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 A Martial Odyssey

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PostSubject: Re: A Martial Odyssey   Sat Sep 28, 2013 11:33 am

Chapter 26: Memories

All of a sudden, there was a powerful malevolent aura that seemingly came from another direction.

 Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng, Xiao Youxue, Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing looked towards that direction and saw a man with a sword walking silently towards them!

 Yi Ping had recognized him to be Zuo Tianyi!

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Whoever tries to lay a hand on Maiden Ding, I will kill him.”

 Ding Yunzi grasped, “Tianyi…”

 Qiu Wufeng spit out, “So it is young master Zuo Tianyi. Are you here to take our lives too? I have great respect for the old sword saint but you are just a lackey of the Honor Manor!”

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “I don’t care what the Honor Manor wants but since you have the intention of killing Maiden Ding, then don’t blame me.”

 He looked at Yi Ping and said, “We seem to have an unfinished duel.”

 Yi Ping said, “Indeed! But unfortunately I have no wish to fight you and I don’t have a sword.”

 Zuo Tianyi looked at Yi Ping coldly, “You can always borrow one. With or without a sword, I will not hesitate to kill you.”

 Lie Qing stole a glance at Ding Yunzi before saying to Zuo Tianyi, “I am afraid if you really want to kill Yi Ping, Maiden Ding will never forgive you.”

 Zuo Tianyi asked, “What do you mean?”

 Lie Qing smiled, “That is because Yi Ping is our protégé master now. If you want to kill Yi Ping, then you have to fight the three of us too.”

 Zuo Tianyi was taken aback, “He is your protégé master now?” He looked at Ding Yunzi for answers. He had always thought that Ding Yunzi was from the Virtuous Palace and that Xiao Shuai was her protege master.

 Ding Yunzi said coolly, “That is so.”

 Qiu Wufeng immediately knew by now that these three maidens were not his enemies. So he was relieved as he said quickly to the three maidens as he bowed respectfully, “Even though my martial skills are weak, I will gladly fight on your side!”

 Lie Qing looked at Qiu Wufeng as she said, “At least you have some courage and willingly to stand by Yi Ping or else I would have killed you instantly earlier.”

 Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly at this mesmerizing maiden who was rebuking him fiercely. But he immediately thought, “If I were to be killed by her, it may not be a bad feeling after all. After all, I have lost everything now…”

 Gongsun Jing was stunned as he said, “You are all on the same side!?”

 Zuo Tianyi stared at Gongsun Jing, “Then I have to kill only you instead.”

 Gongsun Jing looked at Yi Ping and said, “Brother Yi Ping, you got to help me!”

 Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he looked at everyone before he said to Gongsun Jing, “I don’t wish to help you because what you want to do is not an entire chivalrous act. Everyone knows that Gongsun Bai had been oppressing the orthodox fraternity for many years…”

 Gongsun Jing shifted uneasily.

 Yi Ping said, “Even though you have the nick of Gongsun Jing the Benevolent and is different from your father. But that is not what everyone thinks.”

 Gongsun Jing looked down in guilt. It was true. He had known of his father lofty ambitions for a long time and had even tried to persuade him to take a more benevolent path but his father had scorned at his advice.

 Yi Ping looked at Zuo Tianyi as he continued, “Moreover, I don’t want to make enemies of Zuo Tianyi. The Zuo and the Yi Clan had been acquaintances for many generations. We are not enemies in the first place and why should it turned into a feud?”

 Zuo Tianyi nodded slightly. He knew that was the truth. It was because the Infinity Sword Clan had adjusted its swordplay three generations ago to counteract the Horizon Swordplay. And when they had dueled, he had found Yi Ping to be very familiar as though they had dueled before. The reason that they had fought to a standstill was that both of them knew how to counter one another’s swordplay as though they had fought before on numerous times!

 That was also why Yi Ping’s father, Yi Tianxing knew the Infinity Swordplay so well that he was able to forewarn Yi Ping that the Horizon Swordplay could be broken by the Infinity-First Swordplay.

 Finally Yi Ping said to Gongsun Jing as he smiled bitterly, “Your father had courted his own death and refusing to let Xiao Shuai go. It was a fair duel. Even without Maiden Ding interfering, do you think your father would able to win against Xiao Shuai?”

 Gongsun Jing said solemnly, “If Maiden Ding had not interfered, the outcome would still be uncertain!”

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “That was not what I have seen.”

 Gongsun Jing asked, “What do you mean?”

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Even before Maiden Ding had struck your father, Xiao Shuai had already penetrated through his Invincible Divine Force!”

 Gongsun Jing said, “That is impossible. There were so many eyes in that hall that day. Xiao Shuai attacks cannot possible penetrates through my father’s Invincible Divine Force!”

 Yi Ping said, “That is because your eyes are not sharp enough. If Gongsun Bai could even deflect Xiao Shuai’s flying sword with his bare hands, do you think that Maiden Ding’s flying sword could even cut through his arms at all? That was because at that very instant, his Invincible Divine Force had already been breached!”

 Gongsun Jing was stunned. Why he had not thought of that?

 He finally said, “You guys have already thought of that?”

 Xiao Youxue interrupted as she said, “They didn’t and didn’t have to. They just witnessed it. Why did you think that Gu Tianle and the rest of the protégé masters of the various major orthodox clans did not bulge at all when Gongsun Bai was killed? It was because their eyes were quick enough to see it themselves.”

 She knew because she was there too but remained hidden from view! That was why she knew that Yi Ping may be courting his own death and took a gambit to lure Xiao Shuai into the Honor Manor!

 She added, “The one that really killed your father is Xiao Shuai. I have heard that even Gu Tianle and Jue Yuan is hunting you. You can’t even avenge against Xiao Shuai, Gu Tianle and Jue Yuan yet you are looking to avenge against Maiden Ding? You are really courting your own death!”

 Yi Ping said, “Moreover, even if the two of us added up together, do you think we can win against the sword in her hands?”

 Yi Ping still shivered when he recalled the battle with her. He had only accidentally won when she had sprained her ankle at the wrong timing!

 He did not dare to look into Maiden Ding’s eyes directly as he said that. It was because he very well knew that she was toying with him even though he had already used up all the strokes of the Horizon Swordplay! He was now worried that he may hurt her feelings if he was too close to her. The same went for Maiden Xiao Youxue and Maiden Lie Qing too…

 Yi Ping said coolly, “You have to decide if you want to avenge against her now or want me as your sworn brother.”

 Gongsun Jing looked at everyone slowly. It was the hardest decision that he had ever made in his life.

 Actually when he first seen Maiden Ding, he had already been attracted by her quiet demeanor and air. When she had stormed into the Honor Manor with Xiao Shuai, he was in fact worried what would happen to her fate. What he had not expected was that Xiao Shuai actually did the impossible and killed his father. And because afterwards, he was persecuted by Gu Tianle, he was filled with a burning hatred for everyone that was involved in the demise of his clan.

 When he looked at Maiden Ding’s quiet demeanor again, he really could not bring the heart to even lay a finger on her even though he still held her partly responsible.

 Gongsun Jing said slowly, “I will still want to be Brother Yi Ping’s sworn brother. My real enemies are Xiao Shuai and Gu Tianle.”

 Yi Ping said, “Then I’ll be able to help you. I still have a score to settle with Gu Tianle and Jue Yuan for conspiring with your father to injure my father years ago.”

 Gongsun Jing said, “You won’t hold against me? My father was the one that…”

 Yi Ping interrupted, “What your father did is his own business. That has nothing to do with you. Moreover, he is dead now. I hope you can forgive Maiden Ding too. Or else I won’t agree to be your sworn brother at all if I bear a grudge against you.”

 Gongsun Jing was deeply touched as he looked at Yi Ping who seemed to be a giant, surrounded by a strong sense of benevolent and righteousness.

 He stammered out, “I don’t blame Maiden Ding at all…”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “Pity. I have come here for nothing.”

 Everyone looked at Zuo Tianyi startled. They had almost forgotten that Zuo Tianyi was not on their side yet.

 Lie Qing blinked at Zuo Tianyi as she said, “Great Hero, I can tell immediately that you are a master swordsman. What do you mean? Are you here on the behalf of the Honor Manor?” as she took a step forward.

 Zuo Tianyi took a step backward as he smiled, “Hold it. Don’t come close to me. I have just seen how Qiao Feng and Ye Lu were killed by you.”

 Lie Qing was offended as she said, “Am I so terrible to behold or too fierce for your taste, Great Hero?”

 Zuo Tianyi smiled, “I am not interested in you for sure.” He took a quick glance at Ding Yunzi who looked shyly away.

 Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing were clearly amused. It was because even a blind man could tell how mesmerizing Lie Qing was and Zuo Tianyi was telling her how unattractive she was to him!

 Lie Qing replied coldly, “So what do you want?”

 Zuo Tianyi laughed, “I just want to be a sworn brother to Yi Ping as well and then we find a place to drink or else it will be hard for me to go off just like that.”

 Yi Ping was surprised too as he quickly said, “It is my honor too! Brother Tianyi!”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “Brother Yi Ping!”

 Ding Yunzi interrupted softly, “You better go. The further away, the better it is! What we are going to do next will put you in a very difficult position.”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “Yunzi, why are you so cold towards me? What did I do wrong…”

 It was only now that it was apparent that Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi had known of one another! No wonder, when Gongsun Jing had wanted to avenge against Maiden Ding, they could sense a strong killing malevolent intent from him!

 Lie Qing muttered with displeasure, “No wonder you are not interested in talking to me. So you already have a sweetheart. You are afraid that she may get jealous…”

 Qiu Wufeng quickly said, “If Maiden did not mind, you can always talk to me…”

 Lie Qing hummed coldly, “You should practice more on your martial skills first before talking to me.”

 Qiu Wufeng immediately flushed red with embarrassment.

 Ding Yunzi said, “You did nothing wrong. I just don’t want to see you.”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “I know that you are from the Virtuous Palace and that Xiao Shuai may not approve of our marriage in the past. But I am now the protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan now, surely Xiao Shuai would take that into consideration and…”

 Ding Yunzi interrupted coldly, “You think too much. Just go.”

 Yi Ping said to Zuo Tianyi, “We know that the Honor Manor is raising an expedition to attack the headquarters of the Holy Hex Sect. We are going there to help a friend of mine. If you join us, it is akin to making enemies of all the orthodox clans in the fraternity. I am sure Maiden Ding meant well.”

 Zuo Tianyi said quickly to Ding Yunzi, “Even if I were to make enemies of the orthodox clans, I will still join you! I don’t even care if the Virtuous Palace is now the enemy of the orthodox fraternity. I will still ask for your hands in marriage. ”

 Ding Yunzi said coldly, “I am no longer in the Virtuous Palace.”

 Zuo Tianyi was taken aback as he asked, “You are not?”

 Ding Yunzi said, “I have betrayed the Virtuous Palace and now, I am being hunted by the Virtuous Palace. In fact, we are all being hunted by the Virtuous Palace or the Honor Manor. Even if you have ten lives, you may not live to survive it. You are so foolish. The Infinity Sword Clan has painstaking took more than three centuries to establish its position in the fraternity. As your cousin, I feel ashamed that you can choose to throw away the repute of the Infinity Sword Clan just like that. How could you face your Zuo Clan ancestors?”

 Zuo Tianyi stammered, “I….I…”

 Xiao Youxue sighed in her heart melancholy, “Sister Yun is so tragic. Zuo Tianyi is her childhood sweetheart. Because of that incident, she now uses all other means just to reject his overturns…”

 A few days ago…

 They had reacted with shock as they had fell Yi Ping by mistake.

 Xiao Youxue had immediately resuscitated Yi Ping and was relieved all his vital organs were unhurt. She muttered, “He just needs a rest and will recover. But his wounds may be severe…”

 Then she looked at Lie Qing with displeasure as she said, “Hand over the antidote. You have applied poison on your sword. How vicious are you!”

 Lie Qing quickly took out a small flask as she said, “It is not my intention to hurt him…you have a hand too…”

 Ding Yunzi was secretly relieved but all of a sudden, she burst into tears as she ran off.

 Lie Qing was startled when she had suddenly run off. She quickly recovered her senses as she asked herself, “Was I in a daze just now? Why was it so? This young man…”

 Xiao Youxue said, “Follow her! Don’t let her escape…”

 When Xiao Youxue and Lie Qing had caught up with her, she was slashing furiously at Xiao Yuanjia instead!

 Her act completely caught Xiao Youxue and Lie Qing by surprise!

 Ding Yunzi repeatly slashed and thrust at the dead body of Xiao Yuanjia, mutilating him. There was rage in her eyes as her quiet demeanor disappeared as she wept bitterly.

 Lie Qing was startled, “He is already dead. Why are you slashing him so many times for? You can kill a dead man?”

 Even though Lie Qing could see her sorrowful expressions but she could not resist adding an intentional remark to goal her into telling her why she hated Xiao Yuanjia so much. But she could guess as much.

 Xiao Youxue covered her mouth with her hand as she too, burst into tears.

 It was because she knew the real reasons; Ding Yunzi was abused when she was very young by her father and two brothers. Because of that, Ding Yunzi became cold and distant. That was when her visits to the Infinity Sword Clan had ceased as she trained day and night, hoping that one day, she would kill Xiao Shuai, Xiao Yuanjia and Xiao Da.

 At first she did not know the real reason and was upset with her. But one night, she witnessed her bestial brother Xiao Yuanjia forcing himself on Ding Yunzi. Even though he had not succeeded but she had been horrified by what her brother was trying to do and finally knew the true reason now. That was not the only abuse that Ding Yunzi had faced…

 But because she did not want to hurt her further, she pretended not to know anything about it. In fact, so scarring was this memory, she had even forgotten about it as she began to hate Ding Yunzi for siding with her father and brothers.

 Only when she saw Ding Yunzi broke down into tears now as she repeatedly slashed at the dead corpse of Xiao Yuanjia, she remembered how tragic she had been through.

 Lie Qing looked bewilderedly at Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi. She had killed Xiao Yuanjia by draining all his intricate energy.

 Earlier, she was a little worried for she had killed Xiao Youxue’s brother and she feared that she may take vengeance on her. Even though she feared Xiao Youxue but she was also severely injured so she may not lose. But if Xiao Youxue were to join hands with Ding Yunzi, the outcome would be very unpredictable.

 But Ding Yunzi reaction surprised her and led Lei Qing to think, “If Youxue attacks me, should I join hands with this Maiden Ding?”

 But to her surprise, the two maidens suddenly embraced each other. They began to pour out their sorrows and wept melancholy together!

 This left Lie Qing out again.

 She had three options now.

 One was to attack them while they were distracted for they were now her enemies due to their association with the Virtuous Palace.

 Two was to quietly sneak away while she had the chance.

 Lie Qing was a very smart woman so she would naturally picked the third option which was to run into their midst and embraced them together as she wept with them!

 For some time, they wept together and poured out their individual grieves!

 Finally Lie Qing said, “Our martial skills are not weak but our enemies are far too strong and formidable. If the three of us joined hands together, then we’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Anyone that tries to bully us or oppress us, they would have to think twice about it.”

 Xiao Youxue asked weakly, “Can we fight the Virtuous Palace? There are more than a dozen top fighters…”

 Lie Qing said, “As long as we are united, even if we cannot defeat them yet but at least we can keep ourselves alive until we can be stronger than them.”

 At this moment, even Ding Yunzi’s eyes shone with hope. She did not want to return to the darkness again and Lie Qing’s words gave her a shimmer of hope to fight back.

 Of course at this very moment, Lie Qing was already thinking of draining all the clan protégés of the Virtuous Palace dry of their virtuous intricate energy!

 Lie Qing happily clapped her hands, “Since we are all from the Virtuous Palace now, let call ourselves the New Virtuous Palace!”

 Ding Yunzi looked at her quietly before saying, “Are we all equals or you will be our leader?”

 Xiao Youxue was also looking at Lie Qing intently.

 Lie Qing smiled weakly as she thought, “Screw that.”

 But she replied with a smile, “Of course we are equals! Sister Yunzi and Sister Youxue, your martial level is higher than me. I am so weak. So how can I fit to be your leader?”

 Xiao Youxue interrupted coldly, “You may be weaker than the two of us and even the rest of the Virtuous Palace now. But if you are able to drain them of their intricate energy, you will not fear us anymore.”

 Lie Qing sighed, “Do you know that it is not possible to acquire more intricate energy by draining? I still need to regain my internal energy first.”

 Ding Yunzi asked, “What do you mean?”

 Lie Qing explained, “The purpose of draining intricate energy is to make my own intricate energy as pure as possible so that I can have an easier time to breakthrough to the next level of the Divine Invincible Force.”

 She sighed, “You have no idea how difficult it is for me to reach my present attainment and the difference between this level and the next is so vast…”

 Of course, Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi understood it.

 Xiao Youxue had to undergo several trials just to master the Golden Impervious Body and the Icy Heavenly Tears. The higher the attainment, the difficulty for the next level progression was many times as frustrating and hard. In fact, advancing through the wrong progression may even cause the martial attainment to deteriorate!

 She remembered the fatal mistakes made by her mother that caused her to lose her life. By several coincidences, she had managed to revert some of her old mistakes in training the Icy Heavenly Tears and even attained the level six staging. But that was like the maximum that she could go for the next several decades. It was because she did not have the intricate formula for the next level progression. Even if she had it, she would need at least ten years of dedicated pondering even though she was already highly gifted…

 As for Ding Yunzi, she had practiced the Virtuous Divine Force but that was only the basic staging. It was because the elders of the Virtuous Palace had already found a flaw in the intricate formula of the Virtuous Divine Force which was really the Invincible Divine Force and caution practicing it unless the practitioner had sixty years of internal energy foundation.

 That was why Xiao Shuai had deliberately experimented with the imperfect Invincible Divine Force and left it in the martial fraternity to see if anyone could really practice it.

 By a chance happening, it was found by Gongsun Bai. Xiao Shuai was surprised that Gongsun Bai could actually practice on the original Invincible Divine Force on his own without hindering his martial progression. What he did not know was that decades ago, Shui Yichi had helped Gongsun Bai to correct many of the intricate formula of the Invincible Divine Force.

 Ding Yunzi said all of a sudden, “Maiden Lie Qing, so you know the original Invincible Divine Force?”

 Lie Qing knew what Ding Yunzi was thinking as she replied, “Who else knows the original Invincible Divine Force other than me? I can teach you the Invincible Divine Force if you want to. After all, we are going to be good sisters soon.”

 Ding Yunzi was very smart. She did not hesitate at all as she said, “If you are willing to impart to me every single word of the intricate formula, I would be grateful…”

 She had purposely stressed “every single word” to emphasis that she meant the entire intricate formula of the Invincible Divine Force.

 Lie Qing laughed softly and said, “Then good sister, you must teach me your flying sword techniques. I want to learn it too.”

 Ding Yunzi smiled and said, “Unfortunately, even if I want to teach you the flying sword technique, it is not possible for you to learn it.”

 Lie Qing asked in surprise, “Oh?”

 Xiao Youxue interrupted gently, “That is because there is no shortcut in acquainting this skill. Not only do you have to know the various different techniques, you need to practice continuous for ten years at the soonest. I know that many protégés in the Virtuous Palace typically take as long as thirty years to even master the basic throwing.”

 Lie Qing was disappointed immediately as it shown in her expressions. There were many techniques that required sheer hard work and dedication. She knew that it was true. There was simply no shortcut in this type of sword technique. That why it was a martial feat.

 In the martial fraternity, no one was truly invincible. The various martial clans were almost famously renowned for one or more exception feats, techniques or martial skills that made the martial clan unique.

 Xiao Youxue asked her, “Why do you name us the New Virtuous Palace? Are you trying to create more chaos or just blackening the reputation of the Virtuous Palace? How awkward it is to add a new in front…”

 Lie Qing laughed mysteriously, “That is because…I like the name!”

 She told a half-truth. That was because she did not want to reveal her sad past, just like Ding Yunzi did not want to tell anyone her past and so did Xiao Youxue.

 Digging out the past was the last thing in their minds because they did not want anyone to know about their tragic past.

 Xiao Youxue did not want Yi Ping to know that she was the one that had killed his wife.

 Ding Yunzi asked, “So who will be our leader? We still haven’t settled this yet.”

 Lie Qing smiled alluring, “Whoever becomes leader, I am sure none of us would be fully in agreement and we can argue whole day. How about Yi Ping?”

 Ding Yunzi softened her eyes and muttered something.

 Xiao Youxue said, “He is our best option then.”

 It was because the only person that could keep Lie Qing in check could possibly be Yi Ping since he had saved her life and she could tell that Lie Qing had a lot of respect for him or else she would not talk ceaselessly all the time to him. It was because martial exponents at their advantage staging would prefer more quiet time in mediation and thinking of how to improve their martial progression with whatever little time they had.

 All of a sudden, she remembered Yi Ping was still lying on the ground as her sharp ears had picked out the sounds of a wolf pack approaching the forest!

 Xiao Youxue immediately grasped, “Oh no! Yi Ping is still there!”

 The three maidens immediately rushed to where Yi Ping had fallen and reached there just in time to see a pack of wolves attacking Yi Ping!

 Ding Yunzi immediately drawn out her sword and whirled it in a circular motion before she sent her sword flying towards the pack of wolves as it slashed across, killing the wolves in front! The rest of the surviving wolves began to scatter when their wolf pack leader was killed. 

 Xiao Youxue grasped, “We are just in time. He almost got eaten alive by these wolves!”

 Lie Qing heaved a sigh of relief as she said, “He seems to be well like by the animals…”

 Xiao Youxue could not resist adding, “Better than killed by a pig…”

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Chapter 27: The Terrible Truth

Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng were seating at a cozy inn now as they were drinking to their hearts’ content.
They had booked a private room for eating and were seating around a large circular table and there were all kinds of food on the table.
Yi Ping looked at everyone before he finally said, “Other than Brother Tianyi, we are all broke and yet we are ordering so much food?”
Zuo Tianyi laughed, “It is alright. Don’t be shy and order all you can.”
Qiu Wufeng asked, “I didn’t know that a secular sect like the Infinity Sword Clan is so rich?”
Zuo Tianyi took out his money pouch and put it on the table.
Gongsun Jing immediately poured the contents out and to their horror; they saw only ten copper coins that spilled out of the money pouch!
Yi Ping said slowly, “This private room and all these food cost at least three silver and we have not considered the rooms that we have booked yet.”
Qiu Wufeng looked at Zuo Tianyi as he said, “And you are the one that suggest we come here?”
Zuo Tianyi laughed aloud as he said, “Don’t worry. We all can’t afford it but someone else will soon come along and pay for all these.”
Yi Ping asked, “Who?”
Zuo Tianyi smiled mysteriously, “A rich friend of mine.”
Gongsun Jing asked, “Do we know him? His name?”
Zuo Tianyi smiled, “You do know him. His name is Brother Qiang.”
Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng looked at one another in puzzlement. It was because they did not remember having known anyone with that name!
At this moment, Xiao Youxue, Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing had just entered the private room as they stepped through the thinly veiled curtains.
The inn was unusually crowded both inside and outside.
It was because as soon as Xiao Youxue, Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing had entered the Inn, a throng of visitors began to crowd into the place just to admire them. Those who could not get into the inn was standing outside and pointing at the inn!
Lie Qing stroked her long hair as she smiled, “This place is really so crowded. I have not seen so many people in such a long time.”
Even as they had entered the private room, Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng almost fell out of their seats!
It was because even the simply dressed Ding Yunzi had changed into a long flowing silk dress. They were simply too stunning and moving that Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng were staring at them for a long time.
Xiao Youxue was looking shyly because this was the first time that Yi Ping had looked at her in this way.
Yi Ping was the first to react as he said slowly, “Don’t forget that we have many enemies. You are all attracting too much attention and moreover, your dresses are all too revealing…”
Silk was a translucent material. During hot summers, it would grow cool and during winter, it would be warm. Naturally, it was also a beautiful but expensive material.
Gongsun Jing grasped at Ding Yunzi as he said, “So beautiful…”
Xiao Youxue said coolly, “Did it really matter? We are already attracting throngs of attention when we have entered the city. It doesn’t matter which outfit we are wearing. Why are you guys minding?”
It was true. Even without changing to the silk dresses, they were all absolute stunning.
Qiu Wufeng gulped as he stared at Lie Qing and Xiao Youxue, “I do not mind.”
Zuo Tianyi stared at Ding Yunzi as he said, “Yunzi, you are very beautiful...”
Yi Ping sighed as he said, “Somehow I have a very bad feeling tonight. Let’s leave the city immediately. The Honor Manor has a presence in this city. It is really unwise that we should be attracting so much attention…”
But before he could finish, a dashing man walked into the private room in an insolent manner as he laughed, “Maidens, can you honor me with your names? I, Nangong Le will be honored to know you.”
Indeed it was Nangong Le but he did not seen to have notice that Yi Ping, Zuo Tianyi, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing was in the room at all even though he was acquainted with them. His attention was entirely focused towards Xiao Youxue, Lie Qing and Ding Yunzi!
In fact, he had even failed to notice that Ding Yunzi was the maiden that had killed Gongsun Bai on that very fateful day!
It was only then that Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing knows that “Brother Qiang” refers to Nangong Le, a cockroach that could not be killed off and driven away so easily!
Zuo Tianyi had accidentally caught sight of the vain Nangong Le in the city. Knowing what he was like, he had asked Lie Qing to deliberately lure him to this inn!
Nangong Le was in the streets when he caught sight of three stunning beautiful maidens and when they had entered the inn; he began to push rudely through the crowd as he ignored the cursing and swearing.
Lie Qing smiled at Nangong Le, “So you are Nangong Le? I have heard of you.”
Nangong Le laughed merrily, “You have heard of me? I didn’t know I am so renowned. Hahaha.”
He thought, “I am so lucky today to find three wondrous beauties in this boring city.”
Lie Qing thought, “So he is the richest man in the fraternity. He looked more like a lecher to me.”
But she smiled as she looked at Yi Ping, “Unfortunately, we are having a meal with some friends here and it may not be convenient for us to talk.”
Only then did Nangong Le remember that he had barged into a private dining room. He quickly turned around to apologize when he saw Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng, Zuo Tianyi and Gongsun Jing staring at him.
Nangong Le was startled as he said, “Brother Yi Ping, why are you here? Do you know you are being wanted by the Honor Manor now? Isn’t this Qiu Wufeng? He has killed his father and elders. Gongsun Jing! All of you are wanted by the Honor Manor! Oh mine, even Protégé Master Zuo Tianyi is here. You are from the orthodox clan; surely you know that they are wanted by the majority of the martial fraternity? There is a heft bounty on their heads!”
Zuo Tianyi smiled bitterly, “So what? Are you interested in the bounty too?”
Nangong Le smiled, “Do you think I mind those little bounty?”
Qiu Wufeng sarcastically remarked, “You don’t mind those bounty but you want those renown very much. We all know you are a very vain person.”
Nangong Le clapped his fan as he said, “Who doesn’t want renown? Power, influence, riches, fame and glory, these are the pursuits of everyone.”
Lie Qing interrupted with a mesmerizing smile, “And beauties too. You have forgotten to mention it.”
Nangong Le laughed, “That is right. And beauties too.”
All of a sudden, Xiao Youxue closed the doors of the private room.
Nangong Le was alarmed as he suddenly noticed that the stares of everyone were hostile!
Xiao Youxue said coldly, “What about the honor of killing the richest man in the fraternity. That would be some renown.”
Nangong Le smiled bitterly, “Surely maiden you must be joking. You are too beautiful to be a killer…”
All of a sudden, Xiao Youxue drew out her sword and pointed at him. From her expressions, she did not seem to be joking!
Nangong Le immediately looked at Yi Ping to say, “Brother Yi Ping, what is going on? Say something for me.”
Yi Ping sighed as he said, “Either we have all heard wrongly or we have misunderstood you. You just suggest that you would betray us for some renown.”
Nangong Le protested, “Of course not!”
Zuo Tianyi said, “The Honor Manor has called for an expedition against the Holy Hex Sect. All the heroes of the fraternity are now gathering in force for an attack into the western fraternity. This city is the transit point to the western fraternity. If you are not here to join the westward expedition attack against the Holy Hex Sect, why then are you here?”
Nangong Le said, “I am going there to look for Maiden Lingfeng…”
He turned to Yi Ping and said, “Brother Yi Ping, you know her too. Don’t you know that she is actually the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect?”
Lie Qing was alarmed as she thought, “Who is this Maiden Lingfeng?”
Ding Yunzi thought, “Is she the one that is with him that day in the Honor Manor?”
Yi Ping smiled weakly to Nangong Le, “It seems that you have already forgotten all about her…”
Nangong Le stole a quick glances at the three stunning maiden as he said, “Of course not! But you know, I am just surprise to see all of you…”
Gongsun Jing said, “More like you are surprise to see all the wanted fugitives in the same place.”
Qiu Wufeng said, “It seems like we cannot let you go now.”
Nangong Le said in alarm, “I know that Gongsun Jing and you do not like me. Both of you are vicious enough to murder your families in order to achieve your aims. I am not like you.”
All of a sudden, Yi Ping grabbed Nangong Le to sit down as he said. “Gongsun Jing, Zuo Tianyi and Qiu Wufeng are my brothers now. Let bygones be bygones now. They are only teasing you. After what had happened to their families, they had made light of many things. Surely, you don’t mind the past too?”
Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng roared with laughter.
Gongsun Jing smiled, “Surely you don’t mind a little joke? We already know what you are like. Would you like to join us?”
Nangong Le the Joyous smiled bitterly, “Do I really have a choice? You are really some friends of mine. Now I am forced to join a company of fugitives.”
Yi Ping said, “If you don’t want to join us, then you can leave immediately and as soon as possible. It is because our enemies may be here anytime soon!”
Nangong Le took a jar of wine from the table as he gulped it before he said, “Why should I leave? You know I never believe those rubbish that come from the Honor Manor. Many of my other pugilist friends are framed by them too. There are good wines, good food, beauties and my good friends here. As you know, I have never feared the Honor Manor at all…”
Zuo Tianyi laughed as he patted Nangong Le’s shoulder, “We know, we know. Even though we have never talked more than a few sentences previously before but I admire your courage. When the Virtuous Palace is here later, we’ll be glad to have you on our side.”
Nangong Le immediately turned ashen and he almost choked on the wine that he was drinking. He stammered, “Did you just say the Virtuous Palace?”
Yi Ping said, “Somehow, I am wanted by the Virtuous Palace too. This is Maiden Xiao Youxue and this is Maiden Ding Yunzi, they are also wanted by the Virtuous Palace.”
Nangong Le broke into a cold sweat as he looked at Maiden Ding as he asked, “She is really the one that was with Xiao Shuai at the Honor Manor that day?”
Yi Ping said, “That is her.”
Nangong Le could barely recognize her even though he was looking all the time at her that day. He sighed, “Alas, Nangong alas Le Nangong Le. You are now really in deep trouble.”
Lie Qing said unhappily, “Yi Ping, why didn’t you introduce me?”
Yi Ping smiled, “Even if I don’t introduce you, he will know who you are sooner or later. So why should I introduce you when he will surely ask later.”
Nangong Le immediately asked Lie Qing, “May I know Maiden name?”
Lie Qing blinked her eyes at him as she replied, “Lie Qing. That is my name!”
Nangong Le said, “What a beautiful name. I am Nangong Le. You have beautiful eyes too. I have never seen eyes like yours.”
Lie Qing smiled mysteriously as she said, “Do you really think my eyes are beautiful?”
Nangong Le said, “Of course!”
Lie Qing asked, “Then you are not afraid of that Maiden Lingfeng would be upset with you for talking to me?”
Nangong Le laughed as he looked at Yi Ping, “I wish she would be upset with me but I can tell that her heart probably belongs to Brother Yi Ping.”
Yi Ping stammered, “I…I am married already.”
This time, everyone except Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi was surprised as Lie Qing asked, “Ping, you are really married? Why didn’t you tell us?”
Gongsun Jing said, “I wonder who sister-in-law is. You can introduce her to us in the future!”
Qiu Wufeng asked, “Who is she? Brother Yi Ping’s wife must be someone that is extraordinary too.”
Yi Ping sighed with sadness, “I wish I could but that not possible. She is no longer in this world.”
Lie Qing appeared to be saddened as she said, “I so sorry to hear that…”
Yi Ping looked at Qiu Wufeng as he said, “Actually you know too. She is Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy.”
While the name of Shui Yixian was not familiar to Qiu Wufeng but when he had heard of the name of Celestial Fairy, he was jolted. It was because he was among the group of exponents that had led an attack on the Eternal Ice Palace!
Qiu Wufeng stammered as he asked, “She had died on that fateful day when I had left? Tian Kui killed her?”
Yi Ping shook his head sadly, “It is the veiled yellow dressed maiden that has killed her. No matter where she is, I will never let her off.”
Yi Ping looked pleadingly at Ding Yunzi, “Maiden Yunzi, if you know who she is, you must tell me…”
Ding Yunzi interrupted coldly, “I have told you many times, I do not know her.”
Qiu Wufeng was bewildered as he said, “You say that Maiden Xiao Youxue is the one that has killed the Celestial Fairy? How is it possible?”
All of a sudden, Yi Ping looked at Qiu Wufeng with a sudden jolt as he stared blankly in the air, “What do you mean? You say that Maiden Xiao Youxue is the veiled yellow dressed maiden?”
Qiu Wufeng was baffled, “Isn’t that very obvious? I still recognize her shoes and white jade pendant on her belt…”
All of a sudden, Yi Ping recalled the first time that he had seen the veiled yellow dressed maiden and her terrible kicks that still startled him to this very day. Their shoes were exactly identical!
Yi Ping looked at Xiao Youxue…
There were tears on her face as she had wept silently. She pursed her lips as she said melancholy, “Yes, I have killed your wife. Now you know the truth, are you happy about it?”
This revelation shocked everyone in the room!
Ding Yunzi said, “Sister that is not possible. I have seen the Celestial Fairy only a few months ago…”
Xiao Youxue said melancholy as she took a few steps backward, “Sister Yun, you don’t have to console me. I know what I have done is unforgivable but I have no choice back then. You don’t have to lie to cover for me. I know that you have meant well…”
Yi Ping got up of his seat as he stared fiercely at Xiao Youxue as he said angrily, “You lie to me! All these months, you are with me. What are your purposes? Are you content just to see me in miserably and never finding you?”

Xiao Youxue wished that this day would never come. This was the day that she had dreaded and feared…
Xiao Youxue threw the white emerald long sword on the table as she said tearfully, “I know you will never forgive me. Even if you want my life, I will never resist.”
Yi Ping trembled as he looked at the white emerald long sword as he laughed aloud, “All this while, my enemy is beside me. Yixian! Today I have finally found her! I will avenge for you….”
He trembled as he picked up the white emerald long sword as he said with bloodshot eyes, “You…you…”
Gongsun Jing and Zuo Tianyi immediately tried to step forward to hold him back but Yi Ping waved the white emerald long sword at them as he said angrily, “This is only between the two of us only. The rest of you step back!”
Ding Yunzi stepped in front of Xiao Youxue as she said coldly, “Don’t blame me if you want my sister’s life!”
Yi Ping said angrily at her, “You know all along that Youxue is the one that I have been looking for. Why do you lie to me as well?”
Ding Yunzi said quietly, “The Celestial Fairy is still alive. I have seen her…”
Yi Ping said angrily, “You are still lying to me. The protégés of the Virtuous Palace are trained in deceptions and bluffs. You are all birds of a same feather flock!”
Lie Qing interrupted unhappily, “Are you saying that I am also a deceptive person?”
Yi Ping said angrily, “Aren’t you all birds of the same feather flock?”
Lie Qing raised her enchanting voice, “I dare you to say that aloud again.” She had drawn out her black sword!
Yi Ping said angrily, “Fine, fine. You are all in it together. Only you are right and I am wrong.”
He stared at Xiao Youxue as he said with trembling voice, “You have saved my life. Now go. Don’t let me see you again or else the next time we have met again, it will be a life and death duel!”
Xiao Youxue cried out softly before she stormed out of the room, “I’m so sorry…”
Ding Yunzi looked coldly at Yi Ping, “You will regret this.”
And she too left the room.
Lie Qing said to Yi Ping, “Why are you so fierce? Do you think raising your voice aloud proves you are right? Why did you have to say so many hurtful words? Well, enjoy your meal then!” She too stormed angrily out of the private room.
Zuo Tianyi was worried for Ding Yunzi as he said quickly, “I will try to have a talk with them...”
Nangong Le said, “Brother Yi Ping, I am really disappointed in you. You actually raise your voice at them?!”
Zuo Tianyi and Nangong Le left the private dining room at the same time, leaving Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng alone in the room.
Yi Ping wailed aloud, “Only the three of us are left now…Am I wrong? She is the one that has killed my wife. I shouldn’t avenge my wife? Where is the justice then?!”
In the end, he still could not bring himself the heart to kill Xiao Youxue…
Qiu Wufeng was sighing, “I didn’t know this will turn out this way…”
Gongsun Jing sighed even heavier as he said, “Maiden Lie Qing is really an interesting maiden. She has actually asked us to enjoy our meals before she left.”
Qiu Wufeng asked, “What is so interesting about that?”
Gongsun Jing replied, “You could have seen the wry smile on her face just before she left the room. It seems that she has already anticipated that we have no money to pay for the meals…”
Yi Ping and Qiu Wufeng received a sudden jolt. If they had all left, who would pay for the lodgings and the meals?!
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Chapter 28: Eternal Ice Palace vs. the Virtuous Palace!

Xiao Youxue had run out of the city in tears, attracting stunned reactions and pitiful sympathies from many.
Those inside the inn may not be able to hear their conversations but they could hear Yi Ping raising his voice. When Xiao Youxue had dashed out of the room, the crowd began to curse the man that had caused such a delicate maiden to be in tears!
When she had reached the outskirt of the city along a river bank, after making sure that there was no one following her, she could not hold back her grief any longer. She collapsed on the grass as she wept bitterly.
She did not know how long she had been crying in the dark.
“Youxue, don’t cry please…” It was Ding Yunzi. It took her awhile to find her in the darkness.
Xiao Youxue fell into her embrace as she wept bitterly, “Why must fate torment me just like that? Why must the person that I like, is also the person that hates me the most?”
Ding Yunzi said, “Youxue, don’t cry anymore. It is impossible for you to kill the Celestial Fairy for I have seen her on the same day that you have lured us to the Honor Manor.”
Xiao Youxue sobbed melancholy, “Sister Yun…you are still trying to comfort me. I have really killed her with my own hands…”
Ding Yunzi was in bewilderment as she asked, “If you have killed the Celestial Fairy, then who is the Celestial Fairy that Xiao Shuai and I have fought against?”
Xiao Youxue looked at Ding Yunzi in her eyes as she asked, “You have really seen the Celestial Fairy? What does she look like?”
Ding Yunzi said, “I will never forget her sight. She is like a heavenly fairy and looked extremely delicate and graceful. Even though her voice is very soft and gentle, I can hear her clearly. Her internal strength is also terrible to behold. With just her sleeve alone, she can deflect Xiao Shuai and my flying scabbards…”
Xiao Youxue grasped, “You have really fought against her? Did my fath…Xiao Shuai and you kill or defeat her in the end?”
She had made that conclusion because if the Celestial Fairy had won against Xiao Shuai and Ding Yunzi, then Ding Yunzi would not be here talking to her!
Ding Yunzi said, “We didn’t fight any further. So the fight is inconclusive.”
Xiao Youxue asked, “Xiao Shuai let her go, just like that?”
Ding Yunzi nodded as she said, “It seems that Xiao Shuai and the Celestial Fairy are old acquaintances so when she had left, we didn’t pursue them. Moreover, we have expended considerable amount of our martial power and need the time to recuperate first.”
She began to sigh heavily, “Now I know why Xiao Shuai wants Yi Ping dead.”
Xiao Youxue asked, “He wants Yi Ping dead? Why? He didn’t even know him!”
Ding Yunzi said coolly, “At first I didn’t know the reason. Now I do. It is because Xiao Shuai may have feelings for the Celestial Fairy and that is why we are ordered to kill all the male protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace. Now I have finally understood that he meant to kill only Yi Ping because he is the Celestial Fairy’s husband!”
Xiao Youxue was startled, “Shui Yixian is still alive? She is really not dead?”
She was stunned yet she was relieved at the same time.
She said, “If the Celestial Fairy is still alive, why didn’t Yi Ping know?”
Ding Yunzi said, “I do not know the exact reason. There are many questions to be asked too. The only way for us to know is to ask the Celestial Fairy herself. But you have to be wary. The Celestial Fairy is looking everywhere for you too…”
Xiao Youxue smiled weakly, “Good. I have tried to kill her. She has every reason to kill me. As long as Yi Ping does not bear a grudge against me, I am content…”
All of a sudden, there were dozens of sparks in front of them as dozens of brilliant needles flew in their direction!
Lie Qing had suddenly appeared in front of them as she deflected the secret projectiles with her dark sword as she cried out alarmingly, “Be careful! There are others here too!”
Lie Qing had arrived just after Ding Yunzi but chosen to remain hidden as she did not want to disturb the emotional moments. After some time, she had suddenly observed two other maidens in black velvet dress had quietly moved towards Xiao Youxue!
If Lie Qing had not seen them with her very own eyes, she could not believe that they could move so rapidly in the darkness like apparitions and it appeared that they were just treading onto the tip of the grass!
Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi were alarmed! It was because someone else had not only secretly sneaked within their alert zone without their knowing and had thrown the secret projectiles in such a quiet manner!
Ding Yunzi immediately drawn out her long sword and saw that there were two maidens in front of them!
Ding Yunzi and Xiao Youxue were startled as they took a step backward!
Indeed it was Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian. It was only after the grand congregation in the Honor Manor that they had heard that Yi Ping and the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect had barged to disrupt the gathering. They had missed Yi Ping only narrowly!
Because Yi Ping was now a fugitive wanted by the majority of the orthodox fraternity, Shui Yixian deducted that since the Honor Manor was planning a western expedition to attack the Holy Hex Sect, then Yi Ping may well be there too since he was associated with the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect.
A third maiden was standing delicately behind the two beautiful maidens. She was very beautiful as though she was a goddess. All three of them were very fair and were very white. In the darkness, in their dark velvet dresses, they had appeared to be supernatural beings.
Xiao Youxue was shocked. It was because the third maiden that was here was indeed the Celestial Fairy! She thought, “She is really alive. She has really come to kill me…”
Lie Qing was startled too. It was because she was very sure she had seen two maidens but there were now three?! These two maidens that she had seen were identical and it was obvious that they were twins. They had a long precious sword in their hands and the secret projectiles were thrown by them!
Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian were equally startled. They had quietly moved into striking range and were confident they could not miss but their attacks were intercepted by a beautiful maiden with red eyes.
Even Shui Yixian was looking at Lie Qing as she appraised her opponent. All of a sudden, Shui Yixian hurled three silvery needles towards Lie Qing!
Even though the three silvery needles were hurled at the same time, the three silvery needles were moving at different speeds and that was what made it extremely deadly!
The first silvery needle flew with startling speed as it burst with an extraordinary power through the air. Lie Qing’s eyes were exceptional sharp as she raised her black sword as she said, “Secret Projectiles are useless against me…”
But to her surprise, the first needle suddenly grew dim and disappeared! Lie Qing was startled as she raised her black sword just in time to parry off the second and third silvery needles one after the other!
The second needle was so powerful that she was forced to take two steps backward and the third needle sent her moving a further three steps backward!
Just when she had just recovered her footings, the first needle reappeared again and flew straight into her body and flew out in the opposite direction with a thunderous impact!
In that single moment, blood spilled out of her body and her dress was tainted red with her blood!
Lie Qing shrieked softly as she was hurled a further five to six steps backward before falling on the ground!
Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi immediately flew to her side as they cried out her name!
Ding Yunzi turned and stared sternly at Shui Yixian, “I didn’t know that the Eternal Ice Palace has to resort to such despicable means to kill us.”
Shui Meijian smiled sweetly, “We just want to teach you a lesson. I still remember we have an unfinished fight with you the last time!”
Ding Yunzi said, “Indeed, we have.”
Shui Yujian said coldly, “That old man isn’t here today to protect you. Do you think you can escape from our swords tonight?”
Lie Qing trembled as she got up slowly.
Xiao Youxue said, “Lie Qing, you are injured…”
Lie Qing steadied herself as she said to Shui Yixian, “Is this the best that you can do?”
Shui Yixian was startled. This young maiden had actually survived her Soul Seeking Needles? And she had those unusual red eyes…
Lie Qing said, “The same trick won’t work against me again. The needle that had struck me is actually a black needle. You have made use of the reflection of the other silver needles and the sudden burst of your martial power to deceive my eyes.”
Shui Yixian had noticed that the blood on her dressed had also dried and she was not bleeding anymore. She sighed softly as she said, “The Golden Impervious Body Divine Skill. It seems that this fight is not going to be easy. You are so young and yet you have mastered such an extraordinary divine skill.”
Lie Qing said coldly, “Do you really think I am as young as you thought?”
All of a sudden, there was a fearsome aura around Lie Qing as she said, “You have dared to injure me. I am going to let you pay for the price!”
Shui Yujian grasped, “That aura is an impervious force?!”
Even Shui Meijian was shaken! That was because even though the Divine Emerald Skill was a type of invisible buffer force, it was extremely draining to use and hard to maintain its focus. This type of impervious force protects the body in its entirety against exterior blows.
Moreover this Lie Qing had mastered the Golden Impervious Body Divine Skill, so she had doubly the protection. An ordinary exponent would never have the chance against her! Needless to say, this type of skill required an extremely strong foundation in internal strength to even use it!
Even if Shui Yixian was startled but she did not shown it. It was because years of practicing the Emotionless Rhythm had made her emotionless.
She just said simply, “Is that the Divine Virtuous Force?”
Lie Qing nodded as she said, “That’s right but the original name of this skill is called the Invincible Divine Force.”
Xiao Youxue was still looking at Shui Yixian in startled surprise as she muttered, “She really is not dead? I didn’t kill her after all…”
Shui Yixian said gently to Xiao Youxue, “We have met again.”
Xiao Youxue regained her composure as she said, “Indeed…You have survived.”
Shui Yixian was expressionless as she said gently, “Yes, I have survived.”
Lie Qing said to herself, “I have heard of the Eternal Ice Palace even during my time. Their most formidable skills are the Divine Emerald Skill and the Icy Heavenly Tears. Even if the three of us join hands, the outcome will be uncertain.”
It was because she had suddenly discovered that she could detect no sign of life from this Celestial Fairy. This could only mean one thing, that her internal strength was extremely formidable!
And the fact that her needles had penetrated through her Golden Impervious Divine Skill means that she could also breech her Invincible Divine Skill too…
All of a sudden, she had lost confident in her Invincible Divine Force!
Ding Yunzi was calm as she analyzed, “Youxue, let’s us attack the Celestial Fairy at the same time. She is the most formidable opponent of the three. If we split our attention, we may not be able to win. On the other hand, if we join hands and attack her at the same time, she may not be able to guard against all our attacks. After all, she doesn’t have a weapon in her hands. So that is to our advantage. Avoid pitting your martial power against her as we wear her out. I have heard from Xiao Shuai that the Divine Emerald Skill may be a formidable skill but it is an extremely draining skill.”
Shui Yujian interrupted coldly, “You really think we are invisible?”
All of a sudden, Shui Meijian had attacked Ding Yunzi!
Ding Yunzi immediately slashed her sword towards Shui Meijian but was immediately repulsed by an invisible circular force as soon as she had attacked when Shui Meijian had raised her left fingers in front of her!
Ding Yunzi leapt back a few steps in surprise as she had never fought against the Divine Emerald Skill before. She took out the foldable sword from her belt to her left hand as she thought, “So the direction where her finger is pointing is where the buffer force of the Divine Emerald Skill is centralized. If I slash against the buffer force, I will weaken her martial power or if I attack her from where she is least expecting, I can avoid the Divine Emerald Skill entirely.”
So she began to slash from right to left, left to right, as she began her counterattacks, saying to Shui Meijian, “I will like to see how long can you last!”
As soon as her sister Shui Meijian had attacked, Shui Yujian had attacked Lie Qing!
Shui Yujian raised her left finger and her long sword in her hand as she displayed the eerie cold energy wave of the Frosty Icicle Swordplay. But as soon as she found a weak point to strike, she would always be deflected by an outer force similar to the Divine Emerald Skill!
Lie Qing had raised her martial power and display the Invincible Divine Force, merging the Invincible Divine Force into her swordplay as she counter-attacked against Shui Yujian, “You are courting your own death!”
From the initial impact, she could tell that her opponent mastery in the Divine Emerald Skill was not strong enough to withstand the full impact of her Invincible Divine Force. Therefore she had raised her martial power to her zenith.
All of a sudden, Lie Qing sensed that something was not right as she felt her Invincible Divine Force seemed to be faltering when she had struck against the Divine Emerald Force. She grasped. “You are able to neutralize my Invincible Divine Force?”
Shui Yujian replied softly, “This is the exchanging spirit of the Dual Inertness Intricacy, the divinity state of absorbing the essence of heavens and earth as my divinity state, the changes of heavens and earth as my changes, changing the opponent martial power to be used as my own. I am afraid that even before my martial power become exhausted, you would be fallen by my sword instead.”
Lie Qing broke into a cold sweat. She had never expected that this young maiden of eighteen would be able to hold against her! This fight was not as easy as it had appeared!
All of a sudden, Ding Yunzi had stepped next to her, startling her!
After Lie Qing took a glance at Ding Yunzi and looked at her opponent again, she was startled! It was because she could not tell which of the twin sisters that she was previously fighting as they moved and attacked at the same time!
Ding Yunzi said panicky, “Lie Qing, be very careful. This seems to be a sword formation!”
In terms of martial strength and techniques, Lie Qing and Ding Yunzi had the advantage. Somehow, to their utter surprises, the twin sisters did not show any sign of fear as they calmly dismantle their strokes one by one!
Lie Qing had displayed one after one another of her mesmerizing sword strokes but the twin sisters were simply unaffected! She thought, “It is impossible…”
Ding Yunzi had rained dozens of her best sword strokes against them. Even a super exponent would have to take a step or two backward but the twin sisters would always find a way to retaliate as though they could see through her feint!
Was that not bewildering?
What they did not know of course was that Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian had combined the Defense Harmony of the Tranquil Spirits with the ‘Linking Spirits’ progression of the Dual Inertness Intricacy they had just recently learnt. Even before Lie Qing and Ding Yunzi had changed their sword strokes, they had already sensed their intentions through the changes in their intricate energies!
Shui Yixian and Xiao Youxue had also exchanged blows almost immediately!
Shui Yixian raised her fingers as she attacked with her Jade Icy Fingers while Xiao Youxue was attacking furiously and rapidly with her Penetrating Hands Skill!
Both maidens were attacking so fast and furiously that their arms and hands could scarcely be seen! It appeared that their legs were not moving but that was the opposite. As soon as Xiao Youxue raised her foot, Shui Yixian had struck her thigh with her fingers! As soon as Shui Yixian prepared to kick her, she was restrained by another slight kick!
Even though Xiao Youxue’s Penetrating Hands were extremely formidable and fast, all her attacks were blocked by the Celestial Fairy and she could feel deadly painful numbness through her hands!
Shui Yixian had raised her Icy Heavenly Tears to the seventh level and was startled that Xiao Youxue would absorb the full impact of her Jade Icy Fingers. Eventually she raised her Icy Heavenly Tears to the eighth and the ninth level but still her opponent persisted!
Xiao Youxue had recited the Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula to fortitude her willpower and there was an outline of faint golden aura around her that only a highly skilled internal martial expert could see!
Shui Yixian muttered softly, “You know the Golden Impervious Body too?”
Xiao Youxue did not reply her. It was because she was focusing all her attention on her opponent! Any slight distraction would be fatal to her!
All of a sudden, Shui Yixian saw a flying sword that spin towards her with startling speed! It was hurled by Ding Yunzi when she saw an opening!
Shui Yixian immediately raised her fingers and swept the flying sword away!
All of a sudden, Lie Qing had flown to Xiao Youxue’s side as she shouted, “Attack now!”
Even before the twin sisters could stop Lie Qing, Ding Yunzi had intercepted them by throwing her scabbard and her foldable sword at each of them to buy Lie Qing the precious time!
It was because Lie Qing had quickly discovered the weakness of the Divine Emerald Skill! When the Divine Emerald Skill was activated, it was at its strongest and would wane!
Lie Qing displayed her Mesmerizing Swordplay and had used all her martial power as she leapt upon the Celestial Fairy with a powerful slash.
Lie Qing prayed, “Youxue, keep her engage! Don’t let her have the time to use her right hand for the Divine Emerald Skill…”
Xiao Youxue seemed to know Lie Qing’s stratagem as she used all her strength to prevent the Celestial Fairy from breaking free of her continuous attacks so that she did not have even a second to use the Divine Emerald Skill!
Lie Qing’s sword was the Perpetual Darkness, a sharp precious renowned sword that could cut through metal as though it was like mud! Moreover, her martial power was empowered by her Invincible Divine Force which instead of using it as an impregnable defensive force could also be turned into an unstoppable offensive force too!
Even when Shui Yixian had raised her left fingers to halt Lie Qing’s incoming attack, she could feel her Divine Emerald Skill offering minute resistance as Lie Qing’s sword slash viciously at her!
Both Shui Meijian and Yujian cried out panicky, “Mistress, watch out!!”
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Chapter 29: The Celestial Fairy vs. the Heavenly Temptress

When Ding Yunzi had proposed that they joined hands to attack the Celestial Fairy, she had exchanged glances with Lie Qing and Xiao Youxue. Without exchanging a single word, they had understood that their main opponent was the Celestial Fairy.
Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing had underestimated the twin sisters and that took them off a considerable amount of time before they could time their attacks.
At the first opportunity, Ding Yunzi had thrown her flying sword towards the Celestial Fairy and Lie Qing had quickly seized the initiative to follow up an attack on the Celestial Fairy at the same time!
When Lie Qing had suddenly switched her target to the Celestial Fairy, Ding Yunzi was suddenly attacked furiously by Shui Meijian and Yujian in their bid to get past her!
When the twin sisters had joined hands, their attacks were extremely formidable! In less than five quick strokes, she was forced to step back!
Just when Shui Yujian was about to dash past her, she had suddenly hesitated and took three steps back! It was because Zuo Tianyi had suddenly appeared as he raised his long sword against her!
Nangong Le was right behind Zuo Tianyi as he smiled to the twin sisters, “Hello beauties, we have met again!”
At the same time, Lie Qing had executed her fatal attack upon the Celestial Fairy!
When Xiao Youxue sensed the startled expressions in the Celestial Fairy’s eyes, all of a sudden, she was guilty-stricken. It was because she remembered that she had “killed” her once and ever since, she had wished that she could somehow undo that awful deed. Because of that, she was unable to face Yi Ping with an open heart and suppressed her affections for him.
Before Lie Qing and Shui Yujian knew what had happened, Xiao Youxue was suddenly between them!
Xiao Youxue was slashed across by Lie Qing’s sword on her back while Shui Yixian had struck her multiple times with her fingers!
Lie Qing’s attack was so powerful that her slash cut through Xiao Youxue’s silver scale armor that she had worn inside her and even penetrate through her Golden Impervious Body; in that single instant, there was a large gush of blood that spilled from Xiao Youxue’s back!
Shui Yixian’s strikes were equally lethal! Even though the silver scale armor could protect against external blow, it was useless against internal energy as her Jade Icy Finger injured Xiao Youxue! 
Xiao Youxue screamed aloud when she was struck at the same time by the two super exponents as she collapsed on the ground motionlessly!
Shui Yixian and Lie Qing were so stunned at the turn of event that they ceased their attacks at the same time immediately. Lie Qing was trembling and she dropped her sword; all her strength had been snapped away in that instant as her knees grew weak, causing her to collapse on the grass patch!
Xiao Youxue’s screams had caught the attention of everyone, who had all stop fighting and were looking in Shui Yixian and Lie Qing direction.
Shui Yixian was bewildered as she said to herself, “Why did she take this fatal attack from me? She has saved me…why?!”
Lie Qing was stunned as she thought, “I have killed her?! No, my target is the Celestial Fairy. She just suddenly comes between us…this is not the plan at all…Yi Ping will hates me forever now…”
Ding Yunzi was the first to react as she reached Xiao Youxue as she cried out to her, “Youxue, Youxue…” She was horrified to see that she was not breathing and the horrifying extend of her wounds as her blood covered the entire ground!
Lie Qing muttered, “It is no use. No one can survive the full impact of the Invincible Divine Force…”
Shui Yixian was expressionless as she said softly, “It is of no use. It is not just external injuries. I have fatally injured several of her vital points too. Even if we have a miraculous herb, in her state, she cannot even consume it…”
Ding Yunzi did not care. She took out a pouch and scattered its content of white powder on Xiao Youxue’s wounds but she did not even reacted at all. If a person was conscious, they would surely feel the painful sensational of this ‘External Wounds Drug’ but Xiao Youxue did not even have a slight reaction at all.
When Nangong Le had turned his head towards Shui Yixian, he was stunned that a maiden of her stunning beauty would actually exist in this world. He had thought that Ji Lingfeng and Xiao Youxue were already very beautiful. In that instant, he was totally mesmerized by her and forgot that he was in the middle of a fight.
If he knew that it was actually her that had caused him to be bedridden for two months, he would be in for a greater surprise.
All of a sudden, Shui Yixian said coolly. “I am going to take her away and give her an honorable burial in the Eternal Ice Palace. She is after all, the daughter of an old friend of mine. She shouldn’t be buried in this wayward place.”
Lie Qing picked up her black sword again as she said coldly, “No, you can’t. She is our friend.”
But the Celestial Fairy had already taken a step forward!
Lie Qing mustered all her martial power as she attacked the Celestial Fairy while saying to Ding Yunzi, “Sister Yun, help me!”
But Ding Yunzi was inconsolable. She did not seem to hear her and she was now weeping bitterly as she held a small bloodied doll that had tumbled to the ground…
It was because Xiao Youxue had already stopped breathing. As she wept, she recalled her bitter past and her childhood memories with little Youxue. She was older than her by seven years. She had virtually grown up with Xiao Youxue and she knew every happiness and sorrows that she had ever experienced for they were really very close sisters.
Because Xiao Youxue’s half-brothers were at least twenty years older than her, she was never close to them. There was once, she had wept most bitterly when Xiao Shuai forbid anyone from teaching her the Flying Sword Technique, causing her to miss the best opportune time to pick up the skill. And one of her most joyous times was when Ding Yunzi had given her a ragged doll that she had liked very much too; to this day, Xiao Youxue still had the small rugged doll even though they had fallen out.
Ding Yunzi was staring tearfully at the small bloodied doll now as she sobbed uncontrollably as she held her mouth…
Just when Lie Qing had leapt forward to attack the Celestial Fairy, she could feel a strong irresistible resistance that made every single forward step difficult for her!
She could see the Celestial Fairy putting her right hand behind her back while whirling her left finger tips at her. This was not the Divine Emerald Force that she had experienced earlier but was many times more powerful!
Lie Qing thought, “She was not using her full strength earlier?”
Indeed, Shui Yixian had now raised her martial power for the Divine Emerald Skill to the ninth level!
Lie Qing was determined not to acknowledge defeat. She had raised all her martial power and generated her Invincible Divine Force to its zenith too!
As Lie Qing struck blows after blows at her opponent, Shui Yixian waved her sleeves each time and deflected all her attacks while counter-attacking with her left fingers at the same time!
They were attacking so fast that bursting hot and cold windforce began to generate from them and soon they became a blur! Every strike, every miss that they had made, was so explosive that it was crackled with the raw thunderous impact of their martial powers!
Even though Nangong Le, Zuo Tianyi, Shui Yujian and Mei Meijian were standing quite a distance away, they still could not steady their footings!
Shui Yujian and Meijian immediately extended out their fingers and generated the Divine Emerald Skill to deflect away the powerful windforce that was sweeping malicious all around them!
Zuo Tianyi was stunned. The Infinity-Two Swordplay was an introductory to the principles of sword energy while the Infinity-One was the exact principle of generating sword energies. But this Lie Qing was unleashing shockwaves after shockwaves of deadly cold sword energies. Was that her true strength?
Zuo Tianyi immediately said aloud, “Everyone, muster your internal energies to protect yourself. Don’t let the invisible sword energy injure your vital channels!”
Lie Qing said coldly to Shui Yixian, “I would like to see how long you can maintain your internal strength against my sword energies and my martial power!” Even as she had spoken, she had attacked a dozen times in that very instant while evading and counter-attacking against Shui Yixian!
Shui Yixian did not expect Lie Qing was really so formidable and even though she looked so young, she seemed to be an extremely experienced exponent. She had mastered the Icy Heavenly Tears a long time ago and was not affected by Lie Qing’s piercing cold sword energies or else her strength would surely be snapped away very quickly.
If she got hit by Lie Qing’s sword, even her Icy Heavenly Tears would not stop her deadly sword energy from severing her vital channels. So she did not dare to be careless as she was now using both her hands!
Shui Yixian asked softly, “Just who are you?”
Lie Qing said coldly, “Isn’t that too late now to ask who I am? You may be formidable but you have not passed the Divine Calamity tests yet. As for whom I am, after I have drunk your blood, I will tell you!”
Shui Yixian was startled and she was rarely surprised, “You have passed the Divine Calamity?”
Lie Qing replied coldly, “How did you think I got my red eyes then? That is the mark of the Divine Calamity!”
Shui Yixian said, “That…is…impossible. That’s an impossible feat.”
Lie Qing said, “Others maybe can’t but I can!”
Shui Yixian said softly, “You will be my worthy opponent then.” As she said, she struck towards Lie Qing with her right fingers but missed her only narrowly, hitting the truck of a large tree behind her. The tree instantly became petrified and cracked under its own weight!
Lie Qing immediately retaliated with a counter-attack but was deflected by the Celestial Fairy sleeve; she struck the ground with her sword and the ground seemingly erupted forcefully with a thunderous impact that sent the soil and dust flying everywhere!

Even though the duel may looked uneven as Lie Qing had a deadly weapon in her hands but Shui Yixian was no less deadly; when she whirled her sleeves, those sleeves of hers when imbued by her martial power were like deadly spinning blades, disintegrating everything that it hits and could even deflect Lie Qing’s sword! 
Everywhere they had dueled, everywhere that they had moved on to, it became a dead zone. All the others could only look on in utter disbelief at the sheer ferocity of their martial power!
Even Ding Yunzi had returned to her senses as the thunderous impact and the ferocity of the duel shook the very ground as furious hot and cold winds flurried merciless as though a hurricane was in the vicinity!
Lie Qing’s martial power was now at her zenith and her entire self was charged with the Invincible Divine Force Intricate Energy! At the zenith of her martial power and at the zenith of her Invincible Divine Force, she could use the ‘Pandora Darkness Merciless Strokes’. In that instant, her sword was charged with deadly sword energies as she sent one windforce after one another that sliced through the air in a deadly impact that utterly destroys everything in its path! All in all, she had sent seven deadly slices nonstop towards Shui Yixian!
Lie Qing was really merciless in her attacks as she had immediately used ‘Seventh Heavens Strokes’ which was also the most powerful stance of the ‘Pandora Darkness Merciless Strokes’. It was because she was gambling everything that she got against the Celestial Fairy!
Zuo Tianyi was stunned. These deadly sword energies were real physical sword energies that could destroy everything in its path as a projectile and was the invincible staging of the Infinity-Zero Swordplay! This was a mythical stage that was only rumored to exist and impossible to attain. For her age, it was impossible but he was seeing it with his own eyes now…
Shui Yixian knew that she could not escape fast enough against these energy projectiles. She raised her Icy Heavenly Tears to the tenth level and then raised her martial power again to raise her Divine Emerald Force to the tenth level as her fingers dissipated the incoming energy blades one after another!
Lie Qing simply could not believe that the Celestial Fairy could even dissipate her first energy projectile blades as she came closer to closer to her! By the time, she had unleashed her seventh energy projectiles, her entire body was trembling as her martial power departed away from her, so when the Celestial Fairy was close to her and used the Divine Emerald Skill at the same time, Lie Qing was flung back all the way backward by her opponent’s martial power as she coughed out blood!
Lie Qing tried to stand up but she simply did not have the strength anymore and the last blow that she had received may seem to be a simply blow but it was not. If she was not protected by her Golden Impervious Body, all her vital channels would be scattered. She really could not believe that a mortal being could actually survive her ‘Seventh Heaven Strokes’.
Shui Yixian did not have the confidence at all to dissipate Lie Qing’s deadly attacks. If she did not look for Yi Ping, then she could never have the opportunity to grasp the intricate formula of the Dual Inertness Intricacy. From that intricate formula, she had grasped a breakthrough for the tenth level of the Divine Emerald Skill. If she did not attain the tenth level of the Divine Emerald Skill, then she would never have the martial skill to dissipate her opponent deadly energy attacks.
By the third stroke, Shui Yixian resolute had weakened considerably and she had expended a great deal of her internal strength. It was a lucky thing that Lie Qing’s attacks had also weakened by a great deal. Her three most deadly attacks were actually the first three.
Shui Yixian said to Lie Qing, “I have won?”
Lie Qing said weakly as she said defiantly, “You are a monster! In this entire fraternity, there is actually a person such as you. But I will have the last laugh. When the Divine Calamity catches up with you, you will surely die!”
Ding Yunzi had pointed her sword at Shui Yixian as she said coolly, “No need to wait until the Divine Calamity. She will surely die today. She doesn’t have much internal strength left. To me, she is just an ordinary exponent now.”
Shui Yujian and Meijian were immediately at their protégé mistress’ side while Nangong Le and Zuo Tianyi were besides Ding Yunzi.
Shui Yujian said coolly, “Such bold words. Would you like to try?”
Shui Meijian added, “If she is confident at the very least, she would have attacked now.”
Zuo Tianyi said, “Yunzi, you still got me to fight besides you. If we join hands, few opponents in the fraternity would be our match.”
Nangong Le looked at Lie Qing, looked at Ding Yunzi, looked at the twin sisters and looked at the Celestial Fairy. He seemed to be in a dilemma as he sighed, “It seems that this fight is unavoidable.”
Lie Qing shook her head weakly, “We are not her match…we are not her match…Sister Yun, quickly leave while you can. Or else when she has recovered her martial power, there would be no escape. Leave me here, I won’t blame you…go tell the others…” All of a sudden, she coughed out more blood; her internal injuries were not light!
Zuo Tianyi said coldly to Nangong Le, “I don’t need your help if you are in such a dilemma.”
Nangong Le said bitterly, “Why are we fighting one another in the first place? Everyone seems to forget that the Celestial Fairy is our Brother Yi Ping’s wife and that we are all Yi Ping’s friends. Whoever dies here today, do you think Brother Yi Ping will be happy?”
Lie Qing was stunned. She had totally forgotten that the Celestial Fairy was Yi Ping’s wife.
Shui Yixian asked, “You know Yi Ping?!” If he was not Yi Ping’s friend, how did he know she was his wife?
Nangong Le said, “Of course, he is my sworn brother too. If you don’t believe, you can come with us to look for him.”
Shui Yixian pointed at the fallen Xiao Youxue as she said, “Do you know that she is trying to kill Yi Ping?”
Ding Yunzi interrupted, “If Youxue wants to kill Yi Ping, do you really think that Yi Ping will still be alive to this day? If she is really your enemy, will she takes the blow from you earlier?!”
Shui Yixian was stunned as she took a few steps back as she muttered, “Did I make a big blunder? She is also Yi Ping’s friend? What is their relationship?”
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Chapter 30: A Bitter Lie

Yi Ping had suddenly dropped the wine flask that he was holding. His hand had suddenly trembled all of a sudden. He thought, “Is that an omen?”

Qiu Wufeng said to Yi Ping, “Brother, you must be drunk now.”

Yi Ping bitterly said, “I wish I am drunk and never wake up.”

It was because he could not believe that Xiao Youxue was the mysterious yellow dressed maiden that had killed his wife. He could not believe that a quiet maiden like her would have the tenacity to travel alone to the Heavenly Mountains with that purpose alone.

He realized that he had known too little of her past even though they had spent three months together, a period that was even longer than Shui Yixian and Ji Lingfeng.

Why was that when she had departed, his heart had been so sorrowful? He had the exact feelings when Ji Lingfeng had departed.

Had he fallen for Xiao Youxue?

He mused, “Yi Ping, Yi Ping. You are either such a rascal or a sentimental person. How could you like a maiden after another maiden? If you have affection for Lingfeng, why are you longing after Youxue? Youxue is the one that killed my wife. You should hate her…I don’t want ever to see her again!”

Qiu Wufeng looked at Gongsun Jing as he said, “Yi Ping I can understand but you…”

Gongsun Jing was drinking heavily too. What was he thinking? Like Yi Ping, he was also musing, “Yunzi has a hand in my father’s death too. Why is that I am unable to forget her? If we are normal friends, that would be more bearable but I see her every day. If she won’t come back anymore, should I be glad? Zuo Tianyi is now your brother and it is obvious that he likes Yunzi. Gongsun Jing, Gongsun Jing, don’t forget you are now a down and out person.”

Qiu Wufeng shook his head as he said, “It seems that both of you are not even drinking to appreciate wines but are drowning your sorrows.”

All of a sudden, he began to pick a flask of wine and poured it into his mouth.

Gongsun Jing asked, “What comes after you?”

Qiu Wufeng said wryly, “If I am the only somber person around, then I be the one who has to pawn my precious sword to pay for the bills.”

Gongsun Jing said, “Who would want your scrap metal?”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping said. “Our enemies are here.”

All of a sudden, the inn was crowded with more than thirty swordsmen as they charged up the chairs and barged through their private room! Leading the charge was Long Wudi, the Clan Chief of the Six Rivers!

Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng had recognized him immediately.

Long Wudi said, “What have we here? It seems that the three most wanted men in the fraternity will come to my place.”

Gongsun Jing said, “Surely you are not thinking of turning us in for the bounty?”

Long Wudi said, “Even though I may not want to but the Honor Manor is influential. We are just a small martial clan in the fraternity. I hope that the three of you will come with me quietly or don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Gongsun Jing said coldly, “So these men are your martial clan best fighters?”

Long Wudi said, “Indeed. In this confine space, don’t blame our swords for being blind and merciless! You have better surrender. I will treat you respectfully on behalf of your late father.”

Gongsun Jing said, “As soon as my father is gone, all of you have revolted. Have you forgotten that I am still the Master of the Gongsun Martial Clan?”

Long Wudi spat, “I am talking to you in a nice manner and yet you do not appreciate it. The Gongsun Martial Clan is long history. You are the only survivor now!”

Gongsun Jing was startled, “The Gongsun Martial Clan is no more?”

Long Wudi said, “As soon as Gongsun Bai was dead, the enemies of Gongsun Bai began to attack the Gongsun Martial Clan and there were no survivors.”

Gongsun Jing was stunned. He began to tremble as he said, “Gu Tianle, Gu Tianle, how vicious are you! First you framed me. Next you redeployed the best fighters of the Honor Manor away or else given the strength of the Gongsun Martial Clan, it is impossible for it to be demolished just like that…”

Qiu Wufeng said coolly, “Surely you have heard of my renown as the Windless Swordsman. If you don’t want to die tonight, you have better leave. I don’t want to dirty my hands!”

Long Wudi laughed aloud, “Do you think we be so foolish? Ever since you have entered this city, we have been monitoring your movements. It is a little tricky to attack you while Zuo Tianyi is still around. We didn’t want to make enemies of the Infinity Sword Clan yet. But I have sent a messenger to the Honor Manor that Zuo Tianyi is in cahoots with you.”

Qiu Wufeng said, “The three of us are more than enough to send you all to hell.”

Long Wudi laughed, “Don’t be too sure. The last few flasks of wines that you have been drinking from contain a slow reacting poison. If you were to exercise your internal strength, the poison will immediately attack your heart, hastening your death!”

Gongsun Jing intercepted, “You….are so despicable!”

Yi Ping looked at Long Wudi and gulped another flask of wine!

Long Wudi looked at Yi Ping and stammered, “You…”

Yi Ping patted Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing on their shoulders as he got up with unsteady steps. Even though, it appeared that he was using their shoulders as a support, it was actually more than meet the eyes!

Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing could feel a strong soothing internal strength flowing through their body as it rejuvenates them. They could feel the enormous stress of the poison effect lifting away and dissolving in their bodies. Indeed, Yi Ping had used the Aspire Invocations internal strength to neutralize all the poisons into nothingness!

The depth of Yi Ping’s internal strength astonished even Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing!

Long Wudi smiled, “Now, if you all surrender now, it will save you unnecessary pain and is also good for me. After all, if you are alive when I send you to the Honor Manor, your bounties will worth even more.”

“What if I say, they should stay as they are while your men and you should be the one that scram from here?”

Everyone was startled because the enchanting sweet voice did not come from this room!

Long Wudi shouted, “Who is that?”

Yi Ping was stunned. It was because this voice was so familiar even though he had not heard it for a long time…

A maiden of an extraordinary beauty passed through the window and into the middle of the room. Her movements were so graceful and her steps were so light that everyone was startled at her extraordinary display of her lightness swiftness skill!

In just a quick movement, she was already standing serenely in the middle of the room as she looked at everyone with a smile.

When she looked at everyone with a smile, everyone else was thinking of the same time. “Is she looking at me intentional? Can it be that she takes a liking to me?”

Everyone begun to grasped at this heavenly maiden in white that had just appeared. She was stroking her long hair as she said, “Do I need to repeat myself?”

Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing and Long Wudi recognized her immediately as the maiden that had barged into the Honor Manor with Yi Ping!

Yi Ping looked at her with stunned expression as he muttered, “Lingfeng…it is really you. Why are you here?”

Ji Lingfeng sighed softly, “Do I need to explain to you?” She began to pour the wine from a flask to a cup.

Yi Ping quickly grasped out, “Lingfeng, that is poisonous. Don’t drink it!”

But before Yi Ping could take a step forward, she had already drunk from the cup as she said, “Good wine. Too bad, it is tainted with the unsavory taste of poison.”

She said to Long Wudi, “Since you are the one that adds the poison into the wines, why don’t you taste it too if it is savory? Or else you may think I am lying to you.”

Long Wudi smiled bitterly, “No need. I believe it.”

Ji Lingfeng smiled, “If even you will not drink it, do you think the three of them will really drink it? Of course, unless they are all a bunch of drunkards.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he thought, “She has not changed at all after so many months. She is scolding us indirectly as drunkards.”

Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were guilty-stricken. With their experiences, they should have detected that the wines had been tampered with.

Ji Lingfeng said, “If they are not idiots, I am an idiot? If I am not an idiot, why should I drink your tampered wine?”

Long Wudi began to hesitate and had doubts as he thought, “The wines have already been switched? That is impossible…”

Ji Lingfeng smiled at Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng as she said sarcastically, “So what do you think of the feeling of being a fugitive wanted by the majority of the orthodox fraternity?”

Gongsun Jing said coolly, “It isn’t a good feeling after all.”

Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly, “You never know if your enemies would appear at any time, even your food and drinks can be poisoned at any time. It is not pleasure at all.”

Yi Ping really could not resist withholding anymore as he interrupted, “Lingfeng, why are you here?”

Ji Lingfeng glanced mysteriously at him as she said, “Why? You are suddenly so concern about? I am here to look for my husband of course!”

Many in the room were disappointed at this news and wondered who her husband was.

Yi Ping was stunned as he took a step backward as his entire expressions had changed!

After quickly regaining his composure, he quickly said. “You are married?! Congrats then…”

Ji Lingfeng smiled at him as she said, “You don’t sound and look at all pleased?”

Yi Ping said with stoned expressions, “Of course I am happy for you…”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Really? But why is that you don’t sound and look too happy?”

Yi Ping replied gloomily, “I am always like this. Surely you know.”

Ji Lingfeng said, “I really do not know. I am not the worm in your stomach, how should I know? Don’t you want to know who my new husband is?”

Yi Ping said, “You can tell us if you want.”

Ji Lingfeng smiled mysteriously, “He is young and handsome. He knows that I am in trouble and have not forgotten about me. He comes all the way to a distant and forsaken place just to look for me. If he’s not my husband-to-be, who is he then?”

Yi Ping asked, “Who?”

Ji Lingfeng gave him a gentle kick all of a sudden as she flushes, “Why are you so stupid? He is standing in front of me of course!”

Yi Ping’s expressions lit up as he said, “Who…?”

Ji Lingfeng gave him another small kick and tried to slap him but he avoided it.

They seemed to have forgotten that there were others in this room and their little affections were enviable!

Long Wudi coughed and interrupted, “You are the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect? Almost the entire orthodox clans are attacking the Holy Hex Sect now and you dare to appear here? You are really bold. Good, I am so lucky to take all four of you in one fell scoop!”

Ji Lingfeng said coldly all of a sudden, “Since you know that I am the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect, surely you must have heard of our ‘Consecrated Meteor Shower’ and ‘Meteor Rain Needles’ secret projectile skills. If I am not confident, would I be in this room?”

As her eyes swept from one person to another, she added. “This is a confined room. Do you think my secret projectiles would be faster or your swords would be swifter? Are you willing to take a bet? And how do you know that I am not alone?”

Long Wudi turned ashen immediately. It was because she was right. At this point blank distance, it was almost impossible for them to dodge the ‘Consecrated Meteor Shower’, a secret projectile technique that was renowned for launching more than one hundred secret projectiles!

Quite a few of the swordsmen and even Long Wudi was looking at the closest exit!

Ji Lingfeng words had already shaken their fighting spirit!

Ji Lingfeng was already saying to Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing, “Stand behind me.”

Yi Ping said, “There is no need for you to be involved. The three of us are more than enough…”

Long Wudi sighed, “Even though it appears that we have the superior numbers but I have seen this Yi Ping’s skills in the Honor Manor and the Heavenly Mountains. Moreover there is Young Master Qiu and Young Master Gongsun Jing too. Their martial skills are among the best in the fraternity. As long as they are not poisoned, this attack is doomed to fail. From the looks of it, none of them looked as though they are poisoned…how is it possible? But if I were to retreat now, I will lose a lot of honor and face. If the Holy Maiden is here, then surely there must be clan protégés of the Holy Hex Sect nearby too…”

Ji Lingfeng said, “If you back off now, I will ensure that you can continue to carry on your daily business in this city.”

She softened her tone, “I know that the Six Rivers Clan is a neutral clan that did not go on the westward expedition with the Honor Manor or else you won’t be here. Even though this is not the Western Fraternity yet, the Holy Hex Sect has a base here. Because we know that your clan had not officially joined the Honor Manor yet but if you were to make an enemy of the Holy Hex Sect today, we will make sure you are in our enemy list and your business will be soured immediately. Surely you have heard of what happened to the Belle Clan that was in this city that had joined hands with the Honor Manor. So choose what you want. Business or destruction.”

Long Wudi bowed his hands respectfully as he said, “Holy Maiden, we will take our leave and we will also give our promise that we will not harass them while they are still here.”

He then shouted, “Let’s go!”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Hold!”

Long Wudi turned ashen as he asked, “Is there anything else?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Since these gentlemen are guests in your city and is their first time here, do you think that you should at least buy the tabs for them?”

Long Wudi looked at the private room and the feast on the table. He sighed weakly and put down three silvers on the table.

Three silvers were more than enough.

Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “That is very generous of you. You can go now.”

Long Wudi and his men quickly exited the room and the inn!

Qiu Wufeng said wryly, “So we solve our tabs.”

Gongsun Jing said, “I didn’t expect that you are really the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect. How is that you know that we have no money?”

Ji Lingfeng smiled, “I didn’t want to know but the three of you were incessantly talking about it.”

Yi Ping asked, “You are here for some time?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Not really. I just arrive too.”

Yi Ping said, “You haven’t really tell me yet, why are you in this place? You are supposed to be in the Western Fraternity now.”

Ji Lingfeng smiled sweetly, “I have told you. I am here to look for my husband.”

Yi Ping said, “You can still joke about this. Why are you here in this place?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “I am here to make contacts with a branch of my clan here to strengthen the resolve of fighting against the orthodox clans and to find out more information of the other clans activities. I didn’t expect to find you here too. Do you know that the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace have formed an alliance already?”

Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Yi Ping were stunned.

Yi Ping said, “Not counting the dozens of martial clans under the banner of the Honor Manor, just the Virtuous Palace alone is a big headache. Just how did Gu Tianle persuade the Virtuous Palace to join him for the westward expedition?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Do you think that it is somewhat overkilling? Even though the Holy Hex Sect is the number one unorthodox clan in recent years, we are still unable to compete headlong with the Honor Manor and the various major orthodox clans.”

Gongsun Jing asked, “Meaning?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Someone else must have instigated him or forced him to do so. Someone powerful and we don’t know who he is yet that can even persuade the wily Xiao Shuai to join him.”

Yi Ping was startled, “I wonder who he is…”

Qiu Wufeng said, “I am afraid his aim isn’t about destroying the Holy Hex Sect but to dominate the entire martial fraternity!”

Gongsun Jing said, “Even though my late father wants to destroy the Holy Hex Sect a long time ago, he didn’t want to do so yet because such a clash would bring cause a double fatalities and may give his enemies an opportunity to cause havoc or to undermine his strength.”

Ji Lingfeng said, “I am afraid his real target is the Celestial Palace.”

Yi Ping was startled, “The Celestial Palace?! It does exist?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “Of course it does. It is just that no one has ever survived a trip there. Anyway, we are all just speculating.”

She paused for a while before she asked, “Where is Maiden Xiao Youxue? Have you finally found out that she isn’t a deaf and mute person?”

Yi Ping was suddenly unhappy, “You already know that she is not a deaf and mute person yet you play such a prank on me before you left. Don’t ever mention her again.”

Ji Lingfeng was surprised as she continued to smile gleefully, “Why can’t I mention her? Is it because you just got rejected by her that you cannot get over it?”

Yi Ping was solemn as he said gravely, “Do you know that she is the one that has killed my wife?”

Ji Lingfeng said calmly, “So what?”

Yi Ping was stunned at her reply as he said slowly, “You…you already know?!”

Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “I have already said, so what.”

Yi Ping was really upset at her reply as he said angrily, “I treat you as a friend. You have already known and did not tell me. And you can even tell me so what?!”

Ji Lingfeng blinked at Yi Ping as she repeated again, “So what?”

Yi Ping said, “She is my wife’s killer and you know very well, I have been looking for her all this time!”

Ji Lingfeng said, “So what if you know if she is the one that you are looking for? Have you forgotten that she is the one that have saved your life that day? Have you ever asks her what difficulties she has and why did she have to do it? So what if you know who she is? Will you have the heart to kill her? If she really treats you as an enemy, she would have killed you and not saved you!”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping was jolted.

He had suddenly remembered her first encounter with her. She was the very first maiden that he had ever met on the Heavenly Mountains and she had even warned him not to go up there. If he had not disregarded her advice, maybe they would not be foes now.

He had also remembered how he was badly injured after the battle at the Honor Manor with Gu Tianle and it was actually Xiao Youxue who had saved him. She had also saved him from the giant Thousand Year Icy Fish and the wild boar attack. She had also almost got herself killed while trying to fight Xiao Yuanjia while with him…

All of a sudden, he realized how terribly wrong he had been as he muttered, “Youxue, Youxue, I shouldn’t have scolded you. I should at least listen to what you have to say first…I am such a heartless person…”

Ji Lingfeng softened her alluring voice, “The reason why I did not tell you is because I owe my life to Xiao Youxue too and I have not yet repaid her this heavy debt. You are a person that knows how to differentiate feuds and debts. So what if Youxue is here now? What will you do?”

Yi Ping muttered, “I do not know. I do not know…”

Ji Lingfeng said to him, “You don’t even dare to look at me in the eyes since earlier. That is so unlike you in the past. Have you fallen in love with another maiden?”

Yi Ping was startled by her questioning. He looked panicky at Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng who had kept silent.

While traveling together, everyone could tell that Xiao Youxue was always cold towards all the others except for Ding Yunzi and Yi Ping. Even Lie Qing, who always chatted with her were often left in the cold.

Indeed, he was guilty and that was why he dared not look into Ji Lingfeng’s eyes. It was because over the past several months, he had indeed developed affections for Xiao Youxue.

Ji Lingfeng said, “I…do you think that I am a person that can get jealous easily? If you are with Xiao Youxue, I can still accept it but not the others. She has after all, saved my life. The right thing for you to do now is to find her back and apologize to her. Not just a simple sorry, you have to bow down on your knees and begged her for forgiveness.”

Actually Yi Ping had already known that Xiao Youxue had taken a liking for him but he dare not reciprocate her affections. How could he not known? He was not entirely stupid but he tried to avoid her whenever he could because he could not forget Ji Lingfeng either.

He said to himself, “Sometimes, it is better for feelings to be buried inside or else you only be hurting her more. Eventually she will get over it and find a more suitable match.” Even though that was what he had in mind but that was not what his heart was really feeling.

Finally he had made a decision. Yi Ping regained his spirits again as he said with conviction, “I am going to look for Youxue now.”

“You don’t have to look for her anymore.”

Yi Ping was startled as he saw Ding Yunzi walking into the private room. From her expressions, she looked terribly tired.

Yi Ping went to her, “What happens?”

Ji Lingfeng was startled for she had recognized Ding Yunzi as the super exponent from the Virtuous Palace and she also had an annoying look on her face as she thought, “Yi Ping, Yi Ping, it seems that that you are attracting unwanted attention. I should really help you to chase them all away.”

She was even more startled when she saw Zuo Tianyi and Nangong Le walking into the private room.

Nangong Le immediately recognized her as he said, “Maiden Lingfeng! What a pleasant surprise. You are here?”

Ji Lingfeng just smiled weakly.

All of a sudden, Yi Ping saw Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian holding Lie Qing into the room. He was stunned as he said, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, why are you here?”

All of a sudden, Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian drew their long precious swords when they saw Ji Lingfeng as they grasped together, “It is you!”

Shui Yujian said to Ji Lingfeng, “How vicious are you! You…”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked at Ji Lingfeng, “What did you do?”

Ji Lingfeng said, “I merely teach them a little lesson. They are the ones that had attacked me first that day.”

She pointed at Shui Yujian, Shui Meijian and Lie Qing as she said. “Just who are they?”

But Yi Ping did not seem to hear as he reached out for Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, are you alright? Who is the one that has injured you into this state?!”

Lie Qing looked softly into his eyes as she smiled faintly, “I’m really alright. Don’t you worry about me, alright?”

Ji Lingfeng nearly fainted from anger. Shui Meijian, Shui Yujian, Lie Qing and Ding Yunzi were all extraordinary beauties, who were all alluring and enchanting in their own ways. Together, they were such a moving sight. But seeing them now was like seeing them as rivals to be eliminated or else it would be so hard to quell her anger!

Lie Qing looked at Ji Lingfeng, “Who are you?”

Ji Lingfeng was indignant as she said, “I am the one that should be asking you who are you. You like a temptress with your vixen looks. I don’t like you at all.”

Yi Ping was stunned at what she had just said so he quickly said, “They are all my friends. You are all my friends.”

Lie Qing smiled weakly as she answered coldly, “Right. I am a temptress. How do you know? I am going to steal your Yi Ping. So what? I don’t need you to like me at all.”

Yi Ping ignored them all as he turned to Ding Yunzi and asked, “Yunzi, where is Youxue?”

Ding Yunzi suppressed her tears as she said slowly, “She is not coming back anymore.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Quickly, let’s go and find her again. I…I don’t mean what I say…”

Ding Yunzi said coldly, “You have already said that you don’t ever wish to see her again and she thinks the same too. She has just one last message for you.”

Yi Ping was overcome with emotions as he thought, “She don’t ever want to see me again? Maybe that is not a bad thing after all…”

He asked, “What is her message?”

Ding Yunzi said coldly, “She hates you. The next time, she sees you she will surely kill you with her own hands. So don’t ever look for her ever again if you value your life.”

Ji Lingfeng was startled as she thought, “Xiao Youxue really says that?”

Yi Ping turned ashen immediately as he fell onto the chair as he muttered, “She really hates me so much? I should be the one that hates her but do I?”

Shui Meijian turned around discreetly as she really could not hold back her tears anymore while Shui Yujian did not dare to look into Yi Ping’s eyes.

Lie Qing was trembling as though she wanted to say something.

Yi Ping did not notice that everyone had a grim expression. Even Ji Lingfeng, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng had sensed something was amiss in the atmosphere.
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Chapter 31: The Top Exponent from the Virtuous Palace

Just as Yi Ping was sighing sadly, he was suddenly surrounded by Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian who embraced him side by side!
Nangong Le was stunned as he thought, “Yi Ping knows the twin sisters too? Why is that he seems to know all the beauties?”
Shui Meijian exclaimed tearfully, “Master, we have finally found you…!”
Shui Yujian wiped a tear from her eyes as she said gently, “Master, you still have us. Maiden Xiao may not appreciate you but we do.”
Ji Lingfeng and Lie Qing were startled at how close they were with Yi Ping.
Ji Lingfeng hummed coldly, “The two of you are so shameless. You are so young yet you are hugging a man so intimately.”
Lie Qing wanted to say the same thing too but her injuries were severe and she could not muster her strength. So she was glad that Ji Lingfeng had actually spoken out what was in her mind.
Shui Yujian said coolly, “We are talking to our Master now; you don’t have the right to interrupt us.”
Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Oh he is your master? I have never heard of clan protégés behaving so intimately with their master.”
Shui Meijian smiled cheekily, “That is because Yi Ping is also our husband!”
Ji Lingfeng almost fainted from anger as she said coldly, “Just who is your husband?!”
Shui Meijian said, “You didn’t hear me? Yi Ping is my husband.”
Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “How shameless of you to claim Yi Ping as your husband.”
Shui Yujian looked at Yi Ping with her eyes full of melody as she said, “It seems that she is hard of hearing. Yi Ping, tell her, you are our husband.”
Yi Ping was stunned. When he looked at Shui Yujian’s eyes, he began to recall the reason why he had ran away from the Eternal Ice Palace and his cheeks began to flush.
He stammered, “I…I…don’t know.”
Ji Lingfeng was infuriated, “What do you mean by you do not know? It is either yes or no!”
Even Lie Qing said, “Yi Ping, you…are really their husband?!”
Nangong Le smiled bitterly as he said, “Congratulations for having two lovely wives.”
Qiu Wufeng smiled awkwardly as he said, “How many wives do you have, Brother Yi Ping.”
Yi Ping replied unhappily, “Now it is not the time for jokes.”
Even though Ding Yunzi was expressionless and was quiet but she was stunned by the audaciousness of Ji Lingfeng, Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian in declaring their sentiments as she thought, “Youxue, it is a lucky thing that you did not see this or you will surely be dismayed at this sight. This Yi Ping is nothing but a despicable Playboy! I am so wrong and I thought that he is a good man.”
Ji Lingfeng looked at Yi Ping with hurt eyes, “Yi Ping, is that true? You have never told me before…”
Yi Ping really did not know to reply as he thought bitterly, “No one will ever believe what I have said and believe that I did it in a moment of folly. Alas Yi Ping! First you let down Youxue, second you let down Yu’Er and Mei’Er. Now you let down Lingfeng…why must you hurt those that are closest to you?”
Just when he was about to say something, Lei Qing mustered all her strength and gave him a tight slap on his right cheek!
Shui Yujian was startled. She quickly recovered her composure and asked, “Why did…”
Before Yi Ping could even recover from his astonishment and before Shui Yujian could finish her sentence, Ji Lingfeng had slapped him tightly on his left cheek!
Shui Meijian had not even recovered from her initial surprise yet as both slaps happened in a blink of an eye and almost the same time!
Everyone could see how emotional Ji Lingfeng and Lie Qing had been!
Yi Ping could only mutter, “Why did…”
But even before he could finish, Lie Qing had coughed out blood and fainted!
Yi Ping quickly caught hold of her and panicky shouted, “Qing’Er, don’t scare me. Wake up…”
When Ji Lingfeng saw that Yi Ping was holding Lie Qing, she was so infuriated that she stormed to the entrance, alarming Yi Ping.
Yi Ping thought, “She is angry? Why shouldn’t she? If I were her, I will be angry too…”
Ji Lingfeng had already reached the door but she had stopped short of exiting the door.
Zuo Tianyi said quickly, “Yi Ping, say something to pacify her or she will really leave.”
Yi Ping said, “Lingfeng, where are you going? It is dangerous for you to be alone…”
Ji Lingfeng answered coldly, “Hmph, I have been roaming the fraternity alone since I am sixteen. You don’t have to worry about me. I probably have more experience in the fraternity than you guys who drink like pigs.”
Yi Ping, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing began to fluster.
Everyone was already anticipating that Maiden Ji would storm off the room as she was getting emotional.
That includes Yi Ping who was still holding onto Lie Qing and he was surrounded left and right by Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian. Yi Ping was really in an awkward position!
Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were looking enviably, wishing that they would be in Yi Ping position instead.
Nangong Le thought, “Since Yi Ping is unable to cherish Maiden Lingfeng, when she storms off I will immediately chase after her. Who knows, we may become a couple.”
Ji Lingfeng just stood there and was brushing her long flowing hair as she thought, “When Xiao Youxue left the room earlier he did not even go after her. When I have left the last time, he did not even try to make a little effort to stop me. He is really so dumb.”
That was why she was still waiting at the door for Yi Ping to ask her to stay or to pacify her.
Ding Yunzi was thinking, “Yi Ping, no maidens will tolerate such a guy that is indecisive. I am afraid today that you are going to hurt another maiden again. You are a good guy Yi Ping, treat others with respect and a sincere person. But sometimes, not everyone can understand you and think you are a fickle minded person. This will cause you to lose favor in the eyes of everyone that do not understand you.”
All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng brushed aside her long flowing hair and walked back to the center of room as she began to sit down, stunning everyone!
Yi Ping was startled, “You are not going?”
Shui Yujian was surprised as she asked, “You are not leaving?”
Shui Meijian asked, “Why did you come back for?”
Ji Lingfeng looked at everyone without batting an eye as she knew that everyone was looking at her for answers.
Even Ding Yunzi who was rarely wrong on her analysis was startled by her sudden reversal as she asked, “What is she thinking?”
Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “Hmph, I am just suddenly curious just exactly how many shameless vixens are there around Yi Ping that lingers around him like nasty flies. They can even claim him as their husband when it is not the truth.”
She began to look at her fingernails and looked at Shui Meijian and Shui Yujian.
Shui Yujian said coolly, “It seems that you are trying to pick a fight with us.”
Ji Lingfeng replied, “Hmph, so what?”
Shui Meijian looked at Yi Ping with doleful eyes, “We dare not. We are not as bitching as you. We are just eighteen and you are trying to bully us. We are so pitiful…”
Ji Lingfeng was startled at Shui Meijian’s reply. This young maiden was smarter than she had appeared to be. Instead of being upset, she was using a soft approach and made it appeared as though she was the bully instead.
All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng stole a glance at Ding Yunzi and blinked her eyes.
Ding Yunzi was startled but she did not show it. She quickly thought, “This Maiden Ji is not just a pretty doll. Her intellect is not beneath me…”
Yi Ping asked, “Lingfeng, you are not leaving anymore?”
Ji Lingfeng said, “You seem eager for me to leave?”
Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Of course not.”
Ji Lingfeng smiled, “Of course I know you don’t wish. All of you have come all the way just for me. If I walk off, you will have to find me again. Therefore I have decided to save you all the trouble from looking for me again.”
Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he said, “True, true. If you walk off now, I may not be able to find you again.”
Ji Lingfeng said to Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian, “If you are not here to look for me, both of you can leave immediately. Did you just hear that Yi Ping is here to look for me?”
Shui Yujian was exasperated as she said, “You…you…”
Shui Meijian immediately said, “Sister Lingfeng, we are so young. Surely you aren’t thinking of bullying us? Yi Ping is indeed our Master and husband. We surely follow him whenever he goes. I’m Mei’Er and this is my sister Yu’Er.”
Ji Lingfeng’s eyes soften a little and this was not lost on Shui Yujian who had super sensitive sense with her ‘Heart Intricacy Skill’.
Shui Yujian melancholy said, “We are orphans. Ever since our Mistress is gone, Yi Ping had been our Master. We are so young and have no one to depend upon. We know we shouldn’t call Yi Ping our husband but our chastity…”
Shui Meijian added woefully, “A maiden chastity is important. We know that our Master did it in a matter of folly. We don’t blame him and we suffer in silence alone...”
Shui Yujian began to sobbed, “We shouldn’t say this in public to disgrace our Master but I hope Sister Lingfeng will take pity on us.”
Ding Yunzi was startled and she looked at Yi Ping with a hateful look. Her expressions had suddenly changed and she was trembling.
Ji Lingfeng looked at Yi Ping with woeful expressions as she said coldly to him, “You are a beast in disguise.”
Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing began to sigh heavily when they had heard of their tragedies.
Nangong Le, Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi were all thinking at the same time, “We promise to keep their protégé mistress’ news from Yi Ping but are we lying to Yi Ping? From the looks of it, these two sisters seem to be expert liars…”
All of a sudden, the twin sisters were crying in Ji Lingfeng’s embrace as they said. “We hope that Sister Lingfeng will take care of us and take us in as close sisters…”
Shui Yujian blinked secretly at her sister, Shui Meijian as she thought, “Let this Lingfeng fight it out with Lie Qing and Ding Yunzi first while we wait on the fence. As long as we are coy and amicable, we have Yi Ping’s hearts eventually.”
Shui Meijian was also thinking the same, “Our protégé mistress have taken Xiao Youxue back to the Eternal Ice Palace and leave us with these strangers. This Maiden Lingfeng can be our ally against them.”
Ji Lingfeng began to sympathize with the twin sisters as she said gently, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, if Yi Ping dares to bully you, I will surely teach him a lesson. Don’t be afraid. You are all so young and should be happy. Alas, from now on, we are sisters. If he dares to take in another wife again, I will surely kill him.”
Yi Ping smiled bitterly and was relieved that at least Ji Lingfeng was staying so he said, “Lingfeng, I…”
But Ji Lingfeng interrupted him coldly as she said, “I didn’t say I want to talk to you. You seem to be enjoying holding this vixen in your arms.”
Yi Ping said, “Lie Qing has serious internal injuries. We need to take her to a place to recuperate first.”
Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “I say I don’t wish to talk to you now…”
All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng, Zuo Tianyi, Ding Yunzi, Shui Yujian, Shui Meijian and Yi Ping froze in fear.
They had sudden sensed a powerful malevolent aura that was silently approaching them!
Zuo Tianyi said, “What a deadly killing malevolent air.”
Ding Yunzi had broken into a cold sweat, “That’s Yuan Shao. We must quickly leave this place as soon as possible! Hurry!”
Yi Ping asked, “Who is this Yuan Shao? There is only one of him and we have so many? I am not afraid of him.”
Qiu Wufeng said, “Why do we need to fear him for?”
Ding Yunzi said, “He is an elder of the Virtuous Palace. He may be ninety-seven year old this year but even our Protégé Master Xiao Shuai is afraid of him. I didn’t expect him to be here. We must quickly flee. Meet outside the city at the seven miles pavilion that is on the map.”
She began to walk away when all of a sudden Yi Ping caught hold of her while still holding Lie Qing as he asked. “Yunzi, where are you going?”
Ding Yunzi said, “Yuan Shao may not know I have betrayed the Virtuous Palace yet. I will hold him back for a while. Everyone please go now, as fast as possible.”
Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Hey, don’t touch her.”
Yi Ping flustered as he quickly let go of Ding Yunzi’s hand.
Ji Lingfeng was infuriated, “He didn’t even try to grab my hand just now…”
Ding Yunzi said, “Yi Ping is now my protégé master. Mind your language, Tianyi.”
Zuo Tianyi sighed, “Yunzi, why are you treating me so coldly? Let me go with you.”
Gongsun Jing said, “Maiden Ding, I will go with you.”
Ding Yunzi drawn out her long sword as she said, “Don’t hinder me. You will only cause me to lose my life by tagging along. Yuan Shao kills anyone that is not from the Virtuous Palace and if anyone of you comes with me, he would know that I have betrayed the Virtuous Palace.”
She paused solemnly for a while before she adds, “Don’t ever think of following me. None of you here except for Lie Qing and Xiao Youxue can even hold thirty strokes from me. Yuan Shao can kill all of you in much less the time. Don’t even bother to try.”
Then she left the room hastily!
Ji Lingfeng was trembling, “This killing malevolent…we have no hope against it…”
Shui Yujian said, “His malevolent aura can be felt from so far away. Normal opponents cannot stand against him. I cannot imagine if we are near him.”
Shui Meijian nodded.
Yi Ping said, “Let’s leave quickly before it is too late.”
Zuo Tianyi gritted his teeth as he muttered, “She may be right. She may be safer on her own than with us.” It was because even he was afraid and shaking now.
Yuan Shao had not reached but his sword and malevolent intentions had already rippled through them! And even top exponents like Yi Ping, Zuo Tianyi, Ji Lingfeng, Gong Jing, Nangong Le, Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian could all feel his startling presence!
They knew that he was very near and time was now essential!
Yi Ping said, “I don’t blame her if she returns to the Virtuous Palace. I only hope she is safe. I never expected that the Virtuous Palace would have a super exponent of this caliber.
Zuo Tianyi smiled bitterly, “No wonder my grandfather warned me not to offend the Virtuous Palace in the past. Even Gongsun Bai did not inspire such fear in me…”
Ji Lingfeng said, “Only someone who has killed countless number of people has this type of malevolent aura…”
Nangong Le was smiling wryly as the group left the room, “We are running away from just one old man? It’s funny, isn’t it?”
Qiu Wufeng said, “You have seen the skills of Xiao Shuai and Maiden Ding? You have not seen real super exponents when they are fighting for real. I can still remember vividly how more than fifty fighters tried to take down the Celestial Fairy and barely even the battle had even start; half of us were already down.”
Nangong Le smiled bitterly as he thought, “I have seen the Celestial Fairy earlier and the skills displayed by Lie Qing. Their martial skills are out of the world. I just don’t believe an old man from the Virtuous Palace can be as good as them…”
All of a sudden Yi Ping said, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, help me to carry Lie Qing.”
Shui Yujian cried out melancholy, “Master, where are you going?”
Yi Ping simply smiled, “Don’t worry. I won’t be in trouble and will keep a good distant in case Yunzi is in trouble.” And he was gone.
It was only then that the group realized that both Zuo Tianyi and Yi Ping were both missing from the group!
Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “They are foolish, so let them be.”
But she was saying silently to herself, “Yi Ping, why are you always meddling into troubles? You must know your limitations.”
Shui Meijian said, “I wonder who are more foolish. The Holy Hex Sect or Yi Ping. For the Holy Hex Sect to fight against so many martial clans are more foolish.”
Ji Lingfeng smiled mysteriously, “The orthodox clans will soon know that they are courting their own death should they come to the Western Fraternity.”
Gongsun Jing asked, “Why is it so? Aren’t there a number of powerful orthodox clans in the Western Fraternity too?”
Ji Lingfeng hummed coldly, “However, they all seem to forget that a hidden rule of the Western Fraternity. No matter if they are unorthodox or orthodox martial clans, no clans shall exterminate the other or that will incur the wrath of the other Emei Clans and the Celestial Palace.”
There were more than a hundred martial clans in the Western Fraternity and the majority called themselves the Emei Clan when they were outside the Western Fraternity and that included the Holy Hex Sect.
Most martial clans in the western fraternity did not want to reveal their protégé masters and clans openly. While it was understandable for the unorthodox clans, it was mystifying for even the orthodox clans to follow suit as well!
Qiu Wufeng said, “The Celestial Palace is a myth…”
Ji Lingfeng interrupted sharply, “We have all thought it is so too. But perhaps because the ambitious plans of the Honor Manor has even disturbed the Celestial Palace, so this time they are sending a Celestial Envoy to the Holy Hex Sect to help us.”
Gongsun Jing was startled, “There is a Celestial Envoy from the Celestial Palace?! The information network of the Honor Manor is the best in the fraternity. Why is that we have not heard anything about the Celestial Palace for the past two hundred years?”
Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “The information network of the Honor Manor is just so and so. You can’t even recognize Xiao Shuai that day and you can’t even recognize the traitors within your own clan.”
Gongsun Jing flustered but he quickly asked again, “How big are the reinforcements of the Celestial Palace?”
Ji Lingfeng said, “Just one.”
Everyone was startled, “Just one!?”
Nangong Le quipped, “It seems that we are also courting our own death if we go to the Holy Hex Sect now. Why don’t we go to the Tranquil City? I have two great friends and brothers that are from there and one of them is even the Protégé Master of the Tranquil City.”
Shui Yujian smiled, “We know Priest Liu Qingcheng too.”
Nangong Le laughed, “Of course. We have all met before. I am sure if I was to ask Priest Liu Qingcheng, he would forgive your past transgression and let you take refuge in the Tranquil City where we will be safe for the time being.”
Shui Meijian smiled as she added, “No need. He will take us in no matter what you will say.”
Nangong Le was puzzled but he continued to smile, “The Tranquil City has very strict rules about entertaining strangers, especially women. Unless I speak for you, it is very unlikely that Liu Qingcheng will take you in.”
Shui Meijian said, “He is our Protégé Master too. If your disciples come knocking on your doors, will you reject them?”
Nangong Le was stunned, “Liu Qingcheng is also your protégé master!? He has never told me…”
He made a silent vow to teach Liu Qingcheng a lesson when they had met as he thought, “You have two such beautiful protégés and yet you pretended otherwise. Liu Qingcheng, Liu Qingcheng, you are such a good friend of mine.”
Gongsun Jing interrupted Nangong Le, “The Celestial Envoy must be an old martial master. No matter what, it is a good opportunity for us to pay him a visit and to learn some superior epitome skills from him.”
Qiu Wufeng nodded, “That is right. Meeting a worthy master will save us a lot of wrongful training in the future. For his daringness to come alone, he must be a top exponent. May I know what the name of this honorable martial master is?”

Ji Lingfeng smiled bitterly, “Hmph, she is not a ‘He’. Her fraternity name is the Joyful Goddess and you better don’t talk to her or you will surely regret it. She has weird red eyes like this Maiden Lie Qing too. Trust me, you have to be respectful to her at all times as she is highly erratic. On her first arrival day at the Holy Hex Sect, more than a dozen of our top fighters were killed by her. If I tell you, she is mentally unsound, would you believe?”

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Chapter 32: The Joyful Goddess

The streets were dark and void of people as it was already past midnight. Only the moon and the stars were the only visible lights. There was an uneasy feeling in the atmosphere, a feeling of death and despair that caused everyone to avoid this street tonight. 

But for Ding Yunzi, these dim lights were more than sufficient for her to move rapidly. 

An old man with a white beard was walking quietly in the middle of the streets with a cane. He looked so fragile and harmless but he was the most deadly exponent of the Virtuous Palace, Yuan Shao.

Ding Yunzi walked quietly towards him as she said coolly, “My respects to Protégé Elder.”

Yuan Shao looked at her finery and her beautiful dress as he said, “I didn’t know that when you do dress up, you will be so beautiful.”

Ding Yunzi shifted uncomfortably as she replied, “Protégé Elder, you flatter me too much.”

Yuan Shao added, “This is the truth. You seem to have changed. You used to dress simple.”

Ding Yunzi was secretly alarmed but she maintained her composure.

Yuan Shao said coldly, “You have been missing for quite a while. Why didn’t you report your whereabouts to us? Where are Xiao Yuanjia and Xiao Youxue?”

Ding Yunzi replied coolly, “Both Xiao Yuanjia and Xiao Youxue had been killed. I didn’t report my activities because I do not have the chance to do so.”

Yuan Shao raised his eyebrows as he asked, “They are dead? Who has the formidable means to kill them? There isn’t anyone capable in the fraternity that can kill Xiao Yuanjia as far as I know. What about Xiao Youxue? You have better not lie to me or don’t blame for being ruthless.”

Ding Yunzi quietly said, “I wouldn’t dare, Protégé Elder. We have found Xiao Youxue and she was killed by Xiao Yuanjia.”

Yuan Shao nodded, “Indeed, Xiao Youxue isn’t Xiao Yuanjia’s match. Where is her body? Dead or alive, we must have her body. You shouldn’t know it is very important to us.”

Ding Yunzi said, “Unfortunately, I am intercepted by a powerful opponent and have to give her the body. It is only feigning to be submissive to her that I am still alive to this day.”

Yuan Shao stared sternly at Ding Yunzi causing her to tremble as he said coldly, “You are not weak either. There is hardly anyone in the fraternity that can fight Xiao Yuanjia and you at the same time.”

Ding Yunzi shook her head, “Protégé Elder you are wrong. This time round, we have met our match. The powerful opponent that we have met is a young maiden by the name of Lie Qing.”

Yuan Shao said coldly, “Xiao Yuanjia and you will lose to a young maiden?”

Ding Yunzi protested softly, “This Lie Qing is no ordinary maiden. She has red eyes and knows the Divine Invincible Force, the most secretive skill of our clan.”

Even Yuan Shao was startled, “She really have red eyes and know the Divine Invincible Force?”

Ding Yunzi nodded, “And she has even eaten Xiao Youxue and Xiao Yuanjia while they are still alive. It is very horrible.”

Yuan Shao asked, “How did you manage to survive then?”

Ding Yunzi said, “I have asked her why she is sparing me but she simply says that she have no use of my intricate energy yet.”

All of a sudden, Yuan Shao raised his cane and swung against her! 

Ding Yunzi raised her scabbard to block it. She took five steps backward as the martial force of Yuan Shao was simply too strong for her. She quickly asked, “Protégé Elder, why did you…?”

Yuan Shao said, “I have almost believe you but unfortunately, your story have too many loopholes. You have dared to betray the Virtuous Palace.”

Ding Yunzi asked, “Huh?!”

Yuan Shao said, “Firstly, you know very well that I am coming yet you did not attempt to lure them to me. Secondly, if that Lie Qing is as formidable as you have claimed, she would have confronted me. Thirdly, you are not a good liar...”

Before he could finish, Ding Yunzi had already drawn out her long sword quietly and threw it into a flying sword towards him! 

But Yuan Shao simply caught her sword with his bare hand and threw it back at her again! 

Lie Qing had barely dodged her own sword as it flew past her, smashing through the walls! 

All of a sudden, she paralyzed in fear. It was as though Yuan Shao had already pointed his cane at her throat!

To the observers, Yuan Shao was still a good distance from Ding Yunzi but to Ding Yunzi, she knew that she was going to die. It was because even before Yuan Shao had moved towards her, he had already extended his invisible sword intentions at her, paralyzing her! 

No matter in which direction that she could move to, she could not escape from his invisible sword intentions!

She broke into a cold sweat.

All of a sudden, she could move again as the invisible sword intentions seemingly disappeared! Ding Yunzi quickly leapt backward to a safer distance! 

Yuan Shao mused, “There is another exponent here that can lift my sword intentions here?” He was looking at the other end of the street as a man walked quietly towards him, emitting cold sword energies in all directions. 

Ding Yunzi grasped, “Tianyi, why are you here? Leave now! You are not his match!”

Zuo Tianyi said coolly, “Yunzi, are you alright?”

Ding Yunzi nodded as she said, “Quickly leave. I will hold him back. You are not his match.”

Yuan Shao said coldly, “Tianyi? So you are the new protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan? Not bad. At your young age, you have actually attained the divine state of the invisible sword energy. You deserve to be killed by me then.”

Zuo Tianyi smirked coldly, “The fight has not even starts and the outcome is uncertain so don’t be too sure yet.”

Even though he was saying that but the malevolent presence of Yuan Shao was too overpowering and he was extremely nervous. Even walking towards Yuan Shao and speaking in his presence took considerable effort. 

Yuan Shao asked, “So you want to challenge me alone or together with Yunzi?”

Zuo Tianyi said, “This is a duel between two swordsmen. Of course it will be just me.”

Ding Yunzi said quickly, “No! We will fight you together.”

She quickly turned to Zuo Tianyi to say, “Tianyi, don’t be foolish. We are not in his league. He has already reached the stage of ‘Unison with the Sword’ and can use anything as a weapon!”

Zuo Tianyi did not seem to hear as he had already charged towards Yuan Shao with his long sword that was beaming with the blue glow of sword energy! 

Ding Yunzi immediately ran after him and threw her scabbard at Yuan Shao while she drew her foldable sword from around her waist! 

Yuan Shao simply moved aside slightly as the flying scabbard flew past him! As he evaded the flying scabbard, Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi had already unleashed dozens of sword strokes against him! 

As Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi unleashed their barrages of attacks, Yuan Shao simply whirled his cane as a shield in front of him. As he whirled his cane, piercing cold sword energies began to burst through the whirling cane and thrusting at both of them! 

Zuo Tianyi was startled as he got stabbed in his shoulder and chest while Ding Yunzi was stabbed in her shoulder too! 

Zuo Tianyi was astonished that this old man could defend and attacked at the same time. The weird thing was that he could not see the attack coming and could not guard against it!

Ding Yunzi said quietly, “Tianyi, some of the attacks are Illusions and is formed by his invisible sword intentions. Don’t be fooled by it…” 

Even as she had said it, Yuan Shao had stabbed the both of them with his left fingers and grievous injured both of them at the same time. Barely a few seconds after they had both attacked, they were now wriggling on the ground in agony! 

Yuan Shao said coldly, “This isn’t even a duel at all. Beg me for mercy and I will consider sparing you.”

Zuo Tianyi broke into cold sweat as he shouted angrily, “Over my dead body!”

Barely had he said that, Yuan Shao had stabbed him with his cane on his right leg and left arm! Zuo Tianyi gritted his teeth but refused to beg for mercy. 

Zuo Tianyi was in utter disbelief as he thought, “My Infinity-Two swordplay…unless he has seen my swordplay before, it is impossible for him to break it so fast. How did I get hit by his fingers? That’s impossible…”

Ding Yunzi was fatally struck by Yuan Shao’s sword finger and she was in a daze. She could only mutter weakly, “Protégé Elder, don’t hurt him…He’s the protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan and…”

Yuan Shao interrupted coldly, “Do you think that the Virtuous Palace fears the Infinity Sword Clan or any other martial clans in the fraternity?”

All of a sudden, a young man in white appeared in front of him quietly and lifted both Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi to their feet! 

Both Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi grasped at the same time, “Yi Ping!”

Yi Ping said, “Tianyi and Yunzi, your injuries are not light. Meet me at the designated place. I will hold off this Yuan Shao for the time being.”

Yuan Shao began to appraise this young man who had appeared so quietly and seemingly displayed no fear whatever so in his presence! In all his years, he had never seen a young man with his righteous air and magnetism. 

Ding Yunzi smiled weakly, “Yi Ping, you are also here? Leave us alone. You…are not his match.”

Yi Ping said, “Yunzi, don’t worry about me. Go now please.”

Even though Yi Ping appeared to be composed but he was filled with rage. After losing his temper so many times, he had finally understood the need to control his emotions or he would surely lose even before the fight starts. After learning the Absolute Spirits, he had finally learnt when to suppress his raging emotions even though deep within him, he could not forgive this Yuan Shao for hurting Ding Yunzi and Zuo Tianyi so grievously! 

Yuan Shao said coldly, “Do you think that I am invisible?”

Yi Ping hummed coldly, “I’m sure a highly regarded senior with your state of divinity would not attack me first or else you will ruin your practice.”

Yuan Shao said, “You are so sure?”

Yi Ping nodded, “I am sure.”

Yuan Shao laughed coldly, “Where is your weapon?”

Yi Ping said, “I am afraid that I am not good with weapons and preferring to fight with my bare hands.”

Yuan Shao said coldly, “Very good. I will first dispatch you first then I will skin them alive.”

Yi Ping raised his hands in a defensive posture as he turned to Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi to say, “Run now or my sacrifice will be in vain.”

Ding Yunzi looked at Yi Ping tearfully for a while before she ran off. She did not even say a single good bye to Yi Ping or Zuo Tianyi! 

She was in fact crying in her heart as she thought sorrowfully, “Yi Ping, the only way to save you is to revive Lie Qing. The only way to revive her quickly is to let her drain my intricate energy…if you can sacrifice for us, I can also sacrifice for you and will not let you die in vain.”

Zuo Tianyi was stunned but he quickly said to Yi Ping, “I will avenge for you in the future. I will never forget you…” 

Yi Ping nodded as he watched Zuo Tianyi staggered across the streets until he disappeared from view. 

Yuan Shao said to Yi Ping coldly, “Your friends have a head start now. Surely you are not thinking of remaining in that posture until dawn?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “You are so smart. How do you know?”

Yuan Shao laughed coldly, “I can tell you that this ruse has been repeated too many times in my presence. I would advise you to make your move now or don’t blame me for not giving you a chance to display your techniques.”

Yi Ping said, “Junior name is Yi Ping, I make my move then.”

As Yi Ping raised his martial power, Yuan Shao did not idle either. 

The malevolent aura around Yuan Shao intensified as he sent his invisible sword intentions seemingly like daggers around Yi Ping!

But to the surprise of Yuan Shao, he did not seem to sense any fear in Yi Ping. Instead, he could sense only absolute calmness. Even Zuo Tianyi who had suppressed his malevolent sword intentions with his sword energy was not wholly unaffected. 

As Yuan Shao waited, he sent another invisible sword intention with his willpower through Yi Ping. But to his surprise, he sensed another invisible force blocking his invisible sword intention! 

He thought, “That’s impossible. This young man looks harmless. Unlike Zuo Tianyi, he has either sword energy or my invisible sword intentions, how the heck can he stand there unaffected?”

Yuan Shao did not know that Yi Ping had fortified his fighting spirit with the Absolute Spirits Intricate Recite and even though he had suffered many setbacks but he was a naturally fearless young man. Moreover, protected by the Icy Heavenly Tears, what little remains of the malicious malevolent intentions of Yuan Shao were completed neutralized. 

Yuan Shao said slowly, “Why are you waiting for? I am still waiting.”

Yi Ping said, “I have already made my move. Now we are even. Senior, you can attack now.”

Yuan Shao said, “You have made your move?”

Yi Ping said, “I have raised my martial power. If Senior did not want to attack me, then I will take my leave.”

Yuan Shao was secretly startled, “Did he know who I am? Raising his martial power is considered making a move? If he thinks that I am just an old man, then he must be greatly mistaken. Very well then, I will teach him a lesson that he will never forget by cutting off all his limbs.”

All of a sudden, Yuan Shao had attacked Yi Ping!

Even though he looked frail and was walking with a cane, when he attacked, he was like barrage of arrows raining blows after blows at Yi Ping.

Yi Ping was astonished. This old man strokes were so fast that he could barely keep up; Yuan Shao strokes were intriguing and formless. It was as though he was fighting against an empty space. He lifted himself with the ‘Cloud Evading Skill’ and forced to rotate in mid-air as the old man was using a combination of hard and soft stances to neutralize his Divine Horizon Hands!

Yuan Shao was startled as he thought, “Is this the Divine Horizon Hands? I remembered a long time ago I have lost to this skill. Interesting…” 

Yi Ping had to use the ‘Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula’ to follow Yuan Shao strokes; he was defending more and less on attack. 

Yuan Shao moves were weird and for every ten strokes that he had unleashed, he could strike Yi Ping with a soft stance that forced Yi Ping to waste even more of his vital breath and energy to neutralize the incoming force. 

Yi Ping thought, “This old man, he is forcing me to create an opening for his strokes but I have yet to even land a blow on him or see any opening. This is not going to be good.”

Yuan Shao was actually groaning. It was because he was expecting Yi Ping to be onto the ground in no more than twenty strokes! But more than two hundred strokes had passed in a blink of an eye! He was actually thinking, “This young man actually possesses such a deep foundation in martial power, internal strength and mental fortitude…he is such a rare talent…”

Yi Ping lifted another bout of vital breath with the ‘Divine Revelation’ and lifted his internal strength with the ‘Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula’ in concert with the Divine Horizon Strokes and the Cloud Evading Skill. 

Yuan Shao said, “Weird. It is as though you have seen my kind of attack before?!”

It was because months ago, Xiao Youxue had secretly instructed him against such a martial art.

Xiao Youxue had said to him, “Besides hard and soft aspects of martial arts, there are also formless and energy aspects of the arts. You ought to spar with me to discover a way to break it or to understand it. Then you will not be disadvantage in a real fight with a top exponent.”

That was why when Yi Ping sparred with Yuan Shao, he did not give way to panic. Instead he maintained his composure as he moved his hands in a circular movement to guard against his attacks by using the twenty-one stance of the ‘Divine Horizon Hand’, the ‘Circular Defense Stance’; neutralizing the furious thrust of the old man lashing cane or else even if he had ten lives, he could not even deflect the cane without harm.

Yuan Shao said, “So you can still see my movements, am I right? Then how about this?” All of a sudden, he took his cane and poked it towards Yi Ping. The cane attack was so fast that it disappeared! 

Yi Ping was startled. He was already concentrating all his focus to follow the old man’s movements. He had thought that the old man was almost at his limit and yet he could still increase his attacking speed! 

Yi Ping could no longer follow the movements of the cane or the strokes of the old man as he blocked and evade through sheer pure instinct. 

In that quick instant, Yi Ping was poked more than ten times and he was suffering from excessive bleeding but he refused to give up as he kept on fighting! 

Yuan Shao was secretly startled as he thought, “Is this young man a monster and can feel no pain? Even a good fighter will have fallen by now. However time is on my side.”

Indeed, Yi Ping was sweating profusely and was panting heavily. He was now drowsy and exhausted from keeping pace with the movements of the old man attacks and from neutralizing his attacks. 

Yuan Shao said, “I want to say to you that conviction alone is not enough to win. Martial skills and techniques that only come with experiences are the only things that are important in a real fight.” As he said, he had struck Yi Ping across the face with the cane and thrust it twice into his shoulder at the same time! 

Yi Ping was forced to step back but before he could regain his balance, Yuan Shao had struck him with a forceful palm on the chest! 

Yi Ping was sent flying across the street in a horrifying crash as he smashed against the street walls! 

Yuan Shao asked coldly, “Are you painful? Can you still fight?”

Yi Ping wiped away the blood from his mouth as he mustered all his strength to say, “I…am not…dead yet…”

Yuan Shao laughed, “Very good. I am not yet done yet!”

Yi Ping could barely stand up as he clenched his fists. He knew very well that this old man was toying with him. The differences in their skills were too vast. He tried to muster his martial power but his entire body was trembling hard and he could not muster his strength anymore! 

Even though Yuan Shao was jeering at Yi Ping but he was also astonished at his endurance as he thought, “A lesser mortal will have fallen by now and he can still stand? It is a pity to kill such a young man. But if I don’t kill him today, he may be a thorn to us in the future…”

“Isn’t that enough already? Isn’t that too gory already? Why don’t you stay your hand and let him go?” A gentle voice said.

Yuan Shao was startled. Someone else was in the vicinity and he did not know?

Yi Ping and Yuan Shao looked up and saw a stunning maiden with long silver hair and dressed in a long red dress walking quietly towards him. 

When Yuan Shao saw her eyes, he was startled for her eyes were glowing red! 

In her long white slender right hand, she was wielding a long heavy black scythe as though its weight meant nothing to her. 

Yuan Shao asked, “Who are you? And where did you come from?”

The mysterious silver hair maiden said coolly, “I am trying to sleep but it is getting really noisy. That is why I am here to take a look.”

Yuan Shao smiled bitterly. Even if there were ordinary folks around, his malevolent aura would have caused them to lose their consciousness or develop fearful delusions. The only persons that would dare to come here were those that had extraordinary willpower or superior state of divinity. 

Yuan Shao stabbed his cane onto the ground and immediately the ground beneath his cane exploded thunderous as it collapsed three inches underneath! 

Yi Ping was stunned at the martial power display of this old man! He thought, “He isn’t serious earlier?” All of a sudden, he remembered Xiao Youxue’s martial power implosion techniques. 

Yuan Shao said, “I have thought that the red-eyes humans are just a mythology. I have never expected to find one today. Just who are you?”

The silver hair maiden smiled at Yi Ping and Yuan Shao as she swung her long scythe in a playful manner, even as she continued to walk towards them. 

Yuan Shao was solemn. This silver hair maiden did not seem to fear his martial power. He slowly put his cane in front of him and lifted its lid, revealing a thin razor long sword! 

Immediately, the killing malevolent aura in the area intensified and Yi Ping could feel a suffocating presence even as he struggled with his Absolute Spirits! He was forced to step back until his body rested on the wall! 

Actually his Absolute Spirits were the most epitome intricate heart formula that could resist the most deadly killing malevolent but in his weakened state, Yi Ping chose to step back to steady himself. 

The silver hair maiden smiled, “I should be the one asking who you are first. But anyway, my fraternity name is the Joyful Goddess and from the Celestial Palace. I presume that you are from the Virtuous Palace?”

Yuan Shao said coldly, “Indeed. Yuan Shao is my name.”

The Joyful Goddess smiled happily, “That is great. I have heard that the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace is attacking the Celestial Palace?”

Yuan Shao nodded slowly, “That’s right. We are here to wipe you demons out.”

The Joyful Goddess clapped her hands, “Very good. We will be expecting you.”

She turned to look at Yi Ping curiously, “Are you Yi Ping?”

Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “She knows me? I do not know her…” But he replied nevertheless, “Yes, I am Yi Ping.”

The Joyful Goddess smiled, “Good. I am here just in time. Maiden Ji has asked me to fetch you. There should be two others as well. Alas, I can’t be bothered. At least I have found one.”

Yi Ping was startled, “You know Lingfeng?”

The Joyful Goddess said, “I do. She is the Holy Maiden of the Celes…”

Yuan Shao interrupted coldly, “Do you think you can leave this place alive?”

The Joyful Goddess said, “Why can’t I?”

Yuan Shao said, “It is because my sword has already been drawn. Without tasting your blood, I will not sheathe my sword.”

The Joyful Goddess pointed at Yi Ping as she said, “You can stab your sword into him. I don’t mind at all. But I am afraid of pain if you do want to stab me…”

Yi Ping was stunned as he thought, “If Yuan Shao stabs me, I’ll be dead and she is asking him to do so…”

Before she had even finished speaking, Yuan Shao had leapt towards her! 

The Joyful Goddess was not slow to react as she swung her long scythe as dozens of brilliant lights sparkle and shrieked across the mid-air in just an instance! 

Yi Ping stared in fascination as their stances and strokes flashed in his eyes as he muttered, “So these are the superior swordplay…”

In three successive instances, they had already exchanged more than one hundred strokes! 

Yi Ping’s heart began to beat very fast as he immersed in the fascinating sight as he thought, “If I shift my stance in that direction and displayed the Divine Horizon Hands or Swordplay…”

All of a sudden, the Joyful Goddess flew towards him and interrupted his thoughts as she grabbed him, “Come!”

Yuan Shao wanted to chase her but she was simply too swift. He had never seen her type of swiftness movement skill before but it was very similar to the Fairy Breezes swiftness skill of the Holy Hex Sect. 

So he could only watch her disappeared from view with Yi Ping even as the Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Old man, I don’t want to fight you yet because I have need of your blood later. And this young man’s blood may be even more precious than yours. If you need my help with the Divine Calamity, I can help you.”

Yuan Shao was solemn as he thought, “Weird. It seems that she didn’t have the Invincible Divine Force and seem reluctant to spar directly with me with her internal strength. If she did, I will be able to use my Intricate Reversal Divine Skill to drain her intricate energy instead. Have Xiao Shuai and I miscalculated or missing something...?”

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Chapter 33: Unexpected Reversals
The Joyful Goddess grasped her abdomen painfully as she broke into a cold sweat as her blood dripped to the ground.
Yi Ping was startled, “You are injured?”
The Joyful Goddess nodded, “That old man is craftier than I have expected. During our clash, he actually had another concealed sword around his waist. In my moment of carelessness, I was slashed by him. It seems that I am out of practice for a long time.”
Yi Ping said weakly, “Should we take a rest first? Your wounds are still bleeding…”
The Joyful Goddess smiled weakly, “No need. I am wounded by his sword energy and for the time being, the wound cannot be healed. You better worry for yourself first. Your bleeding is more excessive than mine.”
Even though she was saying so, she had already dropped her long scythe and Yi Ping onto the ground as she collapsed on the ground!
Yi Ping endured his agonizing injuries as he shouted, “Maiden, are you alright!?”
The Joyful Goddess said weakly, “You…are not afraid of me?”
Yi Ping was startled, “Why should I?”
The Joyful Goddess said, “If you are smart enough, you should have run away now lest I decide to kill you.”
She added weakly as she looked into Yi Ping’s eyes for a reaction, “Most would have run away from my sight. My red eyes and my silvery white hair, don’t I look like a monster, a demoness?”
Except for her silvery long hair and her red eyes, even the blind could see that she was a very beautiful maiden. No matter how Yi Ping had looked at her, she did not look like a monster at all. When he had first seen her with her long red dress and long black scythe, she did look terrifying at first sight.
Yi Ping shook his head weakly, “I only know that you have saved my life and you are injured now. No matter the reason, I shouldn’t leave you alone.”
The Joyful Goddess turned her face away as she said, “How do you know that…I didn’t save you only to kill you later?”
Yi Ping said awkwardly, “If it is for later, then I will think of it later.”
The Joyful Goddess got up slightly as she breathed gently on him, “I can tell you. I am indeed a demoness and I have to feast on human blood.”
She looked intently at Yi Ping as she begun to lick his wounds.
Yi Ping was startled as he said, “You really are a blood drinker?”
The Joyful Goddess smiled weakly, “So you are…afraid now?”
Yi Ping said weakly, “If my blood can help you, by all means take it…”
The Joyful Goddess looked at him, with her eyes beaming. “My name is Huan Le. You can also call me Lele.”
Yi Ping said, “My name is Yi Ping…”
She put her fingers on his mouth as she said softly, “I know…”
She had been eavesdropping in the vicinity when she had heard Shui Yujian said melancholy to Ji Lingfeng, “You know that our mission is to protect our Master from harm. We cannot allow him to go there alone even if it meant certain death.”
Shui Meijian nodded silently.
Ji Lingfeng immediately rebuked them, “You can sense that person’s killing malevolent intent? If you are afraid now, how do you fight him when you are there? You will only be courting your own death.”
Nangong Le mused, “I don’t think anyone can even have a chance against his state of divinity. Just now, I was so frigging terrified. That Yuan Shao is even older than the Celestial Fairy. He is in the super league in the likes of the Celestial Fairy, Xiao Shuai, Gongsun Bai, Gu Tianle and the Old Sword Saint.”
Shui Yujian immediately asked, “Sister Lingfeng, what do we do now?”
Ji Lingfeng said, “Wait for me at the seven mile pavilion. There is only one person that can save Yi Ping and that is the Celestial Envoy.”
Gongsun Jing was startled, “She is here?”
Ji Lingfeng nodded, “Indeed. I will look for her now. She may be the only person right now that is able to save Yunzi, Tianyi and Yi Ping. Let’s hope that Zuo Tianyi and Yi Ping did not do anything foolish for the time being.”
Shui Meijian grasped, “Sister Lingfeng, let us go with you…”
Ji Lingfeng shook her head, “Only I can safely approach her. She is a very dangerous person and highly unpredictable. Protect this Lie Qing or else when Yi Ping is back, he won’t be pleased. Wait for me there…”
“No need.” A cold eerie voice was heard from the forest.
Everyone began to look around them but could see no one.
Ji Lingfeng turned white with ashen, “The Celestial Envoy is here…”
The Celestial Envoy said coldly while remained hidden from view, “I am only here to protect the Holy Maiden, not the others. And I am not pleased that someone had just criticized me.”
Ji Lingfeng thought, “I almost call her a mental…lucky I didn’t say it loud!”

Qiu Wufeng, Nangong Le, Gongsun Le and the others immediately looked around them but they could not see where she was.
Ji Lingfeng looked all around her as she said, “No matter what you think, there are three persons that you must bring back. Yi Ping, Zuo Tianyi and Ding Yunzi or else I won’t give you what you want anymore.”
The Celestial Envoy hummed coldly, “Are you threatening me?”
Ji Lingfeng said, “Think what you want. Don’t you want to meet the exponents from the Virtuous Palace too?”
The Celestial Envoy paused for a while before she sighed softly, “You have no respect for the Celestial Palace. But there are three of them. If I can only save one of them, which one would they be?”
Ji Lingfeng smiled weakly, “With your extraordinary martial skills, you cannot save them all?”
The Celestial Envoy said, “There’s no need to flatter me. Who is the one that you want to save the most? Quick, I am bored already. I hate to run errands that are none of my business.”
Ji Lingfeng hastily said, “Yi Ping. His name is Yi Ping…remember his name…”
Gongsun Jing was solemn for he was more worried about Ding Yunzi…
Shui Meijian said, “Let’s hope that the Celestial Envoy is able to bring all of them back or she is really such a disappointment.” She had deliberately said it loud.
But no one really knew if the Celestial Envoy was still around….
Unknown to all, in the meantime, Ding Yunzi was making her way back to look for them.
Zuo Tianyi was staggering behind her as he said, “Yunzi, wait for me. Your injuries are not light, wait for me please.”
Ding Yunzi said coolly, “There is not a moment time to waste.”
All of a sudden, Zuo Tianyi had caught up with her as he grabbed her hand. “Yunzi, why are you so cold to me? Have you forgotten that we are old friends?”
Ding Yunzi said coldly, “That is only what you think. I have never said that. Just because you think you are nice to me, you think I should reciprocate to you?”
She lied. It was because she was fearful of her own past and afraid that it would be discovered. She really did not want to hurt Zuo Tianyi as she secretly sighed, “Tianyi, forgive me…this is for your own good.”

Zuo Tianyi was stunned as he asked, “Have you fallen in love with Yi Ping?”
Ding Yunzi said coldly, “That is also what you think.”
Just as she had turned around, Zuo Tianyi had suddenly landed a hit behind her neck!
Ding Yunzi was already in a daze and this surprise attack caused her to lose her consciousness almost immediately as she grasped, “You…”
Zuo Tianyi muttered, “I’m so sorry Yunzi…If I cannot have your heart, I will make you mine by force…”
He begun to loosen her silk belt, lifted up her long skirt and pull down her inner garments as he kissed her violently…

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Chapter 34: True Friends

As Zuo Tianyi was kissing and holding Ding Yunzi, Ding Yunzi eyes had fluttered as she cried out in tears weakly, “Tianyi, don’t! The Infinity Sword Clan is a reputable clan. You will only be degrading you and me as well…”

 As Zuo Tianyi was kissing Yunzi violently, an alluring voice shouted at him. “You’re a beast! You did such a disgraceful thing and say that to her!?”

 It was Ji Lingfeng and she had attacked him with multiple flying projectiles!

 Zuo Tianyi drawn out his long sword deflected all the flying projectiles to one side. But even before he could recover from his initial surprise, two beautiful maidens in black long velvet dresses were attacking him, causing him to take several steps backward!

 He recognized them as the twin sisters, Shui Yujian and Meijian!

 He was startled as he thought, “Shouldn’t they be at the seven miles pavilion?”

 At the same time, Lie Qing was besides Ding Yunzi in a flash and had covered her with a cloak as she smiled weakly at her, “Don’t shed a tear for this wolf in sheep clothing. I will help you…”

 Even as Zuo Tianyi raised his earthshaking swordplay against Shui Yujian, Shui Meijian and Ji Lingfeng, they were joined by Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le!

 Gongsun Jing had a blazing flame in his eyes as he shouted angrily, “After what you did to her, you still have the cheek to beat her. You are worse than a beast!”

 Even Nangong Le was clenching his fists as he said, “I may be a playboy but I have never forced myself on anyone.”

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Is there a difference between the two of us? Just because you are rich, you think of yourself as nobler as me?”

 Qiu Wufeng said angrily, “I thought that you have more honor that that. The protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan is nothing but a beast. When this spreads out in the fraternity, I will like to see how you are going to defend yourself!”

 Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “No one in the fraternity will believe anyone of you. It is because in their eyes, you are all villains and untrustworthy people.”

 Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Humph! I have thought that you are a good guy when we first met. How are you able to face the Old Sword Saint and all your clan ancestors in the netherworld?”

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “My swordplay is not weak. If you are all thinking that you have a chance against me, think again. The Celestial Fairy isn’t here while Yunzi and Lie Qing are injured. Even though I am injured but whom among you other than Yi Ping have a chance against my Infinity-Two Swordplay?”

 It was true. Zuo Tianyi’s swordplay was indeed frightening!

 Shui Yujian said melancholy, “Where is our Master Yi Ping?”

 Zuo Tianyi laughed coldly, “I am afraid that he is now a dead man now.”

 Shui Meijian immediately staggered a step backward and fainted as her precious sword dropped to the ground!

 Shui Yujian grasped as she caught hold of her before she fainted on the ground, “Mei’Er, Mei’Er…”

 Lie Qing got up and she was trembling as she stared at Zuo Tianyi.

 Zuo Tianyi said, “But today I am not in a good mood of killing and because earlier, we are all still drinking together, I decide to spare all your lives instead. But if anyone of you dares to follow me, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

 Without a word more, Zuo Tianyi walked away.

 Ding Yunzi bitterly said, “Let him go. I don’t ever want to see him again.”

 The group could only stare in utter silence as they watched Zuo Tianyi walked off.

 It was because they still had something very important in mind and that was to look for Yi Ping immediately!

 Lie Qing held onto Ding Yunzi tightly as she comforted her with her eyes.

 Ding Yunzi cried tearfully in her embrace, “Why are you all here?”

 Ji Lingfeng looked at Lie Qing…

 Halfway towards the Seven Mile Pavilion, Lie Qing had regained her consciousness.

 The first thing she had asked was, “Where is Yi Ping?”

 When everyone explained the situation to her, Lie Qing began to walk towards the city, stunning everyone!

 Shui Yujian said, “Where are you going? Master has asked us to wait there for us. You only distract him and hinder him if you are going there.”

 Ji Lingfeng said, “I have already asked the Celestial Envoy to take a look. Let’s go to somewhere safer first.”

 Lie Qing said coolly, “If Yi Ping dies I don’t want to live either. I owe my life to him. Even if I cannot help him, I will want to die besides him.”

 As she begun to walk off, Shui Meijian was besides her in an instant, “You are Maiden Lie Qing?”

 Lie Qing nodded, “We have already been introduced.”

 Shui Meijian smiled, “Good. I will go with you. If Yi Ping dies, I don’t want to live either too. It is good to know a good friend before I die. Can I call you Sister Lie Qing?”

 Lie Qing smiled, “Sure, let’s us go now…”

 But before she had finished, Ji Lingfeng and Shui Yujian were also besides her as they said at the same time, “Sister Lie Qing! We will go with you!”

 Even Nangong Le sighed, “I don’t mind dying as long as there are beauties accompanying me. I will go too.”

 Qiu Wufeng laughed aloud, “I may be a coward but tonight I dare to say that I am not!”

 Gongsun Jing said poetically, “Living is for a worthy cause. When dying for a worthy case, it is to build an everlasting name for ourselves. Let’s us go. Even if he is a top exponent, he would not be unscathed in a fight with us. At most, we will all die with him too!”

 In the meantime elsewhere….

 Yi Ping carried the Joyful Goddess on his back as he made his way in the dark. He was astonished at the heavy weight of her long black scythe.

 Lele was astonished at Yi Ping’s endurance and stamina. He had been carrying her for an hour. At first she was reluctant to let him carry her because he was seriously injured too. But Yi Ping was worried that Yuan Hao would catch up with them, so he gritted his teeth and endured his agonizing pain as he carried her on his back.

 Lele asked him, “Are you sure you are alright? Your wounds…”

 Yi Ping was touched at her gesture as he said, “My wounds have stopped bleeding already.”

 Lele was startled as she reached out to touch his wounds, “You can heal so fast?”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I don’t know. I seem to have taken some miracle pills previously.”

 Lele asked, “Such as?”

 Yi Ping said, “The Golden Rejuvenation Pill…”

 Lele grasped, “You mean, you have actually consumed it?!”

 Yi Ping was puzzled as he said, “That’s right.”

 Lele looked at him in envy as she said, “That is an extremely rare precious divine pill and will be beneficial to me…no wonder your blood tastes so good…”

 She could still remember the furious fraternity storm and how countless number of pugilists had perished fighting over the whereabouts of these Golden Rejuvenation Pills…

 Yi Ping shivered as he smiled bitterly, “Surely you are not thinking what I am thinking?”

 Lele smiled weakly, “If you don’t tell me, how I am supposed to know?”

 Yi Ping gulped, “Are you thinking of eating me alive?” It was because he had suddenly remembered why Xiao Shuai wanted Xiao Youxue for.

 Lele smiled mysteriously, “You are so smart. Do you think I will let you off so easily? Your still beating heart when consumed can boast my internal strength. Perhaps it may alleviate me from my sufferings. So I will definitely not spare you…”

 All of a sudden, Lele cried out. “Look out!”

 It was because Yi Ping was distracted by her creeping words that he was not looking in front of him and it was also dark. He had missed his footing and to his horror, he had plunged down a bottomless ravine with her!

 Lele was horrified as she cried out fearfully, “That old man didn’t kill me…you did! I cannot believe that I will die in such an unnatural manner…”

 They had both taken down a great plunge down the ravine.

 Yi Ping was surprising calm as he thought, “Yixian, I have come to join you now. Youxue, please forgive me. Lingfeng, I hope you can live well. Yunzi, I hope you escape from Yuan Hao…”

 Before he could finish, he had plunged into a cold icy lake with Lele!

 Yi Ping was startled as he took the cold plunge and he was struggling wildly in the icy waters, grabbing anything he could catch hold of and that included Lele!

 Lele cried out, “Stop it. Stop struggling. I will save you…stop struggling! You land tortoise, you don’t know how to swim!”

 Yi Ping was drowning and he could not really hear what Lele was trying to say to him as he had already given in to panic! He had thought that the more he could struggle; he could keep himself alive…

 As Lele swam towards him and caught hold of him, Yi Ping accidentally punched her on her face! She was so stunned and annoyed that she thought she thought of giving him a tight slap when Yi Ping had pulled and torn her dress!

 She immediately flustered and at the same time was so infuriated that she actually forgot her agonizing pain as she slapped Yi Ping across his face several times! She did not really count how many times she had slapped him for she was so furious. It was the first time that a man had seen her in the nude.

 What little good impression that was left for Yi Ping had totally vanished as her eyes turned murderous.

 But when she saw Yi Ping had lost consciousness, her eyes softened and she thought that he was actually cute. She quietly sighed, gathered her clothing and pulled him close to her as she flushed shyly, “I am the Joyous Goddess. I shouldn’t lose my temper so quickly. That is so unbecoming of me. When he has awakened, I will put on a happy expression while I slice him alive.”

 The more she mused on it, the happier she was and the more determined she had decided that was to be that outcome.

 Lele took another look at Yi Ping before she sighed again, “I have beaten him up so badly that his face is now almost unrecognizable. Maybe I should wait for him to recover first? He should recover fast enough. Then I shall surprise him by slicing his flesh piece by piece for offending me while luring him into a false sense of security?”

 She wrestled with her thoughts for a while before she happily exclaimed, “Haiz, I am the Joyous Goddess and have a reputation to maintain. So count yourself lucky today.”

 She smiled weakly, “But first I got to pump the water out of his chest first.” She clapped his chest with a loud impact as Yi Ping threw out the water before she fainted from exhaustion on the bank of the lake.

 Yi Ping had regained his consciousness and was in a daze. He could not remember very much what had happened. He remembered that he was drowning and when he was near his end, Lele appeared in front of him and had pulled him.

 Immediately, his heart was filled with gratuity as he thought, “She has saved my life once again. She is a good maiden…”

 As he turned around, he was stunned and his eyes almost popped out. Lele was lying just besides him and she was half naked. Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he thought, “Even though I don’t know where she comes from but she is a little too liberal.”

 He quickly looked around and saw her clothing. He quickly got up on his feet as he grabbed her clothing. Just when he had grabbed her clothing and was trying to cover her clumsily as he averted his eyes, he had suddenly sensed a malevolent air.

 He hastily turned his eyes around and saw Lele looking at him as she said, “You…lecher! What are you trying to do?!”

 Yi Ping immediately dropped her clothing as he stammered, “I…I…I am just trying to cover you…”

 Lele’s silent tears began to roll down her face as she trembled uncontrollably, “Do you know that a maiden’s chastity is her most precious thing? Yet, you did such a despicable thing. If I can muster my strength, I will surely kill you right away.”

 The thought of being violated by a stranger was too much for her to bear. She began to sob uncontrollably as she could not imagine what Yi Ping had done to her while she had fainted.

 She grabbed her clothing with trembling hands and quickly covered herself while staring at Yi Ping with her vacant eyes.

 Yi Ping was immediately filled with an utter inconsolable sentiment for her as he quickly said, “I really did not do anything. I just wake up and it is already like this…”

 Her tears did not cease at all even as she said melancholy, “What do you mean by it is already like this? You…after taking advantage of me, can still say such lame things? I…will never forgive you, never!”

 Yi Ping really did not know what to say. He did not even know what was happening and his mind was still in a complete blank and shock! This time, he was pretty sure that he was not drunk as he thought bitterly, “If she wants to take my life, I am resigned to my fate. I have already seen too much of what I shouldn’t have seen. Alas…why am I so unlucky?”

 As soon as Lele covered herself, she took a broad stride towards Yi Ping and gave him a tight slap!

 Her slap was not light as Yi Ping was sent flying off backward!

 She immediately looked around for her long black scythe as she lifted it up expertly with her slender fingers as she looked murderous at Yi Ping.

 Just as she took another step, Yi Ping was startled as he said. “Lele, you…”

 Lele said coldly, “Do you think you deserve to call me by my name? Call me the Joyous Goddess. So you want to beg for mercy now? Then you shouldn’t have begun with what you did.”

 Yi Ping broke into a cold sweat as he said nervously, “I know I deserve to die but I really do not know what has happened…I really don’t know. But you…”

 Lele said coldly, “Call me the Joyous Goddess. I do have a name.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he said, “Joyous Goddess, you can move now? Your injuries are healed?”

 Lele was startled as she immediately touched her abdomen as she thought, “Weird. My wounds have healed.”

 She turned and looked at Yi Ping and noticed that his injuries on his face had also faded as she thought, “This icy lake is able to treat injuries?”

 Once she had composed herself and was glad that her injuries had healed, she begun to look at Yi Ping intently as she thought, “He has violated me. No matter, I have to slice him to pieces or else it is hard to stomach my rage.”

 But when she looked at Yi Ping benevolent expression and the righteous air around him, her heart beat escalated and her fingers were actually trembling. She thought, “Did I make a mistake?”

 She tried hard to remember what had happened. All of a sudden, she grasped as she took a step back as she recalled silently, “I have fainted before I cloth myself…”

 Lele was confused as she said silently to herself, “This Yi Ping may be your nemesis. You have never been injured so grievously before. The first time you have met him, you have sustained a terrible wound. Next, you almost die with him when you fall into the deep ravine. Why is your luck so down when you are with him? You hate him but why your heart hesitates to kill him immediately?”

 She softened her gaze shyly as she lowered her scythe, “Did you or did you not violate me?”

 Yi Ping said, “I really did not. I can swear to the heavens…”

 Lele interrupted, “You lie…and you have just sworn to the heavens…”

 Yi Ping was startled, “I did? I did not…”

 Lele said coldly, “You still dare to deny. You have violated me with your eyes and you have looked at me lustfully…”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he thought, “If I violated you with my thoughts, then it is counted too?”

 Lele said, “You must be thinking that if you violated me with my thoughts, is it counted too? Of course it does, no matter what forms it takes.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “You can read my thoughts?!”

 Lele said coldly, “So you admit that you have violated me with your thoughts?”

 Yi Ping was stunned. The more explanations that he had given, the murkier was the pool!

 Lele sighed softly as she said, “From now on, I will follow you and you will follow me. We are a couple now. You have destroyed my honor, surely you are not thinking of shrinking from what you did?”

 Yi Ping was startled as he muttered in utter confusion, “I have destroyed her honor…I’m a rascal. But I don’t know what is really happening. Why is she not wearing anything earlier?”

 He quickly said, “Joyful Goddess, I am not a good man and there are too many entangle romances that are giving me the headache already…”

 Lele interrupted, “Lele! You forget that Lele is my name.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Lele then…listen to me…”

 Lele smiled at him, “Very well, let settle this then. From now on, you will be my consort. Where I go, you will follow me. As for your troublesome entangle whatever romances, I will help you to severe it. Anyone that tries to get close to you will have to first endure my wrath.”

 Yi Ping quickly said, “I didn’t agree. They are my friends…”

 Lele looked at him melancholy as her tears flowed down silently, “You…you…are such a heartless man. I have pledged myself to you and yet you keep rejecting my advances. Am I wrong? You are the one that have violated me and you didn’t want to be my consort…”

 Yi Ping was startled, “I mean, I don’t want you to hurt them and why must I be your consort? I have never heard of a man becoming a consort to a woman…”

 Lele looked at him with hurtful eyes, “You don’t want to be my consort, very well then I will be your consort!”

 Yi Ping was feeling dazed. Somehow she did not seem to understand what he was trying to say or she did not even bother to try to know.

 As he tried to protest once again, she had flown into his embrace as she smiled blissfully, “Yi Ping…”

 When he looked into her eyes, his vision became a blur as she kissed him gently…

 Lele said slowly in an enticing manner, “From now on, your heart belongs to me only. You shall think of no other maidens. You only have me in your heart and you will love me whole-heartedly…”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping sensed that something was amiss as his entire body became weak; his strength had departed from him and he could not focus anymore. He tried to shake his head furiously but his mind was completely blank!

 Lele was kissing him nervously and her fingers in his body. The very next thing he could remember was that he was not wearing anything and Lele was shyly removing her own clothes. Before he knew what was happening, he had passed out.

 When Yi Ping regained his consciousness with a throbbing headache, he could sniff the sweet fragrance scent of Lele who was lying beside him. She was naked and was saying shyly to him, “You have awakened? From now on, we are a couple. You must love me wholeheartedly or I will be surely heartbroken. We can flee from the Celestial Palace…”

 Yi Ping was horrified as he quickly pushed her to a side, stunning Lele.

 Yi Ping shockingly asked, “We….you…you and I….I…no…we…did we…!?”

 He had realized that they were totally naked and he was embracing Lele in an intimately manner.

 Lele was equally stunned at Yi Ping’s expressions as she said with utter disbelief, “You…you…no, that is not supposed to happen…aren’t you under my…why are you still able to…”

 Yi Ping quickly composed himself with the Absolute Spirits as he said nervously, “Lele, why are you not wearing anything?”

 Lele was blushing so much that all she could say was, “You…are even worst. You are also not wearing anything!”

 Yi Ping was dazzled and his face had turned totally red as he tried to cover himself as much as possible.

 Lele had never expected her Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill to fail. It was because she had been extremely confident in her internal strength and her charms. Moreover this type of Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill was the highest order in mesmerizing that requires her to sacrifice her very own chastity. Unless she reversed it, Yi Ping would be totally enthralled by her and be obedient to her. The bad part of this skill was that the enthralled person would lose their free will and would not be their normal self again. The objective of this skill was to cause utter obedient in the target.

 So imagine Lele’s surprise as she said with shock, “You not supposed to be surprised…”

 Lele did not know that there was another person knew the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill and that was Lie Qing. Lie Qing’s mastery of this long lost skill was even more astonishing than her. She had been using her Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill on Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue subtly for months but it would always fail on them.

 It was because the both of them had already attained past the stage of ‘Indestructible Will’ of the Absolute Spirits. Therefore no matter how much efforts Lie Qing tried to bend their wills to her, it would always fail. In the end, she gave up and had really fallen in love with Yi Ping.

 Lele was overtly confident and had used the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill on Yi Ping to capture his heart. It was because she did not really want to kill Yi Ping but was afraid of getting hurt. Therefore she would rather turn Yi Ping into her puppet than being rejected by him.

 It was also her overtly confident that caused her to be fatally wounded by Yuan Hao.

 In so short a time, her self-confident had suffered a huge plunge. She had never felt so low and vulnerable before, not since the time of the Divine Calamity. She had lost her chastity for nothing…

 Yi Ping was even more startled as he had a sudden nose bled, “Lele…you better cover yourself because I am really surprise…”

 Lele grasped as she quickly grabbed her clothes as her ears turned really red as she sobbed inconsolably, “I really need to dig a hole to hide myself. Look at what you have done…”

 Her sorrows and distresses were so heartbreaking that Yi Ping was feeling extremely awkward and miserable.

 Before Yi Ping had realized it, he was already pulling Lele’s hands and holding her in his embrace as he comforted her, “Don’t cry, Lele…”

 Lele looked forlornly for a long time at Yi Ping with brimming eyes as she tightened her grip around him.

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Chapter 35: Lost Hopes and Renew Faith

 Ji Lingfeng, Ding Yunzi, Nangong Le and the rest of the group returned to the small city to search for Yi Ping. However they could find no trace of either Yi Ping, the Celestial Envoy or Yuan Hao except for blood strains across the streets.

 Among the group, Ji Lingfeng, Shui Meijian and Yujian were the swiftest of the group. They quickly swept the area for Yi Ping, the Celestial Envoy and Yuan Hao.

 It was as though Yuan Hao had never appeared.

 Gongsun Jing said, “Maybe Yi Ping isn’t dead yet. At least we have not found his body yet.”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “We did not find the Celestial Envoy either. That is worrying…”

 Ji Lingfeng was silent. She was now getting anxious as she asked herself, “Where did Yi Ping, the Celestial Envoy and Yuan Hao go to?”

 She was naturally not eager to fight Yuan Hao but as long as he was still in the vicinity, they were all in danger.

 Unknown to the rest of the group, Ding Yunzi had silently left them.

 Her long hair was in disheveled and her tears had long dried up.

 Unlike the rest of the group, she did not harbor any illusions that they could be able to find Yi Ping alive. She knew how dangerous Yuan Hao was. In fact, he was Xiao Shuai’s benevolent master and it was him that had helped him to become the clan protégé master of the Virtuous Palace thirty years ago.

 Deep in her heart, Yi Ping was as good as dead and that he had already sacrificed himself so that Zuo Tianyi and she could make their escape.

 She held her dedicate trembling hands to her heart, “Yi Ping, you have saved me but do you know that for me it is a fate that is worse than death? Do you know that I will rather die now? Tianyi, you have shamed me in front of others. I despise you and curse you unto death.”

 She had even said to Lie Qing, “I know that you need my Divine Virtuous Force to recover fully and that without you, our group cannot hope to even escape from Yuan Hao…”

 But Lie Qing simply walked away without saying a word!

 This beautiful, appealing and demure young maiden laughed heartily for the last time as she looked at the stars above before she jumped down from the top of the cliff to the bottomless mist below as she said, “Youxue, I have come to join you…Yi Ping, I too have come to join you…”

 Ding Yunzi was calm towards her imminent death.

 She had fallen through the mist and had plunged into the cold icy waters!

 As she began to choke and unable to breathe, a strong hand gripped her and brought her up to the surface!

 She opened her eyes and to her utter surprise, it was Yi Ping!

 Yi Ping shouted hastily, “Yunzi, are you alright? Who is so vicious as to push you down?”

 Ding Yunzi coughed out the swallowed water as she cried sorrowfully in his embrace.

 She cried melancholy, “Yi Ping, you are still alive. That’s too good to be true. I thought that you are dead…”

 Yi Ping said, “Yunzi, you are safe now. I have seen a shadowy figure plunging down and didn’t know it is you. Tell me, who push you down? Is Tianyi and the rest safe?”

 Ding Yunzi gripped Yi Ping hard and sunk her fingernails into his back, “Yi Ping, please don’t mention Tianyi in front of me anymore.”

 All of a sudden, she was inconsolable and was wailing.

 “Are the two of you enjoying a lover’s bath together? How shameless! How dare you seduce my man, humph!”

 Ding Yunzi was startled and looked out only to see an elegant maiden in red dress looking at her sternly. What was astonishing about her was that she had the same crimson eyes as Lie Qing except for her long silver hair.

 Yi Ping said, “Lele, she is Ding Yunzi. She is a friend of mine.”

 Lele said, “Oh? A friend or a dear friend of yours? Why is she holding so tightly to you then?”

 Ding Yunzi asked, “Who is she?”

 Yi Ping said, “She is Lele. She saved my life…”

 Ding Yunzi grasped, “Is she the Celestial Envoy? She is so young…”

 Lele raised her eyebrows as she said coolly, “I am older than what you think and see.”

 Ding Yunzi nodded quietly as she said, “Thank you!”

 Lele was startled, “Why are you thanking me for? Did you not hear that I have just scolded you?”

 Ding Yunzi said softly, “Thank you for saving Yi Ping. I didn’t expect anyone will be able to save Yi Ping from the hands of Yuan Shao. Your martial skills are really impressive. You have defeated Yuan Shao?”

 Lele looked away, “No, I am the one that has lost but I swear that I will return him ten times the favor for injuring me.”

 Yi Ping said gently to Ding Yunzi, “Yunzi, your injuries are not light. Are you painful? Who push you down?”

 Ding Yunzi stared blankly for a while before she said, “No one pushes me down. I don’t want to live anymore.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Yunzi, what has happened?!”

 Even Lele was startled as she thought, “What can possibly cause such an attractive maiden to end her life just like this unless the setback that she has suffered is so excessing?”

 She looked at Yi Ping and then at Ding Yunzi.

 All of a sudden, she had noticed that Ding Yunzi’s eyes had never left Yi Ping.

 She thought, “Can it be that she jumped down because she thought that Yi Ping is dead?”

 Ding Yunzi had noticed that Lele’s eyes were filled with jealousy and even her words were stinging. Without a doubt, this Celestial Envoy seemed fond of Yi Ping.

 She sighed, “Yi Ping, there are simply too many distinguished maidens around you. Unlike those courageous maidens that dare to profess their intents, I dare not even tell others about my past and feelings. Is that why I must suffer the same fate as Youxue?”

 Ding Yunzi said coldly, “I didn’t jump down because I think that Yi Ping is dead. In fact, his life and death means nothing to me so you don’t have to worry about us. Moreover, he is my clan protégé master. I jump down because I have lost my will to live…

 Lele said coldly, “Do you think that I will believe you so easily? Go on and tell me a good reason or else I will never believe you. If you lie to me, be prepare to lose your tongue…”

 Yi Ping said unhappily, “Lele, you are getting ruder. Yunzi is my friend...”

 Lele said coldly, “I am your wife now and the two of you are holding one another just now. As your wife, do you think that I do not have the right to ask huh?”

 Ding Yunzi was startled as she thought, “She is his wife? They only met for just a few hours…”

 But she answered bravely even though she could not hold back her silent tears anymore, “I.. I have been violated. Are you happy now?”

 Yi Ping and Lele were both stunned.

 Yi Ping clenched his fists as he asked angrily, “Yunzi, tell me please. Who did it? I will kill him...”

 Ding Yunzi said slowly, “Zuo Tianyi.”

 Yi Ping was stunned. He did not expected Ding Yunzi to have such a sad past and he did not expect Zuo Tianyi to do such a bestial act. He muttered, “Tianyi, how can you do such a beastly thing?!”

 Ding Yunzi sobbed, “So all of you know it now. I am too ashamed to live now and I cannot face anyone now.”

 All of a sudden, Ding Yunzi took out her foldable sword from around her waist to slice her throat. Even though she was extremely quick, both Yi Ping and Lele reacted even faster and knocked the sword from her hands!

 Yi Ping caught hold of her hands, “Yunzi, I do not despise you. In fact, I admire your swordplay and your intelligence a lot. I will readdress your honor for you, alright?”

 Lele was upset at Ding Yunzi’s plight as she had always despised despicable men so she interrupted, “Good sister, if Yi Ping is unable to, I will surely help you! Please don’t take your life anymore.”

 Ding Yunzi sobbed, “It is pointless for me anymore. I have nothing left for me to live on anymore. My life is ruined. The one that I could trust has also betrayed me and hurt me. If you are me, what would you do?”

 Lele was stunned.

 Yi Ping held Ding Yunzi’s hands as he said emotionally, “Yunzi, you still have me. I will take care of you forever. I will not allow anyone to bully you, whether it is now or in the future.”

 Ding Yunzi shook her head sadly, “You are only taking pity on me. So what if you are willing to take care of me? I am still destined to be alone even when I am old. What happens if you are not around anymore? I won’t even have any children to take care of me. Everyone else knows that I have been violated and will be scorning me. So what is the point?”

 Yi Ping grabbed Ding Yunzi’s hand and grabbed Lele’s hand at the same time as he said, “Yunzi, I do not despise you. If you are willing, I will take you as my wife. Whoever scorns at you is as good as scorning me. I will take care of you and we will have many children.”

 Ding Yunzi grasped, “You don’t despise me?”

 Yi Ping looked earnest at Ding Yunzi, “Never. That day in the Honor Manor, if you did not break the fight between Zuo Tianyi and I, we would have both died. If you have not appeared, Gongsun Bai would have killed me.”

 He paused for a while, “I should be the one to ask if you are despising me for being such a muddle-headed person. I have let down Lingfeng, Youxue, Mei’Er and Yu’Er. Alas…”

 Ding Yunzi said quietly, “You don’t need to ask this Maiden Lele here?”

 Lele said coolly, “Indeed! Yi Ping, you didn’t ask me if I am willing…”

 Yi Ping said awkwardly, “You are still in the mood to tease me. I have told you about the rest and you say you do not mind.”

 Lele smiled, “That is why I am the Joyful Goddess. But you really did not tell me about this Maiden Yunzi here.”

 She said gently to Ding Yunzi, “Good sister, welcome to the family. I am only making a light joke with Yi Ping. I will avenge your honor for you.”

 Ding Yunzi grasped, “Both of you….”

 She looked at Yi Ping as she said, “I didn’t say I like you. I am not as foolish as Youxue and all those lovelorn maidens.”

 Lele smiled merrily, “So you are saying you are unwilling to marry Yi Ping, am I not wrong to say so? Alas, that is too unfortunately for us. I thought that I am going to have a good sister. That is really so sad. Yi Ping, Maiden Yunzi says she is not willing to marry you…”

 Ding Yunzi flustered as she said hastily, “I didn’t say I am not going to marry him…”

 Lele laughed softly, “So you are willing then?”

 Ding Yunzi fell into Lele’s embrace as she said shyly, “Good sister!”

 Lele held her as she said, “My good sister!”

 Ding Yunzi said, “From now on, my name is Ding Yun. Ding Yunzi is now dead.”

 Yi Ping nodded as he said, “The past is past. Don’t dwell on it anymore.”

 Ding Yun said softly, “Ping, I have something very important to tell you.”

 Yi Ping said gently, “Take a rest first. You ought to rest first. Come, let me lend you a hand.”

 Ding Yun shook her head as she said, “It is really very important.”

 Yi Ping asked, “What can be so important that it cannot wait?”

 Ding Yun answered, “We have seen the Celestial Fairy much earlier. She is still alive…”

 Even Lele was startled as she thought, “Yi Ping’s first wife is still alive?!”

 Yi Ping was stunned as he asked emotionally, “Yixian, she is…she is still alive?! How is it possible? I witness her death with my own eyes and it is…Youxue….alas, Youxue kills her…”

 Ding Yun said, “It is the truth. We had even fought briefly. Lie Qing and Youxue’s injuries are all caused by the Celestial Fairy.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Youxue…is she well now? Is Yixian alright?”

 He was suddenly terrified. It was because if Shui Yixian had recognized Xiao Youxue as the one that attacked her, then there was bound to be a deadly fight.”

 Ding Yun replied, “The Celestial Fairy is fine but the same can’t be said for Youxue.”

 Yi Ping was now panicky because Xiao Youxue did not return after she had left. He asked hurriedly, “Youxue, is she well?”

 Ding Yun shook her head as she said, “She is gravely injured and in critical condition. I don’t even know if she is able to pull through. In her most critical moment, Lie Qing had sacrificed half of her Invincible Divine Force to Youxue to keep her alive…”

 Indeed, it was the same Invincible Divine Force that had kept Lie Qing alive while she entered the state of animated dead.

 Because Xiao Youxue too had practiced the Golden Impervious Body, at the most crucial moment Lie Qing decided to send her into the state of animated dead by transferring her Invincible Divine Force intricate energy to Xiao Youxue.

 It was also at the same time that Shui Yixian decided to bring back Xiao Youxue to the Eternal Ice Palace so that she could find a way to treat and revive her.

 Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “Youxue, this is all my fault…if we have not quarrel, this could not have happened to you. Lie Qing, you are willing to give up your internal strength…I really owe you so much…”

 While Yi Ping and Ding Yun were feeling inconsolable, they had failed to notice that Lele expressions had changed at the mention of Lie Qing and the Invincible Divine Force.

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Chapter 36: The Secrets of the Celestial Palace

 Ding Yun was already waiting for Yi Ping with two swords in her hands. One was a fine long sword while the other was a soft and thin sword.

 Yi Ping was looking flustered as he made his way to her but looking at her right now, made him his heart raced even faster. He tried hard to control his heartbeat through the Divine Revelation Heart Intricacy Skill.

 It was because Ding Yun had her hair braided into bun and a long left pony. Even though Ding Yun was not the most beautiful maiden that he had known but her quiet demeanor and her refined mannerism always sent his heart racing very hard.

 In the past when he had suspected that she was Yixian’s killer, he was obsessed in searching for her to avenge for Yixian. However, he knew now that he was actually attracted to her for his heart never ceases to stop beating fast whenever he was with her. He had actually remembered all her little small gestures and expressions by heart.

 He was really afraid to look into her dull expressionless eyes for it seemed to have a magical power that seemed to drawn him to her. He could not believe that he had actually had the tenacity to ask her to be his wife in a moment of anxiety to calm down her suicide tendency.

 He sighed in his heart, “Lingfeng, Youxue, I am so sorry…There is still Meijian and Yujian. Alas, Yi Ping, what is wrong with you? You are just a heartless and unfaithful person, unfit to be a hero like your father. How am I going to explain to your father?”

 But when he looked at Ding Yun again, his mind became flutter again and he thought, “Yi Ping, you are so lucky to be acquainted with her. As long as she doesn’t end her life prematurely and have calmed down in the future, you mustn’t hurt her and seriously take her as your wife or you will really be hurting her. Yixian now I know you are alive, I will surely look for you.”

 Among all the maidens that he had known, only Shui Yixian was the only person that he had really feel strongly for and she was also his sanctioned wife since they had gone through the sacred marriage vows. And he had intended to keep his vows for her and looked for her as soon as possible for he had missed her sorely.

 He had not expected that after he had left the Heavenly Mountains, he would have bumped into so many things. He had met Ji Lingfeng, his father and so many others. But his biggest headache was actually Lele. He did not really know how to explain to Yixian. Should he leave Yixian for her own good instead?

 Yi Ping sighed again. He did not blame Yixian for hiding her own death from him. After all, she probably had her own difficulties and the Yixian that he had known, was a tender maiden and that she was probably doing it for his own good as well.

 But he had instead betrayed her trust in him and had violated Shui Yujian and Meijian in his drunken stupor.

 All of a sudden he thought, “What if Yixian knows what I did to Yu’Er and Mei’Er? Maybe that is why she doesn’t even want to see me…I am so sinful. Alas! Yixian, what have I done. You will never forgive me now. You have tried to wish me happiness and even appointed me as the protégé leader of the Eternal Ice Palace so that my daily needs can be taken care of. But I have betrayed your trust…”

 Ding Yun looked keenly at him before she interrupted quietly, “You are late for practice. Where is Lele?”

 Yi Ping stammered, “I…Lele, she is still washing by the pool.”

 This ravine had many pools and streams.

 He added quickly, “She says that the water here is miraculous and she did not want to leave any scar behind so she wants to dip in the pool a little longer.”

 Ding Yun beamed gently, “The two of you seem to be enjoying frolicking in the pools every morning.”

 Yi Ping turned completed red as he stammered with embarrassment, “She…she…”

 Every morning, Lele would secretly grabbed Yi Ping and took him to an isolated spot.

 In the wee morning while Yi Ping was still sleeping in the cave, Lele had woke him up by whispering to him, “Ping, I think I have found a way out. Can you come with me quietly?”

 Yi Ping asked, “I go wake Yun’Er, wait for me…”

 Lele smiled mysteriously, “No need. We just take a quick look first. There a huge rock blocking the path. I need your help to push the boulder aside. Come.”

 Yi Ping yawned sleepily as he followed her.

 Lele took him to an isolated place far from the cave as she eyed him nervously.

 Yi Ping looked around the place as he asked, “Where is the boulder?”

 Lele said softly, “There is only a pig here.”

 Yi Ping was startled as he drew his long sword, “Where is the pig? That will make a fine meal.”

 Lele was so agitated that she scolded him, “You are the pig, silly!”

 Yi Ping was startled, “I am a pig?”

 Lele said, “If you are not a pig, then who is?”

 Yi Ping was surprised as he asked, “Lele, surely you are not asking me to come here just to call me a pig?”

 Lele sighed, “You silly piggy. You don’t even know what I want?”

 Yi Ping blinked his eyes as he exclaimed, “I’m sorry but the way out isn’t obvious to me. Yes, I am a pig but can you show me the boulder?”

 Lele smiled bitterly as she sighed, “Why you….you are not romantic at all. Have you forgotten what we did last night?”

 Yi Ping was flushing red as he stammered, “I…remember…”

 Lele suddenly kissed him as she said, “So do you know what I want now?”

 Normally Lele would not be so bold. It was because she had used the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill on Yi Ping. While this skill had a powerful influence on others, this skill was actually a life and death contest between willpowers of the victim and the practitioner. So it was not to be used lightly. Even Lie Qing dared not used it beyond the initial probing.

 But Lele had took the skill a step further as she was afraid of losing Yi Ping and letting herself be hurt. She was confident that a young man like Yi Ping would never have the state of divinity to resist the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill. She was wrong and the skill backfired on her; instead of causing Yi Ping to be hopelessly smitten by her, she was smitten instead.

 Of course, the very reason that she had dared to use the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill to charm Yi Ping was that she genuinely liked Yi Ping in the first place.

 Luckily, her state of divinity was strong enough to resist her own skill and the only negative effect was that it weakened her natural resistance, emboldening her fondness for Yi Ping.

 Yi Ping was naturally a shy young man. He was electrified when Lele had suddenly kissed him lightly and his heartbeat raced nervously when he touched her soft body. He thought of pushing her away but it seemed that all his strength had departed from him and he was feeling awkwardly hot.

 The fact that Lele was an extraordinary beauty weakened his resolute. She was not only glamorous but her dedicated softness caused him to be in a daze. And her fragrance was so delightful that it seemed to have a spell on him.

 Yi Ping had never had this sensation and feeling before. He tried very hard to remember if he had this feeling with Yu’Er and Mei’Er before but the memory always eluded him. He had been dead drunk and could not remember a thing!

 Before he had even realized it, he had seized Lele as they were kissing, rolling on the ground and undressing one another. He looked at Lele who was now blushing with shyness as he caressed her soft silken body. Her shyness was very obvious for she was very fair, as fair as Yixian, Yu’Er and Mei’Er.

 Even though Yi Ping had met many beautiful maidens but this was the first time he had been consumed by lust and for the time being, there was nothing in his mind except for Lele.

 Yi Ping was a sentimental person who felt strongly for kinship and friendship with a strong sense of righteousness. He would never take the first initiative to court Lele. But a series of extraordinary encounters and coincidences brought them together.

 What they did not know was that they had lost their first time to one another too.

 That was why they were now clumsily entangled in each other’s embrace as they learnt and experienced new sensations together.

 Lele said softly, “You clumsy pig…”

 Yi Ping said, “I never done this sort of thing before…”

 Lele bit him on his shoulder hard as she said, “You’re obviously a liar. You have so many maidens around you. Alas, why must I fall into your hands…”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I should be the one that should say that…”

 He was interrupted by another painful bite by Lele as she said softly, “Liar, liar! We should try to do it every day…”

 And it was what they had been secretly doing every morning…

 However, their actions did not go unnoticed by Maiden Ding Yun as she said in a low whisper, “Both of you are getting too out of hand and getting noisier. Didn’t you realize that I can hear your echoes in this valley…”

 Yi Ping had suddenly frozen in embarrassment.

 Just when Yi Ping did not know what to say, Lele had suddenly appeared as she whispered shyly, “Good sister, let me spar with Yi Ping first!”

 Yi Ping was relieved that Lele had arrived in a nick of time to save him from the awkward questioning.

 Lele averted her eyes from Ding Yun. She thought shyly, “What a terrible embarrassment! Sister Ding Yun has overheard us. Now I need a hole to hide in…”

 Lele raised her dark scythe as she leapt towards Yi Ping, making three rapid thrust in mid-air! This swung technique was her ‘Rapid Mirage Bursts’.

 Yi Ping mustered his martial power to steady himself even as he raised his white emerald sword as the silence windforce of Lele’s attacks threatened to sweep him off his feet!

 The most terrifying thing about Lele’s attacks was its unbelievable speed. Even though her dark scythe looked unwieldy, many careless opponents were actually fooled to charge headlong into her and hence lost their lives as they lost their footings when the silent windforce caught them by surprise.

 Even standing on their ground to exchange strokes with her was not an option for her dark scythe was extremely heavy and it was physical draining to parry it.

 Yi Ping’s internal strength was not weak. In fact, due to many fortunate coincidences, his internal strength and martial power had increased so tremendously in the past year that most pugilists in their entire lifetime could not even dreamt of.

 Even though Yi Ping had parried Lele’s ‘Rapid Mirage Bursts’ umpteen of times with his ‘Improved Horizon Swordplay' that was improvised with the aid of Ding Yun, it was still a terrifying and physically draining experience for him. It required his full concentration and he dared not be careless.

 The Improved Horizon Swordplay was an improvised new swordplay that was inspired by Maiden Ding Yun to absorb the impact of the opponents’ attacks and weakened the opponent strength by using the sword as a shield.

 Even as three burst of bright lights and shrieking impact could be seen and heard, Lele had already followed up with another three quick attacks!

 Yi Ping immediately followed up with another three strokes to counter her.

 In less than a few seconds, they had exchanged more than twenty strokes!

 Lele smiled, “Very good. You are improving. You used to unable to even handle even my first ten strokes in the past.”

 Yi Ping shouted, “Lele, you are not focusing and is careless…”

 He had dashed headlong into Lele with his sword when she had just missed him and was talking to him. But to his utter disbelief, Lele had suddenly retracted her dark scythe, turning it aside and crashed it like a heavy pole onto his shoulder!

 Yi Ping’s reaction was not slow as he had parried with his long sword but the sheer weight and force of her dark scythe was too much for him to bear as he collapsed on the ground!

 Yi Ping was stunned as he said, “Lele, what manner of attack is this? You are using your weapon as a pole!?”

 Lele laughed softly, “You are dead. I have won again.”

 She pretended to yawn as she said gently, “No one says my weapon is just a pole-arm. If you exploit the deliberate front opening, then my weapon will be a pole. Do you understand me? In a fight, you ought to be caution and avoid unnecessary gambit. Sometimes the opening that you have seen is just a feint. “

 Yi Ping nodded as he sighed, “I have mustered all my martial power with the Aspire Invocations. I just do not understand why I can’t block your attack. It is as though your weapon has suddenly become extremely heavy and I can sense a great suffocating weight that crashes on me. Why is that so?”

 Lele extended her dark scythe with one hand as she said coolly, “See if you can snatch my weapon from me.”

 Yi Ping rubbed his palms before he tried to pull the dark scythe from her. But no matter how hard he pulled with both hands, he could not wrestle it from her! It was as though she had cast a spell on it. He simply could not believe that even with two hands, he could not pull the dark scythe one inch from her even though Lele was just gripping it with one hand!

 Yi Ping was astonished, “This…this is impossible! This is not just internal strength alone…it is a supernatural feat…”

 Ding Yun who was watching the scene, laughed softly. “Yi Ping, this is not a supernatural feat. This is the ‘Thousand Weight Feat’. She is able to increase the weight of the weapon and even herself tens of times heavier with her martial power. That is why you do not see her exuding any martial power.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “There is such a wondrous feat in this fraternity? Lele, can you teach me this skill?”

 Lele smiled shyly, “You are my husband. Of course I am willing to teach you. But first you have to start with the basics first. You can try to start by carrying my scythe and climb that tree over there a hundred times daily.”

 As Yi Ping turned and saw the towering tree, he was stunned for he knew how heavy Lele’s scythe was. He secretly thought, “So that is why she always carrying this wicked looking scythe around so that she can practice her internal strength all the time?”

 Ding Yun said gently, “Lele is only teasing you. With your present cultivation in internal strength, it will be easy for you. Don’t you know?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I really did not know!”

 Lele laughed merrily, “Sister Yun, you should have let him suffer for a while.”

 Ding Yun smiled shyly, “He…he is my…our…husband. We shouldn’t lie to him even if it is a jest.”

 Yi Ping clapped his hands as he said, “No wonder every time I fight with the both of you and Yuan Hao, I can feel an irresistible overwhelming force…”

 Lele said, “That is because you are too focused on martial power and not your internal strength. What if you miss with your martial power, you will only be wasting your physical strength. Even though our weapon techniques looked ordinary, weak and tedious to train, we may not lose to you in a long run.”

 Yi Ping said, “Lele, you carry such an unwieldy scythe around? Don’t you feel it is too inconvenient and tiring?”

 Lele smiled mysteriously.

 All of a sudden, she unhooked the double wicked blades of the scythe from the dark pole and folded it into a circular shape and inserted it into her straw hat! So expert was her dismantling movements that it took her only a blink of an eye to do so.

 Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “It becomes a real pole now…”

 Lele laughed gently, “That’s right.”

 Yi Ping said, “No wonder, you seem so expert with the pole too.”

 Ding Yun said, “Not just with the pole, she is an expert swordsman too.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Lele, you know how to use the sword? Why don’t you use the sword when you are fighting Yuan Hao? You may not lose…”

 Lele sighed, “Don’t remind me. It is just that I didn’t have the opportunity to draw my swords yet.”

 Yi Ping looked intently at her before he asked, “Where are your swords?”

 Lele smiled shyly, “Stop looking at me like this.”

 She took out the circular double blade from her straw hat and separated it into two sickles as she whirled the sickles ambidextrously in front of her!

 Yi Ping could feel the wicked slices of the double sickles as he trembled fearfully even though he was not entirely within reach of Lele’s sickles.

 He was astonished as he quickly said, “Lele, this is the feeling that I have with Yuan Shao. Quickly, let’s us fight again.”

 Lele laughed shyly, “No way! I have never seen anyone that courts death like the way you do.”

 Yi Ping said awkwardly, “Of course I fear death but if I let fear overcomes me, how do I hope to defeat the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace in the future?”

 Ding Yun said coolly, “That is what you say but the truth is, you didn’t even bother to think of the consequences.”

 After spending time with Yi Ping, Ding Yun had realized Yi Ping was a fearless fighter who would not hesitate even if his opponent was many times more powerful than him.

 Yi Ping blushed as he stammered, “That’s not the point. Lele, let’s fight with your swords again.”

 Lele said firmly, “Unless you can hold at least sixty strokes against my scythe’s techniques, it is far too dangerous for us to even try. Even with my state of divinity, it will be hard for me to gauge when to stop.”

 Yi Ping protested, “But Lele, if I…”

 Ding Yun interrupted, “You seem to forget that we have not practiced yet.”

 Ding Yun had drawn out her precious sword and her foldable sword at the same time.

 Against Ding Yun’s Virtuous Swordplay, after several days of practice and improving the Horizon Swordplay, he had come up with the Improved Horizon Swordplay that he had picked up from Lele’s weapon techniques.

 Yi Ping was not discouraged as he said, “I think I have a way to defeat Yuan Shao and you now.”

 Ding Yun had virtually taught him the entire stances and strokes of the Virtuous Swordplay in the past few days. She said gently, “Even though you know my strokes by now but breaking it is another matter entirely.”

 Against Ding Yun’s Virtuous Swordplay, Yi Ping attacked rapidly and disengaged quickly at the same time!

 In an instant, Yi Ping had exchanged dozens of strokes against Maiden Ding Yun’s double swords techniques.

 No matter how hard he had tried, he just could not breech through her double swords defenses. The feeling that Ding Yun had given him was that of an impregnable defense. She had parried with her long sword and attacked him with her soft long sword at the same time!

 Every time, Lele watched their duel, she was still filled with awe. Yi Ping had certainly improved by leap and bounds as he could now hold on his own against Maiden Ding Yun. But Yi Ping had not found a way to break the profound changes of the Virtuous Swordplay yet!

 She knew that Maiden Ding Yun was also showing her a way to break Yuan Shao’s swordplay too.

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping changed his attacking direction from left to right as he kept attacking Ding Yun’s left side! The foldable sword that was on her left side was unsuitable to block against his powerful Horizon Swordplay!

 Yi Ping shouted, “Yun’Er, I know your weak point now!”

 Ding Yun smiled sweetly, “What takes you so long to realize it?”

 All of a sudden, she whirled her foldable sword and hurled it into a flying sword at Yi Ping as she shouted, “Watch out!”

 Yi Ping immediately raised his sword to block it but he was forced to take several steps backward even as the flying sword spins back into Maiden Ding Yun’s hand.

 Even before Yi Ping could react, she had dropped her foldable sword to the ground and charged with her long sword against him as she said coolly, “I can do a double flying sword if the soft sword gets back into my hand and charge at you. So what will you do?”

 Of course, she did not and was deliberately only extending her long sword at Yi Ping.

 Yi Ping recovered in time and he had suddenly discovered that Ding Yun was now on the offensive! Her sword techniques were now similar to Yuan Shao but did not have the fearsome aura that Yuan Hao had possessed!

 They were now exchanging sword strokes so fast and rapidly that the entire valley began to echo with their attacks!

 Lele held her breath excitedly as she thought, “The two of them are the new generation of the super exponents of the fraternity? How is it possible for them to have such remarkable swordplay at their age?”

 It was because swordplay had too many changes. The only way to improve one’s swordplay was to keep on using it in a real fight, training the practitioner ability to react and their natural instinct for exploiting openings.

 The Horizon Swordplay was a swordplay that utilizes speed and martial power. Combined with Lele’s Mirage Speed Technique, Yi Ping had nearly doubled his attacking speed!

 The Virtuous Swordplay utilizes speed, internal strength to steady it and was also a counter-attacking swordplay.

 No matter how many dozens of Illusional strokes Yi Ping made against her, Ding Yun always lightly parried with a wide arc stroke and counter-attack with a series of fast strokes too.

 Lele shouted excitedly, “It is a draw!”

 All of a sudden, Ding Yun raised her left hand and stabbed towards Yi Ping!

 Yi Ping raised his powerful left palm and blocked it effortlessly.

 However, even as Ding Yun stabbed him with her left hand, she had withdrawn instantly and continuous to thrust her left hand at his left palm, causing him to hastily withdraw his palm!

 He grasped, “The Penetrating hands?! You know this skill too?”

 But before he could ask further, Ding Yun had thrown her long sword and it had landed with thunderous impact between his legs!

 She said quietly, “You are dead.”

 Yi Ping had turned pale immediately as he muttered, “I keep forgetting that the most powerful techniques of the Virtuous Palace are not its swordplay but its extraordinary unarmed techniques…”

 Ding Yun said, “Indeed. While swordplay can kill fast without expending much effort but the best martial skills of the Virtuous Palace are actually their Eighteen Unbreakable Hands, Penetrating Hands and the Soul Stealer Finger.”

 Lele interrupted as she turned pale, “The Soul Stealer Finger and the Eighteen Unbreakable Hands?! The Virtuous Palace actually possesses these two martial skills?”

 Ding Yun said, “These are legacy skills inherited when the Xiao Clan takes over the Virtuous Palace from the Red Eye Clan. Xiao Shuai is the only one that knows the Eighteen Unbreakable Hands. As for the Soul Stealer Finger, Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao are the only ones that know this skill.”

 Lele asked, “The Red Eye Clan? There are others like me?”

 Ding Yun said, “They are dead a long time ago.”

 Lele sighed, “What a pity. Or else…”

 She did not continue.

 Yi Ping asked, “Or else what?”

 Lele said, “Nothing at all.”

 Yi Ping asked curiously, “Really nothing at all?”

 Lele ignored Yi Ping as she asked Ding Yun, “Good sister, how is that your wounds are able to heal so fast and without a single scar?”

 Ding Yun replied, “I have been practicing the Divine Virtuous Force and this skill has a healing effect.”

 Lele exclaimed in surprise, “What an amazing skill. To think that this divine epitome skill exists. Good sister, will you teach me?”

 Ding Yun smiled, “I can teach you but is it risky for you? What if the intricate force of the skill is not compatible with yours?”

 Lele laughed softly, “Teach me first and I see about it…”

 Yi Ping said solemnly, “Better don’t teach her that. It may be far too dangerous. The Divine Virtuous Force, like my Aspire Invocation emphasis on martial power. Lele, your intricate force is similar to the Icy Heavenly Tears that emphasis more on internal energies. It is way too dangerous for you.”

 Ding Yun said, “I agree. Youxue’s mother died because she thought that she can merge the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Divine Virtuous Force together. It ended up in tragedy.”

 Lele smiled, “I don’t believe that my Celestial Force is not able to merge the skills together.”

 Yi Ping scolded her, “You may end up losing your life and worse still end up with a permanent disability. So what even if you have succeeded? All your martial skills will end up deteriorating and you will end up spending decades to regain it. It is not worth the risk.”

 Lele was irritated, “I have plenty of time.”

 Yi Ping was trembling.

 Both Ding Yun and Lele were startled to see that his face was tearful.

 Lele softened her stance as she said panicky, “Alright then. I promise you I won’t try to learn this skill. Don’t cry. Real man only shed blood and not tears.”

 Ding Yun asked Yi Ping, “Ping, what is wrong?”

 Yi Ping wiped away his silent tears as he muttered, “Nothing. It is just that…it is just that I am thinking of my mother and Yixian…”

 Lele was startled, “What have this have to do with your mother?”

 Yi Ping said, “My mother and Yixian are protégé sisters. In order to avert the Divine Calamity, they practiced and mediated endlessly. In the end, they are not able to enjoy life as it should be. I don’t think it is worth it…”

 Lele rebuked him gently, “It is because you have not reached the proper divinity yet and has not yet received the visions. At the very top, it is a realm that you cannot possibly imagine. Without the Divine Calamity, I…I would never possibly have met you. Do you think that is not destiny?”

 Yi Ping asked, “Lele, you have really experienced the Divine Calamity? What is it? Can you help Yixian to overcome the Divine Calamity?”

 Lele looked at Ding Yun and Yi Ping slowly before she said slowly, “I really do not want to reveal anything to others for it is the most sacred secret of the Celestial Palace.”

 Yi Ping was disappointed and it shown on his face.

 Lele said, “But you are my husband and Ding Yun is my good sister now. Promise me you won’t reveal it to anyone?”

 Yi Ping said hastily, “I swear to the Heavens and Earth that I won’t reveal to anyone without your permission or else lightning…”

 Lele interrupted, “That’s enough.”

 Ding Yun was curious about the Divine Calamity too. She knew from Xiao Shuai that Yuan Hao had been preparing for the Divine Calamity and the Virtuous Palace had been quietly working towards this objective for many decades. That was why the Virtuous Palace had always been reluctant to get involved in the affairs of the martial fraternity and even feared injuries.

 So she did not hesitate at all as she said, “Heavens and the Earth is my witness, I swear that I will not reveal what Sister Lele has revealed to me today.”

 Lele seemed to have lost the glow on her face as her eyes seemed to stare blankly.

 She said dispiritedly, “The truth is I don’t even know what the Divine Calamity is. It can come in many forms and is a natural phenomenon that is so terrifying that it can kill.”

 Yi Ping breathed in deeply as he listened attentively.

 Lele said, “It occurs when a practitioner reached the highest state of divinity or is nearly immortal when they are nearing a hundred and twenty. After that, the Divine Calamity will give prior warning for seven days before it occur.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Can’t it be avoided or averted?”

 Lele shook her head, “It can’t but it can be made to prematurely occur.”

 Yi Ping said, “My father told me that the last stance of the Divine Horizon Hands can trigger the Divine Calamity and warned me never to use the last stance even when I can in the future.”

 Lele was startled, “The Divine Horizon Hands can trigger the Divine Calamity? It…must be a powerful stance that is beyond human limitations.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “And it is also an impossible stance. I have only just started the Divine Revelation and have no time for mediation. I’ll be better off practicing the Aspire Invocations instead. At least, I get into a fight daily.”

 Lele said, “You are just lazy and impatient. Sooner or later, either you will be killed in the martial fraternity or the Divine Calamity will kill you off.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he said, “Is the Divine Calamity this simple? What is the secret behind it?”

 Lele seemed to hesitate for a while before she finally said, “There is only two persons that I know that had ever succeed in surviving the Divine Calamity. One is the Sage King and the other is the founder of the Celestial Palace, the Jade Emperor.”

 Yi Ping was startled for he had heard of the Sage King before as he asked, “The Sage King, is he the one that makes the ‘Great Rejuvenate Golden Pills?”

 Lele nodded, “You know of his pills? We have been searching for it for a long time too…”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he said, “Youxue, she gave it to me when I was once grievously injured.”

 Lele was stunned as she muttered, “Maybe it is fate…we have been searching for it for centuries…”

 Yi Ping was startled, “What do you mean you have been searching for it for centuries? How old are you Lele?”

 Lele looked at Yi Ping and looked at Ding Yun as she sighed, “Make a guess…”

 Yi Ping said, “Twenty?”

 Lele said something but Yi Ping could not hear.

 Yi Ping asked again, “Lele, your voice is too soft. I cannot hear.”

 Lele stared miserably at Yi Ping before she sighed softly, “I…I am four centuries old.”

 Ding Yun and Yi Ping were both stunned.

 Ding Yun asked, “How is it possible? No one can live that long without turning old or dying.”

 Yi Ping stared at Lele…

 Lele averted her eyes as she said softly, “So now you know. You must be despising me now because of my age…”

 Yi Ping caught hold of her hands as he said, “No, Lele I am not. I am just surprised that you don’t look at all past twenty-five.”

 Lele said, “That is because I have survived the Divine Calamity at that age and can’t age anymore.”

 Yi Ping asked, “But you just said there are only two persons that have survived the Divine Calamity. You are the Jade Emperor?!”

 Lele shook her head as she said, “That is because we have cheated death using an unorthodox means. Because of that, we may have survived the Divine Calamity but we didn’t really achieve the new state of divinity and in fact, cannot advance further. My hair turned silver and my eyes turned red overnight…”

 All of a sudden, she broke into tears as she begun to tremble. “Once every hundred years, the Divine Calamity revisited us and our numbers began to reduce further. Many of the original survivors are dead now…”

 Ding Yun asked, “Why do you need the ‘Great Rejuvenated Golden Pills’ for?”

 Lele nodded slowly, “The Jade Emperor has exhausted his strength fighting the Divine Calamity for us. Without him, we will surely perish. That is why we have been searching for the ‘Great Rejuvenated Golden Pills’.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Since you have all the time in the world, can’t you train to fight against the Divine Calamity? Can’t the Jade Emperor show you the way to survive it?”

 Lele smiled bitterly, “That is what you think? We are supposed to gain the revelation of the Celestial Skill by overcoming the Divine Calamity. Because we have cheated, we are cursed forever and our level of cultivation has to remains as it is before the Divine Calamity. Without advancing to the Jade Emperor level of cultivation, we have no hope whatever so of surviving it.”

 Yi Ping was bewildered as he asked, “What do you mean? If the level of cultivation is basic, surely it is just so easy to grasp it given the time that you have?”

 Lele seemed terrified as she said nervously, “That is the secret of the Divine Calamity! We are supposed to attain a new understanding in our state of divinity first before we can advance. Anyone that forcefully tries to attain a new state of divinity after the Divine Calamity will trigger the deadly Celestial Wrath. No one will be able to survive that.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “There exists a Celestial Wrath?!”

 Lele nodded, “That is our last chance now. If we can survive the Celestial Wrath, we can break away from the curse of the Divine Calamity.”

 Yi Ping asked, “What curse?”

 Lele said, “Each time the Divine Calamity occurs or if we expend our internal energy, we cannot recover it unless we drink the blood of top exponents and eat their hearts…”

 Yi Ping was stunned as he asked, “Lele, did you really do that?”

 Lele said slowly, “I don’t want to lie to you. I have done so on numerous times.”

 Yi Ping clenched his fists as he begun to walk away.

 Lele’s eyes were now watery as she thought, “I have lost him forever now. No one will forgive me what I have done…”

 Even Ding Yun was grasping, stunned at Lele’s revelations as she thought, “She…really is a blood drinker…”

 It was because she had suddenly remembered the scary tales of the Red Eye Clan and she had thought that they were stories meant to frighten children.

 Yi Ping had walked three steps before he turned back, “According to my father, my great grandfather is killed by the blood drinkers. Are you one of them?”

 Lele asked, “Where is your great grandfather at that time?”

 Yi Ping said, “I don’t know the exact location but it is in the Central Fraternity.”

 Lele said, “Then it is not me. I have never stepped outside the Western Fraternity.”

 Yi Ping sighed with relief. He looked stoned. If Lele had the blood of his clan in her hands, would he still have the heart to kill her? Just like if Youxue had the blood of Yixian in her hands, would he still have the heart to kill her? He dare not think of the implications!

 Lele said, “Actually you don’t have to worry too much. The people that we have killed are all almost at the end of their lives…”

 Yi Ping interrupted, “A life is still a life!”

 Lele smiled alluring, ignoring his remarks. “Also, most of the time we need to sleep because mere blood alone cannot replenish our strength. Sometimes I need to sleep for decades. In fact, I have just waked up after a span of forty years.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “You need to sleep for this long?!”

 Lele smiled bitterly, “That is why it is our curse. If we do not sleep for extended period of time, our strength will falter and drained away. But even then, when we are awakened, we will still need at least a few years of time to completely regain our martial skills. It is a vicious cycle with no ending.”

 Yi Ping asked gently, “Is there a way to cure your condition?”

 Lele said, “Only a miracle pill like the Great Rejuvenate Golden Pill or something miraculous can alleviate this disorder. That is why we have been searching for it all this while.”

 Yi Ping said wryly, “It doesn’t seem you are making a great deal of effort to look for it, from someone that never left the western fraternity.”

 Lele chuckled, “We are not that foolish to look for a needle in the ocean. It is just not practicable to look for something that is almost a myth. But should it really exist in the fraternity, there bound to be people fighting over it. When that occurs, we will naturally know.”

 Yi Ping asked, “How do you know?”

 Lele said, “We have secret emissaries that are scattered throughout the fraternity. That is important especially since we are sleeping most of the time.”

 Ding Yun asked, “How do you ensure their loyalty?”

 Lele smiled mysterious, “I am the Joyful Goddess. Naturally, I will promise them eternal joyous life and a chance to gain entry to the Celestial Palace if they serve us well.”

 Yi Ping growled, “Lele, that is deceiving the ignorant masses. Now I remember. There is a Joyful Cult in the fraternity. Don’t tell me you are their leader?”

 Lele blinked at him, “It is not that hard to figure it out. So there, you have guessed it. I am the Goddess that they have worshipped.”

 Yi Ping mocked gently, “It is more like a pathetic Goddess that spends a lot of time sleeping like a pig.”

 Lele said unhappily, “Yi Ping, are you too weary of living already? In the past, if any one insults me like that, they will be dead in the next instant.”

 Yi Ping smiled, “So the Joyful Goddess will actually be upset?”

 Lele smiled, “You think that I am really upset? I won’t fall into your trick. You just want to spar with me. You are such a bully!”

 Yi Ping and Ding Yun laughed.

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping said excitedly, “Since the Sage King has also survived the Divine Calamity, why don’t you look for him to make another ‘Great Rejuvenate Golden Pill’?”

 Lele smiled bitterly, “That is because he has died centuries ago.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “I can imagine he is a formidable exponent as well. Who on earth can actually has the means to kill him?”

 Lele said, “From what I know, he barely survived his first Divine Calamity and knows that he won’t survive his second Divine Calamity. Therefore, he expended all his efforts to create eight wondrous golden rejuvenation pills and hid it in a secret location.”

 Lele added coldly after a pause, “That is his wickedness and also his stratagem. Because he knew that he was going to die, he wants the majority of the top exponents to die along with him and deliberating spread the news of his creations. Anyone that wants to obtain it had to find his underground palace to locate it first.”

 Ding Yun asked, “What if the Sage King had lied about the Great Rejuvenation Golden Pills?”

 Lele shook her head, “The Sage King won’t lie or else he won’t reach his level of divinity. He has another purpose of course. At that time he was aware of us too and that our clan requires the hearts of the top exponents. By causing a division and causing them to die prematurely, he had actually caused many of us to succumb to the Divine Calamity.”

 Lele looked forlornly into the sky and she seemed to be thinking of something.

 Yi Ping knew what she had been through. The loss of her kin and friends were a loss that was hard to bear.

 Ding Yun said, “It seemed that the Virtuous Palace had eventually located it. Xiao Shuai found it but it was stolen by Xiao Youxue and one of the pills was given to Yi Ping.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Why didn’t he pass it to his descendants?”

 Lele smiled, “He is an old priest and did not have any kin. It does seem like that we are the only survivors of the Divine Calamity now.”

 Ding Yun said quietly, “There is one survivor from the Red Eye Clan, good sister.”

 Lele was startled, “There is someone else? Thought you have just said earlier there are none?”

 Ding Yun said, “She is supposed to be dead too...”

 Yi Ping nodded as he said, “Her name is Lie Qing. When I found her, she is as good as dead. But I had tried to revive her with the Divine Dragon Pill and I had managed to save her life.”

 Lele looked at Yi Ping in utter disbelief as she took a few unsteady steps backward. After a while, she said with trembling voice, “You actually have the Divine Dragon Pill? Do you know how many times more precious that pill is over the Great Rejuvenation Golden Pill and you give it away just like that?”

 Yi Ping scratched his head in puzzlement, “I know that that is one of the seven treasures of the Martial Fraternity…”

 Lele interrupted unhappily, “You know nothing at all! That Divine Dragon Pill…alas…that Lie Qing is really so lucky. I…I can’t believe that you actually give it away. You should at least keep for yourself.”

 She wanted to say, “I want to drink her blood and eat her heart.” But halfway through, she decided to keep mum.

 Lele asked Yi Ping melancholy, “Who is this Lie Qing to you that you can give her something this precious?”

 She was alarmed with this Lie Qing. This was the second time that she had heard of her name. The first time her name was mentioned was when Ding Yun had mentioned that she had attempted to save a maiden’s life with her Invincible Divine Force.

 Somehow, Lie Qing’s name sounded all too familiar to her but she could not remember who she was. As for the Invincible Divine Force, she only knew it too well…

 She silently thought, “No matter who you are, it will be interesting to fight with you. The Celestial Force and the Invincible Divine Force are the two most epitome martial force in the entire fraternity. If you have really survived the Divine Calamity, then all I have to do is to defeat you and exchange your intricate energy with my Celestial Force, then my state of divinity can be raised…”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I swear I have nothing to do with her…”

 Lele said unhappily, “Do you think that I will believe you…”

 Ding Yun suddenly said, “I know why the Virtuous Palace is attacking the Holy Hex Sect now.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Why?”

 Ding Yun said, “That is because Xiao Shuai had once given one Great Rejuvenation Golden Pill to Ji Wuzheng to save his sister life.”

 Yi Ping immediately turned pale as he said, “Then Lingfeng is in grave danger. Xiao Shuai will really eat her alive just like he wants to eat Youxue alive…”

 He hastily said, “We must find a way out immediately! Let’s us go now.” And Yi Ping had already stormed off in a hurry!

 Lele was left grasping her hands to her heart as she muttered melancholy, “Lingfeng…the Holy Maiden...”
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Chapter 37: The Deadly Celestial Annihilating Star Formations

 It was only a few days later that Yi Ping had managed to find a possible exit. It was a dark cave in the ravine opening. 

 After exploring the cave for some time, Yi Ping found the cave to be immensely huge. So he had returned to find Ding Yun and Lele. 

 Yi Ping said solemnly, “I have searched the entire gorge valley and although there are many caves, many are a dead end except for one. I’m going to explore this cave more thoroughly as it is too huge and it may take some time.”

 Ding Yun said softly, “I will go with you.”

 Yi Ping sighed, “The cave may be extremely treacherous and it is very slippery. It is better that I go alone.”

 Lele looked at Yi Ping serenely with an earnest woeful expression, “Yi Ping, even though we have not gone through any marriage rites but…” She looked at Ding Yun who nodded silently, “We should go through woes and joys together. We are now together. If you are to die inside the cave, we will follow you!”

 Ding Yun said with equally firm conviction, “That’s right!”

 Yi Ping was moved as he looked silently at them. Finally after a while, he said. “Let’s us go now.”

 He thought, “Yi Ping, with two such companions that willingly follow you onto death, even death is not to be feared!”

 Yi Ping lit a torch as he walked in front when they had entered the dark cave. 

 When they had entered the cave, Ding Yun began to cling to him closely. It was not out of fear though but she was guided by her natural instinct and being closed to Yi Ping, gave her a feeling of assurance. 

 The moving light of the torch was not bright in this dark cave. Fortunately, both Yi Ping and Lele had already cleared their eight extraordinary vessels. Even if there were little light, they could see what was in front of them clearly and could avoid the dangerous pitfalls and slippery slopes. 

 Lele was astonished that Yi Ping could walk so steadily. 

 She gently asked him, “You can see in the dark?”

 Yi Ping nodded awkwardly.

 Lele asked again, “You have an owl eyes or have you cleared eight extraordinary vessels?”

 Yi Ping said, “I have accidentally cleared my eight extraordinary vessels.”

 When Ding Yun had heard it, she was astonished and began to look at Yi Ping again with a new light.

 Lele smiled, “Really? What about your conception and governing vessels?”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I have accidentally cleared my conception and governing vessels due to an incident.”

 Lele nearly tripped as she almost missed her steps. She was in utter disbelief. It had taken her more than two centuries and with the help of the Jade Emperor to clear her conception and governing vessels!

 Her beautiful composure changed as she said, “Do you know what that means? If you have cleared these two vessels which means that you have in control of your life conception and can govern death. These two channels are called the life and death channels. Do you really know how difficult it is to do so?” 

 Yi Ping smiled even more awkwardly, “Is that so?”

 Ding Yun was stunned as she grasped, “You have really cleared your life and death channels?”

 For the very first time, she had felt that her martial progress between Yi Ping and hers were so vast. 

 Lele said, “And you have lost to Yuan Hao, Sister Ding Yun and me?”

 Yi Ping asked, “What’s wrong with that? You have lost to Yuan Hao too.”

 Lele gave a soft sigh as she said, “That’s different. I am careless and I did not expect to meet an exponent of that caliber.”

 She quickly added, “That means that you can see all our strokes clearly?”

 Yi Ping nodded slowly, “But after exchanging more than two hundred strokes with Yuan Hao, I could not see his attacks too clearly. Then you have come…”

 After exchanging more than two hundred strokes with Yuan Hao, Yi Ping was in a daze and hardly maintained his focus. It was only due to his sheer mental fortitude and endurance that he had persisted. 

 Lele had arrived just after she had seen Yuan Hao stabbing Yi Ping with his cane and fatally wounding him with a blow. Her first thought was that this young man was going to die anyway and why was she even bothering trying to save him?

 But the irony happened. Instead of saving him, it ended up it was him saving her. 

 Lele could only scolded him gently, “You are so pathetic.” But she was actually secretly pleased and was proud of him.

 Ding Yun said gently to Yi Ping, “You have lost only because Yuan Hao has the superior techniques and he is also more experienced. In time to come, you can certainly defeat him.”

 Lele said all of a sudden, “Yi Ping, when you are able to defeat Yuan Hao, don’t kill him alright?”

 Ding Yun and Yi Ping were both startled at her sudden request.

 Yi Ping asked, “Yuan Hao has wounded you and you are always threatening to kill those that have slighted you. I am just surprise why.”

 Lele sighed softly, “Yi Ping, it is better for you to restraint from killing. It won’t be good for your progression in the future. As for Yuan Hao, his malevolent air is too heavy and it won’t be possible for him to progress further in his state of divinity. Should he encounter the Divine Calamity, he will surely die.”

 Yi Ping nodded, “Lele, you are too kind…”

 Lele smiled mysteriously as she blinked at him as she said to herself, “Yuan Hao’s blood is far too precious to be wasted.”

 Ding Yun said to Lele, “I notice that sister seem to lack the killing intent when you are fighting and it will be your undoing.”

 Lele sighed incoherently and with great sadness, “I have long forgotten how to fight. Maybe that is why I have survived the Divine Calamities. Or rather, the past Divine Calamities have spared me…”

 Ding Yun nodded. 

 Yi Ping could sense that Lele had suddenly become overwhelming sad so he quickly said, “Let’s us be on our way. The torch won’t last long.”

 The cave complex was large and had many paths. After several hours, they were all getting worried and they had already used up two torches. It became apparent that they had lost their way and was too deep. 

 Lele asked, “So, do we continue or backtrack to the entrance?”

 Yi Ping was staring blankly at the surrounding, “This cave is impossibly huge…”

 Ding Yun was looking keenly at the surroundings. All of a sudden, she grasped and pointed to a passage, “That passage over there seem to have been used before.”

 Yi Ping looked at her as he asked, “How do you know?”

 Ding Yun said, “Part of the walls is smooth and it looks too unnatural. It is likely to be man-made. Look at the other sections of the passages; do you see that it is rough and uneven?” 

 It gave Yi Ping hope as he quickly said, “Let’s go!” 

 They soon reached a large cavern and was immediately stunned that that this cavern was actually a large chamber that was constructed by granite and limestone!

 Even though it was in disrepair and it seemed that no one had ever been here for a long time, the grandeur and the size of the chamber was astonishing! 

 At the far end of the chamber, there were three seemingly white statues of three maidens in beautiful poses. 

 Ding Yun muttered, “It makes no sense to build a chamber here out of nowhere. Unless, there is a possible exit somewhere near here? But shouldn’t it be inside the gorge where water is more accessible?”

 Lele nodded too but her attention was totally drawn by the objects in this chamber. There was a sense of familiarity and a sense of déjà vu. As she raised her slender fingers to touch and felt the walls of this chamber, she was trembling! 

 Somehow Yi Ping was drawn to the fading white statues as he seemed to be pulled irresistible to it. 

 When Yi Ping had walked to the statues, he was totally stunned!

 It was not because the statues were so life-like or their workmanship was so exquisite that had stunned Yi Ping!

 It was because the white statue that was standing regally in the middle with a noble air was the exact replicate of Shui Yixian and even their standing mannerism was the same! 

 The other two statues were looking down and had swords in their hands. And the two statues look vaguely similar to Lele and Lie Qing…

 Yi Ping simply could not believe his eyes. 

 Yi Ping said, “Lele, come over here quick…”

 Lele snapped out of her trance and with Ding Yun, she quickly walked towards Yi Ping as she smiled, “What’s wrong with you? You have never seen life size statues before?”

 When she saw her replicate, she was stunned. 

 Ding Yun was startled too, “Isn’t this Lele and Lie Qing?”

 Lele smiled weakly, “My statues are all over the fraternity but none of it really looks like me. Maybe it is just a coincidence. I am so upset. I should stand in the middle, right?”

 It was only then did she notice that Yi Ping was not heeding her and he was touching the face of the statue in the middle. 

 Lele interrupted with a soft glee, “What’s wrong with you. You actually fallen in love with a statue? Even if you like this statue, you can’t move it.”

 She raised her pole and seemed to threaten to destroy the statues but till Yi Ping paid her no heed and was still looking intently at the statue. 

 After some time, they could hear Yi Ping muttering, “Yixian, Yixian. How I miss you so. I have finally found you…”

 Lele was startled for she knew that Yixian was Yi Ping’s rightful wife. 

 Ding Yun had seen Shui Yixian before and she was many times more moving and beautiful in reality than this statue here. The statue could only capture her likeness but could not capture her unparalleled beauty. 

 Lele was not pleased as she gave Yi Ping a tug. 

 Yi Ping woke up from his stupor as he quickly said, “Lele, isn’t this statue you?”

 Lele smiled, “And what are you touching now? It is just a coincidence. All statues look alike to me.”

 Yi Ping said, “No, it really look like you and I have never seen such perfect craftsmanship before. Lele, why are you here?”

 Lele brushed her silver hair with her fingers. She seemed to be deep in thoughts before she finally laughed softly, “Oh well, I am a Goddess. Someone must be secretly worshipping me here.”

 All of a sudden, Lele had noticed that Yi Ping and Ding Yun were looking at her intently. 

 Lele fingered her silver hair as she asked, “What is wrong? Why are the two of you looking at me like that?”

 It was because Ding Yun and Yi Ping had suddenly noticed that when she was stroking her hair, she had the exact same mannerism as Lie Qing! 

 She asked again, “What’s wrong?”

 Yi Ping was too bewildered as he said, “Nothing…but just wondering what is this place? Who had built it and where are we?”

 Lele said softly, “It seems that this place is very ancient and has been abandoned for a long time.”

 All of a sudden, Ding Yun exclaimed excitedly. “There are inscriptions engraved below the statues!”

 Yi Ping quickly shone the torch at the base of the statues. Indeed there were inscriptions engraved on the floor base. He quickly wiped away the soil and dust with his hands. 

 The words were very ancient and they could barely read it. 

 Yi Ping stood up as he said miserably, “I can’t read it. I don’t understand…”

 Ding Yun said, “I can read it but I can’t really translate the meaning…”

 Lele laughed softly, “You uneducated boor. Let me read it. These characters are still in use from my time.”

 But when Lele began to take a look, she was dumbfounded.

 She began to recite as she translated, “Heaven Wrath had descended upon the three realms. My transcendent had been interrupted not by the Divine Crisis but by the most terrible of all the calamities, the Dark Malevolent Star Crisis. In that crisis, all three realms were given acquiescence to destroy in order to transcend. It was a crisis that so woeful that many celestials were slew including my two celestial sisters, Luminous Star and Melody Star.”

 Lele said, “It makes no sense at all…”

 Yi Ping said, “Could the Divine Crisis refer to the Divine Calamity?”

 Lele began to ponder, “In that case, she was trying to overcome the Divine Calamity but had encountered the Dark Malevolent Star Crisis? No, that is not right. She had already overcome the Divine Calamity. She was trying to overcome the Celestial Wrath. It was because the next line was more apparent.”

 Yi Ping said, “Did she succeed?”

 Lele continued to translate, “Even though I had a thousand years of divinity and had created a formidable star formation, I was not able to overcome the Divine Crisis. The Ascend failed because the deaths of my sisters had a lasting impact on my attainment and my end was near. In my final moments, my heart still reaches out for my sisters and was not regretful that I did not succeed in my investiture. Even if I take another thousand years, I will do so.”

 Yi Ping said regretfully, “So she still fails.”

 Lele said softly, “I didn’t know there are others with such high attainment ahead of the Jade Emperor and the Sage King. Apparently, they had either all been killed one after another or had all turned into ashes by the Divine Calamity.”

 Ding Yun asked, “Why are they forced to kill one another? Don’t they have a choice?”

 Lele said weakly, “I didn’t know that is real…I don’t know…”

 Yi Ping asked, “Lele?”

 Lele said, “The Jade Emperor once told us that there is a deadly calamity that reverse and realign the cosmos. Once that happens, Order can only be restored through an infinitude Chaos when all the Celestials must battle and kill the other Celestials until the cosmos are realigned once again. In the distant past, the Celestials were said to be split into three major fractions as they fight for supremacy. The result of that secret battle is never known. How true that is, even the Jade Emperor does not know.” 

 She added, “Yi Ping, can you smash through the floors of the inscriptions?”

 Yi Ping was startled, “For? It is a pity to ruin the inscriptions even if it is not true…”

 Lele said coolly, “Just do as I say please. There is something inside the floor.”

 Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “How do you know?”

 Lele said, “This is my guts feeling.”

 She was looking at him tenderly and she seemed to be pleading with him.

 Yi Ping sighed deeply before he mustered all his martial power with his Aspire Invocations and smashed at the inscriptions with his Aspire Horizon Hands! 

 To his surprise, the floor broke through easily and indeed, it was shallow and had an opening at the bottom!

 Ding Yun was startled as she said, “It is really hollow.”

 Inside the hollow floor, there was a yellow scroll and a long sword. Lele immediately grabbed it and unravel the scroll. 

 Yi Ping asked, “What it is?”

 Lele held it with trembling hands as she grasped startlingly, “This scroll…this scroll actually lists all the state of celestial divinity from start to end. Even the Jade Emperor does not know all the stages and we have been practicing blindly! Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend. So she was actually at the last state of divinity when she turned to ashes…”

 She continued to read, “Alas, I am actually at the Emotion state of divinity.” She looked tenderly at Yi Ping and sighed, “No wonder I am so vulnerable to emotions. The scroll says that every state of divinity have a hidden crisis and the practitioner would get particular vulnerable towards the very end. I didn’t know that and did not guard against it…I would die soon?”

 Yi Ping immediately turned ashen as he said firmly, “Lele, you won’t die. No matter what, I will protect you.”

 Lele was touched. She looked at Yi Ping shyly as she said, “Actually I know that I won’t survive the next Divine Calamity. I won’t lie to you. I am…glad to know you, however briefly.”

 Yi Ping was stunned. He quickly said, “No Lele, you won’t. I will help you…”

 Lele smiled gently, “You can’t and you will only get yourself killed. You have no idea how terrifying the Divine Calamity is.”

 Ding Yun said, “The maiden in the center, she is able to get so far ahead?”

 Lele nodded as she browsed through the scroll as she muttered, “There are many intricate heart formulas and methods recorded in this scroll. This scroll is simply too amazing…but it is already too late for me.”

 All of a sudden, she saw something towards the end of the scroll that startled her. She did not read it aloud. 

 The end of the scroll wrote, “Dearest Sister, even with my divine cultivation, there is a limit to my divination and it will add on to my calamity. However, it is my last resort already. As you read this, I am no longer in this world. If destiny is willing and fate allows, we will surely meet again in another time. I hope that I may have reached you in time to avert your Divine Calamity. By now, your state of divinity would be high enough to enter the Celestial Annihilating Star Formations. This is the only way to undo your past mistakes. Your sword is the key to the seal.”

 She kept the scroll and picked the long white sword, unsheathing it.

 When she unsheathed it, she was mesmerized by its ringing sound and its brilliant light.

 Ding Yun immediately said, “It is a good sword!”

 Even Yi Ping who was not good in appraising swords was awestruck by the resounding beauty of the sword. He said, “What a good sword. I wonder what the name of this sword is.”

 Lele said quietly, “Divine Echo. The name of this sword is Divine Echo. I seem to have wielded this sword before…”

 As she held this long sword, it seemed that her fighting spiriting was aroused and a part of her memory was revived. 

 For no hymn and reason, there were silent tears in her eyes. 

 Yi Ping said, “Lele?”

 Ding Yun said softly, “Sister Le, you are alright?”

 But still Lele did not respond. She was completely mesmerized by the long sword! 

 Yi Ping was worried as he held her and shook her, “Lele, are you alright? Is something amiss?”

 It was only then that Lele recovered from her stupor. 

 Lele asked all of a sudden, “Where am I? How long have I been away?”

 Yi Ping and Ding Yun were both startled by her. 

 Yi Ping said, “You are here all along. You seem to be in a daze for a while.”

 Lele sighed softly before she sighed gently, “Is that so?”

 Her voice seemed to have changed and it had become more gentle and compassionate. 

 Ding Yun grasped, “Lele, your hair has turned black!”

 Lele stroked her hair as she smiled, “Oh really? That’s wonderful.”

 Yi Ping was so astonished. It was because her transformation was so rapid and she was even more stunning than earlier. He could scarcely believe his very eyes that Lele would suddenly be so incredible mesmerizing. It was still the same her but her animus seemed to have changed.

 It was a good thing that Yi Ping had the Absolute Spirits or else he would be mesmerizing by her in an instant for at this time, her transformation was at its strongest. 

 Even Ding Yun was incredulous at her sudden transformation. The other person that had this presence was the Celestial Fairy! 

 Lele said softly, “Thank you, Yi Ping…”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Why are you thanking me?”

 Lele said gently, “It is you that brought me to this place. I…I have averted the Divine Calamity and could practice the Celestial Force again.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “You have averted the Divine Calamity? How?”

 Lele said softly, “Just now. I have gone through several tribulations. It may seem like a minute to you but to me, it seem like a hundred years had just passed. I have not only reversed my state of divinity but have also regained it again. I have not only made a breakthrough in my Emotion state of divinity but has even reached the Transverse initiate state of divinity.”

 Indeed while Lele was in a trance, she was guided by her memories and the Divine Echo as she entered one deadly Celestial Annihilating Star Formation after another that was in her mind. In some of the formations, she was trapped for years and could not escape. It took her considerable efforts to overcome one formation after another. 

 The Celestial Annihilating Star Formations, the only known Celestial Formations that could stop the Divine Calamity from reacting. This Celestial Formation consisted of sixty-four formations and another eight inner formations. It was a formation within a formation! 

 What seemed like a minute to Yi Ping and Ding Yun, had actually taken Lele one hundred years to be freed from the Celestial Annihilating Star Formations! That was why Lele had asked, “Where am I? How long have I been away?” That was because she had been away for so long that it took her a while to actually remember! 

 Because of her high state of divinity, she had averted the Divine Calamity and did not trigger it or else they would all be dead in an instant in this place! 

 Lele muttered to herself as she trembled slightly, “So I am Melody Star? Then where are Luminous Star and Revelation Star now? Do they have still had their memories? Sister Yun Xiao seems to have found a way to bring us together?”

 She immediately extended her hand as she began to move her fingers rapidly. She grasped, “Uh, Luminous Star is in danger and Revelation Star has a forthcoming Divinity Calamity…”

 Lele said to Yi Ping and Ding Yun as she took bold strides forward, “Follow me quickly!”

 Yi Ping asked, “Where to?”

 Lele smiled enchanting, “Out of course. I know the way out.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Lele, you know the way out?”

 Lele laughed softly, “I think so. This place is created like a celestial formation. How on earth you have managed to find this chamber is pure luck. But luck alone won’t get us out as we are already trapped in this formation. But I know how this formation works and may get us out. So, follow me.”

 Ding Yun nodded, “No wonder this place gives me a weird feeling and seems to be like a huge maze.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “The minute I enter this cave, I am already lost.”

 Lele rebuked him gently, “You should study more, especially on the eight diagrams. Then you won’t get lost and it would be good for your martial progression.”
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Chapter 38: The Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace

The forest was at the foot of the grandeur Tranquil Mountains.

But Nangong Le was in no mood to enjoy the scenery. 

The normally serene forest was filled with the cries of the wounded and an overwhelming malevolent air was everywhere. Dozens of dead and wounded fighters were everywhere! 

At this moment, his friends were all in mortal danger and he could only grit his teeth with his Exuberant Divine Skill as he watched them battled and fell! 

He had just been wounded by Zuo Tianyi. 

As for Gongsun Jing, he was near mortally wounded by Zuo Tianyi and he was battling for his life besides him!

Nangong Le had thought that by bringing his friends to the Tranquil Clan, they would be safe. But a remnant of the Honor Manor, consisting of some of the most powerful fighters in the fraternity was actually lying in wait and stormed the Tranquil Mountains! 

Even his friend, Priest Ling Kongquan had just been injured by the Heartless Scholar and was closing his eyes in mediation as he tried to recuperate from his internal injuries! 

And now Qiu Wufeng was fighting for his very life against the Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar! 

Nangong Le said hastily to Priest Ling Kongquan, “Brother Kongquan, I have dragged you and your protégés into this. I’m sorry…”

Priest Ling Kongquan laughed with his eyes closed, “The protégés of the Tranquil Clan are all from an orthodox clan and are all not afraid of death…”

Priest Bai Chongzhen, the protégé leader of the Traverse Clan coughed out blood as he added, “The protégés of the Traverse Clan are not afraid of death too!”

At this, all the protégés of the Traverse were shouting, “The protégés of the Traverse are not afraid of death!”

The Traverse Clan was one of the seven major orthodox clans in the martial fraternity and was situated in the Western Fraternity. When they had received word that the Honor Manor was mounting an invasion to the Western Fraternity, they refused to rally the orthodox fighters. 

This action upset the Honor Manor and the Traverse Clan was one of the first clans to be attacked by the powerful Honor Manor and was accused of betraying the righteous martial code of the alliance! 

Priest Bai Chongzhen then fled with dozens of his surviving protégés to the Tranquil Clan where they had regrouped. 

For a time, the Tranquil and the Traverse Clan had held the Honor Manor back until the fighters from the Virtuous Clan began to join in the assault. 

Priest Bai Chongzhen looked sadly at the dozens of protégés from the two clans that had been slain by the Honor Manor as well as the numerous volunteer heroes from the Western Fraternity that had volunteered to fight for their cause. 

He muttered sadly, “I have no wine to toast to the fallen heroes.”

They were now being surrounded and outnumbered by hundreds of fighters from the Honor Manor. Most of their fighters on their side were wounded or too weak to fight. 

The injured and the weak were now forced to watch the ongoing battle as it turned into a several groups of personalize duels! 

It was as though an invisible line had been drawn between the combatants and the injured! 

Zuo Tianyi who had just fatally stabbed Nangong Le with his long sword was smirking, “Nangong Le, you are not dead yet! Do you dare to fight me again, or do any of you dare to fight with me?”

Nangong Le laughed weakly, “If you want to get me, come over here first! Or else wait for me to take a short breath first and then I will challenge you!”

To Nangong Le and Zuo Tianyi surprise, Gongsun Jing had opened his eyes as he shouted hatefully to Zuo Tianyi, “You vile beast. I will kill you…”

Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly as he cast his eyes at the fights. 

Qiu Wufeng was fighting like a berserker against the Heartless Scholar who seemed to be toying with him. The Heartless Scholar was Qiu Wufeng’s former mentor, turned enemy who had slain most of his clan and had framed him!

Ji Lingfeng was fighting with Jue Yuan the Merciless Monk. 

She was having a hard time against Jue Yuan! It was only her extraordinary swiftness that had prevented Jue Yuan from hitting her but the constant movements had taken a toll on her already faltering strength even as she exchanged blows with Jue Yuan! 

Jue Yuan laughed, “Do you still have the strength to use the Aspire Divine Hands? I was caution the last time. But now I know that you are the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect and could only practice the Holy Amalgamate Skill, I am not afraid of your Aspire Divine Hands anymore. Compared to that foolish young man Yi Ping, your martial power isn’t strong enough! Why don’t you give up and marry me?”

Ji Lingfeng hummed coldly, “A monk can get married? Shameless!”

Jue Yuan had restrained from using his strength and his deadly stances. It was because part of the condition for the Virtuous Palace to join forces with the Honor Manor was that they had wanted the Holy Maiden Ji Lingfeng alive. 

Priest Liu Qingcheng, the protégé master of the Tranquil Clan was fighting with Xiao Fei. 

He too, was having a hard time and was fighting for his life. No matter how fast he had switched his stances and strokes, it could not stop Xiao Fei at all. 

Xiao Fei had expected to defeat Priest Liu Qingcheng with little efforts but it was proving to take a longer time that he had anticipated. But he was in no hurry. He could tell that Priest Liu Qingcheng was sweating heavily with his physical and mental fortitude being drained away with every stroke that he had made. So he was in no hurry. 

The reason why Priest Liu Qingcheng had fared better than what Xiao Fei had expected was that he had advanced in his Dual Inertness Intricacy and being bolstered by the Tranquil Spirits. Moreover his two protégé disciples Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still fighting and no matter what happened, he refused to be defeated first due to face saving measures. 

Because of that simple reason, he had fought nonstop for two hours that caused even Xiao Fei’s martial strength to falter! 

Xiao Fei was now sweating heavily as he said coldly, “You are a worthy opponent and better than a lot of fighters that I have encountered. I am careless.”

However, the reason why Xiao Fei and Xiao Da were staying their hands and refused to display their secret techniques were because there were too many people here and Lie Qing was observing them! 

Even if they had to use their secret techniques, it would be against the maiden with the crimson eyes who was watching intently at their every fighting strokes and stances! 

They were aware of it and part of their attention was also on her. 

If their opponent would kill even Xiao Yuanjia, then he or she had to be a super exponent and they were not taking any risks. 

The twin sisters of the Eternal Ice Palace, Yu’Er the Jade Sword and Mei’Er the Beautiful Sword were fighting against Xiao Da. 

Xiao Da was an extremely formidable foe. 

That had caught Yu’Er and Mei’Er by surprise as he could break their Divine Emerald Skill!

Xiao Da was eying them lustfully and he could barely contain his inner lust as he thought, “There are four great beauties here. Father wants the Holy Maiden, alas while the maiden with the crimson eyes who is also the most desirable is our mortal foe. I guess I have to make do with these two maidens then.”

It actually would not take much time for Xiao Da to defeat the twin sisters but he had taken much longer than he had expected because they seemed to be able to predict his moves and the cold energies of their swordplay were able to negate his malevolent despair. 

Moreover, most of his techniques and strokes were meant for killing. Staying his hand was a much more difficult thing than he had expected. 

There were a few times that he had the opportunity to deal them a heavy blow, rather than with his long sword but he had also stayed his hand. It was because he was afraid of Xiao Shuai, his father. Xiao Shuai had warned anyone in the Virtuous Palace not to harm any female protégés from the Eternal Ice Palace or else they would be faced with the harshest of the clan punishments. 

And Xiao Shuai was someone who had shown no mercy even to his own kin, including his brothers. 

Xiao Da laughed as he flashed his sword from left to right, “Why don’t the two of you be my concubines?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er exclaimed indignantly at the same time, “Dream on!” 

There were dozens of pugilists from both sides that were also watching the duels keenly and were awestruck by their extraordinary martial display as they held their breath. 

In time to come, Qiu Wufeng would be renowned for his courage and had the fraternity name of the Courageous Windless Swordsman. 

Yuan Shao was looking patiently at the fights. It was because victory was inevitable and he was looking intently at a young beautiful maiden on the other side who was stroking her long hair slowly as though she was just a speculator. This enchanting maiden gave him a disturbed feeling, primary because of her red crimson eyes. 

Because she did not make her move yet, he had bid his time as well. It was because the other maiden with silvery white hair that he had fought against with many days ago had crimson eyes too and she was an extremely dangerous exponent. Therefore he waited for her to make her first move so that he could gauge her strength. 

She was also extremely enchanting and beholden to look at, causing many of the hearts of the fighters to be consumed by lust for her, weakening their resolute. 

Yuan Shao thought, “Is she also waiting for me to make my first move and attack me with a surprise attack?”

When he had recalled the terrifying swiftness movement of the young maiden with silver hair, he knew that this amount of distance would not defer his opponent from making an attack in any direction. 

Zuo Tianyi had finished his duel and had quietly walked towards him. There were no more fighters from the other side that dared to challenge him anymore. 

Zuo Tianyi said, “Master Yuan Shao, it seems like Xiao Da needs some help. Maybe I should help him…”

Yuan Shao stared at him, saying coldly. “With me around, you don’t have to be so concerned. If you are to hurt any of the protégés from the Eternal Ice Palace, don’t blame me for being merciless even if you have the protection of the Honor Manor.”

Zuo Tianyi smiled bitterly, “I dare not!”

Yuan Shao asked, “Who is that maiden with red eyes and a black sword on the other side?”

Zuo Tianyi said, “She is Lie Qing.”

Yuan Shao said, “Which protégé clan is she from?”

Zuo Tianyi said, “She claims to be from the New Virtuous Palace. Where she is from previously, I really do not know.”

Yuan Shao was startled, “She is from the New Virtuous Palace?”

He quickly regained his composure and asked, “How is her martial level?”

Zuo Tianyi replied coolly, “She is good with the sword but she can’t fight now.”

Yuan Shao asked, “Why is that so?”

Zuo Tianyi said, “She doesn’t have internal strength now, having lost it in a recent fight.”

Yuan Shao asked, “Really?!”

Zuo Tianyi smiled, “There is no reason for me to lie to you. We are on the same side now. Even the weakest of the Honor Manor can take her down anytime.”

Yuan Shao was alarmed as he cursed venomously!

It was because they had all fallen for her bluff stratagem. The reason why they had hesitated was because of they were caution of the Red Eye Clan! 

Yuan Shao immediately raised his cane and had dashed towards Lie Qing! 

Lie Qing immediately turned ashen as she cursed Zuo Tianyi silently. 

She had used up half of her Invincible Divine Force in an attempt to save Xiao Youxue. It was because Xiao Youxue and Yi Ping were her benefactors. She had unwittingly caused Xiao Youxue to be grievously injured and it was the least that she could do. Of course, most would not even consider giving up their intricate energy for anyone but Lie Qing would do it for Xiao Youxue! 

By half of her Invincible Divine Force, it had actually meant all of her internal strength. It was because the other half of her Invincible Divine Force was her inherent life force and could not be given away. 

She quietly said to herself, “Lie Qing, you are only living on borrow time. You should be glad instead that to be alive again for these past several months. Yi Ping, Youxue…I am so glad to know you…both of you may not be alive anymore so what there for me to live for now?” 

As Yuan Shao dashed across with startling speed, Yu’Er and Mei’Er saw him and tried to intercept him as they raised their long precious swords against him. 

Yuan Shao simply raised his fingers as he avoided the furies of their cold beaming swords, striking both Yu’Er and Mei’Er as their Divine Emerald Skills were penetrated by his Soul Stealer Fingers!

Both Yu’Er and Mei’Er crumbled onto the ground in an instant with shrieked cries! 

Even as Yuan Shao had struck down the twin sisters, Ji Lingfeng had flew towards him and raised her entire martial power, unleashing the explosive shrieking might of the Aspire Horizon Hand at him! 

Yuan Shao immediately switched his Soul Stealer Finger towards the almighty force of the Aspire Horizon Hand as his fingers struck her palm with a thunderous impact!

Ji Lingfeng was sent flying backward as she coughed out blood! 

The martial power of Yuan Shao’s Divine Virtuous Force and his Soul Stealer Finger was startling! 

All of a sudden, a young man in white dashed past and caught hold of Ji Lingfeng in mid-air!

It was Yi Ping!

Ji Lingfeng smiled tearfully as she muttered weakly, “Yi Ping, is that really you? You are still alive?”

Yi Ping nodded, “Lingfeng, it is really me. I am here!” 

Just as Yuan Shao had almost flown to Lie Qing, he had suddenly backed off! 

It was because an extraordinary beautiful maiden in red dress had suddenly intercepted him in mid-air with her long black scythe!

It was Lele!

Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng shouted excitedly, “Yi Ping!”

They had also saw a beautiful maiden with extraordinary splendor that they could not recognized but the fact that she could cause Yuan Hao to back off gave them some hope! 

Ding Yun had come to the aid of Priest Liu Qingcheng as she caused Xiao Fei to back off at the same time too! 

Xiao Fei said coolly, “Yunzi, why are you on their side? Have you forgotten what awaits traitors?”

Ding Yun replied coldly, “Ding Yunzi is dead. From now on, I am Ding Yun.”

Lie Qing covered her mouth in utter disbelief as she burst into tears when she saw Yi Ping! 

Yi Ping had quietly helped Yu’Er and Mei’Er up. It was as though Xiao Da was not there. 

Xiao Da had hesitated because this young man had a frightening aura and he did not want to take any unnecessary risks. 

Yi Ping was trembling even as he checked Yu’Er and Mei’Er for internal injuries. 

Yu’Er said weakly, “Master, I’m alright. Don’t worry about me. You…are still alive…I am so glad…”

Mei’Er was more emotional as she cried in Yi Ping embrace. 

Yi Ping shouted angrily, “Yuan Shao!”

This shout startled everyone by its sheer explosive power and caused everyone except those with strong internal strength to take a few steps backward, causing many of the fighters to cup their ears with their hands! 

Yi Ping clenched his fists tightly as he stared angrily at Yuan Shao!

He tried to suppress his bursting rage but when he saw the sorry state that his companions had been and how close they were to death, he had totally lost his cool. 

It was because Yi Ping had now returned to a distant past when his mother, Shui Yichi was dying in front of his eyes. At that time, he was just only five but he blamed himself for being so weak. All of a sudden, he could see the dainty sight of his beloved mother moving into his vision, as she displayed one extraordinary stance after the other! 

Xiao Da, Xiao Fei, Jue Yuan and Zuo Tianyi had immediately regrouped behind Yuan Shao. 

Nangong Le, Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Qiu Wufeng, Ji Lingfeng and Priest Liu Qingcheng had also gathered behind Yi Ping as they supported one another as they all shouting excitedly, “Yi Ping…Yi Ping!”

Lie Qing had quietly walked besides Yi Ping and held his arm as she said gently, “You are here at last…”

Lie Qing touch was electrifying and Yi Ping returned to his senses. He looked at Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ji Lingfeng as he muttered gently, “Everyone…”

It was the first time that Lele had seen Lie Qing but she had recognized her. Her looks and her crimson eyes were obvious. She wanted to say something to her but Lie Qing seemed to be totally oblivion to anyone except for Yi Ping. 

The rest of the fighters that were on the side of the Tranquil Clan were aroused by Yi Ping. It was as though his presence alone could move their fighting spirits by unseen hands and many who had fallen or too weak to move had also got up on their feet, including Priest Bai Chongzhen and even Gongsun Jing! 

Even though most of them were now too weak to fight except for Ding Yun and Lele, Yi Ping was like a giant spiritual pillar that was supporting them as they stood defiantly against their foes! 

The powerful martial shout displayed by Yi Ping and his righteous air had even caused the fighters on the side of the Honor Manor to be hesitant, affecting their resolute. 

Moreover, Yi Ping was being recognized as the young fighter that had dared to challenge Zuo Tianyi, Jue Yuan and Gu Tianle singlehandedly back at the Honor Manor! 

There were muttering among the fighters that were on the side of the Honor Manor as they asked, “Is he the one that fight against Master Gu Tianle in the Honor Manor?”

Yuan Shao had never seen someone who could ignite the fighting spirits of the fallen in such a manner. But he was not worried as he had recognized the three newly arrivals. Just not too long ago, he had just defeated them. He was only curious how did their external injuries healed this fast?

Ding Yun he could understand because the Divine Virtuous Force had a healing effect. But as for the young man Yi Ping and the young maiden in red dress? All in all, he had remembered stabbing Yi Ping more than thirty times! 

Did Ding Yun secretly taught them the Divine Virtuous Force? 

Yuan Shao could only say coldly, “Good! You are all here. It will save us much trouble from eliminating you elsewhere.”

Xiao Da laughed aloud, “I have thought who it is. It is just a young man, a young maiden and Yunzi. Yunzi, have you forgotten all about me already?”

Ding Yun’s expressions were cold and did not reply. But her fingers were subtly trembling and she was filled with dread and hatred for Xiao Da! 

Yuan Hao pointed at Yi Ping as he asked aloud, “He is Yi Ping? And who is this maiden here?”

He was pointing at the young and beautiful maiden in red dress. 

It was only then, everyone except Yi Ping and Ding Yun had realized no one knew know who this enchanting maiden was, even though she was too attractive to go unnoticed! 

Only Ji Lingfeng had recognized her even though she had never seen the Celestial Envoy without her terrifying mask!

Her red dress, her long black scythe and distinctly mannerism had told her it was the Celestial Envoy but she had thought that the Celestial Envoy was an old woman because of her silvery white hair…

But the fact that she could beat off Yuan Shao, had already raised several eyebrows. 

Even Lie Qing was now looking at her and was startled to see that she had the same crimson red eyes as her! 

Even Xiao Da and Xiao Fei were intrigued by her. Because she was able to cause Yuan Shao to back off with a single stroke, her martial prowess was not to be underestimated! 

Xiao Da was looking lustfully at her and was smiling. 

Moreover, they were reminded of the legends of the Red Eye Clan that their elders had always told them to remember. And today, there were two of them! 

Lele swung her heavy long black scythe with one hand and thrust it into the ground quietly as she sighed softly, “Who I am?” 

It was only then almost everyone who was watching her was caught off-guard by her martial display! 

It was because for her to wield the seemingly long black metal scythe weightlessness was a display of her martial prowess upon itself. For her to thrust the blade of the scythe totally into the ground was a seemingly impossible feat!

It was a feat that even Yi Ping and Yuan Shao could not accomplish despite their martial strength! 

Yuan Shao was slightly taken aback as was everyone. Her scythe just seemed to go through the ground seemingly like it was tofu. One must know that that the ground was covered only with a thin layer of soil, beneath it was just hardened earth and was filled with rocky debris. Moreover the blade of her scythe was curved, making it even harder. 

Yuan Shao, Xiao Da, Xiao Fei, Zuo Tianyi, Jue Yuan and Lu Baiyun immediately knew that her internal strength was at the peak and extremely potent. 

They just could not figure out how she was able to do it despite her young age for internal strength unlike martial power, could only be cultivate slowly. 

Take Yi Ping for example, his internal strength could be cultivated through the Divine Revelation, an intricate formula to circulate intricate energy but his powerful martial power had come from the Aspire Invocation which enhanced his martial strength. 

Internal strength and martial strength was therefore related, it was not the same. How strong one’s martial strength may be dependable on the practitioner’s internal strength foundation but it was also somewhat related to the strength of the martial skill too. 

Yi Ping’s Divine Horizon Hands, the Aspire Horizon Hand required decades of internal strength foundation before he could use this powerful stance. The martial power of the Aspire Horizon Hand had come from the Aspire Invocation which drew its strength from the intricate energies of the practitioner. 

Practitioners like Lele and Shui Yixian may seemingly lacked martial strength in their attacks and appeared weaker but that was an illusion. It was because they were the practitioners of the internal martial arts while Yi Ping focused on his martial strength. 

Practitioner like Yuan Shao was versatile fighter, switching between martial strength to use sword techniques and internal strength to use the Soul Stealer Fingers while Zuo Tianyi’s infinity swordplay at the higher levels actually required a combination of both, especially at the sword energy staging. 

While everyone was still taken aback, Yuan Shao, Xiao Da and Xiao Fei had immediately eyed her fingernails, her hair decorations, her long sleeves, her dress, her sword scabbard and her footwear. There was not a single area that they had spared!

It was not because they were lustful but because they were looking for concealed weapons and secret projectiles!

They had observed that she had short fingernails and that would mean that she could be expert in unarmed combat as well! 

While Lu Baiyun, Zuo Tianyi, Jue Yuan and many of her opponents were also looking at her, they were quickly mesmerized by her eyes and had forgotten that she was actually their foe! 

In no time, Zuo Tianyi, Lu Baiyun and Jue Yuan were filled with lust, just as they were filled with lust for Lie Qing. 

Lele exhaled softly, “Who I am? I am the Celestial Envoy.”

She purposely waited for her words to be sunk in as she added, “The Celestial Envoy is naturally from the Celestial Palace. I am the Joyful Goddess. Since you are all in my presence, hurry and bow before me with your full condolences!” 

At the mention of the Celestial Palace, dozens of fighters from both sides were suddenly paralyzed with fear!

Even though few people in the fraternity could ascertain that the Celestial Palace was even real but there were many dreadful rumors about the Celestial Palace! 

No one had ever lived to return from the Celestial Mountains! 

Even though the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace knew that they were going to attack the Celestial Palace, most had thought that it was just an excuse for a punitive attack to against the unorthodox clans of the Western Fraternity. 

It was the fearful invisible hand of the Celestial Palace in the Western Fraternity that had prevented the different orthodox and unorthodox clans in that fraternity to fight openly with one another. That was also the reason why most of the unorthodox clans had also originated from the Western Fraternity! 

Even Yuan Shao’s face had a twitch at the mere mention of the Celestial Palace! 

Just as Lele was secretly feeling gleefully at the startled shock and the uneasiness of her opponents, Yi Ping had stepped forward and said. “She is Lele and she is no Goddess.”

This startled Lele and she was secretly scolding him in her heart despite her high state of divinity!

It was because in the fraternity, the pugilists rarely revealed their real names and only use their fraternity names. But Yi Ping obviously did not know that. Maidens like Lele, Ji Lingfeng, Lie Qing, Shui Yixian and Xiao Youxue were willing to tell him their real name only because they had liked him! 

Lele had painfully orchestrated an awe striking scene to win the psychology battle so that they could gain an upper hand or at least break even over their deadly foes. It was because there were only three of them who could fight while their enemies numbered in the dozens!

Ji Lingfeng sighed softly. She had almost gave Yi Ping a kick as she sighed silently, “You stupid pig!”

The only person on Yi Ping’s side that did not care was Lie Qing as she had already surrendered to her fate and was grateful for the borrowed time. There was only a devoted affection in her eyes for Yi Ping…

Even before Lele could recover from her initial shock, Yi Ping said. “You can all come at me at the same time!”

She nearly fainted from shock, as almost everyone else was also shocked by his bold declaration, including their opponents! 
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Chapter 39: Melody Star and Luminous Star 

Yi Ping of course was not thinking when he had made the bold challenge. He only said that in a moment of anger!!

For a moment, everyone was stunned even as Yi Ping had already stepped forward and had extended his hands in a combat stance!

Ji Lingfeng was the first to recover her wits as she stepped forward besides Yi Ping, saying weakly, “Yi Ping, I am willing to fight alongside with you!”

Yi Ping was touched. Just as he was about to speak, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had also stepped forward as they cried out empathically, “Master, we are also willing to fight alongside with you!”

Ding Yun wanted to step forward too but her modesty held her back…

Lie Qing’s heart was wrenched and she was trying extremely hard to hold back her tears because she knew that Yi Ping’s very act was suicidal. She wished silently that she had her internal strength back again…

Lele was looking emotionlessly at Yi Ping and was surprised that so many maidens were willing to disregard their lives for him. 

The onlookers were envy at the sight. 

Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng may be envy but they were not jealous of Yi Ping. In fact, the maidens were not jealous of one another. They had been through much together in these past few days and had helped to pull one another till this point. 

Even Lele who did not go through life and death with them, could see the spark of life in their eyes when they were looking at Yi Ping. 

Yi Ping held Ji Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er hands one by one as he said, “Everyone…Life and death is predestined. You should treat your internal injuries first lest it worsens.”

Ji Lingfeng muttered, “What is the point if you have died?”

Yu’Er said melancholy, “Mast…” 

She gulped and said gently, “Yi Ping…I’m so sorry…actually Protégé Mistress, she is still alive…”

Yi Ping smiled gently as he patted her shoulder, “Yu’Er I know. Maiden Ding has told me the truth already.”

Mei’Er had already burst into tears as she flew into his embrace, sobbing. “Master Yi Ping, evil cannot triumph over good. Remember it.”

Yi Ping turned and said gently to Ding Yun, “Yun, protect them…don’t let the flying swords of the Virtuous Palace accidentally hurt them. You are the only one that knows this technique well enough…”
Ding Yun nodded silently as her eyes swelled. It was because she would rather fight alongside with him! 
Ding Yun whispered, “Be extra wary of Xiao Da. While most of us only know one stance from the Unbreakable Hands which is the Penetrating Hand, Xiao Shuai has taught him the Breaking Hand and the Eighteen Folds of the Unbreakable Hands.” 
Yi Ping nodded.
Ding Yun added, “And that Xiao Fei, he is also an extremely formidable fighter. Many fighters that were stronger than him were killed by him in the past.”
While Ding Yun was whispering to Yi Ping, Ji Lingfeng looked at Lele with pleading eyes. “The Celestial Envoy, I hope that you can assist Yi Ping.”
Lele said coolly, “Are you threatening me again? I have already helped you the last time. Remember your promise to the Celestial Palace.”
Ji Lingfeng became quiet.
Actually among all the maidens, Lele was the most intimate to Yi Ping. Only Ding Yun knew about their special relationship. It was just that Lele did not feel comfortable to disclose it.
Lele said coldly, “Since he likes to be a hero, let him be.”
Yi Ping sniffed deeply and smiled. Even though Lele appeared to be cold, he was actually glad at heart. It was because he really did not want her to risk her life. 
Even though Lele was acting cold but she was actually sighing to herself, “I know that you don’t want me to fight but do you think I will watch by the fence and do nothing?” 
Jue Yuan interrupted by shouting, “Young rascal, you have thought too highly of yourself! You can’t even defeat me and you wanted to challenge the entire lot of us? What a joke!”
Jue Yuan had already stepped forward and had raised his martial power, displaying his famous martial feat, the Merciless Palms! 
Yi Ping did not waste a moment more as he quickly dashed forward to meet Jue Yuan headlong! 
Because Jue Yuan had underestimated Yi Ping the last time and did not use his full strength, he was determined not to make the same mistake again. Therefore he had raised his martial power to the fullest while shouting to Yi Ping, “Rascal, do you dare to take a blow from my palm?”
Yi Ping did not hesitate at all as he shouted back, “Who is afraid of you?”
Both Yi Ping and Jue Yuan had raised their palms and clashed mightily at one another as everyone held their breath!
There was a thunderous clap that exploded mightily as Yi Ping took three steps backward before he could steady himself! 
Jue Yuan took six steps backward dazedly and at the end of the sixth step, he coughed out blood! 
Yi Ping took a deep breath and circulated his intricate energy with the Divine Revelation as he calmed his heartbeat down. He was otherwise unharmed! 
Lu Baiyun immediately caught Jue Yuan in his arm as he said, “Master Jue Yuan, are you alright?”
Jue Yuan simply could not believe that this young man Yi Ping’s martial power had surpassed him by such a wide gap even as he stared furiously at him!
The fighters from the Honor Manor were stunned that Master Jue Yuan, one of the top exponents of the Honor Manor could not take one blow from Yi Ping! 
Jue Yuan wiped away his mouthful of blood with his sleeve as he took out his prayer beads as he shouted, “Tianyi and Brother Lu, what are you waiting for? Attack him!”
Lu Baiyun and Zuo Tianyi immediately stepped forward with their long swords. 
Xiao Da smirked, “It seems that the Honor Manor may need some help after all.”
Xiao Da was the young master of the Virtuous Palace and the only successor to Xiao Shuai now after his brother Xiao Yuanjia had died. It was not wrong to say that he represented the Virtuous Palace in the absence of Xiao Shuai! 
At this moment, he was looking intently at Ji Lingfeng. It was because she was the very reason why the Virtuous Palace was here. Upon receiving news that she was sighed in the vicinity, Clan Protégé Master Xiao Shuai immediately dispatched him with the highest urgency to bring her back alive to him. 
He was wondering why his father was so eager to have her. After seeing her exquisite alluring beauty, he was gritting his teeth. Even though he was unwilling to hand her over to his father but he was fearful of him.
Moreover, his father had sent Yuan Shao who was also the Elder of the Virtuous Palace to keep watch on him. Therefore he could only secretly sigh. 
But he was quickly looking gleefully at Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ding Yun, Lie Qing and Lele.
This was not gone unnoticed by Nangong Le who had clenched his fist and had wished that he could punch him right into his face!
Jue Yuan, Lu Baiyun and Zuo Tianyi were now encircling Yi Ping! 
Zuo Tianyi said to Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, you have better drawn your sword. In the past, we may have fought to a draw but today, you are not my match.”
Even as he was saying this, his sword seemed to be shimmering and his frightening sword energy began to spread out in all directions!
Even Yuan Shao and Xiao Da were startled at this phenomenon!
His sword energy was so powerful that it lifted the frightening malevolent air that Yuan Shao had exuded! 
Indeed, it was the Infinity-One swordplay! 
The Infinity-One swordplay was the highest epitome of the Infinity Swordplay. The Old Sword Saint spent decades pondering over the mysteries of the Infinity-One. While the Infinity-Two was the merging of sword and intricate energy which was called sword energy, the Infinity-One was the act of actually discharging it into deadly sword energies! 
The Old Sword Saint had used the later part of his life to research the mythical Infinity-Zero but had failed. Only in his dying days, he had grasped part of the Infinity-Zero. And before he had passed away, he had instructed Zuo Tianyi on the possible intricate formula of the Infinity-First and the Infinity-Zero. 
The Old Sword Saint had not expected Zuo Tianyi to grasp the full understanding of the Infinity-Zero for decades to come. 
But Zuo Tianyi had. 
That was because he had witnessed the duel between two super exponents, Lie Qing and the Celestial Fairy which greatly increased his understanding. Coupled with the near death experiences with Yuan Shao, he had finally grasped the Infinity-First!
Yi Ping could sense the terrifying sword energies that exuded from Zuo Tianyi’s sword. 
Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “You won’t be so lucky this time.”
Even as he had said that, he had hacked at Yi Ping with a downward slice.
Even as Yi Ping had parried it with his emerald phoenix sword, he could feel the cold beaming energy that pierced through his sword to his arm! 
Yi Ping could sense his sword arm weakening but he quickly raised his martial strength and immediately retaliated with the Divine Horizon Hand with his left hand but Zuo Tianyi avoided it by taking a step back.
All of a sudden, Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar had seized the attack opportunity to come from his back, as was Jue Yuan with his prayer beads! 
The Heartless Swordsman was a master swordsman and was ranked at one of the top exponents of the martial fraternity. 
Lie Qing could not help shouting aloud, “Look out!” 
Yi Ping immediately whirled his long sword and displayed the Horizon Swordplay, parrying the attackers. 
In an instant, Yi Ping, Lu Baiyun, Jue Yuan and Zuo Tianyi were attacking so fast that there were waves of windforce and cold beaming sword energy everywhere!
In all, they had exchanged more than one hundred strokes in a short while! 
The onlookers were amazed as they could sense Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies were getting more powerful while Yi Ping’s martial power was also increasing! 
All of a sudden, Yi Ping gave a loud shout even as a dozen Horizon Sword Strokes were exchanged in the intermediate!
Ji Lingfeng grasped, “The Asper Continuum Horizon Hands!”
But instead of the Asper Continuum Horizon Hands, Yi Ping had merged it with the Horizon Swordplay! 
Lele had almost dashed into their midst because she knew how deadly sword energy in its physical form really was. She was startled that this Zuo Tianyi had actually attained such a high state of divinity. 
Just as she was about to dash into their midst, Yi Ping had dispelled the seeming impossible to block sword energies with multiple waves of martial power windforce!
She thought, “When did Yi Ping learn how to merge his Divine Horizon Hand with his Horizon Swordplay? And that enemy swordsman, he has actually such a high state of divinity but he will soon trigger the Divine Calamity and will die very soon. At this point, his blood and heart is the most precious to the Celestial Palace…”
But she continued to be nervous. It was because she knew that Yi Ping could not sustain his martial power for long and would eventually be defeated! 
All of a sudden, Jue Yuan was forcefully pushed back by the rippling windforce of the Horizon Swordplay and he was torn apart by the cold piercing waves of Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies!
Lu Baiyun barely escaped even as he parried dozens of forceful windforce coming from Yi Ping and the sword energy arcs that had circulated from Zuo Tianyi at the same time! 
He was struck on his chest by the Asper Continuum Horizon Hands and was mortally wounded by three piercing sword energies! 
Even as Lu Baiyun fled back to the safety lines of his camp in startled shock, “Zuo Tianyi, you have dared to kill Master Jue…”
Before he could finish, he was forced to take three additional steps backward as another powerful bout of windforce struck him!
Everyone was grasping at the death duel between Yi Ping and Zuo Tianyi, forcing to move backward even as they watched! 
They could only see two dark shadows in the middle, the shrieking clanging of the swords and the thunderous explosive clanking sound of their blows. The windforce that were generated, were unlike any that they had seen before! 
Yu’Er and Mei’Er had leapt forward as they raised their fingers as they displayed the Divine Emerald Skill, shielding their companions from the deadly cold energies that had flew in their direction!
The other side was not as fortunately as a dozen of the onlookers were killed instantly even though they were all standing a good distance. This immediately caused a panic and many of the fighters of the Honor Manor began to retreat hastily to a safer position! 
Only Xiao Da, Xiao Fei and Yuan Shao remained on their ground and were watching the duel with eager anticipation. 
Xiao Fei said, “I didn’t know that the Honor Manor has such a highly skillful fighter on their side. I have thought that the young protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan is just a useless thing. Now, this is interesting.”
Xiao Da hummed coldly, “Xiao Fei, let’s add something more interesting and create some havoc before I get bored.”
Yuan Shao looked sternly at Xiao Da but Xiao Da already thrust four long swords onto the ground!
In split second, he had already drawn up the long sword one by one as he sent it spinning into the other side, displaying the Flying Sword Technique of the Virtuous Palace!
Ding Yun had already anticipated it as she quickly threw her sword into a flying spin as the first sword was deflected!
Yu’Er and Mei’Er had raised their long precious swords and had deflected the second and third flying swords!
The forth flying sword was deflected by Lele. 
Xiao Da laughed as he said to Xiao Fei, “What do you think?” Even as he was speaking, he had already thrust a dozen swords in front of him! 
Xiao Fei said coolly, “It seems that the other side has only four persons that could handle your flying swords. Of the four, only the Celestial Envoy seems to have the martial level to truly take your blow. The other three are not your match.”
Even as Xiao Fei was talking, Xiao Da had thrown more than six flying swords to the other side!
Xiao Da said coolly, “Xiao Fei, come in and join in the fun.”
Xiao Fei said, “We may hurt the twin sisters…”
Xiao Da said, “There is nothing to worry. We are not aiming at them. They can choose not to deflect our flying swords and avoid it entirely.”
Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun had already expended most of their martial strength to deflect the flying swords and had already taken several steps back!
Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le had tried to deflect one of the flying swords but instead of stopping it, it sent them flying backward!
Ji Lingfeng caught of Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le as she said hastily, “Everyone back!”
Luckily, the flying sword was deflected in a nick of time by Lele even as it flew past Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng or else the consequences would be disastrous!
In the meantime, Yi Ping was fighting with his life as he displayed strokes after strokes with both his sword and palm. It was because if he stopped his martial force now, then he could not stop Zuo Tianyi’s sword energy from hurting him. 
Zuo Tianyi was not having an easy time too. He had thought that he could end Yi Ping’s life with his Infinity-Zero with just a few strokes but Yi Ping’s martial power was startling.
What Yi Ping lacked in techniques, he made it up with his extraordinary martial power. 
Both Yi Ping and Zuo Tianyi were sweating heavily and panting breathlessness. It was because they were both fighting with all their martial powers and executing dozens of strokes at every instant. The first one to stop would lose! 
Zuo Tianyi shouted as he displayed a barrage of strokes, “Yi Ping, why don’t you give up!”
Yi Ping raised his martial power again with the Divine Revelation as he sent powerful rippling windforce with his sword towards Zuo Tianyi, “It is because I have people to protect. I cannot lose.”
Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “What a noble mission. Nevertheless, it is still foolishness. You need skill to protect. If you beg me now, I may still let you live!”
Yi Ping raised his sword as he counterattacked with three rippling sword strokes even as he shouted back, “Zuo Tianyi, why are you on their side?! I have thought that you are my friend! Why did you do that to Ding Yun?”
Zuo Tianyi said, “It is because I don’t want to die yet. As for Ding Yun, I am really disappointed with her…”
Yi Ping shouted in disappointment, “You don’t have the right to criticize her!”
Zuo Tianyi laughed coldly, “I can even tell you this. I am also the one that have led the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace here.”
In his moment of rage, Yi Ping had a momentary lapse in concentration and his left shoulder was pierced by Zuo Tianyi’s Infinity-Five piercing stroke!
Just as Zuo Tianyi was about to attack Yi Ping again with another follow up attack, Lele had flew with startling speed towards them and interrupted his attack, slashing and slightly wounding Zuo Tianyi on his chest who was caught by surprise by her sudden appearance!
Yi Ping was startled as he shouted hastily, “How did you get into here? Get out of here now! It is far too dangerous!”
Lele had shocked and stunned everyone by moving into the death zone of the duel all of a sudden! 
Everyone had expected her to be torn apart by the sword energies and the ripping windforce in the middle. But somehow she had made it to the middle unaffected, raising eyebrows from even Yuan Hao, Xiao Fei and Xiao Da. 
Lele had reached the Transverse state of divinity of the Celestial Divinity. At this divine state, she could see the invisible waves of the dangerous sword energies. Moreover, the Divine Celestial Force was a defensive martial skill that could neutralize offensive energies. Lele present state of divinity with the Divine Celestial Force was such that she could disregard Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies completely. 
Lele ignored his warnings and threw the Divine Echo to him, “Yi Ping, use this sword!”
As Yi Ping unsheathed the sword, there was a low hymning sound as it shattered the surrounding sword energies, knocking Zuo Tianyi a few steps backward! 
Zuo Tianyi was startled, “What kind of a sword is this?” 
Just as Yi Ping was about to seize the opportunity to retaliate against Zuo Tianyi with the emerald phoenix sword and the Divine Echo, a flying sword flew with startling speed in front of him!
Even as he had raised both his swords with all his martial power, he was still knocked back a few steps backward.
Lele swung her long scythe to deflect the flying sword in time as she asked softly, “Yi Ping, are you alright?”
Xiao Fei, Xiao Da and Yuan Shao were now besides Zuo Tianyi!
Even Yuan Shao was asking, “What is this sword?” It was because he had never seen a sword that could hymn by itself and could even dispel sword energies! 
Lele said coolly, “It is the Divine Echo.”
Yuan Shao was startled. It was because the Divine Echo was a divine sword of legend and legends had stated it was the possession of one of the Divine Star Fairies. Even though Yuan Shao had read of it but it was after all just a beautiful legend and nobody had really seen it. 
Even Xiao Fei and Zuo Tianyi were slightly taken aback. 
Xiao Fei said coolly, “It is named after a sword of bygone days and is not the original.” 
Yi Ping said coldly, “Good, all of you have decided to join in the fight. What are we waiting for?”
Yuan Shao said coldly, “This maiden here. She claims she is from the Celestial Palace yet she didn’t know the rules of the martial fraternity? Yet she has interrupted the duel.”
Lele replied coldly, “This is just a vanity to seek honor and glory for all of you. For me, I intend to just fight alongside with Yi Ping.”
Even as Lele was speaking, she had dismantled her long scythe into two sickles in both her hands and dropped the long black metal pole on the ground.
Yi Ping was touched but he stepped in front of Lele as he said, “Lele, step back. These opponents are far too dangerous for you.”
Lele said softly, “Even knowing you may die? Why are you so foolish? Why are mortals so foolish and waste their lives in this manner? Why do you insist on being a hero? If we join hands, then we can still have a glimmer of hope.”
Yi Ping said quietly, “It is because I want to protect all those that are dear to my heart.”
Lele shook her head as she held his arm, sighing melancholy, “I don’t understand why you are willing to forsake your precious life. I am an icy divine star from the heavens. Can you hear… the light stirring of my heart, do you know…what stirs my heart…you have awakened my emotions and filled my lonely life. Our hearts have exchanged intricate with each other…can you see the transparent mirror in my heart?”
Even though she was soft spoken but her slow, unhurried words were heard crystal clear by everyone and it was so heart wrenching that many fighters were moved to tears. 
At this moment, everyone could sense the emotion stirrings of her heart! 
It was because due to her Divine State of Transverse, she had unwittingly affected everyone with her emotions. 
Even Zuo Tianyi, Yuan Shao, Xiao Da and Xiao Fei were moved quietly by her and did not interrupt her. 
Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled as he looked at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “Isn’t this emotion similar to the highest level of the Dual Heart Intricate? I have…actually witnessed it…”
Lie Qing, Ji Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing were stunned at the sentiments that the Celestial Envoy was displaying openly for Yi Ping. 
Ji Lingfeng was the most bewildered. She had asked the Celestial Envoy to aid Yi Ping and the Celestial Envoy appeared to be the most reluctantly to help. When she had seen the way Yi Ping and Lele looked at one another, she knew that their affections were real. 
Ding Yun had quietly walked next to Lie Qing…
As Lele looked at Yi Ping, her silent tears dipped onto the Divine Echo as she said. “There is a seal in the Divine Echo. Only the tears of a heavenly fairy can break this seal. The Divine Echo is now yours…”
Yi Ping was trembling as he muttered, “Lele…don’t cry…I can feel your heart…I can feel your very heart…the emotions and your heartbreaks…don’t cry…we will fight together as one… ”
Lele smiled softly, “Really?!”
When she smiled, it was like the arrival of spring and the darkness was dispelled sending gladness into the hearts of everyone! 
Yi Ping nodded. 
Lele cried softly, “That’s wonderful. Even if I am turn to dust and into nothingness, I will always remember you…”
She had silently unblocked all the forbidden celestial channels in her body and had raised her Divine Celestial Force to the highest level as she smiled at Yuan Shao, Xiao Fei, Zuo Tianyi and Xiao Da. To protect Yi Ping, she was willing to sacrifice her own life and even retorted to use the Heavens Earth Sundering Skill of the Divine Celestial Force. 
She smiled to herself, “We will become dust together then…”
“Not so fast.”
Lie Qing had walked quietly next to Yi Ping! 
Yi Ping was startled, “Lie Qing, you have not recovered from your injuries and shouldn’t be here. Go back quickly!”
Lele grasped softly, “Luminous Star…”
Lie Qing smiled enchantingly as she swung her long black sword effortlessly, saying gently. “Yi Ping, worry for yourself first. Your wounds are still bleeding now. I am alright now.”
Yi Ping was startled, “You have recovered your martial strength?”
Lie Qing smiled, “I have not only recovered my martial strength but my Invincible Divine Force as well.”
All of a sudden, there was a burst of marital force that was exuded from around her!
Yuan Shao and Xiao Da said at the same time, “The Invincible Divine Force?!”
They could see seven bouts of circular faint blue light around her! 
It was barely noticeable to anyone but the practitioners of the Divine Virtuous Force had recognized what it means!
Yuan Shao had prided himself on his mastery of the Divine Virtuous Force and he could release just five bouts of invisible force around him and that was already extremely powerful. 
Xiao Fei and Xiao Da could only managed three and that had already propelled them as the super exponents of the martial fraternity. Just their level of attainment alone was enough to resist the powerful sword energies of the Infinity-Zero! 
Yuan Shao asked, “How did you know the Invincible Divine Force?! Who are you exactly?” 
Lie Qing said coldly, “Have you heard of the Heavenly Temptress?”
Yuan Shao nodded, “You are related to her?”
Lie Qing said coldly, “What do you think?”
Yuan Shao said coolly, “Very good. Today, we have finally found the successor of the Heavenly Temptress. No wonder you have dared to call yourself the New Virtuous Palace…”
Yi Ping interrupted Yuan Shao, “Are we still fighting or what?”
All of a sudden, Yuan Shao had turned around and began to walk away as he was heard saying coldly. “I don’t believe true love exists between the heavens and the earth. Three days. In three days, we will be back to claim your lives. In three days, if you do not hand over the Holy Maiden quietly to us, don’t blame us for being ruthless.”
Everyone was stunned that Yuan Shao would actually walk away just like that.
There were shouts and cheers from both sides. It was because both sides had been too weary and that too many had died. 
Even Xiao Da was startled. He took a lingering look at the Celestial Envoy before he walked hastily after Yuan Shao.
Zuo Tianyi said coldly to Yi Ping before he left, “You got only three days more.”
Xiao Fei was looking quietly at the other side. His childhood friend, Ding Yunzi had collapsed in the embrace of the Holy Maiden. He had seen Lie Qing and Yunzi holding hands before she had passed out. 
All of a sudden, he had remembered the legends of the Red Eye Clan; the Red Eye Clan had taught the Divine Virtuous Force to the practitioners, only to drain them of their intricate energies at an opportune time to further their Invincible Divine Force. For them to accomplish their vile purposes, they had founded the Virtuous Palace. 
He had no doubt that this Lie Qing knew the Invincible Divine Force or else she would not be able to recover her martial strength at such a short notice. He could only say quietly to himself, “Yunzi, do you know what you have done? You may have endangered the Virtuous Palace.”
If anyone had though that Yuan Shao really had a change of benevolent heart then they must be greatly mistaken!
It was because Yuan Shao was still his ever cold and calculating self. He was confident of taking Yi Ping and the Celestial Envoy until Lie Qing had stepped in. 
There were three main reasons why he had given them three days. 
Firstly, the practitioner of the Invincible Divine Force of course may have already mastered the Golden Invincible Body. Therefore he needed time to instruct Xiao Da, Xiao Fei and even Zuo Tianyi on the weakness of the Invincible Divine Force and the Golden Invincible Body. 
Secondly, they had a long battle earlier and most of them had already expended most of their martial strength. Therefore they needed the time to recuperate and regained their martial strength to be in their best condition. 
However, the above was still not the main point. Thirdly, he needed an opportunity to drain her Invincible Divine Force in order to advance his martial progress. That was his main purpose!
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Chapter 40: The Perfect Storm

 It was only the first day after the battle with the Honor Manor had just been concluded but everyone was looking at one another nervously while waiting for the Celestial Envoy to be presented. 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Nangong Le, Yi Ping, Mei’Er, Yu’Er and those that were not bedridden were all presented in the Great Longevity Hall.

 Priest Ling Kongquan looked at Nangong Le and Yi Ping as he asked politely, “The Celestial Envoy has instructed us to pay her homage at dawn but more than two hours had passed. Hero Yi Ping, you seem to know the Celestial Envoy quite well, where is she?”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng interrupted, “Protégé Brother, don’t be rude. No matter how late the Celestial Envoy is, she must have her reasons. It is the honor of the Tranquil Clan for the Celestial Envoy to grace our place.”

 Priest Bai Chongzhen said, “Indeed! We are all fortunate to witness the divine grace of the Celestial Envoy. The Celestial Envoy must have been pondering throughout the night to draw out a battle plan for our next course of action.”

 As Yi Ping listened, he began to smile bitterly and thought. “Why is everyone so deferent towards Lele and the Celestial Palace? I have never heard of the Celestial Palace…”

 Not only Yi Ping but Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng had also never heard of the existence of the Celestial Palace. In fact, even most of the pugilists in the Western Fraternity did not even know that it had exactly existed! 

 The Celestial Palace had existed as an imaginary legendary place and was only hinted by a few. Even those few who had heard of the Celestial Palace quickly dismissed it as a myth. 

 That was why when the Celestial Envoy had shown up at the Holy Hex Sect, she was immediately attacked as an intruder! It was only through her startling martial display that convinced Ji Wuzheng and Ji Lingfeng that she could be from the Celestial Palace after all. 

 Nangong Le laughed, “Pardon my ignorant but I have never heard of the Celestial Palace before.”

 Priest Ling Kongquan whispered, “It is because no one who has ever gone to that place has ever returned alive!” 

 Nangong Le smiled, “Really? If there are more beauties like the Celestial Envoy there, I will very much like to visit the Celestial Palace!”

 Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng immediately turn white with ashen. 

 Liu Qingcheng quickly pulled Nangong Le to a side and whispered, “Brother Nangong, listen to me. The walls have ears. Trust me on this. You will not want to go there…did you not see her long black wicked scythe? This type of weapon is meant for torturing and killing. Did you not see her in her red dress? Red symbolizes blood…”

 Lie Qing who had overheard it, smiled as she said. “It does seem like she is a horrifying person. I wonder how her martial level is.”

 Yi Ping said quickly to Lie Qing, “She is not your enemy.”

 Lie Qing looked at Yi Ping and smiled. She had finally got his attention. 

 She asked, “Why are you defending her? From the looks of it, she has fallen for you. Why are you so flirty? Maybe you can take my title…my grand protégé mistress’ title I mean. You can be the Heavenly Tempter instead.”

 She purposely took a glance at Ji Lingfeng, who pretended not to hear and then looked at Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. 

 She added, “You seem to have forgotten us so fast, especially Sister Youxue and the Celestial Fairy.”

 Yi Ping began to flush and did not know what to say. 

 He could only sigh in his heart. He had owed Maiden Lingfeng and Maiden Youxue so much. They had risked their lives on many occasions just to save his life. How could he not know their affections by now, especially Maiden Lingfeng?

 Lie Qing stroked her braided long hair as she pondered aloud, “Anyway, your affairs have nothing to do with me. You have better find me a rich husband so that I can enjoy life to the fullest.” She deliberately took a glance at Nangong Le, who was grinning at her hint. 

 As she said that, there was a hint of melancholy emotion in her eyes and voice. Even though it was barely noticeable but it was noticed by Lingfeng, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. 

 It was because Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already advanced past the ‘Linking Spirits’ progression of the Dual Inertness Intricacy. If they wanted to and were attentive enough, they would be able to sense the emotions of others. So far, only their Protégé Mistress, Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Celestial Envoy were unfathomable to their Linking Spirits Skill. 

 As for Lingfeng, she was exceptional intelligent and quick in wits. Almost nothing escaped her notice. It was only through her brilliant guide that her group was able to reach the Tranquil Mountains while being pursued hotly by the Virtuous Palace and the Honor Manor. 

 Ding Yun was good in observing and was extremely sharp. It was obvious to her from her earlier actions that Lie Qing had plenty of affections for Yi Ping. However, what she was saying now was obviously a contradiction to her actions. The only person that Lie Qing could fool was Yi Ping. 

 Lie Qing had mixed feeling about the Celestial Envoy. 

 It was because the Celestial Envoy seemed to be looking at her more than others and she had even called her Luminous Star. She seemed to know her but Lie Qing had no idea where she had met her before even though she too got a familiar feeling about her. 

 When Lie Qing first saw the Celestial Envoy, she was startled to see her crimson eyes. It was because it could only mean one thing; she must have survived the Divine Calamity. How could it be even possible? 

 Even though her martial skills were truly astonishing, it was difficult to imagine what methods and techniques she had used to overcome the Divine Calamity when she herself had failed. She could still remember clearly the horrors of the Divine Calamity as though it had just happened yesterday. 

 She asked herself, “Is this only a trick to get close to me? Or she has managed to overcome the Divine Calamity by sheer coincidences?”

 Even though she would like to ask the Celestial Envoy but she knew that her question would not be answered for the different martial clans guarded their martial secrets only to themselves, just like she had lied to Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue. 

 The Celestial Envoy would likely to spread misinformation to her so as to teach her a harsh lesson for prying into her affairs. Likewise if the Celestial Envoy asked her about the Divine Calamity, she would not hesitate to lie to her as well. 

 Lie Qing was worried for Yi Ping. It was because he was really such a gullible young man. The Celestial Envoy must have known about Yi Ping weaknesses and had something in store for him. 

 At this moment, Lie Qing and Ji Lingfeng were both thinking of the same thing. 

 All of a sudden, Lie Qing had a frightening thought and was coming close to the answer. “Maiden Lingfeng has promised to exchange her blood with the Celestial Envoy to help Yi Ping. Don’t tell me that her true intention is to drain Yi Ping of his blood? That’s right! Yi Ping possesses a much stronger internal strength than Maiden Lingfeng…”

 In the meantime, Ji Lingfeng was also thinking. “They are all bloodsuckers. Yi Ping, we are surrounded by enemies. How can we get out of here alive? Is it so difficult for us to live a blissful life together? This Lie Qing and that Lele, they all have red eyes and seem to know one another. Alas…what shall we do? I am really at my wits end this time…now I have really regretted helping her. Ding Yun, why did you let her drain you of your internal strength? If I know she knows this type of evil skill, I would never even consider helping her.”

 Ji Lingfeng had a sudden thought, “Yi Ping had a strong dislike for this type of absorbing skill. If I let him know, maybe he would be upset with both Lie Qing and the Celestial Envoy…The Tranquil Clan and the Traverse Clan are both orthodox clans. Such an absorbing skill is considered to be evil in their eyes…”

 Her thoughts were interrupted by Yi Ping who had asked Ding Yun gently, “Yun, you have fainted yesterday. It is better for you to rest more. You have given Lie Qing all your internal strength…I am really worried for you…”

 Ding Yun smiled weakly, “I’m alright. Thanks for your concern…”

 She stole a glance at Lie Qing, who smiled at her. 

 Ding Yun did not regret giving up her Divine Virtuous Force intricate energy to Lie Qing. Even though she had lost all her internal strength but she had moved Lie Qing deeply. It was only late last night that Lie Qing had secretly looked for her and revealed a martial secret to her; in order to learn the true form of the Invincible Divine Force, the practitioner must first practiced the Divine Virtuous Force and then let it be drained by the Invincible Divine Force! 

 Also, Lie Qing had deliberately hid some of the intricate formulas of the Invincible Divine Force from Xiao Youxue and her previously. Lie Qing had apologized with full sincerity and revealed the missing intricate formulas but she had also told her that it was pointless to have the missing intricate without first losing the Divine Virtuous Force. The missing intricate formulas were for the advance Invincible Divine Force and not for their Divine Virtuous Force. 

 Lie Qing also told her not to worry. In just three days, if there was a practitioner with the Invincible Divine Force to aid her, she would surely regain her internal strength. Not only would her internal strength be purer and stronger than ever, she would have also attain the last staging of the Divine Virtuous Force, which was actually only the initial staging of the Invincible Divine Force. This would give her the martial power to start learning the Golden Impervious Body which was what Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao had been secretly coveting! 

 The Invincible Divine Force had five staging altogether, the Virtuous Level, Pious Level, Righteous Level, Holiness Level and the Divine Level. 

 Lie Qing had told her that she was only on the lower tier of the Righteous Level and the Holiness Level was near impossible to attain but in the past, there were a few that had actually attained it. As for the Divine Level, it was a mythical level and she doubted that it was even possible to attain it. 

 Ding Yun had asked her, “What happens if we can reach the Divine Level?”

 Lie Qing smiled, “Then we are truly invincible and even the Divine Calamity is nothing to be feared. However, no one can reach that staging. Some bored practitioners have speculated of its existence but no one has ever been able to prove that it can actually be attainable.”

 In the martial fraternity, there were many martial theories and heart intricate formulas. Some martial staging may seem impossible to attain but when the practitioner’s state of the divinity was able to advance, so did their martial understanding and the previous impossible martial staging would become possible. 

 But there were also many intricate formulas that were pure theories and were impossible to attain in actual practice. 

 Ji Lingfeng glanced at Lie Qing as she walked lightly to Yi Ping, asking. “Yi Ping, don’t you feel that it is weird that Maiden Lie Qing is able to recover her internal strength so swiftly? Is there such a miraculous thing in the world? And Maiden Ding Yun has coincidentally lost her internal strength.”

 Yi Ping clapped his fists as he said aloud, “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that?”

 Yi Ping happily walked over to Lie Qing as he said excitedly, “Qing’Er, you have really recovered?”

 Lie Qing and Ding Yun were startled when Ji Lingfeng had suddenly reminded Yi Ping that Lie Qing was practicing a type of absorbing skill and she had drained Ding Yun of her internal strength! 

 Lie Qing was scolded harshly by Yi Ping in the past for hinting that she may consider absorbing the internal strength of others. 

 She tried to retain her composure as she looked at Yi Ping, saying nervously. “Yes…I’m…”

 Yi Ping held her hand as he said, “Maiden Yun has sacrificed so much. I hope that you can repay her by teaching her the Invincible Divine Force. I know that martial skills, especially the upper tier martial skills are all forbidden arts and no one will impart to others. Ding Yun, she is really very pitiful. What she did is noble. Qing’Er, I beg you to impart the Invincible Divine Force to her…”

 Yi Ping immediately fell upon his knees in front of Lie Qing, much to the astonishment of everyone presented as he continued to say. “I won’t get up unless you have agreed. I know that I have no right to ask you to do so…”

 Ji Lingfeng and Lie Qing were totally stunned! 

 Ji Lingfeng was expecting Yi Ping to start rebuking Lie Qing while Lie Qing was expecting an awkward situation, something like asking her to cough out Ding Yun’s internal strength which she was unable to and a severe scolding! 

 Lie Qing took a longing glance at Ding Yun, not knowing what to say. It was because she had already imparted the Invincible Divine Force to Ding Yun. Moreover, Lie Qing, Ding Yun and Xiao Youxue had an agreement that the protégé leader of the New Virtuous Palace would be Yi Ping. But now their protégé leader was actually on his knees and begging her!

 If you were Lie Qing, what would you do?

 For the first time ever, Lie Qing was completely at her wits’ end as she blinked her eyes! 

 Ding Yun winked at her and walked next to her as she smiled shyly, “Sister Qing’Er…”

 She took Lie Qing’s hand and wrote with her fingers on her palm.

 All of a sudden, Lie Qing laughed softly.

 Priest Liu Qingcheng said to Yi Ping, “Hero Yi Ping, this is an impossible request. You have better get up and forget it. If Maiden Ding Yun does not mind, I will be willing to teach her the Dual Inertia Intricacy Force.”

 Yu’Er interrupted melancholy, “Protégé Master…you are so prejudice! You have only taught Mei’Er and I the Dual Inertial Intricacy Formula. You have never mentioned to us that there is such a thing as the Inertia Intricacy Force!”

 Mei’Er said unhappily as well, “We may as well say goodbye to you!” 

 Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled as he quickly said, “My good disciples! Wait, hear me out first. The Dual Inertial Intricacy Force can only be learnt at the advance stage of the Dual Inertial Intricacy Formula. Moreover, I only be harming you if I taught you that for it run contradict to your clan’s Icy Heavenly Tears intricate energy which is towards cold and negative force.”

 Mei’Er stomped her foot as she said, “Protégé Master, you are so biased!” 

 Nangong Le could not help adding, “Brother Liu, you are so biased. You teach Yu’Er and Mei’Er the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formula but not me. You know that I am willing to join your protégé clan anytime. That is why I am here today.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng stared at Nangong Le and was amused, “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! With your jovial character, you will never join the Tranquil Clan quietly. And the last time you want me to teach you the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formula; you are trying to bribe me to be the clan patron saint instead!” 

 Nangong Le smiled jovially, “Alright then. Let’s put Yu’Er and Mei’Er aside first since they are your protégé disciples now. What about Maiden Ding? I doubt she will really join your clan.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng rebuked him impatiently, “What do you know? Even if I taught her the Dual Inertness Intricacy Force, I doubt she can really master it. She will need many years of her time to seek an understanding to the advance staging of the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formula first…”

 All of a sudden, Priest Liu Qingcheng noticed that everyone was staring at him. 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng all said at the same time, “Protégé Master Priest Liu, you have just mouthed vulgarities!”

 Priest Ling Kongquan pointed at the white wall in front and said, “Protégé Brother and Protégé Master, the protégé clan rules that are described over there mention no profanities within the Great Longevity Hall. The clan punishments for breaking it, is…”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng protested, “It must be this Nangong rascal who has influenced me…”

 Priest Ling Kongquan said, “And again…”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng ahem aloud, “I am the Protégé Master. I make the rule!”

 Priest Ling Kongquan and Nangong Le said at the same time, “Such disrespect for the grandmasters of old…”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng said hurriedly, “What is the clan punishment for being disrespectful to the protégé leader?”

 Priest Ling Kongquan immediately kept quiet.

 Nangong Le laughed aloud, “Luckily I am not your protégé yet.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “Not for long. I have decided to take you in now!”

 Nangong Le laughed, “Then don’t you regret it. You must teach me the Dual Inertia Intricacy Formula then?” 

 Priest Liu Qingcheng laughed aloud, “You rascal. You want this all along, am I right?”

 Nangong Le and Ling Kongquan roared with laughter and their laughter was infectious. Soon everyone was laughing along except for Yi Ping who was still looking at Lie Qing solemnly. 

 Nangong Le, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan had always been close friends. That was why they were able to tease one another so openly.

 Ding Yun interrupted with a smile, “Priest Liu, you just said that you are willing to teach me the Dual Inertness Intricacy Force. Do you really mean it? As a grandmaster of a repute orthodox clan, do you mean what you have just said?”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng sighed, “Today is just not my day. I have gained a useless protégé and now I am going to give away my clan secret martial skill just like that.”

 Ding Yun smiled, “I take that as a yes then. In return, I will leave the Flying Sword Technique and the Divine Virtuous Force Skill in writing to you.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng’s eyes began to beam brightly. He had long wanted to look at the intricate formula of the Divine Virtuous Force, even if he could not practice it! It may improve his understanding of the Dual Inertial Intricacy Formula and advanced his state of divinity! 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen was envy, interrupting. “Maiden Ding, maybe you will be interested in the Traverse Skills. After all, we are one of the seven major orthodox clans in the martial fraternity…”

 He was interrupted by Yi Ping, who was now bowing to Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, say something please…”

 Lie Qing deliberately sighed, “Get up first.”

 Yi Ping said, “You have agreed?”

 Lie Qing nodded slowly, “But on one condition. Get up first. I don’t feel comfortable with you on your knees.”

 Yi Ping quickly got up as he said excitedly, “Just one condition? Even ten conditions, I will agree!”

 Lie Qing smiled mysteriously, “Don’t be so hasty first. You may regret it.”

 Yi Ping said, “As long as it not any wicked things, I won’t regret it!”

 Lie Qing began to flush as she said softly, “Is that so?”

 Yi Ping said, “What is the condition?”

 Lie Qing began to stroke her hair as she looked away shyly, “Not yet. I will let you know soon.”

 Yi Ping said aloud to Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, you are so kind!”

 Yi Ping quickly walked to Ding Yun and said, “Yun, you should thank Qing’Er. She has agreed to impart to you the Invincible Divine Force!” 

 Ding Yun looked tenderly at him, “Yi Ping, you shouldn’t have done this for me, especially in front of so many others. Thank you…”

 Ding Yun said to Lie Qing, “Thank you!” 

 Lie Qing and Ding Yun secretly exchange glances, trying extremely hard not to laugh aloud. 

 Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ji Lingfeng almost fainted on the spot. How could Yi Ping not know what Lie Qing and Ding Yun were up to? 

 Ji Lingfeng said to Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, you really shouldn’t have done that for her. You are a dense pigheaded hero!”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Lingfeng, why are you scolding me? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

 Ji Lingfeng smiled coldly, “You really didn’t do anything wrong or just happy to upset my mood?”

 Yi Ping protested panicky, “Lingfeng, what actually did I do wrong? If you don’t tell me, how do I know what it is that I have done wrong?”

 Ji Lingfeng kicked him lightly, “Only you are a hero. You are trying to make me look bad by saying it aloud…”

 Yi Ping said weakly, “It hurts you know. My wounds have not recovered yet…”

 Ji Lingfeng interrupted, “That’s none of my business.”

 Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng were protesting and moving in circles. Anyone that had seen it knew immediately that it was not a real quarrel but an enviable sight that only two very close friends could enjoy. They seemed to have forgotten that there were dozens of onlookers in the hall. 

 Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er sighed secretly and wondered when they would be in a similar position as Maiden Lingfeng.

 “Lingfeng, where are my secret manuals?”

 “Humph! Come get it if you are capable. This is to teach you for not listening to me!”

 “Lingfeng, when did I ever not listen to you? You…ask me to secretly leave the valley, I did. You ask me to go to the Holy Hex Sect to look for you, I did.”

 “Dense, dense, dense! I didn’t ask you to befriend so many…humph young maidens along the way, right? Well, you don’t have to go there anymore.”

 “Why? You are angry with me, Lingfeng?”

 “Faint! Because I am here now…you…did that on purpose, am I right?”

 “Really, I didn’t. You know sometimes I am dense…”

 All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng and Yi Ping had stopped in their tracks. It was because they could sniff the light fragrance of lavender that had suddenly appeared. It came from Lele and she was now standing at the entrance of the hall. 

 Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly announced, “The Celestial Envoy is here!”

 The protégés of the Tranquil and Traverse Clan quickly arranged themselves in neat columns. 

 Lele was looking at Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng quietly. Even though she was looking serene but her cold demeanor was unmistaken! 

 Yi Ping said, “Lele, you are late…”

 Lele tone said icily, “You are to address me as the Joyful Goddess, so must everyone here.”

 Ji Lingfeng looked at her with silent determination. Even though she had said nothing, it was as though her alluring eyes could speak. It was as though she was telling the Joyful Goddess that she would not give in to any threats and give Yi Ping up. 

 Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “Why is she so cold towards me today? This is so unlike her.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly added, “The Joyful Goddess must have stayed quite late to ponder on a stratagem to defeat the Honor Manor. That is why she is late. This is perfectly understandable.”

 Lele could not resist a soft chuckle. She was trying very hard to be cold towards Yi Ping. It was because she was not entirely pleased to see Yi Ping and Lingfeng on such an amicable term. And moreover, Lingfeng was an extremely alluring maiden and already in the hall, there were many who had already been infatuated by her. 

 Lele was not called the Joyful Goddess for nothing. She rarely approach things with a heavy heart and acted purely on whims. 

 When the Jade Emperor wanted to appoint a Celestial Envoy to the Holy Hex Sect to control and understand the situation, Lele had volunteered. 

 The Jade Emperor had said to her, “You are one of the four Prime Celestials and you have not even fully recovered from your last cycle of sleep. Stay where you are. I will appoint someone else to go.”

 But Lele was not even listening or paying scant attention and had left the Celestial Palace immediately, much to the amusement of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor had given up on reproaching her over the centuries as he sighed, “Does she even know that I am still talking to her or is her mind already fluttering with the things that she wants to do in the fraternity?”

 The Jade Emperor was bemused for a while until he got a sudden jolt, “She doesn’t even know the mission at all!”

 If anyone thought that Lele was like that, just as the Jade Emperor thought she was; then they must be greatly mistake! That was how astute Lele really was. She had joined the Celestial Palace when she was very young and that was what she wanted others to think of her in this manner. That was her way to shrink away from responsibilities and she was never tasked with bringing super exponents back to the Celestial Palace for no one really trusted her to do any task in a proper manner! 

 That was how and why Lele had become the Celestial Envoy…

 Not only did the Jade Emperor and others thought the same of her, even Yi Ping had felt that she was living in her own world. What Yi Ping did not realize was that Lele was actually very lonely and she cherished every chance to express herself. 

 Lele stroked her long hair as she laughed softly, “Yi Ping, how do I look today?”

 Yi Ping was startled by her question. Yi Ping scratched his nose as he said, “Looking great…”

 But he added, “Lele…”

 Lele looked annoyed, “Joyful Goddess!”

 Yi Ping sighed, “Joyful Goddess then…”

 Lele said jovially, “Good. Very good. You can call me Lele now.”

 This time it was Yi Ping who looked annoyed, “Lele! You!”

 Lele laughed softly, “Good boy! Remember only you can call me by my name.”

 She deliberated swept her eyes at everyone. Her intention was clear. Only Yi Ping could have the privilege of addressing her by her real name. 

 Lie Qing obviously thought that it was not funny as she gave a soft yawn and fingered her black sword. She had almost raised her sword to point at Lele. 

 Yi Ping was clearly annoyed as he said, “You are obviously embarrassing me in front of so many others!”

 Lele looked at him with her watery eyes, “I am giving you such an esteem honor yet you do not appreciate it. Do you know that you shouldn’t have revealed my true name in any circumstances? This is the rule of the fraternity. Most of the exponents in the fraternity use a fraternity name to represent themselves. Unless I have given the permission, you shouldn’t have introduced my name to others. I haven’t settled this score with you yet. Now everyone knows my name…”

 Yi Ping was startled as he looked panicky around him. When he saw Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing nodded at him, he immediately knew that he had committed a terrible blunder. 

 Yi Ping immediately said, “I’m sorry. I really did not know…please forgive me…”

 Lele broke into a smile, “Since you are quick to apologize, I forgive you then! Remember, you are not to call me by my name in the presence of others. Is that understood? You ignorant third tier pugilist who didn’t know anything at all.” 

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I got it now.”

 Even though Lele seemed to be rebuking Yi Ping, she was actually instructing him lightly like a mentor. 

 It was such an enviable sight that many in the hall wished miserably that they were the ones that were lectured by her instead. 

 Yi Ping sighed and asked, “Lele…Joyful Goddess. You are late today. Are you working on a plan for us to fight the Honor Manor?”

 Lele had a mysterious look in her eyes as she asked softly, “Yi Ping, how do I look today?”

 Yi Ping sighed. He really had no idea what was on her mind. This was the second time that she had asked the same question. 

 But he was patient with her and said, “You are looking great…what about the battle plans? Surely you have asked us to gather so early in the morning for a reason?”

 Lele sighed softly, “These are two separate reasons entirely.”

 Yi Ping was bewildered as he asked, “Huh?”

 Lele said, “You have asked me why I am late, am I right?”

 Yi Ping nodded and said, “That’s right.”

 Lele said, “The reason why I am late is because I am taking a bath at the Tranquil Pool. I have heard that it is a renowned pool even before I have transcendent as a Celestial. Today, I have finally visited it.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng almost fainted on the spot while Priest Ling Kongquan had stumbled weakly backward when they had heard it! 

 It was because the Tranquil Pool was their most sacred pool and no one had ever bath in its pristine water before. It was considered to be sacrilegious to do so! 

 Lele continued, “That is the reason why I am asking if you notice anything different about me?”

 Yi Ping clapped his hands as he said, “No wonder you are looking so great and had a wonderful fragrant around you. No wonder!”

 Yi Ping was looking at Lele intently and he was not aware that Lingfeng had covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, while Yu’Er and Mei’Er were trying very hard not to giggle at their protégé master. He was not aware that the protégés of the Tranquil Clan all had a stunned expression on their faces. 

 Even Lie Qing and Ding Yun sighed silently and wished that they did not know who Yi Ping was for he was embarrassing himself with his ignorance. 

 The Tranquil Pool was renowned throughout the martial fraternity for its pristine and rumored miraculous water that could clear the mind for mediation.

 Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were all stunned as well and secretly thought, “Is he really our sworn brother?”

 Luckily, Yi Ping was a hero while Lele was the esteem Celestial Envoy so no one dared to say a word. 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen was thinking, “Someone actually dare to take a bath in the Tranquil Pool and someone who is already a super exponent in the martial fraternity did not know the Tranquil Pool…this is going to the lore of martial fraternity as one of the most unusual events to happen and I have actually witnessed it today. What an honor, what an honor…”

 Lele lowered her glance and even her voice softened to almost inaudible, “I have asked all of you here to gather in the morning because I do not want anyone to outrage my modesty when I am taking a relaxing dip.”

 Yi Ping nodded approvingly, “That’s right! All these make sense now. It will be bad if others see you.”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping had a sudden jolt. “What about our battle plans?”

 Lele said coolly as she looked at everyone, “You have all gathered here since morning, surely you have already discussed the best course of action?”

 Yi Ping looked at Lele as he said, “But we are waiting for you!” 

 Lele asked, “What have all of you been doing since morning?”

 Everyone was too embarrassed to say anything and was looking at one another with an awkward expression. 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen looked at Priest Liu Qingcheng, who was still in a daze before he said to Lele and everyone. “It is still not too late for us to discuss our next course of action.”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “That’s right. Let’s fight our way out.”

 Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “Brother Qiu, I think that is the last option. We don’t even know if there is an ambush ahead of us.”

 Lie Qing lifted her long skirt while clutching her black sword as she stepped forward, asking Lele, “So the Joyful Goddess has asked us here just because she wants to enjoy her bath?”

 Even though it was obvious to everyone but no one dared to mention it except for Lie Qing. 

 Lele smiled, “My good sister…we need to talk…”

 Lie Qing interrupted coldly, “Who is your good sister? So the Celestial Envoy who has come to aid us has actually asked us to gather since the wee morning so that she can take a bath?...”

 Lele sighed softly, “Of course not! I do have another very important reason to ask everyone to be here.”

 Lie Qing asked, “Which is?”

 Lele said, “Tomorrow is Yi Ping and my wedding. It is very important to me and I hope that everyone will be able to attend it.”

 Everyone, including Yi Ping and Ding Yun were stunned.

 Yi Ping asked panicky, “Who is getting married tomorrow? Again?

 Lele pointed at Yi Ping, “You are.”

 Yi Ping asked, “I am? How come I do not know?”

 Lele smiled, “Now you do. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we are getting married tomorrow and these are our guests.”

 Yi Ping was so stunned by Lele’s announcement that he was just staring blankly in thin air!

 Nangong Le could not resist adding a sarcastic laughter, “Congratulation for marrying such a beautiful maiden.”

 Ji Lingfeng smiled bitterly. Her voice was soft but everyone could hear her, “As though we have a choice of not attending. We are all trapped here…”

 Lie Qing said coldly, “I protest.” 

 Lele smiled coolly, “Good sister, your protest is invalid.”

 Lie Qing was stunned at her egocentric behavior that she had raised her fists and had unleashed three quick blows to slap her, saying. “We are all in mortal danger and you still have the mood to celebrate your wedding? That is really too much, even if you are from the Celestial Palace!”

 Lie Qing was quick, in a blink of an eye she attacked three times but Lele was composed as she deflected her blows with her sleeve. 

 Lie Qing was so enraged that she had actually used her martial power when she had missed, as the powerful force of the Invincible Divine Force could be felt! 

 Lele said coolly, “Luminous Star, you are really serious?!” As she said, there was a thunderous impact when Lele received a blow from Lie Qing with her Celestial Force!

 Even Yi Ping was forced to take three steps backward while the weaker pugilists fell onto the ground as they were all in close proximity! 

 Lie Qing groaned in disbelief that Lele could actually receive the almighty force of the Invincible Divine Force in such short notice. Her achievements in the Invincible Divine Force was so advance that she could muster her martial power anytime that she wanted to and that was really a hard thing to achieve for most exponents. It was because to exponents of the martial fraternity, timing and ability to react were crucial, holding the key to their very own survival! 

 Lie Qing was so determined to hit Lele that she had used the “Pandora Darkness Fingers’, charging five of her Invincible Divine Force intricate energy channels to her fingers as she struck at Lele repeatly! “I am not any Luminous Star. I am the Darkness.”

 Lele had raised her internal strength through the Celestial Force as she exchanged blows after blows with Lie Qing, absorbing the powerful impact of Lie Qing’s blows with the absorbing martial power of her Celestial Force! 

 She was secretly startled with Lele’s martial power and was panicky, wondering how long she could last in this duel. Every blow that she had absorbed from her, her Celestial Force began to weaken. 

 Even though they had exchanged just a few words but more than fifty blows had already been exchanged, knocking people down, overturning decorations and destroying furniture from the bursting windforce of their thunderous blows! 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen said panicky, “Everyone, back!”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng was pleading aloud, “Stop fighting. Alas, no fighting in the Longevity Hall…”

 Ding Yun, Ji Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er quickly went to Yi Ping and shook him hard, “Yi Ping, ask them to stop please before it is too late…they are for real…”

 But Yi Ping was completely fascinated by their fights and did not notice…

 Yi Ping had thought, “How come I didn’t know Qing’Er is so highly skilled? What strokes are they using? I didn’t know their strokes can be so intriguing.”

 Yi Ping had dueled with Lele on numerous occasions so he knew very well how refine her skills were. He had only witness Lie Qing displayed her martial skills only once and that was against the injured Ye Lu and Qiao Feng. So naturally, he was stunned to see her actual martial display! 

 Just when Yi Ping was about to step forward to plead with them to stop, he was seized by a headache that caused his vision to blur! 

 As he looked at Lie Qing and Lele again, all of a sudden he had found their movements to be eerily familiar as though he had seen it before! 

 For no hymn and reason, he was suddenly in a dream. He saw a young man with a noble bearing and three heavenly maidens. The strong rays of the sunset seemed to have turned their eyes red. The weird thing was, he could not see their faces yet that was the impression he had of them.

 The young man was suddenly fighting with the three heavenly maidens. The dream seemed to have moved forward and two of the heavenly maidens had succumbed onto the ground. The third heavenly maiden seemed to have lost her fighting spirit and had dropped to her knees on the ground. She was weeping silently and waiting for the young man to end her life. 

 Somehow, the young man did not seem glad with the victory. There was a hint of sorrow in his eyes. He walked away quietly and found an isolated place to mediate. Many years seemed to have passed as the young man continued to mediate but he did not seem to have aged. 

 Finally, the young man opened his eyes and looked in the heavens as he saw a bright star in the heavens above that was faltering. His eyes were grayish and seemed void of any light. All of a sudden, the bright star grew extremely dim and seemed to have fallen from the heavens! 

 The young man said gravely, “Even after three hundred and thirty-three years, you still cannot put this down? You are not going to succeed and this will cost you your Ascend. What right do I have to criticize you? Even after three hundred and thirty-three years, I too am unable to put this down as well.”

 He began to get up and now was in another place. 

 The place was like a dangerous underground maze but this young man carefully dismantled all the booty traps before he reached the center of the maze. 

 The center of the maze was eerily like the stone chamber that Yi Ping had visited before.

 Again, the young man saw the heavenly maiden who had survived many years ago. 

 She said gently, “You have come to stop me? It is already too late. The Celestial Formations are already on the move and without my divine power to unseal it, you cannot stop me now.”

 She still looked the same but was very weak. As she looked keenly in his eyes, she smiled gently, “You have achieved the Ascend? Why are you still here? After so many years, you still refuse to spare me?”

 The young man said calmly, “Why are you so foolish as to give up your precious life? Do you know how many painful years of cultivation and lucky happenstances arranged by the Divine Fate that bring you this far?”

 The heavenly maiden said gently, “I am not as heartless as you. That is why you are able to ‘Ascend’ while I am unable to. Even if I have to do it again, I will do it.”

 The young man said, “You have not reached enlightenment yet. Your sisters are predestined to die. Only you are able to Ascend. It is not too late now. Stop it before your life force is completely drained.”

 The heavenly maiden said coldly, “My sisters are killed by you!”

 The young man said, “We are on opposite sides and didn’t have a choice…”

 The heavenly maiden interrupted weakly, “Why don’t you leave me to my destiny and complete your Ascend, instead of lingering with lesser mortals like me?”

 The young man said, “You won’t succeed. There are too many variables involved. And moreover this involves the destinies of three of you. One destiny is already too unpredictable and moreover, you are trying to move three destinies to your wishes.”

 The heavenly maiden smiled weakly, “Do you think I do not know? I have spent years of my time divining. Only Melody Star will have the best chance to succeed…I’m happy enough to be in her time…We will surely settle our scores with you when the time comes…”

 She had now collapsed onto the ground and had turned into sparkling dust! 

 When she had pulverized into nothingness, the young man had a great sense of loss. He raised his hands and said, “I have reached the highest level of the Emptiness Translucence a long time ago but why I am feeling a sense of great loss?”

 He reached out his fingers to touch the still sparkling lights and suddenly remembered that he and the three sisters had been mortal enemies for more than a thousand years, way before they had even embarked on the the path to divinity. 

 Suddenly he had turned ashen and there were tears in his eyes for the first time in a thousand year. The sparkling light contained the last vestige of Yun Xiao’s memories. On their last battle, the three sisters had deliberated lost to him so that he could achieve the Ascend, a rare opportunity that they had all been waiting for many years to come. 


 He was the very reason why the three sisters had been pushing themselves so hard…

 “Yun Xiao’s celestial star formation, I can feel it now?”

 The young man laughed madly, “I didn’t Ascend because I am guilty. Where are the others that had Ascend? Instead of a new state of divinity, they have all turned into ashes and nothingness. Do you know that you have indirectly saved my life? Today, I have finally understood that I am the most foolish one. My enlightenment comes too late…”

 The young man too burst into glowing balls of light and into nothingness even as his silent words could be felt saying, “I will help you to Ascend…this is the least that I can do for all of you even if the odds are one in a million.”

 Yi Ping gave a loud painful yell as Lingfeng pinched him hard and stomped on his foot. 

 Lingfeng, Ding Yun, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were saying panicky at the same time, “Why are you daydreaming at a time like that! Hurry and stop them before it is too late!”

 Yi Ping shouted panicky, “Stop!!!” 

 Yu’Er shook her head, “It no use. They cannot hear us now. The force inside nullified all other disturbances from the outside…”

 Lele and Lie Qing had fought from fast to fighting in slow motion. Even though they looked unhurried as they exchanged blows like a normal exponent but they were leaving deep footprints onto the floor with every step and exuding deadly waves of internal energies! 

 Exponents like Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Ling Kongquan, Ding Yun and Lingfeng immediately knew that to be struck by anyone of them, would mean instant death! 

 At this moment, they were surrounded by their martial force as their martial power reached its peak. No one could approach them or they be crushed instantly by the surrounding inertia force. Even metals would bend and wood would crack in their mere presence now! 

 As Lie Qing clashed repeatly with Lele, blood tickled from the tip of her pink lips. She had used her entire martial power and yet she could not gain an advantage over Lele. Their fight had degenerate from exchanging blows to a self-punishing contest of pure internal strength. If she had not used her Invincible Divine Force to its fullness, exchanging mere blows with Lele would have killed her!

 Lele was not faring too well either. She had just coughed out another bout of blood as she took another blow from Lie Qing! She had exercised her internal strength to its fullness that the very air around her was electrifying. Her Celestial Force may be able to absorb the martial force of the Invincible Divine Force but it was now taking a severe toil on her now! 

 Lele smiled weakly to Lie Qing, “Why don’t you give up now? I let go of your rude offense this time.”

 Lie Qing said weakly, “I will only stop if you give up first and you must first apologize to everyone for being late…”

 Lele interrupted, “You are the one that raise your fist at me first. You are more unreasonable than me…!”

 Just as Yi Ping was about to dash into their middle, Ding Yun and Lingfeng held him back panicky!

 Yi Ping asked panicky, “Quick! We must stop them. At this rate, they will both die!”

 Ding Yun was solemn as she threw her flying sword into their midst!

 Yi Ping was stunned as he raised his voice, “Yun, what are you doing!”

 But even before the flying sword could reach them, it was deflected by an invisible force around them and flew to the roof of the hall!

 Ding Yun said quietly, “You will die if you go in just like that…”

 But before Ding Yun had finished, Yi Ping had raised his entire martial power with the Aspire Invocation and had broken free of Ding Yun and Lingfeng’s hold, charging into Lele and Lie Qing midst! 

 Even before Yi Ping reached their midst, his eyes had turned bloodshot and he used the last bout of his martial power to take one blow from Lele and another blow from Lie Qing at the same time! 

 There was a large explosive force when Yi Ping took their blows as he coughed out blood!

 When Lie Qing and Lele saw Yi Ping dashing into their midst, they had already withdrew half of their martial power in panicky but it was still not quick enough! 

 “Yi Ping!” Both maidens cried out aloud.

 Yi Ping coughed out more blood as he collapsed with one knee onto the ground. He smiled weakly, “Good. Now you can hear me…”

 Lele rebuked Yi Ping, “Why are you so foolish? Do you know you will die if you barge in just like that?”

 Yi Ping said weakly, “There is no other way to get your attention…if your fight goes on, both of you will surely die of internal injuries.”

 Lie Qing was uneasy as she said, “Yi Ping…”

 Yi Ping was right. If it persisted for another minute, both Lie Qing and Lele would surely die of their internal injuries. 

 Lingfeng was the first to dash to Yi Ping, followed by Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er! 

 Lingfeng immediately felt his pulse and was solemn, “Your intricate energies are erratic now. Even if you can restore it to normal, you won’t be in time to use your internal strength. Close your eyes and recuperate first. I will use my internal strength to guide your erratic energy to its proper course. There is no time to lose if you don’t want to lose your internal strength permanently.”

 With that, they sat down. 

 Lingfeng had wanted to chide Yi Ping but in the end, when she had seen the extent of his internal injuries, her heart was too heartbroken to rebuke him. 

 Ding Yun held Lie Qing and Lele’s hands as she said quietly, “Both of you have sustained terrible internal injuries. Until you have fully recovered, it is best that the two of you sustain from using any internal strength.”

 Ding Yun added quietly, “Is it worth it? Both of you fighting with your internal strength in this manner just to prove a point?” 

 Lie Qing and Lele looked at one another sheepishly. 

 Lie Qing said softly, “I just…I just want to slap her for being so egoistic. She is obviously making a fool out of us.”

 Lele looked hurt as she quickly said, “I didn’t want to fight you, Luminous Star…”

 Lie Qing interrupted coldly, “You can address me as Maiden Lie. I am not like someone who dare not use her real name.”

 She was the opposite of Lele; she had dared to use her own name but not her fraternity name. 

 Lele said, “I don’t want to fight you, Lie Qing but you have left me with no choice.”

 Lie Qing said coldly, “I am not so close to you that you can address me by my name.” 

 Lele said sadly, “Lie Qing, don’t be upset alright? I apologize to you…”

 Everyone was stunned that Lele had taken the initiative to apologize to Lie Qing!

 Lele looked at Yi Ping sorrowfully before taking a look at Lie Qing again. She turned to everyone and said softly, “I apologize for being late to everyone…”

 Lie Qing was startled that she had actually apologized to everyone. It was totally unexpected and out of character for the Joyful Goddess who seemed to look at everyone with disdain to apologize. 

 Lele repeated softly, “I apologize to everyone again. I hope that everyone will forgive me for being late.”

 Lie Qing sighed softly as she thought, “Maybe the Joyful Goddess isn’t that bad. I should have control my impulse better…”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng said solemnly, “Being late is only a small matter. We should plan our next recourse on how to fight the Honor Manor.”

 He asked, “Joyful Goddess, where are the rest of the people from the Celestial Palace? Will they be arriving soon?”

 The Joyful Goddess looked sheepish as she sighed softly, “How far do you think we are from the Holy Hex Sect? The rest of the Celestial Envoys will be going there. I am the only one here…”

 Of course Lele did not dare to tell them that she was a fake Celestial Envoy with no mission. She did not even know if there were other Celestial Envoys that were on their way to the Holy Hex Sect. 

 Mei’Er said melancholy, “It is hopeless. We have better surrender.”

 Priest Bai Chongzhen asked, “What do you mean? Surrender? Never. We will rather die in battle than surrender dishonorably!”

 Mei’Er looked at everyone while Lele and Lie Qing were looking sheepishly, “What are our odds of winning now? The Joyful Goddess, Maiden Lie Qing and Master Yi Ping have all sustained internal injuries and cannot fight in the short term. The rest of us have no hope of winning at all.”

 All of a sudden, the truth dropped heavily like a thunderous lightning bolt on everyone in the hall! 

 Lie Qing was feeling so bad now that her eyes turned watery. Mei’Er was right. They had just lost their only hope of survival now…

 Lele smiled gently to Lie Qing, “Lie Qing, you don’t have to look so depress. Even if we have our internal strength, we stand no hope against the Virtuous Palace.”

 Everyone was startled.

 Lie Qing asked, “What do you mean?”

 Lele said, “Why do you think I am holding my wedding tomorrow?”

 Just when Lie Qing had started to have a good impression of the Joyful Goddess, she seemed to be back to her own world again. But Lie Qing was too tired to guess or remind her to come to the point directly so she simply said, “Why?”

 Lele said softly, “It is because my divination shows that we will all end up in defeat in three days. We are simply not their match at all. That is why I am holding my wedding tomorrow to spend my last days with Yi Ping…”

 She swept her glances at Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ding Yun, Lingfeng and Lie Qing as she looked at them pitifully. It was as though she wanted to tell them of the cruel fate that awaits them in three day time. 

 When everyone had heard that, they could only smile most bitterly.

 Even Lie Qing and Ding Yun were stunned at her answer. 

 Yu’Er smiled bitterly to Lele. “My Joyful Goddess. Your divination is so right. We do not have any chance now!” She was indirectly being sarcastic. 

 She wanted to say on behalf of everyone, “How can you base our fighting chance on irrational thing like divination. Now it has really come true because of you.” 

 Lie Qing was trembling, “We may not lose if we give our best…but now…”

 Mei’Er wanted to cry aloud but she withheld her tears as she said, “If only our protégé mistress is here. Then we have nothing to fear from the Virtuous Palace.”

 Lele sighed softly, “I am afraid that even if your protégé mistress is here, the result will still be the same!”

 Mei’Er said coolly, “Says who? That Xiao Shuai seems to be afraid of our protégé mistress!”

 Ding Yun said, “He is not afraid of your protégé mistress. Or rather he gives an order not to hurt the protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace. Or else do you think that even if you have ten lives, you can even survive yesterday battle with Xiao Da?”

 Mei’Er asked curiously, “Why did he give such an order?”

 Ding Yun shook her head, “I do not know the actual reason but he seems to know the Celestial Fairy.”

 Yu’Er asked, “Is the Virtuous Palace so formidable? Surely, Master Yi Ping, Maiden Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess can match their martial skill?”

 Lele said softly, “I have already lost to Yuan Shao that night…”

 That night, Yi Ping, Ding Yun and Zuo Tianyi had also been defeated by him! 

 She did not want to reveal to anyone that she was planning to sacrifice herself to bring Yuan Shao down. That was why she had decided to call for a wedding even though she would be inviting ridicule and contempt. But now, she could not even muster the Celestial Force…

 Ding Yun said, “If I am not wrong, Yuan Shao must be planning to use the Dark Mono Sword Formation against us.”

 Lie Qing asked, “What’s that?”

 Ding Yun said, “If this sword formation is made up of three super exponents, then it is capable of withstanding the strength of nine super exponents. That is how powerful it is.”

 Lele coughed softly as she asked weakly, “Is there a way to break this sword formation?”

 Ding Yun sighed softly, “It is difficult. The changes are profound. And if the formation consists of the three of them, then they are really invincible.”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping had coughed out black blood and had opened his eyes! 

 Everyone that knew Yi Ping was calling his name!

 “Yi Ping!”

 “Are you much better now?”

 “How are you feeling now?”

 Lingfeng was startled that he could clear his blocked channels and spat out the bad blood out so fast. Normally, the bad blood would remain in the body until it could dissipate slowly. This process could take anything from weeks, months to years! 

 She was astonished with his constitution! 

 Yi Ping was overwhelmed by the concern shown to him as he said, “Brother Nangong, Brother Qiu, Brother Gongsun! Yun, Lele, Qing’Er, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er…”

 He got up and said weakly, “Lingfeng, I am alright now. Thanks for helping me…”

 Lingfeng was so happy that she began to cling tightly to him as she helped to support him up. 

 Yi Ping looked at everyone as he said weakly, “I have overheard what Yun has said. No matter, I will surely fight them with my last breath.”

 Yi Ping asked Ding Yun, “Just how strong Xiao Da and Xiao Fei is when compared to Zuo Tianyi?”

 Ding Yun asked him instead, “Just how strong do you think Youxue and the Celestial Fairy really is? Then you will know that Zuo Tianyi is just a small fry.”

 Yi Ping could not help sighing when he had thought of Xiao Youxue…

 But he quickly said, “Why compare Yixian and Youxue with them? Their martial skills are nowhere near Lele…”

 Lele interrupted with a smile, “Joyful Goddess.”

 Yi Ping said weakly, “Does it mean that Xiao Da and Xiao Fei martial skills are weaker than the Joyful Goddess as well?”

 Yi Ping answers stunned Ding Yun, Lie Qing and Qiu Wufeng.

 Qiu Wufeng said, “You are there at the Heavenly Mountains as well. Surely you have witnessed the Celestial Fairy fighting alone against so many top exponents?”

 Yi Ping had suddenly remembered the scene that day…

 Qiu Wufeng added, “Do you have any idea how powerful Tian Kui really is? He is considered to be one of the top super exponents in the martial fraternity. Even Gongsun Bai dare not trifle with him!”

 The Celestial Fairy and Tian Kui had fought that day in the lofty tops of the Heavenly Mountains! Yixian had known Tian Kui for a long time and had restrained herself. Tian Kui was probably the only person to have dueled with her previously and had survived.

 Yi Ping was only seeing Yixian as a vulnerable maiden that needed to be protected and not so much of her martial abilities…

 Ding Yun added, “You should have known about this. Youxue almost kill the Celestial Fairy that day…”

 Youxue had defeated both Tian Kui and the Celestial Fairy singlehandedly! 

 Lie Qing continued weakly, “If it isn’t for the fear of Youxue, I may have left you a long time ago. Do you know that she has already mastered the ‘Golden Impervious Body’ at her young age and has reached the peak of her Divine Virtuous Force?”

 Ding Yun said, “Why do you think she can steal the Golden Rejuvenation Pills from right under the nose of Xiao Shuai and can evade the Virtuous Palace for so many years? Pure luck? Do you know that Xiao Da is most afraid of whom? He is none other than Xiao Yuanjia and Youxue has already defeated him!” 

 Lie Qing added, “I have secretly observed their fight from a distance. Xiao Yuanjia is ten times more deadly than even Xiao Da…”

 Yi Ping had a sudden jolt as he recalled the first time he had seen Youxue; she was already displaying her extraordinary martial force in an inexhaustible manner. 

 He muttered, “I didn’t know that Youxue is this strong…”

 He quickly asked, “If Youxue is this strong, how is it possible for Yixian to fatally injure her?”

 Lie Qing kept quiet. She dare not tell Yi Ping that she had a hand in injuring Youxue as well.

 No one else except for Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Nangong Le and Zuo Tianyi could possible imagined Youxue martial level unless they had witnessed her fight with the Celestial Fairy! 

 Ding Yun looked at Lie Qing before she said, “The Celestial Fairy is the real monster. The three of us combined cannot even take her down. If you really want to know the martial depth of the Celestial Fairy, I say she is even more formidable than Yuan Shao and the Joyful Goddess. However, the Celestial Fairy may not be able to break the Dark Mono Sword Formation on her own.” 

 Lele interjected, “They have the Dark Mono Sword Formation but we have the Celestial Star Formation. It is a far more formidable formation than any known formations.”

 Yi Ping looked at Lele, asking enthusiastically. “Will the Joyful Goddess teaches us the Celestial Star Formation then?”

 Lele nodded, “The Celestial Star Formation requires a minimum of five and a maximum of nine to complete it.”

 Lele looked at Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ding Yun and Qiu Wufeng. 

 Qiu Wufeng was astonished and was looking at Yi Ping, “I am to be the hero this time?”

 Yi Ping said hurriedly to Lele, “Joyful Goddess. I am alright now. Let me be in this Celestial Star Formation…”

 Before Yi Ping could even finish speaking, he was swept off his feet and flung off by Lele who coughed weakly as she muttered. “You can’t even take one weak blow from me now. Forget about it.”

 Qiu Wufeng was gravely solemn as he said, “Leave everything to me.”

 Gongsun Jing helped Yi Ping up as he said, “At the very least, we have a battle plan now.” But he was secretly groaning, “This is terrible. Three of our best fighters just put themselves out of action from infighting. Even the best formation cannot propel any fighter’s strength to exceed his potential. A formation is only good for maximizing the effectiveness of the fighter…"

 Nangong Le could only smiled bitterly and envied Qiu Wufeng as he thought, “If I am not injured…”

 While everyone was looking at the Joyful Goddess, Qiu Wufeng and Yi Ping, no one had noticed that Priest Liu Qingcheng had completed turned ashen as he stumbled backward while muttering to himself. “This is really happening…it happens during my lifetime…”
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Chapter 41: The Heavenly Temptress vs. the Joyful Goddess

Just as Priest Liu Qingcheng was about to call Yi Ping hurriedly, the Joyful Goddess had lifted her crimson eyes and said pristinely, “Listen up everyone, I have something to announce.”
Lie Qing was slightly startled. It was because the Joyful Goddess looked spirited even though she had just lost her internal strength. 
Lie Qing had been secretly relieved that the Joyful Goddess had lost her internal strength and could not harm Yi Ping for the time being. But this was not the result that she had initially wanted. She just wanted to teach the Joyful Goddess a lesson but she had not expected her internal strength to be so profound. In the end, both sustained grave internal injuries and lost the use of their internal strength temporary. 
At this time, they would need to muster as many good fighters as possible to resist the advances of the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace. Lie Qing knew silently that the Joyful Goddess may be the support that they needed for the forthcoming battle…
She sighed quietly, “The fraternity is full of wiles. A gullible person like Yi Ping will surely fall into their hands sooner or later. The Joyful Goddess may appear to be helping us but who knows her real intention? She may even be in cahoots with the Honor Manor from the very start to draw us into an unsuspecting trap. Good sister Yun, why are you suddenly so close to the Joyful Goddess?” 
But Lie Qing was smiling mysteriously as she thought happily, “Yi Ping, in three day time you will see me in totally different light…”
The Joyful Goddess repeated again, “Listen up everyone.”
She was looking solemn and her voice seemed to have a mesmerizing hold on everyone! 
Lie Qing was startled, “She knows the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill too? Can it be that Sister Yun is under her mesmerizing influence? But this skill won’t work against top exponents…” 
All of a sudden, she recalled that Zuo Tianyi had violated Ding Yun and this may cause her will to be broken. At that moment, she was the most vulnerable to the mesmerizing suggestions of the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill…
Everyone was startled to see the Joyful Goddess addressing them in such a serious manner that the Great Longevity Hall went silent all of a sudden. 
The Joyful Goddess hummed softly as she got everyone’s attention, saying melody. “Priest Bai and Priest Liu, heed my commands.” 
Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled that the Joyful Goddess was actually addressing them. Nevertheless, they replied, “Yes?”
The Joyful Goddess said with a divine voice, “Prime Celestial, Joyful Goddess of the Celestial Palace now officially appoints the Traverse Clan and the Tranquil Clan to be the guardian clans of the Celestial Palace in the Western Fraternity. Anyone clan that infringe on your clan is as good as an enemy of the Celestial Palace.”
Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Ling Kongquan were stunned but were also secretly pleased at the same time. It was because even though the Celestial Palace may be an unknown in the fraternity at large, those that knew of it were fearful of it. 
But it would not be for long before the entire fraternity would know the existence of the Celestial Palace. When that happens, the Traverse and the Tranquil Clan would gain a resounding renown and recorded in the annuals of the martial fraternity as the guardian clans of the Celestial Palace! 
Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly regained his composure and was thinking, “Then it won’t be long before the Tranquil Clan will become a first tier martial clan again. Finally a chance to gain esteem honor for the clan and let past venerable grandmasters of the Tranquil Clan be proud! Maybe I will be the most famous grandmaster of all time…”
Priest Bai Chongzhen was also smiling to himself as he was also thinking the same as Priest Liu Qingcheng! 
The Joyful Goddess smiled happily before saying, “Do you accept the honor of being the guardian clans of the Celestial Palace?”
Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng did not hesitate at all and immediately nodded eagerly as both said at the same time, “It is our honor!”
Priest Bai Chongzhen was looking a little awkward as he looked at Priest Liu Qingcheng, “May I know what actually is a guardian clan and what is a Prime Celestial?”
The truth was, Priest Liu Qingcheng did not know either and he was pondering the same too!
Nangong Le and Priest Ling Kongquan sighed as they were thinking of the same, “Both of you didn’t know but has accepted the honor so fast. Isn’t that too impulsive?”
Lingfeng could only smiled alluring as she thought, “I got a very bad feeling about this…”
The Joyful Goddess patiently said, “The guardian clans will represent the Celestial Palace in the affairs of the fraternity and the leadership will represent the Celestial Palace as the Celestial Messengers.”
Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng were exuberated! The honorific title of the Celestial Messenger seemed grand and they were smiling broadly.
Priest Ling Kongquan who was always a little more daring than his protégé brother and protégé leader asked curiously, “How high is the ranking of the Celestial Messenger in the Celestial Palace?” He had dared to ask because when the Joyful Goddess had lost her internal strength, much of her mystique and his fear of her had been lost. 
The Joyful Goddess smiled most alluring, “It is third in the ranking hierarchy!”
Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Qingcheng and everyone were grasping in stunned silence. It was something that caught everyone by surprise!
Third in hierarchy! It was beyond their wildest dreams in expectations! 
Immediately there were several excited incessant muttering in the Hall as everyone was rushing to speak and talking at the same time! 
Priest Qingcheng who had been practicing the Dual Heart Inertia Skill could sense the excitement of his clan protégés and from the others. He was so moved that that he was actually shedding tears as he thought, “Today must be my lucky day. Finally, I am able to bring great honor to the Tranquil Clan!”
Priest Bai Chongzhen stammered, “Who is on the top? At the very least, as Celestial Messengers we should have the right to know?”
The Joyful Goddess smiled alluring, “The Jade Emperor is on the top followed by the Prime Celestials. There are just four of us and I am one of them.”
Priest Bai Chongzhen and everyone nodded excitedly. 
The buzz and excitement at this revelation did not die down and only increased! 
The Joyful Goddess sighed softly to herself, “These are fleeting glories. Why are men always seeking such pursuits and not seek enlightenment?”
She could not resist a jovial smile as she said to herself, “There are just three ranking in the Celestial Palace, the Celestial Emperor, the Prime Celestials and the Celestial Messengers. They are the lowest in ranking!”
But she quickly remembered her main reason why she was addressing Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng as she said mesmerizing, “Listen, the Celestial Messengers!”
Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly said at the same time, “Yes!”
The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Hurry and prepare for my wedding tomorrow! I almost cannot wait anymore.”
Even though Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng knew that the Joyful Goddess had declared her wedding earlier, they did not know that she was serious and this was their first order that they received as Celestial Messengers! How could they say no?
They could only stammered, “Yes, ye-s…yes.”
The Joyful Goddess blinked her eyes as she smiled, “That is good!”
Yi Ping quickly said, “Wait a minute. You are getting married tomorrow? With who?”
The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Of course it is you, silly. Who else?”
Yi Ping was startled, “We…we are really getting married tomorrow?”
The Joyful Goddess said, “Yes, of course…”
But before she could finish, Lie Qing, Ji Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er all said at the same time. “I protest!”
The Joyful Goddess waved her hand at them, “Protest Invalid. Wedding will continue tomorrow.”
Lie Qing was scolding her, “You are too unreasonable!”
Lingfeng said coldly, “Don’t you think that you are the Celestial Envoy, I will not slap you. Don’t forget, you have lost your internal strength.”
Yu’Er said coolly, “Yes, she can’t fight anymore. Why don’t we teach her a lesson while we can?”
Mei’Er nodded eagerly. She was almost bursting with rage and had already discarded her Emotionless Rhythm to the bottomless abyss when she had heard that Yi Ping and her was going to be wedded tomorrow! 
Lie Qing looked at Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er and were touched that they were all standing on the same side as she muttered, “Everyone…help me to teach her a lesson then!”
The Joyful Goddess smiled, “Celestial Messengers Bai Chongzhen and Liu Qingcheng, Ding Yun and Yi Ping, protect me!”
Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng smiled bitterly at her orders. They really got a very bad feeling about this…
Ding Yun hesitated as she muttered, “Uh…hmm…”
The Joyful Goddess said, “Good sister Yun, please come over here!”
Lie Qing quickly said, “Good sister Yun, come over here please!”
Ding Yun was torn between the both of them. It was because she had known Lie Qing first and now she had even imparted the Invincible Divine Force to her! 
As for the Joyful Goddess, she was really a good sister to her despite only a short time!
The Joyful Goddess said, “Sister Yun, do you want to be linked to Yi Ping?”
Ding Yun asked, “Link?”
The Joyful Goddess smiled, “That means the same as wedded. The Celestials are all incorruptible by mortal desires. So we can only link heart to heart. Sister Yun, come over here.”
Ding Yun could only smiled awkwardly as she thought miserably, “Incorruptible? No mortal desires? You are bluffing who? Then why are you getting married tomorrow? You are already not chaste…” She wanted to faint immediately and pretended not to hear anything…
Lingfeng called out, “Yi Ping! Are you listening to me or not? Come over here and resist this witch! You have said that you will listen to me.”
Yi Ping was flushing so awkwardly that he wished he could dig a hole and wished that these maidens would not see him but Lingfeng and the Joyful Goddess had. 
He did something very smart. He refused to say a word, acting deaf and mute…
Priest Liu Qingcheng said bitterly, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, come over here. Surely you don’t want to fight your protégé master. It is not respectful…”
Mei’Er said tearfully, “You are not our Protégé Master! You are the Celestial Messenger! We are going to beat up all the Celestial Bullies!”
Yu’Er nodded with her beautiful voice saying. “That’s right! We don’t have a Protégé Master that…that...abandons his own disciples! Don’t blame us for not merciful!”
Priest Liu Qingcheng had broken into a sweat as he said, “Am I to be the first Protégé Grandmaster of the Tranquil Clan and the first Celestial Messenger to be killed by my own disciples…alas….I am so pitiful….”
Priest Bai Chongzhen said weakly, “I am still recovering from my injuries…I am also so pitiful…”
The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Not at all. It an honor to die for the Celestial Palace!”
Lingfeng said, “It does seem that our side is much stronger. You have no friends and even Yi Ping does not want to stand on your side. If Yi Ping does not stand on your side, then he is actually on our side as the odds are already obvious. Do your math.”
At one masterstroke, she had pushed Yi Ping to her side!
Yi Ping was startled.
The Joyful Goddess hummed coldly, “Yi Ping is so gullible and dumb. He don’t really think so far ahead. Stop discording us with your lies. Don’t forget you are the Holy Maiden.”
Lingfeng kept quiet all of a sudden…
The Joyful Goddess said, “Protégés of the Celestial Messengers, stand on my side!”
But no one dared to move. It was because everyone had the common sense to know that it was actually none of their business and it would be disastrous to get involve. 
The Joyful Goddess muttered something enchanting.
No one actually knew what she was chanting. 
The truth was she was actually cursing out aloud. It was just that no one actually understands it! 
The Joyful Goddess said, “Alright then, I grant all of you permission to attend my wedding tomorrow…”
Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er was so infuriated that they had raised their hands and fingers, dashing past Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng, who was powerless to stop them as they stumbled to the side! 
They had dashed so sudden that Yi Ping could only shout alarmingly, “Lele! Watch out!”
The Joyful Goddess yawned and raised one hand to block Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er but at the same time in rapid succession, she had slapped them on their cheeks! Her speed and martial strength was so astonishing that Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were forced back by her sudden counterattack, even as she reminded Yi Ping. “Remember you are to address me as the Joyful Goddess in the presence of others.”
Yi Ping was stunned, “Lele, didn’t you lost your internal strength?!”
Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were so startled by the Joyful Goddess sudden counterattack that they got slapped on their faces as they did not anticipated that she would be able to resist their attacks at the same time. Also, they did not use even their full martial strength as they knew that Yi Ping would be upset with them for injuring the Joyful Goddess! 
Even Lie Qing was startled as she said, “You…!”
The Joyful Goddess laughed jovially, “I did lose it but I have regained it back already!”
How could anyone regain their internal strength so speedily?
Even though the internal strength of the Joyful Goddess lacked the martial power of Lie Qing’s Invincible Divine Force, but the depth of her true internal strength was truly astonishing! 
When Ding Yun had inspected her wrist, her meridians were indeed erratic and she had lost half of her internal strength due to internal injuries. 
But she had secretly circulated her remaining internal strength through the use of her Celestial Force, dissolving the bad blood in her blood and restoring the flow of intricate energy in the next instant. Because her internal strength was so profound, she was able to do it secretly without notice as she plunged out the excess bad intricate energy from her invisibly! 
In this hall, she was now the most supreme. No one could stop her from doing what she wants and she intended to force Yi Ping to marry her whether he wishes or not. 
Originally, she wanted to keep this a secret but when Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had attacked her, she had forgotten about it and had retaliated in self-defense!
Her idea of fun was to torture Qiu Wufeng, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun mentally with the Celestial Star Formations. She knew that it was impossible for them to learn even the basics in three days. After all, it had taken her one hundred years to fully understand this formation and to break free of it. 
Yi Ping said, “Lele, you got your internal strength back? Or some of it?”
The Joyful Goddess suddenly remembered that she was not supposed to exercise her internal strength so she quickly coughed innocently, “They have suddenly attacked me and out of self-defense, I have forcibly mustered my internal injuries. Now my internal injuries have worsened. My days may be numbered…”
Yi Ping was so worried that he quickly walked to her to comfort her, “Lele…!”
Yi Ping turned towards Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, rebuking them. “Look what have you done!”
Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still stunned by the Joyful Goddess’ slaps that they could only hold their cheek and stared tearfully at Yi Ping! It was because the Joyful Goddess’ martial strength was so pure that they could not believe that she had lost her internal strength for even a moment. They were also hesitating because they did not want to get another slap so soon! 
But before Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er could reply to Yi Ping’s accusation, Lie Qing said. “Stop putting on an act. Let me expose your lies!” She had suddenly attacked the Joyful Goddess and they were fighting with dozens of blows instantly!
Everyone was stunned that both Maiden Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess were fighting again! 
The Joyful Goddess grasped, “Lie Qing, you didn’t lose your internal strength?”
Lie Qing replied coldly, “That is your wishful thinking!”
The Joyful Goddess hastily replied, “No, that’s not true. I so happy for you…”
She was suddenly interrupted by an intrigue stroke coming from Lie Qing and she was forced to take two steps back! “Sister, listen to me…we can get marry together…”
Lie Qing hummed coldly, sending forth five more successive attacks on her. “Utter rubbish!” 
Yi Ping was startled and so were the rest…
Yi Ping muttered, “Lie Qing, you didn’t lose your internal strength too?”
Lie Qing did not reply him as she was focusing all her efforts as she attacked and defended against the Joyful Goddess who was her match in terms of martial techniques. 
What the Joyful Goddess lacked in martial power, she had compensated with her stunning agility and swiftness skill! 
Lie Qing had temporary lost the strength of her internal strength after the ensuring clash with the Joyful Goddess. However, she had consumed the Divine Dragon Pill, a miracle pill that could rejuvenate her martial power and life force. With her martial foundation, especially the Invincible Divine Force, her internal injuries were healing at a rapid pace. 
Moreover, the internal injuries that Lie Qing had suffered were lighter than the Joyful Goddess due to her Golden Impervious Body Skill! 
The Golden Impervious Body Skill was a skill that could render most attacks harmless and lessen the damage inflicted. At Lie Qing advance stage of this skill, she could even go into a death trance so that even if she was gravely injured, her body could be able to recover. That was what happened to her when she was sorely defeated by the Divine Calamity!
At that time, Lie Qing had founded Virtuous Palace and was known as the Heavenly Temptress. She had six followers who served as the stewards of the Virtuous Palace, Xiao Boyi, Jing Xing, Ding Jun, Yuan Tieqi, You Nikuang and Qin Siyi. 
One day, Lie Qing summoned her stewards and said weakly. “My very end is near. You have seen the deadliness of the Divine Calamity and the destruction that it had caused. It is best that you do not learn of the Invincible Divine Force anymore. That is how most of my martial clan has perished over the years. I have thought that with my martial level, I can actually have a chance…”
 Jing Xing said tearfully, “Mistress, your eyes have turned crimson...no you won't die...I don't want this to happen...”
Xiao Boyi said, “You are not imparting the Invincible Divine Force to us anymore?”
Lie Qing said weakly, “It only bring you harm…”
Yuan Tieqi said, “Maybe you have learnt it wrongly. Maybe you can’t but others can.”
Jing Xing raised her long sword at Yuan Tieqi and Xiao Boyi, “Are you rebelling? How dare you be rude to the Heavenly Temptress!”
Qin Siyi said coldly, “Xiao Boyi, Yuan Tieqi, how dare you be rude to our mistress!”
Jing Xing and Qin Siyi were from the same martial protégé clan as Lie Qing, the Invincible Divine Clan. The Invincible Divine Clan was once the most powerful martial clan in the martial fraternity but its lofty ambitions caused its downfall in a major battle with various other powerful martial clans. Lie Qing was the only solo surviving member of her clan…
You Nikuang laughed, “If you don’t impart it to us now, there won’t be another time. Why do you think we have followed you even after the Invincible Divine Clan is destroyed? Do you really think we are so free and dare to risk the constant harassment of the other martial clans just for your sake?”
Lie Qing said weakly, “I have taught you many martial skills…how could you betray my trust…”
Ding Jun said, “You taught us all your skills? What a joke. You treat us like dirt and even want to drain our Divine Virtuous Force so that you can have enough martial power to overcome the Divine Calamity.”
Lie Qing said, “I have my own reasons…”
But before she could fully explain, You Nikuang, Ding Jun, Xiao Boyi and Yuan Tieqi had attacked her. 
That very night, Jing Xing and Qin Siyi had sacrificed their lives for her. She was mortally wounded by the Divine Calamity and from her betrayers…
If it was not for the numerous loyal followers who had shielded her, she could not have escaped from the Virtuous Palace. But even if she could escape, what was the point? She would eventually die.
In her escapade, she had met a young man who seemed to be impervious to her mesmerizing hold with the Absolute Spirits Skill. This young man had not only unconditionally treated her injuries but had even sacrificed himself for her when the Divine Calamity struck again, turning the entire cavern into ice…
At first when she opened her eyes, she had thought Yi Ping was the same young man because they had a familiar look…
Back to the present, Yi Ping was now shouting panicky for Lie Qing and Lele to stop because they were in the midst of a heated confrontation, “Qing’Er, Lele! Stop fighting!”
But all of a sudden, Lele and Lie Qing seemed to have freeze and they were not moving! 
Everyone was stunned to see them ceasing their fights all of a sudden!
Yi Ping asked, “What is going on?”
Lie Qing and Lele were trembling as they were looking at the entrance of the hall nervously at the same time and even their fingers were trembling!
It was because they had suddenly noticed that there were two maidens standing at the entrance of the hall quietly! 
Everyone followed their glances and was stunned to see two heavenly maidens, one in light blue and one in light yellow standing quietly! 
Yi Ping was the most stunned as he looked at the two familiar sights. He was trembling and muttering, “Yixian, Youxue, is that you…?”
Indeed, the one in light blue was the Celestial Fairy. Her sight was so stunning that she seemed so unreal that many in the hall were wondering if they were dreaming! 
The sight of Xiao Youxue was also moving, she was always an enthralling young maiden and her air was unmistaken enticing to beholden. That was why Qiu Wufeng had recognized her even when she had veiled herself. 
However, they shared the same cold demeanor and cold forbidden aura. 
Even Yu’Er and Mei’Er were suddenly frightful, “Protégé Mistress?”
The Celestial Fairy said gently in an unhurriedly manner. “I have heard that someone is planning a wedding tomorrow.”
She seemed to be directing at the Joyful Goddess and Yi Ping at the same time…

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Chapter 42: Sisters of the Fate

 Yi Ping was trembling as he walked weakly towards the Celestial Fairy and Youxue while muttering, “Yixian, Youxue…it is really you! I…I…” He really did not know what to say or noticed the icy coldness of the hall as the maidens were all staring icily at one another. 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er knew that their protégé mistress was upset because they had been with her for a long time. Their protégé mistress rarely lost her cool and that only happened when they were just young girls and was playing havoc in the Eternal Ice Palace regardless of the clan rules! It was because they had intentional taken advantage of their mistress easy going nature and broke every single rule frequently!

 Lie Qing was awkward as she thought, “Youxue is here and his wife is also here. Why am I in this embarrassing situation? I should go…”

 Lingfeng and Ding Yun were also quiet. It was because in the presence of the Celestial Fairy, they knew that they had totally no right. They could not even invoke the rule of the martial fraternity by dueling for their rights. It was because none of them were her martial match except for maybe Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess. 

 Yixian and Youxue had hidden themselves from their view because they were too awkward to see Yi Ping. If Yi Ping and his companions could not defeat Yuan Shao in three day time, then they would secretly lend him a helping hand.

 Yixian and Youxue divine state of their stealth skill was so startling that they could remain completely invisible even to top exponents. Not even Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess could detect their presence if they willed it. 

 But what happened in the Grand Hall of Longevity was simply too much for them to bear, testing even their patience. 

 The Joyful Goddess was horribly late and that caused them to remain motionless for hours while listening to flirting conversation between Yi Ping and Lingfeng. 

 And it continued to grow more outrageous when the Joyful Goddess had arrived and they had to listen to her ridiculous excuses and requests. 

 Not only Lie Qing could not stand her and wanted to teach her some manners, the Celestial Fairy and Youxue were also thinking the same! 

 The Celestial Fairy and Youxue simply could not believe such an impossible maiden with that kind of an attitude existed in the fraternity. They could only watch in utter disbelief that Lie Qing, the Joyful Goddess and Yi Ping had all lost their martial power from an internal fight! 

 Were they even aware that they were surrounded by foes? 

 After they had lost their martial power, the Joyful Goddess was still in a jovial mood to call for a wedding. But because she had lost her martial power, they suppressed their indignation. 

 Youxue, who was acquainted with Lingfeng, had almost lost her cool when Lingfeng got slapped by the Joyful Goddess. 

 But still, they continued to endure the antics of the Joyful Goddess till to the very end. 

 When they realized that they were played by her, they could no longer suppress their wrath for her even with their state of divinity! 

 As for Yi Ping, he was walking with trembling steps towards them now!

 Shui Yixian sighed to herself, “If Yi Ping comes close to me I am going to give him a slap. He has abandoned Yu’Er and Mei’Er. He even wants to get marry to a demoness like the Joyful Goddess. Is he blind or he is consumed by lust for her? I really regret putting Yu’Er and Mei’Er into his hands. I have ruined them…”

 Youxue was equally hurt and felt that she had been betrayed by Yi Ping. She sighed silently as her eyes turned melancholy, “We…have barely parted and you have been acquainted with another maiden? Are all men like that? You are…just…like my hateful father!”

 And she had raised her hands to slap as soon as he got close.

 As soon as Yi Ping got close to them, he was tearful and said excitedly. “Yixian, Youxue! It is really the two of you. I…I miss you. Yixian…I have thought we have been separated by the heavens and the earth…it is really good. Don’t leave me anymore…”

 Yixian had wanted to slap Yi Ping but when she had seen him again and she was glad that he was now talking to her that her heart calmed down considerably. It was because she knew that Yi Ping had never forgotten her. How would she not know? Xiao Youxue had told her everything…

 And then he said to Youxue, “Youxue, I have thought that you are gone for good…please forgive me…I am too impulsive. I shouldn’t have said those unkind words to you…alas, I am so dense…I really thought that I would no longer see you anymore…”

 Xiao Youxue had wanted to slap Yi Ping too. But what she had wanted to do, her heart did not have the will. She could only mutter, “You…are not taking vendetta for your wife anymore?”

 Yi Ping laughed sorrowfully aloud, “I…if I know it is you, I will never have the heart. You have saved me so many times…do you think that I would be so ungrateful?”

 Yixian comforted him gently, “She didn’t kill me. She had almost killed me but so did I. So now, it is fair. Look at you. Why did you run off from the Eternal Ice Palace? With your mediocre skills and straightforward nature, how many lives do you think you can afford to lose?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I am still alive…”

 Youxue smiled, “You…even a boar had almost killed you! You have better retired from the martial fraternity…”

 Yi Ping looked at her gently, “Even a fish could kill me, thanks to you…” 

 Xiao Youxue had saved Yi Ping from the Thousand Year Ice Fish in the Icy Cavern. After that they had spent more than three months of carefree life together with Lie Qing. That was her happiest period of her life and she had wished that it would never end. 

 Youxue could not resist a soft chuckle…

 Everyone could see suddenly that Yi Ping and the two heavenly maidens were now talking and laughing softly. It was an extremely enviable sight. They seemed to have forgotten about the presence of everyone else in the hall! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were secretly blinking their eyes and nodding at each other. It was because their protégé mistress was no longer upset. They were smiling at the enviable sight. Even though they had wanted to run to their protégé mistress and to greet her but they were afraid to interrupt this beautiful moment. 

 Lie Qing was stroking her long hair and had turned away. It was because she knew that she was out of this picturesque scene now that the Celestial Fairy and Youxue were here. Even if she likes Yi Ping, there was nothing left for her to do now…

 Lingfeng did not feel uneasy. She was smiling and was teary. She was saying to herself, “Yi Ping has finally found his wife again. That’s great…all good things must come to an end. I will never forget you, Yi Ping.”

 Like Lie Qing, Ding Yun felt out of place…

 Of all the timing and of all the people to interrupt, it was the Joyful Goddess. 

 The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Yi Ping, are they your friends? They can attend our wedding too. The more the merrier…”

 But she was also playing with her fingers on her chin as she pondered, “The maiden in light blue, she is such a familiar sight?”

 All of a sudden, she grasped delightfully. “She is Revelation Star! The statue in the chamber of the Celestial Stars! But her eyes, she has not attained enlightenment yet? Alas, that is troublesome. Oh well…none of my business. She is on her own then…”

 The Celestial Fairy and Xiao Youxue had appeared in front of her all of a sudden. Their swiftness movement was not beneath her and was astonishing! 

 The exponents in the hall were grasping breathlessly. They had never seen someone displaying swiftness movement right in front of them with such startling speed that they did not even notice that they had actually moved from the entrance of the hall to the front of the Joyful Goddess!

 The Joyful Goddess was startled but before she could react, they had attacked her. 

 It was a lucky that that she was agile and she had quickly moved back, “Revelation Star, why are you attacking me?”

 The Joyful Goddess had once again provoked them with her incessant arrogance!

 The three of them were moving across the hall, flashing to and fro that all the exponents in the hall were rubbing their eyes for they had only seen flashes of shadow! 

 Yi Ping was grasping, “Speed fighting techniques. Amazing…”

 But before he could finish speaking, Lingfeng had appeared in front of him and gave him a knock on his head. 

 Lingfeng’s swiftness movement skill was on par with them! 

 Yi Ping asked, “Why are you hitting me, Lingfeng?”

 Lingfeng said panicky, “You idiot! You are the only one that can stop them now. Stop watching and asks them to stop or there would be casualties!”

 Yi Ping was panicky as he quickly shouted, “Yixian, Youxue, Lele! Stop! You are not enemies!”

 But his shouts were drowned out by their explosive techniques and blows…

 He had lost his martial power and his ordinary shouts could not be heard above the explosive blows that were ringing nonstop…

 The Joyful Goddess was shouting panicky, “Two against one, that’s despicable!”

 Xiao Youxue said coldly, “Aren’t you a Prime Celestial? And you are calling for help?”

 The Joyful Goddess flew towards Lie Qing and was heard saying, “Qing Qing, help me!”

 Yixian and Youxue just wanted to slap the Joyful Goddess but she was proving to be harder than they had expected and extremely good in evading. 

 Lie Qing hummed coldly, “It seems that we are getting closer to closer each time. Serves you right…”

 All of a sudden, a windforce that was created from their rapid fighting sliced past her cheek and scratched her cheek. Lie Qing touched her porcelain face and she looked at the blood that was on her fingers. 

 Lie Qing had raised her martial power with her Invincible Divine Force as six beaming burst of force exploded from her aura, “How dare you scratch my face!”

 And soon, she too was fighting with the Joyful Goddess, the Celestial Fairy and Xiao Youxue!

 Lie Qing and Xiao Youxue were friends so they avoided attacking one another. 

 Xiao Youxue and the Celestial Fairy were friends so they too avoided attacking one another. 

 The Joyful Goddess had the most disadvantages as she had to fight three super exponents at the same time while Xiao Youxue only need to focused her attention on the Joyful Goddess! 

 As they fought, their martial power and force increased so rapidly that the entire hall was now shaking and they had already knocked down several pillars! 

 The Joyful Goddess was now panicking as she had exhausted all her possible strokes against these super exponents; they had seen through all her feints and intrigue moves. It would not be for long before she could be hit by them! She thought, “It is even harder than fighting Yuan Hao…”

 But she was also astute shrewd. When she could not take any blows anymore, she would use Lie Qing as her shield by taking evasive action behind her! 

 If there were a power ranking among these four super exponents however slight it was, the Celestial Fairy Shui Yixian would surely be ranked first, second would be the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing, Youxue would be third while the Joyful Goddess Huan Le would be last. 

 But in terms of internal strength, it was the opposite. The Joyful Goddess would outlast them as long as she had the most profound internal strength due to the Celestial Force and her centuries of mediation, provided that she did not get kill first. That was why she was bending attacks with her superior speed against the three of them. 

 Priest Liu Qingcheng, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Priest Ling Kongquan and Priest Bai Chongzhen were all shouting to Yi Ping and the rest, “Everyone quickly run! The entire hall is collapsing!”

 Yi Ping was reluctant to leave but he was dragged away by Lingfeng and Gongsun Jing.

 Gongsun Jing said, “Brother, this place is too dangerous now. The building may collapse anytime. There is nothing we can do except to pray for their safety...”

 Lingfeng said, “That’s right.”

 Nangong Le was sighing poetically, “Four heavenly maidens fighting, what a wondrous sight…” But before he could finish, he was knocked onto the ground by a sudden windforce as a shadow dashed past him and he had to be carried away by Qiu Wufeng! 

 Just as Yi Ping and the last of the group had exited the grand hall, the entire building had suddenly collapsed, leaving the four fighting maidens who were still inside!

 The entire structure of the collapsing pillars and walls weighed tons! No one could have possibly survived such a mind blogging heavy crash!

 Yi Ping fell upon his knees as he sobbed uncontrollably, “We have just been reunited and now...and now, we have separated again. Why is it that Fate must plays such a cruel trick on me?!”

 He began to clench his fists and hit the ground repeatedly until his fists were bloodied…

 Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were tearful as they consoled him, “Yi Ping, don’t…”

 Priest Ling Kongquan said solemnly, “The dead cannot be brought back. We will surely dig up their bodies and give them a grand burial.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng was staring at the collapsed Grand Hall of Longevity. It was one of the oldest buildings in the Tranquil Clan with over two thousand years of history. 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen was sighing to himself, “The Prime Celestial Joyful Goddess is dead…we are still surrounded by our enemies. We are now Celestial Messengers in all but name only…”

 Priest Ling Kongquan asked, “How is everyone?”

 Gongsun Jing said, “Brother Nangong has fainted earlier. Most of us managed to escape with nothing more than just a few bruises. It is a miracle that we are all able to make it out alive…”

 Qiu Wufeng was in tears as he stared at the Grand Hall of Longevity.

 Gongsun Jing asked him, “Why are you even more upset than Yi Ping?”

 Qiu Wufeng wailed, “I have thought that I would be the hero of the Celestial Star Formation. With the Joyful Goddess dead, who will impart to us the Celestial Star Formation now? We are all as good as dead now. We may as well dig our own graves now.”

 The hard truth sunk in once again and those who had overheard it were also depressed by the coming outcome!

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping got up and he said to everyone. “Priest Liu Qingcheng, I have a request. Let the wedding continues tomorrow. Even if Lele, Lie Qing, Yixian and Youxue are dead, I am going to hold a ceremony for them.”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng nodded silently.

 Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were now holding hands and were tearful.

 When Yi Ping had finished speaking, he had dashed to the collapsed building, picking and throwing away the debris! 

 Even as Yi Ping had just started picking the debris, Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were besides him, picking up and clearing the debris with him!

 Priest Bai Chongzhen shouted to his clan protégés, “What are you all waiting for? Help them!”

 Priest Liu Qingcheng shouted too, “Help them!”

 In no time, dozens of protégés from both the Traverse and the Tranquil Clan were also helping to clear the debris! 

 “What are you doing Yi Ping? Digging dirt like a kid?”

 Yi Ping and everyone were startled at this familiar divine voice. It was unmistakably the voice of the Joyful Goddess and he could sniff her lavender scent!

 Yi Ping quickly looked up and saw the Joyful Goddess standing in the distance. She was stroking her long luster hair to and fro. Even though she was still quite a distance away but her divine voice could be heard clearly. 

 Yi Ping muttered, “Lele…are you…human or ghost?”

 The Joyful Goddess said, “I am never human. I am a Celestial. When I heard that you are preparing a wedding for me, I have immediately come back from the dead to visit you.”

 Everyone else was too stunned and fearful to react. It was too supernatural and they were all looking at the Joyful Goddess in utter disbelief. 

 Yi Ping said sorrowfully, “Lele, I am so sorry. It is my entire fault. I have caused your death indirectly. I shouldn’t have asked you to come here in the first place…it is my entire fault…”

 The Joyful Goddess sighed melancholy, “Yi Ping, I have only a brief moments left before I vanish. I am so happy that you are going to hold a wedding for my sake. Don’t you forget about me…”

 Yi Ping was tearful and he was shouting frantically, “Lele, I won’t forget you! Don’t leave me!”

 Ding Yun interrupted, “Yi Ping…Le…the Joyful Goddess isn’t a ghost or dead. She has a shadow…”

 Lingfeng was startled. She was so seized up by the Joyful Goddess sudden appearance that she was not thinking clearly. If she was not a ghost, then where were the Celestial Fairy, Lie Qing and Youxue?

 The Joyful Goddess said melancholy, “I have just died. That…is why I still have a shadow…very soon, even my shadow will vanish and you will never see me ever again…”

 Yi Ping cried out, “Le…Lele….” 

 He had already run with all his might towards her! 

 But when he had run halfway to her, dashing across the gardens, small pavilions and the stone bridge that was across a small canal, Yi Ping had suddenly paused in his tracks.

 He had suddenly turned back and was red-faced.

 He began to walk back quietly and there was a shadow in his expressions!

 Everyone was stunned!

 Lingfeng thought, “Didn’t he missed the Joyful Goddess so much that he just ran all the way to her? Why did he suddenly turned back and looking so upset?”

 The Joyful Goddess was calling out, “You….you don’t miss me anymore?”

 Yi Ping turned around and pointed at another direction.

 As there were buildings blocking the views, no one except Yi Ping could see what he was actually pointing at. 

 But Gongsun Jing, Lingfeng, Ding Yun, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Qiu Wufeng, Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Ling Kongquan and Priest Liu Qingcheng hastened to Yi Ping immediately. They were equally stunned at the same time when they saw the Celestial Fairy, Lie Qing and Youxue standing under a pavilion and they were examining a golden scroll together in perfect harmony!

 They were all ghosts?

 The Joyful Goddess immediately said melancholy, “We have all died…”

 Yi Ping said angrily, “Enough! Why did you lie to me, Lele? Do you think it is even in the least funny?”

 The Joyful Goddess looked sheepish as she took a glance at the Celestial Fairy, Lie Qing and Youxue before saying, “I just want to know if you are concern for me or not. I…I really had a near miss with death but Revelation Star has grabbed me…”

 The Celestial Fairy nodded gently, indicating that it was the truth. 

 Actually Yi Ping was not really upset with her. He was truly glad that she was alive. 

 But when he had heard that she really got a near miss with death, his heart immediately softened as he asked gently. “Are you alright?”

 The Joyful Goddess nodded slowly.

 Yi Ping asked, “What is going on?”

 Of course, Lele was not going to tell him now because it was something unorthodox and embarrassing. 

 When the grand hall was collapsing, they had continued to fight with one another furiously. 

 At the last crucial moment Yixian had blocked off a falling heavy wooden arc that almost hit Lele with her Divine Emerald Skill as she whispered softly. “We need to get out of here fast or we will all going to die.” 

 Lie Qing agreed with her, “Let’s settle the fight outside then.”

 They were in harmony on that and immediately ceased fighting, using their last ditch efforts to make an escape in the nick of time. 

 When they were outside and just as they were about to assume their fights, the Joyful Goddess suddenly said. “Sisters look!” 

 She had took out a golden scroll and rolled it opened in front of their eyes. 

 Yixian, Youxue and Lie Qing were stunned at the number of intricate formulas that were found in this scroll as they scanned quickly with their eyes. Every single wording of the intricate formulas that were found in this golden scroll was profound!

 Because the wordings of the scroll were written in an older text, it took them some time to realize the importance of such a martial treasure! 

 Youxue asked, “What is this golden scroll?”

 Lele said, “These are the various intricate formulas and the paths required to attain divinity. These intricate formulas will aid in your understandings of your martial skills and help you to overcome the Divine Calamity one day depending on your destiny.”

 Lie Qing was looking at it with trembling eyes for she knew how deadly the Divine Calamity was and she was unsure if she could survive the next Divine Calamity for she had cheated death using an unorthodox method. 

 Even the Celestial Fairy Yixian was moved by the sight of the golden scroll for past protégé leaders of the Eternal Ice Palace had all perished in the Divine Calamity. 

 Youxue asked, “Is the intricate formula real?”

 Yixian replied, “Appears to be. This and this, are real and even more polish from what I have known. It takes me five years to figure this intricate formula at that staging. If I know of this intricate formula earlier, it can save me four painful years…”

 Youxue was amazed of Yixian’s ability to read and her mastery of the various intricate formulas. 

 Lele smiled, knowing that they had been moved by the golden scroll that she had found. 

 She added, “Clearing the Divine Calamity is just the first step. There are seven stages of divinity at the Celestial Level. They are Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend. Each stage of divinity is furthered divided into three tiers, lower, middle and upper. Without this scroll, you can never understand how to clear and survive at each staging.” 

 Lie Qing grasped as she peek at the scroll, “I am only at the Genesis Level. My crisis…”

 Lie Qing was the only one that had no difficulty in reading the text but the many of the intricate formula was so profound that she could not grasp the essence of the intricate formula yet. 

 The contents of the entire golden scroll could probably take centuries to fully grasp and understand! 

 Yixian was quiet for a moment before she asked softly, “What is it that you want so that you can impart to us the contents of this scroll?”

 The Joyful Goddess laughed softly, “Nothing. You are all my sisters. When you have reached the Transverse stage, you will understand. We have a secret destiny waiting for us that even I cannot divine yet. We are once sisters together in a different time. What really happens I really do not know because I do not have those memories too. But if we are to survive until the Divine Wrath, we must be together.”

 Lie Qing asked, “Is that why you have been calling me Luminous Star?”

 Youxue asked in a low whisper, “You…you will help us?”

 The Joyful Goddess nodded, “But there are certain things you must know. You must severe all attachments and sentiments until you can reach the Emotion Staging, or else it will be disastrous for all of you. It is a long way before you can even reach the Emotion Staging, perhaps many centuries.”

 Lie Qing looked at Yixian and Youxue for she knew what they must be thinking. She smiled bitterly, “I don’t mind. I am already at the Genesis staging. It not as if I have someone in mind.” She had lied of course.

 Yixian’s reply stunned Lie Qing and Youxue, “This is necessary sacrifices. Yi Ping and I belong to different world. I have already wasted so many empty years and time is running out for me. To overcome the Divine Calamity is not only my past protégé leaders’ wishes but is also mine. I…am willing to embark on the path of divinity.”

 Youxue kept quiet. She was thinking of Yi Ping at the same time and the contents of the golden scroll. 

 The Joyful Goddess knew that she had successful bribed them and turned them on her side. 

 For Yixian and Lie Qing’s state of divinity, it was not an easy matter to bribe them. No one would surrender an intricate formula without any condition. Each of the intricate formula in the golden scroll was a martial secret and extremely profound. The Joyful Goddess had shown them not one but so many intricate formulas at the same time and so willingly.

 How could they not be moved? 

 She added, “From now on, we are sisters. You still have the time to think over it. I will leave the golden scroll with you for three days. 

 The Joyful Goddess sighed softly, “But now, I got a bigger headache. I still need your approval for my wedding. I don’t want to be slapped or be embarrassed on my wedding date.”

 Ch42 End

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Chapter 43: The Emptiness Translucence

The Joyful Goddess was busy preparing her wedding throughout the day. She was virtually everywhere except near Yi Ping because it was considered inauspicious for the bride and the groom to meet before their wedding. 

She was jovial regardless if the rest were really sincerely in wishing her the best of wishes. 

She had almost driven Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Youxue and even the Celestial Fairy to the point of insanity with her incessant chats.

“Am I beautiful? Is there anything to touch up? I wonder how Yi Ping will feel or think?”

She would ask the same questions to everyone on the same day as though she was intimate with everyone. 

Everyone was all thinking if she really knew that they were all envy, upset, scolding or irritated by her?

Obviously the Joyful Goddess did not think the same for her state of divinity was too high. 

But for the protégés of the Tranquil Clan and Traverse Clan, it was different. She was a welcoming sight when she had popped up. Her enchanting beautiful presence awed everyone. 

She had really sharp ears. 

When two protégés of the Tranquil Clan was discussing about the wedding preparation and how lucky Yi Ping was, she had appeared and asked. “Really? Do you think we will be blissful together?”

Even Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng were not spared from her. 

She was really treating the Tranquil Clan as her home!

Yixian quietly asked herself and shared with Youxue, “Did we make a mistake?”

Youxue sighed, “I can’t even remember if we approve of her wedding and now…”

Technically, Yixian, Youxue and Lie Qing did not say no as they were too engross with the contents of the golden scroll to think clearly. They actually had more questions for her regarding the different methods of cultivation than disagreeing with her. 

So before they could even disagree or disapprove, the Joyful Goddess had subtly made all the decisions!

Even Lie Qing was cursing quietly, “And to think we are sisters in the past?! I can’t even stand her now…”

Somehow, all the maidens felt that they had just sold Yi Ping away to the Joyful Goddess. 

Ding Yun had really no disagreements because she already knew that Lele had already decided that Yi Ping was to be her husband. That included her…

Lingfeng was feeling extremely down. She had wished she was the bride instead…

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were both teary. Their husband-to-be was going to be married and they were not the brides…

Youxue was dejected. It was because she was the first one among all the maidens that had noticed Yi Ping but somehow it seemed that she was always destined not to be with him…

Yixian simply could not believe that the Joyful Goddess would actually be married right under her very nose. It was simply too unbelievable!

Finally, all the maidens had reached a startling conclusion on their very own; they had all fallen into a well-planned but ridiculous scheme that had been elaborately created by the Joyful Goddess! 

Lingfeng was the first to have realized that, the more she had thought of that. The more that she had thought of that, the more convinced she was that they were all slowly pushed in the direction that the Joyful Goddess had wanted. 

She could not explain it because it was too surreal! 

“She really knows divination?”

Lingfeng had already decided that she was going to disrupt the wedding at all costs. It was because she simply could not give up on Yi Ping without a single fight. It did not matter if she lost to the Joyful Goddess. If Yi Ping falls into her hands, then Yi Ping would surely be lost to her forever. 

Lie Qing was the second to realize that as she explained suddenly, “She actually has the audacity to woven high level suggestions with the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill. She was astonished at her state of divinity and courage…

She sigh weakly, “She's not stupid at all. We are the real fools…even though she can’t defeat her with her martial skills; she has defeated us with her state of divinity and unsuspecting courage…”

Yi Ping was the most bewildered. 

He was getting married tomorrow and he did not even have a choice. 

He wanted to go up and approached Yixian, Youxue, Ding Yun and even Lingfeng but he was so afflicted with guilt that he found himself unable to do so. 

In the end, he did not get to say a single word to them. 

He really had so much to say to Yixian but she seemed to deliberately avoid him. 

“Yixian, you have changed or I have changed? You cannot remember me anymore? I have become more rugged while you have become more heavenly. Are we destined to be apart? I don’t want to…”

His heart was clearly broken. But he was aware that he could not fault Yixian. It was because he was the one that had promise to take Lele and Ding Yun as his wife…

And there was Youxue.

He muttered, “Youxue…Lingfeng…Yun...”

Just as he had hung up the Divine Echo and the White Emerald Phoenix Sword on the wall in his room, there was a knock outside.

Startled, he opened the door and was surprised to see Priest Liu Qingcheng standing nervously outside. 

Yi Ping quickly said, “Priest Liu! What is the matter? It is getting late.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly went into the door and closed the door even before Yi Ping could stop him.

Yi Ping asked, “Priest Liu? Yes?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng stammered, “Hero Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping said, “You look troubled. Is there anything I can help? Is it because Lele is causing too much inconveniences and troubles? This wedding thing is too ridiculous, even I am not too happy with it…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng grabbed his hands and said, “Can you decipher this silver scroll?”

He took out a silver scroll and unraveled it in front of Yi Ping. 

Yi Ping was really puzzled, asking. “What it is?”

He smiled bitterly in his heart because his level of literacy was really low. He was quite ashamed of that and had been teased a couple of times by Lele and Lingfeng. 

The silver scroll was written in a language that was totally out of the world. Yi Ping could recognize that it seemed to be written in the same form as the golden scroll. 

Yi Ping said, “Priest Liu, if you want to find someone that can read this scroll why don’t you ask the Joyful Goddess? She may be able to help you. I definitely can’t.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “Don’t! Do you know how valuable this silver scroll is?”

Yi Ping shook his head. 

Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “This is an intricacy formula that is even more profound than the Dual Inertia Intricacy Formula. It is called the Emptiness Translucence.”

Yi Ping was in a sudden daze as his fingers left the silver scroll, “The Emptiness Translucence…” Why was the name of this scroll resounded with such familiarity in his mind?

Priest Liu Qingcheng continued, “Even though we can read its contents but no one understands anything of it.”

He sighed softly and began to sit down, “Do you know when the Grand Hall of Longevity was constructed?”

Yi Ping was alarmed as he thought, “Lele, Lie Qing, Youxue and Yixian have destroyed the Grand Hall of Longevity earlier. Is he asking me to pay for the damages? I am too poor to pay…”

He smiled bitterly and shook his head, “I really do not know. But it must be centuries.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng nodded and added, “Nearly two thousands year old!”

Yi Ping almost fainted on the spot. He could only say, “I am willing to take responsibility for the damages even if takes me a lifetime to do so.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “No need. In fact, I am here to give you this scroll.”

Yi Ping was stunned, “You are giving me your clan most precious intricacy formula to me?”

Even though Yi Ping was low in literacy and inexperienced with most rules of the martial fraternity but everyone knew that each clan guarded their martial secrets closely. It was so forbidden that anyone suspected of leaking it or stealing it would be hunted down. 

Priest Liu Qingcheng nodded solemnly, “Do you think I am joking with you?”

Yi Ping asked, “But why?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “It is associated with the founding of the Grand Hall of Longevity and the founding of the Tranquil Clan. When the Grand Hall of Longevity was built, our past protégé leader got the Emptiness Translucence Intricacy Formula from an eminent person. We have no records of his name but we refer to him as the White Sage of Emptiness.”

He paused for a while before adding, “The White Sage of Emptiness left a copy of his Emptiness Translucence with us. He informed us that in the future, the Tranquil Clan will have an avoidable crisis and a stranger that is not from the Tranquil Clan will appear to aid us. A fight will then break out in the Grand Hall of the Longevity and the stranger that comes to aid us will lose all his internal strength in an act of heroism. Then he is the one that we must pass the Emptiness Translucence to him.”

All of a sudden, he looked a little regretful. “Our past protégé leader and elders asked for a further sign so that the precious Emptiness Translucence will not fall into the wrong hands. The White Sage of Emptiness replied that the day the stranger stepped into the Grand Hall of Longevity it will also be the day the Grand Hall of Longevity will be destroyed.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “It is based on just a legend. Unfortunately, I can’t even read a single word in this silver scroll. No one is able to predict the future.”

Just when he was about to reject the silver scroll, Priest Liu Qingcheng recited. “The Boundless Translucence, the Divine Ascendant of the Five Conducts, Spirit, Void…”

Yi Ping muttered, “The Five Conducts of the Divine Ascendants…the Spirit, the Void, the Enigma, the Absolute and the Great Ultimate. The Emptiness of the Spirit, the Emptiness of the Void, the Emptiness of the Enigma, the Emptiness of the Absolute and the Emptiness of the Great Ultimate…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was stunned. It was because Yi Ping had phrased it in a more concise manner than he had. He quickly asked, “You have seen this before?”

Yi Ping was now looking at the silver scroll quietly. There was a weird sparkle in his eyes as he muttered, “No…but when you start reciting it and when I see this silver scroll, I can visualize the contents…”

He was not bluffing of course. In that single instant, he had fully understood the Emptiness Translucence! 

Priest Liu Qingcheng asked excitedly, “You really understand the intricacy formula of the Emptiness Translucence? Is it a supreme martial skill or a supreme heart intricate formula? We been studying it for a long time but none of us really understands it…”

Yi Ping said quietly, “The Emptiness Translucence is not just a martial intricacy formula. It is also a divine state of translucent…”

He could not explain how he knew. 

Unknown to even Yi Ping himself, he was already at the Emptiness Translucence of the Enigma and had long attained the Emptiness Translucence of the Void. The Emptiness Translucence of the Enigma which meant worldly attachments was a stumbling block for him. 

The purpose of this silver scroll was just to remind him to complete the Emptiness Translucence. 

Yi Ping said, “Priest Liu, thank you. You can take back the silver scroll now.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled, “You do not need it?”

Yi Ping said quietly, “All this while, the Emptiness Translucence is in my heart. I can’t explain it…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was somehow glad that he could keep the silver scroll so he said, “You don’t have to thanks me. You didn’t take anything from me.”

Yi Ping said solemnly, “Somehow I feel light hearted all of a sudden. I have a heavy heart for a long time. It is like I have reached enlightenment after you have revealed to me the Emptiness Translucence. Priest Liu, can you do me a favor?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng asked, “What it is? If I can help, I will surely do it for you.”

Yi Ping sighed softly, “Help me to cancel the wedding.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled and he sighed heavily, “I afraid I can’t. The wedding plans have already been in preparation. How am I going to account to the Joyful Goddess? This is really putting me into a tight spot…alas…”

Yi Ping comforted him, “I will speak to the Joyful Goddess myself. As for the Grand Hall of Longevity, the damages…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng laughed, “Don’t you worry about it, young hero. I just recruit a rich protégé by the name of Nangong Le. I’m sure he will be willing to donate and build a new and grander hall of Longevity.”

Yi Ping nodded gratefully. 

Priest Liu Qingcheng asked, “I hope young hero that you do not mind me for asking this. Can you enlighten me on the Emptiness Translucence?”

Yi Ping sighed, “The Emptiness Translucence seems to be an intricate heart formula. I can’t really explain this but the silver scroll does not contain any intricate formula. That is why no one is able to decipher its mysteries. It seems to be a wordless scroll. Somehow I feel intimate to it. I really wish I can know more.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled, “This is the first time that you have heard of the Emptiness Translucent and yet you can recite it…and how does young hero guess that the Emptiness Translucence is an intricate heart formula?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I really do not…know. But after hearing you reciting it, my heart becomes light and I can feel a bursting renewal in my strength. If it is not a heart intricacy formula, what else can it be?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was staring blankly and examining him with the Dual Inertia Heart Intricacy. Indeed, Yi Ping mood was heavy when he first entered the room but now his mood was light, unreadable and the air of righteousness around him seemed to have intensified further! 

There was a warning about the Seven Heavenly Fairies and that the destined one must avoid them at all costs towards the end of the silver scroll. If the destined one was able to avoid them, then nothing could hinder his enlightenment. Priest Liu Qingcheng was about to mention it when there was a knock on the door.

Yi Ping and Liu Qingcheng were startled that someone else would be knocking late into the night.

Yi Ping quickly opened the door and was startled to see Mei’Er who was carrying a flask in her hands. 

Mei’Er was equally startled when she saw her protégé master, Priest Liu Qingcheng. “Why are you here, protégé master?”

Liu Qingcheng smiled bitterly, “I should be the one asking you that. Never mind. I got to go now.”

He quickly rolled up the silver scroll and left the room.

Yi Ping asked, “Mei’Er, is something the matter?”

Mei’Er laughed softly, “Master…Nothing really. I know that you can’t sleep tonight. That is why I am here.”

Yi Ping smiled, “Why do you say that, Mei’Er?”

Mei’Er sighed softly, “Maybe you are too excited to sleep because tomorrow is your wedding day. But I do know that the reason you can’t sleep is because…”

She purposely paused for a while before continuing, “You are troubled by matters of the heart. Our protégé mistress is here yet you can’t talk to her. You didn’t even bother trying to talk to us. Do you know how sad Sister Yu and I are? We have always regarded you as our husband-to-be.”

Yi Ping sighed, “I know…I let you all down. It is my entire fault. I…I will do the right thing by canceling the wedding tomorrow.”

Mei’Er sighed melancholy, “So you thinks that by doing so, you can settle and forget everything?”

She began to whisper a sorrowful tune…

Yi Ping was greatly troubled by her sorrowful tune as he reluctantly interrupted, “I don’t think so at all in fact…”

Mei’Er said sadly, “That is why I am here to bring you this flask of wine. If you can’t think of the right way to resolve it, why think about it? Why don’t you drown yourself in sorrows?”

Yi Ping was grateful to Mei’Er, “It is something that I need tonight…will you drinks with me tonight?”

Mei’Er smiled quietly, “The last time I drink with you…I…”

She was flushing shyly now. 

Even Yi Ping was too embarrassed to look at her. 

Mei’Er was dressed in a translucent black silk and he could see through her porcelain white figure clearly. When he looked at her small rosy lips and expressive eyes, he recalled the night that he had awakened from his drunkenness only to find Mei’Er and Yu’Er naked besides him…

All of a sudden Mei’Er kissed him lightly on his lips sending an electrifying sensational into him that caused the lingering Emptiness Translucent to vanish from his heart. 

Before he really knew what he was doing, he was holding her and kissing her passionately in return. 

But Mei’Er quickly pushed him away and said, “Not tonight…erm…I have something else important to do tonight. Remember… to drink the wine. I got to go now. Bye!”

She seemed to be in a hurry and she was gone in the next instant! 

Mei’Er had shyly exited the room. She was thinking, “He does like me after all. I can sense it. I got to run because this concerns our future.”

But as soon as she stepped out of the room, she began to deeply regret her decision as she regained her composure. “We…alas! Yi Ping, he…he…did he just kiss me too? He was holding me. Why did I push him away? I just given up an excellent opportunity…I got so caught up with my mission…”

She began to lament regretfully but it was too late and she was too shy to return to the room. “Maybe staying in the room with Yi Ping is the better future…”

Yi Ping was still charmed by her as he shook his head, “Mei’Er…”

He smiled bitterly, “In the end, you are nothing but a lecher. You must have frightened her away so terribly. How can I be thinking of Mei’Er when I should be thinking of Yixian, Youxue, Yun and Lingfeng…”

At the thought of Mei’Er, he was also thinking of Yu’Er and Lie Qing. 

At the thought of Lie Qing, he began to think of Lele…

These eight maidens, who had all gone through many adventures and critical situations with him in such a short time, he had affections for all of them. 

The truth was that, he had only wanted to be with Yixian. But when Yixian had ‘passed away’, he was deeply grieved and he was determined to avenge her death against the yellow dressed maiden. 


But in a moment of folly, he got drunk and had violated the twin sister, Beautiful Sword Mei’Er and Jade Sword Yu’Er. He knew that he did something unforgivable and decided to flee the Eternal Ice Palace to look for his wife’s killer first before he surrendered himself to the twin sisters.

“Yu’Er, Mei’Er…” 

But along the way, he met Ji Lingfeng, the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect which was one of the three most powerful unorthodox sects in the martial fraternity…


Just as Yi Ping was about to drink from the flask directly, he had frozen with a startling thought! 

It was because all of a sudden he had recall that on the very night that he was drunk and had slept with the twin sister, Mei’Er had told him the exact words. “Remember…to drink the wine!”

He took a sniff at the flask and immediately he felt sleepy.

Quickly he exercised the Absolute Spirits Heart Intricacy. Immediately after he had expelled the aromatic fumes from his body, he was instantly refreshed.

Yi Ping had turned ashen as he muttered, “This wine has been tampered with. Mei’Er, why are you doing this?”

He was hurt and felt betrayed because he had trusted Mei’Er. 

He immediately recalled that night in the Eternal Ice Palace, “The wine that I had drink back then was also tampered with?”

Yi Ping quietly got up and exited the room…

He arrived in a nick of time to see Yu’Er and Mei’Er whispering secretly to each other as they left their room together.

Yi Ping was startled as he asked himself, “What are they up to in the middle of the night?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were walking swiftly and quietly. With their level of swiftness movement accomplishments, an ordinary exponent may not be able to catch up with them!

If Yi Ping had lost his internal strength, then he too, would not be able to catch up with them because he could not maintain his pace due to lack of intricate energy circulation. 

But after awakened the Emptiness Translucence that was in his heart, his internal strength was revived and his intricate energy could flow once again. 

What was astonishing even to him was that his body seemed to be lighter and he could leap twice as far. He was amazed by his new sense of balance and how long he could hold his vital breath through the Divine Revelation! 

Yi Ping had no time to ponder over it as he was trying very hard to tail Yu’Er and Mei’Er without being discovered. 

Yu’Er paused and looked around her, whispering to Mei’Er. “I got a weird feeling that we are being followed. Are you sure Master Yi Ping is not following you?”

Mei’Er giggled softly, “Sister, you are just being overtly nervous. In this entire fraternity, there are few exponents that can tail us without being discovered by us. Moreover, the Eternal Ice Palace is renowned for the Emotionless Rhyme. If there is anyone in our range of detection, we will surely know. Even if there is someone who can hold their breath, they still have to breathe out when they are moving as rapidly as us. Our Master Yi Ping is still far from that!” 

Yi Ping had overheard their talks as his hearing was exceptional sharp. He could only smile bitterly as he thought, “Mei’Er, do you know that I am just behind you?”

Yu’Er laughed softly, “That’s true. Our Master is as clumsy as a fat pig. He can’t even move properly. I keep forgetting that he was not trained in any swiftness skill and that he has lost all his internal strength. Silly me! If Master Yi Ping is really following you, then I am a real pig!” 

Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he sighed silently, “So I am a clumsy pig in everyone’s eyes…”

Mei’Er laughed softly, “He is a cute pig. How I wish I can hug him to bed every night.”

Yu’Er teased her softly, “Shame on you! You are thinking of a man every night!”

Mei’Er pretended to be upset, “As if I am the only one…I heard you calling Master Yi Ping in your dreams!”

Yu’Er protested softly, “That…that’s not true. You’re lying!”

Mei’Er teased her back, “Shame! Shame on you!”

Their musical voices were so enchanting, so soul stealing that Yi Ping could now hear his heart beating rapidly! 

Yi Ping who was eavesdropping, began to fluster as he thought. “I shouldn’t have followed them and listen to their private conversations…”

All of a sudden, Yu’Er and Mei’Er stopped their conversations as they increased their pace and disappeared behind a canopy of thick undergrowth. 

There seemed to be voices behind the thick undergrowth and Yi Ping had in fact recognized quite a number of them! 

Yi Ping jumped up a tree and was startled to see Yixian, Lele, Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Mei’Er, Yu’Er, Lingfeng and Youxue! 

What were they up to in the middle of the night?

Lele said pitifully, “Seven against one? Even you, Sister Yun?”

Ding Yun said awkwardly, “I really didn’t know what it is all about…Sister Lie Qing takes me here…”

Lie Qing said coldly, “We don’t want your golden scroll and you are not to marry Yi Ping tomorrow.”

Lele stroked her long hair as she hummed coldly, “You have read my scroll for the entire day and now you are retracting from your promise. Isn’t that despicable? You are not afraid of being mocked by the heroes of the fraternity? Is there such a thing in this world?”

Lingfeng interrupted, “They have but I did not. You are not going to marry Yi Ping tomorrow!”

Lele asked, “Why? You like him?”

Lingfeng kept quiet immediately.

Lele said coolly, “If you like him, why don’t you tell him straight? If you don’t want to tell him you like him, then he is mine.”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “Hmph, you are forcing yourself on him. Do you know that his father has already betrothed us?”

Even the Celestial Fairy was startled as everyone asked at the same time, “He has a father?”

Lingfeng said coldly, “All of you don’t even know he has a father. Let me tell you. His father is none other than Yi Tianxing, one of the greatest heroes in the martial fraternity twenty years ago. So stop pretending to be close to him when you all are not.”

Yixian said gently, “Yi Ping and I are already married. I am his first wife. Whether he is going to marry or not, is no longer for anyone to decide. Tomorrow he will marry Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Youxue.”

Lele said coldly, “Really? You have read the contents of my golden scroll and now you are trying to take my man?”

Yixian replied gently, “He is not your man. Moreover, you give your scroll willingly to us and we did not promise you anything.”

Lele was alarmed as she said, “When did I give my golden scroll to you? I only lend you for three days!”

Yixian said, “It is in my hands now, isn’t it? If you did not give it to me, why is it in my hands?”

Lele was stunned. The Celestial Fairy was even shrewder than she had thought! 

She quickly said, “The protégé mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace will actually steal someone else’s martial scroll. This is something new.”

Yixian replied unhurriedly, “The Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace will actually steal someone else’s husband. This is something new too.”

Lele smiled softly as she looked at Lie Qing and Ding Yun, “It does seem that a fight is inevitable. Sister Qing, why don’t we join hands together against the Celestial Fairy?”

Lie Qing said coldly, “Why should I join you? I am just too happy to see you getting your just desserts.”

Lele said, “Because we are sisters! You know you cannot fight her on your own. If we join hands together, then there is nothing the Celestial Fairy can do to us. And…”

She paused for a while as she blinked at Ding Yun, “Tomorrow, Sister Yun and you can also get marry by my side for we are sisters.”

Ding Yun smiled awkwardly as she stole a glance at Youxue who was also looking melancholy at her. They had not expected the both of them to fall in love with the same man. 

Lie Qing was almost moved but she was not as shameless as Lele as to force Yi Ping to marry her. It was because love must be mutually or else it would only bring unhappiness. So she replied coldly, “Forget it. This is between the Celestial Fairy and you.”

Lie Qing took a look at Youxue and smiled, “I am closer to Sister Youxue than you.”

Youxue nodded and said softly, “Thank you!” It was because her life was saved by Lie Qing who gave up her precious internal strength for her!

Lele said quickly to Lingfeng, “You are the Holy Maiden. I have helped you before. You…you must help me!”

Lingfeng smiled coldly, “Help me? I ask you to help Yi Ping and you end up stealing him from me. Even if I want to help you, do you think I’ll be able to fight the Celestial Fairy? Forget it.”

Lele said, “Yun, you will fight besides me?”

Ding Yun nodded quietly but she quickly added, “Sister, I think there are many things that you have to consider first.”

Lele was puzzled, “What is there to consider about?”

Ding Yun said, “You have to consider Yi Ping’s feelings first.”

Lele smiled alluring, “Of course I did.”

Ding Yun said, “As must everyone. The Celestial Fairy is Yi Ping’s wife. When he had heard that she was killed by Youxue, he was deeply grieved for he had never forgotten her.”

Immediately, Youxue and Yixian lowered their glances. 

Ding Yun said, “Isn’t it obvious that Yi Ping has a place for them in his heart?”

Lele was upset as she asked, “What about me then?”

Ding Yun broke into a smile, “Of course, he has you in his heart too. If anyone of you is hurt, do you think Yi Ping will be happy? How do you expect Yi Ping to cope?”

Lele said, “Sister Yun, what do you suggest then?”

Ding Yun said calmly, “There are eight of us here. The reason they are confronting you is because each of them has a place for Yi Ping in their hearts too.”

None of the maidens protested or said anything. They were all listening attentively. 

When Yi Ping had heard it, he sighed. “I don’t deserve their affections. It is nothing but trouble. I should sneak away quietly…”

Ding Yun said, “Didn’t you say that Sister Lie Qing and the Celestial Fairy is your predestined sisters? Why are you fighting with them in the first place?”

Lele was startled, “That’s right. Why am I fighting them? No…they are the ones that try to fight me…”

Ding Yun interrupted, “Now is not the time to find fault but a time to find a possible solution.”

Lingfeng smiled bitterly, “There are so many of us. Surely we cannot split Yi Ping into eight pieces, am I right?”

Lie Qing said coldly, “That happens to be a good idea. Let’s split Yi Ping into eight pieces then we don’t have to fight anymore. It is not like he is the only man in the world.”

Yi Ping shivered at the thought.

Yixian, Youxue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lele all said panicky at the same time, “Don’t! If you do that, don’t blame me for…”

All of the sudden, all the maidens fell silence again. 

Lie Qing smiled coldly as she stroked her long hair, “What better solution is there?”

Ding Yun said, “If we cannot split him, why don’t we share him? Since ancient times, it is common for a worthy man to have multiply wives. Yi Ping will surely treat us equally and with fairness.”

Yi Ping nearly fell down from the tree when he had heard that. 

Lele laughed softly, “Sister Yun…you are so brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Everyone was silently scolding the Joyful Goddess, “Because you are too self-center to think of that…”

Ding Yun looked at everyone, “Anyone has an objection?”

All the maidens were looking shyly at one another. No one raised an objection or protested. 

Ding Yun laughed softly, “I assume that everyone is in agreement then. Then the wedding tomorrow will be for all of us.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were too happy to say anything. They could only nod eagerly. 

Lingfeng was grasping her face with her hands as she muttered, “I am getting married tomorrow? I have not prepared yet…”

Youxue walked quietly towards Ding Yun and Lie Qing, holding their hands…

All of a sudden, Lele asked. “Wait a minute! There must be an order. I want to be the first wife…”

Yixian interrupted coldly, “No!”

Lele protested, “I am the…”

She did not get to finish it because she had suddenly noticed the cold burning gaze of the seven other maidens. She muttered, “Whatever…”

She smiled again and said, “But…”


Before she could finish, there was resounding objections again! 

She was startled and thought, “They can all read my thoughts?” 

All of a sudden, Yixian and Lie Qing were looking at Yi Ping’s direction!

Yi Ping was startled as he thought awkwardly, “I have been detected?”

But before he could react, there was a laughter coming from the undergrowth! 

It was Xiao Da!

Xiao Da laughed aloud, “I didn’t expect to be detected as soon as I got near. So many beautiful maidens in the same place. It must be my lucky day. Ding Yun, you are also here. Youxue? Is that you Youxue?”

But as soon as he had caught sight of Youxue, he began to lust after his half-sister. 

Ding Yun began to tremble when she had seen him. 

Youxue quickly said, “Be very careful. In the martial fraternity, he is a super exponent!” 

Xiao Da did not wait for the three days to be up before he decided to sneak into the Tranquil Clan in search of pleasure and prey. It was because after he had caught sight of Lingfeng, Lie Qing, Mei’Er, Yu’Er, the Joyful Goddess and Ding Yun, he could not stop thinking about them.

Xiao Da was looking intently at Yixian as he thought, “Who is she? I have never seen such a graceful heavenly maiden in my life before.” He had thought that Lie Qing, the Joyful Goddess and Lingfeng were already the most beautiful maidens in the entire fraternity…

He began to laugh, “Why don’t all of you just be my women instead? I promise that I won’t disappoint you.”

All of a sudden, he was in their midst! 

His speed was startling! 

He had raised his hands and with a single stroke, had broken through Yu’Er and Mei’Er defenses. He tore away their clothes and knocking them unconscious at the same time. 

Before Lingfeng could react, Xiao Da had displayed his Unbreakable Hands, knocking her out and brutally tearing her clothing from her!

In just a few mere moments, he had completely disabled three maidens and had stripped them! 

Ding Yun and Youxue quickly move in to intercept him but had barely exchanged a few strokes with him before they were forced back by his sheer martial strength, losing their sleeves in the process! 

Xiao Da was like a behemoth beast that was unstoppable! 

Besides being skillful with profound martial abilities, Xiao Da was also born with a divine strength. In close melee, few exponents could match his raw strength. Coupled with the Divine Virtuous Force, Xiao Da was virtually unstoppable! 

Yi Ping was bursting with rage and was about to jump down from the tree to fight Xiao Da when he saw Xiao Da had suddenly fell onto the ground as soon as he had made contact with Lie Qing, Yixian and Lele!

Xiao Da had dashed towards Yixian for she was his primary target!

Yixian began to shiver in secret. It was because she had never met such a brutal and despicable super exponent before. She immediately raised her Divine Emerald Skill to the ninth level and readied her Jade Icy Finger to her fullness as soon as Xiao Da approached her! 

Before Xiao Da could grab her, he was repelled by a startling force that was similar to the Divine Emerald Skill. When he had felt a stabbing pain on his chest, he immediately knew he was wrong about this seemingly vulnerable maiden! 

Xiao Da could not believe that Yixian, a gentle maiden by all appearances would penetrate through his Divine Virtuous Force with her mere fingers. 

With his Divine Virtuous Force and his divine strength, he rarely had to defend himself against any attacks and was fully focus on attack. He had allowed Yixian to hit him because he had looked down on her. 

But before he could react in time, Lie Qing had struck him with a sudden bursting martial force on his chest in his moment of carelessness. 

But still, it was not enough to bring Xiao Da down and he was now burning with rage but before he could get serious, Lele had flew to his back and gave him an unforgettable powerful kick between his legs! 

That proved to be fatal. Even though he was unbelievable strong and bestowed with divine strength, it was nevertheless so painful that he had passed out!

Yixian grasped to Lele, “Did you just…”

Even Lie Qing was stunned, “That is low, isn’t it? That’s a third tier despicable martial move…”

Lele was sheepish, “The two of you are in front of him and I don’t have any space to attack.”

Lie Qing said, “His back is exposed to you. Of all places…”

Of course, Lele did it on purpose but she would never admit it. She knew that if they had lost tonight, their fates would be tragic. When she saw how easy Xiao Da had intentionally torn away the clothes of Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lingfeng while overpowering them at the same time, she was secretly afraid. So her first instinct was to kick his most vulnerable part at the first opportunity rather than giving him the opportunity to recover from his initial shock. 

Ding Yun and Youxue had quietly walked next to them.

Ding Yun was teary as she muttered, “We…we have actually…defeat Xiao Da?”

Even Youxue was stunned as she looked at the Joyful Goddess silently, “That unlikely move may have saved all of us. She does it on purpose?”

It was because Ding Yun and Youxue who were behind Xiao Da, were able to see the Joyful Goddess maneuver with startling speed to his back and she did not even hesitated at all when she delivered her kick. It was obviously pre-mediated. 

All of a sudden, Ding Yun kicked and stomped on Xiao Da’s back! 

Yixian said hurriedly, “Don’t. He is after all, the son of an old friend of mine. Let him go…”

Ding Yun was teary, “If I let him go, will he let us off? Do you know what he did to me? Do you know what our fates are tonight if we are unable to stop him? Do you know how many wicked things that he has done?”

Yixian was quiet. 

All of a sudden, Ding Yun had grabbed Xiao Da’s wrist! 

Xiao Da immediately opened his eyes as he screamed in agony. But this time he was totally powerless as his body began to dry up!

Youxue turned her head quietly away as she muttered, “Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao will not let us off…”

Yixian was alarmed, “Energy absorbing skill?!” 

Ding Yun had used the Invincible Divine Force that she had learnt from Lie Qing to drain Xiao Da of all his Divine Virtuous Force intricate energy! 

But Yixian quickly regained her composure and said gently to the surroundings, “Who is that? It seems that you have been here for a long time.”

Lie Qing and Lele were alarmed, “There is someone else in the vicinity?”

Ding Yun and Youxue were also looking keenly at the surroundings. 

Yixian said, “For him to conceal his breathing for this long, this person may even be a far stronger exponent than Xiao Da…” 

Yi Ping had grasped slightly when he had heard Xiao Da’s agonizing scream but however slight it was, Yixian had detected it. 

But to her surprise, the intruder that she had just cautioned everyone to be wary was Yi Ping, as he jumped down from the tree top and landed lightly on the grass patch. 

Youxue, Lele, Lie Qing, Ding Yun and Yixian were all stunned to see Yi Ping displaying such a superior lightness swiftness skill…

It was because lightness swiftness skill required a lot of hard dedicated work from a young age. No one could acquire it all of a sudden. 

Moreover, everyone was under the assumption that Yi Ping had lost his internal strength…
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Chapter 44: Surprise Reversals

 Below the Tranquil Mountains, inside the main camp of the Honor Manor and Virtuous Palace…

 Yuan Shao looked malevolently at Xiao Fei, Lu Baiyun and Zuo Tianyi, “Where is Xiao Da?”

 Xiao Fei said briefly, “No one seems to have seen him in camp since morning.”

 Yuan Shao slammed the table, “Outrageous. He must have gone up the mountains on his own. How dare he disobey my instructions?!”

 Lu Baiyun said, “Do we need to send my men to comb the mountains and bring him back?”

 Yuan Shao growled, “No need. He will return when he has his fun.”

 Zuo Tianyi asked, “You are not worried that he has gone up the mountains alone?”

 Yuan Shao said coldly, “It not that easy to defeat Xiao Da even if his opponents have the superior martial skills. Even if he could not defeat them, fleeing isn’t a problem for him. We don’t have to worry for him.”

 Xiao Fei said quietly, “We need to exercise caution. Even Xiao Yuanjia was killed by them.”

 Yuan Shao said icily, “Unless I have seen his body, I will not believe hearsay. No one knows the secrets of his thirteen blades. No one can defeat Xiao Yuanjia.”

 He did not know that Xiao Fei had secretly observed Xiao Yuanjia every single action and had already secretly alerted Youxue. 

 Zuo Tianyi asked, “All of us are capable fighters here and we still have over a hundred good fighters with us, why are we giving three days to be prepared? We can just overwhelm them with our superior numbers.”

 Yuan Shao said coldly, “There is no need for us to take unnecessary risk. The longer that our enemies wait in suspense, the more lingering is their doubts and fears. After all, they are young and are afraid of death. When they have too much doubt, killing them is just an effortless thing for us.”

 He did not know that Yi Ping had never plan more than one step at a time and he was naturally a fearless young man. Even though, Yuan Shao could see that Yi Ping had improved but it was natural for anyone to develop a phobia for the person that almost killed them. He was more interested in trapping Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess inside the Dark Mono Sword Formation and drained them of their Invincible Divine Force intricate energy. 

 The “retreat” was just a plan for Yuan Hao to prevent the others from interfering in his diabolic scheme. For that, he had to give specific instructions to Xiao Da and Xiao Fei. 

 He was already caution of Lie Qing and when the Joyful Goddess had appeared, he was doubly caution but at the same time he was secretly pleased that there were two red eyes maidens. 

 But no matter how he had analyzed the situation, their enemies were as good as being defeated.

 All of a sudden, there was a panicky shout from outside the large tent.

 Yuan Shao said coldly, “Who dare to disturb our meeting.”

 All of a sudden, a few protégés of the Honor Manor began to cart a large coffin into the tent!

 Lu Baiyun shouted angrily, “Who ask you to bring a coffin into the tent? Have you all live too long already?”

 Zuo Tianyi and Xiao Fei were startled as they looked intently at the large wooden coffin. 

 Yuan Shao said coldly, “Who sends it?”

 Yuan Shao had flown to the large coffin and forced it opened with his palm. But when he saw the content of the coffin, he was startled; Xiao Da was lying inside the coffin! 

 His lips began to tremble as he muttered, “Who…nephew, who kills you?! Is there anyone in the entire fraternity that can kill you?”

 Yuan Shao shouted angrily, “Who did it? Who sends it?! I want them to pay with their lives!”

 A protégé of the Honor Manor began to tremble, “He says he is Yi Ping and he is now outside the camp…”

 Yuan Shao broke his cane and revealed a thin sword from within, shouting. “Yi Ping! I will tear you to pieces!”

 He had immediately marched outside the tent with Zuo Tianyi, Lu Baiyun and Xiao Fei at his back. 

 As soon as Yuan Hao had stepped outside his commanding tent, everyone was startled to see that many of the protégés of the Honor Manor were lying and crawling in pain on the ground outside!

 When a protégé of the Honor Manor saw Lu Baiyun and Yuan Hao, he immediately grasped. “We cannot stop them…”
 Yuan Hao began to stare furiously at the intruders and there were many of them.

 Yi Ping, Shui Yixian, Lele, Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Xiao Youxue, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Ling Kongquan and many others were standing loftily in front of Yuan Shao, Xiao Fei, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun.

 All of a sudden, he was startled.

 It was because for the very first time, Yuan Hao could feel that his powerful malevolent aura did not have any effect and was diminished by their presence. He was suddenly hard in breathing…

 He could barely recognize Xiao Youxue and besides her, was a beautiful heavenly maiden with an imposing presence. He did not recognize the Celestial Fairy…

 This heavenly maiden had the most compassionate eyes that he had ever seen and her mere presence caused everyone to look at her rigidly. 

 Only Lu Baiyun knew better for he had recognized the Celestial Fairy and he had unconsciously began to stagger backward. 

 Many of the protégés of the Honor Manor were beginning to be fearful. Even though many of their opponents had not yet fully recovered their strength but the eyes of their opponents were burning with righteous fire and even their fighting spirits were overwhelming; it seemed nothing would stop them today! 

 Zuo Tianyi shouted, “Yi Ping! You are courting your own death by coming here!”

 He had barely lifted his frightening sword energy when Yi Ping had charged into him, drawing the white emerald phoenix sword and brandishing the beaming Divine Echo, instantly neutralizing his sword energies with a low emitting echo!

 Zuo Tianyi was surprised that in less than two days, Yi Ping’s swordplay seemed to have a marked improvement! It was not only a marked improvement but the speed that Yi Ping had handled the double swords were so quick and lethal that Zuo Tianyi was forced to take one step back now and then! 

 He thought, “How it is possible? Not only is he unaffected by my sword energies but his speed is quicker than ever before. And where did he pick this double sword technique?”

 He quickly executed the Infinity-One, displaying a dozen cutting strokes at Yi Ping.

 But Yi Ping swung his twin swords, retaliating more than two dozen strokes in a single instant. His attacking speed was like unstoppable shoot stars, bursting into shades of grey and sparkling lights; his attacks were invisible to all but the keenest exponents!

 Xiao Fei laughed softly, “It seems that Young Master Zuo is having some trouble.”

 All of a sudden, Xiao Fei had flew with startling speed and drawn out his sword, stopping Yi Ping in his track!

 Everyone was startled at how fast Xiao Fei’s speed, even Yuan Shao!

 Yuan Shao thought, “This speed…he has been concealing his true strength all along?!”

 In a single instant, Xiao Fei had rained more than a dozen strokes on Yi Ping. Together with Zuo Tianyi, Yi Ping was forced back! 

 Youxue immediately shouted to Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, be careful. Xiao Fei is known as the Quick Blade Swordsman…”

 Xiao Fei laughed softly as he overheard Youxue, “Isn’t it too late to warn him already…”

 Youxue had already intercepted Xiao Fei, “You dare to hurt him…”

 Yi Ping said softly to her, “Youxue, move back. I can still cope…”

 Yi Ping had intercepted both Xiao Fei and Zuo Tianyi each with a sword as he retaliated with dozens of flurries of attacks. 

 Zuo Tianyi burst into a cold sweat as he took several steps back and leaving Xiao Fei alone to tank Yi Ping’s sword flurries, thinking. “This…this speed is impossible!”

 Even Xiao Fei was startled as he grasped, “You…when did you…”

 It was because Yi Ping had used the exact sword technique that he had just displayed, the ‘Bursting Light Rays’ sword technique and had used it with two swords, something that not even Xiao Fei could accomplish. 

 Not only was Yi Ping sword techniques more refine than the ‘Bursting Light Rays’, it also had the traces of the Horizon Swordplay as it sent startling burst of shadows flurrying in all directions! The martial power imbued by Yi Ping was so strong that even Xiao Fei could barely hold him off with his Divine Virtuous Force in full throttle! 

 Xiao Fei smiled bitterly, “You are a worthy opponent. I have not exhausted my sword techniques yet. Let’s have some fun…”

 Zuo Tianyi immediately took the opportunity when he was behind Xiao Fei to imbue his sword with beaming cold sword energy. This is the divine state of the Infinity-One, the departing of the sword energy from the sword.

 He quickly completed the twelve circulations of his internal intricate energy in less than a minute as he aimed at Yi Ping with a startling burst of deadly sword energy, “You are dead, Yi Ping. Nothing can block the Infinity-One Sword Energy, not even the Divine Emerald Skill.”

 But to his utter surprise, Yi Ping managed to disengage himself from Xiao Fei, jumping in front and sliced his deadly sword energy projectile into two waves with the Divine Echo, with one of the waves injuring Xiao Fei! 

 Xiao Fei glanced silently at Zuo Tianyi as he coughed out blood, “He…tries to kill me along with Yi Ping?! It seems that I have to watch my back…”

 Xiao Youxue had suddenly raised her sleeves at Xiao Fei while saying to Yi Ping, “Go get that despicable Zuo Tianyi. I will handle Xiao Fei.”

 Yi Ping took a longing glance at Youxue before he charged towards Zuo Tianyi.

 Youxue took a longing glance at Yi Ping…

 Xiao Fei said, “You have come to kill me with your own hands?”

 Youxue said, “You know I won’t. Are you seriously injured?”

 Xiao Fei said bitterly, “It is a lucky thing that I am protected by the Divine Virtuous Force and had suffered only a minor internal injury. The bulk of the deadly sword energy has already been dissipated by your sweetheart. I swear I make that Zuo Tianyi pay for this.”

 Youxue said, “You call that just a minor injury? I think that after you have dissipated your Divine Virtuous Force, you will be lying on the bed for quite a long time. Stop forcing yourself and pretend to be strong.”

 Xiao Fei laughed softly, “Youxue, Youxue. We are on opposing sides now. To be merciful towards the enemy is to be merciless towards ourselves.”

 Youxue whispered, “That’s what Xiao Shuai and Yuan Hao have taught us, isn’t it? I still remember that during my first year on the run, I was caught by you but you have let me go. You…have…even told me where my brother Yuanjia had hidden his thirteen blades. You have saved my life twice.”

 Xiao Fei whispered, “You have told Yi Ping?”

 Youxue nodded.

 Xiao Fei smiled bitterly, “No wonder I cannot sense any malevolent air from him when we fought. The only malevolent air seems to be directed at that Zuo Tianyi. I shouldn’t have interfered for that rascal Zuo Tianyi. But still, we still have to put on a show first…”

 Youxue said coolly, “Why do you think I am here for?”

 As Xiao Fei picked himself up and pretended to fight against Youxue, he whispered. “Be wary of the Celestial Palace.”

 Youxue asked, “Huh?”

 Xiao Fei whispered, “The Virtuous Palace, the Honor Manor, the Celestial Palace and the various martial clans are congregating at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. This you know. But do you know that they are actually contesting for the Heavenly Relic?”

 Youxue was startled, “What’s that?”

 Xiao Fei whispered quickly, “It is a relic from an ancient time, a relic of the immortals! It is said to be able to aid the practitioners to ascend the heavens! The martial intricate formula that is inscribed on the relic hold the secret!”

 Youxue asked in astonishment, “How did you know?”

 Xiao Fei said, “The seven stars have joined recently and all signs pointed to the Holy Hex Sect. You didn’t know about it? The Holy Maiden didn’t tell you?”

 In the meantime…

 Yuan Hao was about to take a step forward with his cane sword when Yixian had intercepted him with her fingers! 

 He was startled at her attacking speed. As soon as he raised his cane sword to block her, this heavenly maiden had shattered his cane sword into pieces when her fingers landed on it! 

 Yuan Shao was stunned at her martial power and the cold stabbing sensation of her fingers!

 “Icy Jade Finger?! Who are you?”

 Yuan Hao did not dare to be careless and he had immediately hacked at her with the hidden waist sword but his sword was immediately deflected by a seemingly invisible force. No doubt, it was the Emerald Divine Skill!

 Yixian said gently, “The Celestial Fairy.”

 Yuan Shao was startled, “You…you are the Celestial Fairy?! Why are you here?”

 Yixian hummed icily, “Why can’t I be here? And let my protégés be bullied by the Virtuous Palace?”

 In the meantime, Lie Qing was fighting against more than a dozen top fighters and more than a dozen fighters had already been sent wriggling on the ground by her!

 Even though these fighters were all experienced top fighters and had surrounded her, they were terrified and dare not be careless. It was because Lie Qing was surrounded by a powerful invisible inertia force that caused their attacks to deflect off her!

 Lie Qing was teasing them, “Maybe you should find someone stronger to fight me. It is futile. My Invincible Divine Force is not something that fighters the like of you can breech.”

 “The Invincible Divine Force!? She knows the Invincible Divine Force! Isn’t this Gongsun Bai’s skill?”

 Just as more fighters were about to join in the attacks against Lie Qing, a flying sword that came from Ding Yun flew with such startling speed that it fell five fighters in an instant, terrifying the other fighters from the Honor Manor!

 The Joyful Goddess was sighing in displeasure, “Remember the Celestial Star Formation that I have taught you. Don’t break the formation…sigh…no one is even listening…”

 Lingfeng laughed softly, “Your so call Celestial Star Formation is too hard to grasp in just a few hours…”

 Qiu Wufeng was shouting to Lu Baiyun, “Don’t you run. If you are a hero, stand where you are!”

 Lu Baiyun smiled bitterly, “Do you think you are worthy to be my opponent yet?”

 Gongsun Jing said, “What about me then?”

 Nangong Le had also stepped in, “And me!”

 Lu Baiyun said coldly, “Three versus one? And you can yourself a hero? But even if there are ten of you, the result will still be the same!”

 Gongsun Jing said, “I am no hero. I am a wanted fugitive now.”

 Nangong Le laughed, “That’s right. I didn’t know Brother Jing, you can be so humorous!”

 Gongsun Jing smiled, “I learnt from you!”

 Qiu Wufeng looked at Gongsun Jing and Nangong Le with trembling heart as he said aloud, “My brothers!”

 It was because he knew that Gongsun Jing and Nangong Le were grievously injured; they had tried not to show it and had joined the fight besides him!

 Gongsun Jing exclaimed, “Brothers!”

 Nangong Le laughed, “Let’s hope that we don’t become dead brothers soon!”

 Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing stared at him.

 Lu Baiyun had displayed his extraordinary swordplay and had dashed in their midst! 

 All of a sudden, he was forced back by three additional swords coming from Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Bai Chongzhen! 

 Priest Liu Qingcheng said aloud, “If you want to kill my protégé first, then you have asked me first!”

 Nangong Le laughed, “Thank you, thank you.”

 Priest Ling Kongquan whispered to Nangong Le, “I think he is more afraid of losing his funds to rebuild the Longevity Hall.”

 All of a sudden, there was a thunderous impact, knocking aside everyone that was around the Celestial Fairy and Yuan Shao.

 “Stop fighting.” The Celestial Fairy’s voice was gentle but it could be heard clearly by everyone. 

 Yuan Shao had been knocked on the ground and he was coughing nonstop!

 The Celestial Fairy said gently, “You can go. Take the coffin away as well.”

 Yuan Shao was laughing bitterly, “Even with my martial power, I cannot overcome you…”

 The Celestial Fairy said softly, “Perhaps if you are able to restraint your rage, the outcome will be different.”

 Yuan Shao coughed, “Perhaps…perhaps not.”

 He looked around him and saw that the number of wounded and the dead around him were appalling. It was a complete defeat. He had never expected his side would be nearly annihilated in such a short time. He had never expected the Celestial Fairy to be here and that she would be this formidable…

 He closed his eyes and said bitterly, “You may have defeated us today but not the next time…the Virtuous Palace awaits you at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains and we’re not the only ones. The Honor Manor and the Seven Major Orthodox Sword Clans awaited you there. This victory is just only a small victory.” 

 Priest Bai Chongzhen interrupted, “You can only count the Six Major Orthodox Sword Clans then. One of the Seven Major Orthodox Sword Clan is on this side.”

 Yuan Shao ignored him.

 Priest Ling Kongquan said, “If the other Six Major Orthodox Sword Clans are as easy to deal with as you, then we won’t have such a headache.”

 Priest Bai Chongzhen stared at Priest Ling Kongquan. It was not funny.

 Yi Ping was still staring coldly at Zuo Tianyi, who could barely stand and was looking extremely rugged. 

 Ding Yun had walked quietly besides Yi Ping, holding him gently on his arm. “Let him go. He is not worth getting your hands dirty…”

 Yi Ping said coldly to Zuo Tianyi, “You have betrayed our brotherhood. I don’t have a sworn brother like you! Now scram!”

 Zuo Tianyi laughed bitterly, “You will regret not killing me today.”

 He was secretly thinking, “I have lost to you because you seem to have a divine sword that can neutralize my sword energy. I am still not convinced that I will lose to you. In the secret chamber of the Infinity Sword Clan, there is a forbidden sword. I will retrieve that sword and we shall see again.”

 “Wait a minute!”

 It was the Joyful Goddess. She said coldly, “Yi Ping says he will let you go but I have never said I will let you go.”

 Zuo Tianyi immediately turned ashen because the Joyful Goddess was swinging her wicked scythe expertly in front of him. He had exhausted his martial strength trying to keep himself alive…

 The Joyful Goddess said coldly, “I may be the Joyful Goddess but I am also the Harbinger of Death from the Celestial Palace. My duty is to execute all offenders that are disrespectful to the Celestial Palace. And you are no exceptional….”

 Zuo Tianyi was instantly terrified and had completely turned white; it was because the Joyful Goddess was suddenly cloaked with a dark malevolent aura and her malevolent air was so suffocating that everyone stopped what they were doing and was looking at her. 

 Even Yuan Hao was startled at this creepy malevolent air. It was because it was even more powerful than his very own…

 Lele had attained the Transverse State of Divinity. At this state of divinity, she could amplified or diminish her aura. She knew that Zuo Tianyi had violated Ding Yun and she was extremely angry. Combined with her amplifying emotion state of divinity that she had achieved, her malevolent air was so frightening and paralyzing that no one dared to move.

 Of course, Lele did not realize that. She was genuinely really very upset even though she did not show it. In her heart, she had already visualized slicing Zuo Tianyi to pieces! 

 She had not acted yet but her intentions were already materializing in the form of her malevolent intentions! Even though her target was only Zuo Tianyi but everyone could already visualize that they were the ones getting sliced by her! 

 Ding Yun said, “Don’t sister! I am ill-fated as it is already. Don’t harm your divinity with reckless killing.”

 Yi Ping had raised the Divine Echo, dispelling Lele’s strong malevolent briefly. “Lele, let them go. There are too many casualties. We have already won.”

 Lele looked at Yi Ping before she took a look at Ding Yun, sighing melancholy. “You…have not realized the consequences of letting this man off yet…”

 Yi Ping saw that Lele’s malevolent air had diminished so he quickly said to Zuo Tianyi. “Go now!”

 Zuo Tianyi was not the least grateful as he picked himself up and sheathed his long sword in a slow manner. Before he left, he said. “Yi Ping, this is not over yet.”

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Chapter 45: The Heavenly Relic

 It was late in the night and there were cool breezes in all directions. 

 The peace was disturbed by minute tremors, caused by underground earthquakes. 

 The Celestial Fairy Shui Yixian was alone with Yi Ping, as they sat on top of a hill, looking at the starry skies and overlooking the majestic Tranquil Mountains. 

 Besides the Northern Star, there were seven other bright stars in the same constellation…

 Yixian muttered softly, “When we had first met, your martial skills were just mediocre. But now, your martial skill has advanced so rapidly in such a short time….”

 She added, “The ancients said; one’s state of divinity depends on the state of the mind, the will, the heart, the timing of the four seasons and also the divine will of the heavens and the earth. Once all the criteria are met, the state of divinity of one’s self is able to overwhelm even the sun and the moon. Everything that you hope to accomplish is within your reach in no time. Even though you are not exposed to any superior heart intricacies but everything about you is just so natural and simple. Do you know that your present state of divinity is not something that others can attain, requiring decades of mediation and cultivation? This is something I do not understand.”

 Yi Ping looked at her intently and said, “Xian’Er, how long have it been? I…miss you. Do you know how sad I have been when I have thought that you are no longer alive?”

 Yixian said quietly, “I will rather you rebuke me…then I will feel much better…Ping’Er, I’m sorry. I am the one that cause you distress. Knowing you is the happiest day of my life.”

 Yi Ping sighed deeply, “That is mine as well. Why can’t you go with me?”

 Yixian smiled sadly, “The Divine Calamity is about to descend upon me. Already there are earth and wind changes. In less than one month, when the Celestial Omen appears, the Divine Calamity will strike in seven days.”

 Yi Ping said defiantly, “Just because of what Lele has said?”

 Yixian added melancholy, “That is my destiny. I have only realized it when Lie Qing, Lele and I have fought together against Xiao Da. There is a familiar feeling that I seem to have known them for a long time and it seems that it is not the first time that we have been fighting as a group…”

 Yi Ping interrupted, “You can’t really believe everything that she is saying. Most of the time, she isn’t even serious…”

 Yixian put her fingers on his lips as she looked in his eyes gently, “Don’t ever think of her in this way. She is right…if I cannot overcome my forthcoming Divine Calamity, then we will really never be able to see each other again. If destiny wills it, we may yet see each other again. Whether what she has said is true, I really do not know. But Lele and Lie Qing are the only ones right now that can guide me through the Divine Calamity.”

 Yi Ping sighed heavily, “What if we can’t see each other again? Why can’t we make the full use of our time together?”

 Yixian said gently as she held his elbow, “You don’t believe in me?”

 Yi Ping said, “It is not that…I can help you…”

 Yixian smiled as she looked up in the heavens, “No one is able to help me, not even Lele and Lie Qing. If they tried to help me directly, then it will have dire future consequences for all of us…”

 She wanted to say, “Even Lele and Lie Qing, with their superior state of divinity and profound martial abilities could not overcome the Divine Calamity on their own. There is nothing you can do to help…do you know that my protégé mistress too was killed by the Divine Calamity and I had personally witnessed how deadly it was?”

 She looked at him quietly before saying, “Destiny starts, destiny ends. We have come to the world alone and we will depart alone. Don’t put it into your heart. Our destiny may have end but your destiny with many others have not…”

 All of a sudden, she began to look at him quietly…

 Yi Ping asked, “Is something amiss? Or is there something on my face?”

 Yixian was startled by him as she muttered, “Nothing…”

 It was because she had suddenly realized something. “Is it too much of a coincidence?”

 Lele, Lie Qing and she, all three of them owed their very lives to Yi Ping…

 He was like the link that had brought them together…

 Yi Ping said quietly, “My mother used to say to me; rather than be troubled by constant worries, it is better to treasure the precious moments…”

 Yixian was startled. It was because her older protégé sister Shui Yichi used to tell her the same too. Yi Ping’s mother was none other than her older protégé sister Shui Yichi. She still remembered the last time that she had told her that was when she had decided to hand over the leadership of the Eternal Ice Palace to her and had decided to leave with Yi Tianxing. 

 Till to this day, she could not understand why Shui Yichi could bear to leave her decades of hard wrought state of divinity behind so that she could lead an ordinary life. 

 It was because they had been practicing a type of internal strength heart intricacy formula in the form of the Emotionless Rhyme. Falling in love or moved by emotions would ruin their decades of cultivation and even cause their internal strength to deteriorate. 

 Practiced with the Icy Heavenly Tears, the intricacy energy of the Eternal Ice Palace, they would cease to age.

 Before Yichi had left, she had said. “I know that you may not necessary understand. Perhaps, in time to come, only you may be the only one that can overcome the Divine Calamity.”

 She had said, “I have always admired you…my internal strength can never be as pure as you….I should have advanced more carefully in the past. Now it is already too late…”

 Yichi comforted her with a smile, “Little protégé sister. Rather than be troubled by constant worries, it is better to treasure the precious moments. I have already found my true destiny…”

 She had said, “I don’t understand…you have changed. I have never seen you smile as you do now. Overcoming the Divine Calamity is our protégé mistress wish. Have you forgotten her dying wish for us? Have you forgotten how she had died?”

 Yichi just smiled faintly…

 Yixian was interrupted by Yi Ping who said to her, “My fate is in my hands and not in the destinies of others.”

 All of a sudden, Yixian had a spinning headache. This line was so vaguely familiar. It was as though she had heard it somewhere before…

 All of a sudden, she began to look at him in a new light.

 Her thoughts were interrupted by Yi Ping who was muttering in anguish, “Xian’Er…what exactly is the Divine Calamity? Is there anything I can do to stop it? I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want you to die…”

 Yixian smiled melancholically, “You can’t stop it. No one can stop it from happening. As for the Divine Calamity…for us practitioners, we are able to recognize its true form through the many signs and omens…”

 She sighed, “When there is life, there must be death. This is the natural law of the cosmos. Martial practitioners like us are sometimes able to prolong our lives through superior mediation techniques and superior heart intricacies, exceeding the limitations of nature. That is when the Divine Calamity will confront us, to curb us, to stop us! It is because it goes against the way of the heavens!”

 Just then, another minor quake shook the hill…

 Yi Ping was startled, “So these quakes are caused by the Divine Calamity? This is too cruel…why must such a horrible thing exist?”

 Yixian said gently, “It is a tribulation and a test. Those who can overcome the Divine Calamity will be able to break free of their current state of divinity and break free of the ills of mortality. This is something to be welcome…”

 Yi Ping said bitterly, “I will help you overcome it, I swear. I’ll be back and return to help you. Wait for me…”

 Yixian just smiled faintly, “Ping’Er…till I have known you, I have finally realized what it is meant to care for someone, to worry for someone and to like someone…If there is a next life…if there is a next life, I want to be with you. No matter how long it would takes…”

 Yi Ping’s voice was trembling, “Next…life? How long would it be?”

 Yixian’s eyes were teary and even her voice was shaky, “No matter how long, I will surely wait…no matter how long, I am not afraid…when that time comes, we will be together…alright Ping’Er?”

 Yi Ping shook his head, “I don’t want. Next life is too long. We’re already together…”

 He cried aloud, “Xian’Er…let’s make an agreement together…you must wait till I am back. Promise me, wait for me! I will come back for you. It won’t be too long and we can be together again!”

 Yixian looked sadly away as she sighed secretly, “Ping’Er…why must I be from the Eternal Ice Palace…the nemesis of the Emotionless Rhyme is worldly affections and emotions. To overcome the Divine Calamity means I must forget you. Even if I overcome the Divine Calamity, it means that I must continue the divine state of the Emotionless Rhyme…to stop practicing it means I will die as well…”

 Yi Ping said with quiet determination, “Our destiny is in our hands and not heavens. Xian’Er, do not be afraid. I will not let you die again.”

 “We will not let it happen as well.”

 Lie Qing had said that and with her were Lele, Youxue and Lingfeng. 

 It did not take them too long to reach the hill top. 

 Lingfeng said, “Someone is thinking of leaving secretly, no doubt about it.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly but he refused to say a single word. It seemed that he could never hide his thoughts from Lingfeng. 

 He called out to Lele as soon as she was near, “Lele…I am about to look for you. Help me to take care of Yixian while I am not around. You and Qing’Er…”

 He looked at Lie Qing with pleading eyes…

 Lie Qing nodded silently. She stroked her silken long hair with her fingers as she smiled, “Yi Ping, don’t worry. With Lele and me around, we will soon find a suitable intricacy formula in the golden scroll that may be useful for Sister Yixian to overcome the Divine Calamity. After all, Lele has already spent centuries looking into the mysteries of the golden scroll.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “What did you just say, Qing’Er?”

 Lie Qing repeated, “I say, don’t worry. We can surely help sister to overcome the Divine Calamity.”

 Yi Ping muttered, “Not that. You said that Lele has already spent centuries looking into the mysteries of the golden scroll?”

 Lie Qing said, “That’s right. Or else, she won’t be able to attain divinity.”

 Yi Ping was solemn, “That golden scroll…she just found it not long ago. I don’t recall her opening that golden scroll even once after we have found it. Lele…”

 Lele quickly said, “Erm…that is what they have assumed. I have never said that.”

 Everyone was looking at Lele in stunned astonishment. 

 Yixian muttered, “And you just give us the precious golden scroll without first copying it or trying to understand its contents first?”

 Lele nodded, “That’s right. What is wrong with that?”

 Yixian, Youxue, Lie Qing, Yi Ping and Lingfeng were looking at one another and were speechless. It was because intricacy formulas were extremely precious and closely guarded. Even if a person had no use for it, it did not mean that its secrets had to be revealed to others. 

 Any practitioners would have eagerly pondered over the secret intricate formulas day and night… 

 But Lele had simply surrendered the golden scroll to them without any second thoughts…

 Her true state of divinity was astonishing. It was no wonder that she could advance so quickly in her celestial divinity. 

 That was only half the truth. The golden scroll originally belongs to Revelation Star and therefore Lele had felt that the golden scroll actually belonged to Yixian. That was why there was no hesitation from her as she handed over the golden scroll to her. If it were others, she would never willingly surrender it. And moreover, after overcoming the Celestial Star Formation that was within the scroll, she knew that many of the intricate formulas in the golden scroll would require Lele and Yixian’s help to divine it; in her surreal memories, she was the youngest of the three Sisters of Fate and her state of divinity was also the lowest. It was only through Revelation Star and Luminous Star help that she was able to overcome crisis after crisis. 

 Lele had another embarrassing reason; she was actually too lazy to think and practiced any intricate formulas at the moment. If anyone was trapped like her in the Star Celestial Formation for a hundred years, exhausting all her spiritual and mental strength to escape from it then they would surely understand. 

 Yixian muttered, “Nothing. There is still time for me…”

 Lele comforted her, “That’s right. There is still hope. Let’s don’t give it up. We surely can think of a way. With our state of divinities, we may be able to find a way to overcome the Divine Calamity.”

 Yixian said gently to Youxue, “Youxue, you have practiced the Icy Heavenly Tears and also know the Emotionless Rhyme. I have already imparted to you all the heart intricacy formulas of these skills. Whether you can advance it depends on your destiny. You…you will take over the leadership of the Eternal Ice Palace from now on…”

 Youxue was startled, “I…I take over?! Isn’t Yi Ping already the protégé leader of the Eternal Ice Palace? And there is Yu’Er and Mei’Er; surely they are more than capable than me to helm the Eternal Ice Palace.”

 Yixian said gently, “I have made Yi Ping the protégé leader so that I can retain him in the Eternal Ice Palace. However, that does not go as planned. As for Yu’Er and Mei’Er, they have too much worldly affections and it would be difficult for them to advance the martial skills of the Eternal Ice Palace. I really hope that you can do me this favor. I cannot allow the centuries of foundation of the Eternal Ice Palace to be ruined in my hands…”

 Youxue looked silently at Yi Ping and then at Yixian. 

 Yi Ping said to Youxue, “Youxue…don’t hesitate, just accept it. It is a good thing.”

 Lingfeng scolded Yi Ping silently, “You pig head! You have not realized what it means yet!”

 Youxue asked softly, “So is there a wedding today or is it cancelled?”

 Yi Ping did not know why Youxue was asking him that. He replied seriously, “I…I have overheard your conversation last night…”

 Immediately, all the maidens began to flush lightly. Even though they knew that Yi Ping had overheard them last night but it was still a very embarrassing thing to even mention it, especially for Lingfeng. It was because she was almost violated by Xiao Da…

 Yi Ping sighed, “I do…understand…”

 Lingfeng scolded silently again, “What do you understand…you are making things worse and worse….”

 Yi Ping sighed heavily, “It is better that we cancelled the wedding first or it will be unfair to all of you. I don’t even know if I will make it back alive from the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. Also, now that I know that my father is alive, I should at least inform my father. Then it will be proper…”

 He had completely misunderstood Youxue.

 Xiao Youxue hummed coldly, “Sister Yixian, I accept!”

 Yixian nodded gently, “Very good. From now on, you are the thirty-six Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace! You are to take care of all clan affairs and to nurture the talents. I…leave everything to your care from now on…”

 Xiao Youxue said tearfully, “I…I will…”

 Yixian said gently, “This is the Eternal Sealed Ring of the Eternal Ice Palace, the heraldry of the Protégé Leader.” 

 Yi Ping said, “Youxue, congratulations! It is a good thing.”

 Xiao Youxue looked at him with hurtful eyes…

 Yi Ping asked, “Youxue, what’s wrong? You must be too happy, am I right?”

 Lingfeng sighed, “Yi Ping…you are hopeless…”

 Lele interrupted, “Yi Ping, you don’t have to worry about the wedding anymore. I’m cancelling it.”

 Yixian, Lie Qing, Youxue and Lingfeng were startled.

 Yi Ping was relieved, “Is that so? I know that it is too hasty. We can postpone it to a better time…”

 Lele said coldly, “We are not getting married anymore. Not now, not in the future. Not ever.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Lele, is that a joke? You can’t…”

 Lele said, “Why can’t I? I am a Prime Celestial. I have no affections and sentiments whatever so. I…I’m just pulling your leg. Look at you; you are so easy to be baited. You really need more worldly experiences. Have you ever seen a Goddess displaying mortal affections?”

 Yi Ping stammered, “But Lele, we…may not have gone through the marriage ritual but we have already through the ritual of man and wife, surely you can’t….”

 Lele was suddenly flushing, “Wait! You…you….you….don’t say it aloud! You…”

 Yixian, Lingfeng, Lie Qing and Youxue were suddenly bleary eyes as they thought, “So…they have already advanced so far ahead…”

 Even though Yixian was Yi Ping’s wife, they had never been intimate before. 

 Lingfeng and Youxue were trembling…

 Lele said coldly, “Our destiny has ended nevertheless. Who you want to get marry to, is your business and not mine anymore. Why don’t you go ask your father permission first…you pig head!”

 Yi Ping stammered, “I will surely ask my father to approve of it. A marriage blessed by our parents would mean many blissful years ahead. Of course I will ask. Isn’t that what I am going to do?”

 Lele said icily, “I repeat. I am not to going to be married to you, not ever!”

 Yi Ping was bewildered, “Lele, then what about our baby? You can’ just…do that…”

 All the maidens were startled and staggered backward. 

 Youxue grasped her hands lightly, “They…are so intimate already…I…”

 Lie Qing tried very hard to control her emotions, “Lele has already lost her chastity to Yi Ping. No wonder she tries so hard to hold the wedding. I…I have wronged her and shouldn’t have fought so bitterly with her... I have ruined her wedding…”

 Lingfeng had almost slapped Yi Ping as she tried hard to restraint herself. 

 Yixian just muttered gently, “Is that so…”

 Lele was startled, “Who say we got a baby?”

 Yi Ping was bewildered, “But everyone says so…”

 Lele was feeling dizzy, “Who says so?”

 Yi Ping said, “Everyone…Everyone says that if two people go to bed together, then they will have baby in no time…”

 Lele almost fainted as she smiled weakly, “Yi Ping, you are…a country pumpkin…let me tell you. I am erm…attain divinity a long time ago. It is really impossible for us to have any children, alright? So don’t you worry or think too much about it.”

 This time, it was Yi Ping who was staggering backward. “We…won’t have any children? That’s impossible…”

 But Yi Ping quickly recovered and he said with conviction, “Lele. No matter. I will take you as my wife…”

 Lele looked at Yi Ping tenderly, her voice had softened and her rage dissipated. In that single moment, it seemed that they were the only ones on top of the hill.

 Lele muttered shyly, “You…up to you.”

 Yixian looked at Lie Qing secretly. She could see her sorrowful crimson eyes…

 She sighed, “Our fates, our destinies…Ping’Er, I hope that you can forget us eventually…the sooner the better…”

 Youxue was thinking, “I have made the right decision to back off…”

 Lingfeng was sighing. How would she not know? One by one, they were all giving up on Yi Ping subtly even though they all had a place in their hearts for him. Even she herself was starting to have some doubts. “I may not have much time left too. I may not survive the upcoming battle with the determined Orthodox Clans. We can’t even handle one Xiao Da, one Yuan Shao with ease and there are more than thirty major orthodox clans that have already gathered. The number of reclusive super exponents on the opposing sides is just too many…”

 Not long ago, she had received word that even the Three Sages of the Orthodox Clans had returned to the martial fraternity and were on the side of the Honor Manor. The Three Sages were the Sword Sage, the Element Sage and the Martial Sage. They were the most powerful fighters of the martial fraternity in their time and did not meddle in the affairs of the martial fraternity for a long time. But for the three of them to retire out of their reclusion at the same time, it was difficult to believe what could possibly move them to do so.

 Besides the Three Sages, there were many mysterious old fighters that had suddenly appeared in the Western Fraternity…

 The Celestial Fairy, the Joyful Goddess and Lie Qing were not able to help her this time because Yixian the Celestial Fairy had to prepare for the forthcoming Divine Calamity. Her Divine Calamity was prematurely brought forward because she had extended the Icy Heavenly Tears to beyond the forbidden zone of the Tenth Level, a level that no one had ever been able to reach before! 

 When she had fought with Yuan Hao, the Celestial Fairy was forced to use the Tenth Level of the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Tenth level of the Divine Emerald Skill. And that brought forward the Divine Calamity…

 Lingfeng sighed… 

 Youxue suddenly interrupted her, “Lingfeng. What is the Heavenly Relic? Why didn’t you tell us about it?”

 Lingfeng was startled, “How did you know about the Heavenly Relic. Who…who told you about it?”

 Youxue said, “Xiao Fei has told me. He told me the real reason why all the clans in the martial fraternity are on their way to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains is because of the Heavenly Relic.”

 She stole a glance at Lele before adding, “Even the Celestial Palace is no exception.”

 Even Lele was startled as she exclaimed, “You all know about the Heavenly Relic too?”

 Yixian nodded, “I know…”

 Everyone was startled. How did the Celestial Fairy who had spent decades in complete reclusion know about the Heavenly Relic?! 

 Yi Ping, Lie Qing and Youxue were the most bewildered as they asked, “What exactly is the Heavenly Relic?”

 Yixian, Lele and Lingfeng looked hesitating at one another. It was because they were not sure who would start first and whether they should reveal it. 

 Yixian said gently, “Let me start then and tell what I know. I don’t think I know as much as Lingfeng or Lele. I have almost forgotten about it.”

 She paused for a moment before saying, “This happened a long time ago. There were just three of us, Xiao Shuai, Han…Shaodong…and I…we were at the Holy Hex Sect.”

 Xiao Youxue was startled, “You really know my fath…Xiao Shuai?” 

 A thought suddenly crossed her. Then the person that Xiao Shuai was always muttering alone was her?! The person that had caused her parents to quarrel ever so often was the Celestial Fairy?! 

 Lingfeng was also startled, “You…you know Xiao Shuai! You have been to the Holy Hex Sect?”

 Yixian nodded gently, “We are old…friends. Xiao Shuai is the leader of our group in fact.”

 Youxue and Lingfeng glanced at one another in astonishment! 

 Yixian sighed softly, “He is the leader of our raiding group. One day, we sneaked into the Holy Hex Sect and entered its forbidden grounds.”

 Lingfeng was dizzy as she muttered, “No one could have entered the forbidden ground without raising an alarm. That’s impossible…”

 Yixian smiled gently, “Except for us. In this entire fraternity, nothing could stop the three of us. We had raided numerous martial clans, the unorthodox, the orthodox and the heretic clans. If you had known of the dangers and the close calls that we had with death together, testing our intelligence and limits to the breaking point, then you would eventually understand entering the forbidden ground of the Holy Hex Sect was actually just a simple task for the three of us.”

 No one had expected Yixian would have such a past. To them, she was the Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace and no one would associate her with the Virtuous Palace. And that she had done such a outrageous act. This was a startling revelation!

 Outageous act or not, that was in the past. Yixian was calm when she had said it and was not ashamed. 

 Her dull beautiful eyes seemed to return to the past as she smiled faintly. 

 She continued, “Inside the forbidden ground, we chanced upon the Heavenly Relic that the Holy Hex Sect was guarding closely. It was a just clunk of metal in a pit. I saw…the Holy Maiden and the Protégé Leader of the Holy Hex Sect. The Holy Maiden was dripping her blood on the Heavenly Relic. They were saying that once the Seven Stars have joined, it would also be the revival time for the Heavenly Relic. And to do so, it would require the pure negative intricacy energy of the Holy Maiden and her blood. We overheard that this Heavenly Relic is able to aid the practitioner to ascend to the heavens.”

 She paused for a moment before continuing, “None of us believe any of the nonsense. But Xiao Shuai had wanted to steal the Heavenly Relic. But the clunk of metal was impossibly heavy. Even with the combined strength of Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai, they could not even bulge it an inch. It was only then we knew that this Heavenly Relic to be something special.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Xian’Er, you didn’t help them to move it? Maybe with the three of you, you can carry the Heavenly Relic away!”

 Yixian smiled gently at Yi Ping, “If two men of their internal strength caliber could not carry it, I may not be able to budge it too. You have no idea how profound is their martial skill at that time. Moreover…”

 She paused for a while, “Moreover…at that time, I was concealing my true martial skills from them. They didn’t know that I was from the Eternal Ice Palace…and they wanted to be the heroes. Even if we could budge it, there was no way for us to take the Heavenly Relic out without detection.”

 She smiled gently, “I didn’t know that Xiao Shuai cannot forget about that Heavenly Relic all these years. That is all I know about the Heavenly Relic.”

 She looked at Lingfeng quietly. She had purposely withheld a part of what she had known as she did not know whether this was the right time to reveal it. 

 Lingfeng said, “What the Celestial Fairy has said, is the truth. This is the secret of the Heavenly Relic. Throughout the years, only the blood of the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect can revive the Heavenly Relic. It is because in order to do so, it will require the Holy Maiden to be chaste and practiced a type of pure negative intricacy heart formula, the Holy Pureness. This has been going on for many centuries. Even my brother does not believe the legends anymore until recently; the Heavenly Relic began to float and had become extremely light…”

 She looked at the seven bright stars above, “That is also the time when these seven bright stars have started to appear as well. That is all.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Lele? What do you know?”

 Lele smiled faintly, “Do you really want to know?”

 Yi Ping said, “Of course we want to know. Hurry and tell us what you know. Maybe we can even avert this martial disaster.”

 Lele said uneasy, “This concerns the secrets of the heavens. If I tell you, you may risk shortening your life span and you mustn’t tell anyone.”

 Youxue said coldly, “She’s just unwilling to tell us. It is because even the Celestial Palace wants that Heavenly Relic.”

 Lie Qing glanced at Lele coldly, “Is that so?”

 Lele sighed, “If you all insist to know…very well then.”

 She hesitated for a while before saying, “It is said that when a Celestial managed to become a Sage or when a Sage has successful ascended to the heavens, they will leave behind a Heavenly Relic to aid future generations. The Heavenly Relic is like an ordinary clunk of heavy metal before its true form is revealed and it is said to be able to aid the practitioner to ascend the heavens. From what you have mentioned, it matched the characteristics of the Heavenly Relic alright. I didn’t know that the Holy Hex Sect has a Heavenly Relic…”

 Lingfeng asked, “You didn’t know? Then why did you come to the Holy Hex Sect for?”

 Lele was sheepish, “I think I have a mission…”

 Yi Ping asked, “You think? What is your mission?”

 Lele was trying very hard to recall her mission.

 Youxue said, “I hope you be honest with us…”

 Lie Qing said, “Don’t betray the trust that we have in you…”

 Yixian said gently, “We have already welcomed you as our sister…”

 Lele said, “It is getting late. I think I am sleepy…”

 Yixian said coldly, “You are not going anyway.”

 Lele smiled bitterly, “If I tell you all, I don’t know what my mission is. Would anyone of you believe me?”

 Yi Ping looked calmly at her, “Lele, I believe you. I have always believed you.”

 Yixian, Lie Qing, Youxue and Lingfeng were silently saying, “Only Yi Ping will believe you…”

 Lele was touched as she burst into tears, “I…really do not know. I ran out of the Celestial Palace! It is a just a cold and forbidding place. I will never want to go back there again!”

 Everyone was startled. They had never expected Lele to burst into tears!

 She began to relate what exactly happened.

 Everyone was speechless as they heard Lele’s account, “...........”

 Lingfeng shook her head, “It is a lucky thing that Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng aren’t here. They will surely faint on the same spot if they know that you are a fake Celestial Envoy.”

 Even Lie Qing was so startled that she muttered, “I thought that I am a good liar but you are better. What Celestial Messenger, Celestial Envoy…heavens! You…do I really know you as my sister in the past?”

 Lele protested sheepishly, “I didn’t actually lie right? At least the Jade Emperor didn’t raise any objections. So I am really the Celestial Envoy.”

 Yixian smiled weakly.

 Yi Ping was rubbing his nose because he thought that it was actually funny as he crackled, “Self-appointed Celestial Envoy? That is something new.”

 Lele looked annoyingly at Yi Ping. 

 Lele tried to distract them, “There is another Heavenly Relic at the Celestial Palace. Many years ago, the Jade Emperor had found one and he had used it to overcome the Divine Calamity. But ever since then, it had reverted to a clunk of useless metal. I have been trying from time to time to revive the Heavenly Relic. But now…”

 She was suddenly frightful, “I have broken the rules of the Celestial Palace and have lost my chastity. Because the Heavenly Relic that the Jade Emperor possessed had already undergone the cleansing of the Divine Calamity, no mere mortals could revive it anymore. In the entire Celestial Palace, only I had the chaste body to attempt the revival ritual. But not anymore now.”

 Yi Ping clapped his hands, “Lele! Why didn’t you tell us earlier?! We can retrieve the Heavenly Relic and help Xian’Er to overcome the Divine Calamity. Quick, let’s us go now!”

 Lele said quietly, “Things are not as simple or easy as what you have thought. There is a heavy price in using the Heavenly Relic, do you know?”

 Yi Ping said solemnly, “I am not afraid of anything. I will do anything to save Xian’Er!”

 Lele whispered softly, “If you do that, Lingfeng will die…”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Why Lingfeng will die?”

 Lele looked at Lingfeng, “Because she is the one that has revived the Heavenly Relic. Her pureness of heart has revived the Heavenly Relic. The Heavenly Relic is an artifact from the heavens. Those who are impure cannot revive the Heavenly Relic.”

 Yixian kept quiet. It was because she had already known, having overheard it. 

 Lele said, “I don’t know what Lingfeng did to revive the Heavenly Relic. Since it has already been revived by her, if the Heavenly Relic is consumed by the Divine Calamity, she would surely die as well. Nothing is ever free. A life in exchange for a life. This is the order of the heavens’ way.”

 She added, “The Holy Pureness is the correct heart intricacy formula to revive the Heavenly Relic. I know because I know the Holy Pureness too. But that blood part I think is something extra.”

 Lingfeng almost fainted as she muttered, “Holy crap. I have wasted so much of my blood over the years…”

 Lingfeng had remembered that she had visited the secret chamber that housed the Heavenly Relic. At that time, she was very down, having just been separated from Yi Ping. As soon as she had touched the Heavenly Relic, it began to glow lightly and the usual heavy metal cluck suddenly became light…

 Yi Ping said to Yixian and Lingfeng, “Xian’Er and Lingfeng, I will not let any of you die. We will always be together. I will not let the Divine Calamity claim Xian’Er and I will not let anyone lay their hands on that Heavenly Relic to claim your life, Lingfeng. Never! We will always be together.”

 Lingfeng shed a tear as she smiled, “So is that a confession of your declaration of love?” 

 Yi Ping was stunned, “I…I…”

 Lele said, “That is what I have known. Maybe it is just a beautiful legend. No one knows if it is true. So don’t take it to heart. But others from the Celestial Palace will not let Lingfeng off so lightly. They are desperate….”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Isn’t the Celestial Palace on our side?”

 Lele smiled bitterly, “Maybe just the Jade Emperor but he had been very ill for a long time. The Celestial Palace had long fallen into the hands of the more aggressive and bloodthirsty Prime Celestials. None of them want to die after the Jade Emperor is gone and they will want the Heavenly Relic to become a true Celestial. Throughout the years, many of the weaker Celestials of the Celestial Palace had been sacrificed to keep the others alive. The Celestial Palace is not what it is anymore. Even the Jade Emperor can do nothing about it.”

 Lele took a forlorn look at Yi Ping. If she had not met Yi Ping, then eventually that would be her fate if she were to try to keep herself alive. But a chance happenstance with Yi Ping inside the Celestial Star underground palace, she had become a full Celestial like the Jade Emperor…

 Yi Ping said with great determination, “Nevertheless, with the White Phoenix and the Divine Echo in my hands, I will protect all my love ones. I don’t care how many they are, how strong they are. I will help Lingfeng’s brother and destroyed the Heavenly Relic so that no one can ever harm Lingfeng again. And then I will come back and help Xian’Er to overcome the Divine Calamity.”

 He added, “There is no time to waste anymore. I…got to go now.”

 All the maidens were moved to tears, including Yixian. 

 Yixian sighed silently, “I…I finally understand what Yichi is trying to say to me but it is now too late…”

 Lie Qing flew into Yi Ping’s embrace suddenly as she sobbed, “Yi Ping! You…must come back alive. How I wish I can lend you a hand…if you can’t beat them, you can run. You can just knock that Ji Wuzheng down if he refuses to run with you. You can steal the Heavenly Relic from him if he refused to part with it. Just be smart and don’t be a hero…”

 Yi Ping was startled by Lie Qing when she had suddenly flown into his embrace. He held her tightly as he sighed…

 “Qing’Er, you…”

 In the end, the most passionate person in their group was actually Lie Qing who was almost silent the entire night…

 Lie Qing sobbed, “Promise me. Till the oceans vanish and the rocks crumble, we will never part. Come back alive! You really don’t need to be a hero all the time…”

 Yi Ping nodded, “I will…I promise. Qing’Er, I am so sorry. I have never really taken good care of you…”

 Lie Qing cried, “What you did for me, are good enough. You already did many, many things for me. Rather, I did nothing for you but caused you endless trouble…I almost kill Youxue. I ruined Lele’s wedding…I fought with Yixian, lost my internal strength and ruined Sister Yun. I did so many unwanted things…I am not worthy of you…”

 Yi Ping comforted her, “No, it not because of you. Without you, I will never be united with Yixian. Without you, I will never be close to Yun’Er…everything you did, are good. I will be back for you…don’t you worry…Qing’Er, help me to take care of Xian’Er…”

 Youxue and Lele were weeping silently when they had heard Lie Qing’s confession.

 All of a sudden, there was a sharp pain in Yi Ping’s heart.

 Lie Qing grasped, “What’s wrong?”

 Yi Ping had immediately turned ashen but he said nothing of his discomfort, “The sooner we part, the sooner we will be together again. I promise you, Qing’Er, I’ll be back…”

 Lie Qing reluctantly let go of Yi Ping…

 Lele was thinking silently, “All of you…alas…at this rate, you cannot advance to my state of divinity at any time soon. Lie Qing, you have won yourself a second chance and is a True Celestial now but you are still struck at the lowest staging. Unless you can overcome your emotions, you can never overcome any of the crises. Only Yixian understands it…what do I need to do, so that you can fully understand that we are not meant to be with Yi Ping?”

 Lingfeng said, “You’re really not saying farewell to Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he looked at Youxue, “It is too dangerous for them. Xiao Shuai will never let Yun’Er off. Yu’Er and Mei’Er are too young. I…don’t want any of them to be in mortal dangers. Youxue, I rather you stay here instead…”

 Youxue said melancholy, “I have already made up my mind. I will follow you to give you a helping hand. You don’t have to worry for me. I can take care of myself. In the entire fraternity, there are just a handful that can be considered as my worthy opponent.”

 She had been so wronged about Yi Ping. She had thought that Yi Ping wanted to cancel the wedding because he could not decide who he really liked. It was because Yi Ping knew that he may not return alive…

 And she was greatly moved by Lie Qing…

 Yixian sighed softly, “Youxue…”

 Youxue smiled as she held her hands, “I know you meant well but I am afraid that this Eternal Sealed Ring you have to hold it a little longer. Things are not as bad as it seems. We promise to return together.”

 Yi Ping muttered, “Youxue…Lingfeng…Let’s us move in haste now!”

 Lele reminded them gently, “Yi Ping, Youxue and Lingfeng, remember the Celestial Star Formation that I have taught you. It is also effective with just three people…”

 Yi Ping nodded gently before he turned away and walked down the hill. 

 Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele stood on the hill top for a long time, long after Yi Ping, Lingfeng and Youxue had disappeared from view. They were all thinking of the same thing; if only they could be with Yi Ping, no matter if it was a certain death or not…

 All of a sudden, Lele was nausea and she almost lost her footing but she was caught by Yixian. 

 Yixian asked as she held her wrist, “Are you alright?”

 Lele smiled, “I’m alright. It is just that the night is getting cold and I am thinking of something else…”

 All of a sudden, Yixian was startled as she said gently. “Weird. There are two heart pulses on your wrist. You…you are pregnant?” 

 Lele was startled as she quickly said, “That’s impossible…”

 Lie Qing immediately examined her pulse as she said, “There is no doubt about it…”

 Yixian said coolly, “My Joyful Goddess, my good sister Lele. How do you expect us to believe anything that you have ever said?”

 Lele sighed softly, “I…I have heard from others too. You must know that there are just only a few Celestials and it is hard to verify things…”

 Lie Qing interrupted, “Oh heavens…”

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Chapter 46: The Celestial Star Formation

 Yi Ping could feel a painful sensation in his heart as he struggled to walk. He had broken into a cold sweat as soon he had walked out of Yixian’s sight. 

 He was thinking of Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele at the same time. He was thinking of Lele’s farewell words, “Yi Ping, Youxue and Lingfeng, remember the Celestial Star Formation that I have taught you. It is also effective with just three people…”

 Even though he was in pain but he was smiling fondly as he thought, “Lele…and you are telling us a few days ago at the Grand Hall of Longevity that the Celestial Star Formation requires a minimum of five…you can’t differentiate three and five? I take it as three then. If it doesn’t work, then I come back and settle the score with you. You’re like a little girl…”

 The Celestial Star Formation indeed required a minimum of three. Lele was trying to drag everyone into practicing her Celestial Star Formation that she had so painstaking learnt in the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation. 

 What Yi Ping and the others did not know, Lele had overcome the Divinity Calamity when she was very young with the aid of the Jade Emperor. Her time of activity was actually very little. Altogether she was not more than twenty, spending most of her time in a slumber to conserve what little strength she had after the Divine Calamity. She was actually very lonely and had no one to talk to…

 He was walking hastily because he did not want Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele to see this sight. 

 Lingfeng and Youxue were alarmed.

 Lingfeng quickly said, “Yi Ping, what’s wrong? You…have not totally recovered from your internal injuries yet? Alas, that is an oversight…no one could recover their internal strength so speedily. Don’t tell me, you forcible used your internal strength when you shouldn’t…”

 Youxue helped to support Yi Ping as she looked at him with equal anxiety, “You…are you alright?”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I don’t know. I’ll be fine. I don’t have internal injuries. It just that…it just that my heart is experiencing some discomfort…”

 Lingfeng checked his pulses as she heaved a sign of relief, “Everything is normal…if it is a heart problem, then there is nothing I can do to help. More likely it is an emotion problem. You’re a lecher. Stop thinking of girls and you’ll be alright…”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Lingfeng, I’m really alright now. It works!”

 Lingfeng was speechless as she rebuked him gently, “Hmph! So you are just pulling my leg. If I don’t beat you up, then it will be hard to suppress the anger in my heart…don’t you dodge…you such a lecher. I will teach you a lesson. I still can’t believe that you and Lele…I don’t know what honey tricks you have used to trick the Joyful Goddess but it won’t work on me…”

 Yi Ping flushed, “No, I didn’t Lingfeng…”

 She adds, “So you get a reaction from them and not from me?”

 Yi Ping quickly said, “Oh no. I still got a slight pain when I think of you but it is not as painful when I am thinking of them.”

 Lingfeng flushed…

 She muttered, “You lecher…shut up.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Lingfeng, what’s wrong? You’re….alright? Is it because you are attacked by rage emotions? You shouldn’t get upset so easily. It isn’t good for you…”

 Lingfeng gave Yi Ping a kick as she called to Youxue, “Sister Youxue, what are you waiting for? I can’t believe that you can listen to all his rubbish and still be so calm?”

 Youxue smiled lightly…

 Like Yixian and her mother, she had practiced the Emotionless Rhyme for as long as she could remember. Moreover, the Virtuous Palace was a cold heartless place with little affections for anyone. Her only friends were Ding Yun and Xiao Fei, her cousin who she looked up as her older brother. 

 By all appearances, Youxue always had a cold demeanor and was forbidden. That did not changed even when she had escaped from the Virtuous Palace. 

 The real her, was full of affections in her heart. It is just that she did not how to display it. 

 Her smile may be dainty but that already spoke volumes of her gladness and the happiness in her eyes! 

 She had already given her heart to Yi Ping and vowed to be with him silently. If Yi Ping could be happy, she would be happy too. By now, she already knew what type of a person Yi Ping was. Many times, she had secretly wished that they would be back to the Ice Cavern where they had spent together for more than three months…

 Lie Qing and Ding Yun had shared the secrets of the Invincible Divine Force with her. But it was not possible to dissipate her Divine Virtuous Force and replaced it with the Invincible Divine Force as she had advanced too far ahead. There would be severe consequences if she were to dissipate her martial force; she may even lose her Golden Invincible Skill and her Icy Heavenly Tears that she had so painstakingly mastered. 

 She had taken a path that no one had ever walked; utilizing two martial forces at the same time and subtly balancing both. 

 The golden rejuvenation pills that she had consumed were able to grow her Divine Virtuous Force but caused an imbalance to her Icy Heavenly Tears. This caused her martial growth to slow down considerably and unable to advance any further. But a chance happenstance in the Ice Cavern, once again revived the strength of her Icy Heavenly Tears. 

 When she was grievously injured, Lie Qing had imparted her Invincible Divine Force intricate energy into her, advancing her Divine Virtuous Force to a new level. Moreover, Yixian had also imparted to her all the missing parts of the Icy Heavenly Tears when she was grievously injured and saved her life. This caused a breakthrough to her Icy Heavenly Tears as well! 

 She may not have known it yet but her present martial progression was nearly on par with Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele! What she lacked was their state of divinity to defeat them. In a real fight, martial skills alone were not the only decisive factor, state of divinities played a big part too in the form of willpower, determination, perception, reflexes, flexibility and how fast a martial practitioner was able to recover their martial strength. 

 Take Xiao Da as an example, he may be a very a powerful exponent and his martial power was extraordinary. Even against more powerful fighters, Xiao Da could last for a long time but he was unlucky to meet Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele who had quickly exploited his weakness; he was lured into carelessness by the seemingly vulnerable Yixian the Celestial Fairy who could conceal her malevolent air. Lele was even more quick thinking as she knocked him down with one hit in the most unlikely of all places. 

 That was also why Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao were such difficult opponents to deal with. Their state of divinity was profound and they would never let themselves be lured into complacency. 

 All of a sudden, Youxue said. “Be wary. There are people ahead of us.”

 Yi Ping and Lingfeng stopped in their tracks immediately as they scanned the darkness. 

 Youxue said quietly, “You don’t have to hide anymore. We know you are there.”

 Two maidens in a black finery dress walked out from the darkness!

 It was Mei’Er and Yu’Er! 

 Mei’Er said, “Youxue, how did you discover us?”

 Yu’Er sighed, “We are already trying our best to conceal ourselves yet you can still discover us.”

 Youxue laughed softly, “Next time…next time…don’t use any perfume…maybe I can’t sniff you if you don’t.”

 But Youxue was still looking at the darkness. Besides Yu’Er and Mei’Er, there were still others…

 Mei’Er was startled, “Oh alas, I am so careless…”

 Yi Ping was stunned as he stammered, “Mei’Er, Yu’Er…why are you here?”

 Yu’Er walked to him and looked gently at him, “Are you thinking of running away just like the last time?”

 She began to sigh softly, “I have only heard of the bride running away but never the groom.”

 Yi Ping sighed, “Yu’Er, go back. Do you know how dangerous the journey can be? We are not going for any sightseeing…”

 All of a sudden, Yu’Er held his hands gently. “Mast…Master. You are not only my Master but is also my husband. Surely you are not thinking of abandoning Mei’Er and me?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Of course I won’t…I…never thought of doing so.”

 Yu’Er said, “Then, shouldn’t we go through weal and woes together?”

 Mei’Er said, “That’s right!”

 Yi Ping looked at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “All of you…”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping was stunned to see Ding Yun, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing walking into their sight of view.

 Gongsun Jing said, “Maiden Ding is right. You will indeed try to confront the Honor Manor alone. Have you forgotten that we are still brothers? How can we allow you to go alone?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Because we are brothers, all the more, I shouldn’t have involved all of you. It is far too dangerous.”

 He took a glance at Lingfeng before saying, “Moreover, it is personal.”

 Qiu Wufeng laughed, “Don’t forget, I still have a score to settle with the Heartless Scholar.”

 Gongsun Jing said, “And I have a score to settle with Gu Tianle and the Honor Manor as well!”

 Ding Yun said quietly, “Have you forgotten what you promise me in the valley? As your wife, shouldn’t I follow you everywhere?”

 Nangong Le laughed aloud, “Right, right. I just cannot stand that Zuo Tianyi for injuring me. I am going to bash him.”

 Gongsun Jing whispered, “When did Zuo Tianyi injure you? You are taking things too personal, right?”

 Nangong Le whispered, “I just can’t stand his arrogance and for betraying us.”

 Even though they were whispering but everyone could hear it loud and clear in the silent night.

 Yi Ping sighed, “I guess everyone’s minds are already made up. It is pointless to urge further.”

 Ding Yun smiled, “That’s right.”

 Youxue smiled at Ding Yun, “I know you must be here…”

 Ding Yun walked quietly to Youxue, “The Virtuous Palace won’t let us off, no matter where we go to and you are like my little sister and my only kin.”

 Xiao Youxue nodded quietly. 

 Ding Yun sighed silently, “No matter how bad Xiao Shuai is, I cannot allow the two of you to come to blows. I don’t want you to live in regret for the rest of your life…”

 All of a sudden, she froze as she noticed that Yi Ping was looking at her. 

 Ding Yun asked, “Is something wrong?”

 Yi Ping flushed, “Nothing…erm…”

 Yi Ping quickly tried to change to another topic by saying, “One, two, three…nine. It seems that there are nine of us. It is just nice for us to form the Celestial Star Formation?”

 Qiu Wufeng smiled most bitterly, “I have seen many formations but this Celestial Star Formation is too difficult…”

 Gongsun Jing nodded. Even though he was listening while Lele was guiding all of them, he could not follow the movements. He was glad that he was injured and was unable to participate in the practice. It was because Lele was gently rebuking everyone incessantly. 

 Yi Ping said, “Let’s decide who is in the Inner Star Formation and who is in the Outer Star Formation…”

 But before he could finished, everyone begun to walk rapidly away, leaving a bewildered Yi Ping behind! 

 The Celestial Star Formation was made up of three groups with each group consisting of three to five participators. 

 The first group in the Celestial Star Formation, assuming that there were only three, formed the Inner Star Formation. The second group and the third group formed the Outer Celestial Star Formations. 

 Usually the leader of each of the group was also the better fighter than the other two. This was to ensure that the leader would take care of the other two and forced the opponent to be trapped by the leader. 

 If the opponents thought that they had a better chance getting rid of the weaker fighters in the formation first, then they were making a terrible mistake. It was because the entire Celestial Star Formation was an enticing sword formation to lure the opponent into attacking the weaker fighters in the formation!

 Lele had said, “In the nine circle formation, the Inner Star Formation will ideally consist of Yi Ping as leader, together with Yu’Er and Mei’Er. The second Outer Star Formation will ideally consist of the Celestial Fairy, Lie Qing and me. And of course the leader is me.”

 Lie Qing and Yixian exchanged glances with each other…

 Lele noticed it immediately as she hastily said, “Since I know the entire layout of the Celestial Star Formation, it is naturally that I’ll be the leader so that nothing will go wrong.”

 Yi Ping inhaled lightly as he muttered, “Since I know nothing about the Celestial Star Formation, won’t it be a complete disaster if I am a leader?”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping kept quiet because he could sense a killing malevolent intent coming from Lele!

 Lele cleared her throat lightly, “The third Outer Star Formation will ideally consist of Youxue, Yun and Lingfeng. Lingfeng should be the leader of the third Outer Star Formation…”

 Lingfeng was startled. Her martial skills were beneath that of Youxue and Ding Yun. 

 Ding Yun was close to Lele and she mustered her courage to ask, “Sister Le, this makes no sense. Shouldn’t Youxue be the leader?”

 Lele explained, “Lingfeng has the best swiftness skill in the group. Her role is to entice and distract the opponents. Moreover, she is the most intelligent and her reaction is also the swiftness. She will make an excellent leader and tactician for the third Outer Star Formation.”

 Lingfeng smiled alluring, “I am so honored then.”

 Youxue secretly smiled. It was because she knew that Lingfeng was being sarcastic. 

 Other than her, Lie Qing was also trying hard not to laugh aloud for she was thinking. “This is really so funny. I don’t think who the leader is, who is in which group really makes that much of a difference. It is the role that is in the formation that makes the difference. But the way she deploying us is really so interesting.”

 Yi Ping asked, “Isn’t the second Outer Star Formation grouping overdoing it? Having the three of you in that group is way too imbalance…”

 Lele chuckled softly, “What do you know? Only then will the Celestial Star Formation be perfect!”

 She started to draw a circle on the ground and throwing pebbles on it while pointing out, “The standing position of each and every one of us is a triangle formation, overlapping one another. You can see that even though we are in the same group but we are exactly standing in an equivalent distance away from one another at the edge of the circle.”

 Yi Ping said, “Then that is still considered to be in the same group? Everyone seems to be standing so far away from one another except for the Inner Star Formation…”

 Lele giggled, “That is why it is a called a formation so that we won’t be identified easily!”

 She raised her finger and pointed at the circle that was on the ground, “Now, if group two and group three intersect at one another, what did you see now?”

 Yi Ping stared at the intersection for a while.

 Lele asked, “So did you see anything?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I see nothing…”

 Lele said, “Of course you shouldn’t see anything. I forget to number everyone’s position. Let me see…”

 Yi Ping groaned and was momentarily speechless…

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were giggling until Yixian gave them a stern discreet look.

 Lele exclaimed excitedly, “There! Now do you see? First numbering is me, second numbering is Yixian and third numbering is Lie Qing. Forth numbering is Lingfeng, fifth numbering is Youxue and sixth numbering is Lie Qing. Lingfeng is between Yixian and Lie Qing, Youxue is between Yixian and me while Ding Yun is between Lie Qing and me. Do you see everything perfectly now?”

 Yi Ping was startled, “This is…I see it now. Anyone that tries to attack Lingfeng will be in turn attacked by Yixian and Lie Qing…”

 Lele said, “That is right. Anyone that tries to attack Lingfeng will be attacked and will be trapped in a pincer attack. And Lingfeng can further lure the attacker into the Inner Star Formation, trapping and cutting the attacker off from his group. We can lure all our opponents inside, restraint all their movements and at the same time support one another!”

 Yi Ping clapped his hands, “Lele, that is brilliant! Then we have nothing to fear from the Dark Mono Formation! I have heard that it is a deadly sword formation and I am worried about it. Now I don’t have to worry anymore.”

 Lele beamed excitedly, “Let’s practice it immediately then! Let’s start with the formation steps first.”

 Yi Ping nodded eagerly. 

 Yixian looked at Youxue secretly, Youxue was looking at Ding Yun secretly and Ding Yun was looking at Lie Qing secretly. They could only smile bitterly at Yi Ping’s naivety. 

 It was because they knew how difficult it was to co-ordinate everyone as one in the formation in such a short notice. The bigger a formation was, the more difficult it was. And moreover, the Celestial Star Formation appeared to be a high level formation, requiring nine equally highly skilled practitioners to be truly effective. 

 Lele said, “Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and that Nangong whatever, don’t idle there and practiced the Star Celestial Formation as well.”

 Nangong Le smiled bitterly, “But I haven’t recovered from my injuries yet…and my name is Nangong Le and not Nangong whatever…”

 Lele interrupted, “That’s why you are in the reserve and all the more, you should practice twice as hard as the chosen or else how can you lure the opponents into the Celestial Star Formation? Now Nangong whatever, are you listening?”

 Nangong Le was stunned, “I lure the opponents into the Celestial Star Formation?”

 Lele said, “Since you are not good enough, of course there is a need for someone to distract the opponent and lure them into the Celestial Star Formation. The rest of us got to stick with the formation steps and unless the opponent willingly entered the Celestial Star Formation, there is naturally a need for someone to lure the opponent inside and that someone is you, Nangong whatever.”

 Nangong Le stammered, “Hold it, why is the way that you are stating it, I seem to be the cannon fodder? And my name is not Nangong whatever.”

 Lele said, “I don’t like someone to share the same name as me. Your protégé master is now my Celestial Messenger and even has to listen to me. Therefore, I have decided to change your name.”

 Nangong Le was about to protest when Gongsun Jing stepped on his foot! 

 Qiu Wufeng laughed softly, “Brother Nangong, I will advise you not to protest further. It will only worsen your current predicaments.” 

 Nangong Le sighed, “Now I really regret joining the Tranquil Clan…”
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Chapter 47: The Five Element Clan

 Yi Ping sighed regretfully at the appalling sight that he had seen on the way to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. There were many fallen clan banners, dead exponents and fighting as they were nearer and nearer to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains.

 Exponents from dozens of martial clans in the martial fraternity had fought with one another with appalling results. It was not just a battle between the unorthodox and the orthodox clans. The feud between the Holy Hex Sect and the Honor Manor awakened old hatreds between all the martial clans, who had made used of the unrest to settle old vendettas with one another. 

 The Unorthodox Clans began to fight with one another openly while the Orthodox Clans began to fight with one another subtly. Even the usual secrecy heretic sects were also surfacing in the martial fraternity, creating more chaos and unrest.

 In short, the martial fraternity was now embroiled in a battle for order or supremacy! 

 Old alliances were broken and new alliances were forged in just a matter of weeks. Altogether, more than a hundred major martial clans fought for supremacy and territories, embroiling hundreds of smaller major clans! 

 Lingfeng was anxious as she said, “When I left the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, things are not like this. In fact, there are quite a few unorthodox clans that suddenly cut off ties with the Holy Hex Sect, angering my brother. Now it seems that everyone is heading there now.” 

 They had visited one town along the way but did not stay long for there were numerous conflicts and they were afraid of being recognized. They had waited until nightfall to visit the town discreetly for provision and left quickly once they were done. 

 Nangong Le was downcast after visiting that town. When Nangong Le had entered a merchant bank to take some silver teals, he had discovered that he had been disowned by his father.
 He was now penniless…

 Yi Ping comforted him, “World possessions are just materials. As long as we are alive, we can earn it back.”

 Nangong Le smiled bitterly, “Brother Yi Ping, you have no idea how long it takes to earn even one silver. Without money, nothing is possible and we will lose plenty of friends and enjoyments.”

 Yi Ping just smiled coolly, “And you are spending tens of silver every day when you are still the Young Master of the Nangong Clan?”

 Nangong Le said, “That’s different. Back then, I don’t have to earn it.”

 Yi Ping asked, “You need one silver? That’s easy. Maybe I can help you.”

 Nangong Le was startled, “You look every single bit as penniless as me. If you can really produce one silver in front of me, then it is really a miracle. Money just does not simply drop from the sky.”

 Yi Ping called to Yujian, “Yu’Er, Brother Nangong needs one silver tael. I don’t have any money. I wonder if you can give it to him?”

 Lingfeng was surprise, “The sun has risen from the west. You didn’t ask me for any money this time.”

 Yi Ping laughed, “Along the way, all our expenses have been paid by you. I feel bad if I ask you.”

 Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “Hmph, you still not completely heartless to remember that.”

 Yi Ping kept quiet immediately. 

 Yujian laughed softly as she reached into her pouch that was dangling on her belt. 

 She quickly flashed a silver tael in front of Nangong Le, much to his astonishment. 

 Nangong Le sighed, “Now I really regret spending all my silvers on entertainment and should have found myself a rich wife instead…”

 Yujian laughed softly, “Here is one silver. The interest is one cash every day till you can return the principal sum.” 

 Nangong Le was startled, “Yu’Er, you…I am Yi Ping’s brother and you actually charged me interest? You are so shrewd…I am so pitiful…”

 Mei’Er interrupted merrily, “You are a high risk debtor. Consider yourself lucky that we didn’t ask for any pledges from you. Why do you need so much for?”

 Nangong Le looked at everyone, “I just thinking of eating something good in town.”

 Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “You…you are simply too extravagant. One silver tael for a meal! Have you forgotten that we are still on the run and are fugitives?” 

 Nangong Le said awkwardly, “I used to spend more than ten silver taels on a single meal…”

 Qiu Wufeng was in a daze; He was born in a wealth martial clan but the amount of silver that Nangong Le had spent daily was simply too extravagant even for him. He said, “Brother Nangong, do you know that for one silver every month, you can buy the life of a martial exponent to fight for you? The Qiu Clan only pays Lu Baiyun two silver a month.”

 Gongsun Jing was startled, “That is so pittance! Jue Yuan and Gu Tianle got three silver a month!”

 Nangong Le was startled, “You guys…now I know why they have betrayed your clan…even our lowest servants get four silver tael every month!”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “That is really too much. Do you know how many mouths we have to feed in our martial clan?”

 Nangong Le smiled weakly but he was thinking, “Then you have so many men, why don’t put them to good use and get them to do some business and to earn back your investments?”

 Gongsun Jing seemed to know what he was thinking for he was saying, “It’s a pity that the martial exponents that we have are not good in doing business and can only be bandits…alas…”

 Lingfeng had wanted to say she used to spend a hundred silver taels every month but did not say it aloud for it would give Yi Ping and everyone a bad impression of her. 

 But Yi Ping had already thought of her, “Lingfeng, you carry so much silver taels with you. What are your monthly expenses?”

 Lingfeng smiled bitterly, “This is hard to say. Sometimes a lot, sometimes very little. Usually I don’t get to spend any money until I met you.”

 Yi Ping could only smile weakly as he looked at Ding Yun and Youxue, “What about Yun and Youxue?”

 Ding Yun smiled gently, “You seem to be checking our finances. Oh well, usually I don’t have much money too. The Virtuous Palace isn’t a well to do clan. At most I only get like ten to thirty cash a month. Sometimes, the Virtuous Palace does not even give me any allowances on time.”

 Yi Ping comforted Ding Yun, “Alas…pitiful Yun, don’t be sad. I will work hard in future…”

 Ding Yun looked at Yi Ping passionately, “I am not sad. Don’t worry for me. We will earn our keeps in future…”

 Yi Ping was touched as he looked tenderly at Ding Yun until his heart began to give him discomfort again. He quickly recovered as he asked Youxue, “Youxue, what about you? Alas, you must be the poorest…the same as me…you have wandered for three years…leading such a hard life…”

 Youxue gave him a shy smile. 

 She looked adorably at Yi Ping, sighing. “That’s right…”

 If Yi Ping knew the reality was totally different from what he had thought, he would have fainted on the spot immediately. 

 Before Youxue had secretly left the Virtuous Palace, she had stolen all of Xiao Shuai’s gold taels, causing him to almost suffer a heart attack! Not only that, through the years, she was constantly causing trouble for all the notorious bandits and fighters in the martial fraternity, using them to practice her martial skills and to lend a hand to their victims. 

 From these notorious bandits and fighters, she had taken their martial treasures, their unique weapons, their martial secrets and their secret martial manuals. Those that she did not need, she would secretly trade it on the black market for vast amount of silver and gold! 

 Needless to say, she had already cumulated a vast collection of treasures and riches that exceeded even the Nangong Clan in such a short time! 

 Yi Ping said gently to Youxue, “Youxue, don’t worry. I will work hard to provide for your needs. I will not let you wander in the fraternity again. We will find a serene place with lofty mountains and tranquil rivers to settle. There I will be a farmer and…”

 Lingfeng, Youxue, Ding Yun, Meijian and Yujian began to shift uncomfortably. Staying in an isolated place was actually the very last thing on their very minds!

 Youxue pretended to nod…

 Gongsun Jing clapped, “Brother Yi Ping. I admire your peaceful state of mind. Throughout the ages, there were just only a handful of heroes who could put down everything and retreated to the recess of the mountains. This is really admirable!”

 Qiu Wufeng nodded, “If we survive this, maybe I would also retreat to the mountains as well. Maybe I will build a hut besides Brother Yi Ping. Haha…” 

 Gongsun Jing began to cough lightly. 

 Of course Qiu Wufeng was not serious. He just wanted everyone to admire his aspirations too. The only person that he could fool was Yi Ping. 

 Yi Ping nodded approvingly, “That’s great Brother Qiu! If we can all survive this, we will do just that!”

 Qiu Wufeng grinned but he was already thinking, “With so many martial clans that are gathering at the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, I may win renown for myself…”

 Yi Ping asked, “What about you Brother Nangong?”

 Nangong Le managed a weak smile, “I don’t want any renown. I don’t want to be a hero or be a hermit in the mountains. I just want to beg my father for forgiveness…”

 Yi Ping patted him on his shoulder, “What a filial son! This is most admirable! The ancients say one of the seven virtues to uphold is filial piety. I didn’t expect this from you.”

 Nangong le laughed, “Thank you, thank you!”

 Everyone except Yi Ping was looking at Nangong Le in disgust. It was because they all knew that the last thing Nangong Le had in mind was filial piety but his parents’ wealth. 

 Yi Ping was suddenly sorrowful as he said to Yujian and Meijian, “Both of you are so young…alas…I wonder if it is the right decision for you to follow me…”

 Mei’Er was woeful and she was expressed with a hurtful look, “Master, we have accompany protégé mistress since little. Other than her, you are the closest to us. If even you do not want us, there is no point for us to live any longer.”

 Yi Ping sighed, “The fraternity is so big and there be plenty of hardship with me…”

 Yu’Er interrupted with silent determination, “Through weal and woes, we will follow you. We have little possessions and if Master does not despise us and willing to take us in, we…are just too grateful. Yu’Er just wants to sing and play the music for you every day…”

 Yi Ping suddenly began to bend forward as a painful agony seized him!

 Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng, Ding Yun and Youxue were quick to surround him as they displayed their affections and concerns!

 “Master…what is wrong!” Mei’Er grasped.

 “Yi Ping…are you alright?” Lingfeng asked with great concern.

 Yu’Er helped to support Yi Ping…

 Ding Yun was checking his pulses…

 Youxue was asking softly, “Yi…Ping…”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly and his eyes shone with appreciation as he looked tenderly at all of them, “I don’t know why but lately, I have been experiencing some discomfort on my chest…”

 While Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were looking worryingly at Yi Ping, Nangong Le was staring at the translucent jades that were on the twin sister’s wrist. 

 Nangong Le was thinking, “These translucent jades are priceless and worth a huge fortune anywhere…”

 He could not resist asking Meijian, “Mei’Er, the jade bangle you’re carrying is fragile. You may break them in an ensuring fight. Then it will be terrible, isn’t it?”

 Mei’Er laughed merrily, “Don’t you worry! I have more of these jade bangles at the Eternal Ice Palace.”

 Nangong Le was secretly startled but he quickly recovered his composure. These precious translucent jades were said to have originated from the Heavenly Mountains so it was not entirely surprising for her to have some. But still, translucent jades were still extremely rare find…

 All of a sudden, an idea struck him…

 Nangong Le laughed, “Well…In that case then, do you mind selling me for one silver tael? There are two good reasons for selling to me…”

 Before he could finish, Mei’Er had replied icily. “Dream on!”

 He was not someone to give up easily and was about to point out the advantages of selling her translucent jade bangle to him when he noticed that Lingfeng, Youxue, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng, Yu’Er and Ding Yun were all also looking icily at him. 

 Lingfeng said icily, “You are desperate, isn’t it?”

 Nangong Le smiled awkwardly. 

 He was only saved from further embarrassment when everyone’s attention was distracted by a young man in his twenties who was traveling on foot. 

 The young man was peculiar. He had five swords on his back and he was carrying a martial clan banner. From the characters that were on the banner, it appeared to be that he was from the Five Elements Clan. 

 Chi Zhengqi, a young man had caught sight of a group of martial exponents walking rapidly along the desolate mountain paths. This group carried no banners and consisted of four men and five maidens. They were all armed with swords except for two of the maidens. He had not used the main road because it was too dangerous in the current martial situation and he had decided to place a gambit on the lesser known paths to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains.

 As he was unsure if this group of martial exponents were friends or foes and being outnumbered, he wanted to turn back immediately. 

 But he soon overcomes his hesitation. He got quite a brave heart or else he would not have dared to go travel to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains alone.

 But the only reason that he could muster his courage to approach them was because he had suddenly noticed that the five maidens were all fascinating beautiful even though they had veiled their faces with a veiled straw hat. He had never seen such elegant and graceful maidens…

 Also, their glances were investigative and had no malevolent air; that was why he had dared to approach them. Upon seeing that they did not draw their swords when they saw him, he mustered the courage to quicken his steps and to greet them.

 As he approached the group, he was already startled; these maidens were indeed extraordinary beauties. He could see their facial features through their thin silken veils! 

 He was bewildered. What would have caused these maidens to be in these desolate wildernesses?

 Chi Zhengqi said respectfully, “I am Chi Zhengqi from the Five Element Clan. I am on my way to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains to witness a battle of the century. May I know your martial clan origin and names if you do not mind sharing?”

 He paused for a while to look at each of them before adding, “I really don’t see any martial banners…”

 Yi Ping immediately bowed with his hands respectfully, “I am Yi Ping. We are from…”

 As soon as Yi Ping greeted the stranger, everyone began to be tense and alarmed! 

 Lingfeng sighed silently, “This pig head is going to divulge all our details to a stranger. He is totally clueless on how treacherous the martial fraternity really is…”

 But before she could interrupt Yi Ping, Ding Yun said coolly. “We are from the Righteous Axioms Clan.”

 Chi Zhengqi was startled as he thought, “I have never heard of it before. Judging by their experienced posture and keen eyes, they must be from a well-known but reclusive martial clan that seldom in the news in the fraternity. The righteous battle between the Honor Manor and the unorthodox clans has revived the interest of many prominent reclusive martial clans back to the fraternity. It is just that I have never heard of their clan before. If I say I do not know their clan, then they will know that my clan is just a small fry in the martial fraternity. I have better pretended otherwise.”

 Therefore he laughed aloud, “Yes, yes. I have heard of the Righteous Axiom Clan. Judging by the magnificent air displayed by your fellow clan protégés, your clan is sure to rank among the top tier martial clans in the fraternity.”

 Ding Yun asked, “You are alone? I have never heard of the Five Element Clan.”

 Chi Zhengqi smiled awkwardly. This maiden was simply too blunt! 

 It would be the first time that she was traveling in the fraternity and therefore she may not have heard of the Five Element Clan. But it was a good sign that she was talking to him. Maybe she was interested in him?

 He said, “The Five Element Clan is just a small clan, occupying a small hill in the Central Fraternity near the Universal Mountains. But hey, surely you have heard of the Universal Truth Clan? Our clans are in close proximity with each other!”

 At the mention of the Universal Truth Clan, he was grinning proudly. 

 Mei’Er said, “I have heard of the Universal Truth Clan alright. It is a leading orthodox martial clan and one of the seven major orthodox sword clans. As far as I know, there are nine other martial clans near the vicinity of the Universal Truth Clan…”

 Chi Zhengqi noticed that this maiden who was talking to him had a sweet mesmerizing voice. When she mentioned that there were other martial clans in the vicinity of the Universal Truth Clan, he was secretly pleased as he thought. “This maiden does know the Five Element Clan after all. I didn’t know my clan is well-known outside the Universal Mountains as well!”

 Mei’Er said coolly, “…however, those nine martial clans are too puny and do not even qualified to be ranked as a third tier martial clan. It is not even worth mentioning the names.”

 Chi Zhengqi was slight as he thought, “You say my clan is a puny clan and not even worth mentioning? Are you sure? What about your, so call Righteous Axioms Clan? I have never even heard of it before!” 

 He quickly said, “Maiden, did you see the swords on my back? The Five Element Clan is famous for its five elements swordplay and techniques.”

 Mei’Er answered coolly, “Five swords may not be able to win one sword. How do you use five swords at the same time? Weird, you have five hands?”

 Yu’Er began to giggle. 

 Yi Ping was feeling awkward. This young man did not seem to have any ill-intention. The way Ding Yun and Mei’Er were confronting him were a little too unfriendly. 

 Chi Zhengqi turned red as he said, “It is only because you are a maiden or else I will surely challenge you for belittling my clan’s martial skills. But I, Chi Zhengqi will let it pass as I just assume that you are still young and have little experience in the fraternity…”

 Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were exchanging humorous glances. It seemed that a fight would soon break out anytime soon. That young man had totally no idea that he was dealing with Beautiful Sword Fairy Shui Meijian, the direct protégé of none other than the Celestial Fairy herself! 

 But before he could finish, Mei’Er had already drawn out her sword with a sharp ringing sound, the icy aura of her unsheathed long beaming sword could be felt by everyone! 

 Yi Ping was silently praising her, “Mei’Er, it seems that your sword art has improved! This icy aura was almost similar to the Infinity-Two now!”

 The sharp and piercing cold aura of her long sword was so resounding that everyone with the exception of Youxue, Yu’Er and Yi Ping, took a few unwitting steps behind to avoid the direct piercing glare of her cold sword energy!

 Chi Zhengqi broke into cold sweat as he stared in utter disbelief that this seeming young maiden could possess such a remarkable high state of divinity in her sword arts and could already merge her intricate energy with the sword to utilize sword energy! 

 Her cold sword energy was so paralyzing that he could not move and his legs were trembling with fear! 

 Mei’Er said quietly, “Draw your five swords. I will like to see how you are able to use five swords at the same time!”

 Chi Zhengqi found his voice again after a difficult struggle with the paralyzing fear as he said weakly, “Maiden…it is against the martial code of the Five Element Clan to fight with the weaker sex. Even if you have won, it is not a true victory…”

 Mei’Er interrupted unhappily, “You…you are just a rascal! Quickly, draw your sword! My sword arm is tired!”

 Chi Zhengqi smiled bitterly, “As a man, I won’t fight with a lady. It is not only against the martial code of my clan as well as my personal principle…”

 Mei’Er pointed at Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Yi Ping and Gongsun Jing as she said coldly, “There are four men here. Have your pick and challenge any of them. If anyone dies, this is the will of the heavens and no one should cast any blame. I want to see your five swords in action.”

 Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng and Yi Ping were startled that Mei’Er had pointed at them. 

 Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were smiling confidently. They were after all, one of the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity renown and their martial skills were naturally not weak. In fact, they were a lot better than most exponents in the fraternity. 

 Chi Zhengqi was panicky as he thought, “What do I do now? I am struck in an awkward situation…”

 Yi Ping stepped in front of Mei’Er as he said, “Please pardon Mei’Er. It is not her intention to make things difficult for you…”

 Chi Zhengqi was relieved as he thought, “This Yi Ping…he seems amicable…”

 Yi Ping said, “…now that Mei’Er has mentioned it, I am also intrigued by your impressive Five Element Swordplay. I wonder if young hero can do me the honor by sparring with me?”

 Mei’Er laughed softly, “So even our Master is also curious.”

 Chi Zhengqi was startled as he thought, “This young man is her Master?! This young maiden is already so formidable then her Master will be even more formidable…how did this turn up like this? Will they kill me?”

 In the martial fraternity, age was not used to denote seniority in a martial clan. Rather, direct protégés had a more senior rank and they were usually the ones that were taught the clan’s secret skills.

 Chi Zhengqi thought miserably, “Now it really becomes the will of the heavens and no one should be blamed if anyone dies. I am the one that fall into this bottomless pit myself…”

 Yi Ping had already displayed a fighting stance!

 All of a sudden, a thought struck Chi Zhengqi like a deadly thunderbolt! 

 “Did he say he is Yi Ping? The Honor Manor has branded Yi Ping as a wanted fugitive along with Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng…”

 He began to stare at the three men that were behind men. He had noticed that all of them were inconspicuously touching their undrawn weapons lightly with their fingers except for the two weaponless maidens. 

 Lingfeng and Youxue were curious that Chi Zhengqi was suddenly looking at them…

 Chi Zhengqi quickly thought, “I must stay calm and think of a way. These two maidens must be held hostages by this group of notorious heretics. Come to think of that, I can see their little fingers moving. Maybe they are already giving me so many hints already with their hand gestures. I must be idiot not to notice it much earlier. Maybe they didn’t know that I have already known their identities?”

 He decided to take a gamble by saying, “I just remember that I have something important to do first. May we meet again…”

 Before Yi Ping could say anything, Chi Zhengqi had already turned around and ran in the opposite direction! 

 Chi Zhengqi was relieved that they did not give chase to him as he thought, “Luckily, I am quick thinking or I will surely die in this desolate mountains. Alas…thanks heavens! The first thing that I am going to the nearest town is to inform the rest of the orthodox clans that the powerful Righteous Axioms Clan is on the way to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. These notorious villains have also kidnapped innocent maidens along the way…alas…their poor fates. They outnumber me…it is not that dishonorable to run. The most important thing is to keep myself alive so that the righteous orthodox clans can guard against the schemes of the Righteous Axioms Clan. These despicable rapists…”

 When Chi Zhengqi had departed, Lingfeng sighed softly. “Why is it that I have such a terrible feeling about all these and that young man?”

 Yi Ping was saying, “What a pity. I really will like to see his astonishing Five Element Swordplay…”

 Lingfeng said, “Yi Ping, you have better don’t report your name so recklessly. We don’t know if others are friend or foe. Don’t take unnecessary risk, alright?”

 Yi Ping clapped his hands, “Alas! I forget that I am a wanted fugitive. Why didn’t you remind me earlier, Lingfeng?”

 Lingfeng gave Yi Ping a hard kick immediately, “Why don’t you go and die first?”

 Yi Ping quickly recovered from the hard kick as he said excitedly to everyone, “Lingfeng, your kick just gives me an idea for the Celestial Star Formation. We should stick to Lele’s original deployment for the Celestial Star Formation. Yu’Er and Mei’Er will be in the same group as me. Youxue, Yun and you will still be in the same group. Brother Nangong, Brother Gongsun and Brother Qiu will form the third group the Outer Star Formation. I think that Brother Gongsun makes a good leader…”

 At the mere mention of the Celestial Star Formation, everyone seemed to have hurried their steps and rapidly walked away. 

 Yi Ping was bewildered, “What’s wrong?”

 It was because other than Lele, Yi Ping was the only one that could make sense of the Celestial Star Formation. 

 Even Lele had praised Yi Ping, “You have learnt the Celestial Star Formation previously? How did you memorize all the moves so quickly?”

 Yi Ping had said, “No, this is my first time.”

 Lele was already thinking, “Can it be?”

 She looked at Yi Ping with a curious look. There was something about Yi Ping that she could not pinpoint yet as she thought, “That’s impossible. I take a hundred years to grasp it but he only takes a while?”

 She was beginning to think that it was no coincident that Yi Ping had led them into the center of the Celestial Star Chamber…

 The Celestial Star Chamber where she had found the golden scroll was located in the middle of several deadly Celestial Star Formations. It was almost impossible to find without first having the knowledge of the Celestial Star Formation or having profound knowledge in all the well-known formations…

 But before she could ponder further, Lie Qing and Yixian had called out for her; they were also genuinely interested in the Celestial Star Formation and had encountered some difficulty in grasping the intriguing changes of the Celestial Star Formation. 

 She abandoned her pondering and flew happily to their side, explaining to them with great enthusiasm. 

 Yi Ping sighed as he recalled that scene back then…

 Even though he had just left the Tranquil Mountains not long ago but he was already sorely missing Lele…Lie Qing and Yixian…

 He was now clutching his chest again as a sudden pain overwhelmed him…

 All of a sudden, there was a loud resounding voice in the mountains. 

 “Since your sword has already left its scabbard, isn’t it a pity not to appease your sword first?”

 Yi Ping was alarmed and he immediately sprung ahead.

 Mei’Er was looking keenly at the surroundings, checking every single trees, thickets and overgrowths as she said, “Who are you?!”

 “Who am I? Ha……Haha…I am the Mountain God.” The voice was old and ancient. 

 Youxue said coldly, “Show yourself. How dare you pull such a roguish ruse on us.”

 Ding Yun had drew her sword as she said quietly, “God or Demon, you have to question the sword in my hand first.”

 Lingfeng raised her hands and threw dozens of secret projectiles in the direction of a thick overgrowth as she shouted, “There! He is over there!”
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Chapter 48: The Celestial Star Formation vs. the Divine Rejuvenation Force

 An old man with a long white beard had jumped out of the shadows of the thick overgrowth. He seemed startled that Lingfeng could actually locate his hiding place even though he had disguised his whereabouts with the Deep Resounding Skill, a skill that can cast out his voice evenly to the surroundings!

 They were surprised that it was actually an unarmed old man. 

 Lingfeng was stunned as she quickly thought, “Where did all my secret projectiles gone to?”

 Yi Ping had stepped forward as he shouted, “Who are you…”

 The old man ignored Yi Ping; he did not look pleased at all as he pointed his finger at Lingfeng, “What ruthless and deadly secret projectile techniques. How did you guess my location?”

 Lingfeng laughed softly, “The birds told me!”

 The old man snarled, “Rubbish. Birds can’t talk…”

 Ding Yun said quietly, “Even though the birds can’t talk but the birds can see you. When the birds fly above you, they take a detour. Even though you have tried to conceal your malevolent air but animals are hyper sensitive.” 

 The old man hummed coldly, “It seems that at my old age, I have learnt something new today.”

 All of a sudden, the old man was enveloped by a powerful killing malevolent intent! His killing malevolent intent was even more deadly and purer than Yuan Shao! 

 Yi Ping was momentarily startled but he repeated, “Who are you? Why are you acting so secrecy and what do you mean by what you have said earlier?”

 The old man pointed at Mei’Er, “Since you have already drawn out your sword, then let’s have some fun today.”

 Mei’Er hummed coldly, “So it is just a lecherous old man!”

 She had flown to the old man, displaying the Flying Swallow Slash but the old man raised his hand and knocked her forcefully aside! 

 Yu’Er grasped, “Mei’Er!”

 But before the old man could seize Mei’Er, he was attacked by a flurrying of powerful hazily attacks by Xiao Youxue!

 He quietly blocked all her explosive attacks with his left hand and counter-attacked with his right hand aimed at her.

 As Youxue took the blow from his right hand, there was a thunderous impact as she was sent flying backward! 

 She was really startled. This old man had actually parried all her Penetrating Hands when she had quietly appeared and had retaliated against her almost instantaneously!

 She warned the others even as she quickly regained her balance, “Be careful! This old man is dangerous! He is a super exponent!”

 The old man was also secretly startled at the martial power of this young maiden. Even though this maiden looked weak but when she had suddenly attacked him, every single blow that came from her had so much martial power that it could shatter rocks! He was nearly caught unaware and had quickly retaliated with his remaining martial power on her. 

 He was astonished that this young maiden could take his blow without suffering any slight ill-effect. 

 Even as he had pushed Youxue away, he was surprised by a flying sword that was thrown by Ding Yun! 

 Ding Yun had timed her flying sword at precisely the exact moment when his martial power was retracting so that he could not evade it! 

 The speed of her flying sword was so startling, imbued by Ding Yun’s newly acquired Invincible Divine Force that it was even more deadly than in the past! 

 But the unbelievable thing happened! 

 The old man had raised left hand as the surrounding air crackled with the heavy pressure of his martial power. Before Ding Yun’s flying sword could even strike him, there was a thunderous explosion in mid-air as the flying sword was deflected to another direction! 

 The old man said, “This is the Flying Sword Technique of the Virtuous Palace?”

 Lingfeng grasped, “Be extra careful! This is the Big Dipper Hands!”

 Ding Yun and Youxue were startled. They had heard of this mystifying skill but had never seen it before…

 The old man was startled that Lingfeng could actually recognize his secret martial skill. 

 Just as the old man had deflected Ding Yun’s flying sword, Yi Ping had displayed the Divine Horizon Hands fiercely on him! 

 Once again, the old man was startled as Yi Ping attacks were not only insanely fast but it was also filled with extraordinary pure martial power! 

 “This is the Divine Horizon Hands?”

 After exchanging three dozen extremely fast blows with Yi Ping in less than a blink of an eye, the old man was forced to take a few steps backward when he was confronted by Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng, Youxue and Ding Yun at the same time! 

 The old man was beginning to be astonished at their superb martial display. Even though he was the more powerful exponent but these young men and women were not giving him any opportunity to take any breather. Moreover, they were also able to cover one another in perfect harmony!

 All of a sudden, he had observed something peculiar about their movements. Judging from their steps and similar circulating movement, it was obviously that they were all trained in the same type of attack formation! 

 At first, he just wanted to make a fool of these juniors but now he got more than he had bargained for. 

 Yi Ping had leapt into mid-air as he displayed the Aspire Horizon Hands, shouting angrily, “You have dared to hurt Mei’Er.”

 The old man knew immediately that the incoming attack was an almighty attack that could shatter rocks and grinding it into dust. He immediately raised both of his hands forward as the flurrying forceful windforce of his Big Dipper Hands exploded around him, sending Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Lingfeng scurrying backward! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had raised their fingers as they displayed the Divine Emerald Skill to absorb the resultant force but they were unable to press forward their attacks…

 Ding Yun raised her left hand forward with the Invincible Divine Force, neutralizing the old man’s pressuring windforce as she imbued her foldable sword with the remaining Invincible Divine Force, joining Yi Ping in the attack. 

 Xiao Youxue had raised her hand in a cutting arc, neutralizing the bulk of the Big Dipper Hand’s martial force before she too, attacked at the same time with Yi Ping and Ding Yun! 

 There was a thunderous impact as the air around him exploded almighty, sending Yi Ping, Youxue, Ding Yun and the old man flying backward. 

 Except for Youxue, Yi Ping, Ding Yun and the old man were coughing out blood for the resultant backlash of their martial force was enough to cause serious internal injuries! 

 Like the rest, Youxue was also grasping breathlessly and was desperately trying to circulate and stabilize the flow of her vital energies. She was not as seriously injured as Yi Ping and Ding Yun for she was protected by the Golden Invincible Body and the Icy Heavenly Tears. Moreover Yi Ping and Ding Yun had shared the blunt of the powerful martial force of the Big Dipper Hands, lessening the impact that she had received. 

 She had barely looked up only to see a startling sight! 

 The old man was being surrounded by a small inertia force around him. Even though this inertia force was similar to the inertia force of the Invincible Divine Force, Divine Emerald Skill and the Divine Virtuous Force, it was totally different type of inertia force! 

 The old man had gathered all the martial power around him, wasting none of his vital force and re-absorbing it again.

 Xiao Youxue grasped and thought as she saw the slightly visible inertia barrier of the old man, “Isn’t that the highest level of vital energy force? Force that can regenerate force. Force that is dissipated and recovered at the same time! She had thought that it was only a theory and did not think that she would actually witness this today!

 The old man was coughing and cursing, “Damn it. You have forced me to display one secret technique after another. If I do not vent my anger fully today, I am not going to leave.”

 Indeed, he had just displayed the Divine Rejuvenation Force, a secret divine martial skill that could regain his martial power as soon as he had expended it. 

 Everyone was staring blankly and in disbelief at the fierce martial force that was hovering swiftly around the old man. 

 Not only was the old man surrounded by a powerful martial force that could constantly replenish his strength, they had just witnessed the unbelievable power of his Big Dipper hands. Even if they could bypass the martial force of his Big Dipper Hands, the resulting martial force that could actually reach the old man would be reduced drastically and not enough to neutralize the inertia force around him. And it had taken the combined force of Yi Ping, Youxue and Ding Yun to injure him…

 Moreover, they had already discovered a startling thing about that inertia force; if they fail to injure the old man, then their martial force would be drained to empower the old man’s martial power. That was why no one dared to make a false move. Furthermore, the ensuring fight was extremely draining to their martial power as Yi Ping, Youxue, Ding Yun and the rest struggled to quickly stabilize their vital energy flow for the next attack or they would risk internal injuries! 

 The old man was jeering them as he stroked his long beard, “Young people. All of you together and you can’t even handle an old man like me? What a joke! Are you ready for another round? Before I send all of you to your maker, let me tell you that this is the Divine Rejuvenation Force.”

 He pointed at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, asking them. “Your martial skills are from the Eternal Ice Palace?”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er refused to answer.

 The old man said coldly, “I’m not going to berate your clan. At your age, your martial skills are already quite impressive. But what’s a pity.”

 Mei’Er could not resist asking, “But a pity what?”

 The old man replied, “But what a pity with five equal attractive rare beauties, I don’t know who I should I pick first tonight.”

 Everyone was moved to teething rage! 

 Yi Ping clenched his fists in furious rage and helplessness. This old man was the most formidable opponent that he had met until now. All of a sudden, he remembered what his father had said to him, “The Asper Divinity Horizon Hand requires eighty years of solid internal strength to use…if you manage to learn this forbidden skill, in three years’ time…you will surely die!”

 Yi Ping asked himself, “Do I have eighty years of internal strength now?”

 Until now, Yi Ping had never fight against a martial skill with a martial power that exceeded the Asper Horizon Hands till he witnessed the Big Dipper Hands today. If he had to fight on equal footing with the Big Dipper Hand then he had to raise his martial power to that level first…

 Ding Yun interrupted his thoughts, “Yi Ping…everyone….stay calm. Even though the Divine Rejuvenation Force is all-powerful, it does have a weakness.”

 Everyone was startled as they regained some of their lost fighting spirit. 

 The old man was startled, “Rubbish. My Divine Rejuvenation Force has no weakness whatever so…”

 Ding Yun said calmly, “If I am not wrong, maintaining the Divine Rejuvenation Force requires considerable mental effort. It has to be a purely defensive skill. That is why he is not moving forward to attack us or else he risks dissipating the Divine Rejuvenation Force. Or else why didn’t he use it much earlier?”

 The old man was secretly alarmed as he thought, “She can tell?”

 Yi Ping said excitedly, “Yun, you are so brilliant!”

 The old man said coldly, “What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for me to get you first?”

 Yi Ping had suddenly brandished the White Phoenix and the Divine Echo as he said quietly to everyone, “The Celestial Star Formation. This is our only chance now.”

 When he had brandished the white beaming blade of the Divine Echo, a resounding echo could be heard ringing from the sword and in the surrounding vicinity! 

 The old man was startled, “This sword…”

 Yi Ping did not want to brandish any weapons against an unarmed foe but this old man was simply too insolent and despicable. Moreover he had expended much of his martial power and could only depend on his swords now. 

 Yi Ping said aloud, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, attack with me. Lingfeng, Youxue and Yun attack together. Brother Gongsun, Brother Nangong and Brother Qiu attack together…”

 All of a sudden, Lingfeng, Youxue, Yun, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le were attacking the old man one after another!

 Barely had the old man raised his hands at his attackers, they had retreated and replaced by another! He knew instantly that they were trapping him inside a deadly attacking formation! 

 Yi Ping had charged at the old man, displaying dozens of furious strokes with his double swords! 

 The old man was startled at Yi Ping astonishing attacking speed. He had barely raised his Big Dipper Hands to deflect Yi Ping’s sword strokes, he was back again with another double strike, again and again! 

 The old man immediately mustered all his martial power to deal Yi Ping’s a crushing blow with the Big Dipper Hand when he was intercepted by Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had stepped in front of Yi Ping as they displayed the Divine Emerald Force at the same time! 

 Yi Ping seized the opportunity to retaliate against the old man at the same time! 

 The most astonishing thing had suddenly happened! 

 Yi Ping had penetrated through the Divine Rejuvenation Force and had slashed the old man twice, on his arm and shoulder, drawing blood! 

 What startled the old man was not Yi Ping’s astonishing speed but the Divine Echo itself. The Divine Echo seemed to have the ability to seemingly cleave through effortlessly through the inertia force that he had created with the Big Dipper Hands and the Divine Rejuvenation Force! 

 The old man thought alarmingly, “This sword…is made with the metal of the Heavenly Relic? Impossible…other than the Heavenly Relic, there are no swords in the entire world that can dissipate martial force and harken as resounding…”

 By the time he had exchanged more than thirty blows with Yi Ping and expecting his martial force to be completely drained by him; his Big Dipper Hands’ martial force and his Divine Rejuvenate Force began to falter as the Divine Echo was dissipating his martial force with every strike! 

 The old man vision began to blur and he could no longer tell the twin sister from each other as they keep swopping places with each other! 

 He had barely stopped one flying scabbard by Ding Yun with his martial power when she threw another flying scabbard at him with startling speed!

 He was now seeing red as the opponents were constantly picking up the flying scabbards and passing to Ding Yun again! 

 Nangong Le threw his sword scabbard to Ding Yun, “Here!”

 Gongsun Jing also threw to Ding Yun his scabbard at the same time, “Here! He can’t move from where he is standing. Use my scabbard to exhaust his martial power!”

 At the same time, Lingfeng had just threw her Meteor Rain Needles, stopping short of displaying the ‘Consecrated Meteor Shower’ technique as she did not want this old man to identify her clan of origin; this old man seemed to be a highly experienced exponent that could identify the various martial skills.

 When she had attacked the old man, she displayed a varying of martial skills to confuse him.

 When the old man tried to retaliate against her, Lingfeng had suddenly displayed the powerful echoing might of the Aspire Horizon Hand, startling the old man. Even though she was forced back with her vital energies in erratic, the old man was genuinely surprised as he thought. “This young maiden, she isn’t as weak as I thought she is!”

 Yi Ping lifted his spirit with the Absolute Spirits and revitalized his intricate energy with the Divine Revelation again and again as he struggled with his faltering strength to attack the old man, never ceasing his attacks! 

 Perhaps Yi Ping was trying very hard and was unwilling to allow his martial force to be drained by the Divine Rejuvenation Force or perhaps under the powerful influence of the Divine Rejuvenation Force as he bore the blunt of the old man’s main attacks, his Divine Revelation attained a new staging, the Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin!

 The Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin was one of the highest states of divinity in martial attainment. At this attainment, as soon as vital energies were used up to maintain martial power, unused martial power could also be revitalized back to vital energies. This attainment was also the nemesis of the Divine Rejuvenation Force, preventing the practitioner’s martial force from being drained by external force as well! 

 The old man was now sweating heavily as he suddenly found his martial power draining at a rapid rate with every renewed attack. 

 He was already aware by now that he was fighting with three extremely determined strong exponents; the young man with the twin swords, the maiden that could use the Flying Sword Techniques of the Virtuous Palace and the yellow dressed maiden that could move around so quietly that he had to be extremely focus to be wary of her next appearances. 

 This yellow dressed maiden also seemed to have an inexhaustible martial force as she attacked him again and again with her full martial power. He was also aware that this maiden was protected by a similar inertia force and she also seemed to be trained in a type of internal strength that reduced the effectiveness of his Divine Rejuvenate Force. 

 Yu’Er said to her sister, “Mei’Er, do you still remember the intricacy heart formula of the Dual Inertia?”

 Mei’Er was in a daze as she said weakly, “Sister…you still have the time to think of other matters. I have almost reached my limits!”

 Yu’Er reminded her, “The vital energy exchanges but not the body, the divinity exchanges but not the physical, the essence of the heavens and earth as my vitality, the divine state of heavens and earth as my divine state, the changes of heavens and earth as my changes. He tries to steal our martial force, why don’t we try to steal from him too? Let’s see who is faster and there are two of us here.”

 Mei’Er laughed softly, “Sister…that’s a good idea. Let’s do that!”

 The old man freaked out when he had heard that and he had decided to do the most dishonorable thing that he had never done before. He ran away like a lightning bolt! 

 After making sure that the old man was really gone, the nine of them collapsed next to one another on the grass patch, groaning in agony and from sheer exhaustion.

 Lingfeng wheezed, “Unbelievable…we really…have won?”

 Nangong Le muttered, “This old freak is simply too formidable…no matter how many ingenious strokes that we have used on him, he still lives…”

 Mei’Er was muttering unintelligently, “He…is like a cockroach, unkillable!”

 Youxue asked Yu’Er, “You can really drain his martial power?”

 Yu’Er laughed softly, “Soon…almost…not yet there…”

 Youxue smiled faintly, “You…almost have me fooled…”

 Yi Ping asked Yu’Er, “That isn’t real? Then why did he run?”

 Yu’Er smiled tenderly at Yi Ping as she explained, “His resolute was already weakening. I can sense it. I just helping to give him an extra ‘push’ in that direction.”

 Yi Ping was grateful to her as he looked at her affectionately, “Yu’Er, lucky for your quick thinking. I don’t know if I can last a second longer…”

 He paused for a while before saying, “It is also lucky that we have been practicing the Celestial Star Formation. I say, we ought to practice more…”

 He was startled that everyone had suddenly become motionless and had fallen completely quiet.
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Chapter 49: Guardians of the Holy Chapter

Yi Ping was looking at the stunning view of the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. After an arduous journey, they had all finally reached their destination, encountering only a few minor difficulties along the way.

They had avoided taking the main road and were guided by Lingfeng through the many mountains and valleys. 

Lingfeng had explained, “Even though we are near the clan territories of the Holy Hex Clan and her allies, the number of unfriendly clans that were gathering at the foot of the Holy Amalgamate were in the hundreds and their protégés in the thousands. It is best that we totally avoid the main road altogether.”

She looked at Yi Ping keenly and asked, “What’s wrong, Yi Ping? You seem unhappy. Is it because we are not interested in the Celestial Star Formation?”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lingfeng, you are not interested in the Celestial Star Formation?”

Lingfeng quickly said, “Not that. Why do you look so depress lately? That is so unlike the Yi Ping that I have known who is undaunted by any difficulties.”

Yi Ping secretly shared in his worries with her, “Lingfeng, in the past…I lead a simple life and carefree life. I didn’t know the fraternity at large and didn’t even know what life is in the fraternity. After I have fought with that old man, I have suddenly known fear. It’s not that I am really fearful of him but…I don’t want to lose anyone of you. I don’t want to lose you, Lingfeng. I am really afraid now.”

Lingfeng’s alluring eyes were watery, “It’s alright Yi Ping. You have already done your best. You know you don’t have to accompany me back to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains…”

Yi Ping said, “It’s not that, Lingfeng. I…want to protect you. I want to become strong now. I…I also can’t afford to lose Youxue, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. If any of you comes to harm, I will be heartbroken. I know that I shouldn’t say that but I…really don’t even know my heart anymore…”

Lingfeng said softly, “Yi Ping, you don’t have to say anymore…I do understand. Just follow your heart…”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I can’t even trust my heart anymore. A part of me is telling me to leave clandestinely and forget about the burdens of the heart…maybe it is the Emptiness Translucence that is playing a trick on me…”

Lingfeng said quietly, “Hmph, what Emptiness Translucence…If you do that, I will kill myself in front of you…”

Yi Ping was startled.

Unknown to Yi Ping, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun were standing and listening tearfully out of his sight…

Back to the present…

When Gongsun Jing looked at the breathtaking misty mountains and valleys of the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, he said sadly. “The entire mountain slopes are treacherous. This is really a place that is easy to defend and hard to assault.”

He asked Ding Yun, “Maiden Ding, are you alright? You are quiet along the way…”

Ding Yun said demurely, “I have always been quiet. It’s not strange.”

Gongsun Jing gave a soft sigh, “Is that so?”

Qiu Wufeng said, “I have thought that the Heavenly Mountains are grand enough but this is simply too breathtaking.”

Yu’Er disagreed with a soft sigh, “This is not a truly accurate way to say it. For me, I prefer the snow and ice of the Heavenly Mountains.”

Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly, “Yes, yes. You’re right.” But he was secretly thinking. “The Heavenly Mountains is such a cold and desolate place; I’ll never want to go there again…”

Mei’Er added enchanting, “Oh? Why is that what you are saying and what you are thinking seems different?”

Qiu Wufeng protested, “That’s not the truth. I swear!”

He quickly tried to divert attention from himself by saying, “How come Brother Nangong is so quiet today?”

Nangong Le smiled dreamily, “I’m admiring the view…”

Yu’Er flushed as she interrupted with a disdain look in her eyes, “He is lying. He is filled with dirty thoughts!”

Nangong Le forced out a weak smile, “That’s not true, Yu’Er. You are also so beautiful today. Your astonishing beauty is like a rainbow. I am just appreciating the rainbows here…”

Yi Ping was turning his head as he looked at the surroundings, “Brother Nangong, you really have sharp eyes. I don’t see any rainbows…”

Lingfeng almost fainted as she admonished Yi Ping silently, “You are so dense…I give up on you…!”

Nangong Le said to Mei’Er and Yu’Er, “You know. We have so many things in common like music, swordplay, fine appreciation of the arts…”

Mei’Er hummed with an icy tone, “Not again…You can save your efforts, Young Master Nangong.”

Nangong Le smiled secretly to himself, “One of these days, I will melt your heart…”

Youxue walked quietly besides Nangong Le, whispering in an almost inaudible voice in his ears. “I will blind you if you dare to take another look at me. And don’t think I do not know you have been peeking at us all the time in the quiet along the way.”

Nangong Le broke into a cold sweat. 

When Yi Ping saw that Lingfeng had put on an annoyed look, he quickly said to her, “Lingfeng! We have finally reached the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. The scenery here is so beautiful. You have grown up here?”

Lingfeng nodded tenderly at Yi Ping, “Yes, I have grown up here.”

She pointed at the yellow mountains range in the far horizon, “Do you see those yellow mountains in the horizon?”

Yi Ping said, “It is beautiful, isn’t it? Maybe we can stay there in the future…”

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “You…you…don’t want to go there! The mountains there are called the Nirvana Mountains. It is said that the Celestial Palace is somewhere in those mountains. No one returns from that place. But we are able to see the Nirvana Mountains from here.”

Mei’Er asked her, “Sister Lingfeng, why are your heart filled with sorrow? Shouldn’t you be happy that you are now home?”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “I am…”

Yi Ping said, “Lingfeng, don’t you worry. I’ll protect you no matter how difficult it is.”

Lingfeng looked alluringly at Yi Ping…

Yi Ping began to flush. 

He quickly turned around and walked hurriedly, “We have better hurry. We’re almost there…”

All of a sudden, he had frozen in his tracks! 

It was because Yi Ping had caught sight of an appalling sight! 

The mountain slope on the other side of the mountain was covered with the charred bodies of hundreds of fallen exponents. Their weapons and their martial banners were littered everywhere! 

Lingfeng grasped, “The orthodox clans had already made their way to the top?”

Yi Ping said quietly, “So many dead. Is it worth to throw their lives just like that? For what cause?”

Ding Yun calmed Lingfeng, “From the attire and banners of the dead, it seems that they are mostly from the orthodox clans. This could be just a minor skirmish. I see no banners of the major orthodox clans or the Honor Manor.”

Youxue said, “I can now understand why it is so difficult to assault the Holy Hex Sect and why the Honor Manor is mustering almost the entire fraternity.”

Everyone was looking at Youxue. 

Yi Ping asked, “Why?”

Youxue said coolly, “The wind directions are always moving down the slope. It is easy to utilize fire attacks. It does seem that these smaller clans are cannon fodders for the major orthodox clans to exhaust the combustible materials of the Holy Hex Sect before they make their final move.”

She paused for a while before she said, “Even as we speak, there are dozens of fighters approaching us from the mountain top…Lingfeng, you have better explained that we are on your side or we be burnt alive.”

Ding Yun smiled, “Or be crushed by boulders…”

Yujian had readied her fingers while Mei’Er was waving the Divine Emerald Skill as they giggled, “Or arrows…”

Yi Ping immediately shouted, “Heyyyyyy…we are allies and not foes!!! We are the friends of your Holy Maiden!!!”

His martial shout was extraordinary powerful and immediately there were echoes of his shouts coming back from all directions! 

Ding Yun said quietly, “Yi Ping…I don’t think you should do that…”

Lingfeng immediately stepped on his foot, “Heavens, they haven’t even appeared yet…you don’t have to shout like that…you really want the whole world to know…”

Yi Ping said panicky, “Lingfeng, by the time they have seen us…we may have become roasted pigs. It is better that we announce ourselves first…”

Gongsun Jing immediately said, “Brother Yi Ping, brilliant! Well said!”

Qiu Wufeng was equally impressive, “Even I have overlooked it. Brother Yi Ping, you may have saved us from a lot of unnecessary troubles!”

Nangong Le seize the opportunity to flatter Yi Ping, “I am about to praise the wisdom and foresight of Brother Yi Ping but Brother Gongsun, you have snatched my lines first instead.”

Yi Ping laughed uncomfortable as he said, “That’s nothing. Anyone would have thought of that too. I just happened to be the one who had shouted first.”

Nangong Le was laughing, “That’s true. Even if Brother Yi Ping did not shout a moment ago, I’m afraid that the next one to shout would be me, Haha.” 

Qiu Wufeng agreed, “True, true! I would be next too!”

Gongsun Jing smiled, “It is our duty to protect the damsels. Leave this crude shouting to us!”

All of a sudden, more than thirty men in black and with a white blue insignia appeared from all sides of the mountain slope! 

In their hands were crossbows, spears and long swords! 

Leading them was a refined man with a scholarly look. 

As soon as Lingfeng saw him, she said excitedly. “Qian Fan! It is you!”

She turned around and said to her companions, “He is Qian Fan. He’s one of the Six Guardians of the Holy Chapters and is also an elder of the Holy Hex Sect.”

Qian Fan walked to her excitedly, “Lingfeng! At first when our scouts have reported that they have caught sight of you, I still cannot believe my ears! But then, who else but you knows this secret path? Do you know that we have been waiting for weeks here for your return? Finally, you have returned! Your brother is worried sick for your safety.”

He paused for a moment before asking, “These are your friends?”

Lingfeng nodded, “They are all my friends and have come to aid us.”

Qian Fan said, “Nowadays we must be extra caution. Friends will betray friends for their own personal ambitions and gains. Even though they claimed to be your friends but their actions may prove otherwise.”

He turned and looked at Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Yi Ping and Qiu Wufeng before saying, “Who’s the idiot that is shouting so loudly just now? Do you want the scouts of the orthodox clans to know that there are other paths up to the Holy Hex Sect?”

Yi Ping had turned completely red while Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were looking at one another awkwardly and with great embarrassment. 

Yi Ping said, “I…I…”

Lingfeng laughed alluringly, “There are scouts at the top and they can spot us from miles above. That is what Yun is trying to tell you. There is no hole here for you to hide. Why don’t you roll down the mountain slope instead? It is way much faster.” And she gave Yi Ping a surprise push by displaying the Divine Horizon Hands!

“Lingfeng! You are for real! You…really trying to push me down the mountains!”

“Serve you right for trying to be smart!”

“Lingfeng, I don’t remember my father has ever taught you the Divine Horizon Hands. Where are my secret manuals?”

“After I have seen you using it numerous times, I have also picked up some moves. You are joking right? You must have lost it somewhere. Don’t try to tell your father that I have stolen it when you have carelessly lost it!”

“Quickly return my secret manuals to me…! You must have stolen it when you…Kiss…”

“What…? Shameless! You dare to utter such impudence things in broad daylight! I like to see if your father will help me or you…Hmph!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were glancing at one another in subtle embarrassment. It was because before they could praise Yi Ping, the protégés of the Holy Hex Sect had appeared…

Qian Fan was startled. He had never seen Lingfeng this jovial before. She was always careful in maintaining her bearing and adhering to the proper etiquette. As Holy Maiden, her very words were the laws and her very conduct was the symbolic representation of the Holy Hex Sect! 

He was jealous and envy of this young man all of a sudden. He asked Lingfeng, “These friends of yours, their names are?”

Lingfeng said coolly, “Yi Ping, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng…”

Qian Fan hummed coldly, “I know them alright. They are all wanted by the Honor Manor.”

Lingfeng said, “That’s right.”

Qian Fan had suddenly drawn out his long sword, startling everyone!

Lingfeng chided him, “What are you doing? They are my friends, are you trying to disobey me?”

Qian Fan said, “I dare not. But these men are too notorious and it will be dangerous for the Holy Maiden to be too close to them. I will rather we not have them as allies. We don’t need outsiders to meddle in our sect’s affairs.”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “Put away your sword. They are framed by the Honor Manor and are good men.”

Qian Fan said, “There is no smoke without a fire. Lately, I have heard many bad rumors about them. Everywhere that they have gone to, they have kidnapped innocent maidens and even violated them in the most despicable manner. Their notoriety did not end there. They are even in league with this so call ‘Righteous Axioms Clan’ and had even killed Xiao Da, the young master of the Virtuous Palace in a despicable and cold hearted ambush. Before Xiao Da died, it seemed that he was put through to a horrifying and agonizing ordeal. I even heard that there is a Maiden Ding Yun from the Virtuous Palace that has been humiliated by that Yi Ping and forced to be with him…”

Youxue was startled as she thought, “We have only used the ‘Righteous Axioms Clan’ only once and that was in an encounter with a Chi Zhengqi. Don’t tell me he is the one that been spreading those rumors?!”

Lingfeng cursed Chi Zhengqi in her heart, “It must be that guy from the Five Element Clan! I’m going to wipe out your entire clan!”

Ding Yun said with a shaking voice, “Shut up…don’t say anymore…”

Yi Ping shouted angrily, “Shut up!” He quickly caught hold of Ding Yun’s hand and comforted her. “Yun…are you alright? These are just rumors…”

Lingfeng added coldly, “These are all rumors. I repeat. I don’t want to hear a word from anyone about these rumors in the Holy Hex Sect. Do you understand me? Or else I will invoke the clan punishment for direct disobedience of my Holy Laws.” 

Qian Fan sighed, “I obey your wishes, Holy Maiden. But still, Lingfeng you ought to take precautions…”

Lingfeng interrupted with a cold demeanor, “The Holy Maiden.”

Qian Fan was startled. His little protégé sister Lingfeng had never spoken to him in this manner before. And she was the one that gave him permission to use her name…

Qian Fan sighed, “I have two things to report. Four of our Elders from the Holy Chapter…they have perished not long ago in a battle with the orthodox martial clans…Elder Wang, Elder Shen, Elder Youlong , Elder Di…alas…”

Lingfeng turned ashen immediately as she quickly asked, “Who…who has the ability to take their lives?”

Qian Fan looked sorrowful, “They are the ‘Three Sages’ of the orthodox martial clans; Sword Sage of the Aegis Sword Clan, Martial Sage of the Ironclad Clan and the Element Sage of the Five Element Clan.”

Yi Ping, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er…were startled to hear the name of the Five Element Clan being mentioned! Chi Zhengqi was from that martial clan too…

Lingfeng tried hard to hold back her tears as she said softly, putting on a brave front. “Is that so? The Three Sages are all super martial exponents and have lived in solitary for decades. It is not dishonorable to be killed by them.”

Only one of the Sages was from the Seven Major Orthodox Sword Clans. The Three Sages had all disappeared from the martial fraternity for the past three to five decades; their legacies became the myth of the martial fraternity and were retold many times till today! 

The Ironclad Clan did not attend the congregation held by Gongsun Bai. If it were other clans that dare to reject the invitation of the Honor Clan, then that clan will risk extermination but not the Ironclad Clan. The Ironclad Clan was too influential and the legacy of the Martial Sage was still exerting an invisible hand in the affairs of the martial fraternity! 

Yi Ping had been with Lingfeng for a long time. From her subtle expression, he knew that she was dispirited and was grief-stricken. 

Qian Fan said quietly, “Holy Maiden, where is the Celestial Envoy that is with you?”

Lingfeng said quietly, “She won’t be coming anymore. She has something important to settle.”

Qian Fan said, “What’s a pity. There is another Celestial Envoy that has just arrived today. He says he is her friend and says that he’s a Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace. If we have two Celestials from the Celestial Palace to aid us, then we have nothing to fear from the Three Sages…”

Lingfeng was startled, “What did you say? Quick! Let’s hurry back to the Holy Chapter Hall immediately! The Holy Hex Sect is in grave peril!”
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Chapter 50: The Celestial Liege

 When Yi Ping had seen the anxious expression on Lingfeng, he had totally forgotten about asking her for his secret manuals. It was quite important to him because his martial skills had since progress remarkably. He wanted to attempt some of the harder heart intricacy formulas of the Aspire Invocations that were contained in the Aspire Invocations’ secret manual. 

 It was because without knowing the advance heart intricacy of the Aspire Invocations, he could not even attempt the Asper Divinity Hand. The secret stance of the Asper Divinity Technique was in the Divine Horizon Hands’ secret manual. 

 And both secret writings were now missing…

 Together with Lingfeng and Qian Fan, they had stormed into the Holy Chapter Hall of the Holy Hex Sect. 

 As they made their way noisily into the Holy Chapter Hall, many of the protégés of the Holy Hex Sect were startled as they exclaimed excitedly, “The Holy Maiden is back!”

 Lingfeng walked hastily as she asked, “Where is my brother and where is the Celestial Envoy?”

 “They are in the inner Holy Chapter Hall. The Holy Sectarian Master says he is not to be disturbed…”

 Lingfeng ignored the warnings as she stormed hastily through the many halls of the Holy Chapter Hall. No one dared to stop her. 

 “Who are these strangers?”

 Yi Ping was astonished at the white gold marble walls of the Holy Chapter Hall. He had not expected the Holy Hex Sect to be so magnificent and much grander than the Honor Manor! 

 He was not the only that were stunned. Youxue, Ding Yun, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Qiu Wufeng were all wordless! 

 Yi Ping asked after Lingfeng, “Lingfeng, these walls are made of gold?”

 Lingfeng gave him an annoyed look as she quickly said, “It is only limestone. Only the walls of the Inner Holy Chapter Hall are layered with real gold and the walls inside are craved out of rare white alabaster jadestone.”

 When Nangong Le heard what Lingfeng had said, he had almost tripped! It was because alabaster jadestones were an extremely rare and costly material. It was worth more than gold itself!

 All except Yi Ping was startled. 

 Yi Ping was not startled because he did not know how rare the ‘Rare Alabaster Jadestone’ was!

 He continued to ask Lingfeng, “Lingfeng, you actually stay here?”

 Lingfeng heaved a sigh, “You…you really got nothing better to say, aren’t it? Do you know that outsiders are forbidden to enter the Inner Holy Chapter Hall? I am already making an exception for you.”

 Yi Ping continued to mutter as he was clearly overwhelmed by the beautiful architect of the Holy Chapter Hall, “This is just like a palace and is so big. Are we reaching yet?”

 He had noticed that they had passed at least five halls. Each of the halls was so broad and was as long as half a mile! 

 Lingfeng picked up her pace and displayed her swiftness movements, “We have reached. It is just round the corner of this hallway.”

 Nangong Le was so in awe of the place that he made a quick mental note to win Lingfeng’s heart if the Holy Hex Sect survived this crisis. After all, there was a high probability that Yi Ping would die in the ensuring battle. 

 He thought, “After all…If my sworn brother dies in battle it is the duty of the sworn brother to take care of his wives. It is really noble of me to make such a grand sacrifice…”

 As soon as they had barged into the Inner Holy Chapter Hall, they saw three men. 

 One was dressed in black attire. He was handsome and had keen eyes. When Lingfeng caught sight of him, she immediately called out. “Brother!”

 The man in black attire was indeed Ji Wuzheng and he was extremely displeased to see so many strangers had barged into the inner sanctuary of the Holy Chapter Hall. 

 Ji Wuzheng immediately reproached Lingfeng, “Outrageous! You are getting more and more outrageous. Do you know that I have given strict instructions to be alone with my sworn brother and the Celestial Envoy?”

 The second man who was wearing a fur cloak was obviously the Envoy Celestial. It was because even though he had a young face but his hair was white and his eyes were crimson in color!

 The third man was slightly plump and had a red beard. Huo Fu the Flaming Fist was the Sect Leader of the Fire Tablet Sect and he was also the sworn brother of Ji Wuzheng. He had led hundreds of his protégés to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains to reinforce Ji Wuzheng.

 When Yi Ping saw him, he had immediately displayed his Divine Horizon Hands as he cried out. “This time, you are not getting away!”

 Huo Fu was startled that someone had actually dared to raise his fists at him right in the presence of the Holy Sectarian Master of the Holy Hex Sect and the Celestial Envoy. 

 Just as he had displayed three counter-attacking strokes, he was overpowered by the Divine Horizon Hand and was struck two times on his chest! 

 But before Yi Ping could attack again, he was forcibly knocked back by Ji Wuzheng who had just displayed the Dissolution Stance of the Holy Amalgamate Skill! 

 Yi Ping was startled as he took several steps back in alarm. It was as though his martial power had been dissolved in that instant! 

 He quickly thought, “What kind of a skill is that?”

 Huo Fu shouted angrily, “This rascal. He suddenly attacks me out of the blue. If I don’t teach him a lesson, I am not the Flaming Fist!”

 Lingfeng cursed softly, “Yi Ping! My goodness! The Celestial Envoy is over there. Are you blind?”

 Even Mei’Er gave a startling cry, “Master, that’s the wrong person. He’s the one with white hair and red eyes!”

 Yi Ping quickly said, “There no mistaking! He is Huo Fu! I know him!”

 Lingfeng was startled, “You know him? When did you know him? How come you have never told me?”

 Yi Ping was startled as he smiled bitterly, “I need to tell you?”

 Lingfeng walked silently to him as she secretly pinched him, “What do you think?”

 Yi Ping was startled, “You…”

 Huo Fu suddenly gave a yell, “I remember you now! You are that young man that tries to seduce that beautiful young maiden in the cave! I haven’t look for both of you yet for daring to injure me and you have come knocking on my doors!? Very well, today is just the day for venting my anger…”

 The maidens were all grasping one after another, “What beautiful maiden? In a cave together!? Yi Ping, explain yourself!”

 Yi Ping quickly stepped forward, “Who is afraid of whom!”

 Ji Wuzheng said angrily as he caught hold of Huo Fu, “Hold it brother!”

 He stared angrily at Lingfeng and her companions, “What is going on? Lingfeng, take your guests away and stop disgracing yourself in front of the Celestial Envoy.”

 The Celestial Envoy was looking lustfully at Lingfeng, Youxue, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er as he said, “I don’t mind. Your sister is so young and beautiful. This is the unexpected. She is indeed a rare heavenly beauty. I have never seen anyone like her before. She is the Holy Maiden?”

 He laughed before introducing himself, “I am the Celestial Liege, the Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace.”

 Lingfeng said coldly, “Brother, did he ask for the Heavenly Relic or something?”

 Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “I have already promised to give him the Heavenly Relic and in return, the Celestial Palace will help us to take care of our enemies.”

 Lingfeng said coldly, “I am afraid that after taking the Heavenly Relic, he will simply disappear and leave us in the lurch.”

 Ji Wuzheng was startled as he took a glance at the Celestial Liege.

 The Celestial Liege lifted his foot and stomp on the ground. Immediately, there was a thunderous impact and the stone slabs beneath his foot cracked into the ground! His internal strength and martial power display was startling!

 He said icily, “When the Celestial Palace has heard that the Holy Hex Sect is in trouble, I am sent to specifically aid you. You have no idea how much grace that the Celestial Palace has bestowed upon you.”

 Ji Wuzheng immediately tried to pacify the Celestial Liege, “Yes, yes.”

 The Celestial Liege continued, “Don’t forget that the Heavenly Relic is originally from the Celestial Palace. We have placed it in the Holy Hex Sect until the day the Seven Stars are aligned. It is just taking back what is rightfully belongs to the Celestial Palace.”

 Lingfeng hummed coldly, “Hmph…the Joyful Goddess has already told us everything. You are just trying to obtain the Heavenly Relic for your own gain. You are just a half-celestial and depend on the life blood of top martial exponents to sustain yourself. You seem reluctant to mention the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor has no use for our Heavenly Relic because it had not undergone the cleansing of the Divine Calamity yet. Only a half-celestial like you will need it to become a full celestial on your next Divine Calamity.”

 The Celestial Liege was slightly startled, “The Joyful Goddess has told you so much? Where is she? You have killed her?”

 Lingfeng said coldly, “We also know that in the Celestial Palace, there is a Jade Emperor and four Prime Celestials.”

 All of a sudden, there was a fearsome malevolent air from the Celestial Liege that caused even Ji Wuzheng and Huo Fu to take several steps back. 

 The Celestial Liege smirked, “It seems that the Joyful Goddess is several decades behind time.”

 Yi Ping interrupted coldly, “What do you mean?”

 The Celestial Liege said unhurriedly, “But it is no wonder. She has always been more innocent and purer in heart than us. While we try to prolong our activities by drinking the blood and eating the hearts of top martial exponents, only she chooses to be sleep in suspended animation. She is always in her own world and may not know that that the other two Prime Celestials had long turned to dust a few decades ago.”

 Ji Wuzheng grasped aloud, “You eat human hearts?!”

 The Celestial Liege roared with laughter, “Yes, of course.”

 He looked at Ji Wuzheng as he smiled, “After you have given me the Heavenly Relic, I have planned to feast on your heart. Your heart is just ripe for my taste and can aid my martial progression. It is just the right feast for my forthcoming Divine Calamity.”

 Ji Wuzheng said coldly, “But you seem to forget that we are many and you are just one.”

 The Celestial Liege laughed, “If you think I am in the league of the Joyful Goddess then you must be clearly mistaken. I have never stopped practicing my fighting skills. I can kill all of you with my bare hands and as easy as killing a fly. After that, I will just turn the entire Holy Chapter Hall upside down for the Heavenly Relic. Or maybe, I may just decide to make myself the new Holy Sectarian Master. A little troublesome, yes but the Heavenly Relic will eventually be mine. So why don’t you surrender it peacefully. Maybe if I am happy, I may just decide to be merciful.”

 He looked lustfully at the maidens who were all secretly shivering in fear as he stared at them one by one as he added, “I’m always generous towards those that can please me well.”

 Yi Ping had stepped forward as he exclaimed angrily, “Let me ask you. Did you kill my grand protégé master?”

 The Celestial Liege appraised him before saying, “When you have attacked Huo Fu, you have used the fifth stroke and the ninth stroke of the Divine Horizon Hands, the Flurrying Horizon and the Returning Cloud.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “You know the Divine Horizon Hands!?”

 The Celestial Liege smiled coldly, “I know your grand protégé master. When we have found him, he was preparing for the Divine Calamity. The hearts of such exponents are the best nourishment for us. Unfortunately, exponents of that caliber are really hard to find in the fraternity. Lately all the top exponents have seemingly disappeared or are killed before we can hunt them down. Your grand protégé master is a once in a hundred years meal.”

 Yi Ping was trembling…

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were so frightful of the Celestial Liege that they were moving back unwittingly. It was because they had practiced the Dual Inertia Intricacy and therefore was hyper sensitive to his killing malevolent intent. 

 The Celestial Liege laughed coldly, “I have eaten countless number of top exponents and I can’t remember most of their names or their faces. But your grand protégé master is an exceptional. It is because my brother the Conqueror Sword who is a Prime Celestial was killed by him.”

 He laughed depravedly, “In the end…in the end, my brother’s heart is also eaten by me…”

 Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were nausea from the suffocating despairing aura of the Celestial Liege and after hearing what he had just said; they fell down on their knees and were vomiting.

 Lingfeng fell back weakly to the wall and leaned against it…

 Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Huo Fu were trembling with a despairing fear that even their limbs could not obey them. They had already seen the outcome and their deaths! 

 Even though the Celestial Liege was casually talking and waving his hands as he talked, his killing intent had already materialized with his little gestures. Just one stroke, he would kill them! 

 They could not evaded even one stroke, no matter how hard they tried to!

 Before the fight starts, it had already ended for most of them! The differences in their state of divinity was simply too vast! 

 The Celestial Liege looked at Yi Ping, Ji Wuzheng and Youxue before he laughed, “Very good! Only the three of you are qualified to be my opponent.”

 Yi Ping, Youxue and Ji Wuzheng could see that the Celestial Liege was now being surrounded by deadly martial energy. 

 Yi Ping and Youxue had immediately recognized that that this martial energy was the same as Lele when she had fought with Lie Qing; the Celestial Force. Everything around the Celestial Liege would slow down and mere martial strength could not be used against him or risk fatal internal injuries. 

 In order to fight him, they would have to depend purely on their martial power or the intricate energies of their internal strength.

 Any hit by this martial energy was fatal, even if it was blocked.

 If not for the timely intervention of Yi Ping, Lele and Lie Qing would have almost killed each other!

 But against the Celestial Liege, it was completely one side. His Celestial Force was many times more profound than Lele. He had dared to use the Celestial Force in such an open manner because he was confident. 

 He seemed to be telling them silently, “This fight is destined to be over as soon as it begins. None of you have the martial skill to even withstand my overwhelming martial energy.”

 Youxue could barely stand straight. She had forcibly suppressed all her ill-feeling with the Absolute Spirits as she raised her trembling hands. Her most powerful attacking techniques were all frontal techniques. Against a super exponent such as the Celestial Liege, her opportunities were few. 

 Ji Wuzheng immediately displayed the Dissolution Stance of the Holy Amalgamate Skill even as he muttered, “His internal strength is too unfathomable. We’re like eggs smashing against a rock…”

 Yi Ping had raised his entire martial power…

 All of a sudden, Ding Yun raised her entire martial power too and there were three winks of explosive air burst around her. 

 The Celestial Liege was genuinely startled, “The Invincible Divine Force…”

 All of a sudden, Ding Yun had drawn her long sword so silently and with startling speed; imbuing her entire martial power into her sword and sent it spinning it towards the Celestial Liege! 

 The Celestial Liege raised his fingers with lightning speed reflexes and knocked the flying sword aside as it shattered into many pieces!

 Everyone grasped! Ding Yun’s precious sword that could withstand her martial power could actually shatter to bits by the sheer martial energy of the Celestial Liege! 

 The Celestial Liege muttered, “This Invincible Divine Force is too weak. You almost have me fooled. But then, at your age, it is already an accomplishment.”

 Ding Yun fell down weakly, having exhausted all her martial power for the flying sword technique, “Do…do…you know that with your present martial progression, you don’t even need to parry my flying sword? But because you are too strong, you have acted purely out of instinct.”

 The Celestial Liege asked her with a curious look, “What is it that you want to say?”

 Ding Yun said weakly, “Yi Ping, did you see that? Don’t underestimate your opponent. He can still retain his movements while displaying his martial energy. He will be at least twice as fast as any of you!”

 Ding Yun had already observed the differences in their martial strength and she was trying to warn them!

 Ji Wuzheng broke into a cold sweat, he was about to engage the Celestial Liege and he could now imagine himself lying on the ground!

 He took a notable glance at the beautiful demure maiden as he thought, “This maiden….”

 Yi Ping said quietly, “Thank you…”

 But before anyone could halt Yi Ping, he had charged into Celestial Liege, displaying the shrieking exploding might of the Aspire Horizon Hand as he shouted, “I don’t care how strong you are!”

 Lingfeng immediately covered her eyes!

 There was a thunderous impact as the Celestial Liege caught Yi Ping’s thunderous blow, sending burst of flurry heated windforce in all directions and everyone was forced to scurry backward!

 As soon as Yi Ping landed his palms on the Celestial Liege, he could feel his intricate energies bursting to its limit and he coughed out blood; such was the irresistible martial energy of the Celestial Liege that the moment that he had exchanged impact with him, his intricate energies begun to reverse upon himself. 

 Before Yi Ping could react, the Celestial Liege had disengaged and raised his hands with lightning speed and was about to strike him when Xiao Youxue intercepted that blow with her golden beaming hand!

 But even then, the Celestial Liege could still react in that single instant as he raised both his hands and sent Yi Ping and Youxue flying backward with two thunderous explosive blows! 

 The only thing that prevented Youxue and Yi Ping from sustaining even more severe internal injuries was the timely interference of Ji Wuzheng as he suddenly attacked the Celestial Liege with his long sword. This forced the Celestial Liege to divert some of this martial power to counterattack against Ji Wuzheng as he shattered his sword and sending Ji Wuzheng flunking hard against the wall!

 Qian Fan shouted panicky as Ji Wuzheng’s mouth was foaming with blood, “Holy Sectarian Master!”

 He had suffered severe internal injuries and he was coughing blood profusely! 

 Lingfeng quickly went to her brother side as she cried out, “Brother….!”

 Ji Wuzheng smiled bitterly as he panted deeply, “In the end…in the end…with my martial progression, I cannot even take one blow from him…is he not human?”

 He had used the ‘Great Dissolution Skill’ from the Holy Amalgamate Skill to neutralize the electrifying martial energy of the Celestial Liege but it was still not enough!

 The Celestial Liege hummed coldly to Ji Wuzheng, “Lesser mortals would have died instantly. Count yourself lucky.”

 Immediately after the Celestial Liege had knocked back Ji Wuzheng, he saw that Yi Ping and the enticing maiden in yellow were on their feet, helped by their companions!

 Yi Ping and Youxue were both coughing blood as they tried to stand weakly! Their internal injuries were not light too when compared to Ji Wuzheng!

 Yi Ping grasped for breath as he said defiantly, “I am not down yet!”

 Yu’Er was saying inconsolable to him, “Master…don’t fight anymore…it is hopeless…we are all not his match…”

 Mei’Er was already crying and muttering, “He is only insolent because he hasn’t met real opponents yet. If our Protégé Mistress is here and if Sister Qing’Er is here, you’ll bet that he can’t laugh as it is now…”

 Everyone’s hearts sunk when they had heard Mei’Er. It was because she was right! 

 They had seen how fast Youxue had recovered after exchanging blows with the Celestial Liege; Lie Qing mastery in her Invincible Divine Force and the Golden Invincible Body was even more startling while the internal strength of the Celestial Fairy in the form of the tenth level of her Icy Heavenly Tears was extremely profound. 

 If only they were here…

 But the Celestial Liege ignored him and instead looked at Youxue as he said, “That is the Golden Invincible Body?”

 Youxue nodded silently.

 The Golden Invincible Body was not only a defensive skill. It could also be used to empower attacks after transforming into the Golden Body Halo. 

 The Celestial Liege said coldly, “So there is another protégé descendant of the Invincible Divine Clan here. Very good. I shall take the opportunity to wipe out the Invincible Divine Clan.”

 While he was talking to her, Youxue had regained the delicate balance of her intricate energies with the Icy Heavenly Tear. 

 Her injuries were lighter than Yi Ping; in the meantime Yi Ping was now struggling to stand firm as he tried to renew and stabilize the erratic intricate energies with the Divine Revelation. 

 Yi Ping was feeling hot as an unnatural heat swelled inside him. He tried to suppress it with his Aspire Invocations but the alien heat refused to be pacified. He could only silently mutter, “When I have exchanged blows with him, I can feel a powerful positive energy force entering my body. Don’t tell me I have been afflicted by his Celestial Force?”

 But he kept quiet about his condition even though everyone could see that something was not right with Yi Ping as he seemed to have developed a fever and was also flushing red. 

 Ding Yun quickly diagnosed his condition, “Oh terrible, the Celestial Force has afflicted you…Yi Ping, you mustn’t exert your internal strength anymore or it will be fatal…”

 Mei’Er asked, “Why aren’t Youxue and Ji Wuzheng experiencing the same afflictions?”

 Yu’Er said quietly, “The Celestial Force is a pure positive martial force and the Icy Heavenly Tears is its opposite. So both forces are able to negate one another. As for Holy Sectarian Master Ji Wuzheng, his ‘Great Dissolution Skill’ is able to stop the positive force energy of the Celestial Force from entering his body…”

 Youxue asked the Celestial Liege, “You have a feud with the Invincible Divine Clan?”

 The Celestial Liege knew that she was buying precious time for Yi Ping and Ji Wuzheng to treat their internal injuries. But he was in no hurry as none of his opponents could really fight him on equal par. And moreover, internal injuries once sustain, could not be treated in just a matter of weeks. At most, he was just allowing them to restore their breathing and heart beat to normal. 

 However he seemed willing to share it. Perhaps he was too alone or suddenly decided to be merciful. “That was many centuries ago. The Invincible Divine Clan was the most powerful martial clan in the martial fraternity with numerous protégé and followers. Even though the Celestial Clan was a big clan too but we have completely lost in the rivalry. Our clan base was destroyed and a hundred of us left quietly to the mountains…”

 He smiled to himself, “In a lucky encounter, we met an old man who we call the Jade Emperor later. He is actually our great grand protégé master who has ascended to be a Celestial a long time ago. We begged him to take us in, to impart to us his skills and the secrets of becoming a Celestial…”

 The Jade Emperor had said, “If I help you to ascend to be a Celestial, it will affected my future cultivation and may even incur the wrath of the heavens. Alas, is it divine fate that I will meet my clan protégés in this wilderness? If it is not for the Celestial Clan and Xiaoqie, my little protégé sister who sacrificed her life for me to reawaken the Heavenly Relic, I would never have attained divinity…”

 He gave a stern warning, “But you have to bear the consequences! Many of you will die and there is a heavy price to be paid!”

 The protégés of the Celestial Clan immediately shouted in unison, “We are not afraid! As long as we can avenge our clan folks and the destruction of our clan from the hands of our enemies, we are not afraid!”

 Amidst the shouting, a little girl about seven walked quietly to the Jade Emperor. “Old…man…your heart seemed to be filled with great sadness. What’s wrong? Are you thinking of your protégé sister Xiaoqie?”

 The Jade Emperor was startled that a little girl like her would actually dare to walk to him boldly given the state of his state of divinity which caused everyone to be in awe of him. 

 The Jade Emperor had never met a little girl like her before so he asked, “What’s your name, little girl?”

 The little girl laughed softly as she thought for a moment, “Hmm…My name is Huan Le! And what’s your name?”

 The Jade Emperor was amused.

 The little girl said cheerfully, “Since you are so old… I call you grandpa then…grandpa!”

 The Jade Emperor smiled, “Sure…sure…”

 A young man walked hurriedly to him and begging his pardon, “Grand Protégé Master, please forgive my little sister rudeness.”

 After he had dragged her away, he quietly rebuked her. “You have dared to lie even to our Grand Protégé Master…”

 The little girl jovially protested, “When I see his eyes, I see great sadness. I am just trying to make him happy. And I didn’t lie. Huan Le is going to be my name and I’m going to make grand protégé master happy!”

 The young man scolded his little sister, “Hey, you…little brat…”

 Ten years later, on the next forthcoming Divine Calamity, the Jade Emperor had helped them to ascend to half-celestials. Many did not make it. Among the survivors were Huan Le, his little sister and him…

 The Jade Emperor had imparted to Lele the Holy Pureness, among many other secret skills and techniques, instructing her just like his daughter…

 The Celestial Liege seemed to be smiling as he recalled that moment. But he soon grown solemn as he said, “After we have attained divinity, we took our vengeance against the all-powerful Invincible Divine Clan, drink their blood and ate their hearts. Overnight, we totally annihilated them all. More than three thousands of them, men and women…we spared no one…from that point onward, the Invincible Divine Clan is no more. But today, there are actually two survivors…”

 Yi Ping clenched his fist as he shouted angrily, “I will not let you lay your despicable hands on Yun and Youxue!”

 Yi Ping had already staggered forward even as Youxue pulled him back as she said melancholy, “Yi Ping, stay calm…”

 Yi Ping said quietly, “Lele…the Joyful Goddess, she had a hand in it too?”

 The Celestial Liege was slightly startled that he knew his little sister’s name. He could well imagine that Lele must have been careless and got herself killed when she was dealing with them. She really had too little experience with outsiders and the treacherous martial fraternity. Moreover while his martial progressions were constantly improving, Lele’s martial progression seemed to be stagnant as she preferred to sleep in the secret chamber of the Celestial Palace. 

 He silently vowed to let them pay for their lives in exchange for hers. 

 But he masked it well and replied coldly, “She is a Prime Celestial. So what do you think? The ranks of the Celestial Palace were denoted by the number of super exponents of the Invincible Divine Clan that were killed.”

 Yi Ping was trembling as he said aloud, “That’s enough!”

 All of a sudden, he had drawn out his two beaming white swords and thrust them side by side on the ground in front of him! 

 As he drew out the Divine Echo and forced it into the ground, there was a flash of brilliant white blue light, followed by a low emitting echo.

 This time, the Celestial Liege was genuinely startled as he thought, “This…this sword…is made of the Heavenly Relic!? That is impossible. As far as I know, the Heavenly Relic is indestructible and resistant to all tampering…”

 Even more startling was that the White Emerald Phoenix Sword, the White Phoenix was also reverberating as white green light faded in and out of its edges! 

 The two long swords were vibrating slightly and swaying as the lights of their halo surrounded it. As their halos touched each other, it formed a bigger rainbow halo around it! 

 Ji Wuzheng was stunned as he muttered, “Lingfeng, did you see that? I have heard that only legendary divine swords are able to resonant…this is the first time I have ever seen it…”

 Lingfeng muttered, “These rainbow hues…are so beautiful…”

 A tranquil effect overwhelmed her as she looked at the resonating swords and she was no longer fearful. 

 Huo Fu was stunned, “The reverberating resonant of the divine swords…the reverberating resonant of the divine swords…” 

 Huo Fu was not only an accomplished martial exponent but a master weapon smith as well. Every dream of a weapon smith was to one day forge a weapon that could resonant. Only a weapon that could resonant could be called a divine weapon; that means the weapon had already successfully absorbed the essence of the heavens and the earth, possessing the ability to overwhelm even the sun and the moon.”

 Everyone else was also completely fascinated by this unearthly beautiful sight as they could only look on, not knowing when the two swords would stop resonating and when its glaring halo hues would fade away. 

 Even the Celestial Liege was in a stunned daze as he stared blankly at the two Heavenly Relic Swords. There was not one but two…

 Yi Ping was the most astonished. Barely had he thrust the swords into the ground, the strange phenomena had happened, startling him!

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A Martial Odyssey
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