man said. “The [Heavenly Bronze Coin] Jin Jiu is dead now. Your wish had already been fulfilled!”

Zhan Bai turned to look at the direction of the white hair granny’s finger and saw a broken wheelchair near a pillar. Tied to the pillar, was a bloody body of man that had lost his head, arms and legs! But from the body’s clothing, it belonged to the Jin Jiu!

All of a sudden, a tearful and wailing cry was heard as Jin Caifeng flew towards the dismembered body of Jin Jiu as she cried aloud!

Upon witnessing this scene, Zhan Bai tried to remove the bewilderment in his heart and he said. “Even though the [Heavenly Bronze Coin] is dead but there is still the [Universal Palm] Yun Zonglong. He is also my late father’s killer!”

The long beard elderly man smiled. “It seem like young man that there are more than one killer. I wonder if there is more?”

Zhan Bai added. “[The Origin Finger] Sikong Jin!”

The long beard elderly man said, “Please continue!”

Zhan Bai continued, “The [Conqueror Whip] Fan Fei!”

The long beard elderly man laughed. “Young man, your father’s killer are all men of renown and repute, from the aristocratic martial clans or hegemony in their respectively areas! I wonder if there are more?”

Zhan Bai replied. “No more!”

The white hair granny said, “Young man, now you can fight with us with no worries! There is nothing more for you to worry in the Central Plains Martial Fraternity now!”

Zhan Bai asked in disbelief. “Have the Nanhai Clan exterminated all the Four Aristocratic Martial Clans and even the Zhenjiang Fan Fei?”

The [Sealing Abbot] said. “Do you think the three old fellows like us, would lie to a boy?”

Zhan Bai asked, “Is it the true?”

The long beard elderly man said with a solemn face. “Young man, I am sure you have roamed in the pugilist fraternity before. The honor of the pugilists, the words of the pugilists are worth nine sacred tripods! And the [Ocean Three Aegis] are not some nobodies!…”

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai bowed with his fists and he bowed with a deep respect. “Then, I must thanks the three of you for helping me to avenge my father!”

White hair granny said. “Young man, do not be too quick to thanks us three old fellows. The one that has helped you to end your vendetta is our young mistress. Young man, you should thanks her instead!”

The white hair granny pointed to the [Divine Dragon Princess] and Zhan Bai turned around and saw the [Divine Dragon Princess] was staring at him with bright and starry eyes.

He had too many tangled love strings to severe. There were quite a few maidens that had pledged their hearts to him and he was unable to handle them all. Therefore when he had saw the [Divine Dragon Princess], who was looking at him with such an expression, he was so scared that he quickly turned his head around!

He said to the [Ocean Three Aegis], “Regardless, I must thank you profusely!”

He paused for awhile before saying. “Zhan Bai has finally avenge for my father. Now I have no more worries and cares. Then, let this gambit be decided then! May the three elderly seniors demonstrate your strokes then!”

And then he had unsheathed his Heartless Precious Sword on his left hand and his sword stance was still the inferior ‘Thrice Swordplay’!

The [Ocean Three Aegis] began to surround him in a triangle formation. The elderly old man had his hands in front of him, the white hair granny had her fingers pointing at him while the Sealing Abbot pressed his hands on the ground!

From the looks of it, the long beard elderly man was going to use the ‘Dipper Impasse Hands’, the white hair granny was going to use the ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ and the Sealing Abbot was using the ‘Epic Toad Skill’. They were all using their best skills to fight against Zhan Bai!

Previously, the [Ocean Three Aegis] had suffered a setback when they had fought with Zhan Bai on a one to one basic. Therefore, they had flashed out their astonishing martial skills.

The [Divine Dragon Prince] was worried that they would purposely spare Zhan Bai. On the contrary, they were determined to humiliate Zhan Bai.

When Zhan Bai had saw them displaying their stances, he asked in a clear voice. “Would the three elderly seniors unsheathe your weaponry first!”

The [Three Ocean Aegis] exclaimed at the same time. “Us three old fellows have never carried a weapon. Moreover we are three versus one. It is fair that we are using our bare hands…”

It was going to be a tough fight for Zhan Bai to fight against these three ultrapowerful fighters but he had his pride. He waved back his hand and sheathed the Heartless Precious Sword!

And he fell back with the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands and said. “Then, I will also fight with my bare hands. After you!”

Lei Dashu and the [Two Equivocal] were shaking their heads and thought, “He has the same temperament as his father, the [Thunder Sword] Zhan Yuntian!…”

And they were even more worried for him but there was nothing they could do. They could only stand in great anxiety for him…

The long beard elderly man smiled, “Young man, after you first! Us three old fellows already have the advantage of three to one!”

But Zhan Bai replied, “The Youth do not take advantage of the elderly! After you first!”

White hair granny chuckled. “Why be so polite? Let granny have the first strike then!” And she circulated her Soul Seeking Fingers divine skill to its highest pinnacle and aimed it towards him!

This was really the fiercest fight and the rarest fight ever in the martial fraternity! Every palm that was lifted up could change the makeup of the heavens and every finger that was lifted could shake the pillars of the heavens! All the fires and lamps were stuff out by their windforce. Even the dust that was generated by the hard stone of the fighting arena was as high as a hundred feet high!

At this time, no one could see clearly the reflections of the four ultrapowerful fighters! All they could see was four black whirlwinds that were moving swiftly in the dust storm. The madness and the fury of the hurricane were raging with such hissing violent that it was deafening and piercing to the ears!

In a blink of an eye, more than fifty rounds could be exchanged between Zhan Bai and the [Ocean Three Aegis].

The windforce that was generated by the windforce was getting more and more furious and it simulated yellow particles and enlarged the hurricane!

The four whirlwinds that were in the hurricane was like dragons over the oceans, as the four whirlwinds merged as one as the maddening fury of the wind lashed over the area. This was extremely profoundly astonishing!

Everyone in the surrounding area could not stand properly on their feet and they were forced to move back! Even the last twenty, thirty of the remaining lanterns in the fighting arena were shaking furiously and then they were stuff out!

At this time, no one could see their strokes and stances any longer now. No one knew how many rounds had passed but time was running short now and the hurricane was beginning to lose its fury and they could see the shadow reflections of the four persons now!

They were all sweating profusely on their heads!

One must imagine that using this type of epitome divine skill in the battle, even though its power was awesome but it consumed a huge amount of vital energy too!

Just think, the [Ocean Three Aegis] combined had three hundred years of martial power and they were sweating profusely! Even Zhan Bai who was equipped with epitome divine skills were so tired that he was breathing breathlessly!

There were so many speculators but none even dare to breathe deeply! This was an unprecedented epic battle that had never occurred before!

By now, the four of them had slowed down their stances and strokes, and the speculators could see clearly. No longer was it the super fast strokes!

Even though their strokes had slowed down but every stroke was charged to the pinnacle by their martial power! If the stroke would to miss, the solid green stone slabs would have a deep hole or a huge pit!

It was obviously clear that their fingers, their palms could severe metals and scattered rocks to dust!

The white hair granny was the most impatient. In her entire life, she had rarely met a worthy opponent. Even those arrogant enough fighters that could walk out from her three stances, she would still kill them ruthlessly!

And now today, the [Ocean Three Aegis] had joined hands but still could not bring Zhan Bai to his knees.

Therefore, with a great thunderous shout, she charged her Soul Seeking Fingers to the peak of its pinnacle with her martial power as she sent three awesome flurrying fingers towards Zhan Bai!

The longer Zhan Bai fought, the more he refused to back off. With the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’, he dodged the three Soul Seeking Fingers continuous before he unleashed the Radiance Light of the Buddha, from the Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands in a maddening windforce against the white hair granny!

As the white hair granny had been too vicious and had used overtly too much of her martial power, she could not withdrew her stance in a nick of time and her body movement was slightly slower, therefore Zhan Bai could hit her on her left shoulder!

The white hair granny felt her numbness over her body and she screamed out in terrible pain, as she was hurled five, six steps out of the fighting encirclement!

She was lucky that she had only been struck by Zhan Bai’s windforce. If his palm were to strike her directly, given Zhan Bai’s present martial power strength, would she be alive then?

When the Sealing Abbot saw that the white hair granny had been knocked down, he too, became impatient and he plunged violently at Zhan Bai’s back!

After Zhan Bai had knocked the white hair granny down with his palm, he heard a howling windforce behind his back, he knew there was a sneak attack. Instead of dodging it, he mustering his Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands to its peak and turned his left arm around!

There was a thunderous scream and flurrying windforce and dust flew in all directions as the Sealing Abbot was flung off like a piece of paper!

Zhan Bai had injured two of the [Ocean Three Aegis] continuous in a row and victory was now in his grasp. He could actually turn and retaliate against the Sealing Abbot within a breath time, his body swiftness was opportunely skilful, his stroke and stance was astonishing marvelous and his palm strength was awesome!

Regardless of friends or foes, everyone was heaping praises in the air!

[The Divine Dragon Princess] and the [Divine Dragon Prince] turned terribly ashen…

Lei Dashu, Old Escort Chief Ru, the [Two Equivocal] and the two Murong sisters were joyous with delightful applause…

But while everyone was in a state of euphoria, there came a thunderous shout, like a thunderbolt in the fighting arena! The voice was so large that it was like hearing a thunderbolt in their eyes and causing their hearts to jump violently!

This mighty windforce had actually snuffed the lanterns that were hundreds of feet away!

Everyone was startled while they waited for the lanterns light to be re-ignited from darkness to light, they saw Zhan Bai had turned white all of a sudden and his mouth was covered with blood!

The long beard elderly man angry eyes were staring as though it was torches of fire!

Obviously Zhan Bai had taken a beating and he had internal injuries in his organs!

Those that were concerned for Zhan Bai made a crashing sound…

The long beard elderly man lifted both his hands up as he displayed a stance to him. “Young man! You have wounded two of the [Ocean Three Aegis]. This blow is going to take your worthless life!”

After wounding two of the [Three Ocean Aegis], Zhan Bai was in turned wounded by the long beard elderly man and his blood and vital energy was now flowing in the reverse direction. But he did not show panic as he said, “That may not be the case! Elderly Senior, your martial power and mine are on par. If you execute this blow, the final outcome would be hard to say and the final victor may not be you!”

The long beard elderly man flashed his huge palm force in exerting pressure from afar and he grinned. “Young man! Do not suppress your injuries anymore! You have already thrown out blood!”

Zhan Bai lifted his Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands to its pinnacle as he said. “Elderly Senior, you should know it well in your heart that your vital energy in your internal organs is now reversing.”

It was true that the long beard elderly man’s vital energy had been scattered by Zhan Bai when their blows clashed against one another. When his innermost secret had been exposed, the long beard elderly man was so displeased that a killing malevolent air aura rose from him.

He said fiercely, “Originally I just wanted to determine a victor from among us and then the fight would stop. Now you are going to meet your maker!” With that, he mustered his vital energies into a flow once more and his internal strength began to power his hands and it was like a collapsing mountain that was pressing against Zhan Bai as it sped towards him!

Murong Hong, Zhan Wan’Er and even the just conscious Jin Caifeng were all so startled that they flew towards Zhan Bai! But it was too late as Zhan Bai sent both his hands against the incoming blow!

There was a thunderous thunderclap and a maddening hurricane flew in all directions and Murong Hong, Zhan Wan’Er and Jin Caifeng were all knocked back forcefully against their will by the fury windforce!

When the dust and ashes had settled, Zhan Bai puffed another portion of fresh blood from his mouth! He did not fall and he was still in an attack stance with his hands as he said, “Old Sir! Once more!”

The long beard elderly old man swayed and he could not no longer resist as his fresh blood belched out like a red arrow from his mouth!

When he saw that Zhan Bai had once again lifted up his hands in a fighting stance, he had a strange glow on his eyes and he too, lifted his hands but all of a sudden, his angry face transformed into admiration and he lifted his thumb towards him. “Young man! You are truly great!”

Zhan Bai was a person that would never submit himself to high handed tactics. He would only submit himself to soft persuasion. When he saw that the long beard elderly man had all of a sudden, began to praise him and that he had already wounded two of the [Ocean Three Aegis], if he continued to fight with the old man, the result would only be a double fatalities. Since his vendetta had already been avenged, is there anything more for him to fight for?

Therefore, he suddenly bowed with his fists and said, “I have lost, Elderly Senior. Farewell!” With that, he turned his around and left!

This was totally out of the long beard elderly man’s expectations! When Zhan Bai had said he was leaving, he had actually left. He was left in shocked for a while on the same spot…

After Zhan Bai had taken a few steps, he suppressed his reversing blood and vital energy and somersaulted towards the walls. He could hear Murong Hong, Zhan Wan’Er, Jin Caifeng and even Lei Dashu calling out for him but he did not turn his head around.

He ran out of the City of Nanjing and ran along the river. He ran past the Mountain Rocks of the Twelve Caves, past its lofty peaks and into a covered cave. Next he ran to the Death Soul Valley and he heard the noise of running water and his eyes saw the white rock that was overgrown with tall grasses. It was where Cuicui had pledged her body and used her feminine pudenda energy as a therapy to smooth his burning body heat. By now, he could not suppress his injuries any longer and he fell down headlong onto that big white rock!

Time passed, he did not know how long had he been unconscious. But he could feel an itchiness on his nose and he had sneezed two times. And then he had awakened!

He saw the rising sun and the singing of the birds. So the night was over and dawn had arrived!

He opened his eyes again because he had suddenly saw Cuicui leaning slanting besides him and on her snow white fingers, she was holding a strange feather with a five colors. He wondered which bird did she get it from? And she was smiling alluring at him, playing with the feather and ticking it on his nose!

Zhan Bai immediately crawled up in a hurry. “You…”

Cuicui threw away the feather and said to him. “You and I are a perfectly matched heavenly couple. We will lead a carefree life together, we do not care about the glory and splendor of the riches of the world.. Everything is just but a dream. And feuds are but a nightmare.”

“You and me, we would not meddle with the affairs of the pugilist fraternity and find a cave to lead our remaining lives in bliss and delightful joy!”

“Bai Gege! At this moment of time, you must not refuse me anymore!”

Zhan Bai was moved in his heart but still, there was still something buried in his heart. “I…”

Cuicui was an extremely bright person. Even before Zhan Bai could continue, she said. “Bai Gege, your father’s vendetta had been completed. Now there is nothing for you to worry about. It is time to be with your little sister as we lead a carefree life as we abandon oneself to nature and to fly away as a pair of mandarin ducks and be like two affectionate couples…”

When Cuicui saw that Zhan Bai was still hesitating in his emotions, she turned her alluring eyes to him and laughed cunningly. “It is because Bai Gege is unable to leave the Murong sisters and the Jiangnan most beautiful maiden?”

Zhan Bai flushed deeply in red when Cuicui exposed his heart. He muttered hesitating, “I have a marriage nuptial agreement with the Elder Murong Sister…”

Cuicui laughed. “These sisters have many feuds left and could not separate their affections and hatred as clearly as we do. Obviously, they could not be with Brother Bai and lead a carefree life. But if any of the three of them would love Bai Gege with all their hearts and would bear to put down the feuds and left their families, fathers and brothers and would not pursue the blood debt of their fathers’ death, they could still be with Bai Gege.”

“Little sister have already thought over it. I will surely co-exist with them peacefully and we will be your beautiful empresses. Bai Gege, don’t you look down on your little sister! I am definitely not a shrew, I am also not a vinegar jar…”

Chapter 46 Ended
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The story so far...
After the fateful duel with the [Ocean Three Aegis], Zhan Bai sustained severed internal injuries. Finally discovered that Cuicui was after all, concerned about him yet he had promised to marry Murong Hong. Afraid to hurt Cuicui, Murong Hong and Wan'Er, Zhan Bai began to exhaust the last of his strength as he ran to all the places that were deeply etched in his memories before he collapsed at the valley where Cuicui once nursed him back to health.

But Cuicui found him...

As Zhan Bai had pledged not to meddle in the affairs of the pugilist fraternity, the Nanhai Clan began their plans to subjugate the entire martial fraternity unopposed.

Chapter 47: The Great Nirvana Divine Palm

Zhan Bai sighed heavily before saying. “ Sister, you are so considerate towards your big brother. But, I…”

But Cuicui’s eyes were rolling left and right before she shouted. “Who is that? How dare you eavesdropped on my conversation! Hurry show yourself up and to die!”

Zhan Bai was stunned with disbelief. He had not imagined Cuicui’s hearing to be this sharp! Even before he could detect the intruder, she had already discovered the intruder’s presence!

Just as Cuicui had finished speaking, a shadowy figure emerged from a big tree not far away from here!

In this foggy place, it was impossible to see the intruder’s face but the person had to be an accomplished exponent!

The intruder began to laugh before exclaiming. “I am trying to get some sleep around here but the two of you are chirping so noisy and disturbing my rest. I have not faulted you guys yet you have faulted me! Aren’t you being unreasonable!” And the intruder began to turn around to leave.

Cuicui hummed coldly but without seeing her making any changes in her present posture, she had already flashed as though she was a lightning bolt at a move of her shoulders and she was now standing in front of the intruder!

The intruder was surprised at Cuicui’s swiftness movement act for her speed was beyond her imagination. Also, the intruder did not know what she wanted so therefore, the intruder began to lift to pose in a defensive martial posture to fight her off at any instant!

At the same time, Zhan Bai had reached the scene. Borrowing the dim light of the stars and the moon, he could now see the intruder’s face and he grasped in surprise. “It is you!”

The intruder began to laugh in an insolence manner. “What’s the matter? You did not expect it would be me right? But I have already known it is you. I have never expected the renowned [Heartless Precious Sword] would have such martial bliss to have such an understanding and generous wife. Oh, it seems that you are to be surrounded by your lovelies soon enough!”

Zhan Bai knew the intruder was mocking him and he flushed. He muttered, “Brother…Fan Su…It been a long time. I never guessed that you have learnt to tell jokes now!…”

She was indeed Fan Suluan, from Zhenjiang Qilin Manor. She was disguising in a man clothing. In front of Cuicui, Zhan Bai was not willing to expose her identity. Therefore he addressed her as a brother.

But Cuicui was smiling coldly and she was pointing her smooth finger at Fan Suluan. “You can drop your pretense in front of me! Did you think I would not see through your disguise? Humph! I have already known you are a girl!”

This time round, it was Fan Suluan’s turn to flush. She had expected that this extraordinary beautiful maiden whose beauty was like a fairy would have such a sharp eyes that she could see through her disguises!

At first, she wanted to jeer at her but now, she was being jeer by her instead. So for a moment, she was too speechless to say anything.

By now, Zhan Bai had absorbed much from his previous experiences with Wan’Er. Afraid that Cuicui would once more flared up her jealousy and afraid that she would fight with Fan Suluan, he panicky said, “Sister Cui, don’t you worry! It was her style to disguise herself as a man!…”

All of a sudden, Cuicui withdrew her tense expressions with a chuckle. It was like the ending of an air of dark malevolent and a return to the blossoming of the flowers in the spring.

She chuckled for a long time before she ceased her laughter. “My Brother Bai! Don’t you worry. Did not sister say I would not be envy again? Wan’Er, Murong Hong, Jin Caifeng and one more, I would not consider this additional to be too much!…”

Fan Suluan was shamed into anger by her and solemnly, she shouted at her, “Shameless!”

All of a sudden, Cuicui ceased her laughs and gave her a slap, leaving five red imprints on her face!

When Cuicui gave Fan Suluan a slap, her movement was astonishing fast. Not only did Fan Suluan failed to dodge her slap, even Zhan Bai was not quick enough to stop her!

This slap stunned Fan Suluan and was totally unexpected for her and Zhan Bai!

The strong willed Fan Suluan was still grieving from her clan unexpected demise. How could she have endured Cuicui’s humiliating actions? Therefore, feeling indignant that she was below par with her, her beautiful face turned ghastly and she branded a silver whip with eighteen hooks from her waist!

This whip was her father’s famous conqueror whip. He did not imparted it to his three sons but left it for her.

Zhan Bai thought that Fan Suluan intended to fight it all out with her life with Cuicui. Knowing that she was definitely not Cuicui’s match and that Cuicui’s would retaliate viciously and that Suluan would immediately come to harm, he took two steps forward and interrupted hastily. “Fan Su…maiden” He was wondering to call her brother or maiden. At last he thought it was wiser to call her maiden.

“Please do not misunderstood. Cuicui, Cuicui…”

He halted here for he did not know what was Cuicui thinking about?

All of a sudden, Suluan clenched her teeth and she turned her hand with her whip around to deal a blow on the top of her head!

This strong willed maiden was actually thinking of committing suicide!

Zhan Bai was greatly shocked and with lightning quick reflexes, he snatched the silver whip from her with a stroke and asked, “Maiden Fan! Why must you contemplate to this desperation?…”

But before Zhan Bai could finish, Fan Suluan ran towards the woods, grieving sorrowfully!

“Maiden Fan! Maiden Fan!…” Zhan Bai was panicky and called out after her as he pursued her. Firstly, he had to clarify this misunderstanding to her. Secondly, he was afraid that she would contemplate suicide!

The innocent and delicate Cuicui was left in shock in the darkness! She had not expected words alone would drive that maiden to lose her will to live!

For Zhan Bai to catch up with Fan Suluan, he needed only eighteen steps with his present swiftness movement skills, ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ but just as he was about to reach her, a dark shadowy figure dropped down from a big tree and headed towards him!

The dark figure was as fast as lightning and Zhan Bai was greatly taken aback for he could not see what exactly it was! Therefore he immediately dodged out of its way before turning around to have a closer look!

It was a big headed person with small legs and he was no more than three feet in height! And he was grinning with his white teeth towards him! He was none other than the [Three Inch Dwarf]!

Zhan Bai coldly hummed and asked, “Where are your two protégé masters?”

Even though Zhan Bai was a frank person who was quite nice to strangers but he hatred evil with a vengeance. Ever since he had heard from the [Divine Ape] how he had been set upon by his two evil heretic despicable disciples and how they had betrayed their benevolent protégé master, he chose to ignore the [Three Inch Dwarf] challenge and asked of his protégé masters whereabouts instead!

[Three Inch Dwarf] shook his head as he muttered under his breath. “Young master I, will be the one that will take away your dog life and why are you still asking for my two protégé masters?

And with that, he unleashed a stroke called the ‘Little Goblin Grab’ and attacked Zhan Bai on his left shoulder as he turned his body!

Zhan Bai was furious when the [Three Inch Dwarf] attacked him all of a sudden. He evaded his left arm away from him and took a step with his right footing and attacked the [Three Inch Dwarf] on his back with his hand.

But the [Three Inch Dwarf] was slippery, not only did he evaded Zhan Bai’s attack but he had continued with his ‘Little Goblin Grab’ once more!

Zhan Bai had not expected that the martial level of the [Three Inch Dwarf] would have improved by this leap and bounds since their last meeting at the Swallow Lake! Not only was he quick with his attacks but his attacks were also wondrous to behold!

He dare not underestimate his opponent any longer and unleashed the ‘Raging Thunder and Violent Wind’ stance as he converted his palm into a blade as he struck the [Three Inch Dwarf]’s head!

But with a terrifying shriek, the [Three Inch Dwarf] swayed his head away and attacked Zhan Bai on his right arm! Again, it was the ‘Little Goblin Grab’!

[Three Inch Dwarf] was constantly attacking with the [Little Goblin Push] no matter if he were attacking on the left or right of Zhan Bai!

Even as Zhan Bai was taken aback so was the [Three Inch Dwarf] who was even more startled!

It was because after that fateful meeting at the Sparrow Tea Tavern and after he was dealt a blow by Zhan Bai, his two protégé masters and he had returned to their Hellish Ghost Valley where they concentrated on improving their martial skills. Only when the three of them felt confident enough to oppose the [Divine Ape] did they dare to emerge from their recluse. But then, news of how the [Divine Ape] and the [Divine Donkey] had perished in a duel in the Death Soul Valley began to spread around the pugilist fraternity!

In order to verify this news, the three of them went to the Mountain Rocks of the Twelve Caves to investigate around. And finally, they had found the grave of the [Divine Ape] Tie Ling in a desolate cave!

It was as though a heavy burden had been lifted from the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] and they were extremely delighted but the [Three Inch Dwarf] created a dine instead that he wanted to find Zhan Bai to avenge the hatred of being dealt a blow!

“That is easy!” The Senior Extraordinary [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] exclaimed. “Your Protégé Master will impart you the. Do not underestimate this skill even though it have only three strokes, as its power was extremely awesome. Actually, you just need one stroke, the ‘Little Goblin Grab’ and you can send that young man Zhan Bai to his grave!”

This gladdened the heart of the [Three Inch Dwarf] and he was eager to try out the ‘Dazzling Ghost Hands’ on Zhan Bai to vent his pent-up frustrations!

But who had expected that after meeting Zhan Bai and after he had used the ‘Little Goblin Grab’ over and over again for five, seven times, he had not even grab even a single piece of clothing from him!

Moreover, Zhan Bai was deflecting his stroke with his stroke, fighting stance with his stance and he was as composed as ever. It was as though he did not use all his strength! This caused the [Three Inch Dwarf] to be taken aback and aroused his anger!

Therefore with a great shout, he changed his hand strokes and separated his left and right hands and used the ‘Swallow Piercing the Clouds’ and charged towards Zhan Bai’s chest!

Zhan Bai was shocked and he thought, “What sort of a stance and stroke is this?…”

Even though this stroke appeared to be a suicidal charge but in the entire martial fraternity, no other clans and sects had this form of suicidal stance!

Actually this was the second stroke of the ‘Dazzling Ghost Hands’ and was called the ‘Tong of the Hades King’. There were five hidden stances in this single stance; the head, two arms and two legs could all be used at the same time and it utilized the theory of the formless against the target and it was like fighting off three attacks at the same time! This was really a most marvelous killing stance!

That renowned iron head of the [Three Inch Dwarf] was especially deadly. He had practiced the Iron Hammer Head martial skill and a blow from his head was equivalent to a thousand cattie! It was strong enough to break a tree!

And he had two short swords hidden beneath his shoes and when he kicked with both his legs, the force was powerful enough to even break the Golden Bell Stance, the Iron Shroud Stance and all similar types of skills!

As Zhan Bai did not know what kind of stance was this, therefore he displayed the ‘Raging Thunder and Violent Wind’ with one hand, aiming at his incoming head!

But the [Three Inch Dwarf] evaded Zhan Bai’s blow by lifting his head and he clasped his hands together as he spin down towards the top of Zhan Bai’s head!

Zhan Bai was greatly taken aback by this sudden change of stance and he blocked with both his hands as he exclaimed silently. “What a close shave!…”

But the [Three Inch Dwarf] did not stop there and he bent over both his legs and stabbed the two short swords at Zhan Bai’s eyes!

Zhan Bai gave a great shout. “Oh no!…”

It was a good thing that he had learnt the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and in this moment of great crisis, he flashed away like a shadow and there was no sight of him at the same spot!

[Three Inch Dwarf] hit the empty air and he turned around in mid-air and landed on the ground and was stunned!

His ‘Tong of the Hades King’ had almost succeeded and there was no way that Zhan Bai dared to block his two short swords with his bared hands and there was also no way he could have dodged in so short a notice! But just when he was about to pierce Zhan Bai’s eyes, there was no sight of him!?

Did Zhan Bai learn a Taoist tunneling skill?

Just when he was confused and looking everywhere for Zhan Bai, he heard a cold smirk from behind him.

[Three Inch Dwarf] was so startled with fright that he quickly turned around and saw that Zhan Bai was no more than a yard away from him and that he was smiling coldly at him!

[Three Inch Dwarf] was startled and anger at the same time. With a loud shrieking shout, he plunged into Zhan Bai and again, it was the ‘Tong of the Hades King’!

This time round, Zhan Bai sunk his head solemnly and angrily shouted, “You are courting death!” And he began to muster the martial power of the ‘Heavenly Subduing Buddha Hands’ and used the ‘Dispersing the Evil Air’ stance in a wipe towards the [Three Inch Dwarf]!

There was a startling windforce like a huge invisible wave as it hurried furiously towards the top of the [Three Inch Dwarf] head!

[Three Inch Dwarf] immediately sensed something was amiss as he felt raining iron pins that slashed furiously on his head. But as he was in the midst of a charge, he had no time to change his stance and there was a violent impact on his head as he was threw back three yards away and he landed unmoving on the ground. He was dead the instance his iron hammer head had been shattered!

Zhan Bai was still in shock over the scene when two shadowy figures emerged with a sorrowful wailing from the same big tree that the [Three Inch Dwarf] had emerged!

They hurried in front of him and Zhan Bai had a sudden cold shiver. It was because judging from their body and swiftness movement skill, this martial display was an epitome art in the martial fraternity!

One of elderly men had a red hair, monkey like face and the other was clothed in a thick winter garment!

Zhan Bai instantly recognized them as the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] from the Hellish Ghost Valley. Indeed, they were the [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] Chang Quer and the [Hidden Sprite] Wen Zhengqi!

And now, the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] were staring at him viciously and their four eyes were like four piercing swords and this sent a cold shiver in Zhan Bai’s heart!

Zhan Bai was feeling guilty that he had killed their beloved protégé disciple with his blow but all of a sudden, when he remembered how they had plotted to kill their protégé master, he was aroused to anger by their evil deeds and he immediately regained his courage!

The [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] looked viciously at him and said, “Rascal! You dare to kill my beloved disciple! Unless I have torn you to pieces, it will not extinguished the hatred in my heart!”

[Hidden Sprite] laughed coldly for awhile. And his laughter was even more terrible to behold than the wail of a banshee!

It had the effect of making the hair on Zhan Bai to stand up as goose pimples shivered through him!

“Older Protégé Brother!” [Hidden Sprite] Wen Zhengqi grinned coldly and eerily. “To tear him to pieces is actually too easy a death for him! I want to use the ‘Negative Channeling Accupoint’, ‘Five Negative Soul’. ‘Bone Breaking Hands’, ‘Skinning Fresh’ and all the most vicious and cruel methods on this young fellow. I would let him suffer for forty-nine days and then cut him to bits slowly!”

Zhan Bai turned to the heavens and laughed aloud. “No matter how vicious you two despicable old men are, you can never wash away your transgression of murdering your protégé master!”

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] were taken aback and there was a surprise in their faces but it quickly turned to an air of killing malevolent.

They almost shouted aloud together. “What rubbish are you talking about? You did not even know our protégé master is and yet you are badmouthing us. Is it because you are about to die soon and you are thinking of slandering us!…”
Zhan Bai laughed, “If you do not want others to know your evil deeds, then don’t commit it! From your decent clothing, both of you seemed to study a few years of the ancient rites. So how come, both of you did not know of this saying?…”

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] expressions turned even more ashen and the Older Extraordinary, the [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] shouted angrily at him, “Tell us then! Tell us then! Who is our benevolent protégé master then? If you can’t answer it, I will not let you die so easily!”

Zhan Bai looked disdainfully at him and replied in a slow, unhurried manner. “The [Divine Ape] Tie Ling! Am I right then?”

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] shivered with rage and the [Hidden Sprite] Wen Zhengqi exploded angrily, “Older Protégé Brother! Let not talk any further with him! Let us join hands and sent him violently to his death first!”

The Elder Extraordinary, the [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] had exactly that in mind. It was because this matter was too serious and if it spread to the pugilist fraternity, they would become the common enemy of all the pugilists! Therefore, they decided to silence Zhan Bai now!

Without replying to his Younger Protégé Brother, the [Hidden Sprite], the [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] immediately mustered his extraordinary martial power and gathered his vital energies and the energy burst out with a explosive loud sound around him!

The [Hidden Sprite] clenched both his hands and he too, was mustering his extraordinary martial powers!

Zhan Bai knew instantly that this deadly fight was avoidable now!

And he too, prepared himself to welcome his opponents but he said to them, “I have an agreement with others that from now, I will not meddle in the affairs of the pugilist fraternity. If the two of you insist on coming to arms with me, then will the two of you leave something behind as a proof to prove that you are the ones that force me to fight. And I will gladly accept your challenge…”

The Elder Extraordinary, the [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] interrupted with a shout. “So much rubbish!”

The Junior Extraordinary [Hidden Sprite] shouted at the same time, “No matter what, today you are going to die! What there to leave any proof for?”

And they attacked at the same time.

[Red Hair Immortal Monkey] attacked with his newly acquired skill, the ‘Dark Malevolent Hands’ that he had so painstakingly mastered and unleashed the stroke ‘Dark Soul Hand’ violently at Zhan Bai’s face!

At the same time, the [Hidden Sprite] with a swipe off his robe, unleashed his newly acquired skill, the ‘Negative Wind Palm’ at Zhan Bai’s left arm!

Both extraordinary super fighters were perfected in their co-ordinations and executions! Not only that, their blows were also awesome powerful!

Zhan Bai was silently taken aback by the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary]. It was because their martial skills were a rarity indeed in the fraternity. Secondly, he had no confidence that he could win and could fight them both at the same time. Therefore he was not willing to take their strokes.

Therefore, he moved away from their deadly attacks with the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’!

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] were taken aback but they were many notches above the [Three Inch Dwarf]. Even though Zhan Bai’s swiftness movement skill were marvelous beyond comparison but they turned just as quickly and unleashed a blow each towards Zhan Bai!

So powerful were their blows that the windforce shrieked with a piercing sound and it sent the rocks and dust to scatter around!

Once again, Zhan Bai dodged their attacks but he did not retaliated.

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] attacked like they were berserkers and with a thunderous shout, they moved with their body swiftness skill and executed two deadly masterstrokes at the same time!

The scene was covered with the shadows of their palms and hands as it rained down upon Zhan Bai!

Even though the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ was extraordinary marvelous but from the look of it, Zhan Bai would have to retaliate if he were to escape unscathed!

All of a sudden, a fragrance breeze came blowing and an invisible force, as heavy as a mountain came forth and there was a thunderous blow and both [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] were forced to take three steps backward!

They were shocked because they found the incoming blow to be irresistible powerful and was impossible to resist and overcome!

And a slim and small man with a green face and red hair appeared in front of them!
The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] did not recognize the person that was standing in front of them. [Red Hair Immortal Monkey] shouted thunderously, “Rascal, who are you? How dare you interfere with the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary]!”

[Hidden Sprite] shouted as well. “Rascal, you must be tired of living!”

The green face, red hair weird person was of course Liu Cuicui. She had worn a mask and had disguised her voice as she shouted with a weird voice. “Stop being so talkative! Take this!” And she separated her hands and aimed left and right at them!

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] accepted the blow at the same time!

There was two thunderous clanking sound and once again, the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] were each forced back three steps backward!

Cuicui chuckled and asked, “Is that what both of you got? Such a level of accomplishment and yet you still dare to show such insolence! Aren’t you ashamed?”

This caused the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] to burst out in rage and they mustered their martial power with loud shrieking and unleashed their blows towards Cuicui!

Cuicui had not ceased her laughter yet and she extended out her beautiful white hands much like a butterfly in a delicate manner towards them.

Once again, there were two thunderous explosive claps and the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] were jolted five, six steps backwards!

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] had been beaten back thrice and they were now extremely furious and their abdomens were charged with their vital energies. But they knew that they were not the weird person’s match.

Cuicui chuckled in her weird voice and asked, “Come! Why did you stop now?” As she said, she lifted up her hands and between her palms, was two glaring white glowing light!

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] immediately turned gravely ashen and both of them cried out in shock. “The Great Nirvana Divine Palm!”

Cuicui laughed coldly, “Are you afraid now?” And then she pushed out her hands towards them!

A gigantic pressure began to materialize in front of them and it was everywhere!

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] was totally lost all their countenances and all they wanted to do, was to turn around and fled but that invisible pressure was like a gigantic invisible net that created such a heavy gravity on them that they were completed rooted on the ground. Even lifting their foot to run was impossible!
This was the first time that the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary], after countless battles and fights had experienced such a phenomenon! They were so terrified that it was all written in their faces!

Who would expect that these two high and mighty insolent super fighters would be so afraid of death!

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai shouted from behind. “Cuicui!…”

When Cuicui heard Zhan Bai’s voice, she had suddenly remembered that her Bai Gege had always opposed her to kill the innocents. Therefore in order not to make him unhappy, she withdrawn her martial power and put down her hands before coldly said. “On accord of Bai Gege, I will spare both of your doggy lives! Now scram!”

The [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] dare not even say a single word and they turned to flee like two big rats!

They did not even bothered to take away the corpse of the [Three Inch Dwarf] away!

When Zhan Bai saw that Cuicui had let the [Jiangnan Two Extraordinary] go, he stomped the ground and rebuked Cuicui angrily. “Cuicui! Why did you let them go?”

Cuicui removed her mask and stared with her big bewildered eyes at him and asked. “Hello! My Bai Gege! Don’t you wish for me not to kill the innocents, right?”

Zhan Bai stomped the ground. “They had plotted against their benevolent protégé master and they are heartless, despicable heretics! You shouldn’t have let them go!”

Cuicui pursed her lips and she was unhappy. “Now this is difficult! Sometimes you don’t want me to kill and sometimes you want me to kill. How would I know when you want me to do this or that?”

Zhan Bai too, became angry and exclaimed. “What do I want you to do? As long as you do not create more problems for me, I would be happy! Earlier, you have driven off Maiden Fan by upsetting her and now you have let those evil despicable men off!…”

Cuicui beautiful features turned ashen and without waiting for Zhan Bai to finish, she interrupted in rage, “Fine! I will not create problems for you anymore! I’ll leave!”

Because Zhan Bai was still fuming with her, when Cuicui left, he did not stop her. But in actuality, Cuicui was too quick for Zhan Bai to stop her even if he had tried.

Only when she had disappeared in the dark, did Zhan Bai mutter under his breath. “Since you want to leave, leave then! I shall not be bothered…”

Even though he was exclaiming that, but he felt a great emptiness in his heart!

Chapter 47 Ended
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Chapter 48: The Promise

The night had turned cold and numerous dark clouds had flurried past. Even the crows had started to desert from the trees and spread their wings.

In this foggy night, a sense of loneliness overwhelmed him as he became a lone figure in this wilderness!

Indeed, who could feel the loneliness of a hero?

All of a sudden, a few shadowy figures emerged from the hills opposite! Their movements were hurried and when they saw Zhan Bai, they ran as though they were in flight towards him!

“Worthy Nephew!”

“Young Benevolent Master!”

“Brother Zhan!”

Even though they were still in a far distance but their resounding shouts could be heard.

Zhan Bai lifted his eyes and took a look. It was Lei Dashu, the [Two Equivocal], Old Escort Ru and Murong Hong!

Even though they were all top martial exponents but still, they were all breathless from the run.

Lei Dashu, with his disheveled hair, was the first to speak, as he shouted, “Worthy Nephew! Why are you here all by yourself?”

The [Two Equivocal] added, ““Young Benevolent Master! We have been looking all over for you!”

Murong Hong blurted out, “Brother Zhan…” From that simple musing, coming from this regal and overbearing young maiden, spoke volumes of her love and affections for him.

Zhan Bai looked around him and was instantly touched by their innocuous and sincere gestures. He knew now that he was not lonely anymore. There were still many people who were concerned about him and love him!

It was impossible for Man to separate themselves from love! Heroes were no exceptions too!

Old Escort Ru had the most pugilist experience. He had met all sorts and all kinds of people. Eventually, he had grown to be very good at differentiate people. When he saw that Zhan Bai was shaking his head and sighing, he guessed as much what was on his mind.

Therefore he made a distracting cough before saying, “Worthy Brother Zhan! It is just a small setback. Do not put it in your heart! Even though that long beard elderly man’s internal power is higher than you but my worthy brother, you are still young. As long as you put in more efforts into your martial training, I am sure you be able to overtake that bearded old man, even winning effortlessly is also not a problem. By then, the entire martial fraternity would also regard you with tremendous respect! Haha…” And the rustic Old Escort Chief began to laugh merrily.

Zhan Bai knew that Old Escort Chief Ru was trying to comfort him. But under this circumstance, the more he was comforted, the more guilt he felt. It was because in the past, someone had once said, “Nothing else could represent victory”. That was why there was another saying, “The victor is the champion while the defeated is the villain”.

Zhan Bai bowed with his hands, “Elderly Brother! Please forgive your brother for being so useless…”

Living Dead Man, the Older Equivocal, was showing a deeply affected emotion on his usual expressionless face as he interrupted hurriedly, “Young Benevolent Master! Why fault yourself? If Young Benevolent Master is useless, then are we even much more useless?”

Dead Living Man blinked his eyes as he too, rushed to speak. “It isn’t because Young Benevolent Master’s martial skills are poor but because you have to fight three people at a time and is disadvantaged by their superior numbers. If it is a one to one fight, I, Dead Living Man, will definitely place a gambit that the long beard old man will never be Young Benevolent Master’s match!”

Zhan Bai bowed with his hands and said, “My respect thanks to all the praises heap by all my seniors but Zhan Bai has already made a promise that if I lose, I will surely retire from the pugilist fraternity.”

Lei Dashu sighed. “Exactly the same temperament as his father. Once a word is given, even undo death, it will not changed!”

Old Escort Chief Ru quickly exclaimed “No matter what, Worthy Brother Zhan, you mustn’t retire from the pugilist fraternity. Now that the Nanhai Clan has invaded the Central Plains and they had so many numerous top fighters, each with their own unique skills. Moreover, they are all ruthless and vicious, disdaining the Central Plains Fraternity."

"Except for you, there is really no one else that can really oppose the top exponents of the Nanhai Clan. If Worthy Brother Zhan really retire from the martial fraternity, you will really fallen into the stratagem of the Nanhai Clan and they will have nothing to fear anymore! Then, won’t the entire Central Plains Fraternity be littered with mountains of corpses and awash with oceans of blood!”

The [Two Equivocal] almost exclaimed at the same time. “Old Escort Chief Ru is right! Young Benevolent Master! With regards to this cruel and vicious clan from other shores, there is no need for us to apply the honor and righteousness of the pugilist…”

Lei Dashu interrupted them and said, “We can’t say like that! As long as we are in the pugilist fraternity, we must have the codes of chivalry residing in us! We must have honestly and sincerity. Once a promise has been made, it mustn’t be broken. Or else, can we still consider ourselves to be heroes? Are we then, any different from those treacherous villains?”

Zhan Bai was wholly impressed by Lei Dashu’s speech and he was nodding with great appraise and so do, everyone else.

Lei Dashu paused for a while before he continued, “We need to make a long term plan for this matter. Let’s go! Let us first go back to Baotu Manor and then we have another discussion on that.”

And he turned around and left!

This was the easily the most appreciable trait of Lei Dashu. When he decided firmly to go, he would immediately set off, there was nothing pretentious.

When Murong Hong heard that they would be returning to the Baotu Manor, she was immediately in cloud nine and she looked engaging at Zhan Bai with a sweet smile and said, “Let us go then!”

Zhan Bai felt that, what Lei Dashu had said, made sense. Therefore, he found no reason to reject his suggestions. As he walked rapidly with Murong Hong, he began to asked, “Where is Wan’Er?”

Murong Hong smiled, “She has decided to go home first!”

Zhan Bai began to let go of a long sigh.

Murong Hong looked with great concern at him, thinking that he had not yet recovered from the internal injuries inflicted by the long beard old man and asked concernedly, “Brother Zhan, are you feeling unwell somewhere?”

“Nothing, er…nothing…” Zhan Bai stammered quickly. In actual fact, with his present martial power, as long as he could rest, he could quickly recover from the more minor palm blows. But his emotions were confused and mixed because Wan’Er had been secretly in love with him but, how then could he break this to Murong Hong?

As they all had a solid martial foundation, their movements were indeed extremely swift. It took them no longer than noon to reach the town of Xinglong.

Zhan Bai began to recall back that months ago, how he had come to this town and how he was rejected from every inns. He turned around to everyone to say, “This area is under the predominance of Yao Bingkun, the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] whose Protégé Master is Young Master Anle. Since the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] had been killed by the [Three Ocean Aegis], I wonder who is now in charge of this place?”

Old Escort Chief Ru was startled. “[Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] Yao Bingkun whose mastery of the Blood Sloe Skill has reached its zenith and coupled with that ‘Cactaceae’ weapon of his , is invincible throughout the Su and Lu areas. His gunpowder is so deadly, what happens? Even he has perished in the hands of the [Ocean Three Aegis]?

Lei Dashu replied unhurriedly, “Yao Bingkun is only powerful with the use of gunpowder and with the secret projectiles. Actually, his martial ability is just mediocre. But he is an extremely haughty person. I have longed wanted to meet him but a pity, there is no chance of it being realized now.”

As they chatted, they had entered the town and they saw the streets were littered with beggars with haversacks.

These beggars wielded the ‘Dog Beating Sticks’ in their hands and they looked hurried, seemingly going towards the same direction. They did not even bothered to ask for alms from the shops.

But because most of them were experienced pugilists, they had guessed that they were from the Beggar Sect and guessed as much, these beggars had a gathering in this town therefore they were not bewildered and continued on their own way.

Only Murong Hong, who was a mistress of an aristocracy family and had never stepped out of her home before, was bewildered and she asked curiously, “Why is there so many beggars in this town?

Old Escort Chief Ru lowered his voice to say, “Maiden! Do not meddle in their affairs. They are all protégé members of the Beggar Sect!”

“Even beggars have a Sect?” Murong Hong was even more bewilderment in her heart but she did ask further. She could only stared with her big bewildering eyes in great curiosity at the movements of those beggars.

Even those beggars were dressed in broken rags but they were all ably built and their walking steps were like flights. They had a rich countenance on their faces, their eyes were sharp and their spirits were full of life. With no doubt, all of them possessed had a highly accomplished martial foundation!

All of them had at least three to four haversacks on their backs. There were even those with as many as seven haversacks, the least would have two haversacks. Even their ‘Dog Beating Sticks’ had different coloration. Some of the bamboo sticks were green, some yellow and tan.

Naturally, a noble mistress of Murong Hong’s upbringings that had never stepped out of her home would never know the significant of the colors of those bamboo sticks.

But Lei Dashu, Old Escort Chief Ru, the [Two Equivocal] and the others naturally knew that the colors of those bamboo sticks and their haversacks represented their status and their martial ranks in the Beggar Sect.

But even experienced pugilists like Old Escort Chief Ru and the others were gloomy and puzzled as they looked on. It was because those beggars with seven haversacks and above were the elders and the foremost top exponents of the Beggar Sect. And especially, those wielding green bamboo sticks were so many, it was obvious that they were all top fighters!

As they continued to walk, they saw more and more of the beggars who had grouped themselves in groups of three and five.

Zhan Bai could not resist his curiosity any longer and said in a low voice, “The Beggar Sect has always been under the command of Young Master Duanfang. Why are they now in the territory of Young Master Anle? Has something happened?”

Lei Dashu nodded his head and replied, “Nephew, you are quite right! Go! Let us take a look!” And he went swiftly towards the direction of the gathering.

Even Old Escort Chief Ru and the [Two Equivocal] did not want any troubles but Lei Dashu left them with little choice and they too, followed after him.

As Zhan Bai and Murong Hong were both curious, they did not hesitate at all.

They had entered a long lane and it was really a long lane. After walking for some fifty yards, they still did not see any end to it.

As they continued to walk, all of a sudden, three beggars sprang from nowhere and blocked their passage. They had a yellow bamboo stick in their hands and one of the beggars, who had four haversacks on his back, shouted to them. “Stop where you are! From the looks of it, you people look rich and are rascals from the pugilist fraternity as well. Can’t you tell that there is a beggar gathering in front?”

Lei Dashu laughed aloud and said, “Indeed! We are friends of the beggars and we have come for the gathering!”

The three beggars were momentarily startled and stared viciously at Lei Dashu, looking extremely doubtful.

It was because even though Lei Dashu was as disheveled as them but his clothing was quite clean.

And then, the beggar on the left, who spotted a white beard began to laugh coldly. “Friend, how dare you try to spook us with your tricks! You must be blind! Firstly, you have no ranks on you. Secondly, you do not have any tokens of identity. Do you think by a few mere words, you can walk past us and see our Grandmaster? Dream on instead!”

Old Escort Chief Ru was greatly taken aback and he stepped forward. “What? The Beggar Sect is holding their chief ceremony gathering here?”

But the three beggars refused to say anymore.

Lei Dashu was infuriated and he exclaimed, “I am Lei Zhengyuan. Even your elders in the Beggar Sect, the [Three Marvelous Beggars] would not shown such disrespect to me. How dare you juniors be so insolence, it is really so infuriating!” With that, he began to barge forward!

The three beggars immediately drew their bamboo sticks into a stance. If Lei Dashu did not retreat immediately, with only his bare hands, he would surely be injured by their bamboo sticks!

But Lei Dashu was no ordinary man. Decades ago, his seventy-two styles of Enoch Hands were already renowned in the pugilist fraternity. But a pity, these juniors did not know of him because by the time, they were in the pugilist fraternity, he had already been leading a reclusive life. That was why even though he had reported his name, these three beggars did not know that this disheveled and queer man was the same man that had shook the entire fraternity decades ago, the [Enoch Hand] Lei Zhengyuan!

Just when the bamboo sticks were about to strike him, Lei Dashu gave a thunderous shout, “Back off!” And he swung his sleeves around and a flurrying windforce struck the three beggars five to six steps backward. Even their yellow bamboo sticks in their hands were disarmed from their hands!

The three beggars could feel a burning sensation in their right hands and their upper bodies were numbed and their vital energies in their organs were weak. They gave a startled shout together, “Some one is trying to barge in!”

All of a sudden, tens of beggars began to appear from the lanes. All of them carrying five haversacks and carrying a bamboo. These were the second-generation top fighters of the Beggar Sects!

At the same time, from the rooftops, were numerous beggars from the Beggar Sect, each carrying a bow and they were aiming at them, waiting to let loose of their volley of arrows!

Everyone was greatly taken aback. They had not expected the Beggar Sect would have such tightly defensive formation awaiting here.

In this narrow lane, with little room to maneuver their body movements, if the volley of arrows came, it was really not easy to deal with even with the skills of Lei Dashu and the others!

Zhan Bai shouted hurriedly, “I am Zhan Bai. I will like to pay a visit to Young Master Duanfang. I wonder if you can help me convey the message!”

An old beggar with five haversacks and a green bamboo gave a cold smirk, “We have already known you in the Death Soul Valley! We have no other intentions. Please bear with it instead!”

So it seemed that these beggars had already known Zhan Bai in the Death Soul Valley when they fought with the [Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence]. At that time, Zhan Bai and Wan’Er had injured quite a number of the beggars, therefore they had recognized him.

The old beggar took out a bundle of ropes and added, “As long as you agree to tie yourself up, we will not make things difficult for you. When we see our Grandmaster, as long as he gives a command, we will release all of you. Or else…” He began to hum twice. Then he looked on the two rows of roofs above and gave a loud shout, “Or else, I will let you have the taste of being a meatball!”

Was he not threatening them with their lives?

Zhan Bai was greatly upset while Lei Dashu laughed coldly. “The Beggar Sect do not intentional make enemies of others. That is why the Sect can find a footing in the pugilist fraternity and grow in strength in the entire fraternity. It is so unlike now, showing off your militia strength in such an arrogant manner and even set up a trap for the pugilists that stand on your side. Humph! Humph! I am afraid that the Beggar Sect will soon be destroyed in your hands!”

The old beggar replied with a cold smirk, “You are about to face a certain die and yet you still dare to mouth such insolent words! When I have counted to five, if all of you did not tie yourselves up, I will give the order for the volleys of arrows!”

And he lifted his hand and lifted his five fingers. He closed one finger and shouted, “One!”

Lei Dashu did not bulge, so did Zhan Bai and the rest.

The old beggar closed his secondary finger and said in a loud and clear voice, “Two!”

Zhan Bai and the others were secretly mustering and circulating their martial powers as the old beggar shouted, “Three!”


The iron bows on the rooftops were all readied and trained on them!

Lei Dashu, Old Escort Chief Ru and the [Two Equivocal] were all so nervous that their palms broke into cold sweats and they almost could not resist the temptations to strike…!

The beggars who were standing at a further distance were also nervously looking at them!

A big battle was about to erupt soon!

When the old beggar had counted to five, a bloodletting bloodshed would immediately start!

All of a sudden, a thunderous shout was heard “Stop!” And three shadowy figures flew at startling speed towards them!

When the shadowy figures could clearly be seen, three old beggars were seen. They were the three senior elders of the Beggar Sect, the [Three Marvelous Beggars]!

[Crazed Beggar] Zhu Liang turned towards his fellow proteges who were wielding bows, weapons and in a state of high readiness, shouted fiercely, “What are you all waiting for? Hurry and back off! Do you think with your skills, you can stop the renowned [Enoch Hand], the Hero Lei Zhengyuan!”

And the beggars, including the archers on the top of the roof, began to bow respectfully back.

[Crazed Beggar] Zhu Liang turned towards Lei Dashu and said, “My men do not know you. I hope on account of us, three old beggars, you will forgive them for their faults!”

Lei Dashu withdrawn his fierce insolence look and composed himself before saying, “Given our decades of friendship, do we still need to be so polite? But how come the Beggar Sect would come to this small town to hold your chief grandmaster ceremony even though you have the entire fraternity to choose?”

The [Deaf Beggar] could not hear and he was not good with words too, therefore he did not say anything. The [Drunken Beggar] was still in a drunken stupor, so it was up to the [Crazed Beggar] to reply.

“It is really a long story and this is not the place to talk. Let us talk inside instead!”

Lei Dashu laughed. “We have not taken our lunch yet as we been traveling non-stop. Do you think it is enough to fill us all, who come uninvited, given that all your food are alms? We are like the ravenous wolves and not dogs. How about this. Let us first eat at a tavern before we pay you a visit!” And he turned around to walk away.

But the [Crazed Beggar] caught hold of his arm and stared at him. “What is the meaning of this? Even we are a group of poor beggars but we can still afford to treat you people. Let’s us go! If you keep rejecting, then you really not our buddy anymore!”

The [Drunken Beggar] began to laugh merrily, “What a crazy Lei! Ravenous wolves and not dogs. You change us from ravenous dogs that do not feed the wolves to this. You even scolded us beggars!”

And he took out his wine gourd and lifted it high up before exclaiming, “Don’t think that I am just a poor old beggar. I always have beautiful aromatic wine on me! This big gourd contains ten catty of ‘Guizhou Reed’. I want to par three hundred cups with you!…”

And he uncorked the gourd in the presence of everyone. A sweet aromatic fragrance scent could be sniffed by everyone. And he began to sniff it with his nose when the [Deaf Beggar] caught him by his arm and gestured at him with a unhappy face and was shaking his head.

The [Deaf Beggar] had gestured for him to give it to Lei Dashu to drink and not him. If he continued to drink, he would really be drunk!
And then the [Deaf Beggar] began to nod his head and immediately to release his hold on the [Drunken Beggar]. Then he began to gesture to Lei Dashu with his hands, legs and eyes.

But Lei Dashu did not understand therefore the [Drunken Beggar] explained, “That [Deaf Beggar] says that there is still the ‘Beggar Chicken’ awaiting for everyone to feast upon.”

Lei Dashu began to laugh aloud and he nodded at the [Deaf Beggar] many times and said, “Today, this treat is definitely on you guys!”

With that, everyone laughed around.

They were soon led to another long alley and there was another turning that led to a big farmland with a spacious courtyard. Even though there was a large building in front and it looked like a temple but there were no statues of any deities in sight. It looked more like an ancestor shrine but without any tablets.

The courtyard was filled with many beggars. When they saw the [Three Marvelous Beggars] returning with guests, they immediately stood up to give way to them and was respectful as they stood by the side.

Next, they entered a big hall in the building. And in the big hall, were many elderly beggars. These elderly beggars commanded a high status in the Beggar Sect.

Inside the hall, was a painting of an old beggar with white disheveled hair but looked extremely grandeur, in a sitting position. There were two couplets on the painting too.

The first couplet wrote: The founding ancestor of the Beggar Sect, the [Divine Beggar] Dang Chaozong.

The second couplet wrote: Drawn by the second generation disciple of the Beggar Sect, the [Marvelous Painter], Qi Baishi.

What an extraordinary genius was this [Marvelous Painter]. Even though the painting spanned a yard but it was as though it was real!

Sitting below the painting was Young Master Anle and Young Master Duanfang! It seemed that they were both seated at the most important position!

Zhan Bai was slightly taken aback. It was not until his glance was on the lower rows, near to Young Master Duanfang, that he was even taken aback! It was because, a cotton garment young maiden was looking at him with watery and affectionate eyes! Indeed, she was Wan’Er!

But what made Zhan Bai different from ordinary people was because he could think of the others. Young Master Duanfang and Wan’Er looked so compatible. If they could be together, then he would not have so many intangible emotional ties too. With that, his feeling of jealousy vanished…

Young Master Duanfang too, was also taken aback! He had never expected to see Zhan Bai here!

Rather, it was Young Master Anle that was in much happier mood. It was because he harbored lofty thoughts of grand ambitions of recruiting the heroes of the entire fraternity to his banner so that one day, he could lead the entire martial fraternity. In his eyes, Zhan Bai was an extraordinary talent and he had long wanted to recruit him to his cause.

Therefore, when he saw Zhan Bai, he immediately stood up and went to him to greet him with heartwarming sincerity. “It is Brother Zhan! Very glad to see you again!”

Wan’Er too, had stood up and paid her respect to Lei Dashu before she went to her sister.

Lei Dashu was the most taken aback. He had never expected that the leaders of the Beggar Sect would be these two wealthy nobles? He had not expected to see Wan’Er here as well. Therefore, in great bewilderment, he asked her. “Wan’Er! Why is that, you are here?”

Wan’Er laughed and replied, “Your niece is being forced to be a guest here!” And with that, she battled an eye towards Zhan Bai.

Even if Zhan Bai were stupid, by now, he understood that Wan’Er was hinting to him that Young Master Duanfang and her was not an item…

Chapter 48 Ended
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Chapter 49: Heroes of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects

The [Three Marvelous Beggars] immediately introduced everyone to one another. All of a sudden, Lei Dashu recalled that many years ago, there was a rumor in the pugilistic fraternity that the previous Sect Chief [Green Bamboo] of the Beggar Sect, a sect that commanded numerous followers all over the fraternity, had for no apparent reason decided to hand over the leadership rein of the Beggar Sect to Young Master Duanfang.

From the looks of it, it appeared that the rumor was true after all.

Therefore upon recalling, Lei Dashu began to take a closer look at Young Master Duanfang for a few moments.

Even though Young Master Duanfang was sitting at the most important position, he was looking uneasy and his eyes were constantly on the lookout as he shifted his body from time to time.

Even though he was extraordinary beholden to look upon, it was obvious he did not have the ability to command the masses.

Lei Dashu began to sigh with regret to himself. “Alas such a pity, to think that Green Bamboo’s chosen…”

All of a sudden, Young Master Duanfang began to kindle his eyebrows and exclaimed, “Why is that, the guests that we have invited are all not here yet?”

The [Three Marvelous Beggars] and all the senior ranking beggars turned ashen and they too, appeared to be very anxious.

[Crazed Beggar] Zhu Liang answered, “We have already sent out the invitations and have already received an affirmative reply. Why they are not here yet, is simply beyond any explanations!”

[Drunken Beggar] at this moment was not looking drunk and was heard solemnly, “Did something happened?”

Young Master Anle patted his old and rustic book, “Is it because the messenger has been discovered by the enemy and they have been met with a mishap…” But he instantly kept quiet when Young Master Duanfang hinted at him by battling with his eyes.

Old Escort Chief Ru who was sitting besides Lei Dashu had witnessed the expressions of the two Young Masters, therefore, he nudged Lei Dashu.

Then it began to dawn upon Lei Dashu and he exclaimed, “Since the sect has important tasks to settle to, we will bid our farewell first.”

And he turned to Old Escort Chief Ru,[The Two Equivocal], Zhan Bai, Murong Hong and the others and said, “Let us go!” And he began marched off.

Wan Er, too had stood up. And she exclaimed, “Lei Dashu, your niece will go with you…”

When Young Master Anle had saw that Lei Dashu and the others were leaving, he quickly rose to stop them, “Magnificent Hero Lei, Brother Zhan, there are still unfinished matters to discuss.”

The [Three Marvelous Beggars] tried to stop Lei Dashu. “No matter what, will Brother Lei stay for the night first and then bid good bye till the next day.”

Judging by Lei Dashu character, once he decided to leave, nothing could stop him.

All of a sudden, [Drunken Beggar began to exclaimed aloud, “Why not stay behind to eat the ‘Beggar Chicken’ and finished this Maotai Wine of mine before leaving. Is it too much to ask?”

Lei Dashu replied, “I appreciated your kindness but I leave it for next time.” With that, he began to take long strides towards the entrance.

[Crazed Beggar] began to shout behind him in a teasing manner. “Mad man Lei, do you look down upon us because the three of us are old beggars?”

Lei Dashu replied loudly, “Alas, why make things difficult for me. For the sake of the three of you, if I refuse to stay, surely I am not a worthy man but…humph!” He paused to hum before raising his voice, “If you ask me to stay here to be noose around the neck by those juniors just because you tempted me with some wine, I would not have such magnanimous!”

The [Three Marvelous Beggars] was suddenly in a tight spot as they sneak a quick glance at the unmoving Young Master Duanfang. They knew that Young Master Duanfang was haughty but he was after all, their Sect Protégé Master. Even though the [Three Marvelous Beggar] commanded a high esteem within the sect, they did not dare to put any blame on him. Therefore, they were stumped for words for quite a while…

Young Master Duanfang who was seated in the most high seat suddenly smirked, “They can come and go as they wished. There are so many heroic fighters who are righteous in the Central Plains Fraternity. We will not miss them since they are counted for nothing. Why then, must everyone force them to stay?”

Lei Dashu turned around and coldly said, “Then may I ask you, who do you think can represent the justice and the righteousness of the Central Plains Fraternity?

[The Two Equivocal] who had kept silence till now also replied coldly, “It seem that we too, must stay behind just to check out who are the ones that represent the justice and the righteousness of the Central Plains Fraternity?”

It was because Young Master Duanfang was secretly in love with Wan’Er. But every time he had the opportunity to be with her, it was always Zhan Bai that stood in the way. But this time, coincidentally, while he was at the peak of his grandeur, he had tried to invited Wan’Er through many means so that he could show off to her his magnificent and at the same time, he could propose to her. A hero should have a beauty to accompany him.

But to think that not only did he not have the chance to propose yet, the heroes of the central plains fraternity that he had sent out to invite with the fraternity invitations, did not arrived too and he had to deal with the unwelcome arrival of Lei Dashu, Zhan Bai and his company.

Moreover, once Wan’Er had caught sight of Zhan Bai, her wondrous filled and bright eyes began to traverse away from him to Zhan Bai. It was like someone had poured a pail of cold water over him and he was soaking wet now.

Young Master Anle was more tactically cunning than Young Master Duanfang. He was terrified that before the alliance could be formed, they could be making new enemies. Therefore he immediately took two steps forward and said, “Let us all not make unnecessary provocations. Actually, it is for a very important reason that Young Master Duanfang has invited all the heroes of the fraternity to this meet. It concerns the survival of all the central plains martial pugilists…”

Young Master Anle was secretly pleased that he got a chance to be a mediator as this gave him the opportunity to increase his status in the eyes of everyone. He continued, “Ever since Nanhai Clan has invaded the Central Plain Martial Fraternity, the entire fraternity is now filled with mountains of corpses and seas of blood. I am sure everyone is clearly aware of this. How many of you have lost your kin and friends? This time round, we, the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity, have allied ourselves with the top martial exponents of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects of the Central Plain.Firstly, our purpose is to fight the Nanhai Clan and to avenge the deaths of all the pugilists in the Martial Fraternity. Secondly, we need to restore the repute of the Central Plains Martial Fraternity…”

Young Master Duanfang gave a loud hum as he interrupted, “As the Protégé Master of the Beggar Sect, I will be the one that will be in charge of this matter.”

This highlighted his haughty yet obviously amateurish mannerism.

Young Master Anle turned ashen on the spot…

Even the elders of the Beggar Sect such as the [Three Marvelous Beggars] was startled and shocked by the outburst shown by Young Master Duanfang.

Young Master Anle tried to put on a smiling face, “That is right! It is true that Young Master Duanfang is in charge of hosting this meet. Naturally, after all the top martial exponents of the Central Plains Martial Fraternity have arrived, we will then decide on who will be in charge of organizing…”

This obviously took out much of Young Master Duanfang’s intentions.

Looking extremely displeased, Young Master Duanfang turned to look at Young Master Anle, “What is the matter? Brother Yun Zheng, didn’t we have an agreement already?”

Young Master Anle smiled, “I am just saying for the time being. But when the various sects and clans have arrived, if there are people with repute and fame that are greater than Brother Sikong, then it is another matter.”

From their conversations, Lei Dashu saw that there was a discord between them. Even though they had not achieved their objective yet, already there was an internal strife over the power sharing. Therefore, he laughed aloud. “From the looks of it, it seems that it is really a memorable great gathering. How could I miss it? I must really have a bird eye view of it! Brother Ru, Older and younger Brothers Equivocal, what do you think?”

Old Escort Chief Ru and the [The Two Equivocal] answered at the same time, “It is a rare gathering. Naturally, we must take a look.”

Lei Dashu turned around to Zhan Bai, Murong Hong and Wan’Er. “Worthy Nephew Zhan and my two worthy nieces, what do you think?”

Because Zhan Bai, Murong Hong and Wan’Er are juniors, they had no objections.

Lei Dashu laughed aloud and turned towards the [Three Marvelous Beggars], “As long as your esteem sect do not drive us away, we will stay!”

The [Three Marvelous Beggars] was feeling with guilt over their bashful and young protégé master. Now that Lei Dashu had agreed to stay, they replied, “Let us get over the triviality. Today, the three of us who are beggars are going to treat Crazy Lei a feast call the ‘Beggar Feast!’.”

And as they said, they bade their followers to prepare the feast.

Old Escort Chief Ru was laughing by the side, “An old man like man has walked from the south to the north and tasted countless dishes, yet in my entire life, I have never tasted something call the Beggar Feast. Not only is this an eye opening for me but it is also something to be rejoice over.”

[Dead Living Man] rolled his eyes and said, “Old man Ru, are you insane as well? They are inviting the Great Hero Lei of the Enoch Hand fame. Did they say they’re inviting you?” 

[Crazed Beggar] asked, “You are Dead Living Man? Or Living Dead Man? I really can’t tell the difference between the two of you. Enough! I know what you mean. Please come, I mean will everyone please come. Or else I will really ignore the two of you as a dead man.”

Everyone started laughing.

The protégé disciples of the Beggar Sect were numerous. With so many hands, more than ten tables of the Beggar Feast were soon laid in no time in the midst of the chatting and laughing. And this included only the tables in the inner hall. How many tables are laid in the courtyard, one can only imagine!

Who could dare to say the beggars were poor? Just this feast alone exceeded that a grand feast in a wealthy household!

Lei Dashu, Old Escort Chief Ru and the [The Two Equivocal] were experienced pugilists that had experienced and witnessed much weirder stuff. Therefore they did not think of it as queer.

But for Zhan Bai was inexperienced in the ways of the pugilist fraternity. Even though Murong Hong and Wan’Er were both from a martial family but [Meteor Hand] Murong Han had been exceeding strict with them and forbade them to go out. Now that they had seen this feast that was even grander than their own residence, they were bewildered and curious.

This Beggar Feast that was mentioned by the [Three Marvelous] was indeed extraordinary!

On each table were eight wondrous dishes of chicken, duck, fish and various meats. This was not queer enough. In the middle of the table was a copper pan. On it was a big chunk of dry yellow mud. There was so much mud on it, how could one eat it?

At this moment, more martial pugilists began to arrive.

First to arrive was Young Master Qilin and the number one beauty in Jiangnan, Jin Caifeng with their entourage. They had tens of top martial exponents with them. Among them were the Twin Ironguards of the Jin Residence, [Iron Wing Bird] Ba Tianhe and [Crouching Iron Back Dragon] Gongsun Chu.

[Iron Wing Bird] left arm appeared to be clinging. It seemed that he had lost the use of his left arm. As for the [Crouching Iron Back Dragon], he had a cloth around his back. It seemed that he had not yet recovered from the sword injury that was caused to his back.

The second arrival was by Young Master Lingfeng, Murong Chengye. He had with him five to six top exponent experts. Among them, was the elderly long hair old man whom Young Master Lingfeng had addressed as Third Uncle Helian. It was the same He Lianying of the [Divine Lord of the Deserts] fame that had injured the [Drunken Beggar] with his finger flickering skill!

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou had also come. From his ultra-spirited eyes that seemed to be looking everywhere and his ruddy face, it seemed that the white hair granny’s Soul Seeking Finger had failed to deliver a fatal blow to him.

Third to arrive was Fan Suluan, who had disguised herself in man clothing. With her, were the [Two Righteous Jins] from Mount Manniu. It seemed that her three brothers of the [Fans Three Swords] fame did not arrive with her.

There were others like Fahua Southern Orthodox Sect, [Five Melody Hand] Xiao Tong, [Seven Steps Soul Fatality] Bangui, Shaolin secular disciple [Divine Well Fist] Bu Yunfei and from the Luohan Hall of the Shaolin Monastery, [Tiger Eye Dharma], [Wudang Three Greats], [Kongdong Four Ugliness], [Diancang Twin Swords] and from Kunlun Sect, [The Crane of Mt Heaven] Zhong Ming.

Except for Emei Sect, the rest of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects were all here.

It was really the gathering of all the top exponents! It seemed that this was a force to be reckoned with!
After several bouts of drinking, everyone was already half drunk. These heroes of the pugilist began to boast of their awesome and extraordinary martial abilities and everyone had the intention of finding the Nanhai Clan for vengeance.

Among them, only Zhan Bai was the most sober. It was because he rarely drinks. He was only too aware of the martial prowess of the Nanhai Clan. He thought, “Top notch martial exponents like the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand] Yao Bingkun, [Divine Cloud Hand] Xiang Chongtian and [Poison Snake Sword] Xu Huanan are all killed by the followers of the Nanhai Clan. Except for a very few that can defend themselves, the rest of them will be just throwing their lives away needlessly…”
Murong Hong, Wan’Er did not drink either but they had their sight upon the yellow mud on the copper pan. They were wondering how do anyone eat that and how?

They did not dare to do experiment first. Only when they saw the others had ripped apart the dry yellow mud and a sweet aroma that smell of chicken flesh was in the air, did they realize that it was a whole chicken that was in it.

So they did exactly what the others were doing and took away the dry yellow mud. And then they used their chopsticks to taste the chicken. Indeed, it was so fragrance and soft. It was the most delicious dish that they had ever tasted in their life!

Wan’Er was still the ever so innocent maiden as she cried out, “Alas! Sister, it is so delicious! I wonder how to make it so?”

[Drunken Beggar] saw that Wan’Er had been so direct. He took a cup of wine before saying, “Maiden, don’t you look down on this Beggar Chicken. A beggar must beg for decades and he has to have a protégé master or else he cannot learn how to cook like this. Today, I will teach maiden how to cook it so that when you reach home, you will know how to cook it yourself.”

He made a gesture with his hands before saying, “As a saying goes, a beggar do not have any capital. But in truth, even if you steal a chicken, you will still need a grain. Therefore you will need a grain. If you see any unguarded chickens from a household and no one is around, all you need to do is to place a grain on your hand. But let me warn you first, do not let the grain dropped to the ground or else you are a stupid thief. Only stupid thieves lose both the grain and the chicken at the same time…”

Everyone roared with laughter.

[Drunken Beggar] exclaimed hurriedly, “Do not laugh! Do not laugh! I am teaching a female protégé disciple!”

Wan’Er was trying her best not to laugh loud.

“When you see the chicken is coming to you for the grain, quickly grab its neck. Only when the chicken has stopped flurrying its wings and did not make a sound, can you move away to a place where there is no one. Then find some yellow mud and covered the chicken and find some woods and dried leaves to roast it. After a decent amount of time have passed, can you open up the mud cover to feast upon this Beggar Chicken!”

Wan’Er eyes were bewildered as she asked, “There is no need to remove the feathers?”

[Drunken Beggar] replied, “No need to remove the feathers.”

Wan’Er eyes grow even wider. “There is no need to kill it?

[Drunken Beggar] replied, “No need to kill it.”

Wan’Er asked, “No need to wash?”

[Drunken Beggar] answered, “There is no time.”

Wan’Er asked, “Them what about the things inside the chicken…”

[Drunken Beggar] replied, “Of course it is roasted with it in there.”

Wan’Er shockingly cried out, “Ah!!! It is so dirty.”

[Drunken Beggar] laughed aloud. “If afraid of dirty, then can’t be qualified as a beggar..”

As he said that, everyone in the hall was roaring with laughter.

All of a sudden, Young Master Duanfang stood up to say loudly, “Silence! Silence! Will everyone please calm down first.”

Everyone paused what they were doing and looked at him.

Young Master Duanfang put on an ‘Alliance Chief’ pose as he delivered his speech, “Today, I am honor to have everyone here and is honored by the praises of everyone that had come from afar to this meet. This is indeed my honor as well as the honor of the entire beggar sect…”

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai hummed coldly and sent droplets of wine flying out of the window. A loud sudden shriek was heard emitting from the wine cup as it raced through the air…

All of a sudden, there was a lot of confusion and cries in the great hall.

It seems that Zhan Bai had used the finger skill ‘Flicking through the Water’ to send the wine droplets out of the window. It was because by now Zhan Bai had fully mastered the mastery in the Soul Binding Secret Manual and his inner strength had improved tremendously. Even a few droplets of wine that he had sent flying out of the window were like shrieking cries as the windforce flurried through the air.

This display of martial power caused many in the hall to be dumbfounded.

Chapter 49 Ended
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Chapter 50: The Four Vicious of the Western Region

Immediately afterwards, [Drunken Beggar] and [Crazed Beggar] had sprint through the opened window. Their movements were shades of gray as they dash through the air.

From the outside, there were two thunderous claps of sound and the window frames began to vibrate.

[Drunken Beggar] and [Crazed Beggar] was heard raising their voices thunderously, “Friend, where are you from? How dare you intrude into the ancestral hall of our Grand Beggar Ancestor?

There was a thunderous laughter. This laughter was like a hellish cold breeze. “Didn’t you pugilists from the central plains martial fraternity have declared your submission to us already? How dare you try to be rude to me?”

Everyone that heard it, immediately made haste for the entrance to have a look.

There were four elderly old men outside.

All four of them were ugly to an extreme but they had an extremely haughty and confidence look from their fierce beaming eyes.

By all appearances, they looked extremely steeped in both inner and external martial skills.

Because [Drunken Beggar] and [Crazed Beggar] were the first ones that had dashed out first and they had experienced the palm power of these elderly old men, they felt that their palm powers were amazing powerful and queer. After taking just one blow each, they felt their blood flow on the reverse and their five organs in extreme pain.

[Crazed Beggar] tried to laugh it off by saying. “Since you are bent on making troubles for the Beggar Sect, why don’t you first tell us your names so that we know who you are?”

The tall elderly man with a dragon robe, look with disdain at [Crazed Beggar] and said, “You can’t even recognize the four of us. It is obvious that you beggars are but frogs in a well.”

[Drunken Beggar] added, “It doesn’t matter if it is frogs in the well or frogs in the ocean. At least declare who you are. Unless of course you’re too ashamed of your names to tell us?”

A thin old man with a body posture similar to that of a bird of prey laughed eerily as he stared unearthly at everyone, “My name is not for mortals. When you know my name, is the day you have died.”

[Crazed Beggar] and [Drunken Beggar] answered back at the same time. “The night wind is so strong tonight. Don’t twist your tongue…”

Suddenly the thin old man interrupted, “Eagle of Conglin Plateau.”

The tall and fierce looking old man with the dragon robe added, “The Wolf of Mt. Yin!”

The short and dark looking small frame old man with a swollen injury on his head said, “The Rat of Taicang.”

The old man with a mongol attire said, “Desert Fox.”

[Crazed Beggar] laughed aloud, “After so many twists, so you are all puny animals…”

Even before [Crazed Beggar] could finish, the old man by the pugilist nickname of the [Rat of Taicang] yelled angrily at him, “Beggar, you are courting your own death.”

As the mention of ‘death’, he had already raised up both his palms to strike towards the [Crazed Beggar].

[Crazed Beggar] raised his voice to answer back. “Come on!” And he used a stance named the ‘Four Directional Alms’ to receive the incoming blows.

There was a thunderous clap and [Crazed Beggar] was knocked back five steps backward!

Everyone was stunned. It was because not only was the [Crazed Beggar] an elder of the Beggar Sect but his martial power was ranked among the top three beggar elders! His martial abilities ranked him as a top exponent! But who would expect he could be knocked back five steps by a thin and short old man who called himself the [Rat of Taicang]?

In truth, even though the juniors did not know the martial depth of these old men but the elders knew and were secretly stunned.

It was because their names had since faded from the pugilist fraternity for the past two or three decades. But thirty years ago, their names were infamously renowned throughout the entire martial fraternity as the top exponents of the Unorthodox Sect!

From the looks of it, it seemed that these four Heretic Devils had already allied themselves with the Nanhai Clan.

It seemed that Nanhai Clan had intangibly increased their power and influence with them as their allies. Moreover, judging from their past actions thirty years ago, these four Heretic Devils were even more vicious, more cunning and more cruel than the Nanhai Clan! Even the deeds of the Nanhai Clan could not hold a candle to them. It seemed that the fates of the pugilists in the central plains martial fraternity had now been sealed and one could only imagine what the four Heretic Devils would do to them.

The older pugilists began to react nervously secretly by clutching their fists and furrowing their eyes…

Just as the pugilists and even [Crazed Beggar] began to stare bewildered at the thin and short old man martial depth, the [Rat of Taicang] took another step and waved at the crowd, shouting, “Who is that fellow that use green beans to welcome us just now? Quickly, come out and prepare for your death!”

So it seemed that his swollen head was injured by Zhan Bai when he threw the wine droplets out of the window. But the [Rat of Taicang] had mistaken that Zhan Bai had used green beans as a projectile.

Zhan Bai smiled and walked out from among the crowd. “I am just a trivial Zhan Bai. But that is not a green bean but some wine and water that I have thrown out of the window.”

The [Rat of Taichang] could tell that Zhan Bai was ridiculing him. Therefore he mustered all his palm power to its peak and suddenly launched an attack on Zhan Bai using the back of his palm.

This method of using the back of his palm to attack was completely different from most of the palm methods used by the martial fraternity. But once he had attacked, sharp shrieking windforce began to form and it was obvious the power of this palm force was extraordinary powerful!

It was very obvious that he had been infuriated and wanted Zhan Bai dead. He had increased his strength by many folds as compared to the strength that he had used on [Crazed Beggar].

Zhan Bai had saw that his palm power was extraordinary powerful and was definitely not below that of the [Ocean Three Aegis]. But Zhan Bai had his mind set upon reducing the malevolent air of the opponent so he exercised his Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands to seven fold of its power, as he calmly received the incoming with a gentle gesture of his hands.


There was a thunderous resounding clap as the collide and impact of the blows stirred up wind and sand flying everywhere.

But this time, it was the [Rat of Taicang] that was forced back five steps.

As for Zhan Bai, he was like a steady tree, standing on the same spot.

Because the [Rat of Taicang] in his exuberant haste for a swift victory, he launched a more vicious attack towards Zhan Bai. Eager to vengeance his shame, he executed a forbidden martial skill as he channeled all his vital inner strength into it.

Even though he was not a tall guy, measuring only three feet, all of a sudden, his body appeared to be shrunk and his arms growing up to three feet in length! He now looked more like an ape than a rat now!

Because his execution of his inner strength was at its zenith, his eyes began to radiant a brilliant sharp glow that instantly startled everyone!

Zhan Bai was secretly taken aback at this display of soft inner martial arts. One must know that when a master of the inner martial arts could cause his legs and arms to be strong and could even expand their muscles. But he had never heard or heard of anyone that could cause their body to shrink?

As Zhan Bai did not know what kind of powerful martial art was that and how deadly it was, he was fearful and immediately executed his Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands to its fullest power as he steadied his footings and concentrated fully on defense…

There were two hundred odds people in this courtyard and everyone was either experienced or accomplished pugilists in the martial fraternity. There was great silence as everyone eyed both Zhan Bai and the [Rat of Taicang] as they awaited this upcoming epic battle.

Just when this titanic clash was about to commence, a shout interrupted the fight.


The tall and broad build old man who called himself the [Wolf of Mt. Yin] extended his arms in front of the [Rat of Taicang] and hinted something to him with his eyes. And then he turned around to say to everyone. “I am sure that all of you here have heard of the [Four Vicious of the Western Regions]. Tonight, we are representing the Nanhai Clan. If you are willing to show some respects for us and join in alliance with the Nanhai, everything would be peaceful and fine. If not, hehe! If you think we are not worthy of your respect and do not show us any face, then what awaits you will be a miserable ending. So, who among you is your head representative? Say something.”

Even though on the surface, he appeared to be courtesy, he was actually issuing a formal challenge to all the heroes.

Even though Young Master Duanfang was the Sectarian Leader of the Beggar Sect and he was the chief organizer, he could tell that these four old men harbored ill-intentions and that they were forcefully compelling everyone to submit to their will. But since troubles had already arrived, he had no choice but summoned his courage and maintained his posture to say loudly, “I am Young Master Duanfang, the Sectarian Chief of the Beggar Sect. May I know what advise are you offering? I am willing to listen first.”

The [Wolf of Mt. Yin] upon seeing that it was a young handsome man, began to laugh aloud as he pointed to the crowd and questioned Young Master Duanfang, “Can you represent all the people here?”

It was obvious, he was despising him.

Young Master Duanfang’s face began to flush as he turned around to look at everyone. It was because he was not confidence to represent everyone present, especially Leishu. Zhan Bai and many other groups of pugilists.

As he remained rooted on the ground like a dead corpse, the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] spoke out in an eerie voice, “Brother Lang, let us not despise this youth. He is after all, one of the four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity. Given his renown, he could even use a chicken feather as an arrow.”

When the Eagle of Conglin Plateau had finished, the [Four Vicious of the Western Regions] began to laugh aloud.

This caused Young Master Duanfang to be greatly embarrassed and he was at loss for words.

That Young Master Duanfang and the reputation of the [Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity] had been shamed, Young Masters Qilin, Anle and Lingfeng began to react in unison as though they were facing a common enemy.

Young Master Lingfeng was the first to speak as he took two steps in front. “What are your intentions? If you have anything to say, why not be straightforward instead of going around in circles?”

[The Wolf of Mt. Yin] Lang Xiong could not suppressed his mockings as he replied, “Young boy, are you not one of the four famous [Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity?”

Young Master Qilin and Young Master Anle interrupted in unison. “That’s right! The Four Masters of the Martial Fraternity are all here. If you have anything noteworthy things to say, just say it out!”

[The Wolf of Mt. Yin] nodded in succession as he exclaimed, “Great! Great! Since the [Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity] are all here, then we won’t beat around the bush anymore. How about it. Let us each perform a little feat. After displaying it, as long as you, the [Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity] are able to perform it as well, then we would admit defeat and we go pat our buttocks and leave immediately. But if you are unable to do it, then I want you and all your clan proteges to give up your name in the pugilist fraternity forever and from now onwards, follow our every wishes and bidding. How? Do you dare to take this gambit?”

Young Master Anle who was richer in experience in scheming tactics, smiled and said, “Won’t this gambit a little unfair to the four of you?”

Even though the [Wolf of Mt Yin] Lang Xiong looked like the brawny type but he was actually the most cunning of the four. He could tell that Young Master Anle meant the reverse. However, he continued to act like he lacked tact and replied, “No one will have an advantage over here. Now watch me first!”

With that, he extended out his palm towards a Paulownia Tree that was twenty feet away and the tree toppled over as though a huge axe had suddenly at it!

This “Wood Palm Cutting Blade” skill of the [Wolf of the Mt Yin] had indeed reached an unparalleled level! Moreover it was from a distance of twenty feet and he could still hack the tree down with such awesome power with such a simple posture. Indeed, it was never heard of before.

The truth was he had used a ruse by secretly focusing his entire martial power into his palm while talking to the Four Young Masters. He had pretended to be relaxed and wanted to stun the pugilist heroes with his impressive martial powers.

Among the Four Western Vicious, the [Wolf of Mt Yin] was the most cunning in nature. Even though he looked brawny and was fierce looking like a rough man but in fact, he was the most scheming. Or else, why was he called the [Wolf of Mt Yin]? Yin means cunning and he had a mountain of cunning schemes!

For he had already saw that the in this meet, the Beggar Sect had invited many top martial exponents. Even though the Four Western Vicious, were top epitome fighters but for them to fight against tens of top martial exponents, they were not actually confident. Moreover even if they had the confident, they would still need a considerable amount of time and effort.

Therefore in between the duel between the [Rat of Taichang], the [Crazed Beggar] and Zhan Bai, he had already hatched a plan to use the skills that they had acquired while on Devil Island to impress and cowed the pugilist heroes over to their side. In this way, the efforts expended would be small yet there would be reaping returns!

That was why he halted the fight between the enraged [Rat of Taichang] and Zhan Bai, incited the emotions of the Four Martial Young Masters and displayed the “Wood Palm Cutting Blade” skill, one of the several epitome skills which he had painstakingly trained for thirty years on the Devil Island, to frighten the pugilist heroes into submission. In this way, for the least amount of effort, he could have the best desirable results!

Lang Xiong smiled and said to the Four Young Masters, “It is but a small display and not worthy of a heroic feat. It is a bit of a embarrassment but it is now your turn.”

And he kept grinning coldly non-stop after he had spoken for he had observed that none of the Four Young Masters had that level of martial power to perform this feat.

The Four Young Masters were caught unprepared. They had never expected that the [Wolf of Mt Yin] would challenge them on this in the first place and moreover, they really did not have the martial power. Therefore they glanced at one another and for a time, did not say anything.

[The Wolf of Mt Yin] grinned and said, “If the four of you are too gentleman and did not want to come forth now, then, can consider that I have by the narrowest of luck has won this round. Let us then, go for the second round.”

Among the Four Young Masters, Young Master Anle was the scheming type, Young Master Qilin was deep and shrew, Young Master Duanfang was the gloomy type, only Young Master Lingfeng was haughty and hot temper.

As Young Master Lingfeng had saw that all the other three Young Masters did not dare to say anything, even though he really did not have the confident of felling the tree with a palm strike but he was not willing to let others despise him. Therefore, he took a broad step forward and exclaimed, “Even though I, Lingfeng is not talented but I am willing to compare my “Wood Palm Cutting Blade” skill.”

[The Wolf of Mt Yin] laughed aloud and with a despising look, began to mock, “Please come forth then.”

Young Master Lingfeng took a deep breath as he postured himself into a horse stance and channeled all his martial power into his palms. Just when he was about to be readied to strike at the tree that was several yard away, someone shouted, “Please hold.”

It was the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou that stopped Young Master Lingfeng as he step forth and as he bowed with his hands to the [Wolf of Mt Yin], he said, “I have just witnessed the tremendous display of your “Wood Palm Cutting” skill. As I watched, I become more and more eager to display my skills as well therefore let me take over from the first match then.”

And he did not wait for the [Wolf of Mt Yin] to reply as he swirled his body and then suddenly blasted down a second Paulownia Tree down from a distance of twenty feet with his palm!

Even though the tree branches had been toppled over but the tree truck remained rooted. The palm power of the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] was both swift, clean and sharp!

Therefore, very obviously, from the display, the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] won by a notch higher!

The [Wolf of Mt Yin] was stupefied. He had not expected that the “Wood Palm Cutting Blade” skill that he had so painstaking trained over thirty years on the Devil Island would be so easily accomplished by someone else.

After he had recovered from his stun, he stared and asked, “Just who are you?”

“I am just a normal person. Others call me the [Ultra Boastful Scholar] Zhao Jiuzhou.”

Even though Zhao Jiuzhou had long accomplished his fame in the pugilist fraternity but that was after the [Wolf of Mt Yin] had left the Central Plains. Therefore, Lang Xiong did not recognize him. Therefore after furrowing in deep thoughts for a while, he stared at Zhao Jiuzhou and shouted, “Who can you represent?”

The [Ultra Boastful Scholar] displayed a tit for tat reply, answered, “Then who can you represent?”

The truth was, in actuality, the [Wolf of Mt Yin] cannot represent the Nanhai Clan as well as he did not have any authorization.

[The Wolf of Mt Yin] flew into a rage and raised both his hands, “I will kill you!”

[Ultra Boastful Scholar] began to laugh hilariously, “I am not necessary afraid of you but what you say earlier, do you meant it or what?”

The [Wolf of Mt Yin] shuddered for a while. Even though he was cunning but in front of so many people, how could he retract what he had said earlier about the gambit? He replied venomously, “Consider you guys have won the first round.”

He turned around and said to the [Rat of Taichang], “Brother Fu, why not show off your feats next!”

[The Rat of Taichang] whose real name was Fu Jie without much ado, suddenly shrunk two feet but his arms seemed to extend longer as he spin, as he executed his nerve shrinking heretic skill.

There was a powerful protective windforce around him as the sand and dust whirled thirty yards into the air, shrieking the surrounding with a thunderous clapping.

When the whirlwind had stopped, there was a hole in the ground as deep as a well! But there was no sight of [The Rat of Taichang]!

It seemed that he had dug a hole this deep with only his hands!

Everyone was dumbfounded. What kind of a martial skill was that?

It was a one and only unique martial skill in the martial fraternity!

According to the older martial seniors, it was rumored that [The Rat of Taichang] had only done a single good deed in his entire life and that was how he got his nickname!

That was thirty years ago. There was a Premier He Shen, who was the most corrupted person in history. He not only sold official titles to the highest bidders, he had also engaged in confiscating the wealth of his enemies and the common folks. It was said that his wealth was as much as so much that it exceeded even that of the national treasury by many folds. If his wealth were to redistributed among the entire empire four hundred million people, everyone would get one hundred silver taels! And it excluded his vast treasures of precious jewels and stones!

Even when the people were starving from a prolong famine and were resorting to cannibalism, the corrupted Premier He Shen would rather let the granaries rot and eaten by rats than opening the stores to the starving people!

No one knew what came over to the [Rat of Taichang] as he tunneled through the granary stores and stole all the grain to distribute it to the people, hence saving the people.

This was the only good thing that he had ever done. From then onwards, his fame resounded throughout the entire fraternity and he got the nick of [The Rat of Taichang].

Ever since he had vanished from sight and went to the Devil Island, he had been training hard for the past thirty years. Naturally, this feat of his had since improved by leaps and bounds!

As [The Rat of Taichang] climbed out of the hole, everyone was too dumbfounded for words. He was looking immensely pleased with himself as he said, “Young folks, now it is your turn now.”

Not only were the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity was too dumbfounded for words, everyone else was also taken aback and were silenced into speechlessness.

Even though this martial feat of using the palm as a blade was difficult, a person with a solid foundation of inner strength might be able to forcefully dig through the ground. But to dig a hole as deep as a yard deep, it was clearly impossible!

[The Rat of Taichang] looked at the ashen faces of everyone and he laughed aloud complacently. “If no one wants to step forward, then consider that we have won the second round! Thank you for giving way to us! MuErKeAGang, now it is your turn!”

MuErKeAGang was the name of the old elderly Mongolian, who was also called the [Desert Fox], who was uttered with fear by the merchants and the travelling caravans in the great northern desert. He was holding a bead of Buddhist pearls and just as he took a step forward, he was interrupted by the [Living Dead Man] who replied, “Hold it. Even though we are not capable, but my brother and I would like to compete against this earth digging feat.”

As he said, without waiting for [The Rat of Taichang] and the others to protest, [Dead Living Man] and he had leapted into the air together as he shouted, “Up!”

They had leapt into the air with a flurrying of hands and legs and in a blink of an eye, head down, head up as they somersault in the air as they came slamming down into the ground in a flash of lightning!

There was thunderous earthshaking loud explosion as they crashed headlong into the ground!

As the dust cleared, there was a similar hole to that of [The Rat of Taichang]! As they emerged from the hole, [The Two Equivocal] was not looking flustered. In fact, there was not any dirt on their clothing.

What kind of a martial feat was that? This caused everyone to come forth praising them!

Chapter 50 Ended
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Chapter 51: Utter Bloodshed

The [Rat of Taicang] was taken aback and asked, “What martial skill is this?”

[Living Dead Man] flipped his eyes and said, “Since honored sir, yours is the ‘Rat Beating Hole’, our skill is then call the ‘Rat Digging Hole’. If honored sir you are not fully convinced, we can still have another try again.”

For a moment, the [Rat of Taicang] could find no words.

[Desert Fox] MuErKeAGang thundered aloud, “There is no use denying, let me display my feats.”

All of a sudden, he grabbed the one hundred and eight prayer beads around his hands and straightened them into a long thick rod.

One must know that a martial master with superb inner strength was naturally able to cause a rope to be straightened, it was not such a difficult feat at all but this [Desert Fox] was able to cause these beads to be straightened and what are holding these beads were just a piece of weak string! It was naturally much more difficult than just a simple piece of rope!

Even though the [Desert Fox] was not as dramatic as the [Rat of Taicang] and the [Wolf of the Mt Yin], his stratagem was much brilliant.

All of a sudden, the [Desert Fox] reformed the beads into a circle into both of his hands and showed it to the pugilists that were presented and said. “Now you see it.” And he breathed in a gulp of air and all of a sudden he shouted in a loud clanking voice, “Rise!”

And all the one hundred and eight beads flew like shooting stars into the sky above, leaving the empty string straightened like a robe on his hands.

Everyone was aghast and stunned. No one had ever seen someone that was able to send objects flying through the sky just by using vital energies, moreover it were one hundred and eight prayer beads!

Just when everyone was still astounded, the prayer beads that were halfway through the sky flew back into the straightened string again!

What kind of a martial feat was that? It was much closer to the unorthodox craft than was possible to achieve.

The pugilists were too amazed that many were actually murmuring shouts of praises.

[Desert Fox] was extremely pleased with himself as he displayed his feat three more times before he heard a faint laughter. Even though it was extremely faint, it was loud and clear among the noisy crowd.

This completely spoilt the good mood of the [Desert Fox] who suddenly became furious as he heard a belittle laughter which prompted him to shout angrily, “Who is the one that dare to laugh? Why don’t you show out?”

A young handsome young man stepped out, his movements were extremely serene and even though he looked very young, his grace and movement was likened to a seasoned grandmaster.

Everyone looked out and saw that it was Zhan Bai!

Earlier, the [Desert Fox] had witnessed how Zhan Bai had beaten back the [Rat of Taicang]. Now that he saw Zhan Bai was approaching him, he immediately postured himself defensively by placing his palms in front of his chest in a combat pose.

But Zhan Bai was looking extremely relaxed and smiled serenely, “May I ask how many prayer beads are in your hands right now?”

The [Desert Fox] was slightly taken aback. While he was tensed up, he had never expected Zhan Bai to ask something that was not related to anything out of the blue. But still, his mouth replied, “I have altogether one hundred and eight prayer beads. What can I enlightened you?”

Zhan Bai replied, “I am afraid not.”

Once again, the [Desert Fox] was taken aback and asked, “What do you mean that it is not right? I have these prayer beads for the past fifty years, do you think I do not know how many prayer beads are there?”

Zhan Bai smiled and was in no hurry to reply, “From what I can see, your prayer beads I afraid, do not have one hundred and eight.”

The [Desert Fox] took another look at the prayer beads in his hands and mentally counted again, it was short of ten prayer beads.

The [Desert Fox] was dismayed to discover that the prayer beads that were imbued with his inner energy could have been taken away without him knowing it!

Everyone presented were masters in their own right, were all equally taken aback by this discovery.
[Desert Fox] was enraged and he immediately threw out his prayer beads that sped through the air in a ear-piercing sound towards Zhan Bai!

Zhan Bai raised his palm, intending to knock the prayer beads away with his windforce. But then as his windforce smashed against the prayer beads, the prayer beads swirled around for awhile before resuming again towards Zhan Bai!

It was beyond everyone expectation! Who would expect that the [Desert Fox] prayer beads would have sufficient power to bypass Zhan Bai’s vital energies and his stunning soft martial stance!

It was a lucky thing that Zhan Bai had perfected his ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ to epitome levels that he managed to dodge those prayer beads in time.

Zhan Bai was secretly taken aback, “What a close shave...”

The [Desert Fox] was even more astonished that Zhan Bai could actually dodge at such a close distance. Moreover he had developed a secret technique, the ‘Life Chasing Divine Pearls’ to subdue the vital energies of the soft martial stances of the inner martial experts, Zhan Bai could actually even have the time to dodge it without any forewarning!?

He thundered, “Young man, you are really something, you can actually dodge my ‘Life Chasing Divine Pearls’. Dare you try another three of my divine pearls?”

He immediately threw three more prayer beads into a star formation and unleashed towards Zhan Bai.

The first time, Zhan Bai did not know that this Mongolian elder was such a terrifying foe that could actually neutralize the vital force and break the inner martial stances and was almost killed. Therefore, this time, he did not dare to use his bare hands to deflect the prayer beads but used the ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ to dodge.

Even though the star formation of these prayer beads distanced from one another at less than three feet, Zhan Bai could still dodge with ease.

All of a sudden, a tender voice called out, “What a despicable person, just because Zhan Gege did not attack, you think you can keep attacking him? Let me let you have the taste of the ‘Life Chasing Divine Pearls’!”

And two ear-piercing sounds sped thunderously towards the [Desert Fox].

[Desert Fox] was aghast and knew the power of these divine pearls, therefore he rolled back using the ‘Eighteen Lifesaving Rolls’ to fall back and to dodge the sudden attack.

He managed rolled out of the way of the two divine pearls but in the process, there were dirt and dust on his face.
  Everyone turned and saw that it was Wan’Er who had thrown the two ‘Life Chasing Divine Pearls’. But a weird question began to dawn upon everyone, how come the ‘Life Chasing Divine Pearls’ would end up in the hands of Wan’Er?

Actually, just when the [Desert Fox] was displaying his ‘Divine Pearls Repositioning’ earlier, Wan’Er had a sudden inspiration to use her ‘Soul Seeking Finger’ divine skill, to use the intrinsic formula of suction to secretly see if she could catch hold of these prayer beads.

The [Desert Fox] had never expected that while he was displaying his feat, someone else would be also displaying her feat as well.

Only Zhan Bai who had a divine superior sight could see clearly what Wan’Er had done. Therefore he could not resist letting out a faint smile.

After Wan’Er saw that the [Desert Fox] was furiously attacking Zhan Bai and he could not retaliated back, she got worried about his safety. Therefore she interfered by shooting out the two divine pearls.

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] who was standing in silence all the while was clearly enraged by Wan’Er and he shouted eerily, “Lass, you are courting your own doom!” And he used his ‘Skeleton Palm’ to lash out at her.

His ‘Skeleton Hands’ was extremely deadly; it was developed by harnessing the ‘Nine Positive Nirvana Fire’ and need decades of painstaking practice to succeed. Moreover, when practicing this type of palm skill, he must also brave the most burning hot furnace and imprinted his palms on it, while using the ‘Three Salamander Fire’ to counter the burning heat.

When he had succeeded in this powerful skill, both of his hands would burn charcoal black hence the name ‘Skeleton Hands’. A hit on a person’s body would cause him to burn and dried up, such as the deadliness of this skill.

It was said that on the Devil Island, there was an active volcano that erupted continuously every year. This molten lava was several times much higher than the best burning furnaces and this [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] spent the last three decades at this active volcano, painstaking practicing this skill.

  Needless to say, his ‘Skeleton Hands’ had surpassed the old and reached the very pinnacle, even his hands had turned as white as bone and his person himself had almost turned into a corpse.

Wan’Er did not know that how powerful this [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] was and used both her hands to display the ‘Light Leaves drifting stance’ to take his blow.

Even before Wan’Er could take his ‘Skeleton Hands’, she immediately saw a bright red light flashing towards her and felt a hot burning windforce enveloping her entire body. She could feel a burning sensation on her head and she was filled with agony pain.

Wan’Er secretly exclaimed, “Uh oh no…”

She wanted to evade the incoming blow but all her strength had left her, she softened and immediately fainted.

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] laughed eerily and his white skeleton hand reached out towards Wan’Er’s face, in the next moment, Wan’Er beautiful face would become a pool of blood…

“Stay your hands!”

A powerful thunderous windforce with a force that seemingly could force down a mountain charged furiously towards the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau].

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] was startled and immediately withdrew his attacking stance and immediately executed the ‘Corpse Leaping’ swiftness skill, shoulders unmoving, legs unbending and jumped one yard away to safety.

It was Zhan Bai, instantly he was besides Wan’Er to lift her up. It was like touching a burning furnace and his hand was burnt. He was immediately startled and shocked, suddenly he did not care that even though now Wan’Er was his little aunt in name, he patted on her seven major accupoint on her back to protect her heart, determine not to let the nirvana fire engulfed her heart…

Lei Dashy, Murong Hong, Young Master Lingfeng, Young Master Duanfang, He Lian Ying all rushed forward for they are the ones that were the most concern for Wan’Er.

Lei Dashu upon seeing that Wan’Er was so seriously wounded that he exploded into a rage and executed his ‘Enoch Hands’ epitome skill, causing windforce to exploded around him as he charged towards the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau].

But the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] grinned coldly and raised his ‘Skeleton Hands’ to tenfold martial power and readied for Lei Dashu.

Even before the windforce of the ‘Skeleton Hands’ had reached Lei Dashu, he could already feel a burning sensation on his face. He was secretly startled in his heart, knowing that the opponent incoming palm attacks would be extremely vicious and did not dare to chance contact with it, therefore he turned like a lightning bolt and drifted like the wind five feet away.

Young Master Lingfeng and Murong Hong had also both tried to plunge forward but were forced to retreat due to the weird burning windforce of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau]’s palms.

Young Master Duanfang displayed his clan uniquely skill, the ‘Origin Finger’ and attack furiously at the ‘San Yang accupoint’ of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau].

But the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] laughed eerily and executed the ‘Skeleton Hands’ once more and a burning heat wave once again engulfed him; none of his opponents dared to approach him!

The [Wolf of Mt.Yin] upon seeing that so many had surrounded the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], yelled aloud before he joined the melee with his ‘Wood Palm Cutting Blade’ skill and his first target was Young Master Duanfang.

This [Wolf of Mt.Yin] was the most cunning of the lot, the reason he had picked Young Master Duanfang to attack was because he was the Protégé Leader of the Beggar Sect. If he could bring Young Master Duanfang down, then he could force the Beggar Sect to submit to him.

But the moment he tried to attack Young Master Duanfang, the elders of the Beggar Sect, led by the [Three Marvelous Beggars] began to attack him.

Even the [Rat of Taicang] and the [Desert Fox] joined in the melee fray followed by the rest of the heroes of the martial fraternity. In just a moment, it became very chaotic.

Zhan Bai was still holding Wan’Er slim waist and pressing on her bosom, using the uniquely healing method that was in the Soul Binding Destroyer Manual. He infused non-stop his vital energies into her and at the same time force out the venomous heat from her body.

Therefore even though he was in the midst of a chaotic battle, he was fully focusing only Wan’Er.

As he held Wan’Er and glazed on her delicate face, he began to recall the past; when he was at wits end and had been seriously injured, how Wan’Er mother, the Lady Murong had saved him and took him back to the Baotu Manor, the time when he lay helplessly on that bed…

He began to recall how that evening, he was with Wan’Er and their conversations with one another, how Wan’Er was so innocent and naïve, her curious questions and answers, how her smiles and laughers were so free of troubles and youth, even though he was so miserable at that time, it did indeed bring a warm comfort to him…

He also recalled how Young Master Lingfeng had tried to drive him out of the bed chamber and how Wan’Er had come to his aid and to his defend…

…And how even after the blood letting battles at Baotu Manor had ended, how Wan’Er had braved the possibility of punishment from her father to look for him and put herself at grave dangers away in distant places. How she had come to Xing Long Town and how she had been injured by the Yao Bingkun, the [Red Dragon with the Blood Hand]; how she had risked her life on numerous times for him…and again and again…it was impossible to put into words the feelings and sentiments that he had felt from this sentimental beauty.

“Brother Zhan…young hero…”

A voice, so crystal clear brought him back to his senses and had startled him. He turned around and saw that it was the [Number One Beauty of Jiangnan] Jin Caifeng. When she had come to his side, he did not know but she was looking at Wan’Er and him with her nervous beautiful eyes.

Without waiting for Zhan Bai to reply, Jin Caifeng added, “How is Wan’Er maiden injuries?”

Zhan Bai could see that Jin Caifeng eyes had hints of jealousy but because of the severity of Wan’Er’s injuries, he did not think much about it but replied, furrowing in frustration, “It is very serious…”

All of a sudden, several heart-wrenching and terrible howls interrupted him and both Jin Caifeng and he was startled to discover that many pugilists had succumbed into the pool of blood.

So it seemed that the [Four Vicious] were not only vicious but powerful. There were numerous heroes and martial experts here but none were their match.

Numerous protégés from the Beggar Sect had fallen, two priests of the [Wudang Three Greats] were severely injured, one of the [Diancang Twin Swords] had been killed, [Seven Steps Soul Fatality] Bangui from Fahua Southern Orthodox Sect too had been killed, even the [Divine Well Fist] Bu Yunfei from the Luohall Hall of the Shaolin Monastery had been poisoned by the venomous heat of the ‘Skeleton hands’.

As more and more of the pugilist heroes had been either been wounded or killed, and as the evil and arrogant laughter of the [Four Vicious] filled the air, Zhan Bai grew more and more anxious and furious.

But he was now using his vital energies to treat Wan’Er. He had saw that the painful expressions on Wan’Er delicate face was diminishing and her nose was now perspiring, her heat was slowly retreating. If he stopped treating her now, all his efforts would be gone to waste.

But so many pugilist heroes were getting killed at every moment and yet he could do nothing. Both choices were also about saving people but he can only save only one side…this caused Zhan Bai to be in a very difficult tight spot…

Chapter 51 Ended
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Chapter 52: Lord of the Martial Fraternity

Just when Zhan Bai was still hesitating, the [Rat of Taicang] had lashed out against Lei Dashu with three deadly strokes from his ‘Heretic Blending Skill’.

At the same time, the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] had struck down another two pugilists from the Beggar Sect and were laughing aloud as he reached out for the top of Lei Dashu’s head…

Zhan Bai became panicky and quickly handed Wan’Er over to Jin Caifeng and say with great anxiety. “Please take care of her for a while by transferring your vital energies life force into her bosom so that the venomous heat would be forced out…”

At this moment of time, Lei Dashu had forced the [Rat of Taicang] to back off temporary but even after he had shifted and changed his swiftness movement three times, he still could not shake off the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] impeding attacks.

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] who had carefully sealed off all the escape positions of Lei Dashu was confident that he could nail him this time therefore he increased his martial power to a few folds and attack furiously while laughing wickedly.

As Zhan Bai was not able to interfere in time, therefore he mustered his internal strength and shouted loudly, “Stay your hands!”

This shout was the accumulation of Zhan Bai’s entire martial power and when he shouted, it was like a thunderbolt that struck; the trees and the leaves were shaken and tens of feet away, even the windows were vibrating! Not only that, it cause a painful ring sensation to the ears of the listeners!

This shout was akin to the monastic shout of the ‘Lion Howling Shouts’. Not only did it stay the hand of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], it also caused everyone to stop in their path.

Zhan Bai began to take broad strides to the front and his handsome eyes took a glazing sweeping glance at everyone before he exclaimed in a crystal clear voice, “The four of you, who have called yourself the [Four Vicious from the Western Region] are very vicious indeed. You have killed so many innocents. If you do not stop what you are doing now, then I Zhan Bai will teach you a lesson!”

The [Four Vicious] laughed hilariously for Zhan Bai’s speech amused them. It is obvious that they had looked down on Zhan Bai.

With the [Desert Fox] laughed wickedly, the [Rat of Taicang] laughing coldly and the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] laughing eerily, the three laughter combined seemed like it was orchestrated but it was actually filled with a piercing killing malevolent air!

Only the [Wolf of Mt Yin] did not laugh and he raised his hand to halt the laughter of the other three vicious before facing Zhan Bai to ask, “Are you the Zhan Hero that solo the [Ocean Three Aegis], you who wield the Heartless Precious Sword?

Zhan Bai replied, “I am not worthy of anything but indeed I am the one.”

The [Four Vicious] were all taken aback. Just before they had embarked to the central plains, they had already heard from the accounts of some of the protégé disciples of the Nanhai Clan that there was a top tier exponent in the martial fraternity that had solo the [Ocean Three Aegis].

All four of them had thought that the Heartless Precious Sword Zhan must be an exponent grandmaster and an old man from beyond the fraternity. Never had they expected that Zhan Bai would be this young!

The first time that Zhan Bai had entered the scene and beaten off the [Rat of Taicang] with a blow and when Zhan Bai had reported his name, little had they expected him to be the bane of the Nanhai Clan, the Heartless Precious Sword Zhan Bai!

And the second time, when Zhan Bai had shouted by mustering the ‘Lion Howl’, the other three vicious had continued to pay only scant notice; they just thought that this young man’s internal strength had a good foundation.

But the [Wolf of Mt.Yin] was more attentive and pay closer to stratagems and cunning than the others. For a young man of his age, that dared to be insolent to the [Four Vicious] spoke volumes of his belief in his martial prowess.

The [Wolf of Mt Yin] was taken aback that such a young man was actually the bane of the Nanhai Clan, began to circulate his ‘Wood Palm Cutting Blade’ to seven folds of its martial power and his palm became a sharpened blade and lashed out at Zhan bai!

Zhan Bai raised his Heavenly Subduing Buddha Enoch Hands to six folds of its martial power to accept the incoming attack.

There was a loud clanking pang as the [Wolf of Mt Yin] was knocked five steps backward!
As for Zhan Bai, he was still standing on the same spot like a rock solid mountain.

This time was the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] who had lifted his ‘Skeleton Hands’ to ten folds of the skill martial power and raised both his hands towards Zhan Bai!

A brilliant bright red light ensures and enveloped together with the windforce of the palms of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau]!

Everyone was startled at the sudden visual display of the martial power of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], it was indeed a rare sight to be beholden; no one had ever saw a stunning display of martial power before.

But instead, this stirred Zhan Bai up and he thought, “‘I wonder if my ‘Sacred Hand Enoch’ is still invincible?” Therefore, he mustered the ‘Sacred Hand Enoch’ inner strength to ten folds and greeted the incoming attack with the ‘Radiance Light of the Buddha’.

There was a huge earth shaking thunderclaps as the titanic windforce met first followed by their palms. Dust, sand and wind stirred up even from twenty feet away.

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] was knocked back three steps and the hair on his head had become disheveled.

As for Zhan Bai, he too was knocked one step backward, his body was swirling unstable for a second or two and his handsome face was flushing in redness.

While the dust was still settling, the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] had already begun to re-circulate his channels and he was trying hard to suppress the blood in his internal organs from throwing out. He laughed creepily, “Young man, how is the taste of my ‘Skeleton Hands’?”

After Zhan Bai had received the blow from the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], he could feel that an inferno heat had entered and circulated around his body but he had managed to circulate his vital energies in time and had plunged the heat out of his body. To be sure, he tried to circulate his vital energies again but found no obstruction, therefore he found his confidence.

So when he saw that the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] had called to him insolently, he replied with a smile and laugh to say, “So and so only.”

A weird expression crossed the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau]’s face; he just could not believe that Zhan Bai could take his ‘Skeleton Hands’ in a direct manner and nothing could still happen to him. Therefore, he lifted up a fresh air of vital energy so that he could exclaim, “Do you still dare to take another blow from me again?”

Zhan Bai smiled and answered, “Not just one blow, even ten blows, one hundred blows, I will still dare to take the challenge.”

Even though the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] could feel his vital energies receding but he was after all, a very experienced old pugilist. He had guessed that Zhan Bai must be suppressing his agony and had put up a brave front. Whoever can suppress their pain and endured to the very last moment would be the final victor. Therefore, he too shown no sign of weakness and shouted thunderously, “Great! Let you take one more blow from me!”

But Zhan Bai waved his hand and exclaimed, “Wait a minute.”

With both his hands still on an attacking posture, the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] asked, “So you are now afraid?”

Zhan Bai shown a slight discomfort, “I am just a nobody and I have never been afraid of anything. But I must say something first.”

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] replied, “What is it? Speak up.”

Zhan Bai answered, “I have a pact with someone that I cannot interfere in the affairs of the pugilist fraternity, therefore I cannot fight with you…”

The [Rat of Taicang] laughed horribly and interrupted, “You come one big round only to show you are afraid!”

Zhan Bai stared at him for a second and waved his hand with a smile, “I am afraid not.”

[The Wolf of Mt Yin] who was coldly watching from a distance deducted that Zhan Bai must be severely wounded by the ‘Skeleton Hands’ skill of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] therefore he must be trying to stall for time to recuperate his injuries.

Therefore, he immediately interrupted, “Young man, don’t you worry too much. It is the first time that my swore brothers have returned to the central plains and we have not even stepped into the pugilist fraternity yet. If you have any skills to show off, you may display. It will be considered that you have never interfered in the pugilist fraternity.”

Zhan Bai swept his eyes around and asked, “Does your words represent all four of you?”

The [Desert Fox] replied, “Why not?”

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai let go of a deep sigh, as his breathe reached to the sky above.

The [Four Vicious] was momentarily taken back. Why did Zhan Bai take such a deep sigh?

It was because Zhan Bai had been bottling up his difficulties for a long time therefore he was glad to be rid of the burden for not interfering. With bravado, he looked at them and said, “Alright, well then all four of you can come forward at the same time.”

Once again, the [Four Vicious] was momentarily stunned.

The [Wolf of Mt Yin] could not guess the hidden meaning in Zhan Bai’s speech and suspiciously asked, “Young man, what do you mean just now?”

Zhan Bai answered, “I will solo all four of you.”

This caused the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] to be so enraged that he mustered the ‘Skeleton Hands’ to the highest pinnacle and attacked Zhan Bai.
Zhan Bai shouted, “That is the spirit.” And at the same time he displayed the ‘Demon Slayer’ stroke from the ‘Sacred Hand Enoch’ and clashed his palm onto that of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], causing him to be knocked five steps back.

The [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] could feel the agony of his five internal organs. Now only did he realized that not only did Zhan Bai internal strength was still intact, the blow just now was even stronger in impact than the earlier one! Therefore, he secretly thought, “This young man is not an ordinary person…”

At the same time after Zhan Bai had knocked back the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], he executed the ‘Thunderclaps of the Buddha’ against the [Wolf of Mt Yin].

Upon seeing that Zhan Bai’s thunderclaps blow was too fierce, he did not dare to take the blow directly, instead he evaded it and seek to use his ‘Wood Palm Cutting Blade’ to retaliate back, attacking Zhan Bai from the behind.

Zhan Bai jumped into the air with a push of one of his leg and in the mid-air, displaying the ‘Buddha Lord Descending’ with both hands pushing rows of shadowy imaging blows towards the [Rat of Taicang] and used another leg to kick the [Desert Fox] with the most marvelous movement known as the ‘Reversal of the Lion’.

These four strokes became as one and Zhan Bai had seized the initiative, gaining the upper hand.

Thirty years ago, the [Four Vicious] had already been known throughout the martial fraternity as notorious villains renowned for their martial prowess. Moreover for the past thirty years, they had trained painstaking overseas, thinking that on their return, they would be able to rampage the entire fraternity!

But how could they expect that on this return, they would be fighting so clumsily against Zhan Bai?

More than thirty rounds had passed in a blink of an eye. The five of them were fighting faster and faster. Everyone could only see their images and their protective life force. It was a extremely fierce and earth shaking fight!

There was such a tremendous amount of current in the surroundings that everyone was stepping backwards and leaning against the walls. Everyone was stupefied upon witnessing such an epic battle.

In another blink of an eye, another seventy rounds had passed.

Everyone was nervous and afraid that Zhan Bai might lose, especially the ones that were the most concerned for him.

By the time two hundred rounds had passed, there were signs that the [Four Vicious] internal energies were receding for they were sweating heavily and looking haggard.

The pugilists were not only watching the battle nervously, they were also trying to regain their strength and recuperating their vital energies in the meantime, knowing that another round of treacherous battle was awaiting them.

As for Zhan Bai, he was not getting it much easier. It was a much difficult battle than fighting against the [Ocean Three Aegis]. Except for the long beard elderly man, the other two Ocean Aegis were much weaker than the [Four Vicious].

The [Four Vicious] all had almost the same level of martial power. Even though their martial prowess were still a notch below that of the elderly old man, they were perfectly synergized in their attacks!

The most difficult to deal with were the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] and the [Rat of Taicang]. Even though Zhan Bai was not afraid of the venomous heat created by the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], he had to plunge the venomous heat with his internal strength at short notice.

The [Rat of Taicang] was most annoying; he could extend, withdrawn his arms and hands at anytime, his skills were also mystifying and cunning. He had to be on constant guard against him at all times.

The [Desert Fox] and the [Wolf of Mt Yin] were not easy to handle as well. The hand blade skill of the [Wolf of Mt Yin] had reached the point of perfection. Every stroke that he had unleashed was able to bring upon a hurricane of mighty windforce, his palm was indeed like a blade! Each time Zhan Bai used his palm to parry him, even though he could knock him back but he could feel intrinsic pain.

As for the [Desert Fox], because his secret projectiles, the divine pearls were specifically created to bypass the force that were created by the inner vital energy stances of the inner martial artists, it was proving to be a huge headache for him as Zhan Bai could only depend upon the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and ‘Inconspicuous Change’ to evade his attacks.

So it could be said that this fight, was the hardest fight that Zhan Bai had ever battled!

Even as Zhan Bai was fighting an exhausting battle, the same thing happened to the [Four Vicious] as well; these four top exponents were not having an easy time either.

Among the pugilist heroes presented, quite a few were actually experienced pugilists who had seen much but they had never seen anything like this before; the skills displayed were never seen before and the impact of each and every skill was earth shaking and could shatter rocks and fragmented the mountains!

All of a sudden, the [Wolf of Mt Yin] said something in Mongolian and the [Four Vicious] began to change their attacking stratagem.

Even though Zhan Bai did not understand Mongolian but from the changing attacking tactics, he could understand that there might be a trick. Therefore he decided to focus all his will into a defensive posture.

[The Wolf of Mt Yin] made a sudden tremendous charging attack against Zhan Bai, the force of his charge as sharp as his hand blade. As Zhan Bai did not dare to be careless, he lifted his defense to nine folds of his strength to take the sudden frontal assault.

All of a sudden, as soon as he had charged forward with such tremendous force, the [Wolf of Mt Yin] made a sudden retreat.

Zhan Bai was slightly startled as he struck air when the [Wolf of Mt Yin] made a sudden reversal and all of a sudden, he could sense another incoming attack coming from his back. He made a sudden turn, once again lifting nine folds of his martial power and was about to impact his palm with that of the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau], when he too, suddenly retreated.

Only then did Zhan Bai realized that the [Four Vicious] is trying to deplete his internal strength, once he had been exhausted, they would all attack at the same time.

But Zhan Bai secretly thought, “At least I can catch my breath…”

But before he could finish his thoughts, three prayer beads were throw at him and the rest of the [Four Vicious] suddenly made an encirclement to seal off his retreat!

Zhan Bai was taken aback and he hastily muster three strokes to push back the three other encircling foes but because of the impact that he too had received while pushing them back, this caused his movement swiftness to lose its agility and one of the prayer beads struck him on his left shoulder!

Murong Hong, Jin Caifeng, Wan’Er and Fan Suluan cried out anxiously.

Zhan Bai had used his ‘Inconspicuous Changes’ to dodge the other two prayer beads but could not avoided the third prayer bead. This third prayer bead was so powerful that it flew through his left shoulder, as blood and pieces of his clothing flew in all directions.

And at the very same time when Zhan Bai was injured, the [Wolf of Mt Yin] came from the back silently and struck him with a direct impact with his ‘Wood Palm Cutting Blade’ which knocked Zhan Bai back five to six steps backward.

Zhan Bai started to see a black vision in front and he was feeling the blood in his heart beginning to flow backwards and could feel the blood…and he looked like he could fall anytime…

[The Wolf of Mt Yin] let go of a hilarious laugh as he lifted his hand up like a blade to attack Zhan Bai once again….

As for the rest of the [Four Vicious], they did not remain idle either as they charged in front with their most deadliest skills…

Zhan Bai who was stumbling like he could fall at any time suddenly let go of a great shout and lifted his palm towards the [Desert Fox] and the windforce of the impact of his palm was like a deadly hurricane that sped towards the [Desert Fox].

As the [Desert Fox] was eager to claim the credit for killing Zhan Bai, he was too near to resist the sudden tremendous blow and got struck in his chest! He had not expected that a severely wounded Zhan Bai could still muster so much martial power to execute such a crashing blow!

Unable to resist and parry the stunning impact, the [Desert Fox] was struck in his chest and he threw out blood as he was knocked backwards.

At the same time that Zhan Bai struck the [Desert Fox], like a lightning flash, he had also executed the ‘Cloud bypassing the Peaks’ stroke and caught of the wrist of the [Wolf of Mt Yin] tightly and neutralize this hand cutting blade skill.

Even though Zhan Bai had wanted to solo the [Four Vicious One], he did not want to hurt anyone. He had only wanted to force them to retreat but now because of his merciful heart, he had allowed them inflict two severe wounds on him.

And the [Four Vicious] was indeed ruthless. After they had injured him, they still continued to attack him, intending to tear him to pieces. Therefore Zhan Bai’s will turn murderous and he gave a shout to muster his strength to retaliate…

All of a sudden, there were a series of laughs and several shadowy figures moved like a bow to the scene. Their swiftness skill were too fast and everyone just saw a flash and on the scene were five more people.

Standing in front was a young master with a silver fan and a beautiful maiden that looked like a fairy, in a fine feathery dress. Standing behind them were an old elderly man, an old lady and a fat middle age monk.

When the five of them appeared, everyone was greatly startled and shaken for they were indeed the young master and mistress of the Nanhai Clan the [Divine Dragon Prince], the [Divine Dragon Princess] and the [Ocean Three Aegis].

The [Divine Dragon Prince] flipped around his silver and laughed in a crystal clear voice and asked Zhan Bai, “Is Brother Zhan trying to poke your nose into the affairs of the pugilist fraternity?”

The long bearded elderly man too laughed, “Young man, have you forgotten about our pact?”

To a pugilist knight errant, honor was everything. What they had promised, must be honored especially for a person like Zhan Bai who flushed red with embarrassment. “I have already said so but the four elderly old men have stated that they are not pugilists and moreover they are so ruthless…”

The [Divine Dragon Princess] looked at Zhan Bai with her beautiful eyes and said, “You look like an honest young master but in front of so many people, you can actually joke with your pact. They are not pugilists, why how did their martial skills come from? It is obvious that you are the one that broke your promise and go back on your words. You are such a disgrace to the entire martial fraternity…”

This greatly hurt Zhan Bai like a thousand needles and he could not suppressed his emotions anymore and shouted, “Shut up! If you were not a girl, I would have…”

At this point of time, Zhan Bai had suddenly recalled that he was supposed to honor the pact and no matter what, he had in fact broken it. So what right did he have to beat her? Therefore he shut his mouth.

Wan’Er was still weak and had not fully recovered. When she saw that Zhan Bai’s shoulder was dripping with blood and he was walking unsteadily, she quickly went to his side and her beautiful and jaded hands steadied him, “Zhan Gege! You’re injured, are you alright?”

She was filled with concern and her sentimental love was shown in her expressions.

Zhan Bai was shaken with a sense of touching emotions, as Wan’Er concern for him moved his heart greatly. But in front of so many people, he did not dare to display his feeling opening, therefore he could only try to laugh it off by saying, “Sister Wan, don’t you worry. This degree of injuries does not defer me.”

At this moment, Wan’Er could take a closer look at Zhan Bai’s shoulder and could see the extent of his injuries. She was both surprised and startled for in such a brief period of time, Zhan Bai wounds had not only stopped bleeding and his wounds had actually healed, leaving only a scar! She did not even see him doing any recuperation!

Wan’Er did not know that Zhan Bai had taken the thousand year old ‘Red Sandalwood Flower’ and thought that Zhan Bai had possessed such a great martial strength that he had now attained the golden impervious body, therefore she was very overjoyed and exclaimed aloud, “Zhan Gege! Your injuries have recovered alas!”

Wan’Er was rejoicing in Zhan Bai’s achievement that she hugged his arm tightly. Even her pale white face had a tint of color and her eyes were watery. Her gladness was evidence.

Murong Hong had been engaged to Zhan Bai and was his betrothed. When she saw how intimate her sister was towards Zhan Bai, she had a sudden realization. This was the reason why she had suddenly left home; that was when Wan’Er had heard about her engagement to Zhan Bai. It dawned upon her that Wan’Er had been in love with Zhan Bai for a long time. She was not jealous but she blamed herself for not noticing it much earlier…

Jin Caifeng was feeling regretful. She was worried about Zhan Bai’s injuries and had wanted to go forward to enquire but because she was still holding on to her noble bearings, it stopped her from doing so. And now, it was Wan’Er that was the one that accomplishing all that she wanted to do and had Zhan Bai’s gratefulness, she began to blame herself for lacking that courage…

Fan Suluan was more implicit. When she saw the love that Wan’Er had for Zhan Bai, she felt that what she had done was correct; she was right to conceal her feelings…

As for Young Master Duanfang, he was raging with jealousy as he watched…

Young Master Lingfeng was looking with his eyes wide-opened, his elder sister had already been engaged to Zhan Bai, now what was his younger sister doing?

The [Divine Dragon Princess] interrupted with a sudden cold laugh, “Shameless!”

Even though Wan’Er was weak and pale, she cried out innocently in rage and look at the [Divine Dragon Princess], “Who are you scolding?”

The [Divine Dragon Princess] did not why she had suddenly appeared to be so petty. For someone with a status like her, she supposed to conduct herself with grace. But since she had already opened her mouth, there was no way for her to take it back. When she had heard Wan’Er questioning her, she had unwittingly become enraged and spoke with authority, “Who I am scolding, don’t you fully understand inside your heart?”

Wan’Er was infuriated and lifted her fingers to display the ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ towards the [Divine Dragon Princess]!

But Wan’Er had not recovered from her injuries yet. Even the ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ was powerful but at the moment, it lacked strength, therefore when the [Divine Dragon Princess] lifted her hand against her ‘Soul Seeking Finger’, she was knocked back seven broad strides backward.

The [Divine Dragon Princess] gave a cold laugh before she exclaimed forcefully, “You are courting your own death, I see that you have lived long enough.”

Therefore she lifted out her silky hands in a dazzling display…

“Hold it!”

It was Zhan Bai and he took a broad stride in front, blocking the [Divine Dragon Princess], “Maiden Wan’Er is seriously injured now and has not recovered, so how can you still…”

The Nanhai Dragon Maiden looked at Zhan Bai with her beautiful glaze, still maintaining her attacking posture and asked, “Are you still thinking of interfering?”

Zhan Bai answered, “You don’t have to keep threatening me. You must know it is not an honorable thing to do by attacking the injured and the wounded; moreover it is the acceptable tradition of the martial fraternity. Do you understand this or not?”

The Nanhai Dragon Maiden quickly flustered…

But the Nanhai Young Master, the [Divine Dragon Prince] waved his silver fan and took three steps in front before saying to Zhan Bai, “You are not qualified to meddle in the affairs of the pugilist fraternity be it right or wrong. You can now leave.”

Zhan Bai thought that the [Divine Dragon Prince] wanted to harm Wan’Er. He could choose not to meddle in other affairs but only this matter, he must intervene. He asked, “What do you mean by that just now?”

The [Divine Dragon Prince] smiled and ignored Zhan Bai as he turned to face the rest, “Our clan invaded the martial fraternity has only a good intention to unified the entire martial fraternity so that there will be peace. The various clans and sects have long been fighting with one another over different views and this has caused much bloodshed to happen. But thankfully, there are many pugilists that have seen the light and have decided to join in alliance with our clan.”

“But just as this great accomplishment is about to be completed, there are still some people who harbored wild ambitions and determined to go against our clan. Therefore we will host a grand heroes gathering at the Shaolin Monastery at Mt Song. Those who are against our clan can still choose to come. If you think your martial prowess is greater than that of our clan and if you can prove it, then our clan will therefore disappear permanently from the Central Plains.”

Then he stopped for a while with the pugilist heroes looking at him with bewildered eyes before adding in a complacent manner, “If our clan is victorious against all the other clans and sects, then there is nothing more for you to say, from then on, the entire martial fraternity will be under the leadership of the Nanhai Clan. Anyone who violated the wishes of our clan will be exterminated and destroyed in any viciously manner we like!”

The [Divine Dragon Prince] spoke with great sharpness and with great emphasis as he spoke.

All the pugilist heroes were startled and taken aback. Unless the Nanhai Clan had already the confidence of taking over the entire martial fraternity, they would never have such a bold tenacity to declare and challenge the entire martial fraternity!

If truly the entire martial fraternity would be taken over by the Nanhai Clan, then the fates of all the pugilists would indeed be miserable and unthinkable.

Shaolin secular disciple [Divine Well Fist] Bu Yunfei and the abbot of the Shaolin Luohan Hall, [Tiger Eye Dharma] was the most astonished and was stunned. For the [Divine Dragon Prince to announce so surely to the whole martial fraternity that the heroes gathering would take place at none other than the Shaolin Monastery itself could only mean one thing; that it had been occupied by the Nanhai Clan!

Or else, whether to host such a heroes gathering would be up to the abbot of the Shaolin Monastery. It was impossible for outsiders to decide on behalf of the Shaolin Monastery.

While the pugilists of the martial fraternity were still momentarily stunned, the [Divine Dragon Prince] smiled, ending his solemn expression, “As long as the person is a pugilist hero from the martial fraternity, he will be allowed to participate in this heroes gathering.”

As he spoke, he turned towards Zhan Bai and said, “Only you do not have the qualification to join.” With that, he broke into a laughter and said to the [Ocean Three Aegis] and the [Four Vicious], “Let’s us go now!”

When he had finished muttered, he was already at the other end of the courtyard wall and had disappeared. Following him was the [Eagle of Conglin Plateau] and the [Rat of Taicang] who assisted the injured [Desert Fox] and the [Wolf of Mt Yin] together with the [Ocean Three Aegis] as they made their exit.

Just before the [Divine Dragon Princess] had left, she took a prolonged look at Zhan Bai. Her eyes were filled with emotions of hate and love.

This only caused Zhan Bai’s heart to tremble, for he was tangled with too many passions for him to bear. He was most afraid that a maiden would look at him with such an expression, therefore when the [Divine Dragon Princess] had looked at him with such passionate eyes, he could not resist a shudder and quickly bowed down his head…

Chapter 52 Ended

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Chapter 59: The Seven Ultrapowerful Fighters

The white hair old woman of the Ocean Three Aegis made a dramatic appearance with her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ and instantly wounded two top opponents from the nine major orthodox clans.

The Divine Dragon Princess waved and pointed to the sectarian leaders of the nine major orthodox clans and said, “Get away from here.”

Bowed over by the suffocating presence of the Nanhai Clan, the nine sectarian leaders of the nine orthodox clans took several steps backward.

The Divine Dragon Prince waved his silver fan and pointed at Zhan Bai, “Please hand over the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ now.” It was not a request but more like a command.

Zhan Bai smiled and asked, “What right do you have to request that I hand over the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ to you?”

The Divine Dragon Princess bright watery eyes all of a sudden stared maliciously at him before saying strictly and with great solemn, “Don’t you know that the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ belongs to the Nanhai Clan?”

Zhan Bai was taken aback and so were all the pugilist heroes.

Everyone was bewildered. What did the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ have to do with the Nanhai Clan?

Zhan Bai lifted his head and smiled bitterly, “Maiden, you must be joking. How could the Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual belong to your ‘Nanhai Clan’…”

But before he could finish, the Divine Dragon Princess looked at him with a beautiful passionate eyes, her eyes were like two piercing arrows that could go through his very heart, that made Zhan Bai so startled that he could not find words and quickly bowed his head.

Amused by Zhan Bai’s embarrassment, the Divine Dragon Princess smiled happily and said, “You must have saw the pictures on the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’, am I right?”

Zhan Bai began to fluster and replied, “I saw.”

“Do you know who is the person in the pictures is?”

“The Heavenly Enchantress.”

“Then who is the Heavenly Enchantress?”

Zhan Bai was momentarily stunned, “The Heavenly Enchantress is the Heavenly Enchantress, why did you ask who is the Heavenly Enchantress?”

When the Divine Dragon Princess saw the stunned look on Zhan Bai’s face, she could not help but smiled again and replied, “To be frank with you then, the Heavenly Enchantress is the Grand Protégé Mistress of our Nanhai Clan. And depicted on the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ is the image of our Grand Protégé Mistress, do then how can we allow it to befall it to the hands of others?”

Zhan Bai lifted his nose and laughed, “I have never heard that before. When did the Heavenly Enchantress became the Grand Protégé Mistress of your clan?”

It turned the faces of the protégés of the Nanhai Clan ashen and a malevolent light was lit, quite a few almost jumped with rage and were about to jump upon Zhan Bai…

But the Divine Dragon Princess made a hand gesture and stopped her clan protégés and turned to Zhan Bai with a displeasure look to say, “My protégé mistress is the Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll and the Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll is the protégé disciple of the Heavenly Enchantress. If the Heavenly Enchantress is not my grand protégé mistress, then who is my grand protégé mistress? Who will recklessly acknowledge their founding grand protégé mistress? If you quietly hand over the Soul Destroyer Scripture over, I will let you go or else, humph, I will kill you and let your corpse withered in the wilderness!”

Now that the Divine Dragon Princess had explained, all the pugilist heroes were greatly startled for till now, they had finally understood that the Nanhai Clan was actually the protégé clan of the Heavenly Enchantress.

But Zhan Bai had a stubborn nature. The more threats he had received, the more he refused to submit. Now that the Divine Dragon Princess had threatened him, he grew more cross and replied coldly, “I just have to repeat once again, you have come too late.”

The Young Master of the Nanhai Clan interrupted, “The Nanhai Clan is like the Gods and will never be late.”

Zhan Bai added, “Just a few days ago, I have destroyed the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ right in the eyes of everyone. Therefore even though you may be a eloquence talker, you will still be unable to see this most wondrous book of the fraternity.”

The Divine Dragon Prince waved his silver fan and replied coldly, “Do you think anyone here would believe what you have said?”

Zhan Bai took a quick glance at the pugilist heroes. The truth was, no one would believe that he could actually destroy the Soul Destroyer Scripture. He sighted and said, “It is up to you to believe. The fact is, I have destroyed it.”

The Divine Dragon Princess smiled slightly and said, “I say, young hero Zhan, you have better hand over the scripture for your own good.”

Zhan Bai was closed to boiling point. He had testified again and again yet no one had believed in him. Even if he still had the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’, he would not hand it over to a murderous clan like the Nanhai Clan.

The Divine Dragon Prince turned solemn and answered with a killing malevolent air, “It seem like we must use force now.” With that, he waved his silver fan and the Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Western Region Vicious took a step forward.

Zhan Bai took a sweeping glance at the seven top exponents of the Nanhai Clan before adding, “Have you forgotten the pact that you have made with me?”

The Divine Dragon Prince was solemn for awhile before he broke into a cold laugh, “If you are afraid, then quickly hand over the secret manual.”

Zhan Bai furrowed for awhile before answering, “I, Zhan Bai, have never the meaning of the word ‘Fear’. It is just that I am a person honor-bounded to keep my words and by our agreement, I cannot fight with a pugilist from the martial fraternity.”

The white hair granny laughed for several bouts before saying, “It doesn’t matter. The Ocean Three Aegis will withdraw the pact.”

The Sealing Abbot too, laughed and said, “Young man, I think you may not be too comfortable with the loss the last time, why not we give you another chance to have another go?”

Eagle of the Conglin Plateau coldly added, “This time we will not let you leave this place alive.”

Zhan Bai furrowed his glance and his inner heart was stirred with emotions…

The Twin Equivocal thought that this was the opportune time for Zhan Bai to cleanse the taint off his honor and immediately stepped forward to say, “Young benevolent master, accept their challenge.”

Actually Zhan Bai was also eager to be rid of the pact therefore he nodded his head and turned to the Ocean Three Aegis to say, “Since the three of you insist, I am obligated to accept it. But will it be the three of you again this time?”

The white hair elderly man gave a thumb up gesture at Zhan Bai and praised, “Young man, you are indeed a heroic…”

But the Divine Dragon Prince was full of malevolent air and he interrupted with a great shout, “The ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ must be retrieved by the Nanhai Clan at all costs, as acting sectarian leader of the Nanhai Clan, I ordered the Four Vicious to join in the fray too.”

Those that were most concern for Zhan Bai began to secretly shudder and worried. The Divine Dragon Prince was so cunning and this was obvious that it was a trap but who would expect that Zhan Bai would take if off with a smile, “Then indeed I am honor to be able to challenge the seven super exponents of the Nanhai Clan.”

The long beard elderly man who did not put down his thumb yet, praised continuous, “Great, great! I proclaim you as the number one person in the entire martial fraternity!”

The Divine Dragon Prince was not too pleased and flipped his robe and then said coldly, “Elderly senior Chou! Do not inflate the ego of your opponent. All of you go forth now and kill this insolent young man.”

The Nanhai Dragon Princess had seen the malevolent air in her brother’s eyes but in front of the rest of the protégés, it won’t be too good for her to go against him therefore she glanced over the seven elite top exponents and added, “Till the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ is obtained.”

No one knew if the Four Vicious and the Ocean Three Aegis fully understood the real meanings in her sentence for they were full of scary malevolent aura now! The long beard elderly man was the first to say, “Today will be an epic battle that have never ever happened in the fraternity, nor will it happen in the future either. Young man, let you be the first to make the move.”


Before Zhan Bai could reply, Wan’Er had rushed forward and looked at him with a great numbers of tender sentiments before saying, “Bai Gege huh, your little sister will like to lend you a fighting aid.”

Zhan Bai who was so moved that he looked at Wan’Er and said, “Sister Wan, you don’t have to interfere. It is better that I do it myself.” As he said, he lifted his hands to the front of his chest in a fighting stance posture.

Murong Hong flew to the front and said, “These people are too shameless and are using such an ugly wolf pack tactics to win. I am willing to brave life and death with Brother Zhan to oppose them together.”

That the Murong sisters would be so willing to fight shoulder with shoulder with him, Zhan Bai was truly very touched in his heart but he would never allow these two that were most cherished love to risk with him, therefore he could only give a bitter laugh, “Sister Hong, you too don’t need to be involved. Let me fight them alone.”

Jin Caifeng who was standing on the side, was secretly hating herself for not having the courage just like the Murong sisters who had the courage to express their true sentiments and concern for Zhan Bai. Was it her upbringing or her status that was withholding her to step forward?”

When Zhan Bai rejected the Murong sisters to fight alongside with him, all the more, she lacked the courage to step forward…

As for Fan Suluan, she too, had the impulse to go forward but she had suppressed it hard. She thought, “Too many maidens have loved him, why should she need to step forward…”

The Twin Equivocal and Chief Escort Ru were heroic men that were willing to lend their friends a helping hand. Even though they knew that their martial arts were not a match for the Four Vicious or the Ocean Three Aegis, they too, were willing to step forward and to fight alongside with Zhan Bai. They exclaimed together, “We too, are willing to fight alongside with Young Hero Zhan together!”

Only Lei Dashu did not move for he knew that once Zhan Bai decided, no one else could change his mind.

The Four Vicious and the Ocean Three Aegis coldly laughed, “Great! There will be more people that will accompany you on your way to hell.”

Zhan Bai knew that that the rest of the pugilists were simply not the match of the Four Vicious and the Ocean Three Aegis. Also, the more people that were in the melee, the more obstruction there would be and it would hinder him from using all his skills to the utmost. Therefore he tried to smile and said, “There is no need to be sarcastic. I have already said I alone will fight the Four Vicious One and the Ocean Three Aegis.”

He turned around and looked at the Twin Equivocal and Chief Escort Ru, I am grateful to you seniors for your good intentions but this is what I have decided and it will not change. Please step down.”

The Twin Equivocal and Chief Escort Ru shook their heads and reluctantly moved back quietly…

The long beard elderly man raised his thumb and praised continuously, “What a hero! A great hero! What a man…”

Zhan Bai extended out his palms and mustered his vital energies around him and said, “Let start the fight now!”

The old granny who was the most impatiently of the lot took the initiative to attack with her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ and circulated the power of her skill to ten folds and charged towards Zhan Bai. “Let granny made the first move then!”
But Zhan Bai countered it before she could complete her move by attacking her in split second, forcing her to withdraw her stance. This stroke countering the stroke was as fast as a meteor.

The white hair granny did not expect that Zhan Bai martial skills would improve again. Even before she could complete her full stance, Zhan Bai had countered it and she was forced to withdraw her stance just to prevent a hit.

All of a sudden, another windforce impacted upon Zhan Bai. It came from the Rat of Taicang. But without turning his head around, Zhan Bai hit him on his left shoulder with his palm.

The Sealing Abbot, the Eagle of the Plateau attacked from left and right, followed by the rest of the fighters. All the strokes were as fast as a meteor shower.

In the meantime, the long beard elderly man lifted his ‘Giant Dipper Impasse Hands’ the unrivalled palm martial skill and jumped onto the top of Zhan Bai’s head like a collapsing mountain! These seven ultrapowerful fighters from the Nanhai Clan possessed shocking martial power in their crushing blows, and each blow was ten times greater than the force of a thousand weight force! They were everywhere and it seemed that they had made it impossible for Zhan Bai to avoid their blows.

But what a Zhan Bai! He could still under the meteor showers assault of these seven ultrapowerful fighters pushed them away and at the same time was still able to take one hard blow from the long beard elderly man.

For someone with such unrivalled martial power, the long beard elderly man was forced to take two steps backward.

The long beard old man laughed hilariously, “Such strong martial power in your blow now. Young man, once again, you have made progression in your martial capabilities!” With that he charged into the fray again.

Zhan Bai executed the ‘Thousand Fragrance Delusion Steps’ and ‘Inconspicuous Changes’, his swiftness movement was so fast that he was like a zapping lightning now and at the same time he was using both the ‘Heavenly Subduing Enoch Hands’ and the ‘Thunderclaps of the Buddha Palms’.

These seven ultrapowerful fighters from the Nanhai Clan, the Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Vicious, anyone of them could rampage the entire martial fraternity. And All their moves and stances were impossible to see with the naked eyes. But now these seven ultrapowerful fighters had joined hands to fight against one Zhan Bai, and all of them were fighting with all their might and strength.

The speculators were all greatly astonished and startled in their hearts.

The Divine Dragon Prince had lost his composed state and was clenching his silver fan tightly and he was observing the battle closely.

The beautiful as a fairy, the Nanhai Dragon Princess was looking with bright shining eyes and her expressions were a mixture of gladness and worry. It was obvious that she carried a mixed feeling in her heart…

Murong Hong and Wan’Er were so anxious that they had turned white with ashen…

Even Jin Caifeng and Fan Suluan who appeared to be serene, were actually clenching their hands tightly and they were actually gasping for breath. Their composures were just a brave front.

Among all the seven ultrapowerful fighters, only the long beard elderly man was the most generous of heart and the most modest. He had thought that with his martial accomplishment, he was already the number one fighter in the entire martial world. In all his entire life, he had never met his match. Now that he had met a worthy opponent that could challenge him, this ignited the fires in his heart and his will to fight for supremacy. Therefore by now, he had already put his modest behavior to the winds and lifted his ‘Giant Dipper Impasse Hands’ to the tenth manifolds of its martial power and send a powerful ultrapowerful impasse of forces at the most vulnerable point of Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was knocked back by the manifold force of the ‘Giant Dipper Impasse Hands’ that he vomited out the blood in his organs. By a sheer coincident, because Zhan Bai had previously taken the Red Sandalwood Flower, there was blood congestion that remained in his organs. Now that he had throw out the bad blood, his vital energies in his body was able to circulate at even a faster pace and even his internal strength was replenishing all the time! And even the power of his palms had grown by leap and bounds!

So whenever the long beard elderly man made a blow against Zhan Bai, he would feel great agony in his five internal organs, such was the force of Zhan Bai’s blows.

The long beard elderly man flew into a rage. But it was pointless to be enraged for his palm force was not as solid and powerful in depth as Zhan Bai now.

Lei Dashu, the Twin Equivocal, Chief Escort Ru, Murong Hong and Wan’Er slowly became calmer for Zhan Bai was now gaining the upper hand.

The nine orthodox clans, the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity and the rest of the martial pugilists had an eye-opening! Who could imagine such a person in the form of Zhan Bai would appear and could challenge these seven ultrapowerful fighters from the Nanhai Clan alone! It was an impossible feat and an impossible thing!

The Divine Dragon Prince found his heart beating fast. He had thought that as high and as accomplished as Zhan Bai martial skills were, he might be able to solo either the Ocean Three Aegis or the Four Vicious but it would be impossible for him to fight them together. Therefore, the ‘Soul Destroyer Scripture’ would fall into his hands pretty soon and in an easy manner.

But who would have expected that the Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Vicious Ones could not overcome just one Zhan Bai? He was beginning to understand the severity of the situation.

He was afraid that ambition to dominate the entire martial fraternity would be destroyed in the hands of a mere Zhan Bai. Therefore it was understandable for him to shown surprise and anxiety. This in turn increased his malevolent air and he was clenching his silver fan.

All of a sudden, the Divine Dragon Prince said in a clear voice, “From the green woods, a single red dot.”

The Rat of Taicang began to charge first and met force with force with Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was bewildered; he did not know why the Rat of Taicang would use such a direct and suicidal method to fight against him?

After the Rat of Taicang had received a blow and was knocked back twenty feet away, the Wolf of Mt Yin used the exact method against Zhan Bai! And the Rat of Taicang had suddenly back off! After knocking back the Wolf of Mt Yin, it was the Desert Fox turn!

All of a sudden, the seven ultrapowerful fighters began to shift their positions and came in from all directions one after another! There were three continuous attacks, four continuous attacks, five continuous attacks, one after one another, each focusing on exhausting Zhan Bai’s internal strength!

By now, all the martial pugilists began to understand what was being muttered by the Divine Dragon Prince.

Even all the seven ultrapowerful fighters palm power and martial power were not as strong as Zhan Bai; after receiving a blow, they would beginning to feel a little dazzled and their vital energies would be shattered but this tactics actually gave them the time to revitalize and recuperate their internal strength!

But as for Zhan Bai, he did not even have the time to breathe as they came one after another! Even though Zhan Bai might be an iron man, he could not take such a suicidal and fierce attack one after another!

Everyone instantly understood that the ultrapowerful fighters intended to exhausted Zhan Bai internal strength through this method and let Zhan Bai died of sheer exhaustion while alive!

Wan’Er who loved Zhan Bai and was the most concern about him, could not resist exclaiming loudly, “What kind of a fighting method is this?”

Murong Hong who was watching with teary eyes, scolded them, “Utterly shameless!”

The Divine Dragon Prince was waving his fan happily and looking pleased, “The winner takes all, the vanquished nothing. Have you not heard that only the victor is the hero? Do you think there is only one way to fight a war? Ha ha ha…”

Wan’Er was so enraged that she kicked the ground and turned towards her sister to say, “Elder sister, let us lend a helping hand.”

Murong Hong nodded her head but before the Murong sisters could make a move, the Nanhai Dragon Princess had already blocked them. With cold heartless expression, she coldly said in a sharp precise voice, “All of you stay here quietly, anyone else who dare to make a move to the front, I will let them die without even a burial ground.”

Murong Hong replied coldly, “Not necessary.”

Wan’Er was already anxious for Zhan Bai, and used her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ divine skill first at the Nanhai Dragon Princess.

“You are courting your own death,” Answered the Nanhai Dragon Princess as she raised her hands and impacted Wan’Er, sending her flying backward more than ten feet away!

Murong Hong cried out angrily, “I will fight with you with my life…”

All of a sudden, Zhan Bai let out a most horrible scream and then there was a huge impact that exploded…

Chapter 59 Ended
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Chapter 60: The Most Epic Duel

Zhan Bai had just sent the Rat of Taicang flying ten feet away but not before the Rat of Taicang had impacted heavily upon Zhan Bai!

This impact was the result of all the might and martial power of the Rat of Taicang, therefore Zhan Bai became wobbling and could not stand straight!

There was a shriek from Wan’Er who had tried to rush forward to aid Zhan Bai but she was knocked back by the Nanhai Dragon Princess and was knocked down.

This distract Zhan Bai and he was getting panicky about Wan’Er, therefore he mustered all his martial power and circulate the Heavenly Subduing Enoch Hands in a furious blow and dealt at the next attacker, which was the Wolf of Mt Yin such a powerful blow that he sent him flying more than thirty feet away at which he collapsed onto the ground, vomiting blood!

At the same time, Zhan Bai was also knocked back backwards. Without waiting for Zhan Bai to grasp another breathe, the Sealing Abbot mustered all his martial power and jumped into the air, his blows were like a collapsing mountain as he mustered up his ‘Epic Toad Skill’ into a surrounding protective lifeforce as he attacked Zhan Bai!

But because Zhan Bai was extremely concerned for the wellbeing of Wan’Er and that the Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Vicious were too ruthless and venomous in their attack, that he summoned all his martial power into this hit and broke through the lifeforce of the Sealing Abbot and sent the fat and overweight Sealing Abbot flying through the air like a ball more than forty feet away!

The pugilist heroes were stunned into silence and barely breathe as they broke into a cold sweat. Was it even possible for Zhan Bai palm blows to be this impossible powerful?

But Zhan Bai was also forced to take three steps back from the great counterforce of the impact and he could barely stand on his ground…

At the same time when Zhan Bai had simultaneously took the blows from the Wolf of Mt Yin and the Sealing Abbot, Murong Hong, Twin Equivocal and the Chief Escort Ru tried to rush in front to lend Zhan Bai a helping hand but how could they be a match for the Nanhai Dragon Princess who had sent them all stumbling back with just a wave of her silky hand?

Lei Dashu was busy trying to save Wan’Er by helping her to treat her injuries. Even though his wild hair and eyes were looking on anxiously, he could not save Wan’Er and rushed to the front to help the others at the same time…

The thunderclaps made by the continuous assaults of the palm forces of the Ocean Three Aegis and Four Vicious continued unabated as loud as thunderbolts and fury storms, shaking the entire place like an earthquake as sand, dust, stones began to roar with frightening howl for each of the ultrapowerful fighters had the power of a thousand Newton of force in their blows!

One must know that the Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Vicious were not ordinary fighters and even the top martial exponents of the martial fraternity did not have their level of martial expertise. High as Zhan Bai martial level was, he could not stand their continuous assaults and he was now wobbling unsteadily now.

At the same time, the seven ultrapowerful fighters took turns resting and recuperating for their next attack.

The Divine Dragon Prince who was standing besides the ultrapowerful fighters when they retreated was also giving them a red pill that could instantly treated their injuries and they could join back the battle almost at once!

This red pill was called the divine specialty pill of the Nanhai Clan, called the ‘Dragon and the Tiger Strength Pill’. An ordinary person who consumed it could find his strength and power increased by many manifolds and must find a person to fight or else he could not be able to calm down. Taken by a person who was a martial pugilist, if he circulated his internal force, the power of this pill would manifest in an even more rapid pace and he must find a person to fight and to expend all the excess energy or else the sheer power of this pill would overcome them.

Zhan Bai felt his palms were burning hot, his arms were numbered and his blood circulations were in a confusing state as he was accepted blows after blows in a non-stop manner!

Once again in a split second of the time, Zhan Bai had took the blows and sent the Sealing Abbot, the Eagle of the Plateau, the Rat of Taicang and the Wolf of Mt Yin flying backwards before the white hair granny looked at him with a bloodshot eyes and laughed creepily, “Young man, see if you can take this stroke from me.”

When she had finished speaking, she had used all her martial power that she could ever mustered in her entire life to power her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ divine skill and took aim at Zhan Bai as her finger skills broke through the air like a hurricane!

At the same time, the long beard elderly man, the Desert Fox, the Rat of Taicang, the Wolf of Mt Ying joined forces with their palm force that were like a towering mountain began to close down all around Zhan Bai! They were forcing Zhan Bai to accept the full impact of the white hair granny ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’!

Zhan Bai was sweating and his hair was in a mess as he watched angrily, using the ‘Thousand Delusion Steps’ to avoid the four ultrapowerful fighters but the white hair granny ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ was simply too agile and quick that Zhan Bai was forced to lift his Heavenly Subduing Enoch Hands to its peak and with the ‘Buddha Mediating Thoughts’ to accept the blow.

There was a huge thunderclap and explosion as the white hair granny was sent flying ten feet away. She vomited blood in the mid-air and when she landed on the ground, she did not move again.

But the Divine Dragon Prince rushed forward and put three ‘Dragon and Tiger Strength Pill’ into her mouth and infused internal energy at her back and then the white hair granny began to grasp for air twice and with a great shriek, rejoined to attack Zhan Bai…

At the same time, the Desert Fox too, had rejoined the battle!

Zhan Bai who had earlier took the blow from the ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ divine skill of the white hair granny found his palm was now mortally wounded for the ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ was a type of extremely deadly finger skill that would break the protective force of the martial experts’ internal force, thereby injuring them.

Therefore Zhan Bai could only feel that the heart of his palm was burning hot with pain and he knew that his palm had been wounded and he thought, “Oh no!...”

He did not have the time to inspect his palm when the Desert Fox attacked him with his divine pearls!

Zhan Bai who had felt his right palm burning with agony pain could not muster any martial power.

This delighted the Desert Fox as he thought he had an opportunity to kill Zhan Bai as Zhan Bai could only use his left hand to take both his incoming blows!

This twofold attack from the Desert Fox was brilliant, he had shot Zhan Bai with the divine pearls, forcing him to dodge and to divert his internal power away it as he made his way close to him with two outstretched hands and all his martial power that he could muster…

But Zhan Bai kicked the Desert Fox instead of accepting the incoming blows. This kick was so stunning that the Desert Fox was kicked thirty to forty feet away and when he landed, he looked like he was certain to be dead!

The Divine Dragon Prince caught hold of the Desert Fox and fed him with three ‘Dragon and Tiger Strength Pill’ but when he let go of the Desert Fox, the Desert Fox wobbled as he took a few steps forward and fell down dead!

The Divine Dragon Prince turned white with ashen as he shouted solemnly, “The mountains and the rivers blockade!”

This was obviously a command for the remaining ultrapowerful fighters to change their tactics.

The Ocean Three Aegis and now the Three Vicious were attacking Zhan Bai with even more fury than before as they attacked Zhan Bai one after another in a non stop manner as hurricanes of windforce stormed him like a shooting meteor!

Zhan Bai who was injured in his right palm and was so exhausted that his martial power had declined by half.

Zhan Bai lifted his entire martial power and managed to knock back the Wolf of Mt Yin and the Eagle of the Plateau. But because he had overtly exerted his remaining strength, his organs could not withstand the sudden rush of adrenalin and blood spat out of his mouth!

The white hair granny saw that as an opportunity, as she lifted her right hand into the ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ while her left hand into the ‘Cleaving Cut’, as she executed two killing strokes upon Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai did not dared to take her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ anymore and instead, he tried to evade it. But he could not avoid her ‘Cleaving Cut’ as he tried to parry it with his left hand. There was a huge impact as the windforce knocked the white hair granny five steps backwards.

As for Zhan Bai, he was left wobbling. And right behind me, was the windforce of the Sealing Monk!

What a Zhan Bai. In this crisis, he still retained his sanity as he turned around and trained his left palm to meet the on slaughter charge of the Sealing Abbot which sent the Sealing Abbot flying backwards more than thirty feet away while himself was pushed back three steps away and he vomited out blood!

The long beard old man gave a sudden shout, “Young man, take another blow from me!” As he lifted his ‘Giant Dipper Impasse Hands’ to its zenith and his palm was like a giant mountain waving and collapsing upon Zhan Bai!

This attack was simple too fierce and because there were exponents all around Zhan Bai, he was forced to accept the incoming blow with the ‘Radiance of the Buddha’ as he raised this skill to its zenith to counter it.

There was a thunderous clanking of explosion as though a huge earthquake had just struck as trees broke everywhere and the grasses uproot itself, sending a huge column of dust and sand everywhere!

The long beard elderly man was thrown backward in five big steps as he vomited out fresh blood!

Zhan Bai stood on the ground and he suppressed himself, thus he did not thrown out blood as well. But when he accepted the incoming blow from the long beard elderly man, he had forgotten about the injuries done to his right hand and had used the ‘Radiance of the Buddha’ with it. Now he felt agonizing pain as he broke into continuous cold sweat!

The Eagle of the Plateau and the Wolf of Mt Yin seized the chance to executed their killing master strokes as they came left and right.

Zhan Bai’s eyes turned black as he saw blurred images coming at him. With a great shout, he plunged both his hands in front.

The Eagle of the Plateau was knocked back ten big steps backward but the ‘Wood Blade Skill’ of the Wolf of Mt Yin had instead cut upon the left shoulder of Zhan Bai!

Zhan Bai was knocked back and he wobbled unsteadily as he vomited out blood.

Two fists were hard to deal with four hands and a hero could not fight against so many. Who would say a strong hero could not fall?

But Zhan Bai did not fall.

The Wolf of Mt Yin was extremely pleased as he laughed hilariously as he shouted, “Now you die!” as he sliced through the air with his ‘Wood Blade Skill’.

Many among the pugilists grasped aloud. This heart stopping duel was simple too heart pounding for everyone to bear and only till now, did the silence broke among many of the pugilists as the Wolf of Mt Yin slashed against Zhan Bai causing many among the pugilists to turn white with ashen…

But Zhan Bai did not evade the incoming blow, instead he plunge forward in a startling speed and used his shoulder to impact headlong into the chest of the Wolf of Mt Yin!

The Wolf of Mt Yin was stunned with disbelief that Zhan Bai could actually use this method as the Wolf of Mt Yin screamed in agony as he threw out blood. And he dropped onto the ground, never to pick himself out.

The Divine Dragon Prince had rushed to the side of the Wolf of Mt Yin and tried to feed him the ‘Dragon and Tiger Strength Pill’ but the Wolf of Mt Yin could never open his mouth ever again.

The Divine Dragon Prince flew into a rage as he shouted, “The secret flower formation surrounding the village.”

Zhan Bai who had injured his right hand and broke his left shoulder, was startled and thought, “This time, I am finally finished…”

The Sealing Abbot attacked with his ‘Epic Toad Skill’ as the skill pierced through the air coming after Zhan Bai who evaded with his ‘Thousands Delusion Steps’.

Zhan Bai knew that if he could not harden his heart, he would surely die. Therefore after narrowly evading the Sealing Abbot epic skills, he quickly lifted his leg into a kick and kicked the head of the Sealing Abbot which instantly broke his head and he died instantly.

The Sealing Abbot in his lifetime had killed countless number of people with his hands; he had not expected himself to die from a kick.

The Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Vicious were ultrapowerful fighters. Anyone of them could dominate a region easily. Who could expect them to have such difficulty in weeding out just a single Zhan Bai? And now, only Two Aegis and Two Vicious were left.

But this caused the remaining Two Aegis and the Two Vicious to be even more enraged as they fought like berserkers against the heavily injured Zhan Bai!

All the pugilists presented were veterans of the martial fraternity and even though they been through countless battles, they had never seen a battle as heart wrenching and fierce as this one but none of the pugilists dared to step forward to help Zhan Bai for even if they had the courage to do so, they would be stopped by the Nanhai Dragon Princess and the Divine Dragon Prince.

Only Murong Hong, the Twin Equivocal and Chief Escort Ru had on countless number of times tried to rush forward to aid Zhan Bai but were beaten back by the Nanhai Dragon Princess.

Wan’Er, who after being patiently treated by Lei Dashu had regained her consciousness. When she saw that Zhan Bai was bitterly engaged in such a cold hearted, heart wrenching battle, her heart cried out in pain as she plunged forward panicky again.

But the Nanhai Dragon Princess exclaimed sternly, “Young lass, you better be honest on the side,” as she waved her hand towards Wan’Er. As she sent Wan’Er flying backward five steps behind.

Because Wan’Er was anxious, her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ epic skill was naturally at its peak as she plunged forward again with her most powerful skill.

But the Nanhai Dragon Princess was the direct protégé of the Ghastly Pampered Baby Doll and her martial level was in the same notch as the Cuicui, and was several notches higher than Wan’Er could imagine.

Even before Wan’Er’s ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ windforce could even reach her, the Nanhai Dragon Princess replied, “Young lass, you are courting your own death.” As she evaded Wan’Er attack and lifted her dress to strike Wan’Er on her right shoulder.

This evade stroke, countering stroke stance was so astonishing fast that the onlookers were paralyzed with shock at this instant display!

Even though the Nanhai Dragon Princess had gently lifted her dress to display the ‘Iron Sleeve Skill’, the resultant force was enough to break Wan’Er shoulder into pieces!

Wan’Er was startled and did not dare to confront her directly as she displayed her ‘Walking in the Air Miracle’ to avoid the critical strike.

But this ‘Iron Sleeve Skill’ was also a feign, just when Wan’Er narrowed evaded the critical strike, Wan’Er was struck in her chest by the right hand of the Nanhai Dragon Princess who sent her walking ten big steps backward.

Wan’Er was white with ashen and her eyes were in tears as she knew that she was unable to step forward to help her Zhan Gege.

As for Zhan Bai, he was near conscious and his mouth was full of blood, his handsome face was extremely pale but he was still fighting with all his strength!

He had just managed to knock back the long beard elderly man into taking five steps backward when he began to wobble uncontrollably and cough out several bouts of fresh blood!

When the dust and wind had settled, the long beard elderly man was looking at him with a pair of piercing eyes as though he was waiting for Zhan Bai to collapse…

But Zhan Bai did not fall.

The long beard elderly old man could not resist an urge to lift his thumb and praised, “Young man, you are indeed the number one person in the entire martial fraternity.”

Zhan Bai used his shoulder to wipe away the blood in his mouth before replying, “Old senior, you praise overtly.”

The long beard elderly man who also had blood in his mouth replied, “In my entire life, I have never been impressed by anyone before. Therefore I will never praise my opponents but today, I have to say a fair statement. For a young man of your age, to be able to attain such a feat in your martial level, not only are you the number one fighter in the entire martial fraternity, to say you are the ‘Warrior God’, is more fitting for you!”

Zhan Bai laughed bitterly, “I did not dare to accept the honor.”

The long beard elderly man stroked his beard and added, “The classic says if you can win ten wise men in wits, you’re a genius. If you can win one hundred men, you are a hero but a million men are not equaled to a sage and a sage is not equal to a god. I am not bullshitting but anyone of the Ocean Three Aegis and the Four Vicious have the courage and strength of ten thousands but the seven of us combined could not win against you. Young man, if you are not a god, what are you?...”

Even the haughty white hair granny, the rebellious Rat of Taicang and the Eagle of the Plateau were showing a grudge respect for Zhan Bai in their eyes.

The Nanhai Dragon Princess took a quick glance at Zhan Bai and her eyes were weird and wondrous…

The Divine Dragon Prince sensed something was amiss, flipped over his sleeves and took out a golden dragon dagger that glowed with a brilliant golden light, lifted it up and shouted almightily, “The Golden Dragon is here! Two Aegis and the Two Vicious, hurry and kill Zhan Bai on the spot. If you dare to be soft and merciful, you be punished in the most severe manner!”

The long beard elderly man expressions instantly changed and he looked at the ‘Golden Dragon Dagger’ that was held high by the Divine Dragon Prince, before he sighed deeply before turning back to face Zhan Bai, “Young man, be prepare to take my challenge! It looks like if we can’t determine the dead and the alive today, we cannot stop fighting.”

As he said, his palms became huge and manifolds of martial power surrounded his palm. The veins on his hands were like countless number of green snakes, it was indeed a scary look!

All of a sudden, Wan’Er cried out, “Wait…”

Chapter 60 Ended
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Chapter 61: The One and Only Warrior-God

The long beard elderly man stopped his huge palms in mid air and glazed coldly at Wan’Er but did not say anything.

Wan’Er began to point at all the pugilists presented and exclaimed, “All of you! The famous Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity! The upright and honorable sectarian leaders of the nine orthodox clans! The heroes of the Beggar Sect! How can you bear to see the Hero Zhan who is fighting for all of you here throw away his life for all of you and yet you are doing nothing?”

Her words sent a cold shiver down the spine in all the pugilist heroes but still, they did nothing, none of them offered a helping hand.

Wan’Er added, “You are all afraid to die yet if Hero Zhan would to die today, all of you will not live either…”

All of a sudden, the pugilist heroes began to stir and murmured. Suddenly they began to realize the situation they were in and that Zhan Bai was fighting to keep the Nanhai Clan out so that the martial clans from the martial fraternity would be preserved.

The Divine Dragon Prince did not expect that mere words from Wan’Er would be able to stir the cowardice pugilists. Therefore he shouted, “Stand where you are! Anyone that dared to make a move forward will be killed!”

His voice was as loud as thunder.

All the pugilist heroes took a sudden step backward…

“You are all cowards! Flee then! I will fight them myself…” As Wan’Er flew towards the Nanhai Dragon Princess like a speeding wind with her ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ but all of a sudden, she changed direction and plunge forward towards the Divine Dragon Prince!

The astute smart Wan’Er saw that it was the ‘Golden Dragon Dagger’ that the Divine Dragon Prince was holding that had a hold on the ultrapowerful fighters of the Nanhai Clan. That was why she feigned an attack on the Nanhai Dragon Princess but went for the Divine Dragon Prince instead with all her remaining martial power!

She had thought of killing the Divine Dragon Prince with her fingers and seized the ‘Golden Dragon Dagger’.

Instead, she had severely underestimated the martial levels of the Nanhai Divine brother and sister as the Nanhai Dragon Princess said, “Lass, you are really tired of living.” As she caught up with Wan’Er and struck Wan’Er down with her sleeve!

This hit knocked Wan’Er more than ten feet away and she instantly fainted on the spot.

But there were numerous roar and the pugilist heroes began to charge forward, one after another.

The Divine Dragon Prince kept his ‘Golden Dragon Dagger’ and joined hands with the Nanhai Dragon Princess to fight the pugilist heroes.

All of a sudden, there were three continuous earth shaking loud thunderclaps that sent those that were weak in their martial skills tumbling onto the ground!

Everyone was shocked and stunned. When they had regained their footing, they had saw that it was caused by the long beard elderly man, whose real name was Chou Ru Hai, who had been coerced by the command of the ‘Golden Dragon Dagger’ to used up all his internal strength, martial power that he had carefully cumulated over the past one hundred years to accumulate into these three blows.

Zhan Bai had taken the three blows forcefully…

And bow both of them were facing one another, their expressions were as solid as stone. They were staring at one another as though they were waiting for one another to fall…

Everyone could have noticed. The long beard elderly man and Zhan Bai had battled throughout the night and both of them had already thrown up bouts of blood and both were several injured. Therefore those three blows must have used up all the remaining vital energies that they could have possibly mustered.

These three blows determined life and death, victor and the vanquished.

But no one could tell who was the victor yet as they stared at one another expressionlessly.

This wait that lasted a moment was like waiting for ten years!

And then finally, Zhan Bai began to wobble…

And then it was the long beard elderly man that wobbled…

And then there was a loud crash that caused everyone to jump up as the long beard elderly man collapsed. It caused everyone to be startled with joy.

And then, Zhan Bai took two steps back as he vomited out bouts of blood. He took a longing sympathy look at the long beard elderly man before he murmured, “Hopefully, I did not kill you…old man…”

With that, his eyes were filled with tears as he turned around and walked away.

His love ones, his fiancée, his friends, his closest friend, his enemies, even Lei Dashu, he did not take a single look at anyone of them as he walked away.

His head was bowed down and he was staggering. Whoever he had staggered to, he would gently tapped against their shoulder but did not say a single word.

Anyone could see that, this meaningless and bloody fight had deeply hurt the honestly and the soul of this upright young hero.

Therefore, everyone could only watch as he staggered silently out.

All of a sudden, there was a wailing cry! The wailing was so blood curling, so sorrowful that those who had heard it felt the sourness of their nose and the pain in their hearts.

Who was wailing so heart wrenching!? Everyone was taken aback to see that it was the white hair granny, Leng Jue Hong.

She had holding the long beard elderly man with trembling hands. The elderly old man who had accompanied her for an entire life time was already long dead. It was like a sharp knife that had just cut open the white hair granny’s heart!

In this moment, time seemed to freeze as she began to recall when she was a young maiden, she was beautiful and her martial level was high. One day, she met someone who had even a higher level of martial skill than her, the young smarting Chou Ru Hai, who was the long beard elderly man.

She had fallen in love with him at first sight and they were betrothed to one another. She also learnt why he had such a weird name for Chou Ru Hai meant ‘Hatred as deep as the ocean.”. That was because he had a deep vendetta to avenge. She helped him to avenge his vendetta and then both of them began to wander the pugilistic fraternity together, crossing many lands and kingdoms. They were fitting and matching in looks and even their martial skills were top notch; they were the envy of countless couples and they flew together in martial bliss for many years, never leaving one another. Ten years of their time was like a day and they were as bliss as the immortals!

But because their martial levels were too high, they were haughty and insolent when they were young and have made many enemies, therefore they did not know that there was a sky beyond the sky; their hearts were only concerned with their own self and not others. Soon, they had lesser and lesser friends and more and more enemies.

In the end, they were pursued by their enemies who had gathered dozens of the best fighters in the central plain martial fraternity.

Therefore they found themselves unable to remain in the central plains and fled overseas where they met the Sealing Abbot who remained friends with them.

The life overseas brought them a serene peace and once again, they could continue to live a life of martial bliss. But then one day, their master the Lord of the Nanhai Clan, decided that he wanted to dominate the central plains.

Because they had taken his rice, they must work to return it one day. Moreover, they were also moved to test their martial skills in the central plain martial fraternity which they had been away from a long time to see if they were really invincible.

Interest and wealth motivated when a person was young, fame and renowned motivated the man when they were older. This was natural and understandable…

But…but now? The happy couple that could fly off like a pair of soaring birds, could no longer fly happily anymore. The long beard elderly man was dead and the white hair granny was grieved beyond comfort!

She thundered, “Zhan fellow! Stand where you are!”

But Zhan Bai did not hear and he continued to stagger out. After accepting three blows from the long beard old man, Zhan Bai vision was dark, his vital energies were shattered, his right hand was mortally wounded, his left shoulder was broken, and he did not believe he could survive the three blows by the long beard elderly old man.

He lived but the long beard elderly old man did not. He was so grieved that he deeply sensed that it was all a needless blood feud; there was absolutely no meaning to it.

He thought, “These crazy bloody massacres, why did it happen?...”

“Is it for fame? Or is it for personal interest? Or it because for the number one wondrous book, the ‘Soul Destroyer Scripture?’…”

He was so mortally grieved that he did not want to be involved with one another. He had only a thought; that was to leave this place, leave the presence of the foolish crowd, leave this bloody ground…

All of a sudden, there was a flurrying windforce that shriek noisy through the air.

Zhan Bai dodged to natural reflex but because he was so mortally wounded, his body was not as agile as before and was struck in his right shoulder, avoiding a direct hit on his chest.

His vision turned completely black and he could no longer hold it anymore and he began to wobble twice before he collapsed heavily onto the ground.

This time round, he had collapsed for real!

A great hero had fallen and he was like a falling meteor!

He was mortally wounded, so mortally hurt in his heart and was so mortally grieved that it caused his heart to stop beating and his vein to stop its pulse. He had totally stepped into the darkness, away from the foolishness, the bloodshed, the confusion…

The killing blow to Zhan Bai was the white hair granny, Leng Jue Hong’s ‘Soul Seeking Fingers’ which she had powered to its zenith!

When she had killed Zhan Bai, she looked stunned for awhile. There was no sense of achievement or gladness nor did she have the joy of overcoming an enemy. Instead, she plunged back to the long beard elderly man and she cried before she too, fell down dead!

She was so grieved for her husband that she had cried herself to the death!

And when she had died, she was tightly hugging her husband’s neck and shoulders.

This sudden turn of event that unfolded was so sudden that everyone who was present was greatly shocked and taken aback.

But a truly great and nice person, a person that lent his lending hands to others, when he had died, would never be lonely. That was because, there would be many who would continue to remember him.

First to fly forward was Murong Hong as she closed into embrace onto Zhan Bai fallen body.

Next was Jin Caifeng, the ‘Jiangnan number one beauty’. This noble maiden that came from a exalted family had been suppressing her love but when Zhan Bai, the one that she had secretly loved died all of a sudden, she could not withheld any longer and flew onto the top of Zhan Bai’s body.

This is her true feeling and what she really felt. It was also the first time that she displayed her feeling in public as well. But her beloved was no longer living.

Murong Hong lifted her teary face and saw this extremely beautiful maiden that had the look of a fairy but she did not felt any jealousy. She had thought that she too, was a pitiful maiden just like her.

Even Fan Suluan could not resist moving forward to the side of Zhan Bai and used her handkerchief to wipe away the blood from his face.

She did not cry but her eyes were tearful as she looked sorrowfully at Zhan Bai. It was as though she had just lost a dear confidant.

It was a luck thing that Wan’Er had fainted or else her cries would be even more heart wrenching!

The Twin Equivocal cried out the loudest for the one that died was their ‘Benevolent young master!’ They had benefited from the gratitude of the Thunder Sword Zhan Yuntian and when their benevolent master had died a wrongful death, they decided to change their names to Living Dead Man and Dead Living Man.

Now that their young benevolent master had died, it sent a great uncontrollable sorrow down their hearts!

Old Escort Chief Ru suppressed his tears and said, “Let don’t grieve first and see if Hero Zhan can be saved.”

When he reached out to feel for Zhan Bai’s breathing, he was greatly startled for Zhan Bai had been dead for quite some time.

Lei Dashu stood motionless on the same spot and muttered, “Worthy nephew, you did not die in vain, you have died honorable and in such heroic manner! You are indeed a worthy son of Zhan Yuntian! You are indeed his very son…” He did not shed any tears even though he was numbed with shock.

Even the pugilist heroes that had gathered began to walk forward towards Zhan Bai’s corpse in solemn silence and respect…

“Get lost!” All of a sudden, there was a shout that interrupted the stunned silence and the heavy atmosphere as everyone turned around and saw that it was the Divine Dragon Prince who had shouted as his killing malevolent air pierced through the air and the Rat of Taicang and the Eagle of the Plateau was seen standing behind him, looking wickedly and as ghastly as a ghost.

The Nanhai Dragon Princess was seen standing alone by the side and looking awkwardly as though it seemed like that she had just cried. But who was she crying for? Only she had the answer in her heart. It was because she had fallen in love with Zhan Bai yet she was unable to express her loss and tears in front of her enemies…

Everyone had already witnessed the martial level of the Divine Dragon Prince and the Two Vicious. Now that Zhan Bai had perished, no one present had the ability to challenge them anymore.

Therefore, their mere presence scared the wits out of the pugilist heroes causing many of them to unconsciously move a few steps backward.

Only the three lovelorn maidens, Murong Hong, Jin Caifeng and Fan Suluan who were crying so woefully.
The Divine Dragon Prince furrowed his eyebrows and then a killing wave of malevolent air arose in him as he raised his hand all of a sudden with a shout.

As the windforce and his shout echoed through the air, the three young maidens were startled into hastily retreating backwards…

Lei Dashu was so enraged by the Divine Dragon Prince action that he thundered out aloud, “What an insolent junior! Let me fight you!” With that, he lifted up both his fists and dashed towards him.

There was a huge thunderclap as Lei Dashu was thoroughly shaken as he took three steps back.

The Divine Dragon Prince was not going to forgive any disrespect to him as he continued to display more strokes against Lei Dashu.

Lei Dashu was not his match as he met the Divine Dragon Prince with three more powerful palm force but was thrown thirty to forty feet away.

The Divine Dragon Prince withdrew his stance and turned his head around to exclaim loudly at the Two Vicious, “Go and search Zhan Bai’s body for the number one most wondrous book.”

Just as the Rat of Taicang and the Eagle of the Plateau was about to search Zhan Bai, a beautiful voice full of hot tears interrupted, “Do not touch him.”

It was the enchanting and beautiful Murong Hong, who was full of grief and sorrows.

Her icy cold expressionless voice angrily said, “Anyone that try to touch him, I will fight him even if I were to give up my life!”

Even though she looked frail and weak but because she was determined to protect her husband body, she had radiated an imposing sacred aura that deterred people from approaching her.

Even the two unorthodox heretic heads were for a moment too startled…

All of a sudden, the Nanhai Dragon Princess with an equal icy and freezing aura, even her words were equally icy as she drifted in front of Murong Hong and angrily said, “Who are you to him? Even after he had died, you are still determined to fight for him?”

Murong Hong’s eyes were brimmed with tears as she faced her enemy. She suppressed hard the will to cry and instead put on her brave front and said in a crystal voice, “He is my husband…”

But even before she could finish, the Nanhai Dragon Princess had turned ashen as she interrupted viciously, “Rubbish!” And she raised her palm into a blow towards Murong Hong.

Murong Hong raised both her hands to intercept the single palm attack but she was jerked by the resultant force and tumbled more than ten steps behind.

As the Divine Dragon Princess knocked Murong Hong away with one of her hands, she had used her other hand to neatly arrange her hair and then she began to feel Zhan Bai’s body with both her silken hands.

This is her first time, her only time, that she had ever touched the body of the opposite sex. This is also her first time that she had fallen in love at first sight and the only man that she had love but now, he was just a dead man.

She began to blush, her face was like drunk, a wondrous affections that she had never had before began to flutter into her as she began to stroke Zhan Bai’s body with nervous trembling hands…

“Sister, is the secret manual on his body or not?”

The Nanhai Dragon Princess woke up from her slumber and lifted her face and saw that it was her brother, the Divine Dragon Prince that had just asked her and she began to blush deeply. She seemed to be in a divine state earlier and had forgotten to search Zhan Bai body for the wondrous book.

Without saying anything, she began to rose up and walked away.

Only after the Divine Dragon Prince had asked, only then did she remember her status. Feeling awkward and embarrassed, she could only walk away.

But the Divine Dragon Prince was persistent and continued to ask, “Is it on his body or not?”

“Nope,” She replied without turning her face around.

“I do not believe,” as the Divine Dragon Prince walked towards Zhan Bai body.

Jin Caifeng stood forward to block the Divine Dragon Prince, “He is already dead. Please do not disturb him anymore or else he cannot rest in peace.” Even though it contains some threats, it was also a pleading. Coming from the mouth of Jin Caifeng, it was extremely moving and enchanting.

The Divine Dragon Prince’s eyes immediately shone for the enticing beauty of Jin Caifeng shone like a brilliant radiance of light.

The Divine Dragon Prince was a flirt and he was extremely lustful. When he was at the Jin Residence, he had ever tried to drug her and had torn all her clothes from her. He had almost succeeded had not for Zhan Bai. Now when he had thought of that lustful scene, the lusts that were inside of him began to grow…

But the attraction of the ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ was even more enticing than a beauty. The Divine Dragon Prince was indeed a calculated ruler that could outweigh each situation differently. Even though he was lustful but he was not easily bewitched by the temptations of lust.

The ‘Bones Binding Soul Destroyer Sacred Manual’ was a treasure that was so beholden that it could not be found even in a hundred lifetimes but a beauty could be found anywhere.

He smiled to her, “Maiden, I have missed a chance to be with you that night that I still have regrets to this day. But I can honestly say this; your beauty is indeed unparallel.”

Everyone likes someone to sing their praises and Jin Caifeng was no exception and moreover she was a woman.

The Divine Dragon Prince was also a quite handsome and outstanding. Moreover he was smiling and looking at her with such intent eyes. He was actually even more dashing and handsome than Zhan Bai but then, he had a sense of malevolent, unreliable aura around him, causing him to lose out to Zhan Bai in terms of integrity and dependability.

When Jin Caifeng looked at this handsome man that had drugged her and almost lost her chastity to him, she began to blush deeply and her heart began to pound nervously. For a moment, she did not know what to say…

All of a sudden, the Divine Dragon Prince stretched out his hands to touch and grabbed her face as he exclaimed smilingly, “But now I am not interested but when I finish my business, I will look for you…” He was extremely insolent and was belittling her.

Jin Caifeng did not expect that for a man of his status, the Divine Dragon Prince would do such a deplorable act in public. As she was raised in a noble family and her upbringing was such that she had to abide by proper etiquette, how could she stand such disrespect and insolent acts?

Therefore she was so infuriated that she raised her hand and slapped the Divine Dragon Prince tightly on his face.

The Divine Dragon Prince was not guarding against Jin Caifeng and moreover he was a little drunk by her beauty or else, with his martial level, she could never have succeeded in slapping him.

But this slap had greatly provoked and infuriated him as he shouted, “Lass, you are courting your own death!”

He reached out his claws towards Jin Caifeng as swift as lightning and it seemed like he did not think twice on sparing her any mercy as he attacked viciously…

Chapter 61 Ended
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Chapter 62: Love that can never change.

Although Cai Caifeng had learnt all the epitome martial skills from her father but she was definitely not the Divine Dragon Prince match!

There was a pressure on her body and darkened fingers began to descend upon her face. She did not resist anymore but closed her eyes to mutter. “Zhan Gege! Wait for me, your little sister will be joining you now! Although we cannot be together in the mortal realms and soar together lovingly but your little sister is willing to suffer and be chained together with you in the netherworld…”

But who would expect when she was waiting for death to arrive and her heart was muttering what was to come after she had died so that she could finally be with Zhan Bai, for a longest time there was no forthcoming strike, so she opened her pair of eyes to take a look!

This look caused her to be stunned!

For the Divine Dragon Prince had back off several yards away and his face was startled and frightened…

In front of her, was an elderly old man and a young maiden who was as beautiful as a heavenly fairy, certainly her looks were not beneath her! The old man was garbed in a priestly robe. At first glance, everyone instantly knew from his attire and aura that he must be a reclusive prominent person!

That beautiful young maiden was wearing a loose dress and her tummy was protruding out. At first glance, she could tell that she was pregnant. She had a clear crystallized face. She did not seem to comb her hair but had let it flow down her shoulders. But she was a natural beauty. The more she did not adorned herself with accessories, the more beautiful her beauty was reflected!

But now her pure and beautiful face was clouded by sadness and melancholy. And her watery crystal eyes were looking unblinking at the dead Zhan Bai!

Jin Caifeng knew instantly that this incomparable beautiful young maiden was the one that had once saved her life before, Liu Cuicui!

Jin Caifeng secretly muttered to herself. “Is she pregnant?…”

The old priest suddenly said. “You have better hurry back home now! Many things await you to be done!”

The Divine Dragon Prince slowly composed himself and angrily said, “Uncle Liu! You want me to return home? Why so? And what is the meaning earlier when Uncle Liu, you had suddenly fend off my blow?”

Only now then did Jin Caifeng know that the old priest had just saved her.

The old priest said. “There are many things that could not be explained in short notice. I can only tell Your Grace something. When the Nanhai Clan leader crossed the ocean, he had unfortunately met with a storm. And now he had perished along with two hundred over men…”

The Divine Dragon Prince interrupted and asked in shock. “Is that really true?”

“Do you think that I, a priest, will tell you any lies?”

The Divine Dragon Prince and the Nanhai Dragon Princess looked at one another and knew that this old priest would never tell them any lies. In great haste and fright, they scrambled away!

The rest of their followers began to follow after them as well!

“And!” The old priest said. “The Devil Island had already been occupied by outside enemies. I hope Your Grace will be fully prepared!”

But by the time the old priest had finished saying, the Divine Dragon Prince and Nanhai Dragon Princess were already tens of yards away.

But the old priest was clearly using the ‘ Thousand Miles Resonant Skill’, he believed that they would have heard him very clearly!

At this moment of time, Lei Dashu had stepped forward to extend a bow with both his hands at the old priest. “If my old eyesight is not failing, are you not the [Silver Fan] Liu Zonghou, Brother Liu?”

Liu Zonghou laughed and gripped Lei Dashu on his arms. “Brother Lei! Excellent eyesight! Just one look and you could tell it is me. I have not stepped into the Central Plains for many years. How are all our friends?”

Lei Dashu sighed and pointed at the numerous corpses in the hall. “It is hard to say it all out in short notice! Brother, so many people have died in front of you. As for the Jiangnan Seven Heroes] only you are the only one left now…”

Just when Lei Dashu was talking to the Liu Zonghou, Liu Cuicui had slowly walked in front of Zhan Bai. She looked at his corpse in stunned silence. She did not say a single word, not even a single tear. She was just standing there, like a sculpture goddess!

But anyone could tell she was terribly upset!

Her sorrows were so great that she had no tears to her grief!

At this moment of time, everyone knew that this old priest was actually the Silver Fan Liu Zonghou of the Jiangnan Seven Heroes fame. So all the pugilists from the Nine Major Orthodox Clans, the Four Aristocracy Family were filled with monument respect for him!

Although he was talking to Lei Dashu now but his eyes were looking at his beloved daughter who was now filled with a great many grievances in her heart.

Although he had become an accomplished priest now and had looked beyond the material world. But this was after all his own daughter so he was still very concerned for her. He walked over to Zhan Bai and asked her. “CuiEr, is this young man the one that you have pledged to be with?”

Cuicui nodded her head. Only now did her tears begin to flow down her cheeks!

Lei Dashu walked to him in great sadness and told him. “Brother Liu, this young man is your alliance brother Thunderous Sword Zhan Yuntian's only descendant!”

Unexpectedly, Liu Zonghou did not express remorse but coldly said to his daughter. “He is already dead, do you still want to marry him then?”

Liu Cuicui firmly nodded her head. Although she did not say anything but her conviction was upon her face.

Everyone could see the conviction on her face.

Liu Zonghou added. “My child! You are still so young! A lifetime of widow is not easy to endure! Listen to your father and…”

Cuicui beautiful face turned bronze green and interrupted her father. “Father, what sort of speech is this? Your daughter has already given my body over to him. I will never change my mind ever in my life. Moreover, your child...your child is now carrying his flesh and blood now!”

Cuicui words stunned Murong Hong, Jin Caifeng and Fan Suluan at the same time! They did not know why Cuicui had become pregnant.

Finally Liu Zonghou sighed. “You silly!…”

Liu Zonghou turned to ask. “I have heard there are several maidens that have pledged themselves to the young man Zhan. I wonder if they are also here?”

Murong Hong moved hurriedly in front and respectfully pay her respects to Liu Zonghou. “Your niece is young hero Zhan’s widow!”

Liu Zonghou was startled while Lei Dashu explained. “She is Murong Hong, your third brother Meteor Hand Murong Han’s eldest daughter!”

Liu Zonghou hurriedly said. “Niece you can do away with formalities!” He turned over to Lei Dashu and asked. “She and Brother Zhan’s son has married?”

Lei Dashu was solemn and said. “They have not yet go through the marriage rites but she have already been engaged to Nephew Zhan. I am the matchmaker!”

Murong Hong added. “Moreover my younger sister have also been engaged to young hero Zhan. And I am the matchmaker!”

Liu Zonghou was startled. “There is such a thing? Where is your sister now?”

Murong Hong’s eyes became red and her tears flowed. “She has died! She is lying over there now!” And she pointed her finger at WanEr who was on the ground!

Liu Zonghou walked over to WanEr and examined her pulses. “She have not died yet but because her anxiety and rage have attacked her heart, moreover she suffered serious internal injuries too. That is why she is breathless now.”

Murong Hong and Lei Dashu hurriedly dashed forward and asked at the same time. “Can she still be saved?”

Liu Zonghou did not reply and lifted his hand to pat WanEr on the top of her head!

WanEr was trembling now and her small lips opened, at the same time, Liu Zonghou took a jade pill, crushed it and then hit WanEr three times on her wounds. Suddenly WanEr moaned and opened her eyes!

Just a pat on her head and three hits on her accupoints with a powder medicine could cause the dead to revive, was really so unbelievable! Lei Dashu and Murong Hong immediately helped WanEr up.

Liu Zonghou said. “Don’t let her stand up first. Let her sit down first to resume her normal breathing first, then she will be alright…”

Murong Hong immediately helped her sister to cultivate her breathing.

Lei Dashu asked. “Brother Liu, your physician skills and that jade pill is really profound! I wonder what that jade pill is, it is so wondrous?”

Liu Zonghou said. “It is made from a thousand year lingzi. It can cause flesh to grow from bones and the dead to revive!”

Without waiting for Liu Zonghou to finish, Lei Dashu asked in a hurry. “Then, can you still save Nephew Zhan?”

Liu Zonghou walked over to Zhan Bai and examined his eyes and pulses before shaking his head to say. “He is too seriously injured. Even his heart pulses have been severed, he is hopeless now!”

When he had said to this point. Suddenly he had heard four loud wailing cries.

Cuicui, Murong Hong, Jin Caifeng, Fan Suluan had at the same time cried together.

WanEr had just been revived from the dead and was still dazzled. She opened her eyes to look around and did not know why the other four other maidens were crying?

Liu Zonghou looked at Jin Caifeng and Fan Suluan in bewilderment and asked. “Whose daughters are they? Don’t tell me they have pledged themselves to Nephew Zhan too?”

Lei Dashu tried to suppress the tears in his eyes before saying. “They are not outsiders too.” He pointed at Jin Caifeng and said. “She is Second Brother Jin Jiu’s beloved daughter, Jin Caifeng!” Next he pointed to Fan Suluan and said. “This is youngest Brother, the Conqueror Whip Fan Fei’s daughter, Fan Suluan!”

Jin Caifeng and Fan Suluan had by now knew that Liu Zonghou was their fathers’ sworn brother now and they pay their respects to him at the same time. “Your niece greets respected Uncle Senior!”

Silver Fan Liu Zonghou looked at both Jin Caifeng and Fan Suluan to and forth in bewilderment. They were all as beautiful as heavenly fairies and not inferior to his beloved daughter. He nodded. “My two nieces, you can disperse with formalities!”

He turned around and asked Lei Dashu. “It is good that my brothers have such beautiful daughters, I have heard that my brothers have very famous sons in the Martial Fraternity? I wonder if they are here as well?…”

He did not finished and the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity immediately pay their respects to him and Lei Dashu introduced them one by one to him.

When Liu Zonghou had saw that the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity were all dashing and handsome, he nodded his head approvingly. “Good! Good! Nephews please disperse with the formalities.”

He turned and looked at Lei Dashu. “All the nephews are like dragons among men and the nieces are all as fair as the heavenly fairies. They and them, why are they not engaged to one another? So many girls, why must they have their sights on Brother Zhan’s son? Is there any special reason?”

Lei Dashu forced out a bitter smile. “I don’t know anything about romance! Why don’t you ask them yourself!”

The Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity all of a sudden turned very guilty…

At this time, WanEr had woken up from her daze and finally she had understood what was going on. She had truly loved Zhan Bai with all her heart that was why she had even rejected Young Master Duanfang’s proposals, even willing to share Zhan Bai with her sister. At the same time, she was the youngest and she was one who did not minced her words. What she wanted to say, she would say. “Dashu! What is there to know about romance! Who can force themselves to hold back their feelings? Who can decide for others who to love and who not to love huh?”

Lei Dashu doted on WanEr most. Not only did he not feel slight by her but he even laughed while saying to Liu Zonghou. “Maybe this is the best answer!”

Liu Zonghou shook his head and pointed at the five young maidens. “You! You! You! You! You! Do you all want to marry Nephew Zhan!”

WanEr, Murong Hong, Cuicui and Jin Caifeng all nodded their heads. Only Fan Suluan did not say anything nor did she nod her head!

Those that nodded their heads had admitted it so he got hold of the one that did not nod her head and asked. “Only Maiden Fan is most understanding. How can so many girls marry the same man at the same time, there is no logic in it!”

But who would expect Fan Suluan to lift her head, blushing as she said. “Respected Uncle! You have wronged your niece’s intention. Although I cannot marry young hero Zhan but I want to be his friend!”

In this very sad place when Fan Suluan had suddenly said that, Liu Zonghou could not resist laughing. “If it weren’t for that Lake Tongding sudden happening, all of you would be still friends, not only friends, maybe even relatives…”

Before he could finish, Fan Suluan added. “Niece don’t mean this. I just want to be a bosom friend of young hero Zhan, live together, never to be separated!…”

When Fan Suluan had said to the last, her voice became lower and lower and she was blushing.

Liu Zonghou was startled. “Men and women, other than being husband and wife, I am afraid there won’t be such a friend!”

Fan Suluan nodded her head and said. “Niece and young hero Zhan will be such a friend!”

Liu Zonghou looked at this exquisite and exalted face, looked into her bright and shining eyes, her beauty was as handsome as men as well, he began to understand!

The love that was between men and women if it would exceed beyond love to become everlasting deep bonding friendship, that was the most exalted love of all! That was so pure and incomparable! Even though it was like bosom friends but he had understood what she meant by ‘friend’ now!

This affection that had exceeded beyond love and selflessness, to treat Zhan Bai as a bosom friend and not to take his heart, went beyond envy, he had once tried to pursue that before!

But that was not possible to achieve. Because the world would not allow such young men and women to exist! Therefore, he shook his head. “Niece! You seem to have forgot something very important. Nephew Zhan is now dead and your dreams will never be fulfilled!”

Tears were now in her eyes as her eyes look around. But she did not hesitate to say. “I want to bury him and then build a hut besides his grave and accompany him for the rest of my life!”

Liu Zonghou was startled!

This type of pure affection coming from a young and beautiful maiden was unthinkable and caused him to be greatly moved! He was beginning to secretly envy Zhan Bai. For what reason, could he possible cause this girl to pledge her undying affection to him even though he was dead now?

Liu Zonghou sighed several times before he suddenly had an idea. He turned around and said to the other four maidens. “Everything been settled now! Nephew Zhan burial will be conducted by Maiden Fan, the rest of you can go back now!”

But who would expect his very own daughter would step forward and lifted her face to say to him. “Father, how can you say such words! Zhan Gege’s burial and rites naturally must be conducted by me!…”

Even before Cuicui had finished speaking, Murong Hong and WanEr had stepped forward to say. “We sisters have observed the three matchmakers and six witnesses and have married to young hero Zhan. His burial and rites should naturally be for us sisters to handle!”

Liu Zonghou was even more bewildered. For a man that had died, there was still so many forlorn young maidens that would still pledge their hearts to him…This Zhan Bai, in what way was he so special and charismatic?” But because he was determined to stop them so he asked. “After burying Nephew Zhan, what will you do?”

Cuicui, Murong Hong, WanEr said at almost the same time. “I will accompany Fan Jiejie, live in a hut besides his grave and accompany him for my entire life!”

Liu Zonghou forced out a bitter smile and said. “Four maidens guarding a single grave? The world may be big but I afraid it is something very new!…”

But before he could finish, Jin Caifeng had stepped forward and said. “Your silly niece is willing to accompany my four sisters!”

This not only stunned Liu Zonghou but everyone presented as well! Everyone was thinking in their hearts. “Is there really such a thing in this world! Five beautiful beauties forever decided not to marry and are willing to pledge themselves to a dead man grave?…”

Liu Zonghou eyes had a weird light as he looked again at Jin Caifeng, WanEr, Murong Hong, Fan Suluan and his own daughter, all five of them were out of the world beauties. Suddenly he lowered his head and said. “This sort of thing, as a priest I cannot decide anymore. It better to let Nephew Zhan decides it for himself!”

Could a dead man still decide this sort of thing? It was really very unbelievable and difficult to understand!

Just when everyone was feeling strange and wondering, Liu Zonghou walked to Zhan Bai and patted him on his head three times!

Liu Zonghou was very knowledgeable in physician skills. Before he had become a priest, he was known as one of the Seven Heroes of Jiangnan. He was famous for his physician skills and in water techniques. After he had become a priest, his physician skills had advanced even more but it was totally different from an inner martial arts master that could use his Qi to heal.

Majority of the Masters of the Martial Fraternity, had used the method of clearing the life meridians pulses or transference of internal power to treat injuries. But this method of patting a person’s head was never heard before or seen before!

In actuality, when he had pat Zhan Bai, he had utilized the inner Taoist technique using the ‘Supreme Intricate Energy Force’ to clear the wounded person’s channels starting from his head to his heart. No matter how seriously wounded a person had been, he would be able to regain consciousness! And with the jade pill that was made from a thousand years lingzhi, he could be even be revived from the dead. It was much more superior to an inner martial arts of treating the wounded! As the saying goes, to live depends on the individual’s will, by arousing the injured and clearing his most important channels, he has increased the survival rate of the person.

This was the same method that he had saved WanEr, everyone had witnessed it. And now he had announced that he would be saving Zhan Bai, therefore he had attracted the attention of many others and they were now surrounding him now.

At this moment of time, Liu Zonghou had patted on Zhan Bai’s head three times, using his ‘Supreme Intricate Energy Force’ energy techniques and it had now flowed throughout Zhan Bai body.

Zhan Bai had suddenly trembled and his tightly clenched mouth was suddenly opened!

Immediately, Liu Zonghou fed him with the jade pills. Only when he had swallowed the ninth pill, did Zhan Bai give a moan and his eyes were opened!

Everyone gave cries of startled and joy!

Even Lei Dashu raised his hand with his thumb up, praising him. “Brother Liu, you are indeed a miracle man!”

Liu Zonghou laughed heartily. “You have heap too much praises on me! If I have not accidentally found the thousand years old lingzhi in a cave several days ago and made it into these jade pills that can even bring the dead back to life, I afraid that even if an immortal were to descend to the mortal realm, he could not be able to save my Nephew Zhan here!”

Lei Dashu was jolted and asked. “So you mean that just now Brother Liu, you have been intending to save Zhan Bai? So when you are saying you cannot save, you are only pretending!”

This time round, Liu Zonghou did not laugh. And turned around to look at Zhan Bai. “Brother Lei, you are guessed correctly! I have earlier announced that he is hopeless because I wish for him to severe the many love affairs that are plaguing him. But from the situation just now, even if he was dead, he still will be unable to resolve it forever!”

At this moment of time, four beautiful lovely young maidens were now surrounding Zhan Bai. Some were massaging him to make his blood flow resume to normality. Some were helping him to bandage his wounds, some were helping him to clear his accupoint channels…

But Zhan Bai seemed to have just awakened from his dreams, like a blissful prince. Suddenly there were five most beautiful lovely young maidens attending to him, bending down onto the ground, taking care of him, his face was blank and that of bewilderment!

Not to mention Zhan Bai but anyone that had just woke up from the brink of death, from the darkness and when they opened their eyes, if they would to see five beautiful heavenly young maidens attending to him all around him, they too would feel bewilderment and would believe that they were dreaming!

Now that Zhan Bai had slowly recovered from his daze and saw who those five young maidens were, his handsome face turned red. It was obviously he had also saw many people looking at him now, moreover he was being surrounded by five such beautiful young maidens in such a blissful manner, he was totally stunned!

He slowly moved his body and furrowed deeply.

WanEr said. “Zhan Gege! Are you still feeling painful anywhere in your body?”

Murong Hong said. “Bai Gege! Feel around your organs, are you feeling alright?”

Jin Caifeng asked. “Zhan Ge…young hero! How is your injuries?”

Fan Suluan did not say anything but looked lovingly at him with her watery captivating eyes. She was smiling like a flower now but the brims of her eyes were still tearful…

Cuicui gripped Zhan Bai on his shoulders and gently said. “You should rest more! Your injuries are not light…”

The five young maidens were all very attentive and worried for him, all were so tender and sweet!

Zhan Bai shook his head and said. “I am alright now.”

And he rose up with the help of the five young maidens!

He lifted his head to see Lei Dashu and an old priest looking at him.

Suddenly he felt so embarrassed but at the same time could sense that this priest had saved him, therefore he tried to walk towards him to give his appreciation.

Lei Dashu said. “My Nephew Zhan! Hurry and come over here! This priest is your father’s swore brother, the Silver Fan Liu Zonghou, one of the seven heroes of Jiangnan, your Sixth Uncle!”

Liu Zonghou anxiously said. “His injuries have been yet totally recover, is best that he shall not move. It is better that he should rest more…”

But before Liu Zonghou had finished, Zhan Bai had rushed to him, kneel before him and bowed before him. “Sixth Uncle! Your nephew Zhan Bai pays my respect to you!”

Liu Zonghou anxiously replied. “Disperse with the formalities! Disperse with the formalities!”

Although he was saying like that but he was secretly impressed with Zhan Bai and liked him. It was because although the four young masters were his brothers’ sons but they had just bowed their respect with their hands. Although it was a trifle thing but he could see that the four young masters were all haughty and proud. As for Zhan Bai, he was more humbled, frank and respectful. Finally he had beginning to understand a little why all five young maidens had loved Zhan Bai and not the others!

Zhan Bai said. “I have heard that when my father was harmed, Sixth Uncle you are the only one that was willing to help my father then…Your nephew should thanks you with all my heart!”

And he kowtowed three times before he rose up.

The four young masters knew what their fathers had done, therefore they could not help feeling guilty at this time…

The Nine Major Orthodox Clans upon seeing that Liu Zonghou had the ability to bring the dead back to life, immediately asked him to help them to save their protégés.

Liu Zonghou did not hesitate and did his very best to help them.

Zhan Bai had thought it over. Since he had already no need to avenge for his father’s death and he had experienced all the sadness and dying that had happened here. After witnessing the magnificent aura of Liu Zonghou, he rose up on his feet and decided to be a priest too. “Your nephew have already been weary of the material world, I will follow Sixth Uncle to be a priest!”

Liu Zonghou laughed merrily and pointed at the five young maidens. “Anyone can be a priest except for you! Look at all the love debts that you have owed to them!”

When the five young maidens had heard that Zhan Bai intended to be a priest, they were all so startled and when Liu Zonghou pointed at them, they were all suddenly blushing.

When Zhan Bai turned to look at them, his heart knew it was true therefore he furrowed even deeper.

All five of the young maidens were looking at him now, all so lovingly and filled with deep affections. But he was too confused in his heart! He began to think secretly in his heart, not knowing how to handle this. Who would he choose?

Liu Cuicui was now pregnant and looked very fragile now, even her hair was not combed, obviously very pitiful; Murong Hong was now as thin as a fluttering leaf, she was so vulnerable; WanEr was naïve and innocence, all her affections were written on her face; Jin Caifeng was so affectionate with love; Fan Suluan was understanding and her smiles were so moving, it caused him unable to decide…

And now all five young maidens were pouring upon him with a million affections, their tenderness, their feelings were now upon him!

Zhan Bai thought left and right, look at one after another, glance over them nonstop. It was really so hard to decide. Therefore finally he forced himself to harden his heart and shouted aloud, and pulled out the ‘Heartless Precious Sword’ from his back!

The radiate light of the precious sword shone forth causing everyone to be startled! Just now when he was fighting with his enemies, he did not use his sword, so now why had he displayed his sword out now?

Liu Zonghou asked. “Nephew, what are you doing?”

Zhan Bai said. “The ancients have a saying: Use the sword of wisdom to severe the attachment of worldly love. Nephew will like to follow in the example of Uncle to use the sword of wisdom to severe the attachment of worldly love!”

As he said, he waved his sword in front of the five beautiful young maidens and said. “I have appreciated the warm love shown by you five ladies! From now on, we have nothing to do with one another and we will go our separate ways!”

After finishing, he lowered his head and walked away.

Liu Cuicui grasped out and flew to block Zhan Bai. “It is alright not to mind the others but you cannot abandon me alone! Because I having your baby now!”

Zhan Bai was startled. “My baby?…”

Murong Hong and WanEr flew to block him too and exclaimed at the same time. “We sisters are your rightful wives, you cannot abandon us too!”

Fan Suluan flew to him too. “Even if you decide to be a priest but I know that you will not mind the company of a friend, right?”

Jin Caifeng slowly walked to him with her head lowered. “No matter if it is to the ends of heavens or to the far reaches of the ocean, your little sister will always be by your side!

Zhan Bai was stunned! Very stunned!

Liu Zonghou laughed merrily. “Although the sword can be heartless but it can never severe a million affections!”

Zhan Bai stomped his feet and said. “Up to all of you then.” And he forced him to endure the pain in the body as he ran away!

And the five maidens were like his shadows, following in his back!

“My little benefactor!…” The [Taibai Two Brothers] shouted after him and just when they were about to spring, Liu Zonghou caught hold of them and pulled them back. “What are you two doing? Are you thinking of making up for the numbers huh!…”

Everyone started to laugh thunderously.

By now, all the heroes of the Martial Fraternity had bade one another farewell and to attend to their dead.

Lei Dashu pulled Liu Zonghou aside and said. “Us brothers have not met for many years, let us go now and have a hearty drink!”

Liu Zonghou laughed. “But a pity, I am very thirsty now.”

Lei Dashu said. “Even if it is vegetarian wine, I will still toast you thirty jars!”

A few years later in the areas around Lake Tongding, the folks there would often see a handsome young man accompanying by five beautiful and peerless ladies as they made their way in jubilant.

If a man could have five such wives, it was really unimaginable and unbelievable. Even the bliss of an Immortal would not compare to it!

More enviable were that all five of the extraordinary beautiful young ladies were hugging or carrying babies in their embrace as they made merry, it was so admirable!

Of course that was Zhan Bai with his five wives living in seclusion at Lake Tongding!

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thanks for sharing this GuLong Story. Keep the good work.
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thanks for sharing this GuLong Story. Keep the good work.

Thanks =D
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The Swordsman Journey Book Two by Gulong
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