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 A Martial Odyssey

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Chapter 51: Secrets of the Divine Calamity

 The Celestial Liege laughed aloud, “Good, good. It seems that Heavens isn’t so unkind to me after all and sends two heavenly swords into my hands.”

 Yi Ping had already staggered forward, saying weakly. “Heavenly swords or not, I do not know but today I am not going to let you harm any of my friends. I am going to protect them with my own hands. I believe in the righteousness of the Heavens’ Way. Evil can never triumph over Good. Good can only falter but not broken.”

 He had suddenly displayed the opening stance of the Divine Horizon Hands, the Heavens Horizon. His fighting spirit and determination was absolute! 

 His intentions were all too clear; he intended to fight once more! 

 Lingfeng could not believe her eyes; Yi Ping had just walked past his swords, leaving his swords behind him! She muttered in utter disbelief, “You…pick up your swords, you idiot!”

 Even Youxue and Ji Wuzheng were looking in disbelief.

 Youxue grasped, “Yi Ping, your swords…”

 Ji Wuzheng called out to him, “Young hero, you seem to forget something…”

 Everyone was bewildered. It was because everyone had expected Yi Ping to challenge the Celestial Liege with his swords…

 Qian Fan took this opportunity to sneak out of the Inner Holy Chapter even though he was immensely curious to see the battle outcome but reason eventually won over his curiosity. He had thought, “If we let the Celestial Liege takes away the Heaven Relic, then it will be disastrous for the Virtuous Palace. Moreover this is a most excellent opportunity for us to launch an attack, now that Ji Wuzheng is injured.”

 No one had suspected him to be a spy. He had been planted in the Holy Hex Sect by none other than Xiao Shuai himself when he was little. His real name was Xiao Fan. He knew that this was also the most excellent time to sneak away without notice when everyone attentions were distracted by the wondrous halo of the two swords. 

 He took a curious look at Youxue and Lingfeng before he sneaked quietly away, “So that is…my little sister Youxue. Lingfeng, you will be mine. There are no other maidens that can rival you in this entire fraternity.”

 Unknown to Ji Wuzheng and Lingfeng, when Lingfeng had fallen sick when she was little and was dying, it was him that leaked to Ji Wuzheng that the Virtuous Palace had the Golden Rejuvenation Pill that could save her life. It was also him that forced Xiao Shuai to adhere to his request to give one of his precious Golden Rejuvenate Pill to Ji Wuzheng…

 In the meantime, at the Inner Holy Chapter. 

 Even the curiosity of the Celestial Liege was aroused, “You are not using your swords? You know how vast is the martial difference between the two of us? Maybe if you use your swords, you may still have a little chance of survival.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I have taken down my swords because they are too heavy and hinder my moments. But now you asked me to pick up my swords again? Cast away the meaningless talks and let’s fight…”

 Lingfeng wanted to faint on the spot as she moaned silently, “Yi Ping, you pig-head! Dense, dense, dense! You lack even basic flexibility. I know you want to use your Divine Horizon Hands but now your swords are telling you to use them. And you are so dense not to even aware of it…faint!”

 Youxue and Ji Wuzheng were besides Yi Ping in an instant...

 Yi Ping said to Youxue and Ji Wuzheng with a trembling voice, “Stay back…all of you…this is just between the two of us. This is for my grand protégé master too…also for the thousands of people that are killed…”

 Youxue shook her head, “I…don’t want to…”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping pushed her forcefully back and at the same time, he had already changed his stance from the Heavens Horizon to the Asper Horizon Hand as he flew to the Celestial Liege, mustering all the martial power that he could gather.

 The Celestial Liege laughed aloud, “I forget to tell you. The swords that you have are the only weapons that can counteract my Celestial Force and you didn’t realize it…”

 Youxue was startled when Yi Ping had suddenly pushed her. When she had recovered her balance, Yi Ping had already charged into the deadly martial energy aura of the Celestial Liege! 

 Yi Ping’s lingering whispering words to her was, “Take everyone and run…!”

 Yi Ping had charged into the martial energy of the Celestial Liege with startling speed, enduring the agony pressure of the Celestial Force martial energy as he rained down the fearsome exploding power of the Asper Horizon Hand on the Celestial Liege.

 The stone slabs beneath the Celestial Liege shattered and cracked when the Celestial Liege lifted his martial power to take Yi Ping’s incoming blow. 

 There was a thunderous explosive impact as the Celestial Liege received Yi Ping’s blow. This time, it was several times more powerful than earlier; there were bursting martial windforce and rocks that were speeding like deadly projectiles that knocked everyone off the ground except for Youxue and Ji Wuzheng who were forced to use their entire martial power to resist the bursting martial force as they slide backward! 

 Yi Ping had coughed out blood immediately, moving only a step backward! 

 Even before the first shockwave had ended, the Celestial Liege had displayed the deadly Great Dissolution Skill once again! 

 Yi Ping willed his entire body with the Absolute Spirits, breaking free of the entangling pressuring force of the Celestial Force and displaying the Asper Horizon Hand once again! 

 The Celestial Liege was startled that Yi Ping could retaliate against his second Great Dissolution Skill attack in such a short notice. It was because everything around him was like a stasis field, slowing everything down. That was his greatest advantage. 

 The air around them exploded thunderous, destroying the nearby stone stabs and sending deadly flying projectiles that were filled with deadly martial energy speeding all around them, each one exploding thunderous upon impact! 

 Yi Ping coughed out blood and began to wobble! 

 Even before the first thunderous shockwave had died down and the second shockwave had yet to stop, the Celestial Liege raised his martial power with the Great Dissolution Skill again! “This time, I like to see if you can still stand on your feet!”

 Just as he had utilized the Great Dissolution Skill again, Yi Ping seemed to have recovered from the wobble as he raised his martial power again. 

 There were yet another thunderous exploding shockwave!

 It was obvious to him that Yi Ping martial power had weakened considerably but he was just astonished that how was it possible for him to take blow after blow of his most powerful Great Dissolution Skill? And how was it possible for Yi Ping to move in the presence of his Celestial Force martial energy?

 The Great Dissolution Skill was a powerful divine secret art that could nullify the martial power of the opponents. It was a secret skill that was contained within the intricacy formula of the Celestial Force. The Holy Amalgamate Skill which originated from the Celestial Force also had the Great Dissolution Skill but it was not as pure and as powerful as the one that the Celestial Liege was using. 

 Yi Ping had already attained the Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin. His martial power could be nullified but not drained. Unused martial power and nullified martial power automatically flowed back as vital energies. 

 In fact, the Celestial Liege did not know that it had the undesirable effect of protecting Yi Ping against the effect of his Celestial Force as the Great Dissolution Skill caused Yi Ping’s martial power to be replenished continuously! 

 All of a sudden, the Celestial Liege was startled. It was because Yi Ping did not stop there and was now raining blows after blows that were filled with all his martial power upon him! 

 Even though these blows were weaker than the Asper Horizon Hand, it was nevertheless deadly! 

 He had immediately recognized that Yi Ping had displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon, the second secret stance of the Divine Horizon Hand!

 The second stance of the Divine Horizon Hand was indeed weaker than the first secret stance of the Divine Horizon Hand. But it was rapid, able to display the powerful Divine Horizon Hands one after another! The combined might of the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand was startling when taken as a whole! 

 Yi Ping of course was not thinking clearly when he had decided to challenge the Celestial Liege. He was angry that such an inhumane beast actually existed in the world and his first thoughts were to bash him. Even though he had experienced firsthand the nullifying effect of the Great Dissolution Skill that caused his martial power to vanish, he was undeterred. 

 When he had forcefully used the Asper Divine Horizon Hand a second time, he was astonished. It was because the Asper Divine Horizon Hand had an unbroken rule; practitioners were not able to use the Asper Divine Horizon a second time in short notice or risk a backlash; the result would be severe internal injuries. Yi Ping was able to use the Asper Divine Horizon a second time because his Asper Divine Horizon was nullified and he had quickly regained his martial power again! 

 Of course he did not know. He was just thinking that since he had already been injured by the Celestial Force and may die any soon, he just gave everything he got! 

 When the Celestial Liege absorbed the blows of his first and second Asper Divine Horizon, Yi Ping was desperate because he had already sustained severe internal injuries and was weakening rapidly. Only sheer willpower aided by the Absolute Spirits prevented him from dropping onto the ground!

 Therefore he had decided to gamble using the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand, a much more martial power exhausting technique as he figure out, since the Celestial Liege could attack unhindered and would surely follow up one attack after another, why did he not use the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand to stop him first?

 He was astonished when again; he was able to display the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand! He was bewildered as he thought weakly, “I have heard that when one’s internal strength reaches its limit, it will also be the death knell. When that moment comes, miraculous feats can be performed and even one’s martial power limit can be raised beyond the usual limit. Am I about to die soon?”

 As soon as he had thought of it, he coughed out more blood as the severity of his internal injuries seized him but he refused to stop fighting! 

 And now Yi Ping was now raining the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand upon the Celestial Liege. They were both exchanging blows so fast and were so fatigue that both were actually coughing blood with each exchange as they sent bursting thunderous shockwave after shockwave to their surroundings! 

 For the first time, the Celestial Liege found his intricate energy reversing; he was coughing blood as the result of his internal injuries. He was alarmed and startled! It was because once his intricate energy began to reverse, that meant that he had reached his limit and had to stop or risk worsening his internal injuries. But he was forced to raise his martial power to use the Great Dissolution Skill again and again; it was because Yi Ping stubbornly refused to back off despite his aggravating internal injuries! 

 With each use of the Great Dissolution Skill, the Celestial Liege was exhausting his internal strength and aggravating the severity of his internal injuries while replenishing Yi Ping’s martial power! 

 The Celestial Liege was beginning to get fearful and was in alarm, “Is he a monster?”

 As he fought with Yi Ping, his vision began to grow more and more hazily, causing him to feel dizzy and even nausea. It was because he had been looking at the bright halo of the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix for quite some time!

 Right from the start, the halo of the two swords was causing him discomfort, causing his movements to slow down. 

 The very instant that he had started to suffer from internal injuries, the rainbow halo of the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix were starting to blind him and causing his vision to be hazy! 

 As a super exponent, his hearing was exceptional sharp but when he was momentarily blinded, the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix resonant with a piercing ringing and caused his hearings to be falter as well! 

 The unbelievable thing had happened; the Celestial Liege was suddenly struck by Yi Ping, not once but a dozen times in split second! 

 When Yi Ping had struck the Celestial Liege with the Asper Continuum Horizon, his martial strength was now exhausted. He coughed out blood and staggered backward! 

 The Celestial Liege’s pupils had turned white, he was coughing blood profusely; his internal injuries was not light! As he staggered backward, he only had just a thought in his mind. “Did he intentionally put those swords there to blind me…no one can defeat me…I am the most powerful exponent in the entire fraternity…”

 He was in utter disbelief…

 He did not know that if he had not decided to show off his Celestial Force and his unfathomable internal strength, then the result would not be this! 

 If Yi Ping had really picked up the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix, then the fight would surely be over for him in an instant. It was because with two heavy swords, Yi Ping’s movements would surely be more or less hindered. Just a little opening would be enough for him to exploit and defeated Yi Ping with a single strike! 

 That was what Yi Ping had instinctively discovered. That was why he had put aside both his long swords. That was why the White Phoenix had awakened! It was because even though Yi Ping had no swords in his hands but the spirits of the swords were in his heart! The White Phoenix and the Divine Echo was reverberating and resonating for their true Master! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already drawn out their precious swords and displayed the Divine Emerald Skill, circulating the destructive forces away. But still, the flying projectiles that were speeding dangerously in their direction were too many and they had been wounded in several places by it! 

 Ding Yun had borrowed a solid long sword from Gongsun Jing as she whirled her sword, displaying the Defensive Stance of the Flying Sword Technique as she deflected one flying projectile after another.

 Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing, Huo Fu, Qiu Wufeng and Lingfeng were standing behind Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue, Ding Yun and Ji Wuzheng as they evaded, parried and blocked the combine furies of the powerful bursting windforce and the shooting projectiles that were flying in their directions.

 They were all bloodied and were all injured by this thunderous raging projectile storm yet none of them had run away and there were a determined look in their eyes! 

 No one, not even Xiao Youxue and Ji Wuzheng had the martial strength and skill to step forward to aid Yi Ping! 

 None of them had run away even though this raging projectile storm was too dangerous and there were determined looks in their eyes.

 Youxue thought hatefully to herself, “Yi Ping! I wish I can fight alongside with you…do you know that…do you know that…I don’t want to live if you are gone…” But her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a miraculous sight! 

 Yi Ping had struck the Celestial Liege down! 

 All of a sudden at the same time, both Yi Ping and the Celestial Liege collapsed on the ground!

 Even when they had fallen, they were still trying to move by struggling on the ground. But their internal injuries were simply too severe. They had the will but not the strength. In their mind, this fight had not ended yet and both were still trying to stand up, refusing to admit defeat even though they were filled with agonizing pain and extreme fatigue. Their willpower was simply extraordinary startling! 

 When they had both fallen at the same time, the fierce bursting projectile winds of their martial contest still had not ended! 

 Everyone was grasping with startled surprise!

 The all-powerful Celestial Liege would actually be defeated by Yi Ping!? What was going on?

 Lingfeng, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun wished with all their sorrowful hearts that they would be the first one to run to Yi Ping! 

 Huo Fu was astonished that Yi Ping could defeat the Celestial Liege but he also knew that this fight had no real winners. Both of them had fallen at the same time. Even if they had survived, they would lose all their internal strength or suffer a great deterioration of their martial strength. 

 He sighed, “I have heard that the divine swords will only resonant when they have found their master and another time when their master is about to die. So the legends are true…” All of a sudden, he stopped because he had noticed that there were hostile stares in all directions! 

 Huo Fu smiled bitterly, “It’s just a legend…”

 Just as the fury burst of martial force was slowing down and Youxue, Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were about to fly to Yi Ping, they witnessed another miraculous sight that caused all of them to halt; Yi Ping and the Celestial Liege were on their feet again!

 Their recovery rates were extraordinary startling! 

 Yi Ping attacked the Celestial Liege again as he muttered weakly, “Asper…Continuum Horizon…Hand…”

 The Celestial Liege muttered wobbly, “The…Great Dissolution…Skill…”

 They were moving very slowly and weakly, their hands barely touching one another! It was obviously they had lost their all internal strength and were in a bewildering state!

 The Celestial Liege muttered coldly, “Asper Continuum…Horizon Hand? Hmph! This…is…fit…to be called…that?!”

 Yi Ping replied softly, “Asper…Divinity…Horizon…Hand…then!”

 The Celestial Liege grasped as he raised his hand to shield himself, “You know…this secret technique!? Very well, I let you…experience….my Ultimate…Dissolution…Celestial…Force!”

 There were only the names of the stances but there were no martial display at all! 

 Everyone was stunned. Had they turned into madmen? 

 Mei’Er and Yu’Er had burst into tears at this sight! 

 Lingfeng was covering her face as her eyes turned teary, “Yi Ping…”

 Even Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le were teary as they witnessed this abysmal sight…their sworn brother Yi Ping had become a madman to protect all their lives…

 Youxue and Ding Yun looked at one another quietly…

 They walked quietly to Yi Ping.

 Ding Yun said softly as she grabbed Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, that’s enough…you have won…it’s time to rest…”

 Youxue was weeping silent tears. 

 As Ding Yun grabbed Yi Ping gently, Yi Ping began to wobble and fell into her embrace even as he grabbed her tightly around her waist at the same time. 

 Ding Yun immediately flush shyly…

 Yi Ping immediately said in an audible voice in her ears, “Yun, why are you here? You didn’t flee while you can?”

 Ding Yun was startled as she immediately pushed Yi Ping away, startling Youxue! “You…are still sane?!”

 Yi Ping immediately coughed out more blood as he fell onto the ground!

 Youxue was immediately besides him and at the same time, everyone was surrounding Yi Ping! 

 Yi Ping said weakly as he looked at them, “You are all still here?”

 One after another, they nodded and smiled, shedding tears of joy!

 The Celestial Liege laughed aloud, “He may be alive now but not for long.”

 All of a sudden, Youxue had raised her hand and slapped him, felling him onto the ground! “Then you are going nowhere as well!”

 The Celestial Liege hummed weakly, “Does anyone of you have the right to kill me? I have no personal feud with anyone of you. If you kill me, do you think the Celestial Palace will let this incident pass like this?”

 He began to stand up weakly once again as he straightened his fur cloak, “Don’t forget I am still the Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace. Ji Wuzheng, you have dared to keep the Heavenly Relic for your use and even raised your hands against me. Do you think the Celestial Palace will easily forgive this slight?”

 Ji Wuzheng said coldly, “The orthodox martial clans are already on their way to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. There is no need for the Celestial Palace to destroy us first, don’t you worry about this. Don’t you forget that this is the Holy Hex Sect and all outsiders have to obey the martial Holy Laws of the Holy Hex Sect. The penalty for cannibalism is death!” 

 The Celestial Liege did not seem afraid as he hummed coldly. 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “You can go. From now on, the Holy Hex Sect will have nothing to do with the Celestial Palace.”

 Huo Fu was muttering, “We…really letting him off? He…is too dangerous…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “He had already suffered severe internal injuries and unlikely to recover. Even though the Holy Hex Sect is not an orthodox clan but our founding principles and martial honor demand that we do the right thing. Moreover, he is still our guest. Quickly go before I change my mind!”

 Ji Wuzheng stared at Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Ding Yun, Xiao Youxue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er as though he was warning them not to do anything contradicting to his commands or else he would not let them off. 

 The Celestial Liege smiled coldly as he walked feebly to the entrance. 

 While the Celestial Liege was talking to Ji Wuzheng; Ding Yun, Youxue and Lingfeng had turn ashen. It was because they had already found something that was amiss! 

 The Celestial Liege had already normalized his breathing while Yi Ping was still grasping for breathe and was burning with high fever. 

 They had suddenly recalled that when Lele and Lie Qing had dueled, they too had lost all their internal strength. But to the astonishment of everyone, they quickly fell out again and their seeming ‘lost’ internal strength had been recovered! 

 There must be a strong reason for the Celestial Force to be one of the strongest inner martial art skills…

 It was not that Ding Yun, Youxue and Lingfeng did not want to stop him now. It was because they were unsure if they were able to! 

 The Celestial Liege took agonizing steps as he reached the entrance. Then he turned back and lifted his thumb at Yi Ping, “Your name is Yi Ping? I have never met anyone like you. It is unlikely that you can survive this battle. When I have recovered, I will come back to retrieve the Heaven Relic and your two heavenly swords.”

 Ji Wuzheng smirked coldly, “Wait till and see if you can really recover first!”

 All of a sudden, Lingfeng said coldly. “Give me the antidote!”

 Ding Yun, Youxue, Lingfeng had all stepped in front. 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were too feeble to step forward or else they would surely join them!

 Yu’Er was asking Mei’Er, “Are you alright, sister?”

 Mei’Er nodded quietly. They had really exhausted too much of their martial power and had been injured by the martial energy force earlier as they tried to protect everyone…

 Youxue said, “If you don’t hand over the antidote, you are not going anywhere!”

 Ding Yun had readied two precious swords that she had borrowed from Mei’Er and Yu’Er in her hands! 

 The Celestial Liege said unhurriedly, “There is no antidote for the Celestial Force. However, there is still a cure. As long as a hundred chaste maidens are willing to give him their chastity, the positive energy force of the Celestial Force can still be purged. But what’s the point? His internal injuries were too severe. He sooner dies first from his internal injuries before he could purge the Celestial Force out.”

 All of a sudden, he threw a pebble and knocked Youxue down with a startling speed! It was so fast that it completely caught everyone by surprise! 

 Youxue had seen the little moments in his fingers and had already taken precautions but she was unable to completely evade it! 

 Youxue coughed weakly as she struggled to stand. That projectile had so much force that it had struck her painfully on her shoulder despite the protection of her Golden Invincible Body! If it was not for her Golden Invincible Body, that pebble would have gone through her shoulder, crippling her! 

 She turned ashen at that thought!

 The Celestial Liege said coldly, “I know that you are protected by the Golden Invincible Body. This is just a small payback for slapping me earlier.”

 Youxue admonished him icily, “What a grudging man!” 

 Ji Wuzheng was stunned at the martial display of the Celestial Liege as he took a step back, “He didn’t lose his internal strength completely? That’s impossible…”

 The Celestial Liege said coldly, “If you are having regrets now for not killing me, then it is already too late. It is because with what little internal strength that I have now, I am still capable of protecting myself. Consider this your lucky day today.” 

 Just as Youxue was about to display her startling swiftness attack on the Celestial Liege, Yi Ping had caught hold of her shoulder. “Youxue, life and death is predestined. Let him go.”

 Yi Ping had stood up on his own!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er immediately flew to support him despite their physical condition as they cried out, “Master…!”

 The Celestial Liege was startled as he thought, “He had normalized his intricate breathing so fast?! That’s impossible…”

 “He is not going anywhere first.” A beautiful enchanting voice interrupted his thoughts.

 Everyone was startled; it was because this enchanting voice was so familiar! 

 An enchanting and mesmerizing young maiden was stroking her long braided hair as she stood at the entrance. Her white pink delicate long dress, her black sword, the Perpetual Darkness and her breathtaking astonishing beauty was a familiar sight…it was Lie Qing! 

 Yi Ping was stunned but overjoyed to see her again as he muttered, “Qing’Er…”

 Mei’Er exclaimed happily, “Sister…Lie Qing!”

 Ding Yun shed a tear, “Sister Qing’Er…”

 Youxue smiled and nodded at her as she saw Lie Qing…

 Yu’Er, Lingfeng, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were all smiling broadly when Lie Qing had appeared…

 Huo Fu and Ji Wuzheng were startled to see their expressions. It was as though their fighting spirits had suddenly been aroused! Who was this Maiden Lie Qing? 

 As Lie Qing raised her Perpetual Darkness, there was a sharp ringing echo in mid-air as a halo surrounded her sword. Her sword was exceptional sharp and broke through the air easily! 

 The dark halo of her sword faded Lie Qing into the shadowy background, merging her with her sword. This darkness merging was actually a profound martial attainment, causing the opponents unable to distinct her actual mode of attacks! 

 Immediately, the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix began to resonate even more resounding! 

 When the Celestial Liege saw her, he immediately took several stumbled steps backward!

 It was not because he was startled to see three Heavenly Relic swords at the same time!

 It was because he had recognized Lie Qing! 

 The Celestial Liege was trembling and muttering. “That’s impossible…Qing’Er, is that really you?!” 

 Lie Qing sighed softly, “Long time no see…don’t you call me Qing’Er. I am not close to you at all. I’m your darkness now... not ever since that night when you have massacred the entire Lie Clan and the entire Invincible Divine Clan. I have said I don’t ever want to see you again.”

 The Celestial Liege was trembling as he saw her crimson eyes and glossy long hair, “Qing’Er, you have become a true Celestial…?”

 Everyone was stunned. Lie Qing and the Celestial Liege were acquaintances?!

 Lie Qing nodded lightly. 

 The Celestial Liege hummed coldly, “I know that you have come to take vendetta on me. But if I am not injured, do you think you ever have the chance to kill me?”

 Lie Qing said icily, “What makes you think that even if you are not injured, I am unable to kill you?”

 The Celestial Liege said, “Your father, the Lord of the Invincible was the top exponent in the fraternity with his seventh invincible force. At that time, we can barely kill him. But now, many years have gone by. My attainment is now on par with his seventh invincible force. In short, I am currently the most powerful exponent in the entire fraternity.” 

 Lie Qing said, “There is no such thing as true invincible and the most powerful or else my father won’t be slayed by your clan. Or else…”

 She looked at Yi Ping with a loving glance, “Or else…you won’t be defeated by Yi Ping!”

 The Celestial Liege hummed coldly, “That’s because I am careless! If you want to come take my life, do it immediately. But it won’t be honorable.”

 All of a sudden, there were nine burst of faint blue wisp of hovering glow around Lie Qing! 

 Yu’Er was startled as she began to count excitingly, “One, two, three, four…seven, eight and nine!”

 The Celestial Liege was stunned, “That’s impossible! The ninth invincible force… you are able to reach the Holiness Level…?”

 Lie Qing said coolly, “Even if you are uninjured, you may not be able to defeat me.”

 The Celestial Liege was silent for a while before he said, “So this is the difference between a Half-Celestial and a true Celestial..,”

 Lie Qing softened her glances as she said gently, “You are as insolent as ever. Don’t think that I do not know that your internal strength is only left with just one tenth and it is impossible for you to recover your original martial strength. You have used the Celestial Origin to forcibly retain what’s left of your internal strength. I only pity you!”

 The Celestial Liege sighed regretfully, “To think that my centuries of cultivation and martial progression will be ruined today… Very well, come take my life then. You are only able to advance further than me because you are a true Celestial.”

 Lie Qing said, “Who says I am going to take your life?”

 The Celestial Liege was startled, “What do you mean? You want to torture me to a slow death?”

 Lie Qing said forlornly, “Who says I am going to avenge for anyone? It has already been so long. Lele asks me to leave a message for you and her beloved.”

 The Celestial Liege was startled, “My sister has a message for me? She is still alive? Who is her beloved?”

 Lie Qing said, “The person that just defeated you earlier is her beloved!”

 The Celestial Liege was even more startled as he muttered, “My sister has pledged herself to him?”

 Lie Qing continued coldly, “And who says she is dead? She is even more alive than ever. In fact, she is a true Celestial now just like her grandpa.”

 The Celestial Liege was startled, “She is…a true Celestial now? That’s impossible! Her martial levels are way below par. She can’t even survive the Divine Calamity alone…don’t tell me she has a Heavenly Relic?!”

 Lie Qing said coolly, “Martial levels and the Heavenly Relic have nothing to do with her awakening to a true Celestial. She wants me to tell you, even if you got the Heavenly Relic, it is totally useless to you because you have already entered the Dark Asura. Without the state of divinity of the Jade Emperor to calm the malevolent spirits, you will only be courting doom if you try to attempt the Divine Calamity alone. No matter how you try, destruction and death only awaits you”

 The Celestial Liege was startled, “I…I don’t believe…I don’t believe…all my beliefs…”

 Lie Qing said melancholy, “The Divine Calamity is a Divine Cleansing of the impure. Long ago, humanity is able to live to a thousand years and has since fallen from grace from the heavens. If you really want to become a Celestial, you must first know how to cultivate as a human sage. That is the only way to become a Celestial. Providence is already so kind to you yet you do not even realize it!” 

 The Celestial Liege was stunned as he muttered, “If I want to become a Celestial, I must first cultivate as a human sage first…it is that simple?” 

 The Celestial Liege laughed madly, “Thank you…Qing’Er and Lele…”

 He turned around and looked at Yi Ping, who was standing quietly and in great tranquil. He raised his thumb again, “Only you are fit for Qing’Er. I am not worthy. The positive martial energy of the Celestial Force can be purged by a chaste maiden who knows the Holy Pureness, which intricate energy is pure negative. There’s no need for me to be too explicit. If you are still alive, then we may one day meet again.”

 As soon as the Celestial Liege had gone, Lie Qing immediately flew to the embrace of Yi Ping as she wept. “Yi Ping! Are you alright? Where are you hurting at? Let me help you…you have lost all your internal strength…poor thing…”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly as his heart began to ache painfully, “Qing’Er, I am so glad to see you…don’t worry, I am still live. Losing my internal strength is a small matter as long as…”

 Yi Ping looked at everyone, who was smiling at him despite their injuries as he said. “…As long as everyone is safe…”

 Lie Qing sobbed silently, “Yi Ping…I hope you don’t mind that I let him go…I know I did wrong again…”

 Yi Ping comforted her, “No, you did right. You are not wrong…it is a good thing…really.”

 Lie Qing was almost inaudible as she sobbed, “Really? Sorry…I am late…and cause you to be in such a state…”

 Even though Lie Qing was in an enviable embrace with Yi Ping, there was not a single hint of jealousy in these young maidens’ eyes. No one dared to disturb their quiet moment because it was also the most romantic moment between the two of them. And moreover, they were only too glad to see Lie Qing who had braved through many dangers with them…

 He asked weakly, “Lie Qing, why are you here? Aren’t you preparing for the Divine Calamity with Yixian and Lele?”

 Lie Qing said, “One day, Lele has suddenly divine that you are in a great mortal danger and because we are all worried for you too, they have decided that I should come to aid you instead.”

 Yi Ping nodded gently as he stroked her head gently, “How is Yixian?”

 Lie Qing looked up gently, “She is attempting a dangerous intricacy heart formula before I have left. But I am sure she will be alright. From the golden scroll, we have discovered many things about the Divine Calamity. While I am away, Lele will be her guardian…”

 She was now trembling because she knew how deadly the Divine Calamity was.

 Yi Ping held her even tightly because he could sense her fear…

 All of a sudden, they were interrupted by three young beautiful maidens that just walked into the Inner Holy Chapter. They all had an appalling looks as they saw the messy state of the Inner Holy Chapter. 

 These three young maidens were Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue. They were the daughters of Ji Wuzheng. 

 Suxin immediately said, “Father, you are injured? What’s going on? Why is the entire place like that? When we saw the Celestial Envoy a moment ago, he asks us to go the Inner Holy Chapter immediately.”

 Sufeng was grasping, “Assassins?!”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “No big deal. There is no need to be panic.”

 Suyue flew to Lingfeng, “Aunt! How have you been? I miss you. Who are these people?”

 Lingfeng said softly, “These are my friends. There are no assassins. We just have a friendly duel earlier.”

 Suyue immediately pointed at Yi Ping and looked curiosity at everyone, “A friendly duel?! In this state of awful condition! It looks more like a fight…there are blood everywhere…” 

 She quickly sighed as she saw Lie Qing in Yi Ping’s embrace, “What’s a pity. It seems that this handsome young man has already got a beloved.”

 All of a sudden, she noticed hostile glances from Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Youxue and even from her aunt, Lingfeng that caused her to keep quiet.

 Suxin was grasping at the Divine Halo and the White Phoenix. “These swords can echo and give out lights…is so beautiful…”

 Gongsun Jing was instantly mesmerized by her looks and voice…

 Nangong Le immediately stepped forward, “Lingfeng, I didn’t know that you have three such beautiful young nieces that is around your age? Do you mind introducing them to us?”

 Lingfeng was born twenty years apart from her brother Ji Wuzheng and her nieces were around her same age. 

 Lingfeng immediately said, “Suyue, don’t talk to this man. He is not a good person!”

 Nangong Le smiled bitterly as he thought, “So her name is Suyue…”

 When Qiu Wufeng caught sight of Sufeng, for some unknown reason, he was totally captivated by her. As he stepped forward to introduce himself, he stumbled much to his own embarrassment…

 Immediately, Sufeng caught hold of him as she asked gently. “Young Master, your injuries are not light. You’re alright?”

 Qiu Wufeng was surprised that it was Sufeng that had caught hold of him that he was muttering incoherently, “I…I stepped on some debris…nothing…I’m alright…”

 Sufeng smiled, “What’s your name? I’m Sufeng.”

 Qiu Wufeng immediately said, “I am Qiu Wufeng.” He sounded embarrassed to say his name because he was now a wanted fugitive and got nothing to his name now.

 Sufeng grasped, “So you are a mass murderer and one of the monsters from the Righteous Axioms Clan!!!”

 Qiu Wufeng immediately denied it with startled horror, “No, no. These are just rumors spread by my enemies…Sufeng…hear me out…”

 Suxin immediately pointed at Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Yi Ping with an appalled look, “Then these three must be the notorious Gongsun Jing the Dishonorable Playboy, Nangong Le the Flirtatious and Yi Ping the Horrible Torturer!” 

 She took a spiteful look at Gongsun Jing, “Fancy a fine young man like you would actually be a beast in disguise. If I do not slay you and distribute your flesh as offerings to the innocents today, then my name isn’t Suxin!” 

 Gongsun Jing could only smiled most bitterly as he began to curse that Chi Zhengqi…

 He was not the only one thinking of the same thing too. Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were already thinking the same!

 Huo Fu immediately said as he pointed at Yi Ping, “Young mistresses, I can verify that it is all true. They are indeed the notorious four! I have met this rascal Yi Ping before and he was behaving amorally with a young maiden in a cave.” 

 Ji Wuzheng immediately reacted with shock, “Lingfeng, you didn’t tell me that your friends are from the notorious Righteous Axioms Clan! No wonder I find the name of Yi Ping so familiar! Do you know that the four of them are currently the most evil and wanted men in the entire fraternity?!”

 Lingfeng got a spinning headache as she said, “These are just false rumors. Listen to my explanations first…” She really wanted to faint. How did these venomous rumors spread so fast?!

 Suyue immediately said, “Aunt, you just told me that Nangong Le is not a good person! No need to explain, we just feed them to the dogs!”

 As Lingfeng moved dazedly backward, she accidentally came into contact with the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix. Immediately the resonating stopped and the halo from the swords ceased.

 Just as Lingfeng had calm down and was about to explain, she was interrupted by Yi Ping who said weakly. “Lingfeng, my swords don’t seem to like you. They have stopped glowing.”

 Lingfeng took a fainting look at Yi Ping before saying, “Why don’t you go and die first?”

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Chapter 52: The Absolute Equilibrium Force

Of course, it was not the truth that the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix dislike Lingfeng. Anyone that accidentally touched the swords at that time except for Yi Ping and Lie Qing would cause the swords to stop resonating as the swords exhausted the spiritual animus that linger on it by its owner. 

 Yi Ping of course was just teasing Lingfeng because he could feel his life seeping away. 

 That was meant to be his last humorous remark for Lingfeng. 

 As he collapsed, he was still smiling. It was because when he had taken one last look at Lingfeng; he had remembered how he had first met Lingfeng. How she had saved his life. How she had took him to the valley where he found his father. How she had become his older protégé sister. How they had practiced together. How they had gone against the stern warning of his father and sneaked out of the valley to settle their feud with the Honor Manor. How she had risked disclosing her identity and her life to take him away from the Honor Manor. How he could talk to her about almost anything under the sun. How she had stolen his first kiss…and his secret manuals…

 Yi Ping was really dying.

 He was now in a critical condition. He had not only lost his internal strength, sustained severe internal injuries but had been afflicted by the burning positive energy of the Celestial Force, causing him great agony.

 Only his sheer endurance for pain kept him alive till now. 

 Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue, Ding Yun, Lie Qing and Lingfeng were now eyeing one another intently as they convened. 

 Yu’Er said melancholy, “The Celestial Liege says that only a chaste maiden that practice negative intricate energy skill can purge the positive energy of the Celestial Force. The Holy Pureness isn’t the only negative intricate energy skill that can save master. The Icy Heavenly Tears is also a negative intricate energy skill…” 

 Lingfeng sighed softly, “The Icy Heavenly Tears is a cold and negative intricate energy skill. The cold intricate energy will further harm Yi Ping and not purge the Celestial Force out.”

 Martial intricate energies had many heart intricacy formulas to begin with and extremely complex. Superior internal martial skills that could further develop in strength adhered strictly to the types of intricate energies that were developed. 

 For example, the Icy Jade Finger of the Eternal Ice Palace depended wholly on the cold and negative intricate energy strength of the practitioner in order to unleash its strength. A practitioner that possessed just the negative intricate energy could not be able to pick up the Icy Jade Finger because they lacked the cold intricate energy to even begin the skill. 

 Even if the practitioner had the same type of cold and negative intricate energy, it was also not possible to pick up the Icy Jade Finger without knowing the heart intricacy formula of the Ice Heavenly Tears; most superior martial internal martial skills were developed according to the type of heart intricacy formula that the practitioners had already knew so that they could practice it at a lower risk. Heart intricacy skills were often the most risky of all martial skills to begin practice with even for experienced super exponents. 

 Learning it the wrong way, learning it without a good foundation, learning without adapting the heart intricacies first, learning without understanding would often led to a martial term known as deviation phenomenon, an action that led to death, stroke, paralysis, deterioration of martial strength and many others. It was the most dreadful thing that could happen to a martial practitioner and there were always an emphasis on caution and less haste. 

 The Celestial Fairy Shui Yixian had progressed too hastily with her Icy Heaven Tears so that she could catch up with her protégé sister Shui Yichi. This resulted in the stunt growth of her future martial progression while Yichi eventually made a breakthrough in the understanding of the Icy Heavenly Tears and at the same time, Yichi’s Icy Heavenly Tears was very pure when compared to Yixian, even though they were on the same staging together.

 Yichi further developed the cold negative intricate energy to pure cold negative intricate energy, evolving the Jade Icy Finger to Jade Icicle Finger. She did not stop there. Her pure cold negative intricate energy went from pure to extreme cold negative intricate energy as she evolved the Icy Heavenly Tears into another type of internal heart intricacy formula, the Eternal Heavenly Tears.

 The Eternal Heavenly Tears was even more astounding than the Icy Heavenly Tears that were developed, improved upon by all her predecessors over many centuries, becoming the first Divine Eternal Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace to break the stumbling block of the ninth staging of the Icy Heavenly Tears and possibly may even be the first Divine Eternal Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace to overcome the Divine Calamity. Unfortunately, her martial skills suffered a deterioration after she was injured in a surprise assault by Gongsun Bai, whom she had trusted as her husband’s friend and sworn brother. 

 The many types of intricate energies were classified as positive, negative and equilibrium. Positive intricate energies were the most common in the martial fraternity and can be further define into pure positive, extreme positive and extreme pure positive. The Aspire Invocations was a pure positive martial force while the Celestial Force of the Celestial Liege was an extreme pure positive martial force. 

 There were actually two versions of the Celestial Force; the Positive Celestial Force and the Negative Celestial Force, making this skill even more complex. The Joyful Goddess was instructed in the Negative Celestial Force because she had to practice another type of heart intricate formula known as Holy Pureness which was pure negative energy. 

 Equilibrium intricate energies were the most difficult intricate energy to develop, requiring decades. It had only one type of variation, Absolute Equilibrium force. The high level staging of the Invincible Divine Force was one example of the Absolute Equilibrium force, a level of attainment that was almost impossible to reach. 

 Negative intricate energies were the rarest and also had the most variations. It can be further define into Pure Negative, Extreme Negative, Cold Negative, Pure Cold Negative and Extreme Cold Negative. 

 Mei’Er said, “But Youxue and you have said earlier that the Icy Heavenly Tears may also be able to treat his internal injuries?”

 Yu’Er added, “And yet now you seem unwilling to sacrifice yourself for Yi Ping’s sake?”

 Mei’Er pointed at Lie Qing, Youxue and Ding Yun, “Why are you all on Lingfeng’s side? Only she is right and we are wrong?”

 Lingfeng was teary, “Who says I am unwilling? Do you know…do you know…If Yi Ping dies, I am willingly to end my life with him…”

 Ding Yun said quietly, “As do I…”

 Mei’Er was still doubtful. She whined, “Sister Lingfeng, you say you are willing to lay down for Yi Ping but where is your proof?”

 Lingfeng was almost inaudibly as she wept, “Where is my proof? Where are you when I risk my very life for Yi Ping at the Honor Manor? Do you know how close I am to death at that time? If not for Youxue, I might have already lost my life. Do you know that I have risked my life to lure the pursuers away from Youxue and Yi Ping? Do you know that I have barely any internal strength back then? Do you know that as soon as I have recovered my internal strength, I have gone down the Holy Amalgamate Mountains to look for Yi Ping immediately?”

 Lingfeng may quarrel with Yi Ping ceaselessly but her love for him was self-sacrificing and noble. Even a dense person like Yi Ping, could feel her alluring attention on him. Moreover, other than the Celestial Fairy, Lingfeng’s beauty was almost unparalleled and she had no lack of admirers and suitors. But she was cold towards every single of them except for Yi Ping who had caught her attention with his fearless guts and righteousness air. 

 Youxue held Lingfeng’s hand quietly with trembling hands, “It must really hard on you... I really cannot imagine the hardship and dangers that you have to bear at that time. The pursuers were all experienced exponents of the martial fraternity…”

 Lie Qing also comforted Lingfeng, “When we are pursued by Yuan Shao, it is you that guided us to safety. Back then, I was so helpless…”

 Mei’Er suddenly remembered what Lingfeng had done for her as well. 

 She immediately said, “Sister Lingfeng, don’t…be upset! Mei’Er is so sorry. I don’t mean it. I was just being emotional…”

 Yu’Er was also feeling bad as she quickly said, “Sister Lingfeng, Yu’Er is sorry as well. You mustn’t blame us. Even our protégé mistress says we are too emotional and ill-suit to learn the Emotionless Rhyme.”

 She quickly comforted Lingfeng by embracing her.

 Lingfeng whispered, “That’s alright. I don’t blame you. I am just so emotional also…I’m sorry as well.”

 Youxue walked out of the room, leaving behind her wet silent tears on the floor! 

 Lie Qing muttered, “Youxue…”

 She thought, “Youxue probably needs some quiet time. It’s not easy for her to be with Yi Ping and now…”

 Like Lingfeng, Youxue had also almost lost her life. But no others carried as much heavy burden as her as she had to struggle with her own guilt and the generation of feuds that she had inherited against the Celestial Fairy who happened to be Yi Ping’s wife. Until now, she still could not fulfill her mother’s last wish… 

 Lingfeng sighed, “Maybe we are really too emotional earlier and did not really get the situation correct. Let’s explain again.”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er nodded, indicating that they would try their best to listen this time. 

 She said, “Without the Great Dissolution Skill from the Holy Amalgamate Force, it not possible to channel any negative intricate energy to purge the Celestial Force out of Yi Ping’s body. I have already tried to channel my Holy Pureness on Yi Ping but it did not work because his internal injuries are too severe and all his channels are broken. Without treating his internal injuries first, all our efforts are in vain and the Celestial Force inside him is preventing us from treating his internal injuries…”

 Yu’Er blunt out, “Sister Lingfeng, you seem…unwillingly to sacrifice your chastity for him.”

 Lingfeng was startled, “What do you mean by sacrifice my chastity for him?”

 Yu’Er said shyly, “You didn’t hear what the Celestial Liege said, as long as there are a hundred maidens that could give up their chastity for our master or a chaste maiden with the Holy Pureness, the Celestial Force can be purge out?”

 Yu’Er rolled up her sleeve on her left forearm and showed them her chastity mark, followed by Mei’Er. 

 Lie Qing, Ding Yun and Lingfeng were startled.

 Lie Qing was exasperated, “I have thought at the inn, you say you have lost your chastity to Yi Ping at the inn…”

 Lingfeng and Ding Yun were startled. They were all under that impression too. 

 Yu’Er sniffed, “Then it is decided. No matter what you have all said, we have already decided to sacrifice ourselves for our master’s sake. No matter…if it is going to work or not…”

 Mei’Er said melancholy, “There’s no other way. Even without the Holy Pureness, we can…we can…hope to help master relieve his pains for a while…”

 Lingfeng almost fainted from these two innocent maidens as she covered her mouth, trying hard not to laugh at them.

 Ding Yun and Lie Qing were laughing softly.

 Yu’Er asked curiously, “This is a critical situation for our master, why are you laughing at us? If you want to, you can…erm…sleep with master too.”

 Lie Qing turned around, giggling. “Yun, you explain…I really…I really…cannot…stop laughing…”

 Ding Yun quickly comforted Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “What the Celestial Liege had said about one hundred maidens sacrificing their chastity is just a figuration of speech. It is just a metaphor, do you understand me? Hmm…” She took a quick look at Lie Qing and Lingfeng who had turned their backs and were trembling hard as they really tried very hard not to laugh aloud. But anyone could see that they were just trying extremely hard to suppress their laughter! 

 She sighed at them as she thought, “They…all of them are like young girls…”

 She quickly recovered from her thoughts as Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still waiting for her to explain, “This negative to positive transference is an exhausting effort and in order to proceed unhindered by intricate energy interferences, it requires both man and woman to remove all their clothes as a precaution. That is what meant by sacrificing the maiden chastity…” 

 Ding Yun could hear giggling laughers behind her as she continued, “Sister Lingfeng is only unable to proceed further because of the severity in Yi Ping’s internal injuries. She can attempt alright but if she fails, she is afraid Yi Ping won’t be able to take it. She has already used her Holy Pureness to suppress the Celestial Force in whatever she can. We are thinking what to do first.” 

 Mei’Er was startled, “Really no need…!?”

 Ding Yun sighed, “Really no need. From the looks of it, you are both still very chaste maidens. Do you think that with Yi Ping’s injuries, he is able to do that kind of a thing?”

 Mei’Er asked, “What thing?”

 Yu’Er too asked, “Yes, what thing?”

 Lie Qing could no longer suppress her laughs anymore, as tears rolled out of her mesmerizing eyes. She gurgled and laughed, “You see…you see…”

 She laughed and stole a glance at Lingfeng, who refused to turn her back around. “You see…oh never mind…I don’t know what Sister Xian or the Eternal Ice Palace has been teaching the both of you but this is so amusing. I…Sister Lingfeng…you explain…I really don’t know how to explain…”

 Lingfeng laughed softly, “Don’t you drag me into it…”

 Youxue had walked out of the resting room and was wandering aimlessly in the premises of the Holy Chapter. 

 “Maiden, wait a minute!”

 It was Ji Wuzheng and he was accompanied by Qian Fan. 

 She asked, “Yes?”

 Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “I have a question for you.”

 Youxue said coldly, displaying her usual cold demeanor. “Is there anything I can help you?”

 Ji Wuzheng sighed, “I am just wondering if we have met two years ago.”

 At that time, Youxue had donned her veiled straw hat. She went everywhere in a disguise because she was being pursued by the Virtuous Palace. 

 Youxue hummed coldly, “Yes, we did. Your sword techniques are really very swift. I was almost killed by you.”

 Ji Wuzheng laughed aloud, “You are not weak either with your Penetrating Hands of the Virtuous Palace!”

 When he mentioned the Virtuous Palace, there was a hostile look in his eyes. He asked, “You have come as a scout for the Virtuous Palace?”

 Youxue hummed coldly, “Say whatever you want.”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Is it too much of a coincidences? As soon as the Celestial Liege left the Holy Hex Sect, the entire orthodox clans are now charging up the mountains. It is a lucky thing that we have once again halted their advancement even though it is just temporary. But it seems that they know that I am injured? Other than the people that were inside the Inner Holy Chapter who witness our fight with the Celestial Liege, no one else knows that I am injured.”

 Youxue looked at him coldly, “So you are suspecting me?”

 Qian Fan interrupted, “If it is not you, then it is me? What a joke! It is obvious that you are from the Virtuous Palace. We should really take her down and send her corpse to that Xiao Shuai. In this way, we can deal a blow to the morale of the Virtuous Palace. Who knows? She may even be the young mistress of the Virtuous Palace.”

 Youxue hummed coldly. She had already raised her hand in front of her!

 Ji Wuzheng said, “This is the first time that I have seen your face since we had fought two years ago. You look even younger than Lingfeng and maybe even my daughters. Two years ago, you must even be younger.”

 Youxue said coldly, “That’s crap isn’t it?”

 Ji Wuzheng laughed, “What an interesting maiden. How old are you two years ago?”

 Youxue asked, “Why do you want to know so much? Aren’t you accusing me?”

 Ji Wuzheng was solemn, “Accusing people does need evidence, am I not wrong to say so?”

 Youxue nodded slowly.

 Ji Wuzheng said, “I don’t have any evidence now. In fact, you are free to go freely for now. I am just pointing out some facts. May I know what is maiden name?”

 Youxue looked curiously at him before she said coolly, “Xiao Youxue is my name.”

 She began to take a few steps away when she suddenly turned her head around, adding. “I am seventeen back then. Now I am nineteen.” She immediately walked away hurriedly after she had spoken. 

 Ji Wuzheng was startled as he thought, “She is really so young. To think that I was almost best by a seventeen year old maiden…”

 Qian Fan immediately said, “Holy Sectarian Master, you are letting her go just like that? Her surname is Xiao! Xiao is the same surname as the Protégé Master of the Virtuous Palace, Xiao Shuai!”

 Ji Wuzheng said coolly, “No, she wouldn’t be the spy.”

 Qian Fan was startled, “How is that so?”

 Ji Wuzheng laughed aloud, “If she is a spy, then she must be the worst spy ever. Have you ever seen a spy that is so easily provoked? This young maiden is still the same maiden as two years ago. Moreover there are righteousness in her eyes and the way she is fighting so hard for that Yi Ping. A spy won’t even dare to display their secret martial skills in front of me.”

 Qiao Fan asked, “If she is not a spy? Then who is?”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Maybe it is you.”

 Qiao Fan was startled, “Holy Sectarian Master, it’s not me for sure. I wouldn’t dare.”

 Ji Wuzheng laughed, “Is that so?”

 Then he said, “Maybe it is that Nangong Le. But who knows. Everyone is a suspect. Don’t you think so?”

 Qiao Fan regained his composure as he said, “That’s right. Everyone is a suspect.”

 Ji Wuzheng looked at Qian Fan intently but he did not say a word. 

 Youxue at this time was walking in despair and was feeling downcast. 

 All of a sudden, she had discovered that she had walked into Yi Ping’s resting as she startled two young maids who were in the room tending to Yi Ping. 

 She quickly said to them, “It’s alright. I am here to see my friend. You can go now. I want to be left alone with him.”

 The two young maidens nodded hurriedly and left the room. 

 Yi Ping was lying on a bed and he was in great agony. His face was red and burning with a fever. 

 Youxue immediately took a wet tower and tenderly wetted his forehead, muttering. “Yi Ping, what can I do to help you relieve of your pain? I wish that the one that is lying in agony is me and the one that is tendering to me, is you.”

 She was weeping silent tears, “You are burning so hot. It must be really agonizing, am I not wrong to say so?”

 She was suddenly reminiscing those happier times when she was in the Ice Cavern with him. The three months that she had with him was the most tranquil thing that she had ever felt. There are no thoughts of vengeance, only quiet romantic thoughts when she was with him. Sometimes it was disrupted by Lie Qing but it was also Lie Qing that allowed her to see Yi Ping’s thoughtfulness and unyielding care for a half-dead maiden. 

 She was smiling to herself when she recalled with horror that Yi Ping had actually decided to give the Divine Dragon Pill to a half-dead Lie Qing. She recalled that together with Lie Qing and Ding Yun, they had accidentally injured Yi Ping. And how they had formed the New Virtuous Palace just for the sake of fun…

 She went back even further back in time when she remembered the very first time she had met Yi Ping. She had terrified him then and was amused when he began to dig a grave for the bandit that she had killed. Later on, she was not too happy when she had seen him with the Celestial Fairy and did not know that they had pledged to one another as one…

 Suddenly she remembered what the Celestial Liege had said. 

 “Didn’t I also practice the Icy Heavenly Tears? Maybe…maybe I can help Yi Ping to relieve of his pain? Even though my cold negative intricate energy isn’t as pure as Yu’Er and Mei’Er but at least I may be able to absorb the heat from his body…”

 She began to flush as she loosened her waist belt and let her outer garment dress slipped off her. She poked gently at Yi Ping as she muttered, “Don’t you look!”

 But she soon sighed, “He is in a feverish state. He can’t hear me at all.”

 She did not dare to take off her white inner garment yet. Instead, she began to shyly slowly remove the light garb from Yi Ping. 

 She gently said enchantingly, “Do you still remember when you give me the White Phoenix; you have told me that as long as I show you the sword again, you will do anything for me? I...”

 She shyly lowered her glances, “I…just want you to be with me…forever.” As she said that, she removed her top inner garment, leaving just a piece of lingerie that was strap over her shoulders and tied to the girth seam of her lower back. 

 Afterward she gently reached out and removed her hairpin one by one, letting down her rolls of dark raven hair that reached to her knee. 

 Youxue slowly reached out with her cold fingers and touched Yi Ping. She could feel the incessant heat that was from him. 

 She immediately thought, “So this is losing chastity? Between a man and a woman?” Her heart began to beat rapidly as she flustered shyly. She shyly began to lie down on Yi Ping’s chest gently and removing her strap as she felt the warmth of his body…

 “Weird. Why I am feeling so warm? Is it because of the positive energy of the Celestial Force?”

 But before she could give a second thought, she grasped aloud for she was suddenly seized by Yi Ping who had hugged her tightly as he muttered, “So comfortable…so comfortable…so cool to the touch…”

 Youxue grasped shyly, “He…we…I am his now. Yi Ping, you…are hurting me. I can’t breathe…I have heard it will hurt…”

 Yi Ping had broken into cold dripping sweat as he opened his eyes. It was because he had suddenly realized he was hugging the cold silky body of a fragrant maiden who was muttering incoherent. To his startled horror, it was Xiao Youxue! 

 His first thought was of course, where was he and why were they holding each other in this intimate position. He dare not move for he was paralyzed with inaction as he thought panicky, “What should I do?”

 While Lie Qing was a most mesmerizing maiden and Lingfeng was a most alluring maiden, Youxue was a most enchanting maiden. Even if he wanted to push her away, it was a most difficult thing to do even though they were not doing anything but just embracing. Moreover, they were in such an awkward position, 

 Youxue was muttering, “Yi Ping…do you feel much better?” as her wet tears dripped down his body.

 The resistance of his Absolute Spirits seemed to have melted away and all of a sudden, his heart began to experience an extremely sharp pain. He endured the pain because he was used to the pain. The pain of watching his mother died before his very own eyes were a much agony pain than any pains in the world. But the miracle thing happened, as soon as Youxue’s tears dripped on his heart, his pain immediately eased and he was comfortable again. The heart rendering pain that he had endured ever since had totally vanished! 

 But still he dare not move even as he could sniff the sweet fragrant of her strands of hair that were tickling his nose. In fact, his heart was now beating rapidly as he could feel the electrifying sensation of her smooth back…

 Yi Ping asked himself panicky, “What shall I do?”

 Unknown to Youxue when she was in the embrace of Yi Ping, he had just completed a titanic struggle with the Celestial Force that was in his body and had just awakened from a deep unconscious sleep. 

 The powerful Celestial Force of the Celestial Liege overwhelmed his equilibrium intricate force after he had sustained internal injuries in the ensuring conflict, causing it to be imbalance. Without a stable intricate energy force, the Celestial Force could not be purge out from his body with his own effort. 

 However, the constant agonizing struggle with the Celestial Force reawakened the Eternal Heavenly Tears Intricate Energy that his mother had previously channeled and hidden in his vessel meridian channel. As the extreme pure positive energy of the Celestial Force clashed with the extreme cold negative of the Eternal Heavenly Tears, these two forces neutralized one another and were absorbed into the Aspire Invocation’s equilibrium intricate energy force, achieving balance once again. 

 Not only had Yi Ping now reached the highest level of the Aspire Invocation Force, his internal strength also received a tremendous boast, breaking through several limitations as his equilibrium force grew in strength, evolving into the absolute equilibrium force! 

 There was a limit to the internal strength that could be gained by internal energy cultivation and that limit was known as the Intricate Energy Limitation or sixty years of internal energy cultivation. Afterwards, it was painfully slow. The only way to cumulative more martial power was through the use of superior martial skills that could boast martial power temporary such as the Asper Horizon Hands and the Invincible Divine Force, which drained the practitioner of their precious internal strength and intricate energy at a rapid rate. This also caused them to be more vulnerable to internal injuries as they lost the use of their naturally defensive martial force. 

 The absolute equilibrium force was not only a much stronger martial force than the equilibrium force; it could also correct and realign the vital energy forces of the practitioner unconsciously, even healing internal injuries at a rapid rate! 

 Previously, Yi Ping’s Asper Horizon Hands could cause him to be more vulnerable to attacks in exchange for more martial power. The rebound force of the absolute equilibrium force could restore that balance and enabling him to use the Asper Horizon Hand in a much shorter notice without harming his body.

 Of course, Yi Ping did not know any of these now. He was more concerned about how to get out of this awkward situation and it was not something he could solve with his martial skills.

 Youxue was muttering incoherently and innocently until she had suddenly fallen asleep. It was because she was really too tired and did not sleep the entire time Yi Ping was fighting for his life. 

 Yi Ping had noticed immediately that Youxue seemed to be sound asleep. It was really a most excellent opportunity for him to get out of this awkward situation by gently moving her aside.

 Just as he was about to do so, he heard familiar voices as they entered the room.

 Lie Qing said, “We look everywhere but can’t find Youxue. Maybe she is here. But then, the three of you is what we needed.”

 Lingfeng was saying, “It is indeed an oversight. Why didn’t we think of that earlier?”

 Ding Yun said gently, “It is because we have too many things in our heart and missed the most obvious.”

 Lie Qing said, “That’s because we all thought Yu’Er and Mei’Er is unable to practice the Holy Pureness. That is why we have missed something so obvious. And moreover, Youxue is dual balancing the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Divine Virtuous Force. She obviously cannot learn the Holy Pureness. The risk of a deviation phenomenon is simply too high for her. 

 Yu’Er said, “Sister Lingfeng, quickly teach Mei’Er and I the Holy Pureness. With the internal strength from the three of us, we surely can plunge the Celestial Force out of master.”

 Lingfeng laughed softly, “We haven’t reached yet. Later we must exercise extreme caution. Remember to listen to all my instructions…”

 Mei’Er suddenly grasped with a sudden shock. She was eager to check on Yi Ping and was the first to enter the room. 

 Her startled cry alarmed Lie Qing, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Ding Yun as they hastened inside the room with utmost urgency! 

 They were all thinking of the same thing; had something happened to Yi Ping?!

 One by one, they gave a startled grasping shock as they saw Yi Ping and Youxue in a intimating embrace together and moreover, they were not wearing anything.

 Yi Ping had turned completely red; his ears, his cheeks and his neck when he saw them. 

 He immediately said panicky, “This is not what you have all imagine. I do not know what is happening too!”

 Youxue was immediately startled by him as she opened her eyes.

 She was startled that Yi Ping had awakened and he was holding her body to him. She flushed so deeply that she did not know what to do…

 Mei’Er suddenly said to Lingfeng, “Sister Lingfeng, didn’t you say that this method does not work?”

 Lingfeng was so flustered that she did not know how to reply her.

 Yu’Er was muttering incoherently, “Master Yi Ping…”

 Youxue was startled. She quickly turned around and grasped. It was because she had saw Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er; they were all looking at Yi Ping and her in a fluster manner!

 Yi Ping stammered, “I…we…it is really not what has happened…”

 But before he could finish, Youxue had interrupted shyly with a whisper. “I have already given my chastity to Ping’Er…”

 This immediately stunned Yi Ping and everyone else that was in the room, as evidenced by the number of startled grasps and stunned astonishments!

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Chapter 53: The Martial Sage

 It was late at night and there were four men drinking heavily in the pavilion. 

 Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were drowning their sorrows with binge after binge of wines. The floor and the table were scattered with flasks and jars of wines. They were just drinking flasks after flasks of wines and none of them had said a single word throughout the night. 

 Gongsun Jing was drinking alone when Yi Ping popped in with more jars of wine in his hands as he sat down. 

 He was thinking bitterly, “You have so many ladies as company and you choose to drink with me?”

 Even before Yi Ping had sat down, Qiu Wufeng had walked to the pavilion with more jars of wines. Without saying a word, he began to drink from one of the jars of wine that he had brought with him. 

 Gongsun Jing was startled, “What is wrong with Brother Wufeng?”

 Even before his thoughts had settled, Nangong Le had walked to the pavilion in a half-drunk state, “Good, there is more wines here.” And he just took a jar of wine that was on the table and began to drink.

 After some time, Gongsun Jing could not resist the temptation to ask anymore. “All of you. What is wrong with all of you? I thought that I am the only who is unhappy here. How come everyone is drinking their sorrows?”

 Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly, “You can’t be as unhappy as I am.”

 Yi Ping laughed sadly as he drowned another flask of wine, “Not you I am.”

 Nangong Le banged the table with his hand, “You? You will be unhappy? There so many extraordinary beautiful maidens around you. Will you be unhappy? Is this a joke?”

 Yi Ping sighed, “Precisely it is because of them that it is causing me so much distress now.”

 Gongsun Jing said quietly, “Brother Yi Ping, do you mind sharing with us what actually is bothering you? Maybe we can help.”

 Yi Ping sighed sorrowfully, “It is rather embarrassing.” 

 Qiu Wufeng said, “If you don’t share, how do you know that you are unhappier than us? Since we are already here and are brothers, is there anything we cannot share?”

 Nangong Le rebuked him wobbly, “Wines can be shared and talks can be shared but women, no.”

 Qiu Wufeng asked, “Which maiden has caused such distress in you?”

 Nangong Le was startled, “How do you know?”

 Qiu Wufeng smiled awkwardly, “Is there anything else other than women that can cause you to gloom over it?”

 Nangong Le said, “There is. Money is one of them.”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “Obviously it is not now for you.”

 Gongsun Jing said, “Since we all have a problem, why don’t we share it? Maybe it will make us feel better. Brother Yi Ping, will you like to start first? It seems that none of us believe that you can be troubled as much as we do.”

 Yi Ping hummed coldly, “After I have shared my miseries with you, you will know how troubled I am.” 

 He sighed and his eyes were downcast as he began to relate the source of his sorrows.

 When he had just regained conscious, he found himself in a compromising and intimating embrace with a semi-nude Youxue. Before he had realized what was happening, Mei’Er, Yu’Er, Lingfeng, Lie Qing and Ding Yun had walked in with stunned looks at the scene.

 Before he could explain, Youxue had said shyly. “I have already given my chastity to Ping’Er…”

 Lingfeng recovered from her initial shock as she whimpering tearfully. “Hmph! At first I don’t believe what Brother Huo Fu has said about you being alone with a maiden in the cave. But now I do. Now it all makes sense to me. Now I know how the Celestial Fairy and how the Joyful Goddess succumbed to you one by one, one after another!” 

 She purposely dragged her sentence long because she wanted to let her hurtful feelings sink into Yi Ping’s heart so that he would forever remember what she had just said to him! 

 When she had said everything that was in her heart, she burst into tears and stormed out of the room!

 Mei’Er cried out, “You are no longer our Master!” 

 Immediately after she had made her outcry, she left the room in tears.

 Yu’Er stared hatefully at Yi Ping and left without saying a word. Unlike Mei’Er, Yu’Er rarely talk to strangers. When she could not be bothered to say anything to him now; that already spoke volumes of her heartbreak! 

 Lie Qing said coldly, “So all along, you are just putting on an act in front of us. You have victimized Sister Youxue and yet you refuse to admit what you have done. No wonder, Lele has your…I am really disappointed in you…my heart is cold now and filled with darkness. Like all men, you cannot be trusted!”

 Yi Ping quickly said, “Qing’Er, hear me out. This is really not what you have imagined…”

 He tried to pull Youxue away from him until he suddenly realized that she was shyly holding onto him tightly…

 Lie Qing interrupted him coldly as her tears flowed silently down her cheeks, “Tomorrow at noon, prepare your swords. We will duel in a sword fight and cease only when one of us is dead.”

 She stormed out angrily. 

 Youxue comforted Yi Ping, “Don’t worry, Ping’Er. Tomorrow I will help you. You need more rest to fully recuperate from your injuries. She suggests a sword duel but must we adhere to a sword duel? If I insist on an intricate strokes martial duel, there is nothing she can protest about.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Youxue, you should know. You have fought with her at the Longevity Hall of the Tranquil Clan before. Even though Qing’Er never left the sight of her sword, her intricate strokes are even more startling than her swordplay.”

 Youxue muttered, “I won’t give her any advantage and knows her disadvantage. I will prolong the fight and drawn her into exhausting her martial power…”

 Only Ding Yun was still standing with her usual quiet demeanor in the room. But something in her eyes tell him that something was not right. 

 Yi Ping panicked said, “Yun, hear me out first. I know that you are the most understanding…”

 But Ding Yun ignored Yi Ping as she muttered incoherent, “Youxue, I have ruined you. I…”

 Youxue was suddenly cold. She had seen the reactions of Lingfeng, Mei’Er, Yu’Er and Lie Qing as they stormed out one by one. 

 She said coldly, “This is not Ping’Er fault. Why are you all reacting in such an awful manner? I did it willingly and…and we will eventually be married to each other. It is just a matter of sooner or later!” 

 Yi Ping was startled to hear this coming from Youxue as he muttered, “Youxue…”

 Ding Yun looked at Yi Ping coldly even as she said to Youxue, “I know that by now, nothing that I have said will convince you to change your minds. But do you know why we are so upset?”

 Youxue asked coldly, “What else? You must all be jealous to see that I am the one that had resuscitated Ping’Er.”

 Yi Ping was startled. So it was Youxue that had saved his life and purge out the conflicting Celestial Force from his body. Instantly, he was filled with gratuity for her as he thought silently, “Youxue, you have sacrificed your chastity and yet you have to endure so much humiliation for my sake. It must be hard on you…alas…once again, you have saved my life. Why am I so useless?”

 Ding Yun said quietly, “Yi Ping has lied to us all. He can purge the Celestial Force on his own. But he had pretended otherwise. Do you know we have been so worried for him and we did not sleep a wink? Instead…instead of being honest with you, he had taken advantage of you!”

 Youxue said coldly, “I don’t know what you are saying. That is so unlike you, Sister Yun. This is too irrational isn’t it? It is impossible for Ping’Er to fake his injuries with so many sharp eyes around…”

 Ding Yun said, “A normal practitioner may not be able to. But a super martial exponent is able to. Don’t you find that it is weird that Yi Ping is able to defeat the Celestial Liege but yet he can be afflicted by the Celestial Force? Since he can fight the Celestial Liege on equal terms, the Celestial Force can never overcome his inherent martial force and invade his meridian channels. That’s not possible at all. Have you ever thought of that? Is that considered irrational, if you come to think of that? The fact is, he doesn’t seem to be afflicted at all and from the looks of it, he looks perfectly vigorous.”

 Youxue said shyly, “That is because he has…absorbed my cold and negative intricate energy when I sacrificed my chastity for him. It is exactly like what the Celestial Liege has said. Yi Ping is young and he is naturally stronger than most. So it is not surprising that after that one exchange, he has recovered. What’s so strange about it? Why are all of you thinks that Ping’Er has taken advantage of me and has lied to all of you, just because…just because…it does not go according to what you have planned? There are always exceptional in many things. What’s so astounding and strange about all this?”

 Ding Yun said, “Sister, you are too naïve and too innocent. You…I explain to you when you have calmed down first.”

 She said turned coldly to Yi Ping, “You really disappointed me. Since that day in the valley, I have already pledged my heart to you and I considered myself to be your wife. No matter how bad you are…no matter how despicable you are…if tomorrow Lie Qing kills you; I will take my own life too!”

 She left the room in tears! 

 Yi Ping was startled as he muttered incoherently in bewilderment as he thought, “What did I do actually?!”

 Youxue muttered shyly as she embraced him, “Ping’Er, why is that I can sense that your martial force seems to be different now? There seems to be a strong inherent force now. And weird, why is that I cannot feel your Icy Heavenly Tears anymore? Strange, it shouldn’t just vanish like this. When you have consumed the Thousand Year Ice Fish, it should be stronger than ever. Don’t tell me, don’t tell me, your Icy Heavenly Tears has merged with the Celestial Force?!”

 However, Yi Ping was not paying attention to her mutterings as he was still looking forlornly at the room entrance…

 Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le were looking at Yi Ping with startled expressions.

 Qiu Wufeng muttered with astonishment, “So you are saying, you have fallen out with Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lie Qing, Ding Yun and Lingfeng?”

 Nangong Le was even more startled, “You and Youxue…? You have really taken her chastity?”

 Yi Ping drowned another flask of wine as he said bitterly, “So, is anyone of you more unfortunate and more miserable than I am?”

 Gongsun Jing who was quiet until now, laughed bitterly. “You think you are miserable? You think you are more miserable than me?”

 Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng and Yi Ping were startled by Gongsun Jing outburst.

 Gongsun Jing sighed sorrowfully, “I used to be the Young Master of the renowned Honor Manor which is the most powerful orthodox clan in the entire fraternity, enjoying the admiration and envy of the entire fraternity. But now, I am just a wanted man on the run…”

 Yi Ping interrupted, “You blame Ding Yun?”

 Gongsun Jing shook his head, “She is really a gentle maiden and a pitiful maiden. I do like her a lot. Alas…she likes you Yi Ping, take good care of her. But you know. Even if she isn’t with you, we cannot be together. It is an undeniable fact that that my father is killed by her sword…”

 Yi Ping was silent. 

 Nangong Le muttered incoherently, “That isn’t something new at all. Do you need to drink yourself silly over some old memories?”

 Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “Of course, that’s not all. I was scolded as a beast in disguise. This is the first time that I am being so mindful…”

 Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly, “Do you mean Suxin? You like her?”

 Gongsun Jing was startled, “You know?”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “Actually you don’t have to be so bothered about it. Lingfeng has already explained and clear everything. It is just that we don’t have any evidence to prove our innocents…alas…”

 Gongsun Jing asked, “Why are you sighing? You seem even more eager to find the proof more than I.”

 Qiu Wufeng made deep sighs, “It’s Sufeng…to think that I will like someone from the unorthodox clan. The Qiu Martial Clan has always been reputable in the fraternity…not only have I destroy all my clan repute, I have lost everything now. I don’t know what she thinks of me. Alas…is anyone of you more miserable than me?”

 Yi Ping and Nangong Le immediately said, “This wine is a toast for you!”

 Qiu Wufeng startling halt them, “Don’t you finish all the wine and please leave some for me. Both of you sound more like taking advantage of the situation to finish all the wines. You scoundrels…alas…never mind…”

 Nangong Le sighed, “Getting disowned by my father is one thing but none of you can be more miserable than I am tonight.”

 Qiu Wufeng hummed, “I don’t believe.”

 Nangong Le said bitterly, “At least all is not lost with you, Brother Wufeng. The same goes to Brother Jing too. At least Brother Yi Ping can still try his best to explain and at least there is still Youxue who is still willing to listen…”

 Yi Ping interrupted, “Tomorrow at noon I am going to get killed by Qing’Er. Is this some kind of a small comfort?”

 Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “Why don’t you come to the point immediately?”

 Nangong Le sighed deeply, “I got rejected tonight by Suyue…alas.”

 Everyone was startled.

 Qiu Wufeng stammered, “You actually approach Suyue and make advances to her?”

 Nangong Le sighed even deeper, “She says I am Nangong Le the Flirtatious and completely rejected me. My reputation is so bad…why didn’t Lingfeng clarify for me…”

 Gongsun Jing smiled even more bitterly, “You have been known as Nangong Le the Flirtatious for as long as I can remember. Nothing can change that.”

 Nangong Le said, “I thought I am known as Nangong Le the Joyous?”

 Qiu Wufeng laughed, “That’s because they are giving you some face saving measures on accord of the Nangong Clan in the fraternity. But that’s what everyone is calling you behind your back.”

 Nangong Le was stunned, “This is the first time I have known about it. How come none of my friends have ever told me that?”

 All of a sudden, everyone had noticed that Yi Ping had frozen and was looking in his opposite direction.

 Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng quickly turned around and were startled to see Xiao Youxue who was just standing quietly. There was a forbidden cold demeanor around her that was terrifying to behold. 

 From the look of it, she had been standing there for quite some time.

 Youxue said coldly, “Ping’Er, how could you tell everyone about us and describing it?”

 She hummed coldly before she storm off indignantly! 

 Yi Ping asked, “Now who is the most miserable?”

 “There are so much wines lying around here? It seems that my guests forget that we are under siege and taking the opportunity to empty my wine cellar, leaving none for me?”

 It was the Holy Sectarian Master, Ji Wuzheng! 

 They quickly rose to pay their respects except for Nangong Le who was too drunk to stand. 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “It seems that none of you are as miserable as me.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “What makes you say so?”

 Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng looked curiously at him. 

 Ji Wuzheng sighed, “My wines are almost finished up by you guys. The Holy Hex Sect is on the brink of destruction. My sister, Lingfeng is crying tearfully. I have just recently lost four Guardians of the Holy Chapter. My daughters have suddenly gone quiet. Who can be more miserable than I am?”

 He sighed, adding. “Do you know that the Orthodox Clans have issued me a challenge in three days’ time? I have already accepted it. There are simple too many sacrifices and too many innocents that have perished. Perhaps that is the best course of action. If I am willing to accept their challenge, then they will be willing to spare the Holy Hex Sect from total destruction. Of course, they want my sister Lingfeng the Holy Maiden and our sacred relic the Heavenly Relic as a pledge of peace if we lose the duels.”

 He hummed coldly, “That is after all, their real objectives. In additional, they want six persons from me; the four of you plus Maiden Youxue and Maiden Yun. The four of you will be handed over to the Honor Manor to be executed and to appease the orthodox fraternity. Maiden Youxue and Maiden Yun will be handed over to the Virtuous Palace. If you are in my shoe, what will you do?” 

 Everyone was silent. Compared to Holy Sectarian Master Ji Wuzheng’s problems, theirs were actually trivial. 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “The four of you are young and have a bright future. What’s there to worry about? A hero will always pick himself up. If there are difficulties, he will overcome it. The four of you have come all the way from the Central Fraternity to aid the Holy Hex Sect to fight the Honor Manor. It is indeed admirable.”

 Gongsun Jing was blunt, “It is because our feuds with the Honor Manor are not something that we can hope to end alone. We just hope that at least we can fight against a common enemy together and at least stand a better chance to settle our score with the Honor Manor once and for all. Even if we have failed, at least our deaths will not be in vain!”

 Ji Wuzheng immediately clapped his hand on the table, “Great aspirations!”

 He paused for a while before asking, “Have you heroes thought of joining the Holy Hex Sect instead?”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “The Holy Hex Sect is an unorthodox clan. I’m from the orthodox clan…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “What is orthodox and what is unorthodox? Just because the Holy Hex Sect has our own beliefs, we are branded unorthodox? Just because we settle our feuds with the other martial clans in an open manner, we are called the unorthodox sects? The so call righteous orthodox martial clans are the ones that are attacking us. In name, they are avenging the death of the Old Sword Saint. In secret, the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace are actually trying to seize our Heavenly Relic. Can their actions be considered orthodox or even righteous?”

 Yi Ping said, “Even though my knowledge is limited and maybe you are right but good can only falter for a while and not vanquished. The recognized orthodox clans have fought hard to be recognized as part of the orthodox martial fraternity. Even though these orthodox clans can be misled and even their leadership can be evil for a time, it will soon revert to the orthodox in due time. If an unorthodox clan wants to be an orthodox clan, then it will need to prove itself and take steps to move forward to that direction. That’s why these orthodox clans are able to endure for centuries, with many ups and downs. As for the unorthodox clans, how many actually survived for long? If an unorthodox clan is not careful, it may even drift and becomes a secret heretic clan, unable to do things in the open and can only operate in the darkness.”

 Ji Wuzheng was silent for a while, “I do have the intention to bring the Holy Hex Sect to be part of the orthodox martial fraternity. But prejudice against our sect runs deep in the orthodox martial fraternity or else they won’t raise their arms against us and view us as a threat.”

 Yi Ping said, “Then it has to depend if the ascendency of the Holy Hex Sect in the fraternity is your lofty ambition to dominate others by your strength or be recognized by the fraternity.”

 Ji Wuzheng asked, “Is there a difference?”

 Yi Ping said, “To dominate over others will bring a grudging feeling. To be recognized by others will bring a grudging respect. I don’t know what actually happens during the duel between the Old Sword Saint and you. Everyone says that you have caused the death of the Sword Saint and hence, your next step is domination over the martial fraternity.”

 Ji Wuzheng hummed coldly, “These are mere rumors. With my martial skills and swordplay, I don’t have a chance against the Old Sword Saint. Our secret duel is a contest over our sect intricate internal skills, the Holy Amalgamate Skill and the Infinitude Recite. At that time, both of us are seeking a breakthrough. The duel was just an internal strength contest to test our limits. Both of us know the dangerous risk involved but we willingly decide to take this peril to accomplish what we had in mind.”

 He looked at Yi Ping keenly, “You know. It was in fact a draw between the Old Sword Saint and me. Your father Yi Tianxing has imparted to me the Divine Revelation. When used together with the Holy Amalgamate Skill, the Holy Amalgamate Skill just narrowly won over the Infinitude Recite. The Old Sword Saint acknowledged defeat only because he had thought that would help the Holy Hex Sect regain its standing in the fraternity. He told me if he did not secretly watch the duel between Yi Tianxing and my father, Ji Yunzhong that day, his martial progress would still be hindered. So he is just returning a favor to my father.”

 Yi Ping was startled, “I didn’t…Lingfeng didn’t tell me…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “No one else knows the exact details of our secret duel, not even Lingfeng. I survive my internal injuries because I am younger. But the Old Sword Saint eventually crumbles to his injuries. It is not a secret in the fraternity that I have sent an invitation to challenge the Old Sword Saint. When the Old Sword Saint dies, everyone just assumed that the duel we had is not an honorable one.”

 Gongsun Jing interrupted, “Why didn’t you explain? The Honor Manor, my father Gongsun Bai has assumed that your next intention is to challenge his position in the fraternity…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “No one from the orthodox clans will give me a fair hearing. Moreover, it is not something I really cares about. What the orthodox clans likes to think are actually their own business, don’t you think so too? Furthermore, your father Gongsun Bai has the lofty ambition to dominate the entire fraternity. This is just an excuse for him to bring the other fraternities forcefully under his control. You should know this more clearly than me.”

 Gongsun Jing muttered, “That is true…my father’s ambitions killed him…”

 Yi Ping and Gongsun Jing exchanged looks. Yi Ping had gone to the Honor Manor to seek vendetta for his parents but the irony happened. The son of his enemy would actually become his sworn brother and they now had a common enemy; Gu Tianle and the Honor Manor. 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “If heroes do not mind, why don’t you join the Holy Hex Sect? I won’t give you a lowly position. How about becoming the new Guardians of the Holy Chapter? The Guardian position is similar to a deputy clan leader in the Holy Hex Sect.”

 Qiu Wufeng was startled, “Join the unorthodox clan? That’s impossible…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Orthodox or unorthodox, it is just the action that we do. If you have the righteousness in your heart, why are you fearful of being in an unorthodox clan?”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “If we survive this, I hope to restore my clan honor and position in the fraternity. I can’t afford to stay in the Holy Hex Sect.”

 Gongsun Jing nodded, “So am I…”

 Yi Ping said, “I am afraid that I may not live that long and moreover, there are many things waiting for me to do…”

 All of a sudden, Nangong Le said drunkenly. “I am willing! I have nothing now! If it means I can be close to Suyue, I am willing!”

 Ji Wuzheng was startled as he thought, “This rascal is interested in my daughter Suyue? Bringing him into the Holy Hex Sect is like bring a wolf in sheep clothing into the sect. But I have already made known my intentions and can’t retract it. Hmmm…if I cannot retract my words, I can force him to quit by making things difficult for him once he is my clan protégé…”

 So he smiled at Nangong Le, “Welcome, welcome. You are now the Guardian of the Holy Chapter. How about the Guardian of the Third Holy chapter?”

 Nangong Le laughed, “That’s good. What are my monthly wages and benefits?”

 Ji Wuzheng was startled. In the fraternity, the pugilists did not talk about wages and benefits so bashfully. Rather they would talk about loyalty and clan rules first. Moreover, once he has decided to join, Nangong Le has to respect him as the sect master. He found himself disliking this Nangong Le and decided to make things really difficult for him. It is also to protect his daughter Suyue from him. 

 But before he could answer Nangong Le, Nangong Le had fallen to the floor in his drunken state. 

 Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were secretly thinking, “Brother Nangong is going to be dead very soon if he joins the Holy Hex Sect…”

 If Nangong Le were not the self-proclaim sworn brother of Yi Ping; Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng would never become his sworn brothers. It was because Nangong Le had virtually no real friends except for Priest Ling Kongquan and Priest Liu Qingcheng as his insolence and lack of common etiquette in the fraternity basically offended everyone. That explained the hostile stares that he had received from Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng at the Honor Manor when he had arrived late and making a huge scene. 

 Yi Ping muttered in his half-drunken state and did not noticed that Nangong Le had already been completely knock off, “Congrats to Brother Nangong as the new Guardian of the Holy Chapter…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Since young heroes do not want to join the Holy Hex Sect, why don’t we become sworn brothers instead? If you don’t mind having an unorthodox person as a brother…”

 Yi Ping said immediately, “I am willing!”

 Gongsun Jing said, “If you don’t mind a down and trodden person as a brother, I am willing too.”

 Qiu Wufeng hesitated for a while. It was because the concept of orthodox and unorthodox was too deeply ingrained in him. But when he thought of Sufeng, he immediately said. “I am willing too! So what if I am no longer from the orthodox? I am no longer a member of the orthodox ever since I am forced to be on the run!”

 Ji Wuzheng smiled, “Very good. From now on, I am your eldest brother. If you need any help or request, please feel freely to ask from me!”

 All of a sudden, Qiu Wufeng got up and was about to walk off when Gongsun Jing caught hold of him, “Brother Wufeng, where are you going?”

 Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly, “I am going to tell Sufeng that I am no longer an exponent of the orthodox martial fraternity. I am going to tell her…she be delighted. She likes me…I can tell…Brothers, talk to you later…”

 He broke free of Gongsun Jing and left hastily even as Ji Wuzheng was looking at him with a stunned look.

 Ji Wuzheng had not yet recovered from the shock of hearing that Qiu Wufeng was actually interested in his daughter Sufeng when Gongsun Jing hastily got up as he muttered, “That’s right. I got to tell Suxin as well…”

 Ji Wuzheng was in a complete shock as he muttered incoherently, “Did I do the right thing by becoming their eldest brother? Now I got to help them freely in whatever they have requested. Moreover now it is so late at night and they are so drunk. Oh no!...”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping and Ji Wuzheng had heard startled cries. Even though the startled cries were almost inaudible, they were able to pick it up due to their superior hearing. 

 Yi Ping could even recognize the startle cries as coming from Yu’Er and Mei’Er. Their voices had completely died down almost immediately, leading Yi Ping to fear the worst had happened to them. The twin sisters were not weak; for anyone to silence them almost immediately indicated that the assailant was a dangerous exponent. 

 He quickly pulled himself out of the drunken state with the Absolute Spirits as he said gravely, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er are in danger!”

 And he had quickly turned around and sped towards their startled cries.

 Ji Wuzheng was startled to see his astounding swiftness speed display as he caught up with him, “You don’t have to worry. The only way up to this place is a narrow ridge and it is guarded by a dozen elite protégés of the sect at all times. Unless the intruder can fly, there is no way he can reach the Holy Chapter. It must be a rat that has startled them.”

 Yi Ping nodded solemnly but there was no mistaking the anxious looks on his face. 

 They quickly arrived at the scene only to find an old man trying to silence Yu’Er and Mei’Er as they grasped for breathe! 

 Yi Ping immediately shouted, “Who are you!”

 Ji Wuzheng was startled. How did a stranger get into the premises of the Holy Chapter that was surrounded by sheer mountain walls from all sides?

 The old man quickly turned around and whispered, “Not so loud. I am busy.”

 Yi Ping had immediately attacked the old man, displaying the Divine Horizon Hands! “You lecherous old man! How dare you lay your hands on Yu’Er and Mei’Er!”

 The old man hummed coldly, “Young man, you don’t know who you fighting…”

 He was suddenly startled when Yi Ping unleashed flurrying blows of blows onto him as he shouted, “Good martial strokes! Good martial power! Now this is something I have been expecting. Are you Ji Wuzheng then? No wait, this is the Divine Horizon Hands…”

 All of a sudden, the old man had raised his palm and had pushed Yi Ping back with a thunderous blow that exploded loudly! 

 Yi Ping was stunned at the martial power of this old man even as he quickly recovered his balance!!!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er quickly recovered as they cried tearfully into Yi Ping’s embrace. 

 Yi Ping held them tightly, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er. Don’t worry I am here. Don’t be afraid. Did he take advantage of you? What happens?”

 Yu’Er sniffed, “Master, you are here! You never forget your Yu’Er?”

 Yi Ping was startled, “Of course I won’t…”

 Mei’Er asked tearfully, “You won’t forget Mei’Er too?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Of course I won’t…what is going on here?”

 Mei’Er looked relieved as she pointed at the old man, “This crazy old man just appears out of the blue, assaulted us and rumbling senseless stuff! He keeps asking where is Xian’Er. We don’t know what he is talking about!”

 The old man was clearly offended as he clapped his potty belly, “What crazy old man? Young lass, mind your manners. Do you know who I am? I am asking you some questions but not only have you refuse to answer me, you have even tried to attack me. I am only trying to get you to quiet down! Where did you get your swords? Even if these two swords turn to ashes, I can tell that it belongs to Xian’Er!”

 Yu’Er interrupted, “We don’t know who your Xian’Er is. Fancy an old man like you is still lusting over a maiden. That is a little too outrageous, don’t you think so? You dirty filthy old man!”

 The old man roared with anger, “You…you! Wait till I get my hands on you! If you don’t tell me where you get those swords, don’t blame me for being a lot dirtier than you think!”

 Yi Ping stepped forward with an angry look as he displayed his opening stance of the Divine Horizon Hand, the Heavens Horizon Stance! 

 The old man said to Yi Ping, “I recognized the Divine Horizon Hand. So you are that Yi Ping. To think that the Divine Horizon Clan has such a deplorable descendant like you. You have really disgraced the good name of the Divine Horizon Clan!”

 Yu’Er immediately said, “Master, be careful. There is a force within a force in his martial force. All in all, there are three continuous forces with each wave growing more powerful than the previous one. That is how he had overpowered us and caught us unaware. I have never seen such a martial force technique before.”

 Mei’Er nodded as she said, “Be careful Master.”

 Ji Wuzheng was startled when he had heard Yu’Er describing the details of this old man martial display. He quickly warned Yi Ping, “Be careful! He is one of the superb super exponents of the Martial Fraternity. He's the Martial Sage from the Ironclad Clan, one of the Three Sages. He is also known as the Invincible Ironfist!”

 The Martial Sage hummed coldly, “Now you are scare?”

 Ji Wuzheng said angrily to the old man, “I am Ji Wuzheng. How dare did you sneak into the Holy Chapter! Is that how the orthodox exponents go around with their dirty business?”

 The Martial Sage hummed coldly, “So you are Ji Wuzheng? I have been looking everywhere for you. So you are the one that have killed Brother Zuo? Good, good. Then we can settle our score here tonight! You want to fight me at the same time or one by one? You can even call all the Guardians of the Holy Chapter and I won’t even be afraid. If you don’t tell me where is Xian’Er, then I will just have to turn the entire place upside down!”

 Ji Wuzheng took out the card that had issued by the Honor Manor and threw it to him, “The Honor Manor has just issued me a challenge that is due to be held in three days and both sides have to observe a truce for three days. And now you are attacking the Holy Hex Sect. Is this what the Honor Manor meant by a truce?”

 The Martial Sage was startled, “There is a truce? I really did not know.”

 He really did not know for he had spent many days scaling the sheer cliffs of the Holy Amalgamate Mountains. That was why he could sneak into the Holy Chapter so silently. No one had expected an intruder to come from the back mountains! 

 He quickly opened the invitation card to read the contents as he muttered, “So it is true…”

 By his startled expressions, Ji Wuzheng guessed that the Martial Sage was not aware of it. So he said, “Respected old senior, you can leave now. If you want to take vendetta on me, then you have to wait for three more days! Even if you are a legend of the martial fraternity, you still have to adhere to the rules of the martial fraternity!”

 The Martial Sage said, “Not so easy. I have to take back these two maidens away first.”

 Yu’Er immediately said, “You…can you consider yourself to be a legend of the martial fraternity and a hero? Why don’t you fight someone that is in the same seniority as you? If my protégé mistress is here, she will surely kick your ***!” 

 The Martial Sage laughed aloud, “Young lass, even if you ask your protégé mistress to come, even your protégé mistress’s protégés mistress and even your protégé mistress’s grand protégé mistress to come, they are all not my match!”

 Mei’Er interrupted coldly, “What’s an insolent old man!”

 Yi Ping said, “Then what about me then? I happen to be their protégé master. Let me teach you a lesson!”

 The Martial Sage laughed, “You! Young man! You are so young and are their protégé master? What’s a joke! From their lingering and affectionate eyes that are on you, they are more like your little sweethearts!”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er immediately flushed. 

 The Martial Sage had suddenly attacked Yi Ping with a powerful forward blow, “Let me test your martial foundation first!”

 Yi Ping immediately reacted and retaliated with the Asper Horizon Hand! 

 There were a thunderous blow and the impact created such a bursting windforce that it immediately sent Ji Wuzheng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er scurrying backward! 

 Just as Yi Ping had caught the Martial Sage’s blow, all of a sudden, there was a second stronger martial force pushing through his Asper Horizon Hand! 

 Yi Ping quickly muster all his martial power and managed to suppress this second martial force but no sooner had he stopped the second martial force, a third martial force made its way through his palm, knocking him backward! 

 Yi Ping slide backward before he was took several forced steps to steady his balance!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were panicky as they cried out, “Master, are you alright? Are you hurt? Where are you hurting?”

 Yi Ping coughed, “I’m alright…don’t worry…”

 The Martial Sage was astonished too. He did not expect Yi Ping to have such strong rebounding martial force as they clashed. This did not reached the result that he was hoping for so he said, “Young man, let’s fight again!”

 Ji Wuzheng had quickly stepped in front of the Martial Sage, “Old Senior. Everything ought to have a limit. You are in my premises now. Surely you know the rules of the martial fraternity? You have already vented your frustration. Surely that is enough?”

 All of a sudden, Mei’Er had unsheathed her long precious sword. The cold piercing sword energy of her sword could be felt by everyone as she displayed the Swallow Slash on the Martial Sage! 

 The Martial Sage quickly turned his palm into a fist as he caught the tip of her long sword between the fingers of his fist! He yawned, “Young lass, you are tens of years too early to even challenge me yet. I will look for you in three days’ time after the stupid truce.”

 Mei’Er was flabbergasted, “You dirty old man!”

 Yi Ping had once again displayed the Divine Horizon Hands as he charged at the Martial Sage even as Ji Wuzheng shouted to him, “Brother, that’s enough for tonight!”

 The Martial Sage hummed coldly, “Persistent young man!”

 All of a sudden, he raised both his fists together to receive the Divine Horizon Hands. When they were near, the Martial Sage suddenly displayed dozens of fists as he rained upon Yi Ping! 

 Yi Ping was in utter disbelief as the martial power of the Martial Sage scattered the martial power of his Divine Horizon Hands and knocked him flat onto the ground with a smashing thunderous impact! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were besides Yi Ping immediately as they cried and comforted him. 

 Yi Ping was struggling weakly on the ground and his entire body was trembling! He simply could not believe that his Divine Horizon Hands could fall apart in an instant as he stared blankly in bewilderment!” 

 The Martial Sage said coldly, “This is just a small lesson for you before I go. If it isn’t for an old friend of mine, I would have hit you even harder.”

 And he was gone in an instant! 

 Ji Wuzheng was stunned and was shivering. The martial display of the Martial Sage was too profound and difficult to deal with as he muttered, “The Invincible Ironfist…the Invincible Ironfist…”

 Yu’Er comforted Yi Ping, “Master, are you…alright?”

 Yi Ping was trembling and muttering, “Yu’Er, don’t worry about me. I am really alright. I just surprised that he seems to know the weakness of my Divine Horizon Hands so well…”

 As Mei’Er and Yu’Er were helping Yi Ping to stand, Mei’Er suddenly said. “Alas! I suddenly remember something!”

 Yu’Er asked, “What is it?”

 Mei’Er whispered, “Xian’Er? Isn’t that also our protégé mistress namesake?”

 Yu’Er smiled, “Our protégé mistress wouldn’t know such a dirty old man and won’t be bothered to even know him. It is just a coincident.”

 All of a sudden, there was a startled cry in the darkness. And it seemed to be from the Martial Sage! 

 Yi Ping, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ji Wuzheng were alarmed as they quickly dashed towards the direction of his cry.

 As they turned to a smaller courtyard, they saw Lie Qing, Youxue, Lingfeng and Ding Yun. They were all looking awkwardly at Yi Ping, Ji Wuzheng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er! 

 Yi Ping was startled to see them together. 

 Even more startling, the Martial Sage was now lying on the ground in a bloody condition! 

 Ji Wuzheng asked in alarm, “What’s happen? Do you know that we have a truce with the Orthodox Clans at this moment and I have just allowed him to go back to his side?!”

 Lie Qing was stroking her long hair as she looked sheepish, “He is not dead yet. We have already restraint ourselves.”

 She added, “This dirty old man has intentional knocked into us without apologizing. After I have tried to ask for an apology from him, he keeps saying he is the legend of the martial fraternity and there is no need for him to apologize to anyone. And he even tries to grab me. Out of self-defense, I hit too hard and he is now lying like this.”

 Youxue said almost inaudibly, “I only hit him just a few times…”

 Yi Ping said weakly, “Not many people can survive a direct hit from your Penetrating Hands…”

 Ding Yun smiled weakly, “I…only hit him once with my scabbard…”

 Yi Ping muttered, “Your martial power imbued scabbard can kill almost anyone…”

 Lingfeng said, “I only hit him once with the Asper Horizon Hand…and once with the Great Dissolution Skill…his martial power is so terrifying. I didn’t know that Sister Lie Qing has already subdued him…”

 Yi Ping muttered, “Two of the most powerful divine skills in the martial fraternity, used at the same time and doing a direct hit…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Do you know who he is?”

 All of them shook their heads.

 Ji Wuzheng smiled bitterly, “He is the Martial Sage, one of the Three Sages and also the grand protégé master of the Ironclad Clan. He didn’t lie to you. He is indeed the legend of the martial fraternity. Now can anyone tell me, what I am supposed to do now?”

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Chapter 54: Reciprocate of the Hearts

Six extraordinary and beautiful breathtaking maidens were standing in the silent night. Any man who caught sight of them would surely be captivated by them and thought they were heavenly maidens that had just descended upon the mortal realm. 

Ji Wuzheng was only a mortal man and he was not an exception. 

Since that day when his sister Lingfeng had brought these maidens into the Inner Holy Chapter, he had been astonished that in the entire fraternity, there were other such beauties that could rival Lingfeng in her peerless beauty. 

What really startled him were not their great beauties but the level of their martial proficiencies which immediately ranked them among the top echelon exponents in the martial fraternity. 

And just how good were their martial proficiencies? 

He was now staring in complete astonishment at the Martial Sage who was rumbling incoherently on the ground, “Dirty…rematch…don’t count…Xian’Er…why did you hit me…”

Ji Wuzheng was astonished at the seemingly iron strength of the Martial Sage as he thought, “This is his Iron Vest Aegis Skill? He can take so much punishment…”

He was not the only person that was stunned at the sight of the Martial Sage lying on the ground. 

Yi Ping was also stunned at the sight.

It was because he had just been bashed by the Martial Sage and the martial strength of the Martial Sage still filled him with awe, “It is Qing’Er that knocks him down?”

He had suddenly realized that he knew very little about her and her martial origin. To him, Qing’Er was the vulnerable maiden that always needed his protection. The few times that she had used her Invincible Divine Force were just a demonstration of her martial force and not an indication of her actual fighting techniques. The only time that he had actually seen her in a real action was her fight with Lele. But that was not an indication of her true skills for he could see that she was just trying to slap Lele and there was no killing intent.

Yi Ping was beginning to lament his fate tomorrow…

As the Martial Sage lay on the ground, he was dreamily calling out for Xian’Er once more and he began to recall the events in the last few days…

The Martial Sage had vented some of his frustrations and was secretly cursing the truce for happening at the wrong timing. He had spent days climbing the dangerous sheer mountain cliffs of the Holy Amalgamate Mountains, replying on his iron will and physical endurance so that he could surprise and avenge the death of the Old Sword Saint on Ji Wuzheng directly. He simply could not understand why Xiao Shuai was delaying an all-out attack on the Holy Hex Sect even though they had been camping for more than two weeks at the foot of the mountains. 

Many of the martial clans were not pleased with the lack of action and decided to assault the Holy Amalgamate Mountains on their own; none succeed and with a great appalling loss of lives. 

Even when the Three Sages had succeeded in killing four of the Holy Chapter Guardians of the Holy Hex Sect, the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace continued to take no action. 

He had confronted Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong, who was actually Gu Tianle’s protégé master and he was also the new grandmaster of the Honor Manor. 

Han Shaodong said, “Be patient. The big fish has not yet arrived.”

“What big fish, small fish? Ji Wuzheng is the one that has killed our brother. We only need to kill him and our brother’s death can be avenged!” He had said.

They were referring to the Holy Maiden and of course, they did not reveal their real plans to the Martial Sage. 

Xiao Shuai was reluctant to tell him more so he merely said, “We are waiting for all the fraternity Notorious Four to show up first. They would surely come to the aid of the Holy Hex Sect. This expedition is not only to address martial justice for the Old Sword Saint and to foil the ambitions of the Holy Hex Sect; it is also to lure the Notorious Four from hiding.” 

The Martial Sage was not as tolerant as them and decided to take the course of action into his own hands as he was hopping mad, “Brother Xiao Shuai and Brother Han Shaodong seem to have become another person…”

He could still remember fifty years ago, there was a rumor of a lost martial treasure trove in an underground city in the great desolate desert. Accordingly, it was the martial treasure of the legendary Sage King. At that time, hundreds of martial exponents were also traveling to the desert in search of this underground city; no one wants to be the last. Against the knowledge of his protégé master and elders, he had secretly arrived at the desert even though they had warned him that it was highly possible that it was a conspiracy to cause infighting among the martial exponents. But the prospects of meeting exponents from different fraternities and different martial clans excited him more than any dangers. 

It was then at that time, he met the changing point of his life! 

He had seen a maiden like no other and she was Xian’Er! 

She was at the inn, stunning everyone with her extraordinary beauty. From the exquisite scabbards and the exquisite adorn on the sword hilts, it was obvious that she had with her two precious long swords. Other than that, there were no other clues to her identity.

Besides him, dozens of daring exponents had tried to make advances to her without success. No matter how repute the exponent was, orthodox or unorthodox; none of them succeed in getting her name or her martial origin. 

Pretty soon, it became quite hilarious as he watched scores of exponents getting beaten up by her at different intervals, one group after another! 

If the exponents could not overcome her using hard methods, they would try all kinds of underhand soft methods like offering her spiked drinks, bribing the innkeepers, pretending to be waiters to ambush her, faking their life stories and hoping to get her sympathies. 

None of the methods worked! 

A group of bulky exponents had just entered tavern and it was obviously they were looking for her for they were staring at her lustfully. The leader of their group said, “So this is the young beauty that injured our brothers? If you will company us for a week then we can forgive you for the slight…”

Barely had he had spoken, the young beautiful maiden had thrown several chopsticks that were in a bamboo container with a startling speed! 

Immediately all the bulky men were lying and crawling on the floor, screaming in agonies as the chopsticks pierced into their bodies like piercing daggers! 

As the young beautiful maiden raised more chopsticks in her fingers, those big bulky men were immediately filled with terror and they left as fast as they had come, hastily stumbling out of the tavern!

At that time, another stranger was sharing the table with him. He was the Future Sword Saint which later became the Sword Saint. 

The Future Sword Saint said to him with a conceit look, “Look, let’s have a bet with you. With just two moves, I can get her name.”

The young Martial Sage was startled, “What is the bet and how are you planning to do it? So many have already failed.”

The Future Sword Saint said, “I bet my only sword with you. You can surely tell my sword is no ordinary sword as well. If you lose, you must pay my tab and lodgings. As how I am going to do it, you will soon know.”

The young Martial Sage asked, “Just two moves?”

The Future Sword Saint laughed, “No more, no less!”

The young Martial Sage thought, “This young stranger sure like to boast. Very well, let me bet with him then. At most I only lose my coins but at least I may get to know her name.”

So he laughed aloud, “That will do it then!”

The Future Sword Saint smiled mysteriously as he tapped his head with his fingers, “Watch me then. Sometimes we got to use our intellect. I am going to use a clever ruse to trick her.”

The Future Sword Saint walked unhurried to the beautiful young maiden. He had purposely slowed down his steps and walked heavily so that everyone’s attention would fall upon him.

He seemed to be enjoying the moment immensely! 

There were a low rumblings as the crowd whispered, “There’s another challenger. Wonder if he will succeed…”

The Future Sword Saint said, “Maiden, may I know your name?”

The beautiful young maiden continue to sit quietly and refusing to answer him.

The Future Sword Saint laughed, “Maiden, watch out!”

All of a sudden, the Future Sword Saint swung his scabbard at her. But because he had already warned her, she dodged his swinging scabbard effortlessly. 

Instead of attacking her with a follow up attack, the Future Sword Saint had seized the two swords that had belonged to her which were carelessly place on the table with his other hand! 

The Future Sword Saint laughed, “Maiden, if you want to get back your swords, you must at least tell me your maiden name…”

But before he could finish, the beautiful young maiden had seized back her swords from his hands and had kicked him, causing him to lose his footing!

And before he could even recover from his footing, the beautiful young maiden had gave him another vicious kick and sent him flying across the floor!

The onlookers immediately moaned and laughed, “Another one…”

The Future Sword Saint struggled weakly to his seat and said to the young Martial Sage, “If you are a hero, then it is your turn.”

The young Martial Sage smiled at the Future Sword Saint, “Give me your sword first.”

That was how the Martial Sage had met Xian’Er and the Old Sword Saint Zuo…

A fine looking young man who was seating next to them had heard their wager. He laughed aloud, “If I can get that young beauty to drink with me, the two of you will pay for all my tabs here?”

The Future Sword Saint laughed coldly, “You? Don’t make me laugh! If you can, we will surely pay for your tab!”

The young Martial Sage laughed, “If you can, we will pay for all your tabs. But I think it is better to admire her from afar. She is a flower with real painful thorns.”

The fine looking young man smiled, “Deal! If I can get her to drink with me, then the two of you will pay for my entire tab in this tavern!”

As he got up with a flask of wine and a cup in his hands, he smiled at the Future Sword Saint and the young Martial Sage. 

He went to the beautiful young maiden as he toasted her, “Maiden, will you honor me by allowing me to toast you with a drink?”

The beautiful young maiden smiled gently and lifted her cup to return his toast. 

The Future Sword Saint and the young Martial Sage was instantly stunned…

The young Martial Sage was secretly startled, “She likes man with refine looks?”

The fine looking young man then walked back with a broad grin to the Future Sword Saint and the young Martial Sage, “My tabs are on you guys!”

The young Martial Sage stammered, “How…how did you do that? You know magic?”

The Future Sword Saint was astonished, “How the hell did you manage to get her to return a toast to you? You know her?”

The fine looking young man smiled and calmly explained, “She is aware that I have been paying for her tabs and lodgings for several days now. Now she is merely returning me a small appreciation by returning a toast with me. You guys have lost and my tabs are all yours now.”

The young Martial Sage was startled, “I am paying for her tab and yours now?!”

The Future Sword Saint was even more startled, “Darn! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

The fine looking young man was Han Shaodong! 

Not long after, there was news that the underground desert city in the desert had been found. All the exponents in the small desert town began to trek into the great desert! 

However, the great desert and the underground desert city proved to be too perilous. Many perished in the trek across the great desert. Those who had survived found the traps of the underground desert city to be even perilous than the great desert itself! 

Almost all the surviving exponents that survived the trek across the great desert perished in the underground desert city. Among the fallen, were scores of renowned exponents and quite a few were even the super exponents of the fraternity!

Many had either fallen to the deadly traps of the underground desert city or fallen to infighting between the martial exponents hoping to be the first one to reach the lowest level for the martial treasure trove. 

Eventually for those that persisted in the underground city, there were just twelve survivors. They either have plenty of luck, extraordinary intelligence or exceptional skill in order to survive to the lowest level of the underground desert city palace. In short, these twelve were also the most talented of their generation.

Among the twelve, there was the young beautiful maiden and her name was Xian’Er! 

The Martial Sage had never forgotten that she had accidentally let it slipped out that her name was Yixian! 

The twelve survivors decided to band together to form a secret group and to do something really outrageous together while keeping their identities a secret. 

The new group of course had to have a leader to lead them. 

Naturally, the young Martial Sage had dominated Xian’Er to be the group leader. However, the group leadership was eventually led by Xiao Shuai who had the most votes and this new group was later known as the Celestial Palace Group. 

Under Xiao Shuai’s leadership, the secret Celestial Palace Group infiltrated the various martial clans of the fraternity and secretly read their secret manuals when they got their hands on it. After that, they would put the secret manuals back after copying it. 

What was astonishing was not how startling the martial skills of the major orthodox clans were but the number of secret skills and secrets that the smaller martial clans had possessed. Due to generations of decline, most of the epitome skills could not be practiced. 

They quickly unravel many secrets and secret histories of the various martial clans, even from their own clans! 

The young Martial Sage and many of the group were left cursing after they had realized that their protégé masters and elders had hidden many intricate strokes and techniques from them even though it was actually a fairly common practice to do so in the martial fraternity; the master would always held back a few hidden techniques to protect themselves. 

But of course, they were not always successful. Most of the real forbidden secrets of the various clans like heart intricacy formulas were still off limits to them. Without the intricate heart formulas to understand the intricate strokes, the true quintessence and the embodiment of the martial skill could not be unraveled! 

They were all simply testing their limits and stealth skills. 

Despite several constraints, in a short time they had collected dozens of martial skills and used the knowledge to improvise their own martial skills and to fix several shortcomings. 

Everyone except Xian’Er was overcome by the intrigues and madness of stealing and peeking at the secret manuals of the other martial clans… 

But when Xian’Er had disappeared one day, the young Martial Sage was almost driven to desperation as he searched the entire fraternity for her but to no avail. It was because the fraternity was so large and he really had no idea which martial clan she had come from!

With Xian’Er missing and no longer in the secret Celestial Group, the thrill of being part of the secret group was gone and many eventually left quietly, causing the secret Celestial Group to be disbanded. 

Imagine his jovial happiness when he caught sight of Yu’Er and Mei’Er swords! He had recognized these swords as belonging to Xian’Er! He did not care how old Xian’Er was now. In his heart, he had to know her whereabouts for he had been searching for her for as long as he could remember!

But before he could get any information from them, he was interrupted rudely by Ji Wuzheng and Yi Ping.

But before he could settle his feud with Ji Wuzheng, he was told that there was a short armistice between the Honor Manor and the Holy Hex Sect, which left him fuming mad. 

As one of the Three Sages and as an exponent of the righteous orthodox martial clan, he was bounded by honor to follow the truce.

So when an angry Yi Ping attacked him, he decided to teach him a hard lesson or two. Given Yi Ping’s notorious reputation, he would have gladly killed him on the spot. Again, it was his honor that prevented him from dealing justice on the spot.

The ‘hard’ lesson was not what he had expected! 

He was expecting Yi Ping to be completely overwhelmed by his martial technique, the Hundred Invincible Iron Fists. 

His old heart skipped a beat when Yi Ping changed his attacking stance to a defensive one as he took all his Hundred Invincible Iron Fists. Even though it appeared that he had plummeted Yi Ping onto the ground with a thunderous crashing impact, Yi Ping had in fact neutralized most of his powerful Hundred Invincible Iron Fists with his Divine Horizon Hands. 

Other than temporary draining Yi Ping of his physical strength and causing him some discomfort, there seemed to be no other external injuries!

“This young man…how is it possible?” He was secretly startled! 

If word got out that he could not even handle a young man with his famous Hundred Invincible Iron Fists, he would surely be the laughing stock of the martial fraternity! 

So just before he had gone on his way, he had put on some face saving measures as he said coldly. “This is just a small lesson for you before I go. If it isn’t for an old friend of mine, I would have hit you even harder.”

As he left and made several winding turns in the maze-like Inner Holy Chapter premises, he had suddenly dumped into four extraordinary beautiful maidens! 

He was astonished by their extraordinary beauties! 

He immediately grabbed them as he stammered excitedly, “Xian’Er, is that you? No you’re not. You have her features and you have her eyes…”

Lie Qing was startled as the Martial Sage grabbed her waist, “Outrageous, dirty old man! Take your hands off me and apologize or else I will be nasty! What do you think you are doing?! Who are you?”

She tried to push him away but this old man was too simply overwhelming strong.

He began to grab Lingfeng, Youxue and Ding Yun at the same time!

Lie Qing immediately asked Lingfeng, “Sister Lingfeng, who is he?”

Lingfeng panicky exclaimed, “I don’t know! He is an intruder!”

The Martial Sage quickly said, “I am a good guy…”

But before he could finish explaining his intentions, the four maidens had displayed some of their most intricate techniques and struck him at the same time!

Lie Qing gave a soft sigh, “I told you we have already restrained ourselves. It is just a small punishment for laying his hand on us. This dirty old man is really infuriating.”

Youxue said coldly, “That’s right!”

Ji Wuzheng was secretly startled, “What has actually happened? Did they join hands to knock the Martial Sage on the ground? Or is it just this Maiden Lie Qing?”

He had suspected that it was Maiden Lie Qing because in recent years, Gongsun Bai seemed to have found a deadly divine martial skill called the Invincible Divine Force and with that, he had begun to dominate over the fraternity, causing the influential power of the Honor Manor to increase from day to day! 

And the Celestial Liege had also made scant mention of it. 

Ji Wuzheng shook his head as he lifted the rumbling Martial Sage with his arms as he walked away. 

Yi Ping asked panicky, “Big Brother, you are leaving me alone?”

Ji Wuzheng turned around and said, “Junior Brother, I got to go first and tend to the injuries of the Martial Sage.” 

And he was gone in a hurry, leaving Yi Ping alone with the six maidens. 

Lingfeng asked, “Big Brother? Junior Brother? When did my brother and you become dear brothers?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he scratched his nose. 

The six maidens were all looking at Yi Ping with great shyness and their eyes were filled with a hundred affections for him. 

Yi Ping was startled when Lie Qing blinked her mesmerizing eyes at him. 

He was even more startled when she started walking towards him, causing him to take a step or two back until he dumped into Yu’Er and Mei’Er. 

He thought, “She is going to hit me?”

Lie Qing immediately flew into him as she said with utmost affections, “Yi Ping, do you still remember we have a pledge to be with each other till the oceans vanish and the rocks crumble on the night that you have left the Great Tranquil Mountains?”

Lingfeng was also besides him, looking alluring at him. “You have said that we will always be together that night too…”

Youxue said shyly, “I promise you. I will always be there when your heart is filled with sorrow and despair…”

Ding Yun shyly enquired, “Ping’Er, How are your injuries? I hope you are recovering good…”

Yi Ping was totally bewildered as he asked secretly, “What is going on? Aren’t they going to hit me like that Martial Sage to a pulp?”

That night when Lingfeng walked out of Yi Ping’s resting room in anger, she was joined immediately by Lie Qing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ding Yun.

Ding Yun asked quietly, “Sister Qing’Er, you are really going to duel Ping’Er tomorrow?”

Lie Qing said in a teary emotion, “If I don’t kill him, it will be hard to vent my anger!”

Even though that was what she had said but that was just in a moment of anger. Unknown to the other maidens, Lie Qing was not really seriously upset with Yi Ping but had pretended to be otherwise. She just did not want to be isolated by these sisters and got caught in an awkward situation. One of the reasons why she got the fraternity name of the Heavenly Temptress was that she was also an excellent actress as well. But even for the Heavenly Temptress, her feelings towards Yi Ping were more real than anything else; she had struggled with her true feelings for many months until she realized that would only bring herself immense suffering and she had never met a more righteous and selfless person like Yi Ping in her entire life. 

Until now, when she had remembered how Yi Ping had saved her life and offered her the Divine Dragon Pill, she would still secretly smile with silent appreciation…

Yu’Er pleaded, “Don’t kill Master. Just beat him into a pulp will do…”

Mei’Er hummed, “Turn him black, green, blue, red and purple! Don’t you agree, Sister Lingfeng?”

Lingfeng had calmed down considerably and she appeared alarmed.

Ding Yun asked, “What’s wrong, Sister Lingfeng?”

Lingfeng said almost inaudibly, “Maybe…maybe we have all wronged Yi Ping.”

The rest of the maidens were immediately startled! 

Mei’Er quickly asked, “What do you mean?”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “I just remembered that the last time Youxue and I were treating Yi Ping’s injuries; there was an extremely cold and negative intricate energy in his body. Even though it was barely noticeable, Youxue and I had noticed it immediately.”

Ding Yun was startled, “No wonder when I had checked Yi Ping’s pulses many times in the past, I could feel a cold and negative intricate energy. I didn’t dare to say anything because I am unsure if my diagnosis is correct. But when he was in a feverish state, that cold and negative intricate was barely visible.”

Lie Qing was startled, “So that means, the cold, negative intricate energy in his body and the positive, extreme intricate energy of the Celestial Force may have neutralized each other, creating a counterbalance…”

Lingfeng nodded.

Ding Yun grasped, “Then we may have made a terrible mistake and was so harsh towards Ping’Er and Youxue. What shall we do now?”

Yu’Er was miserable, “We can’t go in now. We just come out. It will be so embarrassing…” 

Lie Qing said melancholy, “Lingfeng, Lingfeng…why didn’t you tell us earlier? You just destroy whatever good impressions Yi Ping has for me…”

Mei’Er sniffed, “Mine as well…what can we do now to salvage the situation?”

Lingfeng smiled bitterly, “Erm, after I have calmed down…I have thought of that…instead of stopping me from over-reacting, all of you seem to encourage me. Sister Yun, why didn’t you stop us instead? You are the most rational in our group.”

Ding Yun was startled, “Me? I am supposed to be the nanny? I can’t be irrational sometimes?”

Yu’Er said, “What shall we do now? Let’s go in and apologize?”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “We don’t have to apologize. He probably won’t put it into his heart. Let’s just pretend nothing has happened…”

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Somehow I got a bad feeling about this…”

Ding Yun nodded slightly, “I agree…”

Mei’Er immediately hugged Lie Qing, “Sister Qing’Er, Mei’Er goes along with your plan!”

Yu’Er just grasped softly, “Master, please forgive us…”

And just a while ago, they had dumped into Youxue who was wandering forlornly, confirming their suspicious…

The real reason why Youxue was unhappy was because Yi Ping did not share his problems with her or look for her for companionship. Instead, he was drinking despondently with his sworn brothers…

It was no wonder that Yi Ping was bewildered when the six maidens had suddenly displayed their affections for him! 

Mei’Er laughed jovially, “Master, you have been drinking? There is a strong whiff of alcohol all over you.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I was unhappy.”

Yu’Er smiled, “And now?”

Yi Ping sighed gently at the jovial, smiling and the hundred affections around him as they pulled him to and fro. “I really miss all of you. I thought…I thought that all of you are too upset with me to talk to me anymore. Erm…can anyone tells me what is going on here?”

Mei’Er quickly said, “Master, let’s have a drink together first. Mei’Er wants to drink…”

Yi Ping got a jolt as he suddenly recalled something so he quickly asked, “Mei’Er and Yu’Er, why did you spike my wine back at the Tranquil Clan? At the Eternal Ice Palace, did you do the same thing too?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were so flustered now that their usual white complexion had deep flushes of pink!

Lingfeng quickly interrupted with an alluring soft laugh, “This is not the time to ask such questions. We should really talk about something more romantic…”

Yi Ping got another jolt as he quickly asked Lingfeng, “Lingfeng, why did you take my father’s secret manuals? Quickly return it to me!”

Lingfeng stepped hard on his foot, “Did you just hear what I have just said? I say we should talk about something more romantic. Why are you so unromantic? You are such a miser. I am merely taking your secret manuals for a closer look. It is all your father’s fault. He didn’t want to teach me the Divine Horizon Hands and show me the advance intricate heart formula of the Aspire Invocations. And how do I know your father didn’t lie to me about the intricate heart formula of the Asper Horizon Hand that he had tricked me to learn? …” 

Lingfeng was suddenly flushing, “And this is the only way to let you remember me and to come to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains for me…”

Yi Ping said, “Lingfeng, my father won’t lie to you and moreover, I will surely look for you. Aren’t I here now?”

Lingfeng said coolly, “Only Heavens know what you are thinking…you just looking for me because you are looking for your secret manuals…”

Yi Ping said, “No, that’s not the truth. You…you…surely know what I am thinking…”

Lingfeng flushed, “No, if you don’t say it aloud, I surely don’t know what you are thinking. I am not the curly worm in your stomach. Why don’t you say what’s in your mind?”

Yi Ping asked, “Says what Lingfeng?”

Lingfeng said coldly, “You can start with your beautiful encounter with that beautiful maiden in the cave first.”

Lie Qing interrupted with a smile, “Sister Lingfeng, don’t bother with this pig head. Let’s go and drink first, alright?”

Yi Ping suddenly asked Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, are we still going to fight tomorrow? Can you show me your extraordinary intricate martial strokes? I really am curious on the strokes that you have used on the Martial Sage…”

Youxue was grasping as she gently tugged Yi Ping’s clothing. It was because she had seen the sudden change in Lie Qing and Lingfeng expressions! 

Ding Yun quickly tapped Yi Ping with the hilt of her long sword, causing Yi Ping to turn around and ask. “Yun, what’s wrong…”

Ding Yun hinted him by whispering, “Say no more…you’re going to be seriously injured pretty soon.”

Lie Qing and Lingfeng said almost at the same time, “You are really courting your own death.”

Lie Qing said coolly, “You don’t have to wait until tomorrow. I can show you now.”
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Chapter 55: The Rise of the Heretic Sect

 The Inner Holy Chapter was the inner sanctuary of the Holy Sectarian Master and the Holy Maiden. Unless special permission was given, no one was allowed to enter the Inner Holy Chapter. But today, it was unusually crowded. 

 Ji Wuzheng was sitting in the middle of the hall. Besides him were two young maidens in white. They were his personal attendants as well as his swordsmaidens. Sitting beside him was Ji Lingfeng, the Holy Maiden and a beautiful refine lady. 

 Standing at the exits of the Hall were a dozen exponents in black. 

 Ji Wuzheng was unusually solemn today. 

 Yi Ping would later found out that the beautiful refine lady was actually Ji Wuzheng’s wife, Dugu Zhen. She was not only the proud mother of three beautiful daughters Suxin, Suyue and Sufeng but she was also one of the First Guardian of the Holy Guardian. 

 When Yi Ping stepped into the Inner Holy Chapter, he simply could not believe his eyes as he caught sight of Lingfeng. She was radically very different from last night; her countenance was absolutely stunning in her Holy Maiden ceremony garb and light blue jewelries as he secretly thought, “Is she really Lingfeng? She looks like a totally different person and she seems so cold today…”

 But as soon as he had thought of that, Lingfeng had secretly blinked and smile at him before she reverted to her cold and forbidden self again. He thought, “She is still the same old self…”

 Ding Yun noticed it immediately and whispered to him, “You didn’t realize Lingfeng is actually a peerless alluring beauty until today, didn’t you? You keep staring at her.”

 Yi Ping was immediately flustered as he quickly stammered, “She is so different from last night…I am just a little startled…”

 Even though Ding Yun appeared to be smiling, Yi Ping failed to notice the sorrows and melancholy in her eyes. He had also failed to notice that Dugu Zhen was looking at Ding Yun with unusual eyes.

 Youxue quickly whispered to Yi Ping, “Sister Lingfeng looks so enthralling today. You look like you have never seen her appearance before?”

 Yi Ping managed a weak smile, “Of course I have. But…I have never seen her this quiet…”

 Lie Qing whispered with an enchanting smile, “Then does you like her to be quiet or friendly?” 

 Yi Ping dare not answer her. It was because even though Lie Qing’s whispers were almost inaudible, he had suddenly noticed that Lingfeng’s alluring eyes were looking and questioning him! 

 Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng and Qian Fan were also looking intently at Lingfeng...

 But Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were quickly distracted by Suxin, Suyue and Sufeng as they entered the hall. 

 Even though Lingfeng had been in their company for quite some time, she had rarely removed her thinly disguised veil in their presence. 

 Huo Fu was looking in stunned appraisal at Ding Yun, Youxue, Lie Qing, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. It was because they were all smiling and whispering jovially with one another in intimate exchanges. 

 When Ji Wuzheng saw everyone that was supposed to be here had reached, he stood up and announced with a deep resounding voice. “I have two important matters to announce today.”

 Immediately the hall fell into silent as everyone listened attentively. 

 Nangong Le was grinning as he thought, “Is he going to announce my appointment as the Third Guardian of the Holy Chapter and maybe even betrothed Suyue to me?”

 Ji Wuzheng said almost immediately, “Firstly, due to the unfortunate demise of our four Holy Chapter Guardians, the Holy Hex Sect has suffered a huge blow to our strength and morale. Therefore there is an urgent need to appoint capable leaders as new Guardians to restore the holy sect’s diminishing strength.” 

 Nangong Le knew that Ji Wuzheng was about to appoint him as the new Holy Chapter Guardian and he was delighted. He immediately stole at glance at Suyue who was listening attentively.

 Ji Wuzheng nodded at him before he said aloud, “Nangong Le, step forward to receive my commands!”

 Nangong Le stepped forward proudly as he stole a glance at Suyue who was startled. “Looking at her expressions, she must be so surprised! It is my chance to impress her! I was worried that my sworn brothers would be the first one to be called out. Haha, it must be because I was the first one to agree to join the Holy Hex Sect so Ji Wuzheng has subtly given me the honor to be called out first!”

 Immediately there were several low murmurings in the background! 

 Nangong Le grinned broadly as he thought, “They must be so startled and wish that they can be in the limelight first. That honor is now mine.” 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Nangong Le will be appointed the Third Guardian of the Holy Chapter. All holy protégés of the Third Chapter will be under his command and leadership.”

 Nangong Le was immensely pleased as he grinned. He could not help asking, “Who is the currently the First and Second Holy Chapter Guardians?”

 Ji Suyue stepped forward, interrupting him. “My mother Dugu Zhen is the First Guardian of the Holy Chapter. There is currently no Second Guardian.”

 Nangong Le was startled when Suyue stepped in to talk to him. “Is she impressed by me now? There is no Second Guardian? Does it mean that I am currently the second most important Guardian? No wait. Brother Yi Ping had defeated the Celestial Liege. Surely he will be the one who will be appointed the Second Guardian. Still, as Third Guardian, my rank is way superior to Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and that Qian Fan.”

 He laughed jovially while asking Suyue, “Qian Fan is also a Guardian. Which number in rank is he?”

 Suyue stole a glance at Qian Fan as she said coolly, “He is our Sixth Holy Chapter Guardian.”

 Nangong Le was secretly pleased as he thought, “I am in the upper Guardian Ranks…”

 Suyue smiled gently at him, “Congratulations!” 

 Nangong Le muttered out, “Suyue, I so glad to have your appreciation…”

 Suyue flushed as she quickly interrupted him with an icy tone, “The Third Guardian isn’t more important than the First or Sixth. Each of the Guardians has a different role. The First Guardian is in charge of protecting the Holy Chapter while the Sixth Guardian is in charge of protecting the Holy Hex Sect. As for…”

 Qian Fan chipped in, as he could no longer bear to see the insolent smiles on Nangong Le’s face. “The Second to Forth Holy Chapter Guardians are in charge of repulsing the foes. Congratulations on your new appointment as the Third Holy Chapter Guardian. Our survival now depends on your brilliant leadership and tactics now to repulse the over hundred martial clans that are at the foot of the mountains!”

 While Qian Fan was explaining to Nangong Le, Suyue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. “That idiot. He dares to make such a bold advance on me and even call my name in front of so many.” Even though she was scolding him in her heart but she was secretly pleased…

 Nangong Le was startled but he tried to put on a brave front, “Brother Yi Ping, Brother Qiu Wufeng, Brother Gongsun Jing and I will do our best as Guardians to protect the Holy Hex Sect, there’s no doubt about it.”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “They will not be appointed as Guardians. Only you will have the honor of serving the Holy Hex Sect as a Guardian.”

 Nangong Le was stunned, “They…they are not going to be appointed as Guardians?!”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “No, they are not. That is the second announcement that I am going to make. I am honor that I am going to have three more sworn brothers now. They are Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng!”

 Nangong Le was startled, “What about me?”

 Ji Wuzheng grinned, “You are just my Guardian.”

 Nangong Le was stunned…

 Ji Wuzheng said to Yi Ping, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng. “This is Huo Fu, my sworn brother. If you don’t mind, Huo Fu can be your Second Brother while I am your Big Brother. What do you think?”

 Yi Ping said, “I don’t mind! Brother Fu and Brother Wuzheng, your younger brother pays my respect to you!”

 Huo Fu was taken by surprise, “You are not upset with me and even acknowledge me as your Second Brother?”

 Yi Ping said, “I really don’t mind. Maybe if it isn’t for you back then, the Celestial Fairy and I would not be together as a couple. Alas, maybe that is all predestined. Maybe I should thank you instead.”

 Huo Fu was startled, “That beautiful young maiden that was with you was the Celestial Fairy?!” He was shocked because the Celestial Fairy was rumored to have led the Eternal Ice Palace for some twenty years before she passed away from old age! 

 Yi Ping was curious, “That’s right. Is something wrong?”

 Huo Fu murmured, “Nothing…”

 But he was already thinking, “No wonder her martial skills are so profound for a young maiden. But how is it possible?” Till today, he had been thinking of her. It was because she was not someone that could be easily forgotten…

 Even Ji Wuzheng was slightly startled, “I didn’t expect the Celestial Fairy of the Eternal Ice Palace to be just a young maiden. The rumors of the fraternity are many and most are exaggerated and not to be believed recklessly.”

 Lingfeng said, “I have seen the Celestial Fairy. She is younger than me. Come to think of that, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, how is that your protégé mistress is so young? Yet, her martial skills surpass you by a large gap?”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er exchanged nervous glances.

 Yu’Er quickly recovered from her senses and smiled, “That is why she is our protégé mistress!”

 Youxue was silently thinking, “Only Yu’Er, Mei’Er and I know her true age. Maybe even Sister Lie Qing and the rest did not suspect…”

 Yi Ping said, “Brother Gongsun Jing and Brother Qiu Wufeng and I have an agreement to address one another as equal brothers. So if you don’t mind, the three of us can be your Third Brothers!”

 Ji Wuzheng and Huo Fu laughed as they said together, “We don’t mind! We are brothers now!”

 Gongsun Jing stepped forward and bowed with his hands, “My respect to Big Brother and Second Brother!”

 Qiu Wufeng too stepped forward and offered his respects, “My respect to Big Brother and Second Brother!”

 Nangong Le sighed bitterly, “How I wish I can join them in this brotherhood. I don’t want to be a Holy Chapter Guardian anymore…”

 Suxin and Sufeng were giggling as they said, “So we got three more Uncles now? They are not so much older than us. We really have to call them Uncles?”

 Suyue sighed softly, “I hope that they are not as mean as our father.”

 Ji Wuzheng stared sternly at Suyue, “Look at you…”

 Dugu Zhen smiled gently to Ji Wuzheng, “Suyue is just teasing her new Uncles. Let her enjoy the moment instead.”

 Ji Wuzheng sighed, “You are just spoiling her too much. Now she doesn’t even respect her father anymore. I have told her many times that in this Holy Chapter, I am her Holy Sectarian Master. At all times, she must remember that she is the same as the other protégés…”

 Suyue immediately said to Yi Ping, “Uncle Yi Ping, you look like a nice guy. My father is bullying me! Help me!”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly at her.

 But he quickly said, “If Big Brother does not mind, can you take in Brother Nangong Le as your Third Brother too? After all, he is with us and is our brother too.”

 Ji Wuzheng nodded and glanced sternly at Nangong Le, “Since Third Brother Yi Ping has interceded on your behalf, you can join our brotherhood. But I must warn you, brother or not brother, I am always very strict with the clan rules.”

 Nangong Le smiled bitterly as he said uneasily, “Thank you…Big Brother!”

 Suyue laughed softly, “Now I have another Uncle! Uncle Nangong Le!”

 All of a sudden, Nangong Le was jolted as he quickly thought. “If I am her Uncle, then can we still be together in a proper relationship?”

 But just as he was about to protest, Ji Wuzheng proclaimed aloud. “From now on we are sworn brothers. If anyone of us betray this brotherhood, may he be cursed and be struck by the thunderbolts of heavens. He also will have no descendants. May we share through weal and woes together!” 

 Nangong Le smiled most bitterly as he sighed deeply, “Brother Yi Ping, do you know that your goodwill has screwed up my happiness…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Today, I am going to make an exception and bring the lot of you to the forbidden ground of the Inner Holy Chapter.”

 Dugu Zhen was startled, “Is that an idea? They are all strangers…”

 Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “They have all saved our Holy Sect from annihilation. There is no doubt about it. They are either all my brothers now or Lingfeng’s sisters. Maybe with their help, I may be able to understand more about the Heavenly Relic and its secrets.”

 Dugu Zhen nodded gently, “Then Qian Fan and our daughters will take our leave first.”

 Ji Wuzheng said gently to his wife, “Don’t worry. Nothing will go wrong. I trust them too.”

 Dugu Zhen said, “You can trust them now but can you trust them ten, twenty years later? People do change over time. I hope you know. I take my leave now.”

 She stood up and said, “Qian Fan, Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue. Follow me.”

 Suxin sighed, “I have never been to the forbidden ground before and is curious what the Heavenly Relic looks like…”

 Dugu Zhen said sternly, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You have better don’t say anymore.”

 Suxin looked unhappy, “Yes mother…”

 Sufeng whispered to her, “The time Suyue and I try to enter the forbidden ground; we are nearly beaten to death by our father…”

 Suyue nodded and there was a tear in her eyes. 

 Ji Wuzheng hummed coldly to indicate his displeasure. 

 After Dugu Zhen, Qian Fan, Sufeng, Suxin and Suyue had left the hall, Ji Wuzheng said, “Come with me.”

 Ji Wuzheng began to lead them into the inner sanctum. 

 After a few winding turns along the passage way, Ji Wuzheng pushed down a hanging torch and revealed another secret passage. 

 Very soon, they come to a concealed door. 

 Ji Wuzheng turned a secret mechanism and gave the concealed door a push , revealing a dark passageway. 

 Youxue said softly, “So we are going to see the forbidden ground of the Holy Hex Sect? I have heard that members of the Ji Clan are the only ones that are allowed into the forbidden ground.”

 Lingfeng said, “That’s right. Not even Dugu Zhen, my brother’s wife is allowed inside. Even Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue as well.”

 Yu’Er was startled, “Aren’t Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue from the Ji Clan too?”

 Lingfeng looked at her brother who nodded gently before she said, “Only the male descendants of the Ji Clan and the Holy Maiden are allowed inside. It is because the Holy Maiden must always remain with the Holy Hex Sect.” 

 Mei’Er said, “But we are strangers too…even sworn brothers and sisters are not as close as one’s wife…”

 She took a quick look at Yi Ping…

 Yi Ping saw her glance and he stammered out, “Don’t worry, Lingfeng. I will take you away...”

 Lingfeng sighed, “You really have nothing better to say to me…”

 Lie Qing said humorlessly, “In the Virtuous Palace and the Invincible Divine Clan, there is a forbidden ground too.”

 She looked at Ji Wuzheng and Lingfeng with a weird expression, “The only times strangers are allowed inside are also the last time that they could leave alive too.”

 Ding Yun quietly said, “That is right…”

 Yi Ping said, “We don’t have to make wild guesses. Brother Ji Wuzheng is after all Lingfeng’s brother. I trust him completely.”

 Lie Qing looked at him and sighed softly, “You have never been betrayed by your closest friend. I have been betrayed on a number of times by people that are close to me until to the point I have lost faith in anyone until I have met you…”

 She quietly held Yi Ping’s hands…

 Yi Ping said, “Qing’Er, I will never forsake you. I promise you. We will always be together.”

 Lie Qing nodded as she said, “Somehow, today I have an uneasy feeling. It is like…it is like…this will be the last time that I will see you…”

 Yi Ping said with a quick smile, “That is unfounded. You are just worrying for nothing.”

 Lingfeng said, “There is a great hero here who can protect anyone, am I right Great Hero Yi Ping?”

 Yi Ping said, “Lingfeng, you don’t have to be so sarcastic. Besides Big Brother and Second Brother, there are so many of us around.”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “We have reached.”

 He had reached out another secret mechanism at the end of this passage and when he moved it, the wall slowly opened up and revealed an underground stair! 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Let’s go in.”

 Gongsun Jing muttered, “This is even more complex than the secret passages of the Honor Manor…”

 Qiu Wufeng said, “The Holy Hex Sect has always been secretive in its affair.”

 They were now in a large airy stone chamber as they walked down the stairs. 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “There are many secret chambers in the Inner Holy Chapter. This is where the Heavenly Relic is.”

 The chamber was quite empty saved for two peculiar large statues at the end of the chamber. In the middle of the statues was a small levitating silver metallic rock, the size of a large fist. Enveloped around the Heavenly Relic was a rainbow halo.

 Everyone knew instantly that this must be the Heavenly Relic and was grasping at it in astonishment except for Yi Ping and Ding Yun.

 Nangong Le and Huo Fu were astonished as they said at the same time, “This is the Heavenly Relic?”

 Huo Fu muttered, “How is it possible for it to defy gravity and levitate in midair?”

 While most of them were looking at the Heavenly Relic, Ji Wuzheng and Lingfeng were secretly observing everyone’s expressions. 

 Except for Yi Ping and Ding Yun, everyone else had broken into thrilling murmurings as they tried to touch and asked curious questions! 

 Yu’Er was saying, “It is so beautiful…”

 Huo Fu laughed, “Brother Wuzheng didn’t say we can touch it.”

 Mei’Er said coolly, “Well, he didn’t say anything…”

 Nangong Le said, “I wonder what the selling price for this in the fraternity…”

 Lie Qing laughed softly, “I feel like stealing it already…”

 Ding Yun did not seem to be interested…

 Ji Wuzheng noticed that Yi Ping was looking at the two peculiar statues instead.

 He had rarely taken notice of these two life size statues in the past. But when Yi Ping was looking curiously at it, he too began to take a closer look.

 The two statues depicted two identical maidens with large feathery wings on their back as they faced one another, reaching their hands and crossing their long swords together.

 When Yi Ping had first entered this chamber, he had immediately visualized himself battling with two beautiful angelic maidens. It took him a while to see past their glowing visage and he was immediately stunned when he found himself looking at Yu’Er and Mei’Er! 

 This was not the most startling! 

 In his hazy vision, he had cut them down with his sword and they had died tearfully in each other’s embrace! 

 What were even more startling than that was that before they had closed their eyes, they seemed to look at him with a lingering look and their smiles were tranquil!

 All of a sudden, another angelic beautiful maiden in black had appeared. She had a long black sword in her hand. Somehow, he seemed that he had already known her given name; the Dark Enchantress of the West! 

 Lingfeng asked gently, “What’s wrong, Yi Ping? What are you looking at?”

 Yi Ping was startled by her and that caused his vision to vanish. 

 He murmured, “I don’t know. These two statues seem to have come alive and are visually beautiful…”

 Lingfeng was obviously unhappy, “Hmph! Fancy you lusting over two statues! You haven’t got enough of last night’s beating, didn’t you?”

 Yi Ping asked, “These statues, what are those?”

 Lingfeng said, “I don’t know. I have heard that these statues were already here even before the founding of the Holy Hex Sect. But who cares, am I right?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he secretly glanced at Yu’Er and Mei’Er who were laughing jovially with the others. 

 Yi Ping was now looking at his hands, which was trembling uncontrollably! 

 Ji Wuzheng hummed aloud to get everyone’s attention, “This is the awakened Heavenly Relic. How it is able to levitate on its own, I do not know. According to one of the legends, the Heavenly Relic is able to aid the practitioner to ascend to the heavens.”

 Huo Fu said solemnly, “It is indeed a heavenly metal. According to my sect own legends, if the heavenly metal can be made into a divine sword…” he stole a glance at Yi Ping. “Then, if the practitioner has also attained the merging with the sword spirit, one with the sword and the merging of self with the heavens and the earth, then the practitioner will be able to use it as a celestial flying sword to ascend to the heavens!”

 Lie Qing said coldly, “I don’t mean to pour cold water on you. How do you know it is true? You have a Celestial in your sect?”

 Huo Fu said solemnly, “According to my sect history, there were three Celestials in my sect in the past.”

 Lie Qing hummed coldly, “Oh really? Where are they now?”

 Huo Fu laughed, “That was a long, long time ago. Three thousand years ago to be exact. Maybe they have already ascended to beyond the Ninth Heavens. Haha!”

 Yi Ping suddenly said, “Or maybe they have all perished in a bloody killing with one another…”

 All of a sudden, there was a purple vapor hissing into the chamber! 

 Ji Wuzheng immediately shouted, “Everyone hold your breath! This vapor is poisonous!”

 Yi Ping and Lie Qing immediately displayed several stances as they sent flurries of windforce all around the ground, rolling back the purple fumes! 

 Youxue said coldly, “It seems that we have quite a lot of uninvited visitors!” 

 Ji Wuzheng shouted angrily, “Who is that? How dare you barge into the…”

 Everyone was stunned when they saw Dugu Zhen walked into view as the purple fumes scattered.

 Ji Wuzheng asked, “Why are you here? Do you know that this place is off-limits to you?”

 Dugu Zhen was dragging a bloodied and unconscious Qian Fan on the ground. Instead of replying him, she threw him in front of her and said coldly. “His true identity is Xiao Fan and not Qian Fan. He may think he is smart for fooling us but he is not. He is also the one that causes the death of four of our Holy Chapter Guardians.”

 Xiao Youxue was startled as she thought, “He is my brother?”

 Ji Wuzheng did not ask how Dugu Zhen knew about Qian Fan. Instead he said coldly, “Who are the three people behind you?”

 Three old men immediate walked calmly into view.

 Lingfeng was startled as she grasped softly.

 Even Ji Wuzheng was startled.

 Huo Fu was baffled so he asked, “You know these old men?”

 Lingfeng said, “These three old men are old stewards of the Holy Hex Sect. I only know today that they are actually no ordinary stewards but are actually martial exponents!”

 Youxue was startled as well, “These three men are also no ordinary martial exponents. Aren’t they the Three Evils of the West? They are the Moon Heretic, the Blade Heretic and the Blood Heretic!”

 Immediately, everyone was stunned including Ji Wuzheng and Huo Fu. It was because the Three Evils of the West were super exponents that were greatly feared by all as they rampaged throughout the martial fraternity with their super martial skills!

 It was rumored that they had passed away decades ago. But why were they here? And how did Youxue recognize them?

 The old man with the shorter white beard said, “I am the Moon Heretic. Young lass, how did you know who we are?”

 Youxue said coolly, “I saw your portraits in the Virtuous Palace.”

 She pointed at the old man with white whiskers, “You are the Blade Heretic.”

 Next she pointed at the old man with a pale face, “And you are the Blood Heretic.”

 Dugu Zhen laughed gently, “Excellent! So the Virtuous Palace has already known that the Three Evils are hiding in the Holy Hex Sect.”

 She turned and looked at Qian Fan who was lying on the ground, “So this spy has already known but why didn’t he expose us?”

 Huo Fu said angrily, “So you are all from the heretic sect?”

 Everyone was startled. The heretic sect had actually infiltrated the Holy Hex Sect! 

 Dugu Zhen said, “Yes, we are if you want to. We actually prefer to call ourselves the Sacred Divine Clan.” 

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Zhen, you are really from the heretic sect? Come back to me, there is still hope. Our daughters, are they in the heretic sect too?”

 Dugu Zhen said, “You don’t have to worry. They do not know anything at all. If you smart enough, you will hand over the Heavenly Relic to us on your own free will or else, don’t blame me.”

 Huo Fu said, “There are so many of us here. Do you think we will fear just the four of you?”

 Dugu Zhen said coldly, “Do you really think there are just four of us here only?”

 All of a sudden, Ding Yun had stabbed Lie Qing with a dagger with her right hand and dealt her a heavy crushing blow on her heart with her left hand using the Penetrating Hand!

 Even as everyone was still reacting with shock, Ding Yun had unsheathed her long sword and had displayed a barrage of sword slashes on Lie Qing!

 Lie Qing was taken completely by surprise even as she parried off the attacks weakly

 Yi Ping immediately raised his hands at Ding Yun! “Yun! What are you doing!? Why did you…”

 Ding Yun immediately stepped aside to Dugu Zhen’s side even as Youxue, Mei’Er, Yu’Er, Lingfeng, Ji Wuzheng, Huo Fu, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng attacked her at the same time! 

 Youxue said tearfully, “Sister Yun! Why did you do that to Lie Qing? I have thought that we are sisters? Why did you attack Lie Qing?!”

 Yi Ping was now holding the blood-soaked Lie Qing in his arms as he lamented loudly, “Qing’Er, wake up. Don’t sleep…”

 Lie Qing smiled weakly, “I told you…I really…have an uneasy…feeling today. I have been betrayed again…I think my destiny is finally coming to an end…Yi Ping, I am so happy to know you during this short time…”

 Yi Ping drawn her close to him as he transferred his vital energies into her, “Qing’Er, don’t talk anymore. Try to hold on…”

 Lie Qing said weakly as she looked at Yi Ping with silent tears, “Don’t waste your precious internal strength on me…it is no use…my heart pulse is broken…save your strength to fight your foes instead…”

 Yi Ping cried out, “If I stop now, you will die! Qing’Er, I can’t let you die…”

 Lie Qing was murmuring weakly, “…till oceans vanish and rocks crumbled to dust…together…”

 Lingfeng was trembling as she stole a glance at Lie Qing while trying to hold back her tears, “Sister Yun, you…are really from the heretic sect?”

 Ding Yun said quietly, “That’s right. You have better surrendered. None of you are our match in skill.”

 Ji Wuzheng said coldly, “I only got a question. Why did you wait for twenty years?” 

 Dugu Zhen said, “It does take us this long for us to steal your Holy Amalgamate Skill and to practice it. Without the Holy Amalgamate Force, our holy sect is unable to fight the Divine Calamity and ascend to be Celestials.”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “You marry me because you want to steal the Holy Amalgamate Skill?”

 Dugu Zhen said, “Is there any other reason? I also know that now you are injured and are unable to display the full martial power of the Holy Amalgamate Skill. However, I am different. I have been secretly practicing the Holy Amalgamate Skill for a long time. I am afraid that even if you are not injured, you may not be able to defeat me.”

 Ji Wuzheng was silent, “Is that so? Even if you have defeated us and taken the Heavenly Relic away, do you think the Orthodox Martial Clans will simply let you off just like that?”

 Dugu Zhen hummed coldly, “This, you don’t have to worry. At this moment, I am afraid that the Orthodox Clans are too busy fighting among themselves.”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “What do you mean?”

 Dugu Zhen said, “Do you think that we have only infiltrated just the Holy Hex Sect?”

 Ji Wuzheng was taken aback as he looked at Ding Yun. Even the Virtuous Palace had long been infiltrated…

 Yi Ping was inconsolable and he was wailing aloud, not caring if others were watching or staring at him…

 Youxue stepped forward as she shouted icily, “Ding Yun! Ding Yunzi! Why did you betray us?! Don’t you know that Yi Ping, he loves you and I have always regarded you as my dearest sister? Why did you betray us?”

 Ding Yun’s eyes were sorrowful as she said quietly, “Do you know that those in the Sacred Divine Clan have to take a terrible blood oath? Once we in the Sacred Divine Clan, we are forever in the Sacred Divine Clan. Other than obeying, I don’t have any other choices.”

 She looked at Dugu Zhen as she said, “Even for her, she has no other choice. We are all manipulated by fate.”

 She looked at Youxue, “But I can tell you this. You may have wronged your father, Xiao Shuai.”

 Xiao Youxue was startled, “What do you mean?”

 Ding Yun said, “Your father didn’t want to teach you any skills because he is actually trying to protect you. Should he dies, at least his enemies won’t think of you as a real threat. It is because he already suspects of our presence in the Virtuous Palace.”

 She lowered her glances, “I am sorry Youxue. I have always regarded you as my dearest sister too and Lie Qing too…”

 Youxue said icily, “And now because of you, she is now in a critical condition and this is what you mean by dearest sister?”

 Ding Yun refused to answer her directly. Instead she said, “My role in the Virtuous Palace is to sow discord between your two brothers, causing them to fight with one another.”

 Youxue said coldly, “You don’t have to explain your role and your part to me. My brothers aren’t close to me. I only want to ask, how you can be so vicious as to lay your hands on Sister Lie Qing!”

 Ding Yun refused to say anymore as she thought, “Forgive me, everyone. Yi Ping, how I wish you have allowed me to take my own life in the valley…”

 Yu’Er was weeping for Lie Qing but when she looked into Ding Yun’s eyes, she could feel an unspeakable sadness…

 Even Mei’Er could feel it…

 Dugu Zhen looked at Gongsun Jing, “Gongsun Jing, do you know that your father Gongsun Bai is actually one of us?”

 Gongsun Jing was startled, “That’s impossible! My father is a great hero…”

 Dugu Zhen said coolly, “That is just an identity given to him by us. In order to become the Master of the Honor Manor, he has to betray his sworn brother which is Yi Ping’s father, Yi Tianxing. Unfortunate, we made a fatal mistake and this resulted in a terrible loss for us.”

 Gongsun Jing asked, “What mistake?”

 Dugu Zhen sighed, “Our mistake is to give Gongsun Bai the incomplete Invincible Divine Force that Xiao Shuai had deliberately circulated in the martial fraternity. Only someone who knows the intricate heart formula of the Divine Virtuous Force can truly mastered that incomplete Invincible Divine Force. That is as good as telling Xiao Shuai and Gu Tianle that we have infiltrated the Honor Manor. That is why, your entire Gongsun Clan is exterminated by Gu Tianle. That is something very regrettable on our side.”

 Gongsun Jing stammered, “I don’t believe…my father will never be a heretic member…”

 Dugu Zhen said, “Whether, you want to believe or not, is up to you. However, we do welcome you to join us, just like your father has joined us.”

 Gongsun Jing shouted angrily as he drawn out his long sword, “Never! Never! I rather die than join the heretic sect!”

 Dugu Zhen said coldly, “Then, all of you will have to die today.”

 Ji Wuzheng said regretfully, “Zhen, I already know you are from the heretic sect twenty years ago.”

 Dugu Zhen said, “Stop bluffing. If you know who I am, will you still let me live to this day?”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “That is the truth.”

 Lingfeng said quietly, “My brother already knows twenty years ago…”

 Dugu Zhen was startled but she quickly said, “I won’t fall into your ruse. Surrender the Heavenly Relic now or else we won’t be merciful anymore.”

 Ji Wuzheng asked, “At least before we die, shouldn’t you at least tell us who is the grandmaster of your heretic sect is, am I right?”
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Chapter 56: The Universal Force

 Many years ago, Ding Jun was one of the followers of the Heavenly Temptress. He had pretended to join Xiao Boyi, Yuan Tieqi and You Nikuang in a rebellion against the Heavenly Temptress. Unknown to everyone, Jing Xing who had died in defense of the Heavenly Temptress had actually pledged herself to Ding Jun and they were actually a loving secret couple.

 So when Xiao Boyi, Yuan Tieqi and You Nikuang had killed Jing Xing in the ensuring rebellion, Ding Jun secretly sworn to avenge her and founded the Sacred Divine Sect to continue the legacy of the Invincible Divine Clan. 

 Dugu Zhen said coldly, “So you want to know who is our Holy leader is? Only the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan know who the Holy Leader really is. Not even the likes of Gongsun Bai have that knowledge.”

 Lingfeng interrupted coldly, “The heretic sect can claim to be holy? What a joke! Your leader is nothing but a coward who hides in the darkness.”

 Dugu Zhen hummed coldly as she looked at Ding Yun.

 Ding Yun gazed at everyone intently before she said, “Look no further. I am the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan.”

 Ji Wuzheng was in disbelief that the Holy Leader would actually be a young maiden, “You…you are the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan?”

 Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng and Huo Fu were equally startled!

 Ding Yun said with quiet demeanor, “You only have this one chance to kill me.”

 Xiao Youxue had already raised her hands and her fingers were surrounded by a golden halo as she said melancholy, “Sister Yun, forgive me. What you did to Sister Lie Qing is deplorable and unforgivable. I really have no choice but to fight you today.”

 Ding Yun clapped her hands gently and immediately, the Three Evils of the West had sped forward and were standing beside her! “But you must also know that the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan cannot be so easily killed.”

 Dugu Zhen added coldly, “No one can stop us from ascending to be Celestials today!”

 The Blood Heretic hummed coldly in his old voice, “What a pity, what a pity that we have to kill so many beauties today.”

 The Moon Heretic said, “Remember, don’t kill them so fast. We need their blood and hearts after we have ascended to be Celestials in order to recuperate. Just disable them will do.”

 The Blade Heretic sighed, “You know that each time I draw my blade, I have to feed it with the lifeblood of its victims? This is really too hard for me…”

 The Blood Heretic laughed wickedly, “You can kill the weaker ones. We have no use for them. Remember, our next opponent is the Celestial Palace. So we need to recuperate fast.”

 Ji Wuzheng interrupted quickly, “Zhen, listen to me. It is not as easy to ascend to be a Celestial as you think. What you intending to do is the unorthodox way and will result in divine retribution. It will turn you into bloodthirsty monsters and many will be sacrificed. Do you really want that to happen?”

 Dugu Zhen smile coldly, “As long as I can be a Celestial and have an immortal life, does it really matter? What does the life of others matter to me?”

 Ji Wuzheng was startled! “Zhen, you have changed…”

 Dugu Zhen hummed coldly, “You’re wrong. It just that you have never really understands me. How much time have you been with me? You just too busy for your martial cultivations. Even if I don’t want to take the Heavenly Relic from you, do you know that Xiao Shuai and his conspirators are all eyeing the Heavenly Relic as well? It is because they too, want to be a Celestial and have been planning for decades. They are all waiting for the Seven Stars to be aligned, a Celestial Omen that could make their ascendant much easier.”

 She walked gently to Ding Yun and tapped lightly, “Do you know that before I have married you, I have already another daughter? Dugu Yunzi, today you can finally use the Dugu clan name.”

 Ji Wuzheng, Lingfeng, Youxue and the others were stunned…

 Ji Wuzheng stammered, “Maiden Ding Yun is actually…your daughter?”

 Dugu Yunzi was trembling lightly as she said softly, “That’s right. She is my mother and I am Dugu Yunzi. When the Ding clan found the Sacred Divine Clan, we have since taken Dugu as our secret clan name even though we are still known as the Ding Clan while in the Virtuous Palace.” 

 The Moon Heretic had suddenly raised his hands with a mighty flurrying of windforce as he attacked Ji Wuzheng, “That’s enough talk already. No one can stop us from becoming Celestials today. The Heavenly Relic must be seized today and the Holy Maiden must be the blood sacrifice!”

 Immediately after the Moon Heretic had displayed his martial force forward, Ji Wuzheng had immediately reacted with a counter blow. As both clashed with their palms, there were a thunderous impact. Almost immediately Ji Wuzheng had coughed out blood as he was forced to slide five steps backward!

 The Moon Heretic was his superior in internal strength and martial power! 

 But before the Moon Heretic could continue on his advantage, Youxue and Lingfeng had immediately attacked him!

 The Moon Heretic laughed coldly, “I am in luck. I have two beauties here that are interested in me.”

 Lingfeng interrupted coldly, “Shameless!” 

 Xiao Youxue and Lingfeng were experts in swiftness agility and movement skills as they immediately unleashed dozens of shadowy flurries on the Moon Heretic. However to their astonishment, the Moon Heretic had matched their blows with equal fast shadowy attacks as he laughed coldly. “Is that what you got? I am expecting better!”

 Lingfeng was now displaying the Sacred Heart Skill as she made dozens of flurry strokes in front of the Moon Heretic. It was a deadly skill that was part of the Holy Hex martial skills that could break the pulses of her target. Now that she was back to the Holy Hex Sect, there was now no need for her to conceal her true skills. Her attacking speed, her swiftness skill and even her martial power were greatly augmented when she imbued herself with the Holy Amalgamate Force! 

 Lingfeng said coldly to the Moon Heretic, “You don’t dare to kill me, am I right? Then it may be a costly mistake for you and you will never be able to ascend!”

 The Moon Heretic said coldly as he looked at her lustfully, “There is worst fate than death itself. I can let you have a taste of that.”

 Even as she changed her stances rapidly, executing deadly secret martial techniques like the neutralizing martial power of the Great Dissolution Skill and the bursting power of the Asper Horizon Hand, she still could not scratched the Moon Heretic even though Youxue was also fighting besides her and were using all her best techniques as well! 

 Just as Ji Wuzheng had recovered from the blow that he had just received from the Moon Heretic, Dugu Zhen had attacked him as she executed the Swallow Slash movement by dashing towards him and displaying the third and fifth stance of her Cherry Blossoms techniques, the Windchaser Slide and the Mirror Reflection Splitting Images! 

 Huo Fu immediately intercepted as he shouted, “Brother, watch out!”

 At the same time that Dugu Zhen had made her move, the Blade Heretic had already drawn his sword and had leapt towards the Heavenly Relic! 

 Ji Wuzheng shouted, “Don’t let them seize the Heavenly Relic!”

 Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng had immediately displayed their best swordplay techniques at the Blade Heretic!

 The Blade Heretic immediately slashed at Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng with lightning speed, slashing them and spilling their blood! “If you want to stop me, I am afraid that you are still early by tens of decades!”

 If it were not for Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had also made their moves and displayed their swordplay at the Blade Heretic; Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng would have been killed in an instant! 

 The Blade Heretic was startled to see such an astonishing sword display from the twin sisters. Even as he slashed his sword at them with pin-point accuracy, he was met with a sudden resistant. “The Divine Emerald Skill? You are from the Eternal Ice Palace?”

 Yu’Er said coldly, “That’s right! Prepare to…”

 But before she could finish, the Blade Heretic had imbued his sword with strong deadly sword energy and broke her Divine Emerald Force, sending her scurrying backward! 

 Mei’Er immediately blocked the second stroke of the Blade Heretic with her cold sword energy, preventing the Blade Heretic from moving forward as she cried panicky. “Sister, watch out…”

 Yu’Er grasped as she quickly recovered from the attack and she had flew to Mei’Er again, “The Shifting Stellar Duo Sword Formation, sister! Two in one, one into two!”

 The Shifting Stellar Duo Sword Formation and the Shifting Stellar Trio Sword Formation was an intricate formation created to confuse and to utilize the speed techniques and defense techniques of the Eternal Ice Palace. 

 The Shifting Stellar Duo Sword Formation was even more deadly when it was used by Yu’Er and Mei’Er, precisely because they were splitting images of each other! 

 This was their last critical death strike technique for them to use now as they made a desperate stand. Even against so many powerful foes, they did not use it as they did not want to disclose their secret martial techniques to anyone.

 Yu’Er was now attacking and Mei’Er had vanished behind her, taking the Blade Heretic by surprise! 

 As soon as he had attacked Yu’Er, she had deflected his attack with a flurrying of sword strokes and displaying the Divine Emerald Force. All of a sudden, Mei’Er had reappeared from behind her and slashed at the Blade Heretic, taking him by surprise.

 Just as he had parried Mei’Er’s attacks, she had switched to the Divine Emerald Force and Yu’Er was attacking him again! 

 Because these two sisters were splitting images of each other, the Blade Heretic was momentarily confused which of the sister would be the attacker and which one was drawing him into making an opening! 

 Gongsun Jing was clutching his blood soaked chest as he got up weakly, “Brothers, are you alright?”

 Qiu Wufeng was trembling as he struggled to get on his knee. He had never expected to be defeated by a mere stroke despite his expertise in swordplay! When the sword stroke of the Blade Heretic had slashed across his body, he was also injured by a deadly sword energy as well. But he said weakly, “I am alright. I can still fight…”

 Nangong Le’s swordplay was the weakest but he was less affected by the sword energy due to his Exuberant Divine Skill. But his wound was also the heaviest. He smiled weakly, “I am not defeated yet. Yu’Er and Mei’Er need our help. The three of us can still display the Celestial Star Formation. Let’s fight him again…”

 Gongsun Jing nodded as his warm tears streamed from his eyes, “Today, we are going to die for a worthy cause to stop the heretic sect. I am going to wash away all the sins of my clan!” With that, he charged towards the Blade Heretic!

 Qiu Wufeng too, had mustered all his remaining strength as he charged at the Blade Heretic at almost the same time as Gongsun Jing! 

 The Blood Heretic had displayed his hands into claws as he smirked with great disdain at the resistances even as he sped towards the Heavenly Relic, “They didn’t know how futile it is to oppose us.”

 But before he could seize the Heavenly Relic, Yi Ping had intercepted him and there was a mighty thunderous thunderclap that shook the chamber aloud as the Blood Heretic retaliated with a blow! 

 Immediately, the fighting around them paused for a moment as everyone saw Yi Ping and the Blood Heretic had both taken several steps backward! 

 Yi Ping was carrying the motionless Lie Qing’s who was leaning on him with his left hand and had beaten off the Blood Heretic with his right palm! 

 Yi Ping said with a solemn heartbreak, “Qing’Er, even though you are not with us anymore but your spirit will lives on. 

 Everyone was startled. 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er broke into tears as they muttered, “Sister Qing’Er isn’t with us anymore…”

 Yu’Er stared at the Blade Heretic and Ding Yun with cold hatred as she said, “It is either you die or I die today!”

 When she had finished speaking, she had immediately attacked the Blade Heretic with a startled speed but her stroke was immediately countered by the Heretic Blade! 

 The Blade Heretic hummed coldly even as Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng raised their long swords at the same time as they attacked him from all sides. 

 The Blade Heretic said coldly, “It is only a matter of time before I can break your sword formation. Already all of you are panting with exhaustion while I have barely even used any strength.”

 At the same time, when the Blood Heretic was being forced back, he was secretly startled. “This young man can actually have the martial strength to force me back using only one hand? Is that possible?”

 The reason he was startled was because with his combination of martial power and internal strength, there was not many exponents in the fraternity that could stop him anymore. Moreover, his opponent was but a young man! 

 Dugu Yunzi was looking at the heartbroken Yi Ping. She had never seen him with this type of expression before. 

 Yi Ping glanced at the Blood Heretic and Ding Yun as he coarsely said, “Yun, I don’t believe you will betray us. There must be a reason for you to do so. No matter what you do, I am willing to listen…”

 Dugu Yunzi interrupted, “Forget it Yi Ping. You are still in denial. It is an undeniable fact that I am the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan. Moreover, I have killed Lie Qing…”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I…I don’t know how to explain this but the last time, the last time…in my dreams…I seem to have made many terrible mistakes. Sometimes the truth isn’t so straightforward…”

 Youxue had broken free of the Moon Heretic as she sped towards Ding Yun, “Yi Ping, stop saying so much to her!”

 Yi Ping said, “Youxue don’t attack her, I almost lost you the last time. I don’t want the same thing to happen again. Yun, please come back. Surely we can talk over…”

 Dugu Yunzi simply interrupted Youxue’s charge as she raised her scabbard that had been imbued by her martial force and threw it towards her, forcing her to evade it and back to the entanglement of the Moon Heretic again who hummed coldly as he dealt her a direct blow on her back, “Not so fast, young beauty. Do you think I am non-existent?”

 Youxue had immediately coughed out blood! The blow that she had received was simply too heavy even for her Golden Invincible Body!

 Yi Ping was about to dash to aid Youxue when the Blood Heretic had attacked him with multiple waves of powerful windforce that had been directed at him! 

 He was forced to halt and retaliated with his Divine Horizon Hands! 

 The Blood Heretic had sent blows after blows of shadow claws, displaying intrigue strokes one after another with thunderous impact, stirring up windforce in all directions! 

 Even though Yi Ping was sweating now but he still refused to put down Lie Qing and fight back blow for blow, stroke for stroke and counter for counter! 

 The Blood Heretic was now startled. It was because he had already used all his martial power and was using both hands while Yi Ping fighting with just one hand. Even though he knew that the fight would eventually turn on his favor as his opponent got more and more tired, he was not happy. It was because with his present state of divinity and martial strength, he could not bring a young man down. 

 The Moon Heretic, the Blade Heretic and even Dugu Zhen were all having an easier time than him even though they were fighting multiple opponents. They were so overwhelming in their martial differences with their opponents that they did not even need to use all their strength. Their mere strokes could cause their opponents to evade, parry, block or retaliate hence wearing down their physical strength and internal strength. 

 Lingfeng quickly grasped to Yi Ping panicky, “Yi Ping, put down Lie Qing. She is dead now. You are only endangering yourself!”

 Yi Ping refused to heed her and instead he willed himself with the Absolute Spirits as he displayed several stances of the Divine Horizon Hands once again! 

 Yi Ping muttered, “Qing’Er…Yun…why…”

 The reason why Yi Ping was sweating profusely was not because he was reaching his limit and was hard pressed by the Blood Heretic as everyone had thought, since sweating was a good indication of one’s limitation had been reached and current state of physical conditioning.

 The real reason why he was sweating profusely was because he was still transferring his internal strength into Lie Qing’s lifeless body and that action was snapping his stamina at a rapid rate! 

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping experienced a great discomfort in his heart and his strokes faltered.

 The Blood Heretic immediately sensed a moment of weakness and seized the faltering speed of Yi Ping by increasing his own martial power all of a sudden, breaking through his Divine Horizon Hand and sent a thunderous cracking impact on Yi Ping!

 Yi Ping immediately coughed out blood as this thunderous impact could grind even stones into dust as he was sent flying through the air!

 But the weird thing was the Blood Heretic was also thrown back by a rebounding force that was so almighty that even with the full execution of his martial power, he was not able to stop it! 

 Yu’Er grasped, “Master!”

 In her moment of distraction, the Blade Heretic had slashed her on her shoulder. Even Mei’Er was slashed as she tried to parry for her sister! 

 Within just a few seconds that saw Yi Ping flew backward with a thunderous impact and with blood spilling in mid-air, Ji Wuzheng, Huo Fu, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, with the exception of Lingfeng and Youxue were all rolling in agony from their injuries on the ground!

 The Blade Heretic and the Blood Heretic had immediately joined the Moon Heretic as they joined hands to attack Lingfeng and Youxue, who were already faltering from attacks from all sides! 

 Dugu Zhen said, “In the end, there are just two capable fighters standing. Ji Wuzheng, you call yourself the Holy Sectarian Master, yet you can’t even hold a candle to your sister.”

 Ji Wuzheng smiled coldly as he struggled to stand, “If I am not injured, do you think you can really defeat me? If you are not my wife, do you think I will hold back?”

 Dugu Zhen hummed coldly, “Why is that all men likes some face saving measures? A win is a win and a loss is a loss.”

 Ji Wuzheng replied, “Don’t underestimate the Holy Hex Sect and my sister. She has after all, taken the Golden Rejuvenation Pill. Her internal strength is a match for the Three Evils!”

 Even though he was saying so, Lingfeng was reaching her limited as evidenced by the sweat on her face. Youxue was also sweating profusely while the Three Evils had not even broke into a sweat yet! 

 Youxue and Lingfeng knew that in terms of internal strength, martial power, martial skills and technique, they were being outclassed! What kept them going was sheer willpower and determination not to be defeated by these vile heretics!

 Just as Lingfeng took a step back and was about to seized by the Moon Heretic, Yi Ping had displayed the Asper Horizon Hand with a mighty flurrying windforce that sent the Moon Heretic moving backward! 

 The Blood Heretic was startled, “You are not dead yet?”

 The crashing blow that had landed on Yi Ping was a hit with all his martial power. Even a super exponent may not survive such a direct hit! 

 Yi Ping staggered weakly with Lie Qing in his embrace as he raised his right hand, “So this is the Heavenly Relic that you want?”

 He was clutching the Heavenly Relic in his right hand!

 He had picked it up when he was flung back. 

 Ji Wuzheng was startled as he thought, “Without the Great Dissolution Skill, he can grab the Heavenly Relic?” But he got no further time to ponder more as he quickly shouted panicky, “Third Brother Yi Ping, don’t give them the Heavenly Relic!” 

 Youxue and Lingfeng staggered weakly besides Yi Ping even as the Moon Heretic, Blood Heretic and the Blade Heretic stopped in their tracks. 

 Yi Ping shouted angrily as he raised the Heavenly Relic in front of them, “So this is the Heavenly Relic that you want, am I right?!”

 All of a sudden, there was a cracking sound as Yi Ping crushed the Heavenly Relic in front of them! 

 Everyone could see heat and dust vaporizing as Yi Ping crushed the Heavenly Relic with his hand!

 Dugu Zhen, Dugu Yunzi, the Moon Heretic, the Blood Heretic and the Blade Heretic was startled and were in disbelief as they muttered, “The Heavenly Relic can be crushed by mortal hand!?”

 Even Ji Wuzheng was astonished and was staring in disbelief!

 Yi Ping had used all his martial power, augmented by the Aspire Invocation Force as he broke the Heavenly Relic into five smaller pieces in a fit of rage! He scarcely even knows what he had been doing. He was just preparing his martial power for the next attack but because he had not attacked yet and he had the Heavenly Relic in his hand, he vented all his anger and martial power onto the Heavenly Relic instead! 

 By the time, he had realized that he had accidentally caused the Heavenly Relic to be broken into five pieces as it dropped onto the ground, he himself was stunned!

 When Yi Ping had suffered a heartbreaking pain in his heart earlier, it was not because his sentimental emotions had once again triggered the side effect of the Emptiness Translucence. It was because his undying devotion to Lie Qing and his undying forgiveness for Dugu Yunzi had caused his Emptiness Translucence to achieve a stunning breakthrough from the Enigma Divine Ascendant to the Absolute Divine Ascendant! 

 Besides devoid of all worldly attachments, there was actually another way for a practitioner to achieve a breakthrough in the Emptiness Translucence. But it was almost impossible to attain; the practitioner had to be devoid of hatred and also had undying love for the one that he loves. It was either hate or love; both conditions could not be possible to exist at the same time! How could one prove his forgiveness and his undying love for someone at the same time?

 Yi Ping had refused to put down Lie Qing, refusing to believe that she had died and even transferred his internal injuries to her dead body even though he was facing a terrible powerful foe at the same time. That was undying devoted love!

 Even though he had witnessed Dugu Yunzi injuring and mortally wounding Lie Qing with his very own eyes, he was in great denial. He believed firmly that she must have a strong reason for doing so and that he would be willing to believe her even though he was in great grief! That was undying faith and true forgiveness! 

 In that very instant when Yi Ping had suffered a heartbreaking pain in his heart, he had actually killed off the doubt emotions in his heart forever, hence attaining the Absolute Divine Ascendant of the Emptiness Translucence! 

 At the same moment, the divine force power release of the Emptiness Translucence was also at its strongest. So when the Blood Heretic had struck Yi Ping fatally on his chest, instead of causing Yi Ping a fatal wound, he had unwittingly helped Yi Ping by distributing the powerful divine force throughout all his meridian channels. This had the unknowing effect of propelling Yi Ping’s internal strength and martial power to an unsurpassed height! 

 Before the divine force power release of the Emptiness Translucence had yet to completely merged with his Aspire Invocation Force to form the Boundless Divine Force, Yi Ping had unwittingly use the only force in the entire universe that was capable of breaking or molding the Heavenly Relic, which was actually called the Universal Force by the Celestials as he crushed the Heavenly Relic with his bare hands! 

 The Universal Force was a rare occurrence that only happened at the creation or destruction of a new state of celestial divinity, enabling the Celestials to create Celestial Weapons and to divine the mysteries of the Ninth Heavens. Certain Celestial Weapons were so powerful that they could create the Universal Force on impact with one another; however the result was not benevolent Creation Universal force but the Destructive Universal Force that brought forth chaos and mayhems. 

 Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Just nice. You can now distribute these five pieces to them and everyone can have a share.”

 Even though she was in a precaution situation, Lingfeng’s humor did not go away. 

 Dugu Zhen was so stunned that she stammered, “You…you….you…actually broke it!”

 The Moon Heretic stammered as well, “Is this Heavenly Relic a fake?”

 The Blade Heretic was shouting angrily, “Who wants this broken Heavenly Relic now! Now you have really enraged me!”

 The Moon Heretic, the Blood Heretic and the Blade Heretic were obviously extremely enraged as their killing malevolent aura had suddenly intensified! 

 All of a sudden, there were six bursts of visible blue glow around them as they mustered their martial power! 

 Youxue grasped, “The Divine Virtuous Force!?”

 Dugu Yunzi said coolly, “That’s right. The three elders have not only mastered the epitome levels of the Divine Virtuous Force but they had also successfully merged the Holy Amalgamate Force with it. So what you are seeing now is their true strength.”

 Lingfeng broke into cold sweat. This combination of martial force was extremely deadly and had no weakness! The dissolution force of the Holy Amalgamate Force weakened their opponents’ martial power and strength at close melee and the seemingly impenetrable force of the Divine Virtuous Force that could only be penetrated by superior martial power would make them invincible! 

 No wonder, they seemed to have the confidence of overcoming the Divine Calamity! 

 Even Ji Wuzheng was dismayed when he had seen their martial display. He knew instantly that even if he was not injured, he could not even be able to defeat one of them, let alone there were three of them now! 

 Everyone seemed to have given up hope now…

 Even Youxue’s will to fight was faltering; she had forced herself with the Absolute Spirits to stand up against their overwhelming martial strength! The results were just plain obvious…

 Yi Ping said stubbornly as he displayed the Horizon Heavens, the opening stance of the Divine Horizon Hand. “Life and death is predestined. I will fight you and bring Yun back to my side!”

 Dugu Yunzi looked at him curiously…

 Even Youxue and Lingfeng were startled at his stubbornness. Until this point, he had not given up on Dugu Yunzi! But did he know that he was facing an impossible odds and he had only one hand that was free?

 Lingfeng signed with a soft resignation as she muttered, “That is why I like him. Yi Ping, I will fight with you to bring Sister Yun back to us!”

 Youxue nodded too, “Ping’Er, we…will bring her back even if we were to die fighting!”

 Yi Ping was deeply moved as he nodded in appreciation at them…

 Even Yu’Er and Mei’Er were sobbing, “Yes, bring Sister Yun back…”

 They had all been moved by Yi Ping’s undying determination and devotion! 

 Dugu Yunzi put her slender fingers to her back because she did not want others to see her trembling fingers even as she said coldly, “Don't waste your efforts. It is all meaningless and you only be throwing your lives. Just quietly surrender the Heavenly Relic.”

 Yi Ping said quietly, “Youxue, Lingfeng. Step aside please…”

 Youxue and Lingfeng both shook their heads in protest!

 Yi Ping said with a heartbreaking voice, “Even though you have tried to hide it but I know that both of you have already sustained grievous internal injuries.”

 He had already seen the blood tickling down from their lips and knew that they were forcing themselves to fight! 

 All of a sudden, Lingfeng grasped weakly as she pointed to the five broken pieces of the Heavenly Relic that were on the ground!

 The five broken pieces of Heavenly Relic were hissing with vapor and were melted to a reddish coloring as intensive heat melted its outer metal shells rapidly to reveal five yellow pearls! 

 Everyone was baffled at this curious sight and not knowing what to react, including the Three Evils, Dugu Zhen and Dugu Yunzi!

 Lingfeng had grasped with a startled cry, “The Divine Dragon Pills!!!”

 Yi Ping quickly said as he recalled that it looked exactly like the Divine Dragon Pill that he previously had, “That’s right…looks like it.”

 Xiao Youxue had also recognized the Divine Dragon Pills! But her reaction was even swifter as she shouted quickly, “Yi Ping! Grab the pills and don’t let them have it!”

 The Three Evils were astonished as well and were not slow to react as they mustered all their martial power and charged towards Yi Ping, Xiao Youxue and Ji Lingfeng!

 Everyone other than Yi Ping, Lingfeng and Youxue had heard of the Divine Dragon Pill before and they had thought that it was just a legend! The Dragon Divine Pill was said to possess the ability to increase the martial power of the practitioner tremendously, raising the state of divinity of the practitioner or even have miraculous healing power to bring the dead back to life! 

 The Moon Heretic shouted, “Don’t let them seize it! These Divine Dragon Pills are even more precious than the Heavenly Relic!”

 Lingfeng immediately executed the movement of the Swallow Slash as she dashed past Yi Ping as she substituted the stroke of the Swallow Slash with the invocating martial burst of the Asper Horizon Hand as she clashed against the Moon Heretic, “Didn’t you guys just said you didn’t want these broken Heavenly Relic earlier…”

 But before she could finish, the mighty palm power of the Moon Heretic had knocked her flying backward!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er used their last strength to leap and caught hold of Lingfeng as they heard her muttering, “I…sorry…I no longer have any strength to fight beside you, Ping’Er…”

 Even as Lingfeng had sped past Yi Ping, Youxue had picked up all the Dragon Divine Pills and displayed her Golden Invincible Stance as she parried the blades of the Blade Heretic with her martial imbued sleeves that were now as hard as iron! 

 Youxue immediately threw one Divine Dragon Pill to the back as she exclaimed urgently, “Give it to Lingfeng and don’t let her die! Transfer your internal energies and diffuse the vital energies of the Divine Dragon Pill throughout her body!”

 Yu’Er immediately caught hold of the Divine Dragon Pill and popped it into Lingfeng’s mouth, inviting angry stares from the Three Evils who could only watch as one of the five precious Divine Dragon Pills got swallowed by Lingfeng as they were caught in a desperate defense put up by Youxue and Yi Ping at the same time! 

 Almost immediately after Yu’Er had given the Divine Dragon Pill to Lingfeng, she was showing signs of revival! 

 Yi Ping was not slow to react as he had already displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand as he displayed dozens of shadowy flurry of windforce at the Blade Heretic, Blood Heretic and the Moon Heretic at the same time!

 After knocking back Lingfeng, the Moon Heretic turned his target towards Xiao Youxue who had the Dragon Divine Pills but he was being blocked by Yi Ping. He mustered a flurrying of martial power that echo thunderous as he shouted angrily, “Your strokes are still not powerful enough to stop me!”

 The Blood Heretic had dissolved the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand as he raised all his martial power on Yi Ping, “I let you have a taste of my blood techniques!”

 As the Moon Heretic and Blood Heretic raised their martial power with the blue wisps of the Divine Invincible Force speeding and fading in all directions, the entire floor exploded and was being destroyed at the extraordinary display of their destructive martial power! This immediately sent dust, windforce and pebbles flying in all direction!

 Yi Ping still refused to let Lie Qing down as he muttered, “Qing’Er, wait me. I come and join you soon!” 

 Suddenly he gave a mighty shout as he mustered all his martial power, deflecting the speeding projectiles of the debris as he raised his right hand. “The Asper…Divinity…Horizon Hand!”

 When Yi Ping had shouted the skill name of the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, his surroundings immediately exploded into a ring of bursting martial power, knocking Youxue back and the Blade Heretic back even as he stood on his ground to receive the crushing force of the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic at the same time! 

 In that split second and at the same time, Dugu Yunzi had silently drawn out her long sword and was whirling it one wave after another as barely visible blue wisps was swallowed into her sword! 

 As soon as she had released her flying sword, she said coldly. “The Invincible Divine Flying Sword!”

 In that instant, she had sent her flying sword with an extraordinary tremendous speed as it went through the body of the Blade Heretic, splitting him into half, stunning Dugu Zhen, Youxue, Lingfeng, Ji Wuzheng, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Huo Fu, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

 In the same instant when Yi Ping martial force clashed against the martial force of the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic with a huge thunderous impact that sent exploding ripple of shockwaves around them in a burning fury; Yi Ping, the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic had all coughed out blood at the same time.

 Even as Yi Ping’s Boundless Force was being consumed by the power release of the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, he had coughed out blood and was knocked back by the powerful combined martial power of the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic; he heard a familiar gentle voice saying. “The Invincible Divine Pandora Darkness Merciless Stokes!”

 There were loud wailing screams that came from the Moon Heretic and the Blood Heretic as Lie Qing cut them down with two beaming bluish slashes from her Perpetual Darkness with the reflective halo of her darkness merging display as soon as she drawn her precious long sword! 

 No one had expected a dead Lie Qing to move! 

 Yi Ping was stunned that he muttered weakly, “I must be hallucinating. Is this an effect of the deviation phenomena after I have used the Asper Divinity for the very first time?”

 Lie Qing was stroking her long hair as she said shyly, “What do you think then? Why didn’t you let go of me? Do you know that you have almost disrupted Sister Yun and my plans to foil the heretic sect? Do you know that I am trying very hard not to laugh at you…”

 But before she could finish, Yi Ping had hugged her tightly as he cried aloud, “Qing’Er, Qing’Er! You are still alive! I am so happy…”

 Lie Qing shyly said, “Of course I am still alive, silly!” 

 Yi Ping muttered tearfully, “But I saw you die right in front of me and your heart had even stopped beating…”

 It was true that Dugu Yunzi had stabbed Lie Qing. But because Lie Qing had already perfected her Golden Impervious Body, her wounds were able to close and heal rapidly. That was the effect that they had wanted to fool the eyes of their enemies! 

 It was true that Dugu Yunzi had strike the defenseless Lie Qing fatally on her heart pulse with the Penetrating Hand. But again, she was protected by her Golden Impervious Body and the inherent force of the Invincible Divine Force. And moreover, Yunzi had also restrained herself! 

 It was also true that Lie Qing’s heart had also stopped beating but it was only because Lie Qing had intentional gone into the state of animated dead on her own accord to hasten her recovery! 

 Lie Qing whispered almost inaudible as she echoed in Yi Ping’s ears with the Great Whispering Skill, “You know that I am dead, yet you refuse to keep your hands off my breasts…I know you are trying to transfer your internal strength to my heart pulse but you seem to be enjoying taking advantage of me. How am I going to get marry in the future, huh?”

 Even though it appeared that Lie Qing was rebuking him but she was in fact, extremely touched by Yi Ping undying devotion for her as she continued, “Today, I finally know how deep your love for me is. I don’t want to be a Celestial anymore…”

 Lingfeng, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had overcome their initial shock as they flew towards Yi Ping and Lie Qing with utter elation as they cried out, “Sister Qing’Er! You are still alive!”

 Even Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Huo Fu and Ji Wuzheng were teary as they suppressed the rush to give Lie Qing a welcoming hug! 

 Dugu Yunzi’s eyes were in tears as she walked silently besides Yi Ping and Qing’Er. 

 Yi Ping immediately embraced Dugu Yunzi at the same time as he cried out tearfully, “Yun, I know you will not betray us. I know…I just know…I miss you…do you know how hurt I was when you turn your back on me…”

 Dugu Yunzi was trembling as she said tearfully, “Even if I am cursed, I will never, never betray you Ping’Er. I would rather die in your stead than see you die…”

 Lingfeng cried as she held Yunzi’s hands, “I am sorry. I have wronged you…”

 Youxue was crying as she said, “So am I…Sister Yun, please forgive us! You are the one that saved all of us!”

 Even though Yu’Er and Mei’Er were blood soaked, they were so happy to see Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi on their side again that they were shedding tears of joy and forgetting their agonizing pain!

 Dugu Zhen was so startled by the new happenings that she staggered backward even as she looked at Dugu Yunzi hatefully, “My daughter, do you know what you have done? Have you forgotten about the blood curse of the Sacred Divine Clan and the blood oath that you have made?!”

 Dugu Yunzi glanced quietly at Lie Qing before she pointed out, “Do you know who she is?”

 Dugu Zhen said bitterly, “I don’t care who she is. I only want to know, why did you betrayed your oaths, your clan and your mother!”

 Dugu Yunzi sighed softly as she said quietly, “Dearest mother, all these years I have never disobey you. It is all over now…”

 Lie Qing broke freed of Yi Ping reluctantly. She raised her long black precious sword at Dugu Zhen as she looked at her keenly with her crimson eyes, “Dugu Zhen, from now on. I am your Holy Leader. My commands are absolute and I am above your oaths!”

 Dugu Zhen was startled as she asked, “What do you mean?”

 Lie Qing answered, “Let me tell you then…”

 A day ago, late at night…

 Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi were both sitting on the roof of the Holy Chapter as they viewed the lofty Holy Amalgamate Mountains from afar. 

 Lie Qing said coolly as she stroked her long hair in the cool windy breezes, “You don’t have to lie to me. I know from your eyes that you are hiding something from us.”

 Dugu Yunzi replied quietly, “I have…nothing to hide…”

 Lie Qing sighed softly, “Really? Why is that when we walk past that Dugu Zhen, both of you averted your glances with each other and pretending not to know each other? That Dugu Zhen is really a shrewd lady, keenly observing everyone except for you. Isn’t that a little too weird?”

 When Lie Qing had pointed this out, Dugu Yunzi appeared to be jolted! 

 Lie Qing continued unhurriedly, “And moreover, I see betrayal in your eyes. I have seen this cold expressionless emotion in the eyes too many times.”

 She sighed as her tears swelled in her eyes, “In my entire life, I have been betrayed too many times by the people that I have placed my trust in. Moreover, you know that I am a Celestial now and have the ability to divine.”

 Dugu Yunzi was startled, “You really have the ability to divine?!” 

 Lie Qing smiled at her, “That is right. All Celestials have the ability to divine. Why do you think Lele sends me here? She knows that you are in trouble and I am the only one that can help you.”

 Dugu Yunzi was silent for a while as she averted her teary eyes, “I am not as good as what all of you thinks. I am also not as chaste and innocent as the other maidens. Do you know that I am actually from a known heretic sect with an infamous reputation in the martial fraternity?”

 She looked teary at Lie Qing with her voice trembling in extreme grief, “Do you know that that I am now being forced by my mother, Dugu Zhen to betray the man that I truly loves? Do you know how heartbreaking my innermost is? Do you know that I am also the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan and I have to bear the burdens that are placed upon me by the clan elders?”

 Her voice grew even melancholy as her tears fell silently, “I only wish to be with Ping’Er but my blood oaths prevented me from betraying my holy sect. Those that betray the Sacred Clan even if they have descendants, the males would be slaves while the females would be prostitutes. They would never enjoy a full life and be cursed for all generations to die of horrible mishap. Anyone that took them in would be met with the same fate too. That is how deadly my blood oaths are!”

 Lie Qing was startled.

 Dugu Yunzi lamented, “And tomorrow, I have to betray everyone. You have better warn the others and ask them to flee as far as they can. It is because if you stay, all of you will surely die!”

 Lie Qing looked at her into her eyes before she said slowly, “Good sister, you are not leaving with us?”

 Dugu Yunzi’s voice was one of great despair, “By telling you all this, I have already broken my oaths and have betrayed my clan. By going with all of you, I will only be harming Yi Ping and everyone! Please, please leave me alone!”

 Lie Qing said quietly, “Good sister, I truly understands what you have been through.”

 She looked up the skies and at the seven beaming celestial stars above as she said softly, “The Invincible Divine Clan used to be the most powerful heretic sect in the fraternity and we have achieved domination over all the other major martial clans. I am the Heavenly Temptress of the Invincible Divine Clan. After the Invincible Divine Clan had been annihilated by the Celestial Palace, I have founded the Virtuous Palace in the Far East as a remnant of the Invincible Divine Clan to avoid pursues by the enemies of the Invincible Divine Clan. But it was not before long that I was betrayed by my own followers, including your ancestor Ding Jun…”

 Dugu Yunzi was startled as she quickly interrupted, “What do you mean by you have founded the Virtuous Palace? Aren’t you just a descendant of the Invincible Divine Clan? And what do you mean by, you are the Heavenly Temptress?!”

 Lie Qing averted her glances, “I lie. I didn’t want anyone to know my true age. Don’t you find it weird that the Celestial Liege knows me? The Invincible Divine Clan that he had destroyed is not a recent happening but one that happened a long time ago, before the founding of the Virtuous Palace. That is why I have named our group the New Virtuous Palace so that I can seek vengeance on the present descendants of the Virtuous Palace.”

 Dugu Yunzi stammered, “How is it possible for you to live this long…it is impossible…then are you really a true Celestial?”

 She suddenly grasped, “That means that Celestial Liege was not just stating things metaphorically when he talks about the feud the Celestial Palace had with the Invincible Divine Clan many centuries ago. He was actually there! So my mother and clan elders are not chasing a mad dream but they actually found a way to ascend as a Celestial. Are you really the Heavenly Temptress?!”

 Lie Qing nodded as she covered her face with her hands, “I am indeed the Heavenly Temptress and please don’t go around telling anyone or I will surely faint. The last time I go to town, my fraternity name seems to be even more notorious than ever before.”

 She lamented as she cursed softly, “Don’t let me catch those rumor spreaders that added to my notoriety or I surely skin them alive! And from what Youxue and you have shared with me, there is also a legend of the red eyes in the Virtuous Palace. It seems that the red eyes of the Celestial Palace that massacred my other clan, the Invincible Divine Clan now become the oppressors of the Virtuous Palace. I was betrayed by your ancestors and they had covered that betrayal with another tale. Those traitors did not want to let their descendants know their evil deeds and had covered everything up.”

 Dugu Yunzi said, “My ancestor Ding Jun did not betray you. In fact, he had secretly founded the Sacred Divine Clan to honor you and to remind us to destroy the Virtuous Palace one day. But the Virtuous Palace that you have founded has too many super exponents. Moreover the Xiao Clan kept many martial secrets like the Dark Mono Sword Formation to only descendants of the Yuan and Xiao Clan. There are also the secret martial skills of the Eighteen Unbreakable Hands, the three killing techniques of the extinct Southern Isle Clan and others.”

 All of a sudden, Dugu Yunzi bowed down on her knees, “My respect to the First Grand Protégé Mistress!”

 Lie Qing was taken aback but she quickly recovered from her surprise as she smiled mysteriously, “Good sister, don’t ever bow to me. I will surely feel very bad. Please get up first. Let me ask you; that mean if the Sacred Divine Clan is created in my name, does it also mean that I can also void all the blood oaths too?”

 Dugu Yunzi was startled as she quickly replied, “That’s right…in all our ceremonies and oaths; we will always invoke the name of the Heavenly Temptress to be our witness…and her dead spirit to execute the oaths…”

 Lie Qing laughed softly, “Oh Heavens! I have become a dead spirit now. That’s great. Then, I shall release you from all your oaths. You have never betrayed the Sacred Divine Clan because you have never betrayed me! Then can I just avert this crisis of yours by announcing my presence?”

 Dugu Yunzi said quietly, “I am afraid that it is not possible. Many sect elders that had protested against the ‘Celestial Pan’ as a dangerous gambit that may destroy the clan had all been killed by the Three Evils. Even if you are the Heavenly Temptress, the ‘Celestial Plan’ cannot be stopped now because the entire Sacred Divine Clan is now so close to becoming Celestials. Moreover, would anyone believe you and believe someone that had never led the clan for even one day of her life? They would rather kill you than believe in you.”

 Lie Qing smiled bitterly, “I ought to remember this as another betrayal. So much for using my name to unite the scattering protégés into the Sacred Divine Clan and then forgotten about my real person. Oh Heavens!”

 Dugu Yunzi, “We should flee on this very night…but for Ji Wuzheng and Sister Lingfeng, would they believe us? 

 Lie Qing asked, “What if we choose to stay behind and make a stand?”

 Dugu Yunzi sighed melancholy, “Sister Qing’Er, you do not know who your opponents are or else you won’t think about it. I know very well how powerful the Three Evils of the West are. Moreover they have already merged the Holy Amalgamate Force with the Divine Virtuous Force into a Super Virtuous Amalgamate Force. Any one of them is already considered to be a superior super exponent and moreover there are three of them. Even if Yi Ping and you can defeat them, you may not survive your injuries too. The odds of winning against one of them are fifty-fifty for both sides. But if they joined hands, no one in the martial fraternity will be able to stop them except for the Dark Mono Sword Formation of the Virtuous Palace.”

 Lie Qing smiled mysteriously, “What if we fight evil with evil?”

 Dugu Yunzi asked, “What do you mean, sister?”

 Lie Qing turned extremely solemn, “However, this will be very risky for you and you may even be killed by Yi Ping and the rest.”

 Dugu Yunzi said with quiet determination, “I am not afraid of sacrificing my life for Ping’Er and for the rest of my good sisters, as long as everyone can have a chance of surviving. I am willing to do that!”

 Lie Qing said, “This will requires extreme acting skills on our side. I just hope that Yi Ping doesn’t make it so hilarious in an otherwise serious situation or the entire plan will come to a futile end. Sometimes you know, like Lingfeng, I cannot resist giving him a hard kick for saying or doing stupid things at the wrong time. Luckily, Sister Lingfeng always gives him a timely hard knock for that or else I surely will be the next to kick him hard!”

 Dugu Yunzi laughed softly, “Actually me too…”

 But she quickly asked, “What is the plan? Can you divine it first?”

 Lie Qing sighed softly, “There is no such thing as divination.”

 Dugu Yunzi was startled, “But you just say Celestials have the ability to divine and you can see the betrayal in my eyes? You have also said that Lele has sent you here because she has divined that we are in danger?”

 Lie Qing smiled weakly, “Good sister, I am sorry. I lie again.”

 Dugu Yunzi was startled.

 Lie Qing said shyly, “Lele don’t have any ability to divine. She lies too. It doesn’t take a genius to know that all of you are going to be in danger. Because all of us are worry for Yi Ping, it just a convenient excuse to use divination as an excuse for me to come to your aid. She may think I can’t tell but somehow I can tell all from her sheepish and subtle expressions. As for the betrayal in your eyes, it is based on my personal experience and not a result of any divination.”

 Dugu Yunzi was stunned, “Sister Lele and you are really so alike…in many ways. I am beginning to feel that the two of you may be twins in your previous life. Even your mannerism is the same…”

 Lie Qing laughed softly, “Is that so? Sometimes I think so as well.”

 She looked at Dugu Yunzi for a while before she said, “Sometimes I feel that I have known you, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lele, Yixian, Youxue and even Yi Ping from a long time ago too. But that’s not important. So here is the plan…the code for action will be Invincible Divine...”

 Dugu Zhen laughed coldly as she looked at Ji Wuzheng, Yi Ping, Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi one by one, “So, that is the plan…what a good plan. We all have been fooled. The three elders are dead now. The Celestial Plan is now shattered. I have lost everything now…”

 Ji Wuzheng said quietly, “You have not lost everything. You still have me and you are still the proud mother of our three daughters.”

 Dugu Yunzi nodded as she cried out, “Dearest mother, you still have your Yunzi!”

 Dugu Zhen was stunned as she looked tearfully at Ji Wuzheng, “After all that I did, after you have known that I am from the heretic sect, you are still willing to forgive me?”

 Ji Wuzheng reached out for his hands and immediately Dugu Zhen fell into his embrace as he said, “No matter what you did, I am willing to forgive! I can’t do with you. I know that throughout the years, you have also done an excellent work in the Holy Hex Sect. No one will need to disclose that you are from the Sacred Divine Clan. It is almost no more now.”

 Dugu Zhen muttered, “You have no idea how influential is the Sacred Divine Clan. There are still three powerful elders that know my identity that are undercover on the orthodox clans’ side.”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “It doesn’t matter. I will protect you even if it means that I have to give up my life for you.”

 Dugu Zhen sighed tearfully, “You…”

 She turned and looked at Lie Qing as she stammered, “Are you really the Heavenly Temptress?”

 Lie Qing nodded quietly.

 Dugu Zhen fell on her knees as she said, “May Grand Protégé Mistress forgive me for any transgression that I have made. I am also willing to atone for my terrible mistakes!”

 Lie Qing said awkwardly as she fingered her long hair in front of her face, “Rise please. Your daughter, Yun is my good sister. How would I have the heart to punish her dearest mother? You just need to reveal to us the further plans of the Sacred Divine Clan as atonement. Then we can prevent a martial calamity from happening.” 

 Dugu Zhen nodded even as Dugu Yunzi and Ji Wuzheng helped her up at the same time while Yunzi said shyly, “Stepfather!”

 Ji Wuzheng was very happy, “I have got another daughter now. It is something worth celebrating and I should open my precious wine cellar!”

 Huo Fu was rubbing his bloodied face that was mixed with his tears. He had never seen such a moving scene in his entire life before and was quiet the entire time…

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping clapped his hands as he said excitedly. “So this is all part of a plan! I almost got fooled by it.”

 Lingfeng gave Yi Ping a weak kick as she laughed softly, “You are slow, aren’t you? And it is not almost. You really got fooled by it.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I almost thought that I have lost Qing’Er and Yun’Er. Qing’Er, Yun’Er, why didn’t you tell us your plans beforehand? At least I won’t be so panicky!”

 He took a quick look around him and nodded silently to Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng who all gave him a thumb up from afar. “At least we are lucky to have all survived. This is one of the hardest fights that I have ever fought…”

 Lie Qing said shyly as her eyes displayed a thousand affections for him, “If we tell you and the sisters first, we will not get the result that we want. You have such bad acting skills, if we tell you first; the plan would be doomed from very start. Also, or else I won’t know how much you really care for me.”

 Dugu Yunzi nodded affectionately at him, “Ping’Er, now I also know how you feel for me…”

 Mei’Er exclaimed with a mischievous look in her eyes, “I also want to know how much Master have for me in his heart. Prove to me, Master!”

 Yi Ping could only smile bitterly at Mei’Er.

 Yu’Er had covered her face at her sister open declaration of her heart. That was really so bold of her sister and she was startled! 

 Mei’Er said, “Master, I want you to prove it now! Did you not see my injuries and wounds? All these are for you!”

 Yu’Er quickly said, “Mei’Er, you are asking Master to prove his love for you and not the other way round!”

 Mei’Er protested softly, “Is there a difference?”

 Yi Ping bowed to Ji Wuzheng as he glanced at Lingfeng, “Big Brother, I have a favor to ask from you.”

 Lingfeng was startled as she quickly thought, “Is he asking for my hand? I won’t say no if he really asks…”

 Yi Ping said, “There are now five Divine Dragon Pills now. One of the Divine Dragon Pills has been taken by Lingfeng and there are only four left. I have two friends of mine who may need the Divine Dragon Pills urgently. Can I have two of the Divine Dragon Pills?”

 Ji Wuzheng laughed, “We are brothers. Of course you can have it. Even if you want all of it, I will surely give it all to you!”

 Yi Ping said, “That’s alright. I don’t need more.”

 Ji Wuzheng said solemnly, “Alas, you should take one for yourself too. These Divine Dragon Pills are actually created from your own hands and I really have no more right to them. What I own is actually the Heavenly Relic and not these Divine Dragon Pills.”

 Dugu Zhen smiled gently. She was now at peace with herself and did not hunger to be a Celestial anymore. It did not matter even if her husband wanted to give all the precious Divine Dragon Pills away! All she wanted now, was to spend time with Ji Wuzheng…

 Yi Ping said to Youxue, “Youxue, can I have two of the Divine Dragon Pills and return two of the Divine Dragon Pills to Brother Wuzheng?”

 Youxue quietly opened her hand and revealed only one Divine Dragon Pill as she said sheepishly, “There is only one left now…”

 Everyone was stunned. 

 Yi Ping was in a daze as he asked her, “What happened to the other three?!”

 Youxue averted her enthralling glances as she said sheepishly, “I have consumed one earlier while you are all talking.”

 Everyone was stunned…

 Youxue explained sheepishly, “I am also seriously injured so I have taken one of the Divine Dragon Pills.”

 Yi Ping muttered, “I have thought that you have actually consumed three at the same time. You have taken one and where are the other two?”

 Youxue pointed at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “It in their stomachs now.”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er too, were sheepish as they said at the same time, “We are injured and we almost die too…”

 Mei’Er said, “Or else you won’t see me talking to you now. I will be lying there. Is that what you really want to see huh?” 

 Yi Ping smiled weakly as he sighed, “The Divine Dragon Pills cannot be consumed by practitioners that have less than sixty years of internal strength or it does more harm than good. Youxue has the martial foundation already but the two of you... “

 Yu’Er was suddenly sorrowful, “Master, will we die?”

 Mei’Er said, “But we are feeling a lot better than earlier…”

 Lingfeng said, “I don’t have sixty years of internal strength too…”

 Youxue quickly said, “There is no need to worry. The Divine Dragon Pill does not necessary need to be used to increase the practitioner’s martial strength. It can also be used to save lives. Much of the potency of the Divine Dragon Pills has been consumed in treating your injuries and wounds.”

 The truth was that Youxue was not confident of what she had said but she withheld her worries...

 Yi Ping was a little relieved to hear that…

 Huo Fu, Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen, Lie Qing, Dugu Yunzi, Lingfeng, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were all stunned that four out of five of the Divine Dragon Pills had all been consumed at such a rapid rate! 

 Yi Ping murmured bitterly, “One Divine Dragon Pill is now left. Should I give it to Yixian or Lele?”

 When Youxue saw that Lingfeng had really revived so suddenly, she knew instantly that these Divine Dragon Pills were not fakes. All of a sudden, a thought crossed her mind. Lingfeng martial progression would surely advance much faster after consuming the Divine Dragon Pill. If that happened, then Yi Ping would surely trust her more and more. With that thought in mind, she immediately popped in one of the Divine Dragon Pills in secret! 

 After consuming it, she was overwhelmed with guilt. She had thought that if she could find one or two others to take it too, then she would not feel so awkward later. So she gave one each to Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had also immediately taken it! 

 Yi Ping said to Youxue, “Do you know that it is improper to take others’ stuff first without asking? Didn’t your parents or elders teach you that?”

 Youxue said coolly, “My father and elders, including my mother just told me that anything that I can lay my hands on, it is mine. It is the responsibility of others to protect what they want. If they can’t protect it, then finder is keeper.”

 Yi Ping was stunned, “Did your parents really teach you that?!”

 Dugu Yunzi giggled, “That’s right. That is the rule of the Virtuous Palace!”

 Yi Ping, Ji Wuzheng, Huo Fu, Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were stunned at this revelation. 

 Yi Ping said to Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “Is that a rule of the Eternal Ice Palace too?”

 Yu’Er said shyly, “We have no such rules. But if a good sister offers us something good to eat, it is considered disrespectful not to take it.”

 There was nothing Yi Ping could do now except to smile weakly.

 Ji Wuzheng laughed, “It seemed that you have a lot of troubles in your hands in future with these maidens. Don’t worry too much about the Divine Dragon Pills. You can have them all.”

 Yi Ping bowed respectfully, “Thank you Brother…”

 Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er said at the same time, “Thank you!”

 The only person that was sore about the Divine Dragon Pills was actually Lie Qing. She was actually counting the number of state of divinities that she could actually reach with each of the Divine Dragon Pill that had gone up in smoke! “They have no idea how precious the Divine Dragon Pills are…consuming them so recklessly…faint! These Divine Dragon Pills can only be obtainable by the sheer arrangement of destiny and cannot be sought…”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping said to her, interrupting her thoughts. “Qing’Er, I found the name of the Heavenly Temptress to be so familiar. Did you mention that you are a protégé in the Heavenly Temptress Clan? Why have you become the Heavenly Temptress now?” 

 Lie Qing looked at him as she pretended to be upset, “I don’t want to explain to someone as stupid as you. Go figure out yourself!” 

 Yi Ping was left in bewilderment as he thought, “Did I say something wrong?”

 While he was still pondering why, Youxue had quietly fallen into his embrace as she said quietly, “Sometimes it is better not to know too much, as long as everyone can be together…”

 When Youxue had fallen into Yi Ping’s embrace, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi and Lie Qing had also fallen blissfully into his arms. 

 The sight was enviable and it seemed that time had stopped for them.

 Indeed, for a long time, no one dare to disturb their tranquil gathering! 

 Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng were exchanging enviable glances with one another even as they sat on the floor. Their injuries were too heavy for them to move, especially Gongsun Jing who had been fatally slashed by the Blade Heretic on his leg. 

 Youxue suddenly whispered, “Ping’Er, who does you really like the most? Is it me? Have you already forgotten what we have been through that night?”

 Yi Ping was stunned by her question and all of a sudden, he noticed all the other maidens were looking at him with an equally hostile look around them as they waited for him to answer this question! 

 Lingfeng warned him gently, “You have better answer correctly or else you will be dead very soon.”

 Yi Ping smiled most bitterly.
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Chapter 57: The Fiery Phoenix and the Blue Heavens Divine Sword 

 The camps of the orthodox clans were burning furiously and there were chaotic fighting everywhere!

 Thousands of exponents from over two hundred martial clans were fighting against one another in great confusion! 

 Everywhere, there were fallen exponents, the thunderous impact of fists and the shrieking clanging of weapons as martial clan fought against one another. 

 Everyone was accusing one another to be a heretic exponent as they fought against one another. Most of the accusations were actually false as the martial clans took advantage of the confusion to settle old feuds and realign their alliances. 

 When the heretic sects had descended upon the camps of the orthodox clans, there were no prior warnings. It was because most of the sentries had already been killed or had been infiltrated by the heretic sects!

 Indeed, the extent of the infiltration of the heretic sects were so widespread that the entire orthodox exponents found themselves in great confusion as they fought the heretic exponents and other orthodox exponents at the same time! 

 Six of the more prominent heretic sects, the Ancient Relic Sect, the Salvation Palace, the Three Swords Clan, the Episode Sect, and the Rhapsody Sect were led by the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan in a sudden attack on the orthodox clans in the dead of the night! 

 Panic quickly spread throughout the camps of the orthodox clans! 

 “They are…the heretic exponents! There are so many of them!?”

 Among the more than one hundred martial clans, there were more than a dozen martial clans that were secretly aligned with the major unorthodox clans and had infiltrated the camps of the orthodox clans. 

 Adding to the number of heretic clans and unorthodox clans that were already on the opposing sides, were their infiltrators in the various orthodox clans that deliberately created more confusion and chaos during the attack by misleading the others that the clans that they were in were actually the enemies! 

 Three immediately factions were fighting for supremacy in the chaos, the Evil Heretic Clans, the Unrighteous Unorthodox Clans and the Righteous Orthodox Clans! 

 Assembled inside the large tent of the Virtuous Palace were the leaders of the three major Sword Clans; Yan Nanfei the Protégé Master of the Zen Sect, Zuo Tianyi the Protégé Master of the Infinity Sword Clan, and Shangguan Qingyun the Protégé Master of the Divine Sword Martial Clan. 

 The Honor Manor led by Han Shaodong, Gu Tianle the Protégé Master and the Heartless Scholar who had just assumed the new leadership of the Twelve Golden Halls of the Honor Manor were also presented. 

 Also presented were the Sword Sage of the Aegis Sword Clan, the Element Sage and his protégé grand-nephew Chi Zhengqi of the Five Element Clan.

 Besides Xiao Shuai were Yuan Shao, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao.

 Xiao Ao was the son of Xiao Da. He was casting long glances at Han Xinyue, who was the granddaughter of Han Shaodong. And it was pretty much obvious. 

 Han Xinyue did not seem to mind the attention given to her. Even though she was no more than twenty and had an innocent and angelic look, Zuo Tianyi and the Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar were secretly fearful of her! 

 When her mysterious gray eyes looked at them, they were immediately seized with fear! 

 It was because despite her angelic and innocent look, she had seized Zuo Tianyi’s divine sword, the Blue Heavens just a few days ago and had severely injured them! 

 Her real name was actually not Han Xinyue but was Shen Xinyue the Fiery Phoenix. Even though she had been introduced as Han Shaodong’s granddaughter, she was actually Han Shaodong protégé mistress! 

 As a matter of fact, Han Shaodong’s Divine Rejuvenation Force was imparted to him by her! 

 A few days ago…

 Lu Baiyun was saying to Zuo Tianyi, “I see that you have a good sword in your hands.”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “The sword is not unsheathed yet, how do you know that it is a good sword?”

 Lu Baiyun said, “I am also an accomplished swordsman myself. The sword isn’t unsheathed yet but already I can sense its killing intent. It is a good sword but it is a pity that it is a malevolent sword. If I am not wrong, this sword is a calamity sword and would bring harm only to its master. A swordsman should be in control of the sword and not let the sword controlled him, don’t you think so?”

 Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Don’t you worry about it. As long as this sword is able to help me to kill my enemies, this is a good sword. With my present attainment, no matter how malevolent this Blue Heavens is, its sword energy won’t be able to harm me.”

 Lu Baiyun laughed, “I am really curious about this sword. May I have a look at it?”

 Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “If the sword is unsheathed, then it must draw blood. Do you want your blood to be upon this sword? Moreover, the mere sword energy of this sword will only harm you. This is something that you won’t be wishing or else the Honor Manor would soon lose one of its most capable fighters.”

 “What if I want to look at it?” An angelic voice said alluringly.

 It was Han Xinyue.

 She was always cold and kept to herself. Today was the first time that she had spoken to them. 

 Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “If anything happens to you, how would we answer to Master Han Shaodong. You have better forgotten about it.”

 Han Xinyue smiled. Her smiles were beautiful and really enticing to behold as she sighed softly, “Is that so?”

 Lu Baiyun was looking lustfully at her as he said, “If maiden you are interested in swords and swordplay, you can come to the tents of the Honor Manor and I would be pleased to show you our precious swords…”

 Han Xinyue had already seized the scabbard from Zuo Tianyi with a startling speed, as she broke the harness of the sword scabbard with her fingers! 

 Zuo Tianyi was stunned to see this display. Even though he had seen her making her move and was about to stop her; his scabbard was seized right in front of his very eyes! What was even scary about her was that she seemed to have deliberately hinted that she was coming forward and when Zuo Tianyi had raised his hands to stop her, she had simply seized it.

 Beautiful or not, whether she was angelic or not and whether she was from the Virtuous Palace or not, Zuo Tianyi’s malevolent killing intent was aroused and he raised his sword fingers to stab her. It was because taking and stealing a swordsman’s sword was considered to be an act of great sacrilegious. In the fraternity, it was an act that was punishment by death duels on the spot! 

 Even Lu Baiyun was shocked!

 But just as Zuo Tianyi had just raised his sword finger, Han Xinyue had already unsheathed the blue beaming cold blade of the divine sword. When the Blue Heavens was unsheathed, a sudden burst of cold bluish burst of sword energy burst in all directions, fatally wounding Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun as the shockwave of the sword energy sent them flying backward and rolling on the ground in agonizing pain!

 Zuo Tianyi was stunned! 

 It was because even for his state of divinity, he had to be careful about unsheathing this sword and had to use his sword energy attainment to suppress the sword energy of this sword. Even though the Blue Heavens was radiating a powerful sword energy force in his hand, he had never seen this type of sword burst before! 

 This sword energy display was already the attainment of the Infinity-Zero! 

 What was even more startling was that Han Xinyue was still standing in the same spot and was not affected by the sword energy burst as she said, “Lucky I am able to have to release the cumulating sword energies of this naughty sword with my Rejuvenate Divine Force or else the backlash would be great. Oh well, it does seem this is a calamity sword. When it is unsheathed, it must draw blood. Luckily, it is not mine.”

 As she raised the divine sword in her hands, the light of the sun was diffused by the sword and a golden halo formed glaringly on its blade, “So the name of this name is the Blue Heavens.”

 She sheathed the sword and carelessly threw it down on Zuo Tianyi’s feet as she hummed coldly and said disappointing, “It is a pity that this sword has been tainted by a malevolent force that has yet to be dissipated. If you continue to use this sword, you will only be harming yourself.”

 She looked at Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun as she said, “See, I didn’t lie to you am I right? The both of you are now fatally injured by the sword. Unfortunately even if I want to help, I am helpless for your internal injuries are really too severe. You have better rest in bed for the next three months if you value your life.” 

 Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun had turned ashen with agonizing pain as they broke out in cold sweat even as they stared at her with shock. 

 Han Xinyue said, “I forget to add. Even if you can recover from your internal injuries, your internal strength will be lost forever. But then consider yourselves lucky, lesser mortals will have died immediately.”

 She appeared to sigh as she talked to herself. 

 Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun were trembling uncontrollably as they stared at her with burning hatred! They were using all their strength to suppress their agonizing pain and were gagging in pain on the ground. Whenever they mustered the strength to interrupt her, they found no words and instead of words, they had coughed out blood! 

 Han Xinyue sighed again; she picked up the Blue Heavens again as she kicked it into her hands, saying. “Come to think of that, I guess such a precious sword isn’t safe in your hands. What if it would to fall into the wrong hands? Let me keep for you until you are able to handle this sword safely.”

 She looked at Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun curiously, “Are you trying to say something? I can’t hear anything. Maybe you want to cough out all the blood first before you say anything to me? Or maybe you want to beg me to save your lives? Oh very well, even though it is none of my business, I guess I will try to help. I just can’t stand emotion distress.”

 She took out two pills from her pouch as she threw it carelessly onto the ground, “This is the Heavenly Dreams Divine Pills. If you consume it, your internal strength will be protected. After your internal injuries have recovered, it may even receive a significant boast for you! But of course, the side effect is that you must consume one Heavenly Dreams Divine Pill every month or else…”

 She appeared to be sad but quickly recovered her angelic composure, “Since I have saved your lives, you must address me as your benevolent mistress when you see me and do my biddings. Or else…”

 She looked at Zuo Tianyi, “You know, when a person has saved your lives, even if it takes you an entire life to repay your benefactor, it is never enough. If you are willing, I just take your Blue Heavens as a gift. I take it as a yes then since you didn’t protest.”

 She blinked at them before walking away; leaving Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun alone on the ground as they could only stared bitterly at her with their bloody tears! 

 That was why they had been so terrified of her when they had seen her standing angelically besides Han Shaodong! 

 Xiao Shuai was laughing inside the commanding tent of the Virtuous Palace as the chaos outside ensured, “So the heretic sects have finally taken their action.”

 Yuan Shao nodded, “This is exactly as you have predicted. The heretic sects have seized the three days armistice lull to attack us.”

 Xiao Shuai said coldly, “The heretic sects are baiting their time for us to annihilate each other as we assaulted the fortress of the Holy Hex Sect and their allies. By announcing a ceasefire and an ultimatum in three days’ time, the heretic sects know that the Heavenly Relic and the Holy Maiden would be ours when that time comes.”

 Han Shaodong added wryly, “When they have taken action against us, we can take this opportunity to weed up all the infiltrators and collaborators as well. In a masterful move, we would get rid of the dangers of the heretic sects.”

 Xiao Shuai nodded, “Once we get rid of the heretic sects then we will immediately charge up the mountains with our full force and we can accuse the Holy Hex Sect for conspiring with the heretics and breaking the truce.”

 The Element Sage said solemnly, “There will be many dead and the price will be heavy.”

 Han Shaodong said, “The fraternity has been too peaceful, producing weaker and weaker exponents every generation. This fight may be costly but it will be helpful for the experiences of the survivors. Our real objective is to ascend to be Celestials and fight the deplorable Celestial Palace. We must not let the Celestial Palace knows that we are already aware of their manipulative influence in the fraternity.”

 Chi Zhengqi whispered to the Element Sage, “Grandpa, I don’t understand. What Celestial Palace and what this ascension means?”

 Element Sage whispered, “Keep quiet and listen. You have no right to talk here.”

 Han Shandong laughed, “Child. Your name is Zhengqi? You don’t have to worry. It is something beneficial and good for you.”

 Chi Zhengqi mustered the courage and said, “The others are fighting with their lives outside. Why are we here and not helping?”

 Gu Tianle laughed, “Young man. Five hundred fighters from the Honor Manor are fighting outside already. It is more than enough. We are conserving our strength and waiting for the Three Evils of the West to appear first. If they are not killed, then all our plans will not come into fruition!” 

 Chi Zhengqi was stunned as he stammered, “The Three Evils of the West! I have heard many terrifying tales of their rampage in the martial fraternity. They will be here tonight?”

 Gu Tianle said, “With my protégé master here, the Three Sages, the Virtuous Palace and the protégé leaders of the three major sword clans here, there is nothing for you to fear. However, to lure them out, we must not appear to be prepared first and when they think they can influence the fight with their presence, they will naturally appeared.”

 Xiao Fei added, “Even though it appeared chaotic outside, there is a perimeter of death around this camp. Our best fighters are lying in ambush for them.”

 Chi Zhengqi nodded, “So it is actually a plan. But after this fight, do we have the strength to assault the Holy Hex Sect? Most of our fighters would be in need of rest and for their wounds to be tended. I really don’t know how we are able to fight the notorious Holy Sectarian Master.”

 Xiao Shuai was amused by this young man. He had actually smiled and said, “Don’t you worry. I have news from my informant that Ji Wuzheng and most of the top exponents of the Holy Hex Sect are injured. This is really the best time for us to attack them. Heavens is really on our side.” 

 Chi Zhengqi looked reassured, “Then I am really relieved. The Holy Sectarian Master and the Righteous Axioms Clan are all vile people. It is really a blessing of the fraternity if we can get rid of them.”

 Han Shaodong was the old man that day. He had recognized the banner of the Five Element on Chi Zhengqi that day. Suspecting that Chi Zhengqi had been bullied by the Righteous Axioms Clan, he decided to teach those young exponents a lesson. But in the end, he was forced to beat a humiliating retreat. 

 As this was meant to teach those young exponents a lesson, he had actually restrained himself on them but these young exponents had retaliated with all their skills and he got more than he had bargained for. That was so much for teaching them a ‘lesson’. 

 But now, he knew that they were the notorious Righteous Axioms Clan, he would not restraint himself anymore and moreover, he had to avenge his humiliating defeat and silence them or else his reputation in the annals of the martial fraternity would be tainted. 

 No matter, he must not let Xiao Shuai know of it or he will be a laughing stock. 

 So Han Shaodong said, “I didn’t know that they are the notorious Righteous Axioms or I really will teach them a harder lesson.”

 Xiao Shuai said, “It is a lucky thing you did not. I have heard the Holy Maiden is travelling with them. You should have brought her back that day…”

 Han Shaodong smiled bitterly when he had recalled that battle that night but he said, “I told you I didn’t know they were the Righteous Axioms Clan. Their skills are really mediocre and not a threat to us at all. I got tired of playing with them after a while.”

 The Sword Sage interrupted, “I am a little worry for the Martial Sage. He has been gone for one week. I suspected that he has gone to the Holy Hex Sect to seek vendetta for the Old Sword Saint.”

 Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Indeed he has.”

 The Element Sage interrupted as he asked anxiously, “You know?”

 Xiao Shuai said, “Don’t worry. He is still alive. He is now a guest of Holy Hex Sect. He is lucky to be still alive after barging into the Holy Hex Sect and has almost screwed up our plans. I hope it is a lesson that he can remember well.”

 “What lesson?”

 An old man with a ruby complexion and a portly tummy was standing at the entrance of the tent. He was the Martial Sage!

 Everyone was stunned.

 Xiao Shuai asked, “Aren’t you being held prisoner in the Holy Hex Sect?”

 The Martial Sage laughed, “They are lax and thought that I am too seriously injure to move. They didn’t know that I am called the Invincible Ironfist while I was younger. Haha. There are fighting outside and why are all you chatting so leisurely here? Come out quickly. We got a good fight waiting for us!”

 He patted his hard body and laughed. 

 Xiao Shuai was silent for a while before he asked solemnly, “How did you come here? Didn’t you see any sentries? Why didn’t anyone inform us?”

 The Martial Sage laughed merrily, “Oh those? I thought they are on the heretic sects’ side when they suddenly attacked me. Don’t worry, after a few knocks, they did recognize me and let me through…Haha. I told them not to inform anyone of you. I want to give you all a surprise!”

 Han Shaodong said coldly, “Great, great. For a moment, I thought that you almost disable our defenses. Do you know how much effort I have put in that Golden Blades Formation and you have actually survived through it?”

 The Martial Sage laughed again, “I recognize how tricky that formation is. After playing with it for a while, I began to shout that I am the Martial Sage. Luckily, there were a few that had already recognized me!”

 He lied of course. All his thoughts were into the breaking of the Golden Blades Formation. It only stopped when the protégés of the Honor Manor were able to immediately recognize him. 

 The Sword Sage said coldly, “Have you forgotten the real reason why we have come out of our recluse? It is to escape the eyes of the Celestial Palace and eventually ascend as Celestials.”

 The Martial Sage did not seem to be pleased as he said rudely, “I only know I have here to avenge my brother the Old Sword Saint. This ascension thing is more like a wishful thing. I admit I don’t know as much as all of you and never seen a Celestial before. But I know something that all of you don’t! Haha.”

 The Sword Sage hummed coldly, “Stop beating around the bush and tell us. You will actually know something that we don’t?”

 The Martial Sage walked into the center of the tent with a jovial expression as he looked at everyone, “I know where Xian’Er is now!”

 Almost immediately, the Sword Sage, the Element Sage, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun were startled.

 Yan Nanfei who had been keeping quiet all along stammered, “You know where Xian’Er is now?”

 Shangguan Qingyun quickly caught hold of him with trembling hands, “Old fellow, quickly tell me! You have really seen her?”

 Besides the Martial Sage, Shangguan Qingyun was also infatuated with Xian’Er. Once he had found a priceless martial treasure, the Divine Dragon Pill. Without a second thought, he had wanted to give it to Xian’Er. 

 After many years of martial cultivation and mediation, he still could not put down Xian’Er from his heart. He wanted to see her for the last time before he died and was always wondering where she was! 

 Those that did not know who Xian’Er was had started to wonder who she was now! 

 Even Shen Xinyue was intrigued for she could see from the startled expressions of these old men that they were familiar with this Xian’Er! 

 The Martial Sage said, “Even though I have not really seen her but I do recognize the twin swords that she used to carry with her all the time. I say, she must be related to the Holy Hex Sect. Therefore we must not attack the Holy Hex Sect anymore. I see a couple of maidens and they have some of her resemblances!”

 Yan Nanfei said, “Let’s don’t attack the Holy Hex Sect then. If the Holy Maiden is related to Xian’Er, then we are doing her a great disservice. Surely we can find another way to defeat the Celestial Palace and to ascend into Celestials.”

 Han Shaodong was trembling as he muttered, “Xian’Er, are you still alive after all these years? How long have it been? I really miss you…”

 Even the haughty Sword Sage was muttering incoherently now!

 The Element Sage asked, “Xian’Er, she is really from the Holy Hex Sect? That is the last place that I have been expecting from…”

 Xiao Shuai interrupted coldly, “Don’t worry so much. Xian’Er isn’t at the Holy Hex Sect nor is she related to the Holy Hex Sect. Therefore our plans must continue.”

 The Martial Sage shouted angrily, “What do you know? I owe my life to Xian’Er in that accursed underground palace ruin. Just because you say she is not there or related to the Holy Hex Sect, do you expect us to believe you?”

 Xiao Shuai noted the angry glances and smiled bitterly. At this point of time, he must not allow his plans to come to naught. Even though he was not willing to share with them where Xian’Er was, he found himself left with no choice. “I know where Xian’Er is.”

 Everyone was stunned.

 Han Shaodong shouted at him, “You know where Xian’Er is? And you didn’t tell us?! Where is she now?”

 The Martial Sage was also shouting, “Xiao Shuai, you old scoundrel. Do you still consider us as your brothers?!”

 The Sword Sage was staring coldly at Xiao Shuai.

 Xiao Shuai said coldly, “I have originally intended to tell all of you after we have vanquished the Holy Hex Sect so that none of us will be distracted by the forthcoming battles…”

 Han Shaodong hummed coldly, “So you are saying, only you can be distracted and not us? What a joke? Stop beating around the bush and tell us where Xian’Er is now. Is she well?”

 Xiao Shuai said, “She is well. I have seen her. You may have heard of the name of the Celestial Fairy in the fraternity. That is her.”

 Shangguan Qingyun was shocked, “Xian’Er is the Celestial Fairy? But I have heard that the Celestial Fairy passed away last year…”

 Xiao Shuai said, “That is the rumor of the fraternity. She still lives and in fact…”

 He pointed at Yuan Shao who was coughing weakly, “…Xian’Er has even injured my benevolent teacher.”

 Han Shaodong was suspicious, “Xian’Er has the martial skill to injure Yuan Shao? Is that possible?”

 Xiao Shuai said, “You have better believe it. Until now, Yuan Shao has not recovered from his injuries and yet to expulse the deadly Icy Heavenly Tears intricate energy from his body.”

 Yan Nanfei said, “How do we know if you are telling the truth? I trust the Martial Sage more than you. The Eternal Ice Palace is so far away from the fraternity and moreover the Eternal Ice Palace has never entertained any strangers. How do we know you are telling us the truth?”

 Xiao Shuai pointed at Zuo Tianyi, Lu Baiyun and Xiao Fei as he sighed. “They have seen her too. If you still don’t believe, you can ask them!”

 Han Shaodong turned and asked Lu Baiyun, “Is that true?”

 Lu Baiyun stammered, “Is true. We have seen the Celestial Fairy and her sight was simply out of the world. I have never any maiden as beautiful as she is.”

 Han Shaodong slapped Lu Baiyun, “Rubbish! Do you know how old the Celestial Fairy is rumored to be in the fraternity! Beautiful my foot. You don’t even know how to flatter us!”

 Lu Baiyun was startled as he stammered, “But the Celestial Fairy we have seen is really very young and she is like a goddess…”

 Xiao Shuai interrupted with a soft sigh, “That is the truth. I have seen Xian’Er a few months ago. She didn’t age at all since we have last seen her and she has even become more elegant in her beauty.”

 Han Shaodong was startled as he secretly looked at Shen Xinyue before he asked, “Is that possible?”

 Xiao Shuai said, “It is only possible if that someone has extreme cold negative internal strength. It happens that the Eternal Ice Palace’s practitioners are all cold negative internal strength practitioners.”

 The Martial Sage said, “Alright, let’s say you are right but how do you explain Xian’Er swords that I have seen that were in the Holy Hex Sect?”

 Xiao Shuai said, “They are Yujian the Jade Sword Fairy and Meijian the Beautiful Sword Fairy. They are the protégés of the Celestial Fairy.”

 The Martial Sage was startled. Indeed, he had heard them calling themselves Yu’Er and Mei’Er…

 Han Shaodong was stunned. He had fought with Yujian and Meijian before but he had failed to notice the swords that they were wielding hence missing an opportunity to find Xian’Er. He thought, “Is that why Xian’Er has left me? Because I am not attentive as the Martial Sage?” 

 The Martial Sage asked aloud, “Is Xian’Er at the Holy Hex Sect now?”

 Xiao Shuai shook his head, “Where she is now, even I do not know. But one thing is for sure, Xian’Er seemed to be under the spell of that Yi Ping. Unless we can kill him, we can’t save her from his evil clutches.”
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Chapter 58: The Ascension Sect

 It was late at night and Yi Ping had gone down the Holy Amalgamate Mountains alone without a word. He had saw flames rising from the foot of the mountains and knew immediately that something was amiss. 

 Not even a full day had passed after he had fought with the Three Evils of the West. 

 He was astonished how light his body had been after he had looked into the Emptiness Translucent silver scroll at the Tranquil Clan. His entire body was energized with rejuvenating vigor that even he could find no words for that. He was now more alert and did not even feel sleepy. The amount of sleep that he required was drastically reduced and even a short nap could rejuvenate him like a full rest. 

 Upon reaching a sheer cliff below, he mustered his Boundless Divine Force which used to be his Aspire Invocation Force as he jumped down to the ground below. Somehow he knew he could make it through the jump. Indeed, he landed lightly and he heaved a sigh, “I can actually jump from this height? In no time I will be able to reach the mountains below.”

 He muttered, “Qing’Er, Youxue…Lingfeng, Yunzi…Yu’Er, Mei’Er…forgive me. I don’t want to endanger any one of you anymore. Besides Xiao Shuai, Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi, Yuan Shao, there are still many more powerful exponents on the opposing side. That old man that we fight on the mountainside is also really deadly. I really don’t want to see anyone of you getting injured or even died in front of me anymore.”

 Something that he could not explain seemed to be drawing him into the camps of the orthodox clans. Somehow he had an uneasy feeling that the truce was not what it seemed to be. He muttered, “Brother Wuzheng, if I enter the orthodox clan camps alone, then it won’t constituted as a breach of the truce?”

 Just as he had begun to whistle a tune, he sniffed a light familiar fragrant as he looked around him with a startled expression!

 Two beautiful maiden with long raven hair, in black velvet had just walked enchantingly into view. They were identical and were laughing softly in the windy darkness.

 Yi Ping’s heart was beating very fast when he had caught sight of them as he stammered, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, why are you here? You have not recovered from your wounds yet…quickly turn back!”

 Yu’Er flew to him immediately as she looked up to him, “Master, our injuries are almost healed. The Divine Dragon Pill may be a little hard to swallow but it is quite effective in treating our injuries. Other than feeling just a little weird, we are really alright.”

 Mei’Er was also besides Yi Ping in an instant as she sighed softly on his neck, “Master, you are thinking of abandoning Mei’Er and goes down the mountains alone? I want to fight besides you, no matter how difficulty the road in front is. You are not going anywhere without us and we are not allowing that to happen.”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “It is too dangerous, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. Go back, I command you…”

 Yu’Er interrupted, “Look over there first.”

 Yi Ping turned and saw four extremely beautiful maidens were standing near the edge of the mountain slope below and they were casting forlorn glances at him; indeed they were Lie Qing in her elegant pink dress, Yunzi in her gray robe, Lingfeng in her white garb and Youxue in her light yellow long dress.

 Yi Ping was stunned, “They are also here?!”

 Mei’Er laughed softly, “We have been waiting for you for quite some time. So what’s take you so long to be here?”

 Yu’Er added, “It is either you go back, let us come with you or...”

 Mei’Er continued, “Or…you just have to follow us to protect us!”

 Yi Ping signed in resignation as he held their hands, saying aloud in a clear audible voice. “Let’s go!”

 Lie Qing, Youxue, Lingfeng and Yunzi had heard him and they were smiling and had immediately turned around and were hopping down the mountains in advance!

 When Yi Ping and his companions reached the camps of the orthodox clans, it was already daybreak and the mayhem that they had seen were simply too appalling! 

 Thousands of exponents were lying on the ground and several hundreds were still fighting and there were also many individual duels! 

 But when Yi Ping had hopped into their midst, the fighting between the exponents ceased all of a sudden! 

 Whether the exponents were the orthodox exponents, the unorthodox exponents or the heretic exponents, they had all paused in their tracks!

 Yi Ping was startled for everyone was now staring in his direction, causing him to be extremely awkward!

 His original intention was to muster a martial shout to get all the fighting exponents’ attention but as soon as he had flew into the camp, the fighting had totally ceased!

 While the exponents were fighting, their sixth sense alerted them to the presence of a righteous air that had suddenly descended upon them! 

 This was totally different from the usual killing malevolent air and in each of every single exponent’s heart; a weird throbbing feeling had suddenly seized them!

 When they had all turned around, they were stunned to see that the righteous air had come from a young handsome man in white who had with him two sword scabbards by his side. Somehow this insignificant young man was the very source of their attentions and there was a mystifying magnetism around him! 

 They were further stunned when almost immediately after the young man had arrived, six extraordinary beautiful maidens had also appeared into view next to him. Awed by their unbelievable beauty and their elegance expressions, all the exponents began to lower their weapons or soften their combat stances!

 Quite a few exponents had already recognized Yi Ping as the young hero that had dared to come on his own to challenge Gu Tianle, Jue Yuan and Zuo Tianyi as they muttered among themselves, “I recognize him. He is Yi Ping…”

 Yi Ping shouted aloud as he mustered his martial power, “Everyone! Stop fighting…”

 The martial power of his shout was so pure that his shouts could be heard clearly throughout the entire camp and even resonated a few times. Immediate, even the doubtful exponents were immediately in awe of his internal strength! 

 Mei’Er was giggling to Lingfeng in an almost inaudible whisper, “They have already stopped fighting!” 

 Yi Ping had overheard Mei’Er as he hummed softly before he shouted again, “Everyone, listen to me. Go back to where you have come from! This fight is meaningless!”

 Some exponents were muttering, “Even if we want to retreat, would the heretic exponents spare us?”

 Dugu Yunzi stepped out as she eyed the heretic exponents. She knew that they were unwilling to reveal their names and she had no intention of letting the others know that some of the surviving heretic exponents that were looking at them now were actually her clan elders and protégés!

 So she said, “I am the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Leader. My holy will is the holy execution.”

 She raised her long sword elegantly and said demurely, “Sacred Divine of the Heavenly Temptress Will, I command all the Sacred Divine protégés to go now!”

 If she had come earlier, the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan may not want to listen to her as they were waiting for the Three Evils to reinforce them. But they had not turned up and most of their numbers were either dead, wounded or suffered from extreme fatigue from the fighting throughout the night. Upon seeing righteous air of Yi Ping and the extraordinary air of their Holy Leader, the elders of the heretic sects shouted, “Go!”

 Immediately hundreds of exponents began to pull out of the vicinity, carrying their dead and wounded with them! 

 The orthodox exponents did not stop them and were only too relieved. 

 Lingfeng said coolly, “I am the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect. Those who are weary and did not want to fight anymore can just leave. The Holy Hex Sect does not have the desire to dominate the martial fraternity. The death of the Old Saint was just the result of a friendly duel between my brother and the Old Sword Saint. Whether you believe or not, it is up to you.”

 It was mostly the exponents from infiltrators and those clans that had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the other clans that had heeded her advice and began to withdraw. But the vast majority of the clans remained! 

 Lingfeng had no sympathy for these unorthodox clans for they did not fight on the same side as the Holy Hex Sect. Most of the unorthodox clans presented were actually on the side of the Honor Manor and had raised the pretentious banner of righteousness! 

 This was the martial fraternity, where the lines between orthodox and unorthodox clans were sometimes extremely blurred. If an unorthodox clan joins the orthodox clan, then it gained fame and was considered to be an orthodox clan by the heroes of the fraternity. But if an unorthodox clan joined the Holy Hex Sect, then it was considered to be an evil sect and was branded as an unorthodox clan or a heretic sect! 

 Even the majority of the orthodox clans were not spared the clan struggles within the orthodox martial fraternity. To be just an orthodox clan required a proven action. It was because an orthodox clan was not yet a righteous orthodox clan and not yet a major orthodox clan! 

 That was why there were over two hundred martial clans, big and small that flocked to the righteous banners of the Honor Manor, which was leading martial clan in the fraternity. Through the success of the Honor Manor, all the clans presented would be able to gain renowned for their clans! 

 Youxue said coldly, “They are consumed by their lust for the martial secrets of the Holy Hex Sect. Now that the heretic sects have retreated, they are all thinking that they may stand a chance to storm the Holy Chapter Citadel. Even if most of them are injured, they will crawl up the mountains for a chance for glory.”

 There was a cold laughter that shook the surrounding!

 It was Xiao Shuai! 

 Behind him were Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong, the Sword Sage, the Element Sage and many others! 

 Five hundred fresh elite exponents from the Twelve Golden Halls of the Honor Manor had also appeared as they quickly surrounding Yi Ping and his companions!

 But it was not Xiao Shuai or the five hundred fighters that had surrounded them that had startled Yi Ping. It was because he had caught sight of an angelic young maiden that had walked into view. Immediately they had exchanged glances as the angelic young maiden was also looking at him at the same time. Even though this was the first time that Yi Ping had caught sight of her but he immediately murmured, “The Dark Enchantress of the West…”

 Lie Qing had also noticed her and had heard him as she whispered, “You know her?”

 Yi Ping shook his head even as all the maidens were secretly annoyed with him. They were all curious who this angelic maiden was and what was her relationship with Yi Ping! 

 Lie Qing asked, “Then how did you know her name? Don’t you tell me, you know her name in a dream?”

 Yi Ping smiled bitterly.

 Lie Qing whispered softly, “Be wary of her. She may be a difficult exponent to handle. If I am not wrong, she is already a Celestial and one with extremely high attainment. When a Celestial has reached past a certain attainment, the eyes will turn to gray. That means that she has already got past to the Celestial Divine Stage of Crisis and soon about to Ascend. That’s why she could disguise her crimson eyes.”

 Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Indeed she has gray eyes. But isn’t that a strange thing? Only blind people have gray eyes. Don’t tell me she is blind?”

 Lie Qing stomped on his foot hard as she rebuked him lightly, “Does she look like a blind maiden to you?”

 Yi Ping shook his head as he said, “No…”

 Lie Qing said, “This is the sign of a Celestial Ascend. It is called the darkness before the light. When she has ascended successful, then her eyes will turn golden! At that point of time, even if all of us joined hands together, we may not be able to defeat her. Unless, of course we are all Celestials and with at least one of us beyond the Crisis level.” 

 Lie Qing did not continued anymore because Xiao Shuai had approached within their hearing range! 

 When Yi Ping had looked intently at the exponents that had surrounded them, he had recognized Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun among them. He immediately bowed silently with his hands politely when he saw them!

 Xiao Shuai had walked in front of Yi Ping but he had maintained a considerable distant away from Yi Ping as he laughed, “What do we have here? The Holy Leader of the leading heretic sect and the Holy Maiden of the leading unorthodox sect are both here? It seems that I do not need to expend any efforts and you have already fallen into my hands. So Yunzi, you are actually the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan. This is really a surprise. Even though I have suspected the Ding Clan to be associated with the heretic sect but I have never the Ding Clan to be the famous Dugu Clan.”

 Dugu Yunzi interrupted coldly, “That’s right. I am Dugu Yunzi, the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine. Let me introduced you to my grand protégé mistress the Heavenly Temptress. She is the founder of the Sacred Divine Clan and the Virtuous Palace.”

 Lie Qing stroked her long hair as she smiled mesmerizing, “Alas, my grand protégé descendants. Why didn’t you greet your grand protégé mistress?”

 Xiao Shuai laughed coldly and eyed her with scorn, “You are the Heavenly Temptress? I am afraid that you are several centuries too late! Don’t make me laugh. You are nothing but a pretty face. Not only will the Virtuous Palace not let you off but the rest of the martial clans will also do the same too. You are the descendant of the red eyes clan and we all know that you live by feasting on human blood and hearts!”

 After he had coolly rebuked the young and mesmerizing Lie Qing who had claimed to be the Heavenly Temptress, he had expected thunderous shouts and cheers from his side but instead there were total silence! 

 He turned around and was startled to see Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao were smiling in idiocy at Lie Qing, Youxue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Dugu Yunzi. 

 There were not the only ones; the Element Sage and his grand protégé nephew Chi Zhengqi were both staring dreamily at them. There were also Shangguan Qingyun, the Martial Sage, Yan Nanfei, the Sword Sage and even Han Shaodong! 

 For a moment he was too speechless to continue until Yi Ping interrupted him, “You are as stupid as me. I didn’t figure out the last time but now I finally do. The Heavenly Temptress is but a hereditary title. That is why Qing’Er is the Heavenly Temptress. Now you got it?”

 Immediately, Lie Qing and the other maidens had burst out in soft laughter as they chuckled softly.

 Lingfeng was laughing so much till her eyes had turned watery as she said to Yi Ping, “You are… (chuckle)…so smart (chuckle)…now!”

 If the maidens did not laugh, then it would not be that bad for Xiao Shuai’s side. Once they had started laughing unwillingly, their every single gesture had melted the hearts of all the onlookers, as they had never seen such a mesmerizing carefree natural laughter. Immediately, the fighting spirits of the exponents seemed to drop drastically. Even the evil exponents that were looking lustfully at them could not find the heart to hurt them.

 Even Zuo Tianyi was muttering, “Yunzi…if I want you back now, is that possible?”

 Yi Ping was startled by the maidens reactions as he thought, “This is a serious moment. Why are they laughing at Xiao Shuai?”

 From Yi Ping’s blank expression, Lingfeng knew that Yi Ping did not know that they were laughing at him. When she had finally thought she could stop laughing, Yi Ping’s blank expression made her laughed jovially again. 

 Even Youxue, who could not laughed easily, was smiling jovially…

 Xiao Shuai did not know why they were laughing too…

 He turned to stare fiercely at Youxue as he appraised her, “My daughter. Do you know that I have been looking everywhere for you? It has been three, four years now? You have grown up now and have grown into a true beauty. How old are you when you left the Virtuous Palace? Sixteen?”

 Youxue laughed softly, “If you want to know how many Golden Rejuvenation Pills I have left now, I can tell you. I have finished all of it.” 

 Xiao Shuai was stunned as he thought miserably, “My precious…Golden Rejuvenation Pills…”

 When Youxue saw his disappointed expressions, she added cheekily. “If you are looking for the Heavenly Relic to ascend as a Celestial, you can also forget about it. That is because Yi Ping has destroyed it during the battle with the Three Evils.”

 Xiao Shuai was stunned. 

 After some time, he asked. “Where are the Three Evils now?”

 Youxue said coldly, “They have already ascended as the Three Celestials of the West and have gone to the Blissful Realm of the Western Paradise now. They are one step earlier than any one of you!”

 Xiao Shuai was even more startled when he had heard that, as he muttered. “Xiao Fan didn’t say a word to me…those bastards…they have already ascended…all our plans for nothing now…”

 Youxue said, “You don’t have to worry for Xiao Fan. He has been enlightened by the Three Celestials of the West and has gone to become a monk now.”

 Xiao Shuai nearly suffered a heart-attack after hearing bad news after bad news. 

 Xiao Youxue was not telling the truth. She just enjoyed tormenting Xiao Shuai. 

 Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Do you know how precious these Golden Rejuvenation Pills are and how much effort that I have put to obtain it? Do you know that with these Golden Rejuvenation Pills, I would have perfected the Divine Virtuous Force and learnt the Golden Impervious Body? Do you know that the Virtuous Palace depends on these Golden Rejuvenation Pills to help us to ascend as Celestials and saved our lives later?”

 Xiao Youxue said melancholy and her eyes had turned teary, “Do you know that I am your daughter and not your tool? You really want to drink my blood then you will be content?”

 Xiao Shuai was a little startled when he saw her tears…

 Just as Yi Ping was about to step forward to clarify, Lingfeng had immediately jabbed him and took a quick telling glance at him. He could only smile bitterly and kept quiet. 

 Xiao Shuai beamed with anger, “My two sons, Xiao Yuanjia and Xiao Da, who among you have killed them!”

 Yi Ping immediately said coldly, “I am the one! I am Yi Ping, son of Yi Tianxing!”

 There were a sudden mutterings among the older exponents who seemed to recognized Yi Tianxing’s name! 

 Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi grasped secretly. It was because Yi Ping was taking all the blame for them upon himself!

 Xiao Shuai stared at Yi Ping coldly, “So it is you! I promise you that you won’t be able to leave this place alive!”

 Xiao Shuai said to Han Shaodong and Gu Tianle, “Order your men to attack them at once!”

 Yu’Er interrupted, “You are not fighting us yourself? You are the one that is talking so much!”

 Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “Young lass, if it isn’t for your protégé mistress I would have taught you a lesson now for being disrespectful to me. Even your protégé mistress dares not be disrespectful to me and you have the cheek to give me a lecture. I am not teaching this young man a lesson personally because I am his senior. I don’t want the heroes of the fraternity to laugh at me for bullying a young man!”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er hummed coldly.

 Yi Ping had already stepped forward as he raised his hands with the Heavens Horizon Stance!

 He whispered to his companions, “Step aside. Remember what you have promised me earlier while we are coming down. Only when I am in trouble, you can aid me or else I won’t allow any one of you to follow me.”

 All the maidens sighed softly and looked affectionately at Yi Ping. Even though they were not willing to let Yi Ping fight alone but they knew that at this moment, they must support him quietly so that he would not be distracted in this crucial battle. They could only nod reluctantly…

 Yunzi sighed secretly, “It is obvious that they are trying to force him into exhausting his strength…”

 These five hundred exponents that had surrounded Yi Ping were the best fighters that were selected from the Honor Manor, the Infinity Sword Clan, the Divine Sword Martial Clan and many more!

 And these five hundred fighters were placed under the alliance leadership of the Honor Manor! 

 Han Shaodong took a glance at Shen Xinyue for further instructions.

 She nodded slightly…

 Earlier, Shen Xinyue was startled to hear the powerful echoing of martial force that had swept throughout the vicinity and was amused that someone was actually expending his martial power even before the battle had begun. 

 The entire contingency led by Xiao Shuai were alarmed that the fighting had suddenly stopped. When Yi Ping had displayed his martial force shout, Xiao Shuai had led them outside to confront the intruder. This intruder turned out to be just a handsome young man with a righteous air, surrounded by six heavenly maidens!

 When Shen Xinyue had caught of Yi Ping, Lie Qing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, she almost grasped in disbelief! It was because she had recognized the four of them! 

 Even though they were all slightly different now but due to her superior state of divinity, she could recognize them as a previous incarnation of a former Celestial that she had known! 

 The young maiden who was wielding the divine sword Perpetual Darkness, was in fact Luminous Star, one of the Three Star Sisters of Fate. She had recognized the Perpetual Darkness because that was originally her divine sword but she had lost it during a deadly fight…

 But now, when she had reached out to her aura sense towards the Perpetual Darkness, she was met with rejection from her very own sword! 

 She immediately thought with a sense of loss, “Don’t tell me, she has successful merge into one with the Perpetual Darkness?”

 But she quickly got over the loss as she remembered that she had found another divine sword, the Blue Heavens that could also aid her in her ascension. The Perpetual Darkness was a true sword of calamity and was a sword of great darkness. Unless the practitioner had entered the darkness itself and found the light within, then it would be disastrous for the practitioner eventually. 

 Many years ago, an old Ascended Sage had given her first artifact, the Divine Sword Perpetual Darkness. Even though he had warned her not to pry too deep into the mysteries of the Perpetual Darkness as she could ruin her state of divinity, she did not heed his advice as artifacts of any kinds was simply too rare even for the Celestials. 

 Because she wanted to ascend as soon as possible and to reach new stages of divinity, she could not resist the temptations of the Perpetual Darkness and started practicing the divine stages of the Perpetual Darkness. In time to come, among the Celestials, she was to be known as the Dark Enchantress of the West. 

 Because in the realm of the Celestials, those who possessed a Heavenly Relic were rare enough, she was soon known as a First Celestial. The difference between a First Celestial and a normal Celestial indicated the difference in actual supremacy between the two.

 At that time, the Celestial Realm were divided into three main fractions, the Ascension Sect which she belonged to, the Great Quiescent Sect and the Melody Palace. There were other Celestials that did not belong to the three main fractions and were known as the Autonomous Celestials. 

 Luminous Star was from the Melody Palace while this young man who called himself Yi Ping was known as the White Sage of Emptiness and he was from the Great Quiescent Sect. 

 She was also known as an Ascendant as she was from the Ascension Sect, so were the twin maidens who were in the same sect as her. The twin maidens were then known as the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess. They were two of the most supreme Ascendants in the Ascension Sect, able to divine all the celestial signs and constellations. 

 Even though she was a First Celestial herself, the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses were still supreme. Even in the Ascension Sect, they were a mystery. But one thing was for sure, they had already reached the Ascend Level as evidenced by their golden eyes! It was rumored that that the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess had already survived through a cycle of the Calamity Star in the past. Even though they were in the same sect but they hardly knew one another; the Celestials lived in isolation from one another. 

 When the Calamity Star had suddenly descended one day, panic quickly spread throughout the Celestial Realm for most of the Celestials had never experienced the cruel realities of the event known as the Divine Descendant in their life before, which was the opposite of the Divine Ascendant. This was also the only time that the Celestials were allowed to kill other Celestials without incurring the Divine Calamity and the Divine Wrath. 

 When the Celestial Descendent happened, every year for the next seven years the Celestials must kill another Celestial and absorbed their celestial force to avert the calamity of the Divine Descendant. This virtually forced the weaker Celestials to fight for their own survival. 

 There were many stronger Celestials that refused to partake in the killing but after experiencing the deadly calamity effect of the Divine Descendant during the first year, most were too scared or too seriously injured to experience the Divine Descendant a second time and one year was not enough for them to fully recover! 

 In their weaken state, most of the stronger Celestials who were still recovering from the Divine Descendant were killed by the weaker Celestials who took the opportunity to kill the weaken First Celestials and seized their artifacts!

 By the second year, the terrible reality had sunk into the hearts of all the Celestials. No one wanted to destroy their years of cultivation and be killed. A full scale terrible Celestial war began. Many Celestials were killed, including Celestials that were Crisis Level and Ascend Level! 

 The Ascension Sect was the biggest and most powerful celestial sect, with many Celestials of Crisis Level (gray eyes) and Ascend Level (golden eyes). It was plain obvious that the other Celestials were being outclassed by the more numerous and powerful Ascendant Celestials. 

 Maybe it was precisely the Ascendant Celestials were too powerful; many of them had actually belittle their opponents and were careless. In the end, they paid the price for being careless with their lives! 

 She could still remember that day vividly. She had arrived too late to lend the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses a helping hand. To her horror, they had already fallen on the ground and their eyes seemed to be pleading at the White Sage of Emptiness for mercy. 

 A fierce fight broke out between the two of them. 

 If the White Sage of Emptiness had not fought with the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess, she might not be his match. She had recently heard that he had even defeated the Three Star Sisters of Fate. She shuddered to think that what kind of a person he was and what was his level of attainment that even the deadly Celestial Star Formation could not stop him? It was because the Three Star Sisters of Fate was feared for their deadly Celestial Star Formations and few Celestials dared to trifle with them on account of that. 

 Maybe it was because the White Sage of Emptiness had exhausted himself during the epic fight with the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess, she soon found herself gaining the upper hand! 

 Just when she was about to kill the White Sage of Emptiness, she was startled to be attacked by the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses at the same time. Injured by the sudden attack, she had slipped and fell down to the mountain gorges below! 

 She survived the fall but had lost all her celestial force. It was a lucky thing that she had practiced a type of divine martial art called the Divine Rejuvenation Force. But maybe it was because she had lost all her celestial force, she was also spared the visitation of the Divine Descendant. 

 Because she had lost her divine sword during the fall and had survived, she gave herself a new celestial name, the Fiery Phoenix! The phoenix was a sign of rebirth. After she had lost her Perpetual Darkness, she forced herself to relearn the Divine Rejuvenation Force again. To her surprise, she made several breakthroughs with the Divine Rejuvenation Force and in her celestial levels after spending more than a thousand years in quiet recluse! 

 Without the Perpetual Darkness and with a thousand years of quiet time, she had by now broken through the Crisis Level and was now a Supreme Celestial! 

 To her stunning surprise, when she had visited all the old haunts of the Celestials, she had discovered that she was the only one left. What had exactly happened in the aftermath of the Divine Descendant? Had all the surviving Celestials ascended to the ninth heavens already? 

 Even though the Divine Descendant was harmful, it had the effect of shortening the Ascend period and returned an auspicious omen when it was time for the Celestial to face the Ultimate Divine Wrath. Once a Celestial reached the Ascend Level, they still had to face one major tribulation in the form of an Ultimate Divine Wrath in order to ascend successfully. Because the Ultimate Divine Wrath was so deadly, an auspicious omen was much needed to lessen its malevolent power for the Celestial to overcome it. 

 Even though the betrayal had helped her instead of harming her but to this day, she was still bitter about it. Imagine if you were her, having come all the way to lend her fellow Ascendants a helping hand and moreover they were the Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect. In the end, instead of appreciating her, they had attacker her! 

 All of a sudden, her thoughts were distracted by the cries of five hundred exponents that had charged and had surrounded Yi Ping! 

 Yi Ping had displayed a flurrying of blows and immediately the windforce of his Divine Horizon Hands caused a dozen exponents to fall and roll on the ground with cries of pain!

 Barely had a dozen exponents fall onto the ground, Yi Ping had displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand in a desperate bid to deal with the more capable fighters that were all displaying their best killing techniques on him! 

 Immediately, more than two dozen exponents were rolling on the ground after they were struck by the irresistible martial force of the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand!

 Even before the confusion had ended, Yi Ping had dashed through the hundreds of exponents as he displayed his Divine Horizon Hands, felling dozens with every change of stance as he displayed strokes after strokes! 

 All the exponents were astonished! 

 It was because they had never seen anyone who could move so fast, while changing stances with such lighting speed at the same time! 

 Even Lie Qing was stunned. 

 It was because the Divine Horizon Hands and the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand was a type of martial art that consumed a lot of martial power and strength. That was why it had to be displayed while stationary to conserve as much martial strength as possible. After displaying it, the practitioner would be tired and continuous display of the same stance would only cause the stances to be weakened and hence become an exploit for the opponents!

 But Yi Ping was just displaying his Divine Horizon Hands as he walked swiftly in all directions, knocking one powerful exponent after another! 

 Even Xiao Shuai was taken aback as he secretly muttered, “He still have so much strength? I barely even step back to relax and one hundred expert exponents are now lying on the ground!?”

 Han Shaodong was shouting, “Readied the sword formations and don’t panic! Fight martial power with martial power.”

 Gu Tianle was enraged as he shouted, “Are you guys all lambs? Use all your strength and don’t underestimate your opponent.”

 He was so enraged that he mustered his martial power and leapt towards Yi Ping as he shouted angrily, “Young man, do you dare to accept my Ultrapowerful Force!!!” 

 Immediately the surrounding air around Gu Tianle was busting with his martial power and the harnessing of his windforce. Everyone knew that this was the moment that they were all waiting for; the clash between the Ultrapowerful Force and the Asper Horizon Hand!

 Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage, the Sword Sage and the Element Sage were both humming coldly to themselves as they thought, “Your grandfather is an old friend of ours. We all know the weakness of the secret techniques of the Divine Horizon Hands and the weakness of the Divine Horizon Hands itself. You can only use it at most just a few times. Then you will be overcome by exhaustion and will eventually succumb!”

 Yi Ping was still sweeping and fighting the exponents with the Divine Horizon Hands when Gu Tianle had leapt upon him with the Ultrapowerful Force. But he simple raised his hand up with a simple movement and there were a thunderous explosive impact as he sent Gu Tianle flying in the opposite direction, as he crushed and landed with a huge thunderous impact!

 Lingfeng, Yunzi, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue and Lie Qing were so worried when Gu Tianle had suddenly interfered in the battle and had started the battle with his famous technique, the Ultrapowerful Force! 

 When Gu Tianle was sent flying in the opposite direction, all the maidens were baffled as they secretly grasped, “What is this martial force?! How did his martial power improved so tremendous? He wasn’t this strong when he was fighting against the Three Evils. Did he secretly consume the Divine Dragon Pill?”

 That was actually Yi Ping newly acquainted Boundless Divine Force. When used together with his absolute equilibrium martial force and with the Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin, Yi Ping martial power had not only increased tremendous but he was also regaining back his martial strength rapidly if his opponents were not on par with him, allowing his unconsumed martial power to be converted back to his martial strength again! 

 The maidens were not the only one that were surprised, Xiao Shuai and most of the exponents were all stunned that Gu Tianle, a super exponent could be flung off so effortless!

 While they were stunned and were looking at Gu Tianle who was struggling to get up again, Yi Ping had fell another fifty exponents onto the ground! 

 Shen Xinyue inhaled deeply as she calmed down. She was startled when Gu Tianle had suddenly jumped into the battle. “I am worried for him? No…I just want to kill him myself…”

 Zuo Tianyi had a burning hatred for Yi Ping as he stepped forward while saying coolly, “Let me take care of him. I just happen to know his fatal weakness.”

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Chapter 59: The Number One Swordsman in the Fraternity

 Yi Ping’s arms and hands were now trembling as he deliver blow after blow.

 Even though it appeared that he had the upper hand but there were simply too many exponents; out of five hundred, only a hundred odds had actually fallen. The rest of the exponents were the best of their generation and they were now encircling Yi Ping as they looked for a weakness to deal him a death blow! 

 These exponents were not weak. Among them were several exponents that were even more skillful than the Four Young Masters of the Martial Fraternity. These exponents also consisted of many experienced elders of the various martial clans!

 Many of the exponents were at first taken by surprise by Yi Ping’s tremendous martial force. Even though many had fallen to the ground with one hit, they soon picked themselves up and adjusted their fighting strategies accordingly. This was because Yi Ping did not really used all his entire martial force to deal any fatal blows; he was just content to knock the attacking exponents aside as he moved on to fight the other standing exponents!

 The protégés of the Zen Sect had organized themselves into their Seven Stars Illusionary Sword Formation, with each formation consisting of seven protégés and they had formed seven waves of the Seven Stars Illusional Sword Formation as they descended upon Yi Ping on all sides! 

 The Seven Stars Illusionary Sword Formation emphasized on feigns and sudden attack movements to trap and assault the opponent. The effectiveness of this type of sword formation was especially deadly against a lone opponent! 

 The Infinity Sword Clan was also executing the massive attacking movement of the Infinitude Sword Formation now. This type of formation was dependable on the changes of the Infinity Swordplay. Each of the fighters in this formation was an individual as well as a part of the Infinitude group. 

 Yi Ping was dazzled by the wavering display of the Infinity Swordplay in all directions. It was a lucky thing that he was quite familiar with the Infinity Swordplay as he had fought with Zuo Tianyi on a number of occasions and had the Absolute Spirits to fortify his willpower or else he would have panicked and had been killed by now!

 As the five hundred exponents were all from different martial clans, there were also many other formations and extraordinary martial skills that were being displayed at the same time against him. 

 In additional to these five hundred exponents, an additional two hundred exponents that could still fight could not resist the temptation to join in the fight against Yi Ping as well! 

 All the onlookers were grasping and muttering among themselves as they watched some of the most intrigue strokes that they had ever seen being displayed right before their eyes!

 Lingfeng, Lie Qing, Yunzi, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Youxue were watching the fight keenly as they were concerned for Yi Ping’s safety. 

 Gu Tianle had just coughed out a mouthful of blood and was struggling to stand when Zuo Tianyi had said suddenly, “Let me take care of him. I just happen to know his fatal weakness.”

 Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage, Shen Xinyue and all the exponents that were on the side of the Honor Manor had overheard Zuo Tianyi was intrigued by his statement and their curiosity were aroused. 

 Gu Tianle was muttering, “I didn’t use my full strength because that Yi Ping is my junior. Now I am not going to show any mercy…”

 Han Shaodong raised his hand in front of him as he whispered, “Don’t be hasty first. Let see what this Zuo Tianyi can do. He seems to have a vendetta with this Yi Ping.”

 Gu Tianle sighed as he stared fiercely at Yi Ping. He was the Master of the Honor Manor. For him to suffer such a humiliating defeat in the presence of his protégés and the heroes of the fraternity was a great loss of honor. 

 Shen Xinyue was also startled by the claims of Zuo Tianyi and she was looking curiously at him now.

 Chi Zhengqi had noticed that she was eyeing Zuo Tianyi and he was overcome with envy so he said to her, “He sure knows how to boast. I say, my martial skills are even better than him!”

 Xiao Ao who was also pursuing Shen Xinyue said quickly, “When we are alone, I will show you the intrigue swordplay of the Virtuous Palace and you will know that the Virtuous Swordplay is the best in the entire martial fraternity!”

 Xiao Fei was rubbing his nose as he looked inquisitively at Shen Xinyue. It was because he was also interested in her but was too shy to say so. When he knew that his nephew Xiao Ao was interested in her, he was at a loss! It was something that he had never experienced before! 

 He found himself turning red in front of her and he was even stammering in front of her. Somehow he knew that this Shen Xinyue was a very special maiden but he had no way to prove it nor was he interested to do so. Her extreme calmness and brilliant eyes impressed him greatly. Earlier when everyone was startled by Yi Ping’s martial shout and had rushed out in alarm to investigate, she walked unhurriedly and was not even startled. It was as though she was not afraid of death or dangers…

 In the Virtuous Palace, Xiao Fei was renowned for his keen perception. That was why he could figure out where Xiao Yuanjia had hidden his thirteen secret swords and could warn Youxue! 

 When he noticed that she had Zuo Tianyi’s sword, he was secretly alarmed and thought that it could be Zuo Tianyi betrothal gift to her. That very night, he had drunk himself silly…

 Shen Xinyue nodded gently but did say anything. She knew that they were just trying to get her attention and that they had been doing so ever since the first day that they had met. 

 She patiently tolerated their incessant talks because she did not want anyone to know her true martial levels. So far, she had only revealed herself to Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun because she had recognized the Blue Heavens as a divine sword of the Ascension Sect and it was her duty to retrieve it back. 

 The Blue Heavens was actually a heavenly sword that was owned by the Lord Almighty who was the Celestial Leader of the Ascension Sect. This heavenly sword was also the foundation artifact of the Ascension Sect! 

 The Lord Almighty and dozens of Celestials from the Ascension Sect were killed by the deadly Celestial Annihilation Star Formation created by the Three Star Sisters of Fate when they had attacked the Melody Palace. 

 No one had known how deadly the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation was when they first confront it. The Lord Almighty and several of the Supreme Celestials had seen many kinds of celestial formations and by the time they had become Supreme Celestials, formations of any kinds were useless against them.

 No one was also expecting a strong resistance from the Melody Palace. When the Melody Palace was on the verge of defeat, the timely arrival of the dozen Star Celestials from the Melody Palace and their sacrifices saved it from total annihilation. 

 In the end, they were deterred by the legendary Celestial Annihilating Star Formation which was put up by the Three Star Sisters of Fate. However the Lord Almighty was not willing to withdraw without putting a good fight and he did not believe that with the intellect of so many Celestials, they could not destroy the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation. 

 The Celestial Annihilating Star Formation was a defensive formation that was created by the Ascended Star Celestials long ago. Even before the Divine Descendent event, it was already a well-known Celestial Formation in the Celestial Realm. It had only one purpose, to kill all the Celestials that were trapped inside! 

 The Lord Almighty knew that the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation was held into place by nine Heavenly Relics in its outer formation and the inner formation was held by three divine swords as its pillars. If they could break the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation, then they could obtain the three divine swords and the nine Heavenly Relics. One of the divine swords was the much coveted Heavenly Earth Sword that exuded the Universal Force!

 And so driven by their greed, they had entered the formation to confront the surviving Celestials of the Melody Palace. In the end, more than eighty Celestials, including the Lord Almighty could not escape the formation and they were all killed by the Universal Force of the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation. 

 That event marked the beginning of the end for both the Celestial Ascension Sect and the Celestial Melody Palace.

 That was how the Blue Heavens had been lost until now! 

 Shen Xinyue’s thoughts were interrupted by Zuo Tianyi who was now shouting, “Everyone move back first! I will challenge this villainous Yi Ping!”

 Immediately all the exponents made a hasty withdrawal…

 Dugu Yunzi hummed coldly as she said with cold demeanor, “Don’t you slander Yi Ping. You know what you did.”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “Yunzi, you know my feelings for you. But you have strayed on the wrong path and even collaborated with the heretic sects. Even though in my heart, I have sympathies for you but I am also the protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan. The Infinity Sword Clan is one of the major righteous orthodox clan in the fraternity…”

 Dugu Yunzi interrupted, “You are right to say that the Infinity Sword Clan is a righteous orthodox clan but you are definitely not. You are just a wolf in sheep clothing, despicable and evil!”

 Zuo Tianyi had imbued his sword with his sword energy and he was exuding fearsome burst of piercing cold sword energies in all directions as he walked in front of Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, do you dare to duel with me?”

 Yi Ping had immediately displayed the Heavens Horizon in a defensive stance as he said, “Why will I not dare?”

 Zuo Tianyi said, “But you know, I am a swordsman and my honor requires that I shall not fight an unarmed person. Moreover against an unarmed foe, I am restrained and cannot give my very best. Even if you have won, there is nothing for you to be proud of for it is not a true victory.”

 By now, everyone knew what Zuo Tianyi was hinting at. Swordplay was Zuo Tianyi’s expertise but to Yi Ping, he was more familiar with the Divine Horizon Hands than the Horizon Swordplay. 

 Yi Ping and Zuo Tianyi had crossed swords previously but Zuo Tianyi had since progressed greatly in his swordplay. He could now imbue his internal intricate energies to his sword and releasing it as killing sword energy. That was the energy form of the Infinity-First Swordplay, the ability to kill invisibly from afar; sword energy could be sense but it was invisible and could not be block!

 Even though Yi Ping possessed extraordinary martial power but he could not transfer the extraordinary martial power to his swords! It was because he was not trained in utilizing internal strength as a pure form. The very act of harnessing it was called sword energy and that required decades of hard work and constant practice. Even for the Old Sword Saint, it took him some four decades before he could attain the level of the Infinity-Two to finally transfer his internal intricate energies into sword energy!

 Also as a purest form of intricate energy, sword energies could dissipate the martial power of even the strongest opponents and went right through their bodies!

 Zuo Tianyi was a prodigy and had reached the Infinity-Two when he was in his twenties. When he had witnessed the fight between the Celestial Fairy and the Heavenly Temptress, he was inspired and finally figured out a way to reach the Infinity-One, which was the Old Sword Saint level!

 Moreover, the Heavenly Divine Dreams Pill that Shen Xinyue had given to him actually had the effect of boasting his internal strength and had helped him to refine the pureness of his sword energy! 

 Zuo Tianyi was secretly thinking, “After I have killed Yi Ping, I will make Shen Xinyue as my woman. This is to a lesson for you for messing with me. I will let you know how a man will treat a woman. After that, I want you to quietly hand over your clan two divine skills to me, the Big Dipper Hands and the Divine Rejuvenation Force. And of course the secrets of your Heavenly Divine Pills will also be mine. I will use it for a better use for the domination of the entire fraternity!” 

 When he had thought of that, he secretly took a lustful look at the beautiful angelic Shen Xinyue and imagined her begging him for mercy on the bed…

 Lingfeng was secretly sighing in her heart but she had interrupted, “Strange, then for you to defeat Yi Ping, it is considered a true victory?”

 Zuo Tianyi replied coldly, “The Horizon Swordplay is also renowned in the martial fraternity. Yi Ping can choose not to accept the challenge though.”

 Yi Ping said, “I will accept the challenge but…”

 Zuo Tianyi laughed, “But? Swords are blind. If you want to surrender during a battle, I can try my best to grant you your request. You only need to say the word ‘surrender’ and I will stop. But your friends will have to make to surrender as well.” 

 Yi Ping eyed Zuo Tianyi coldly, “I have no intention to surrender or use my companions’ life to exchange for my own. I have yet to settle my feud with you for your despicable act. I have only one request and that is to fight Lu Baiyun, Gu Tianle and you at the same time!”

 Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er grasped.

 Lingfeng was rebuking Yi Ping quietly in her heart, “One Zuo Tianyi is more than what you can handle and you want to fight these three super exponents at the same time?”

 Yu’Er was muttering, “Master…”

 Youxue whispered coldly, “If he wants to be a hero, let him be…”

 Even though her voice was cold but she was actually extremely worried for him! 

 Shen Xinyue’s fingers were trembling! 

 When he had declared that he would challenge Zuo Tianyi, Gu Tianyi and the Lu Baiyun at the same time, her heart skipped a beat; there was an air of righteousness around him when he made the challenge. It was not arrogance but a demand for justice for the wrongs that had been given through injustice. It was because as a Celestial that had already attained past the Emotion State of Divinity, she could sense the burning righteousness in his heart!

 She was secretly startled. It was because the White Sage of Emptiness that she had known was a Celestial with a high attainment. There were many times that she had secretly wished that she could sense his emotions and know what he was thinking…

 From his righteous eyes and burning heart, she could sense that he wanted to protect these maidens. But it caused her to be even more confused as she secretly thought, “These maidens are previous incarnations of the Celestials that are all killed by him. They should hate him and shouldn’t be together with him. Even if they have no memories of their previous self but the memories of their hatred for their killer would never vanish and this instinct would become a natural mistrust.”

 There was a hint of a tear in her angelic eyes as she secretly sighed, “So whether it is the White Sage of the Emptiness or you now, you really can’t remember who I am or because you never have me in your heart?”

 Lu Baiyun was heard laughing, “Do I have a feud with you?”

 Yi Ping said, “That is for my sworn brother Qiu Wufeng and all those that you have tried to harm weeks ago at the Tranquil Mountains.”

 Yuan Shao interrupted hummed coldly, “You seem to forget about me. I was there at the Tranquil Mountains too.”

 Yi Ping said solemnly, “I can tell that you have not recovered from your injuries. I can wait until you have recovered before we can settle our feud.” 

 Yuan Shao hummed coldly but he gave no indication whatever so of what he was thinking. 

 Lu Baiyun was secretly thinking, “If Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and I are to fight this Yi Ping together, our odds of winning are high. This is my chance of gaining even more fame and impressed Shen Xinyue. If I can win her hand, then I will not only gain myself a rare beauty as a wife, I will also gain the Big Dipper Hand Divine Skill and the Divine Rejuvenation Force. With the powerful Master Hao Shaodong as my backer, the entire Honor Manor and even the martial fraternity will soon be mine!”

 So he smiled and said to Gu Tianle, “What do you think?”

 Gu Tianle said, “Even though all of you will be fighting with your swords, I will stick to my fist. After all, I am a senior pugilist and the Master of the Honor Manor. I don’t mind giving this young man a handicap.”

 Yi Ping said, “Good! No matter who is the winner of this duel, no one in the fraternity must pursue Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le ever again! I will settle their feuds with the martial fraternity on their behalf.”

 Gu Tianle took a hurried glance at Han Shaodong who nodded silently at him. 

 Gu Tianle laughed, “The crimes that they have committed are simply too heinous to be forgiven. But on account for your bravery, I will promise you that the Honor Manor would not pursue their heinous crimes. But only if you are able to win the three of us at the same time!”

 Many of the martial exponents on the side of the Honor Manor were now incessantly muttering that this Yi Ping was simply too insolent and arrogant to challenge Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun at the same time and they were debating the outcome of the fight even before it had begun! But of course, the end result of the debate was that which one of the three would be the first one to take Yi Ping’s head! 

 All of a sudden, an angelic voice interrupted Gu Tianle. “Master Tianle, is it alright for you to show some restraint?”

 It was Shen Xinyue!

 Lie Qing, Lingfeng and the rest of the maidens that were on Yi Ping’s side were startled to hear her interceding for Yi Ping!

 When she had spoken, everyone was instantly seized by her angelic voice even though she was soft spoken. It was as though her quiet angelic voice could immediately sent their hearts to pace rapidly! 

 But Shen Xinyue quickly laughed softly, “He is so insolent that even I feel like dueling him as well. If you killed him, then I have no one to test the new sword that Master Tianyi has given to me, am I right Master Tianyi and Master Baiyun?”

 Gu Tianle nodded and said, “I won’t be too hard on him then.”

 Zuo Tianyi laughed, “On Maiden Xinyue’s account, I will definitely show him some mercy!”

 Lu Baiyun laughed as well, “Don’t worry, he won’t die.”

 Even though they had all given Shen Xinyue’s their assurances, their smiles were full of malevolent. It was obvious that they had no intention of showing any mercy!

 Zuo Tianyi was secretly pissed off and his heart was burning with jealousy. He had already noticed that Shen Xinyue seemed to have given Yi Ping a great deal of attention from her alluring eyes!

 He thought, “Why is it that all the maidens seem to like this nameless and poor Yi Ping? What is so good about him?”

 All of a sudden, he raised his sword and pointed malevolently at Yi Ping. 

 Immediately there was a cold and terrifying piercing aura that could be felt by everyone! 

 Even Yuan Shao and Xiao Shuai were startled. They had never seen such terrifying sword energies before!

 Even Yi Ping was startled as he took a step backward and his hands were trembling; the cold piercing sword energy waves had already penetrated through his body even before Zuo Tianyi had attacked!

 Lingfeng whispered in alarm, “Oh dear! Yi Ping had lost the protection of his Icy Heavenly Tears internal force. At that close proximity, Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies have already enveloped him and restrained him…”

 Xiao Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er who had been practicing the Icy Heavenly Tears were alarmed at the piercing cold waves that were emitting from Zuo Tianyi. Even though they were standing far away but the paralyzing sword energy waves had already paralyzed them and caused numbness to them! 

 Lie Qing was solemnly as she looked at Yi Ping with watery eyes. She was clutching her long sword now. It was obvious that she had no intention just standing at the back anymore as she said in a low voice, “After displaying five hundred and sixty strokes, Yi Ping’s fingers can no longer hold his swords steadily. That Tianyi, I am sure is aware of it.”

 Dugu Yunzi said quietly, “That’s five hundred and sixty-one strokes. There is an extra stroke that he had used to stabilized himself after he had beaten off Gu Tianle. That is the Thousand Weight Fall skill that Lele has taught to him while we are in the valley.”

 Youxue said coolly, “I have actually lost count after the four hundred strokes. I was distracted by that young maiden on the other side. Did you notice that she is looking at us from time to time? It is definitely not a friendly look. Did you see her fingering the long sword besides her? It is obvious that she has the intention to draw that sword into battle anytime.”

 Lingfeng, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were all startled that Lie Qing, Youxue and Yunzi were able to keep track of every single movements made by Yi Ping while keeping themselves alert! 

 Lie Qing whispered, “Sisters, if I die in battle. Please flee with Ping’Er as fast as possible…”

 Lingfeng was startled. For Lie Qing to say that, that maiden must be really a formidable opponent! 

 Dugu Yunzi looked quietly at Lie Qing and said, “Sister Qing’Er, I have no intention of fleeing. I will fight on your side, whether you like it or not.”

 Youxue said coolly as she arranged her sleeves, “I don’t have that intention too. You seem to have forgotten that we are all from the New Virtuous Palace.”

 Lie Qing sighed softly as she looked at Yunzi and Youxue, “All of you…”

 Lingfeng whispered with an alluring smile, “Didn’t we defeat the Celestial Liege together? Didn’t we overcome many difficult fights together? Do you think we can flee with so many exponents around us?”

 Yu’Er said with a determinate look, “That’s right! We have no intention of going back alive anyway. I am willing to lay down my life for Yi Ping!”

 Mei’Er nodded as she said melancholy, “If protégé mistress is here, these men would not dare to bully us!”

 Lie Qing laughed softly, “Even if your protégé mistress is here, these men would still dare to bully us.”

 Mei’Er protested indignantly, “Then my protégé mistress will kill every single one of them!”

 Lie Qing whispered sadly, “It is precisely because your protégé mistress has killed too many exponents, her Divine Calamity is will be extremely difficult…”

 Yu’Er was startled as she said, “What did you just say and what do you mean?”

 Lie Qing sighed softly, “I don’t want to hide it anymore from any one of you now. It is because I may not survive this battle and after all, we have been through a lot together. I shall tell you then. The Divine Calamity of the Celestial Fairy will be one of the most malevolent Divine Calamity ever. It is because she has simply killed too many exponents in the past. Even though we have helped her find a most spiritual spot to prepare her but most likely it is futile. That is why your protégé mistress wants me to be here to help Yi Ping because she knows that she is going to die soon.”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were startled and their eyes were teary.

 Mei’Er cried out, “No, that is not the true. Our protégé mistress will never leave us alone…”

 Lingfeng interrupted, “The fight is beginning soon…”

 Indeed, Yi Ping was clutching the hilt of his two swords with trembling fingers as he said aloud to Zuo Tianyi, “What are you waiting for?”

 Zuo Tianyi smiled bitterly, “You can’t even pull your swords now. Are you so scared now that even your fingers are trembling? Don’t tell me you lack the strength now to pull your swords from your scabbard? Or are you thinking of using your fists and forgot about the duel condition?”

 Yi Ping clutched the hilts of his swords even tighter when Zuo Tianyi pointed it out. He quickly said, “Enough say already. Are you fighting or not?”

 Lu Baiyun was already swinging his sword strokes, “You have not yet drawn your weapons.”

 Yi Ping hummed coldly as he explained, “I know that my swordplay isn’t as good as the both of you. So I will wait for an appropriate time to draw my swords so that the drag of my swords would not slow down after I have executed my swiftness movement…”

 Gu Tianle laughed aloud, “You mean your evading movement skill? What an idiot. Now we all know your strategy!”

 Lu Baiyun whispered to Zuo Tianyi, “He is trying to weaken the strength of your sword energies so that he can display his Horizon Swordplay. Don’t waste any more time with him anymore!”

 Lu Baiyun had immediately displayed his Heartless Strike Technique. This secret technique had three killing technique, each one more powerful than the previous execution!

 Gu Tianle was not slow to react either. He quickly move to Yi Ping’s back and displayed his Ultrapowerful Force!

 Zuo Tianyi had broken through the air with his long sword with a startling burst of speed, sending waves of cold piercing sword energies upon Yi Ping! 

 Yi Ping knew that he was trapped by the superior air of the Infinity-First swordplay and his steps had suddenly become extremely heavy. He raised his fighting spirit with the Absolute Spirits and drew the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix at the same time!

 At that single point of time, Yi Ping had a new awakening in his perception of the Absolute Spirits and had merged the heart intricate formula of the Absolute Attack, Absolute Speed and Absolute Reflexes of the Absolute Spirits into one, becoming one with his swords!

 There was two brilliant flash of light and a low humming echo as Yi Ping drawn the Divine Echo and White Phoenix. All of a sudden, the cold bursting sword energies that were formed from the Infinity-First sword stance had dissipated and Zuo Tianyi, Gu Tianyi and Lu Baiyun were lying on the ground in great agonizing pain; their abdomen had all been sliced by Yi Ping at precisely the same time! 

 Everyone was startled!

 The speed of Yi Ping quick draw technique was too fast that the moment that Yi Ping had drawn out his swords, only a few exponents could actually see what had actually happened!

 Xiao Shuai was not happy as he muttered, “Yunzi, you have actually taught him our secret quick draw technique?”

 Yi Ping himself was startled that he could actually be faster than the Infinity-One swordplay, the Heartless Strike Technique and the Ultrapowerful Force combined. He did not want think of anything except that in order to survive, he had to be even faster than them!

 But that was not what everyone had seen that had caused them to be in awe!

 The moment that Yi Ping had drawn out the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix, there was a resounding echoes from the two swords that pierced everyone and removing the paralyzing effect of the deadly sword energy aura of the Infinity-One. At the same time that Yi Ping had swung his two swords in a slash at the same time, two beaming halo of lights enveloped his two swords, dazzling everyone! 

 Shen Xinyue was startled as she grasped secretly, “Isn’t that the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix divine swords, the divine swords of the Star Sisters of the Fate? He can actually use both swords at the same time? No one can use two divine swords at the same time, not even the Celestials…”

 After the spiritual awakening of the divine swords, the mental strength of the practitioner would also be consumed by the divine swords in a greater speed, causing extreme fatigue with every use! Using two divine swords at once, even if it did not awakened yet, were already mentally and physically draining enough…

 Moreover, a divine sword had its own self-awareness and would reject the other divine sword…

 From the halos of the two swords, she could also tell that Yi Ping had already become one with the swords and were in full control of the two divine swords! 

 There was a sudden confusion among the exponents! 

 It was because no one actually knew what had happened. Were Zuo Tianyi, Lu Baiyun and Gu Tianle defeated by the divine swords as the swords lifted the cold piercing sword energy aura or did Yi Ping really defeat them with his own skill?

 Yi Ping muttered to the fallen Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun who were still wriggling on the ground. “Remember to keep your promises.”

 Lie Qing smiled happily as she thought, “He is a good man. He didn’t kill them.”

 Unless Yi Ping had no other choice, he would never take a life unnecessary. That was his principle. 

 Han Shaodong quickly commanded his protégés, “Take them away and take good care of them.”

 Immediately, several exponents from the Honor Manor and the Infinity Sword Clan took Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi and Lu Baiyun away. 

 Yi Ping said, “So who is going to be next and if there are no more challengers, I hope everyone would go back to their own clans peacefully!”

 Xiao Shuai asked, “What do you all think of his skills?”

 The Martial Sage said, “He is nothing. I have just defeated him a few days ago and he was crawling on the ground as a matter of fact.”

 Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Then why don’t you fight him now?”

 The Martial Sage said with a straight face, “I don’t have a weapon and his swords look terribly sharp. I am afraid that my iron fists will hurt.”

 Xiao Shuai hummed coldly.

 The Martial Sage said, “Don’t be angry. I am just waiting to see your famous Dark Mono Sword Formation.”

 Xiao Shuai said, “This is not the time yet.”

 The Sword Sage dashed past them as he croaked in his old voice, “Young man! How about fighting against me?”

 Immediately, the Sword Sage had unsheathed his heavy broad sword and he had leapt above Yi Ping in a flash and had hacked down towards him!

 The sword of the Sword Sage was made of chromium alloy, an extremely rare metal in the martial fraternity. The process of making chromium alloy was lost after the warring states period and the few swords that were made of chromium alloy were highly regarded as precious swords in the martial fraternity! 

 Besides the Sword Sage’s sword, which was called the Brave Frontier Precious Sword, the swords held by Beautiful Sword Fairy and Jade Sword Fairy were also made of chromium alloy. 

 As the Sword Sage came crushing down onto Yi Ping with his heavy sword that was imbued by his martial power, it had the added effect of causing the weight of the sword to increase by many manifold! 

 Yi Ping was startled that the Sword Sage could wield such a heavy sword in such an agile manner. 

 He immediately raised the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix in a cross shape above him as he received the blunt of the Sword Sage’s attack!

 Immediately the ground around Yi Ping exploded into a thunderous circular shape as the full impact of the Brave Frontier came crushing onto Yi Ping! 

 The Sword Sage was surprised that Yi Ping could take his direct hit and in that split second, rebounded by the martial force from the clashes between them, he had somersault in mid-air again and hacked at Yi Ping again with a series of sword strokes as he shouted, “The Three Strokes of the Dragon Descending!”

 All in all, the Sword Sage had unleashed three strokes upon Yi Ping, with each stroke even heavier and more powerful than the previous! 

 Immediately after the first stroke had exploded thunderous above him, Yi Ping had coughed out blood while a dust storm began to fly in all directions! 

 Before the second stroke of the Dragon Descending had landed, Yi Ping had raised his martial power as he shouted. “Asper Divinity!” But instead of displaying the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, he had mustered the tremendous martial power of this forbidden technique to receive the incoming sword blow! 

 Immediately after Yi Ping had used the Asper Divinity, a blue ring of white fire burst out in all directions with such tremendous force that all the exponents were struck by a burning forceful windforce that caused them to move back unsteadily that was made worst by the dust storm! 

 But even before all the exponents had recovered, the Sword Sage had already executed the second and third strokes of his Dragon Descending, which immediately exploded thunderous in mid-air as Yi Ping parried with his two divine swords, sending martial shockwaves so powerful that the weaker exponents that were too near or those that were unable to resist the martial energies, to sustain serious internal injuries or were killed on the spot! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had immediately displayed the Divine Emerald Skills with their swords in front of Lingfeng, Youxue, Yunzi and Lie Qing! 

 Lie Qing had immediately thrust her sword scabbard onto the ground in front of her, creating another shockwave that deflect the multiple forceful incoming shockwaves that trembled in all directions! 

 Chi Zhengqi, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao immediately drawn out their swords in front of Shen Xinyue and parried with all their strength to defend her from harm! 

 Shen Xinyue said nonchalantly, “Thank you all!”

 Barely had the dust storm and windforce had died down, Yi Ping was swinging his swords ambidextrous at the Sword Sage who responded equally as fast! 

 Their attacking movements were so fast that their swords were now shades of grey as they stirred up the dust in the surrounding into walls of wavering windforce! 

 In every split second, they had exchange more than a dozen strokes with seeming no advantage! 

 It was only then the exponents of the fraternity knew that the exploits of the Sword Sage were not something that was made up even though he was not seen for many decades in the martial fraternity! 

 All of a sudden as Yi Ping and the Sword Sage had dash past one another in another attack, both had suddenly halted and were coughing out mouthful of blood! 

 They had used so much martial power that their blood had reversed itself and they were both coughing out their bad blood! 

 Yi Ping had already been injured at the onset of the first stroke of the Dragon Descending and he had forcefully used the Asper Divinity, causing his internal injuries to worsen! 

 The Sword Sage sighed and walked back to where he had first come from as he said, “Young man, you have won!”

 Yi Ping bowed respectfully with his swords still in his hands as he said humbly, “Senior, thank you for showing mercy to me!”

 Xiao Shuai said coldly to the Sword Sage, “You have not lost yet, so why are you staying your hand? If you have persisted longer, you would have won.”

 The Sword Sage laughed as he began to sit down on the ground to mediate as he said aloud, “Win or lose, is there a need to be so clear about it? This young hero has broken the invincibility of the Infinity-One Swordplay and fights me to a standstill. At first I thought Zuo Tianyi has been defeated by him is because the sword that he is holding could dissipate the sword energy of the Infinity-One. But this is not the case. He is really a remarkable swordsman. I like him.”

 Xiao Shuai turned and said to the Element Sage, Shangguan Qingyun, Han Shaodong and Yan Nanfei, “What are you waiting for?”

 Yan Nanfei smiled coldly, “I have long neglected my martial progression in pursue of martial attainment. I am afraid I am not his match.”

 Shangguan Qingyun said aloud, “The Divine Sword Martial Clan will not be an enemy of this young hero.”

 Xiao Shuai had already raised his long sword, “Yan Nanfei and Shangguan, have you forgotten about our brotherhood?”

 Yan Nanfei said, “We didn’t but our honor refuses to let us take advantage of this young hero at this moment.”

 Han Shaodong said coldly, “So you are all honorable heroes while we are not?”

 While they were talking, Yi Ping had thrust the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix onto the ground as he coughed another bout of blood!

 Han Shaodong had raised his martial power as he prepared to step forward when there was a sudden flash in front of Yi Ping!

 It was Lie Qing and as she raised her Perpetual Darkness, there was a black halo around her and no one can see her clearly except for a black figure! 

 She said coldly, “I don’t care for honor. If anyone wants to take Yi Ping’s life, then they have to fight me first!”

 Yi Ping caught hold of Lie Qing’s hand as he muttered, “Qing’Er, go back please. There are too many of them…”

 All of a sudden, Yi Ping was startled! It was because there were tears on his hands; it was Lie Qing’s silent tears!

 She said woefully in his ears, “If you have died, I would not want to live either…do you understand?”

 Han Shaodong shouted, “Step aside if you value your life. My target is only the young man. We have an agreement. If he can triumph over us, then all of you are free to go. But if he would to lose, then all of you have to come with us!”

 All of a sudden, he had leapt into battle and the air around him exploded thunderously as he raised the extraordinary power of this Great Dipper Hands as a power gravity force attempts to crush onto Yi Ping and Lie Qing!

 All of a sudden, there was a shadow flash as Youxue and Lingfeng had displayed their extraordinary swiftness movement skill in mid-air as they raised all their martial power at the same to display the Penetrating Hands and the Asper Horizon Hand at the same time at Han Shaodong!

 There were a thunderous explosion and Xiao Youxue and Lingfeng had coughed out blood as they fall onto the ground! 

 Han Shaodong was knocked back but he was otherwise unharmed but he was startled that the combined martial power of these two maiden could actually halt his Great Dipper Hands!

 Xiao Shuai was expecting Youxue to be killed on the same spot when Lingfeng and she held one another up, even as Yunzi, Yu’Er and Mei’Er flew to their side to support them! 

 Han Shaodong was secretly startled, “How is it possible for them to be still alive? If any practitioner fails to take the full impact of the Great Dipper Hand, the backlash of martial power will cause them to be killed instantly!

 Yi Ping was shouting, “Youxue and Lingfeng! Please go back…”

 Yi Ping had already raised his divine swords and was taking dragged steps forward! 

 Xiao Shuai knew very well how deadly the Big Dipper Hands was. Even for him, he dare not risk facing the full impact of the Big Dipper Hands in such an open manner. He could not resist asking, “Child, are you well? Quickly turn back now and recuperate. Your injuries are not light!”

 Youxue hummed coldly as she said weakly, “You don’t have to worry for us. We won’t die so easily. After all, Sister Lingfeng and I have consumed the Divine Dragon Pills.”

 This immediately created uproar among the exponents at the mere mention of the Divine Dragon Pills! 

 Even Xiao Shuai was so startled that he was muttering, “You have actually consumed the Divine Dragon Pill and the Golden Rejuvenation Pill…”

 Yuan Shao whispered to him, “If you were to eat her heart, it is as good as consuming the Divine Dragon Pill and the Golden Rejuvenation Pill too. Your internal strength will receive a tremendous boast and mastery of the Divine Virtuous Force is also a piece of cake. Maybe that Yi Ping has also consumed the Divine Dragon Pill, that is why his martial progress has been so speedy and his martial force so unfathomable.”

 Xiao Shuai’s eyes had suddenly turned murderous…

 Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai and the Element Sage had stepped forward at the same time! 

 The Element Sage said, “Surrender the Divine Dragon Pill or don’t blame me for being nasty!”

 Xiao Shuai said, “I am tired of toying with you already, young man.”

 Han Shaodong said to Lie Qing, “Step aside maiden or don’t me for being nasty.”

 Lie Qing said melancholy and her voice was sorrowful, “You know very well that he cannot win. You know very well that you are all the top exponents of the martial fraternity and each one of you is his equal in martial strength. Very well, I shall be your opponent and be your darkness. Even if I have used up my last breath, I will fight all of you to a bitter end!”

 Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “Foolish girl! Then don’t blame me for not showing any mercy and seize your divine sword!”

 Shen Xinyue smiled softly, “Is that so?”

 She had already stepped forward as she adjusted her violet red feathery dress…

 Xiao Shuai said, “Young lass, step aside. You don’t have to take any risk. We can handle this troublesome girl ourselves.”

 Xiao Ao and Chi Zhengqi had both surrounded her as they said, “Maiden Xinyue, it is far too dangerous for you to be out there…”

 Xiao Fei stammered, “Maiden Xinyue…I think…you have…better stay put…”

 Xiao Shuai said to Han Shaodong, “Ask your granddaughter to step back now. I won’t be responsible if anything happens to her.” 

 Shen Xinyue smiled modestly, “Young lass? Is that so? Too dangerous for me? Seems so.”

 All of a sudden, she had vanished from sight right in front of everyone!

 The only telling sign where she had disappeared to next was a brilliant blue halo when she had drawn out the Blue Heavens as she exchanged a dozen resonating sword strokes with Lie Qing!

 The black halo and the blue halo were zapping and hovering around each other so fast that the onlookers were dazzled with near blindness! 

 But as soon as they had exchanged the sword strokes, Shen Xinyue was standing with the blue glow of the Blue Heavens beside Chi Zhengqi, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao again. All these took place in just a blink of an eye! 

 Xiao Fei was totally stunned. He was sure that no one else knew how fast his speed technique skills were. Even that Yi Ping may not be able to surpass him. But when he had just seen Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing’s speed attacks, he was completely in shock…

 Lie Qing had broken into a cold sweat; she was stunned at the attacking and movement speed of this young maiden. If she had been slower, she would have been killed by her! But she quickly composed herself as she thought, “Very well, then I shall remain stationary and I would like to see how you can break down my defense with your speed. I shall overcome you with motionless versus your motion, countering you with my prepared martial power versus your weakened martial power as you move!”

 Even Yunzi, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lingfeng was grasping in astonishment at the astonishing speed of the young maiden that had just been displayed by her! Indeed, they had never seen anyone moving with such startling speed except for the Celestial Fairy and the Joyful Goddess. Even then, this young maiden’s speed was simply out of the world and was superior to them! 

 Yi Ping was also startled that this young maiden could turn up to be such a difficult opponent! But he soon calmed himself down as he raised his two divine swords besides Lie Qing as he muttered, “Qing’Er, this is my battle. Don’t you worry for me, alright? Take a rest first. I can still fight.”

 Shen Xinyue looked at everyone before she gave a bemused soft sigh, “Look at me. I must be getting old. I have forgotten to introduce myself first. I am Shen Xinyue the Fiery Phoenix and also the Supreme Celestial of the Celestial Ascension Sect.”

 Even before Xiao Ao, Xiao Fei and Chi Zhengqi could recover from their initial surprise, they were again stunned at her revelations! 

 Xiao Shuai looked at Han Shaodong as he muttered in shock, “Isn’t she your granddaughter, Han Xinyue?”

 Han Shaodong stunned everyone when he replied with a deep sigh, “She is actually my protégé mistress. Don’t look at me with those eyes. I didn’t know my protégé mistress is a Celestial either and that her martial skills are this stunning.”

 While they were talking, they had overheard Shen Xinyue saying to Lie Qing, “You must be Luminous Star, am I right to say so? What is your name now?”

 Lie Qing said coldly as her crimson eyes flared up, “If you say so, then I am. You can address me as Lie Qing if you want to.” 

 Shen Xinyue said, “Maiden Lie Qing then, why are you on his side? Do you know that that he had killed you in the past? Do you know that he is actually a cold and heartless man? You should join me instead. It is not easy for you to become a Celestial again. Do you really know the odds of surviving the Divine Calamity and becoming a Celestial is so remote that I am really astonished to see you as a Celestial again.”

 All the other exponents were startled once again! 

 This Maiden Lie Qing was also a Celestial! 

 Yi Ping said firmly once again, “Your opponent is me and not Qing’Er!”

 Somehow, he seemed to be ignored by Shen Xinyue once again as she asked Lie Qing, “Prepare yourself. I am coming for you!”

 Lie Qing was perplexed. It was because this Shen Xinyue had chosen to interfere at exactly the wrong timing when victory was almost theirs to take; she had stopped Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai and the Element Sage to challenge her. It was almost as though she was deliberately giving Yi Ping a chance to recuperate and to regulate his vitality energy flow? 

 Yi Ping was shouting at Shen Xinyue, “You can come after me first!”

 Shen Xinyue pretended not to see Yi Ping or to hear him…

 Instead she said to Lie Qing, “Since you have refused to join me and is my opponent, then I have to mention this to you first. Your sisters and you have the blood of eighty of my fellow Ascendant Celestials in your hands so I have no other choice but to seek vengeance on their behalf to appease their angry spirits. So don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy.”
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Chapter 60: The White Sage of Emptiness

Xiao Fei stammered, “Maiden Xinyue, you are really a Celestial Being?”

Chi Zhengqi and Xiao Ao were in awe of her to even move or speak!

It was because when she had manifested her divine aura, there was a weak yellow hue around her that caused everyone to be in awe of her.

Shen Xinyue did not reply Xiao Fei and instead, she had walked unhurriedly towards Lie Qing with her long fluttering feather dress flying gently around her. It seemed that her loose feathery cloak was lifted by a powerful inertia force that was surrounding her; the Divine Rejuvenation Force! 

As Chi Zhengqi broke free of his awe and ran towards her, he fainted before he could even come within reach of her!

The Element Sage scolded Chi Zhengqi aloud, “Foolish!” as he grabbed him to safety! It was because this Divine Rejuvenation Force was constantly replenishing her own martial power by draining the martial power of the weaker opponents around her!  

Lie Qing was stroking her long hair even as nine wisps of blue hue hovered around her! 

Shen Xinyue was swinging the Blue Heavens while Lie Qing had raised the Perpetual Darkness in front of her as they now began to encircle each other with extreme caution! 

Yi Ping was standing awkwardly in their middle as they encircled him and he was shouting, “Qing’Er, back off. Maiden Xinyue, your opponent should be me!”

Shen Xinyue took a quick glance at Yi Ping with a curious look before she turned to say to Lie Qing coolly, “It seems that my speed techniques are useless against you.”

Lie Qing smiled mesmerizingly, “If you attempt that one more time, I am afraid you would already been killed by my Pandora Merciless Strike. You really missed a good opportunity to take me by surprise. Now it is already too late for regrets.”

Shen Xinyue nodded, “And it seems that both you and him are not affected by my Divine Rejuvenation Force? Nevertheless, we shall see who has the last laugh.”

She was deliberately displayed her startling swiftness skill to gauge the strength of her opponents and was astonished that Lie Qing was the only one among all the maidens that could follow her speed movements and even retaliate against her. And this Maiden Lie Qing had assumed correctly  that if she would attempt another speed attack against her, she would be killed. It was because speed attacks would leave her vulnerable to retaliation against a skillful and powerful non-moving opponent if it failed to draw blood on the first try. 

Yi Ping did not notice that while they were talking, many of the exponents had suddenly fainted on the ground one by one and at the same time, the exponents were all scurrying as far as possible from the gravitating martial force pull of the Divine Rejuvenate Force; her Divine Rejuvenate Force was tens of times more powerful than Han Shaodong and it was also capable of moving along with her, something that Han Shaodong was not capable of doing!

At the same time, Xiao Shuai, Xiao Fei, Yuan Shao had mustered their martial force with their Divine Virtuous Force as they seek to protect themselves from the draining effect of the Divine Rejuvenation Force as they observed the forthcoming battle in close melee!

Han Shaodong had raised his Divine Rejuvenation Force around him!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were swinging their swords slowly in front of them as they displayed the Divine Emerald Skill.

Yunzi had displayed her Invincible Divine Force while Youxue had fortified herself with the Golden Impervious Body.

Lingfeng had mustered her martial power and had used the Great Dissolution Skill to neutralize the draining pull of Shen Xinyue’s Divine Rejuvenation Force. 

But none of them had the martial power to even come close to Yi Ping, Lie Qing or Shen Xinyue to render any help or to intervene! 

Yi Ping was protected by his Divine Boundless Force and his Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin prevented his martial force from being drained away by the Divine Rejuvenation Force. That was why he could stand in close proximity next to Shen Xinyue! 

Shen Xinyue sighed softly as she was secretly alarmed, “He is not affected by my Divine Rejuvenation Force? I have already lowered the effect of my Divine Rejuvenation Force and subtly tried to intimidate him off. He is still his same old self…”

She began to sigh…

The White Sage of Emptiness that everyone had known was a Celestial with a high accomplishment in martial and spiritual attainment. He was also a refine and young looking man, having becoming a Celestial early. 

Normally, by the time most men and women could have the necessary attainment to become a Celestial; they would be almost a hundred years old and had aged. It was because becoming a Celestial did not mean that they could restore their youth. However the Celestials’ countenance and complexion was different from ordinary people and were like a well-nourished baby despite their aged appearances. 

As a highly eligible Celestial, the White Sage of Emptiness was the focus of quite a number of beautiful but haughty Celestial Maidens that were disdainful to the aged Celestials or did not find them to be a good match to be their celestial companions, not that there were many beautiful Celestial Maidens in the first place. Most of these beautiful Celestial Maidens may not be that young either but because they had based their martial foundation on a certain type of internal negative energy, they were able to retain their youthful appearances. 

However, the White Sage of Emptiness was unmoved by the pursuits and temptations of the beautiful Celestial Maidens. It was because he had been practicing the Great Emptiness Translucence and he spurned their advances.

Back then, almost all the Celestials had lived in isolation from one another. Even though they had all belonged to different fractions but duels between the Celestials when they had met usually did not result in death unless for the most extremely cases; since killing a Celestial were detrimental to their celestial advancement. 

She could still remember vividly how she had met the White Sage…

That day, she was on the way to the Ascension Palace to attend an important event that only happened once every one hundred years. When she was near the Great Tranquil Mountains, she saw an auspicious rainbow halo and an auspicious rainbow cloud. She was immediately startled! 

It was because auspicious celestial omens were a rarity in the Celestial Realm and only seen when a celestial event had happened. When she had reached the scene, she was just in time to see a handsome young man struggling to stand straight after overcoming the Divine Calamity! 

She immediately thought, “Who is this young man? Why is that he is so fortunate to have two celestial omens to aid him to ascend as a Celestial?”

She deliberately observed for a while and was stunned. This young man was clearly alone and there were no other Celestials in sight to serve as his protectors, nor did he have any Heavenly Relics with him. How did he manage to ascend as a Celestial when he was so young and moreover the occurrence of two celestial omens that happened at the same time was also an oddity itself! 

She had never seen or heard of any Celestials that had two accompanying celestial omens that appeared at the same time. For most Celestials, the appearance of a celestial omen was an extremely rare event; for most of them, it only appeared when most of them were not prepared or had no divine crisis to overcome. It was more of a celestial sign for things to come…

As for her, even though she had received the indirect aid of the other Celestials and given the Perpetual Darkness, she could still remember how she had nearly lost her life in her ensuring Divine Calamity. 

She secretly sighed, “Talk about bad timing for myself and good timing for him…I have become a Celestial not long ago and I have to suffer so much.”

She was immediately intrigued by him and had flown with startling speed next to him, causing him to react with a surprise expression as she asked, “Are you alright?”

She had no idea how a simple ‘Are you alright’ would affect the two of them later! 

The young man had just overcome the Divine Calamity and his eyes had just turned crimson. When he had thought that he would die in the aftermath of the Divine Calamity, a beautiful angelic heavenly maiden had appeared next to him and comforted him with soft words! 

Because he had practiced the Great Emptiness Translucence, he was not interested in the physical appearances of any beautiful maidens nor could he be moved by any temptations easily. But somehow, at his lowest ebb in life and just when he had experienced the Celestial Awakening, his emotion awakening was also the most easy to be shaken; as he had not got used to his new awakening senses yet. 

The young man appeared to be extremely touched and his eyes were bleary as he quickly said, “I’m alright. I guess I have ascended as a Celestial and maiden you must be a heavenly maiden that have comes to receive me to the Celestial Realm?”

Shen Xinyue was a little amused as she laughed softly, “You are indeed a Celestial now but I am not here to receive you. In fact, I am a little busy and in a rush. It is only my curiosity that has brought me here. Well then, good luck on being a Celestial and good bye!”

She had already turned around and had leapt away! 

“Heavenly Maiden Sister! Please wait awhile!” 

It was the young man again and he had leapt next to her in a startling flash!

But because he was still very weak, as soon as he had leapt next to her, he stumbled and fall into her!

Shen Xinyue was startled and she began to flush shyly as she quickly pushed him away, “You, watch your steps!  I have never seen a Celestial that is as clumsy as you!”

The young man apologized most profusely as he quickly said, “Usually I am not that clumsy…”

Shen Xinyue was amused again as she laughed softly, “So you are intentional?”

The young man apologized again as he quickly said, “I feel a little weak after overcoming the Divine Calamity…”

Shen Xinyue whispered shyly, “You don’t have to explain! I understand! I am only teasing you!”

All of a sudden, she had found herself talking to this young man more than she was willing at first. 

She asked patiently, “What do you want? I am really in a hurry!”

The young man said with a sudden loss, “I am new as a Celestial. I really do not know the rules of the Celestial and how to proceed further. I wonder...”

The young man seemed embarrassed and he was now flushing. He had never flush as red as now as he asked, “Heavenly Maiden Sister, erm…I just wondering if I can come with you? Maybe I can train as a Celestial with you?”

Shen Xinyue laughed softly, “So you are thinking of Dual Celestial with me?”

The young man asked curiously, “What is a Dual Celestial?”

Shen Xinyue explained with a soft amused grin, “You really do not know?”

The young man had a stunned expression in his eyes.

Shen Xinyue said quickly, “Oh well, I can tell you but don’t tell anyone I say this to you, alright? My reputation in the Celestial Realm will be ruined if you tell anyone of it.”

The young man nodded eagerly. 

Shen Xinyue said, “The Dual Celestial Progression is between two Celestials that pledge themselves as a pair, something like earthly couples. Now you got it? But it is considered to be more like a hindrance to the Celestials and not many are willing to practice it as our celestial progression will slow down. And moreover the two celestial couple must be able to progress at the same time or else their divine crisis will be extremely difficult. Until now, I have never heard of any Celestials that had successful ascended to the Ninth Heavens via the Dual Celestial Progression.”

The young man asked, “Heavenly Maiden Sister, then can I Dual Celestial with you?”

Shen Xinyue was amused as she laughed softly, “I am afraid that you are still many celestial years too early for that. First you must overcome the Emotion Celestial State of Divinity or else it will be too dangerous for you.”

The young man seemed to be stunned as he asked, “What is the Emotion Celestial State of Divinity?”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly, “I guess I help you all the way then. You really don’t know anything about being a Celestial… I wonder how you overcome your Divine Calamity in the first place. (Sigh), let me give you a quick crash course then. There are seven celestial divinities to overcome before you can finally ascend to the Heavens above. They are Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend. Got it?”

The young man was in awe, “I didn’t know that there are so many states of divinities. It seems that being a Celestial is harder than being a human.”

At that, Shen Xinyue sighed too as she said. “That’s right…it is much more difficult and we can die at any moment…on the whims of the Heavens. That is why we need to trend carefully with every step forward.”

The young man asked, “Heavenly Maiden Sister, can you explain to me what are the functions of each of the state of divinity?”

Shen Xinyue smiled bitterly, “I am really too busy to explain in depth to you but very well on account that I am your first celestial friend…”

The young man nodded happily, “My first celestial friend…”

Shen Xinyue continued, “The divinity state of each staging is a crisis that has to be overcome before the next celestial advancement and it is furthered divided into a lower tier, intermediate tier and an upper tier. Genesis is the awakening state which you are currently at now when you first become a Celestial. The Enlighten state is the awakened state when you survived to become a full Celestial and you will have achieved near immortality. Most Celestials actually stagnated after they become a Celestial. They are unable to achieve a breakthrough to the Enlighten state as they fall victim to their inner demons. Maybe it was because their Divine Calamities are too fearsome. Speaking of that, what is your Divine Calamity? Maybe I can give you some extra advice.”

The young man sighed deeply as his eyes become bleary again. “It is my worst nightmare come true. My Divine Calamity is so terrible that I have no words for it and I will never want to experience it again…”

Shen Xinyue comforted him, “Have no fear. This is something you must overcome. The worse Divine Calamities are the heavenly lightning bolts and fireballs. Surely, yours can’t be worse than that? I see no blackened marks around you. Don’t worry; your Divine Calamity isn’t as bad as you think.”

She looked at him with a sympathizing look as she tried to comfort him, “If you are willing, you can share with me.”

The young man nodded uncomfortably as he began to tremble, “I saw seven spiritual heavenly maidens dancing around me and trying to seduce me. It is lucky that I have a tremendous willpower and…just as I thought I have almost overcome my nightmare, a rainbow cloud and a rainbow halo increases the glory of these seven heavenly maidens…”

Shen Xinyue was totally stunned as she could not believe what she was hearing; a non-malevolent Divine Calamity was totally unheard of…

Shen Xinyue was still staring blankly at him when the young man asked her, “Heavenly Maiden Sister, what about the third state of divinity, the Emotion Divine State?”

She recovered her wits as she sighed softly, “The Emotion Divine State is also the Emotional State and is the period when a Celestial is most vulnerable. So you must be extra vigilant when you have reached this staging. If you can overcome this crisis, then you are able to enhance all your heart intricacy skills. The Transverse State is also the Reflex State. If you can overcome it, then you will gain enhance speed. The Seventh Sense is also called the Visualization State. It will enhance all your senses and unlock the Divine Sense. The Crisis State is also called the Calamity State, overcoming it will unlock your highest potential and your eyes will become gray. The Ascend State is the hardest and it is also called the Celestial State. It is the unison of the Heaven and Self. Your eyes will turn golden and you will live as long as the earth and the heavens last.”

The young man was clearly extremely impressed and his eyes were glowing, “Thank you so much. Now at least I have an idea!”

Shen Xinyue smiled as she said politely, “Good luck then and good bye!”

She was reluctantly to part with him but she knew that their destinies had only crossed briefly.

The young man seemed reluctantly to part with her too as he asked, “Heavenly Maiden Sister, can I come with you?”

Shen Xinyue smiled patiently, “That is impossible. My protégé masters and protégé grandmasters won’t be too pleased to see me bring an unknown Celestial to the Ascension Palace.”

The young man seemed disappointed but he asked, “Celestials have protégé masters and protégé grandmasters too? And what is this Ascension Palace?”

Shen Xinyue explained with a soft laugh, “You will soon find the rules of the Celestial Realm to be even more rigid than the martial fraternity. I belong to the Celestial Ascension Sect, one of the three major celestial fractions in the Celestial Realm. There are many others of course. The Ascension Palace naturally refers to the location of the Celestial Ascension Sect.”

The young man was impressed as he asked, “Then can I join the Ascension Sect? I really want to learn and advance my celestial progression with the celestial masters.”

Shen Xinyue shook her head, “To be honest, I am just a low ranking Celestial and I have also ascended as a Celestial not long ago. Only the First and Supreme Celestials have the right to invite another Celestial to the Ascension Sect. The criteria are strict and most of us are handpicked even before we become a full Celestial. Maybe you have a better destiny elsewhere and you shouldn’t force your destiny. There is nothing I can do to help you to gain entry to the Ascension Sect.”

The young man was clearly disappointed as he sighed, “The Celestials always believe in the providence of heavens. Maybe it is really not my destiny to join the Ascension Sect then…”

Shen Xinyue said, “Don’t worry too much and best of luck. Goodbye!”

The young man seemed reluctantly to say goodbye as he asked again, “I haven’t know your name yet…”

Shen Xinyue laughed softly, “That’s right. But I won’t tell you my real name. It is because all Celestials have to use a Celestial Name and our old name is best forgotten. My Celestial Name is the Dark Enchantress of the West.”

The young man listened attentively as he said, “What a beautiful and cool name! Since you are the Dark Enchantress, then I will be the White Sage then!” 

Shen Xinyue smiled gently at him, “You are doing that on purpose, am I right? I…won’t Dual Celestial with you, not ever.”

The young man mustered the courage to ask, “Why?”

Shen Xinyue found herself confiding in him, “I have a sad past. I don’t want to be engaged to anyone anymore. Anyway, that is the past.”

The young man was saddened to hear that. It was because he really had a very good impression of her and he knew that she was friendly enough to explain so much to him. But he tried to cheer her up, “Let the past be the past. By the way, where do you stay before you have become a Celestial?”

Shen Xinyue chorus softly, “I stay near the scenery West Translucent Lake!”

The young man laughed, “What a coincidence! I have actually stayed near the West Translucent Lake, at the East City Gate. I am the eldest son of the protégé master of the Translucent City. But that is not important. It is all in the past and I have been disowned…”

Shen Xinyue had turned away and she was trembling! 

Without a word more, she had left hurriedly and she was weeping silently tears! 

The young man failed to notice her expressions as she had left too hastily!

He was still thinking of her very first words to him…

Shen Xinyue did not know how long she had been running before she finally stopped and collapsed on the ground as she cried inconsolably. 

It was because that young man that she had seen earlier was her heartless fiancé that she could not get over with and one that broke her heart! 

Their parents had betrothed them when they were still little. 

One day when she had turned sixteen and soon to be married into his clan, she had received word that he had run away from home with a priest to pursue enlightenment. 

Even though they had never met, she was shamed and heartbroken at this cold heartless lad who had run off just like that. It was because she was eagerly anticipating the wedding and what it meant to have a family…

When he had left so suddenly, her world came stumbling down! 

In a spur of a moment in excessing grief, she ran away from home and decided to travel to the various holy mountains to seek enlightenment. She was really fortunate and a Supreme Celestial from the Ascension Sect was touched by her sincerity and potential; she was then picked to be his direct protégé. Five years later, she had successful overcome the Divine Calamity and had become a Celestial. The speed of her celestial ascension was said to be the fastest in the entire known history of the Ascension Sect! 

She had never expected to meet him after she had become a Celestial…

Many years later after they had met, the White Sage of Emptiness had joined the Great Quiescent Sect and had actually progress rapidly. Soon, his level of attainment, his righteous air and compassionate heart caught the imaginations and attentions of many beautiful Celestial Maidens. However, he did not seem to be interested in their advances but that did not stop many Celestial Maidens from secretly falling in love with him. 

In a blink of an eye, hundreds of years had passed. The White Sage of Emptiness was known for his compassion and quiet chivalrous acts, impressing many, including the Celestials from different fractions. It was said that he had often traveled the fraternity in search of a maiden but he had never found her. 

It was because Shen Xinyue simply refused to see him! She wanted to be more cold-heartedly than him…

When the Divine Descendant happened, quite a few of the Celestial Maidens were worried that the White Sage could not survive the Divine Descendant due to his compassionate nature. Therefore they secretly traveled to the Great Tranquil Mountains to secretly protect him or to sacrifice themselves for him so that he might live. 

That included Shen Xinyue…

When she had arrived at the Great Tranquil Mountains, she was startled to find the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess were injured and lying on the ground…

She simply could not believe that the White Sage could harm her protégé sisters or even capable of hurting two Supreme Celestials.

But the White Sage of Emptiness had said to her, “It is a good thing that you have arrived or you may be too late to save them. You don’t have to ask. It is I who has injured them. If you do not kill me, I will kill you because I do want to survive the Divine Descendant.”

Without waiting for her to respond, he had attacked her! 

She had retaliated and when she had gained the upper hand, the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess had mustered their remaining strength to stand, not to attack the White Sage but her!

That was how she had lost her celestial force and had survived the Divine Descendant! 

And now she was facing the White Sage again who was Yi Ping and Luminous Star who was now called Lie Qing. 

Shen Xinyue of course knows that Yi Ping was not the White Sage even though he may look like him. The real White Sage may have already been killed by the other Celestials or had ascended to the Ninth Heavens after the Divine Descendant. He was the one that she had secretly loved and no one could ever replace him in her heart. It was because she hated him as much as she loved him…

She did not even know why she had been so irrational and had chosen to intervene to save this Yi Ping from the Honor Manor. Perhaps, in her heart the Divine Descendant had never ended and this was a thousand year battle that was still continuing…

All of a sudden, Yi Ping was wiping his tears with his sleeves as he said in a trembling voice to her. “You are the Dark Enchantress of the West…I know you. You are Shen Xinyue and you stay near the West Translucent Lake…”

When Shen Xinyue had heard that, she was so stunned that she had actually dropped the Blue Heavens as she grasped, “You remember…?”
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Chapter 61: The White Sage and the Three Star Sisters of Fate

 Yi Ping countenance was emotional as he cried aloud and his entire body was trembling, “How is it possible for me to forget you? You are the one that I have been searching for all along. You are my fiancée…it is only when we have parted that I have realized who you are and your real name from another Celestial but no matter how hard I have searched, I cannot find you…”

 Shen Xinyue was trembling, “Is that why you have purposely said all those cruel words to me that day so that I would kill you?”

 Yi Ping was weeping emotionally, “I am really so happy to see you that day but there are two other maidens that day that have also decided to sacrifice themselves for me. I know that you are planning the same or else why of all times, you have to decide to come during the Divine Descendant?” 

 The Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess were not the only ones. The Three Star Sisters of Fate, the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden and the Endor Fairy Vixen did the same as well…

 Shen Xinyue muttered as she sobbed in his embrace, “Maybe I have come to take your life as well…”

 Yi Ping had walked quietly to her and had brought her into his embrace as he placed his arms around her tightly, “No, you won’t. Your eyes have betrayed you. If you hate me, you won’t look at me with such concern. That day when you have left, your eyes have the same expression. If you really hate me, then you would have rebuked me or beat me up that day and not left in sorrows...”

 Shen Xinyue was crying inconsolably, “I have thought that I would never see you again…” She was suddenly startled as she looked up curiously at him, “How did you know…are you really him? No, that can’t be…”

 She began to break free of him and took a step back as she stared at him with a shocked realization. It was because it was impossible for anyone to carry memories of their past incarnations. Moreover, Yi Ping was not the White Sage. 

 But Yi Ping said, “I am the White Sage. It is a long story…”

 He turned and looked at Lie Qing, who was staring at Shen Xinyue and him with utter disbelief and shock.

 Lie Qing could not believe what she was seeing when Yi Ping and Shen Xinyue had suddenly embraced each other. She had lowered her long sword and her eyes were bleary…

 She was not the only one. 

 Everyone was stunned and bewildered.

 But as the windforce and martial shockwaves of Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were still continuing unabated, everyone continued to adopt a wait and see attitude, not that they could do anything at the moment…

 Han Shandong was shouting, “Mistress, don’t believe this Yi Ping. Don’t forget we still have a greater enemy to face…”

 Shen Xinyue was only paying scant attention to Han Shandong as Yi Ping had already pulled Lie Qing close to him as he put their hands together. He sighed deeply as he muttered, “We only have Qing’Er and her sisters to thanks for it…”

 Lie Qing broke into a soft laugh, “Tell me about it then.”

 She looked at Shen Xinyue with tendering eyes as she smiled, “Shall I call you dear Sister Xinyue then?”

 Shen Xinyue was startled at the sudden change in Lie Qing’s attitude; the sudden animosity that was displayed by her was replaced with an approachable and receptive friendliness!

 She did not know that Lie Qing was also a smart maiden that did not like to go hard against a more powerful opponent unless she had no other choice. That was why she could turn Xiao Youxue and Dugu Yunzi on her side eventually, proving that she was worthy of their trust with her sincerity. 

 Others who did not know Lie Qing may think of her as an opportunist but that was not true! 

 She could tell that Yi Ping and Shen Xinyue already had something going on between them. She knew that if she wanted to be with Yi Ping, she must ready to be accommodating. After all, it was common for many men to have many consorts and it was not a too big issue to her; her father, uncles and brothers too had many consorts.

 Shen Xinyue nodded slightly and smiled gently at her but she did not let down her guard, maintaining her Divine Rejuvenation Force…

 She was secretly glancing at her surroundings and looking secretly at Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages. She was in an awkward situation and was thinking how to resolve it for she knew very well that the Virtuous Palace and the Honor Manor were determined to gain the secrets of immortality. 

 The irony was that even Han Shaodong was not aware that his protégé mistress was a Celestial; it was because she had deliberately hidden this knowledge from him. She did not know that he had conspired with Xiao Shuai to attack on the Celestial Palace and the Holy Hex Sect so that he would be a Celestial himself. He had revealed his plans to her recently because he had hoped that his protégé mistress would retire out of her reclusion to lend him a helping hand.

 Alarmed and intrigued by the prospects that there were other Celestials, she had agreed…

 When Lie Qing saw that Shen Xinyue had nodded, she took it as a hint of silent approval and greeted her happily. “Dear Sister Xinyue! You can call me your Sister Qing’Er!”

 Shen Xinyue said softly, “Sister Qing’Er, sorry for giving you a scare…”

 Lie Qing whispered, “That’s alright, Sister Xinyue. But we are being surrounded by our enemies and we need a plan fast.”

 Yi Ping said quietly as he held their hands, “Qing’Er, Yue’Er…hold my hands and look into my heart…”

 Earlier when Yi Ping looked into Shen Xinyue in her eyes, his Emptiness Translucence had suddenly overwhelmed him and he could remember his past vividly!

 In that one single instant, his Emptiness of the Absolute broke freed of his present state of divinity and reached the highest level of the Emptiness Translucence, the Emptiness of the Great Ultimate, transforming his Emptiness Translucence to the Great Emptiness Translucence! 

 Because Yi Ping previous self was the White Sage and the Great Emptiness Translucence was also a divine skill that could transverse as a mirror, keeping precious memories until he could finally reawakened once more as he progressed through it once again. This of course was not enough for a theoretical divine skill to really happen but at his moment of death, he had in a divine coincident collided with the Divine Universal Force, blurring time and space as he gave up his divine life force into the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation! 

 Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were startled as they seemed to enter a dream…

 Yi Ping had now remembered vividly that that day when he had first met the Three Star Sisters of Fate…

 He had blundered into their Celestial Annihilation Star Formation in the mountains by a mistake when he saw a series of intriguing celestial lights in these desolation mountains. 

 Intrigued by it, he moved to investigate and it was then that he had chanced upon three beautiful heavenly maidens in white…

 He was astonished at the intriguing and moving sight of Revelation Star (Yixian) when he first caught sight of her though it was not exactly a friendly welcome. It was because he could sense a great tranquil peace within her and instantly knew that she must be a highly attained Celestial Maiden!

 She had said coolly, “There is an intruder and he must be after our divine swords. Activate the Star Formations and let the formation deal with him!”

 The White Sage was startled as he quickly said, “I am not a thief. Are you all Celestials too?”

 Revelation Star smiled gently, “Isn’t it obvious?”

 The White Sage said, “That’s great! I am a Celestial too…”

 Revelation Star interrupted gently, “We know. Or else, you will not have the ability to break into the sealing circle that we have setup and talk to us now.”

 Luminous Star (Lie Qing) was smiling at him, “Such a cute young man. Do we really want to kill him?”

 The White Sage quickly apologized, “Erm…I will leave immediately. I didn’t know that this is a Celestial Formation setup and didn’t mean to intrude. I am just looking for a celestial sect to join…”

 Luminous Star laughed softly, “Then you are looking at the wrong place. The Celestial Melody Palace only permits celestial maidens and you are obviously not.”

 Revelation Star added gently, “It is already too late. The formation has already been activated.” And she had faded into the Celestial Star Formation!

 The White Sage stammered out after her, “Isn’t it forbidden for Celestials to kill one another?”

 But it was already too late to call after her; walls of dust, sand and flying stones had whirled around him as his surroundings erupted into thunderous hovering burst of flying projectiles …

 Luminous Star laughed softly as she answered him, “That’s not true and there are several exceptions.”

 The White Sage broke into a cold sweat, “Killing a Celestial will be detrimental to your divine progression, isn’t it?”

 Melody Star (Lele) winked at him and laughed jovially, “So we have an ignorant Celestial in our midst right now. Judging from his expression, he must be a new Celestial. Let me tell you then. You will soon be killed by the renowned Celestial Annihilation Star Formation and not by us so therefore it doesn’t affect our divine progression at all.”

 The White Sage asked gently, “Is there a difference? Getting killed by your Celestial Annihilation Star Formation that you have created and getting killed by you directly?”

 Melody Star was laughing softly, “Actually there is no difference at all.”

 The White Sage was startled, “And then?”

 Melody Star replied with an amusing soft laugh, “We have the celestial right to kill anyone that attempts to break into the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation and we have already killed quite a number of Celestials already. Do you know why this is called the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation? It has only one purpose, to kill all intruding Celestials!”

 The White Sage laughed softly, “Now I see. May I ask how do I get out of here?”

 Melody Star winked at him, “Shameless! You suppose to figure out yourself!”

 Luminous Star quickly said, “Sister Melody, that’s enough talks already. We don’t know if he is alone or there are still many others.”

 Melody Star nodded and she quickly turned around and faded into a wall of hovering projectiles! 

 Luminous Star smiled at the White Sage, “So you are afraid now?”

 The White Sage rubbed his nose and replied, “Not really.”

 Luminous Star was startled, “You are not?”

 The White Sage said, “This is the first time that you are setting up this Celestial Star Annihilation Formation?”

 Luminous Star was startled, “How did you know?”

 The White Sage said coolly, “I saw nine celestial lights and a hint of the Universal Force in the mountains aligning constantly. If I am not wrong, you are experimenting with this Celestial Star Annihilation Formation for the very first time. I am plain unlucky to blunder into your Celestial Star Formation so you have decided to use me as a live subject to test your Celestial Formation?”

 Luminous Star laughed softly, “It seems that you have guessed correctly but that doesn’t help you in your predicaments. But no matter what happens, don’t try to break into the inner formation or you will surely die. Just get out as soon as you can.

 After warning him, she faded into a wall of furious sandstorm! 

 The White Sage immediately leapt forward to where she had disappeared and instead of fading into the wall of sandstorm, he was knocked back onto the ground by a powerful rebounding force and was badly bruise by it! 

 Even though he was badly bruised by it and sustained a minor internal injury, he was smiling. “So she is just waiting for the wall to move into her position so that she can fade into the other side. As I made the leapt a few seconds later than her, I have encountered a solid force blocking me. This small amount of force can injure me? If I am not wrong, this entire celestial formation is held into place by the Universal Force. But how is it possible?”

 He began to look at his surroundings for a way out…

 Revelation Star was touching the Heavenly Earth Sword, the White Phoenix Sword and the Divine Echo that were thrust in the middle of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation gently as she had a melancholy look in her eyes.

 Melody Star was stroking her long hair, “Don’t tell me that our aloof sister will actually take a liking to him?”

 Revelation Star was startled, “Rubbish!”

 Melody Star laughed, “He is cute and fine looking isn’t he? I can’t believe he is a Celestial. It will be a pity to kill him then.”

 Revelation Star hummed coldly, “It seems that you are the one that likes him.”

 Melody Star winked with a playful expression, “If Sister does not like him then he is mine then?”

 Luminous Star sighed, “Why are you only asking Eldest Sister? I didn’t even say I don’t like him. Why didn’t you ask me instead? Don’t forget I am your Second Sister.”

 Melody Star was woeful, “You…like him?”

 Luminous Star laughed softly, “Why not? He looks like a fine looking young man and I am unattached.”

 Revelation Star was solemn, “Sisters, we don’t know his background. There are many treacherous Celestials around that wants obtain the Heavenly Relics and secrets of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. The Melody Palace has entrusted us to protect these three divine swords from falling into the wrong hands. In the wrong hands, a celestial calamity could happen.” 

 She looked woefully at the golden halo of the Heavenly Earth Sword as she said, “This celestial sword is the only sword in the entire universe that contain vestiges of the Universal Force. The only place that it can be used without disrupting the order of the universe is in this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. We must not give the Dark Celestials any opportunities to bring chaos into the world…”

 Melody Star was sorrowful too at the mention of the Dark Celestials, “During the last battle with the Dark Celestials, many of the protégés of the Melody Palace had perished and we had almost lost the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword.”

 Luminous Star said to Revelation Star, “Earlier when we had lost control of the three divine swords, it was his sudden appearance that had stabilized the Celestial Annihilations Star Formation or else given our predicament earlier, we would have almost all been killed. Are we really too harsh with him?”

 It was their first attempt in trying to recreate the deadly Celestial Annihilation Star Formation after their protégé mistress the Stellar Heaven Fairy had ascended. Just before she had attempted the divine sojourn, she had revealed the secrets of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation to them, warning them that the first attempt was always the most difficult as they may not be able to control the celestial force within this huge celestial formation. That was why there were nine others celestial maidens watching nearby and ready to take their place should they failed in their attempt! 

 Revelation Star smiled gently, “Don’t worry. The killing celestial force of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation is not activated and no real harm will happen to him. I just want to warn him off so that he will be mindful to get out of here as soon as possible.”

 Luminous Star was relieved, “Thank you Eldest Sister!”

 Revelation Star asked, “Thanks me for what?”

 Luminous Star giggled, “You obviously know…”

 Melody Star laughed lightly, “But you know it is pretty scary that we have almost turned to star dust earlier and now we are making light of our situations.”

 Revelation Star was once again solemn as she said, “We need to recollect what has gone wrong and what we ought to do so that we will not cause a repeat of what had happened earlier.”

 Luminous Star was solemn too as this concerned their life and death destiny as she sighed sadly, “We may not have the celestial attainment to control the divine swords and the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation yet. There are many who are chosen but they were all killed during the confrontation with the Dark Celestial Sects not long ago. We are one of the youngest…alas…”

 Revelation Star was quiet, “It is too late now for regrets. We need to regain control of these divine swords before the more powerful celestials took notice of us. We can’t just leave these three divine swords, especially the Heavenly Earth Sword here.”

 Melody Star was muttering, “What has actually gone wrong? There are at least twenty-one parameters that can have gone wrong or waiting to break apart earlier. Without our protégé mistress to guide us, I am really afraid of attempting the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation again.”

 Revelation Star sighed, “Is it the end of our destiny today?”

 All of a sudden, there was a startled expression on her face, followed by Melody Star and Luminous Star! 

 It was because the young man that they had encountered earlier had just popped into the innermost of the Inner Formation of the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation while they were all talking!

 It was not possible for anyone to enter the innermost inner formation without any one of them knowing…

 The White Sage was sweating profusely as he said excitedly, “I have finally found the three of you!”

 Melody Star stammered as she had raised her long sword in front of her, “What do you want? If you are thinking of seizing the three divine swords, then you have better forget it!”

 Revelation Star and Luminous Star were too stunned for words as they muttered unintelligently…

 The White Sage said, “I forget to introduce myself. My name is the White Sage. That’s my celestial name now. I forget to ask for maidens’ names and the directions to a reputable celestial sect so that I will be able to advance in my divine progression. Erm, I am new to the Celestial Realm.”

 Melody was asking, “You are really just asking for directions?”

 Revelation Star looked at him curiously as she asked, “I am Revelation Star Maiden. You can call me Revelation Star. How did you come here?”

 Melody Star quickly interrupted, “I am Melody Star Maiden. You can call me Melody Star and this is my other sister the Luminous Star Maiden!”

 Luminous Star was looking at Revelation Star. Both of them were thinking of the same thing! This young man did not barge into the Celestial Annihilation Star Celestial and stabilize the formation by accident. He actually knew what he was doing!

 Revelation Star smiled gently at him, “We believe you then. I actually know the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden from the Great Quiescent Sect. I am sure that if I were to recommend you to her; she may make an exception for you to join the Great Quiescent Sect. But first you need to tell us how you circumvented this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation.”

 The White Sage was still panting breathlessly, “It is not an easy thing to do. If I am not wrong, this Celestial Formation consists of eighty-one star formations on the outside and nine more on the inside. But the deadliest part of this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation is actually on the inside. I nearly died of sheer exhaustion as I made my way through.”

 Revelation Star immediately took out her handkerchief as she helped him to wipe away his sweat on his forehead as she said gently, “It is a lucky thing that we have not activated the Celestial Star Formation in full or else you won’t be able to make your way here.”

 Not to be outdone by Revelation Star, Melody Star and Luminous Star also took out their handkerchiefs as they helped him to wipe away the beads of sweat on his forehead! 

 Melody Star was coy as she said, “How did you enter the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation in the first place? Do you know that it is dangerous for you in the first place?”

 The White Sage explained, “There were plenty of mysterious inertia forces around. When I first enter this celestial formation, I was profound by its astonishing changes. However, I was curious at the same time. I also took the liberty of channeling part of the misalign forces away with my Mirror Reflection of the Emptiness Translucence. I hope that I didn’t cause any damage?”

 The three Revelation Star Sisters were startled and they were exchanging knowing glances at one another!

 Revelation Star laughed gently, “On the contrary, you have been a great help and even save our lives. You can really detect the motion of the changes of the Celestial Star Formation? How did you do that?”

 The White Sage nodded as he said, “If I focus hard enough, then my Emptiness Translucence is like a clear crystal lake on top. Any outside disturbances will create ripples on it. That is how I can sense the flow of the inertia forces.”

 Luminous Star laughed softly, “We are forming this Celestial Annihilation Star Formation for the very first time. I hope that you can guide us as we lay the changes of the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation one by one, telling us which area of the Celestial Star Formation is imbalanced.”

 Melody Star looked at him with pleading eyes, “It may take a long time but I hope that you can stay to help us…”

 The White Sage said, “I guess I can. I am free anyway. But I hope that after this formation is completed, it won’t be used to kill anyone…”

 Revelation Star laughed softly, “This is a defensive formation. Usually it is formed to protect an area. There is no way we can use it to harm anyone if they don’t want to harm us in the first place. Moreover we are from the Celestial Melody Palace, one of three most orthodox celestial clans in the Celestial Realm.”

 The White Sage was startled as he said, “Oh really! I didn’t know. That’s great to know. What about that Great Quiescent Sect then?”

 Luminous Star laughed softly, “The Melody Palace, the Great Quiescent and the Ascension Sect are three of the most powerful celestial clans.”

 The White Sage was clearly impressed as he said, “I have heard of the Ascension Sect before. Melody Palace and the Great Quiescent Sect…I guess I am in luck…”

 That was how they had met and remained as friends for centuries…

 The White Sage did not know that since then, the Three Star Sisters of Fate had already fallen in love with him. Throughout the centuries, they had all tried to give him several hints but it was obvious that the White Sage had only one thing in mind, overcoming through the various divine progressions and eventually ascended as a Celestial Sage. 

 The three normally dormant and slacken Three Star Sisters of Fate were all astonished at his divinity progression every time that they had met him that they began to spend more and more of their time in their divine progression; they did not want to lose to him. Also as the White Sage progressed further and further, he was attracting plenty of unwanted attentions from the other celestial maidens, causing panic among the Three Star Sisters of Fate yet they did not have the courage to profess their likes for him openly as the Melody Palace had strict rules on celibacy. 

 When the Divine Descendant had struck, the Three Star Sisters of Fate had already made great advancements in their divine progression and had joined the ranks of the First Celestial, including the White Sage and Shen Xinyue.

 The Divine Descendant was a major celestial catastrophe that pitted the celestials among one another. Because the Three Star Sisters of Fate had caused the deaths of too many Celestials, they were beginning to feel guilty and somehow knew that their ascension as Celestial Sagess were doomed in the first place.

 And so they had decided sacrifice themselves for the White Sage… 

 It was because Revelation Star had stumbled upon the secrets of the Divine Descendant by accident; most of the Celestials did not know that they were actually dooming themselves after the seven years period of the Divine Descendant. That was when the Greater Divine Calamity would occur! 

 The Greater Divine Calamity would fall on those that had the bloods of the other Celestials in their hands. It was an even worse calamity than the Divine Descendant itself, seven folds of all the Divine Descendant combined, with virtually no survivors except the pure hearts.

 In the end, Revelation Star and the White Sage seemed to be only survivors in the dawn of the new celestial realm. 

 As much as the White Sage and Revelation Star had secretly liked each other since then but their hearts were heavy with the deaths of Luminous Star, Melody Star and the other Celestials. Since then, they had silently gone on their separate ways as they tried to seek atonements for their sins. 

 Revelation Star did not attempt to ascend as a Celestial Sagess as the White Sage had secretly hoped. Instead, after she had overcome the Crisis state of divinity, she had spent much of her time pulling the threads of fate into the Celestial Star Formation so that one day, she would finally be united with her other close sisters and they would start all over again…

 Her celestial plans were flaw from start as no one was able to accomplish what she was going to do. Even if she gives up her entire celestial life force, this was not going to help.

 The White Sage was reawakened once again and he immediately came to the aid of Revelation Star. But it was too late. In that last moment, he could see her tears and her innermost feelings for him. It was only then he realized that all along, the Three Star Sisters of Fate was only trying to provoke him to kill them so that he may live, just like all the other celestial maidens.

 His heart was in great agony and he felt that as a Celestial, he had actually lost much. He was the one and only Celestial Sage. But that was pointless to him. In that single instant, he too sacrificed himself and reworked the balance of Revelation Star’s imperfect Celestial Star Formation with his Great Emptiness Translucence. No matter how small the odds were, how vain his sacrifices were, he had decided to extinguish his life for this gamble…

 Lie Qing was trembling and she was crying. She did not know that they had such a past together! No wonder Lele was always calling her Luminous Star and dear sister. She did not lie to her and to think she had actually fought with both Lele and Yixian…

 She took a quick glance at Yunzi, Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er…

 Lie Qing said quickly, “Yi Ping, let’s go and help Sister Yixian now. She is in mortal danger…”

 Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong and the Element Sage had suddenly encircle them as they shouted, “You are not going anyway!”

 They had seized the opportunity to attack them when they were all distracted! 

 Xiao Shuai had already thrown his flying sword at Yi Ping even as he was shouting!

 Yunzi had already seen it coming as she readied her own flying sword against Xiao Shuai’s flying sword but her flying sword was no match for Xiao Shuai’s martial power; it got deflected while Xiao Shuai’s flying sword went through into Yi Ping’s body!

 Immediately Yi Ping fell down onto the ground, startling Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing!

 “Yi Ping!” all the maidens almost cried out at the same time!

 Without waiting for Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue to react, Yuan Shao had thrown his flying sword sped towards Lie Qing, striking her with a thunderous and forceful impact! As she was still being protected by her nine hovering Invincible Divine Force, the flying sword was deflected and she was knocked slightly off balance.

 In that split second when Yuan Shao’s flying sword had temporary broke through the martial force of Shen Xinyue’s Divine Rejuvenation Force, the Element Sage had struck Shen Xinyue’s on her right shoulder with a thunderous impact even as she tried to avoid it! 

 Shen Xinyue coughed out a mouthful of blood even as she muttered, “Despicable!” 

 She had barely knocked the Element Sage backward when the crushing force of Han Shaodong’s Big Dipper Hands came weighing and crushing onto them as he shouted, “You are not going anyway. Surrender your divine swords!”

 Shen Xinyue said weakly, “Do you know that I am your grand protégés mistress?!”

 Han Shaodong shouted coldly as his martial force came crushing down onto her, “Step aside, Protégé Mistress if you are still on our side!”

 Even as Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing raised their swords in defense of this tremendous force that were raining upon them, Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage had immediately regrouped behind Han Shaodong with their raising swords glowing in purple hues!

 The Martial Sage, Shangguan Qingyun, Yan Nanfei, the Sword Sage, Xiao Fei, Xiao Ao and Chi Zhengqi were shocked that Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Element Sage and Yuan Shao would actually launched a secret attack at Yi Ping, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue!

 Dugu Yunzi was startled that the Element Sage was also displaying the Dark Mono Swordplay as she shouted out panicky, “Be careful! That is the Dark Mono Sword Formation!”

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Chapter 62: The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden and the Endor Vixen Fairy

 Lie Qing immediately displayed the full force of her Invincible Divine Force as she extended out her left hand to accept the incoming force of Han Shaodong’s Big Dipper Hand while merging into the recess of the dark halo of her Perpetual Darkness Sword.

 Shen Xinyue spoke out softly but her words could be heard loud and clear in everyone’s ears, “I am not going to forgive any one of you!” She too, extended out her left hand. But instead of the Big Dipper Hand, she had displayed a finger stance of the Starlight Divine Fingers! 

 Almost immediately, there was a thunderous explosive impact as Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue clashed with the Big Dipper Hands at the same time, the resulting impact immediately created three additional ringing burst of shockwave as it broke the advance of Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage!

 Han Shaodong immediately coughed out a furious bout of blood as he was thrown back in disbelief as he could not believe that their combined martial power would exceed his own! 

 Even before Lie Qing could press forward with her advantage, she was being surrounded by Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage as she parried their attacks aloud with a series of bright clash! 

 As Han Shaodong landed with a large crash behind, he shouted. “What are you all waiting for? Seize the heretics! And you, Sword Sage and Martial Sage, what are the two of you waiting for? This is a fight between good and evil!”

 Immediately, more than a hundred exponents began to draw their swords as they charged forward!

 But the Sword Sage, Shangguan Qingyun, Yan Nanfei and the Martial Sage refused to bulge! 

 They were trembling…

 Han Shaodong reminded them, “Have you forgotten our oaths?!”

 Shangguan Qingyun lamented aloud as he laughed to the heavens, “The binding oath…”

 All of a sudden, he took out his long sword and sliced off the thumb from his sword arm as he cried out in agony!

 Yan Nanfei immediately said, “Brother! Why are you doing this?!”

 Shangguan Qingyun laughed aloud, “Now I can’t fight anymore. Do I need to be bind by the oath?”

 Yan Nanfei was trembling, “Right, right. Now you can’t even use a sword anymore and can’t fight anymore…”

 Immediately, Yan Nanfei unsheathed his long sword with a lightning speed and sliced off the thumb of his sword arm! “Now I can’t fight too…”

 The Martial Sage sighed, “Is that necessary? Do you know that we still have a greater foe to fight later…”

 Han Shaodong reminded them, “Don’t forget that maiden over there is the bane of the martial fraternity. The Invincible Divine Force and her crimson eyes! She is a blood sucking Celestial. If we let her escape today, the consequence will be disastrous! The Invincible Divine Clan wiped out numerous martial clans centuries ago. There are also hundreds of respected exponents from numerous martial clans that were sucked of their blood and their hearts eaten by the red eyes clan. Don’t forget how they have died and so many of us are forced to go into hiding!”

 The Sword Sage began to tremble as he raised his huge sword and charged into battle, while muttering. “I didn’t forget how my protégé master had died…”

 The Martial Sage marched into the battle with his fists! 

 Han Shaodong smirked at the sight as he unsheathed his long sword. Immediately, there was a purple glow in his sword as he imbued his sword energy into his long sword. “Xiao Ao, Xiao Fei, what are you waiting for? Execute the Dark Mono Swordplay immediately!”

 Xiao Fei was startled. Judging from the energetic sword energy on Han Shaodong’s sword, he could tell that Han Shaodong had been practicing the Dark Mono Swordplay for a long time and his level even exceeded him! He asked with a bewildered look, “You know the Dark Mono Swordplay of the Virtuous Palace too?”

 Han Shaodong said coldly, “Not only me. The Martial Sage, the Sword Sage, Shangguan Qingyun and even Yan Nanfei know it as well. We been preparing for this day for a long time.”

 In the meantime, Shen Xinyue was not slow to react either. After she had countered the Big Dipper Hands with the Starlight Divine Fingers, she clasped her right shoulder with a cracking sound as she restored her dislodged shoulder. Immediately, she had picked up the Blue Heavens with her left hand and had swept the blue rippling shrieking shockwaves of her martial force all around her, knocking dozens of skilled exponents aside! 

 Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing were being surrounded by Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage as they sped across them from different directions with the Dark Mono Swordplay. They had displayed the purplish burst of energies in rapid succession at the same time!

 The Dark Mono Formation was actually a deadly sword energy swordplay that emphasized on the swiftness speed of the practitioners as they whizzed across a target from three different directions at the same time and at the opponents’ blind spot; this disabled the opponents’ ability to defend themselves!

 Lesser opponents would be instantly killed by them instantly!

 The onlookers were stunned as they were forced to scurry by the powerful scattering sword bursts that were flickering in all directions!

 Most of the exponents were watching in stunned silence as their movements and attacks were simply too fast for them to follow; they could only see shadowy figures and each time the shadow figures intercepted one another, there were more than a dozen of loud impact sound and flashes of light in that split second. It was the only indication that in a blink of an eye, these super opponents had actually exchanged more than a dozen sword strokes! 

 Lie Qing broke into a cold sweat as she parried swiftly in all directions!

 Even though they were slower than Shen Xinyue but fighting them at the same time in three different directions was physical demanding and also, she had to deal with the dozens of exponents that had joined in the battle against her at the same time!

 They seemed to have noticed that she was not as agile as Shen Xinyue and seemed to be focused more on her. 

 Just as Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao had sped past her and were about to make a U-turn towards her, Lie Qing had suddenly raised her Perpetual Darkness towards them as she had just deflected an attack from the Element Sage; she had displayed the Pandora Merciless Strikes as she sent two arc of sword energies bursting with instantaneous speed in two different directions, one towards Xiao Shuai and one towards Yuan Shao!

 They were immediately startled for they did not expected that she would be capable of imbuing her martial power into projectile sword energies and sending it homing towards them with such deadly power!

 It was because the art of releasing sword energies as energy projectiles was already in the league of the Old Sword Saint Infinity-One! Other than the Old Sword Saint and Zuo Tianyi, this young maiden could actually reach this level of attainment that all the swordsmen in the martial fraternity dreamed of day and night!

 And judging from her skillful display and precision aiming, she seemed to have reached this level of attainment for a long time!

 Moreover, even the Old Sword Saint and Zuo Tianyi was unable to display two sword energy bursts at the same time!

 They did not know of course that Lie Qing was conserving her martial power for a perfect timing and she was actually capable of unleashing up to seven bursts of sword energies but that feat would drain her powerless. 

 Xiao Shuai immediately raised his entire martial power and deflected the sword energy arc with his sword. There was a large impact even as he was forced to take several steps backward!

 Almost immediately, two exponents near to Xiao Shuai had become his human shields and were killed by the deflected sword energy! 

 Yuan Shao was taken by surprise when Lie Qing had released a speeding sword energy at him. As he had just attacked Lie Qing several times when he dash past her and had used his remaining martial power to make a speedy escape, he was struck by her cold piercing sword energy! 

 It was not enough to bring Yuan Shao down as he was protected by the Divine Virtuous Force but he was coughed out a bout of blood as he cursed, “If I am not injured by the Celestial Fairy that day, this attack would never be able to hurt me…”

 Actually Shen Xinyue was not faring too well either! 

 She had not recovered the use of her sword arm and was parrying the whizzing sword energy bursts of Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage at the same time when the Martial Sage, the Sword Sage and Han Shaodong too had joined in the battle!

 This time, she was furious! 

 Immediately, she had displayed the ‘Bursting Phoenix Dance’ after Yuan Shao when he had narrowly missed her and his attacks were parried.

 At her sudden burst of martial power, her Divine Rejuvenation Force intensified and exploded tremendous around her, instantly killing a dozen exponents who could not escaped in time!

 Yuan Shao had barely escaped from the shockwave when Shen Xinyue had appeared with a startling speed on top of him as she brought her Blue Heavens down on him, pinning him forcefully onto the ground and breaking the powerful inertia force of his Divine Virtuous Force!

 In that single instant, her swiftness speed and martial power had exceeded that of Yuan Shao!

 Yuan Shao gave a loud dying cry as his chest was pierced. He discarded his sword and grabbed hold of Shen Xinyue’s hands, pulling her down with him as he shouted. “My sacrifice will not be in vain!”

 The Sword Sage, Xiao Fei, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage and Xiao Ao who had also joined in the battle with the Dark Mono Swordplay noticed an opening against Shen Xinyue immediately! 

 As Shen Xinyue pinned down Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage took the opportunity to go after her and were already descending on top of her! 

 But before Han Shaodong and Sword Sage could land their swords on Shen Xinyue, they were intercepted by Ji Lingfeng, Xiao Youxue, Dugu Yunzi, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had immediately displayed the Divine Emerald Skill with their swords as they intercepted Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage at the same time!

 But Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage was simply too powerful and the martial power that were imbued on their swords were simply too overwhelming; Yu’Er and Mei’Er Divine Emerald Skills were broken in just an instant as they fell next to Shen Xinyue!

 Just as they had fallen, Ji Lingfeng had displayed the Aspire Divine Hands with her right hand and the Great Dissolution Skill with her left hand!

 At the same time, Youxue’s hands had turn into a golden halo as she displayed her entire martial power at the two crushing force!

 Yunzi had also attempted to intercept Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage at the same time by raising her two swords at them!

 A ring of mighty force exploded in mid-air as Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue were all swept aside!

 This gave Shen Xinyue ample time to turn around as she parried the combined attacks of Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage as the crashing blow from them exploded thunderous as they clashed with their swords! 

 This immediately caused her to slide several steps backward!

 This entanglement was noticed by Xiao Shuai as he zapped towards Shen Xinyue at the same time but before he could thrust his purplish sword energy into her, two beaming bright halo knocked him, the Sword Sage and Han Shaodong aside at the same time!

 Shen Xinyue was the first to grasp, followed by the rest of the maidens! 

 It was Yi Ping! 

 He was wielding the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix!

 The two divine swords were surrounded by a bright blue and white halo, as they began to resonate loudly, startling everyone! 

 He was bleeding profusely from his body and he was foaming a great deal of blood from his mouth! 

 Shen Xinyue was in tears as she grasped, “Yi Ping…don’t move anymore. Your wounds are still bleeding…”

 Yi Ping muttered weakly, “I am really alright, don’t you worry…”

 All the maidens had grouped around Yi Ping one by one as they eyed their foes with burning hatred!

 Yunzi and Youxue had quietly supported him as they looked tenderly in his eyes…

 As they held him, Yi Ping suddenly remembered who they were…

 The first time that he had met the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden (Yunzi) was when the Three Star Sisters of Fate brought him to the Great Quiescent Sect.

 His first impression of her was one of awe and reverence!

 Her quiet demeanor and her quiescent aura were so imposing that he was looking at her in stunned silence. She was not tall but she appeared to be towering over him and there seemed to be a golden halo around her as he stared into her gray eyes!

 Revelation Star (Yixian) smiled gently at him, “You are a Celestial and yet you are looking lustfully at the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden? Isn’t that rude?”

 The White Sage woke up from his stupor as he panicky said, “I didn’t. I just…find her to be so imposing. Sigh, I don’t know how to explain it…”

 Luminous Star (Lie Qing) and Melody Star (Lele) burst into soft laughter. 

 Luminous Star laughed, “Don’t worry. We are only teasing you. Most low attainment Celestials would have immediately bowed down on her knees. Sister Celestial Ocean’s attainment is really very high. She is about to reach the final stage of Ascend soon.”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden asked gently, “Who is he?”

 Revelation Star smiled, “Sister, he is a newly attained Celestial. You won’t believe this. Not only did he save our lives, he has even helped us to complete the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. As his wish is to find a reputable Celestial Sect to join, we decide to approach you.”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was slightly startled as she asked, “A newly attained Celestial actually has the ability to help you complete the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation? That is quite unbelievable…”

 Melody Star laughed softly, “That’s right. We find it so hard to believe too. But it is the truth. We hope that sister do us a favor by taking him in as your protégé.”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden expressed her concern calmly, “You know the celestial rules? This applies to all the other major celestial sects too. A celestial protégé has to be observed over a period of time for good character or it will be disastrous for the celestial clan. In the past, there are many Dark Celestial Infiltrators. They may appear to be good nature on the outside but they are actually wolves in sheep clothing. The last battle with the Dark Celestials were costly for both the Celestial Melody Palace and the Celestial Great Quiescent Sect. Our opponent was the Celestial Supreme Sect, having been infiltrated and corrupted by the Dark Celestials. I don’t wish for the Great Quiescent Sect to suffer the same fate as the Celestial Supreme Sect. It is actually not a bad idea to be an Autonomous Celestial. At least, he can be carefree and led a happier life. When it is time for him to face a celestial crisis, he can look for me anytime for guidance.”

 The White Sage was stunned as he protested weakly, “I am not a Dark Celestial…”

 Even though she was soft spoken but she had finished said everything explicitly, leaving no room for arguments!

 Revelation Star looked at the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden with a pleading eyes and it was noticed by her. 

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said quietly, “Unless you can tell me who your Celestial Protégé Master is, there is no other evidence to prove otherwise.”

 The White Sage was solemn for a while before he said, “I don’t know if my protégé master is a Celestial or if my grand protégé mistress is a Celestial but I have sworn never to reveal who they are. I’m so sorry…”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden hummed coldly, “They sound like Dark Celestials to me to have this type of secrecy. Judging from your celestial aura, you don’t seem to be a half-Celestial but it doesn’t prove to me that you are not a Dark Celestial either. You can go now.”

 Luminous Star and Melody Star both pleaded at the same time, “Sister, please consider. We come from afar and you are simply too cruel to turn us away! Have you forgotten how we used to fight side by side?”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was quiet for a while before she finally sighed softly, “This concerns the future of the Great Quiescent Sect. We cannot be hasty…”

 Revelation Star turned her head away as she said gently but her tone was firm, “Then this is the end of our sisterhood. You can forget that we have ever met and we have ever been sisters!”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden sighed softly, “Sister Revelation, how is it possible for me to forget that we are sisters and you have even saved my life before? Very well then, if he really wants to join the Great Quiescent Sect, he still has to pass a test to prove that he is worthy. What do you say?”

 Revelation Star, Melody Star and Luminous Star had immediately cheered up and there were smiles on their faces as they hugged the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden!

 Even the White Sage was delighted even though he did not know what the test was about and he was uncertain if he could pass it. 

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “Don’t be too happy yet. It is not an easy test and he has to overcome it himself and no one must help him.”

 The White Sage bowed respectfully with his hands as he said, “Thank you! I am willing to take the test anytime!”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden turned around quietly as she thought, “Why is it that with my attainment, I feel an attraction to him? That is not right…”

 But she quickly recovered her composure as she said, “Follow me. Sisters, please wait here for a while.”

 The White Sage walked behind her respectfully. 

 As he looked up to her long flowing hair that reached almost down to her shoes, his heart was pounding hard. He could not explain the reason why he was feeling in this manner. But somehow, he knew that if she could accept him as her celestial protégé, he would be able to advance quickly. From what the Dark Enchantress had said to him, the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was a highly attained Celestial and her quietness moved him. Maybe it was because his Great Emptiness Translucence was aligned with the heart intricacies that she was practicing and that was what causing his heartbeat to accelerate!

 After they had made several turning in the dark passageways, the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “We have reached.”

 She took out a bell and rung it before she opened a door politely as she said, “You can go in now.”

 The White Sage noticed that she was still staying outside so he asked, “You are not coming in?”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “No need. This is your test and not mine.”

 The White Sage asked, “What is the test about?”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “You will find out when you are inside.” And she closed the door immediately after she had spoken. 

 However, the White Sage could still see her shadow outside and knew that she was waiting for him to complete the test. Not wanting to disappoint her and eager to complete the test, he took great strides into the chamber and got a shock of his life!

 In front of him, he was looking at a most desirable maiden in an explicit sitting meditation pose; she was resting her head with her right hand on her forehead and her legs were spread casually. 

 She was dressed in light transparent purple silk and her skirt was really very short.

 The White Sage gulped and swallowed hard as he thought panicky, “Is this the test?”

 The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden (Youxue) opened her crimson eyes and smiled enchantingly at him, “Who are you and why are here?”

 The White Sage averted his eyes because her silk dress was really too thin and he could see that she was not wearing anything underneath! 

 He said hesitatingly, “I am the White Sage. I am send here by the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden here to take a test so that I can join the Great Quiescent Sect. May I know what the subject of the test is?”

 The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden sighed softly, “The test may be too cruel for you. You can choose to give it up now before it is too late.”

 The White Sage said with great determination, “I won’t give it up, no matter what it takes!”

 The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden said enchantingly, “But if you don’t look at me, how do you take the test?”

 The White Sage was startled as he looked at her, “What do you mean?”

 The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden smiled, “I am the test. You must open your eyes and look at me. If you don’t, then you will fail your test. Do you understand me?”

 The White Sage was startled, “What so difficult about it? That is also considered to be a test?”

 The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden laughed softly, “That’s right. It is a very easy test as a matter of fact. But you can only look and can’t move, is that understood?”

 The White Sage nodded, “I am ready any time…”

 The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden smiled enchantingly and with a mystique look with her eyes, “Good. My celestial name is the Endor Vixen Fairy. Nice to meet you. It is rare enough to encounter such a young looking Celestial. I hope that this won’t be your disadvantage after all, young men are hot blooded usually.” 

 She got up and walked towards him shyly. 

 The White Sage was already flustering! 

 If she had not got up, then it was still alright to him. But when she had got up and walked to him, she was like the most moving heavenly maiden that was alive and was extremely desirable to look at, no matter from which angle! 

 She began to loosen her belt shyly and in that instant her silken dress was loosened!

 The White Sage was stunned as he stared at her tempting figure…

 The Endor Vixen Fairy reminded him gently, “Remember, you must not move from your position or close your eyes.”

 The White Sage swallowed hard as he began to exercise his Great Emptiness Translucence as he muttered its heart intricacy formula, “See no evil, the great emptiness translucence is the absolute emptiness above all material temptations…”

 All of a sudden, he got a nose bled when the Endor Vixen Fairy stripped herself in front of him shyly as she asked, “Am I beautiful?”

 The White Sage muttered, “Very beautiful…”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy laughed softly, “Am I desirable?”

 The White Sage muttered as his nose began to bleed, “You are the most desirable of the desirables…”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy asked, “Am I fragrant?”

 The White Sage could sniff her delightful fragrance as he replied softly, “Very mesmerizing fragrance…”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy whispered enchantingly as she breathed down on him, “You know, this may be a test to test your willpower but you have to be absolute serious about it.”

 The White Sage was startled, “I am serious…”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy laughed softly she gave him an enchanting mesmerizing wink, “Oh really?”

 She had reached out and loosened his belt!

 The White Sage was alarmed, “Maiden, what are you doing!”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy whispered softly as she flustered, “This is a test remember? And moreover, you have seen my everything and I have not. Is that fair?” 

 The White Sage was stunned…

 The Endor Vixen Fairy said, “From this moment, you mustn't say a word more. This is part of the test. Is that understood?”

 The White Sage nodded…

 The Endor Vixen Fairy smiled softly as she took off his clothing piece by piece, “Good. Let me ask you, are you married?”

 The White Sage shook his head, bewildered at her questions but he did not think much of it. It was because his nose was bleeding nonstop as he continued to stare at her. He began to rub his nose but that did not stop his nosebleeds… 

 The Endor Vixen Fairy asked again, “Are you a virgin?”

 The White Sage nodded in embarrassment. 

 The Endor Vixen Fairy grasped in delight as she said shyly, “You know, I am also as well. I have found no Celestials to be worthy of me. My role is just to tempt them and made them fail the celestial test. However, I can help you to pass your celestial test…”

 All of a sudden, she was in his embrace and she was kissing him!

 And soon, they were rolling on the ground! 

 She said with a soft murmur as her eyes turned watery, “Don’t you forget about me. Remember that I have put my tear in your heart for all eternality…” 

 Soon after there were several sounds of moaning and there were heavy breathing…

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden, who was standing and listening outside, was trembling and her quiet composure was disturbed! 

 After some time, the Endor Vixen Fairy walked out of the door and saw that she was still trembling. She smiled enchantingly and said, “He has a tremendous willpower and has passed the test but I am afraid that he has passed out. He lost too much blood from his nosebleed.”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden hummed coldly, “What are the two of you doing inside? Did you forget your duty? How can you do such a disgraceful and shameless thing! He has failed the test and he has to go immediately!”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy said coldly, “Do you think I enjoy it each time you send those flirty old men to me? Don’t forget that I am the assessor and if I say he passes, then he surely passes. It is not up to you to declare that he fails. If you are not going to take him in as your protégé, then I am going to!”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said in tremble voice, “You dare!”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy smiled, “Why shouldn’t I dare not? But really, why are you trembling? Do you have the mortal urges as well? If you are willing, I don’t mind sharing him with you…”

 The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden rebuked her, “Outrageous! He…he can join the Great Quiescent Sect but I am to be his protégé mistress and I not letting him see you ever again!”

 The Endor Vixen Fairy was upset as she grasped in rage, “You….you…!”

 That was how the White Sage had joined the Great Quiescent Sect. He was also extremely guilty thereafter. After that, he spent decades inventing and perfecting a new heart intricacy formula, the Absolute Spirits Intricacy Formula to strength the resolve of the heart!

 Unknown to the White Sage, the supposedly invincible Absolute Spirits failed to work centuries later because of her one tear that was embedded deep in his heart and that resulted in a new awakening of his Emptiness Translucence! 

 After Yi Ping had remembered who Youxue was previously, his nose started to bleed as he looked at her in a new light! 

 The maidens were all grasping with concern when they saw the blood tickling out of his nose…

 Lingfeng quickly popped in a pill into his mouth as she said with concern, “Swallow this. This may help you a little and stop the bleedings. But you should not move at all…”

 Yi Ping muttered, “Lingfeng…thank you…”

 Lingfeng smiled alluring at him, “Not at all…let’s hope it is not too hard to swallow…”

 Youxue and Yunzi, who were standing behind Yi Ping, had covered their mouths in shock for they had seen Lingfeng reaching into Yi Ping’s pouch and what she had just given him was the Divine Dragon Pill! 

 Immediately after Yi Ping had swallowed the pill that Lingfeng had given him, he felt energetic and his wounds were not as painful as before. He clasped his chest and was stunned to find that his bleedings had stopped…

 He thought in wonder, “What is it that Lingfeng has given me?”

 Xiao Shuai interrupted his thoughts coldly, “You are now surrounded by the formidable Dark Mono Formation. If we all attacked at the same time, surely you know of the consequences. So be smart and dropped your weapons!”

 Indeed, the Sword Sage, the Element Sage, the Martial Sage, Han Shaodong, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao had surrounded them in six other different directions!

 Yuan Shao had stood up weakly as he walked towards Xiao Shuai , “Good…my sacrifice is not in vain…”

 But he could only take three steps forward before he stumbled onto the ground!

 Xiao Shuai muttered, “My benevolent teacher, I will not let you die in vain.”

 He stared coldly at Shen Xinyue as he said to her, “You have killed my protégé master. Do you know what this means and what are the consequences will be!?”

 Shen Xinyue began to tremble!

 It was because with her extra sensory senses, she could feel the cold malevolent air of Xiao Shuai as he stripped her naked with his stares! 

 It was because no matter how Xiao Shuai had looked at her, she was an extremely beautiful maiden and Xiao Shuai was not going to let her die in such an easy manner and he was projecting his lustful thoughts at her, not knowing that she could actually sense it! 

 Yi Ping shouted weakly, “Remember, unless I am down you are not to take actions against any of them! If you have a score to settle, you can come after me first!”

 Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “That agreement is now voided!”

 Shen Xinyue looked tenderly into Yi Ping’s eyes, “Unless they have what they want today, they are not going to let any of us off. If only I…”

 She wanted to say, “If only I am alone, I will be able to deal with them…” But her heart was unable to say it aloud. It was because after these maidens had intervened to help her, she could not bear to use her Divine Rejuvenation Force at such close proximity!

 But Han Shaodong knew what she was thinking as he said coldly to Yi Ping, “What a joke. She can’t even use her most powerful divine skill, the Divine Rejuvenation Force because she did not want to hurt anyone of you. With her swiftness speed, she can probably abandon you and yet you are trying to protect her!”

 Mei’Er said, “What are you waiting for? We are not afraid of you. If our protégé mistress the Celestial Fairy is here, you will be the ones that are begging us for mercy!”

 The Martial Sage interrupted, “Is Xian’Er well?”

 Yu’Er said coldly, “She isn’t happy that you are fighting against her two protégés now!”

 The Element Sage said to the Martial Sage as he reminded him, “Don’t get distract and get careless. She is just taunting you.”

 Xiao Shuai shouted aloud, “Youxue, I want you to come over here right now. Or don’t blame your father for being ruthless later.”

 Xiao Youxue hummed coldly, “You have always been ruthless. That’s doesn’t concern me.”

 Xiao Shuai said, “Very well, don’t blame me then. I will take care of you personally and kill you by my own hands.”

 He was in fact indirectly trying to warn the others not to touch her. In this way, he could protect her from harm…

 Xiao Shuai had now waved his left fingers forward as he gave the signal for the Dark Mono Formation to take effect! 

 The rest of the exponents who could still stand were all holding their breath in nervous anticipation. Unless they were in their martial class, they could only watch now…

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Chapter 63: The Birth of the Two Celestial Swords

 Even as Xiao Shuai had raised his hand for his side to prepare to attack, Ji Lingfeng had whispered to Yi Ping and her group. “Execute the Celestial Star Formation. Yi Ping, Yu’Er and Mei’Er will be in the inner perimeter while Yunzi, Youxue and I will be in the outer perimeter. Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue try to hold as much as you can and fall back to us…”

 Yi Ping and the rest of the group nodded.

 Shen Xinyue had already visualized the entire battle in a blink of an eye now that she got the time to refocus, grasping the attacking and movement speed of all her opponents!

 She was already channeling her intricate energies through to her right fingers as she made a full recovery from her earlier disability. Her Divine Rejuvenation Force had an accelerated healing recovery effect. With her present attainment, this was just a slight injury similar to a short momentum knock!

 She had decided that when Han Shaodong had moved forward, she would use her Big Dipper Hands to attack him and to force him back. At the same time, when the Sword Sage, the Element Sage and the Martial Sage had leapt forward, she would do a turnaround speed attack and displayed the Starlight Swordplay with the Blue Heavens to blind and disable them. As for Xiao Shuai, as soon as he had attacked her or anyone, she would move to intercept him and striking him with her Starlight Fingers!

 All of her main opponents would either be injured or lying on the ground in a blink of a second!

 But her plan had a flaw. That would leave her vulnerable to the rest of her opponents. But she did not care less as long as she would injure these main opponents, then Yi Ping, Lie Qing and the rest would eventually find an opening to overcome them! 

 Lie Qing was also thinking of the same thing.

 She had already observed that Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Sword Sage and the others were already panting or breathing heavily after using the Dark Mono Swordplay.

 If her guess was not wrong, even though the Dark Mono Swordplay and Formation were formidable, it was a physically demanding swordplay to display and required a great deal of physical stamina to execute the precision strikes. That was why even though it was formidable, if the practitioners of this Dark Mono Swordplay could not defeat their opponent in a timely manner, then the risk would be on them instead!

 The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing was protected by her defensive Invincible Divine Force. She soon discovered that although the Dark Mono Swordplay was extremely deadly, she had succeeded in exhausting their martial power with her impregnable defense and skill. 

 Therefore she had decided to take a gambit and lowered the martial power of her Invincible Divine Force and transferred it to her sword as she prepared for her ultimate sword technique, the Pandora Merciless Seven Strikes!

 She was wondering, “I am going to treat Xiao Shuai and that arrogant Han Shaodong some of my Pandora Candies. Since the two of you are the leaders of this group, my targets will naturally be you!”

 Like Shen Xinyue, Lie Qing’s plans had the same flaw. She would be exposed to several openings and put herself at risk. However, she too was prepared to sacrifice herself so that Yi Ping and the rest of her sisters would live…

 In the meantime, Yi Ping was looking intently at his opponents as he raised the Divine Halo and the White Phoenix. He had already seen how powerful the Dark Mono Sword Formation was and with the maidens caught in the midst of this deadly sword formation, he was extremely worried. 

 He said in a low voice, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng, Youxue, Yunzi…stay behind me. Their sword energies are formidable and you lack Qing’Er and Xinyue sword skills…”

 Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “I guess, we may all die today…”

 Yi Ping looked at her and smiled weakly, “We will not die…”

 All of a sudden, he froze when he was looking at her. He had actually regained some of his most precious memories from his previous incarnation and was startled to know that all these maidens were all in one way or another acquainted with him in the past except for Lingfeng…

 But now, he had suddenly remembered who Lingfeng was and he was startled…

 The Heaveness was Lingfeng’s previous incarnation. She was also the one that had taught him the Emptiness Translucence!

 She was also the protégé mistress of the Universal Old Man, the old priest that had coerced him to abandon worldly desire to be a Celestial Sage. In short, she was actually his grand protégé mistress!

 When he had first met her, he was in awe of her for he was only sixteen. He had expected the protégé mistress of his protégé master to be an old lady but instead, she turned out to be the most beautiful lady that he had ever seen…

 The Universal Old Man had laughed at him then, “You didn’t expect this, am I right?”

 The Heaveness smiled alluring at him, “You look like a bright young man. Alright then, I will accept you into the clan and impart to you the most forbidden divine skill of our clan the Great Emptiness Translucence. Whether you can become a Celestial and overcome the Divine Calamity is up to Providence. But you must swear never to reveal our names to anyone, alright?”

 He had nodded eagerly and he was totally overwhelmed by her smile that reached into his heart… 

 The Heaveness looked at him alluringly, “You can address me as the Heaveness and I am your grand protégé mistress, the protégé mistress of your protégé master who is the Universal Old Man.” 

 He looked at his protégé master, the Universal Old Man as he thought. “So he is the Universal Old Man. He only allows me to address him as Old Priest Master when there are others around and I can’t even call him my protégé master…”

 He stammered as he mustered his courage, “Protégé Master never reveals the name of our clan, telling me that it is forbidden. Even his name and your name are under wraps. Did I accidentally join a cult or something? Why can’t I tell others my clan and yours?”

 The Heaveness laughed softly as she explained patiently, “We are not exactly a Celestial Clan or a Martial Clan. So there isn’t any official name for us yet. Moreover, there are just three of us only.”

 He was startled as he stammered, “There are only the three of us? What is the unofficial name of clan then?”

 The Heaveness said with an alluring and mystifying look, “It-Is-Forbidden.”

 He was disappointed that the Heaveness did not reveal the name of the clan to him and his disappointment was showed on his face.

 The Heaveness rebuked him gently, “Why are you feeling so downcast? Just because you cannot know the name of the clan? Names are but an illusion. How are you going to overcome all the mysteries of the divine state to become a Celestial in the future when you can’t even handle a small disappointment? Let me tell you, the name of our clan is called ‘It-Is-Forbidden’.”

 He was stunned as he stammered, “That is our clan name?”

 The Heaveness laughed softly, “Precisely. In state of divinities, there will be many things to ponder and many obstacles to overcome. Sometimes the texts of the heart intricacy formulas will mislead you and took you to the wrong deviation when you are confused. The name of the heart intricacy formulas have never changed in the first place, so never deviate from your exact purposes. You just need to know that the Great Emptiness Translucence is to teach you to be absolute peaceful and still, only then can you see through the illusions of things.” 

 He was very much enlightened as he bowed down hastily on the ground, “Grand Protégé Mistress has indeed enlightened me!”

 The Heaveness gave an alluring smile at him as she helped him up.

 The Universal Old Man took a curious look at the Heaveness and was slightly startled. It was because he had never seen the Heaveness smiled before. When she smiling, it was as though the entire atmosphere had been changed to a gentle and moving alluring scene! 

 He had asked again, “What about your name? Is there any reason why you do not want others to know?”

 The Heaveness sighed deeply, “Actually by knowing our names, in the future you will surely know a little about us. I will tell you a little more in the future but not today, alright?”

 He nodded and did not argue. It was because he could sense the sorrows that were within her…

 The Heaveness smiled again, “I am sensitive to others calling me by my name whether good or bad. So don’t do that, alright? It is because in my time, names are sacred and that is the original language.”

 He looked at her in awe again as he said, “I won’t call you or tell others that you are the Heaveness…”

 Immediately, there was a tinged in her eyes as she quickly said. “Don’t!”

 He immediately kept quiet as he flustered with embarrassment at the gentle rebuke. 

 Time passed…

 The Universal Old Man taught him the Emptiness Translucence patiently as he explained, “There are five stages to the Emptiness Translucence, which is called the Five Conducts of the Divine Ascendants which is the Spirit, the Void, the Enigma, the Absolute and the Great Ultimate. These are the stages of the Absolute Tranquil and beyond these five staging is the Great Emptiness Translucence. The Great Emptiness Translucence is a divine state that we may never possible reached…other than the Heaveness…”

 The Universal Old Man taught him for a whole year while the Heaveness would occasionally appear but only at night to give him some guidance.

 Even though the Heaveness had never appeared to him except at night but there were times he would encounter her in the most unexplained situation in nearby cities and towns; she would be a maiden that was selling textiles and clothes as she stood alluringly in the shop, a beautiful humble weaver attracting a great deal of attention, a singer with a beautiful voice and quite a few other roles. But each time when he tried to approach her, she would shake her head in a subtle hint and refused to talk to him!

 But the Heaveness was secret startled. The numbers of coincidences were too many. There were many cities and towns in this region; something unexplained was drawing them together. 

 The Heaveness was sighing to herself, “This will be your undoing in the future. Perhaps it is better than you leave this place altogether…”

 One year later, the Universal Old Man had suddenly disappeared and left him a note, giving him some advises and encouraged him to continue pursuing his attainment. 

 That was the last time that he had ever seen the Universal Old Man and the Heaveness again…

 Years later after he had overcome the Divine Calamity, he would return to the Great Tranquil Mountains and had visited the Tranquil Clan which he had secretly founded. Among the intricacy heart formulas that he had left behind were the Emptiness Translucence and a description of the Divine Calamity that he had faced!

 But Priest Liu Qingcheng had actually misunderstood the message in the Silver Scroll and had warned him to be wary of the Seven Maidens!

 Back to the present, Yi Ping had unconsciously recalled this scattering fragment of his memories. As he looked at Lingfeng, he muttered in an almost inaudible voice. “Heaveness…”

 All of a suddenly, Lingfeng’s eyes began to twitch and there were beaming tears in her eyes as she muttered softly. “Look at me, I am feeling emotional again…”

 At this moment, Xiao Shuai had finally turned his left flickering fingers into a forward fist!

 It was because he had been waiting for the majority to recover their regular breathing first and the bright halos of Yi Ping, Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing swords were also causing their visions to blur as well as a feeling of nausea, slowing the pace of their recovery! 

 Immediately, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao, altogether there were seven of them. They began to dash forward at the same time and their swords were colored with a purplish color!

 They had only three targets; Yi Ping, Lie Qing or Shen Xinyue! 

 It was because even though they did not say it loud, they had known that their swords were not just any ordinary precious swords. Judging by the resonating vibrations and the halos of their swords, it had to be divine swords! 

 They were determined to seize their swords at the same time and to prevent others from seizing it. The most obvious target was Yi Ping and he looked to be an easy target!

 Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue had immediately raised their divine swords and lifted their martial power as they braced for the incoming attack. They had already visualized all the possible outcomes and were just waiting!

 Yi Ping too, had raised the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix as seven beams of purple sped towards him! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were already secretly nodding at each other when the seven beams of purple light sped towards Yi Ping! They had already made up their minds to sacrifice themselves for Yi Ping as they bade him a silence goodbye. They had already figured out that the outcome would be unpredictable with their Dual Inertness Intricacy Skill.

 Therefore, they had already decided that before Lie Qing, Shen Xinyue, Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue had a chance to intervene and possibly sacrificing themselves in the process, they were determined to intercept their opponents first and slowed down their speed attacks, sacrificing themselves first so that the others would find an opening…

 So when the seven purple beaming of light had flashed towards Yi Ping, they had made the first move and had deliberately blocked Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue as they raised their precious long swords towards the seven purple beaming lights!

 Shen Xinyue grasped as they sped past her all of a sudden as she called out loud, “Don’t! It is too dangerous!”

 It was already too late to stop them as seven beams of light clashed with two golden lights as it quickly developed into dozens of purple lights as it hovered around one another! 

 But when the purple and golden lights made contact with one another, the air around them exploded thunderous in a large blinding flash as the deadly martial force exploded into a wave of deadly pure energies, knocking and sweeping everyone aside! 

 Almost instantaneous, everyone including the onlookers was rolling and crying out aloud on the ground as the entire ground trembled continuously as though an earthquake had just struck!

 The explosive martial wave was so deadly that scores of onlookers including those that were watching at the furthest end were killed in that single moment! 

 And immediately, cries of agonies were heard everywhere!

 It was as though they had just been visited by the infernos of hell!

 Shen Xinyue had raised her Blue Heavens and wrapped the Divine Rejuvenation Force around her when the extraordinary martial force struck her. She was stunned that the martial force simply rippled through her and tearing her Divine Rejuvenation Force apart. Immediately, she coughed out blood in disbelief as she grasped, “No, this can’t be. This martial force is the energies of the Divine Calamity…why am I so unlucky whenever I see these two sisters…”

 Lie Qing was also coughing weakly as she used up half of her martial power to counter the extraordinary martial force!

 When Yi Ping had seen the rippling effect of the extraordinary martial force that were ripping towards him, he gave a mighty martial shout as he raised the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix, executing the martial power of the Asper Divinity as a white burst of white light wisped around him! 

 At the same time, this white burst of light that was formed from his Boundless Divine Force created a wall of buffer as the extraordinary powerful martial force swept across him! 

 Yi Ping was startled secretly! 

 It was because it seemed that the martial power of his Asper Divinity had increased several folds in strength all of a sudden!

 However, although the newly attained Asper Divinity was extraordinary and he had already buffered much of this deadly martial force, he was still swept backward!

 Lingfeng had mustered her entire martial power as she displayed the Great Dissolution Skill to deflect the bursting energies of the weakened deadly martial force!

 At the same time, Yunzi had mustered her Invincible Divine Force while Youxue had displayed the Golden Invincible Body and also the Divine Emerald Skill, startling Yunzi and Lingfeng as they grasped. “When did you learn the Divine Emerald Skill?!”

 Youxue did not reply them as she was training her entire focus to maintain the circular motion of the Divine Emerald Skill!

 She had of course learnt it from the Celestial Fairy who had already decided that she would be her successor. However, the Celestial Fairy had also told her not to use this secret technique unless she had no other choices for overtly dependent on it would be detrimental to her martial progression and using it too early against a dangerous foe would lose the element of surprise for her.

 But now, she had no other choice!

 She grasped softly, “Sisters, get behind me immediately!”

 As soon as Yi Ping had coughed out a bout of darken blood, he picked himself up weakly as he turned around panicky to take a look at Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue who had all gave a startled cry when they were struck by the deadly energy of the sweeping martial force!

 He was somewhat relieved when he saw Yunzi, Lingfeng, Youxue, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were all already on their feet and struggling to stand feebly. 

 Shen Xinyue angelic voice was already warning them, “Everyone don’t stand up first. Quickly mediate and try to put the erratic energies into order first. Don’t try to exercise any martial power for the time being. You are injured by the Universal Force. Unless you can purge it out of your body, you will soon lose your life and your martial skills!”

 Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages and many others were already sitting in a mediation pose as they coughed out bouts of bad blood. From the look of it, their internal injuries were extremely serious! 

 At the same time, everyone was staring at Yu’Er and Mei’Er in complete disbelief as they stood in the middle of the carnage and the pandemonium!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were now surrounded by two bright golden halos as bright as the sun that were radiating from their golden swords! 

 It was because as they had intercepted the sword strokes of the Dark Mono Sword Formation and when their long precious swords had struck against each other in their attempt to overcome their opponents’ martial strength by combining their swordplay together, their swords had suddenly turned into a golden hue permanently and a bursting burst of light that were created from the impact of their swords exploded into all directions!

 As unbelievable as it could sound, in that instant, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had brought all the exponents to their knees! 

 No one had an idea what had happened except for Shen Xinyue!

 The Sword Sage had just thrown out another bout of black colored blood as he struggled to speak in trembling fear, “What kind of combine swordplay is that? In my entire life, I have never seen such a destructive swordplay…”

 Even Xiao Shuai had a look of fear in his eyes for he had never seen anything like that. His Divine Virtuous Force was scattered instantaneous and his martial power was completed drained by the blinding unstoppable force!

 He stared blankly at Xiao Ao who had been knocked unconscious for he was caught in the direct blast…

 Han Shaodong was not faring too well either. His powerful Divine Rejuvenation Force was completed drained by the extraordinary martial force and it was only his sheer fortitude that had preserved his martial skills.

 He was now looking at the surrounding carnage in stunned horror; he had estimated that at least two thousand exponents from all the martial clans were instantly killed and several hundred had lost their martial skills permanently. It was like a nightmare scene and extremely appalling…

 The Sword Sage, the Element Sage and the Martial Sage had closed their eyes and were already trying to treat their internal injuries as much as possible…

 Almost immediately at the same time, they had popped in a pill that was made by the Element Sage to speed up their recovery… 

 Xiao Fei was seriously injured and he was barely conscious…

 There were hundreds of loud wailing and moaning as the exponents moaned the fallen…

 A number of surviving exponents were exclaiming in great shock as they queried weakly, “What is that martial skill that is displayed earlier? If I die, at least I ought to know the name of this epitome divine skill that has brought me to my grave…”

 Xiao Shuai muttered solemnly, “You have won. We admit defeat. What is the name of this divine skill?”

 Han Shaodong laughed weakly, “That’s right. We are totally defeated. Our dream of ascending as a Celestial is now completely shattered. If we can’t even defeat two maidens here, what hope have we got to defeat the Celestial Palace?”

 The Sword Sage had opened his eyes as he muttered, “If Maidens can enlighten us to the divine skill that has defeated us, I will be gratuitous to you when I go down under the earth!” 

 Even though they were all admitting defeat but it was actually a delaying tactic so that they would have enough time to calm down the erratic energies in their bodies!

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were sobbing inconsolably as they looked at the terrible carnage that they had caused. They did not know even know what was going on at all! 

 They were still looking at Yi Ping, Shen Xinyue, Lie Qing, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and everyone in bewilderment and in shock…

 It was because Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were the main characters of this battle and now when the twin sisters were suddenly cast as the main characters, they felt lost and was terrified! 

 Shen Xinyue was muttering, “This is the first time that I have heard of and witnessed the birth of two divine swords through the use of the Universal Force. And these two golden swords are as potent as the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword that is said to be created at the beginning of time…how is it possible…”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er did not know that they had just generated the creation energies of the Universal Force by sheer coincidences!

 It was because they had consumed the Divine Dragon Pills but because they lacked the internal strength to digest it and that they were not even seriously injured in the first place, the potency of the Divine Dragon Pills remained in their bodies. If they had not learnt the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formulas and suppressing their discomfort by using the vital energy exchanges but not the body and exchanging it with the essence of heavens and earth as their vitality, they would have been engulfed by the burning potency of the Divine Dragon Pills!

 However, they could only delay the potency of the Dragon Divine Pills from reacting, delaying the harmful effect through a slow and painful process that was detrimental to their health…

 The Dragon Divine Pills happened to be created from the meltdown of the power release of Yi Ping’s Emptiness Translucence as it transformed his Aspire Invocations to the Boundless Divine Force (See Chapter 56), creating the Divine Dragon Pills from the broken pieces of the Heavenly Relic as a spark of the accidentally generated Universal Force was created and was stored in it. 

 The Dual Inertness Intricacy Divine Skill was a skill that balanced the vital energies of the inner force and the outer force in a delicate manner. In short because the twin sisters were unable to digest the Universal Force of the Divine Dragon Pills and at the same time, they were unable to purge it out, the Universal Force remained in equilibrium in their bodies for the time being. 

 So when they had cross swords with one another by channeling all their martial power, they had unconsciously power released the Universal Force that were in their bodies by exchanging the Universal Force with each other via the concept of the divine state of heavens and earth as their divine state! 

 As the Universal Force revived and clashed with each other, the power release was exactly that of the Creation Universal Force. It immediately tampered its way through their precious long swords, transforming it into two celestial weapons that were capable of absorbing the Universal Force as these two Universal Forces clashed against each other in total equilibrium!

 As the creations of the two celestial weapons were completed, the remaining Universal Force shattered its force all around them, exploding all around with a huge big bang! 

 In that single moment, everyone was knocked or swept aside as the Universal Force was the ultimate force in the entire universe, killing and injuring everyone in the vicinity! 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were still looking at each other when a rainbow halo had descended around them; they were like celestial fairies that had visited the mortal realm and were extremely beautiful to beholden.

 Shen Xinyue coughed weakly as she walked towards them as she said, “This is a celestial omen, indicating the creation of these two celestial weapons. Congrats!”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er were in tears.

 Mei’Er asked in a frightened voice, “What has just happened? We seem to be surrounded by a glowing light…”

 Yu’Er was still staring appalling at the numerous dead and injured.

 They seemed to be glowing with a soft white light as they held onto their golden long swords…

 Shen Xinyue smiled mysteriously, “Don’t worry. Only Celestials and those that have attained a high level in their state of divinity can see it. Right now, you should give a name to your celestial swords.” 

 Yu’Er suddenly grasped, “Mei’Er, your eyes! Your eyes have turned crimson! What is going on?”

 Mei’Er was startled but when she saw her sister’s eyes as well, she was grasping aloud too. “Sister, your eyes are red too!”

 “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, are you alright?”

 It was Yi Ping and he was being supported by Yunzi, Youxue and Lie Qing.

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had immediately flown to his embrace as they cried aloud…

 Yi Ping comforted them weakly, “It is alright now. Everything is alright now. Let’s leave this place immediately…”

 Lie Qing asked quietly, “What has exactly happened?”

 Shen Xinyue sighed softly as she looked at the appalling carnage all around her, “It seems that somehow these two maidens have just released the Universal Force that only exists from Beyond. I can’t explain it too but what we are witnessing today are the rare occurrences of the birth of two celestial weapons. And they have also just been elevated as Celestials too.”

 Lie Qing was stunned as she quickly asked, “They can be elevated as a Celestial without experiencing the Divine Calamity?”

 Shen Xinyue nodded, “I find it hard to believe too but that is what has exactly happened. What did they actually do…”

 She had immediately raised and moved her right fingers rapidly as she seemed to be deep in thoughts! 

 Yi Ping muttered as he embraced Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “The big bang that has just struck us is indeed the Universal Force. It is a lucky thing that it is the benevolent Universal Force or else all of us would have perished just now.”

 Shen Xinyue nodded lightly as she looked tenderly into Yi Ping’s eyes…

 She was not the only one doing the same. All the maidens except Lingfeng were all looking tenderly in his direction. 

 Yi Ping looked at them one by one with an uneasy feeling and a feeling of guilt overwhelmed him. When he looked into Xiao Youxue’s eyes, all of a sudden his nose began to bleed again. It was because he could not shake the image of the Endor Vixen Fairy from his mind and the scene when Youxue had ‘given’ him her chastity… 

 Immediately the maidens seemed to forget that they were still in the middle of a battle and were all panicky when Yi Ping had started to nose bleed; they began to take out their handkerchiefs to help him wipe his blood and sweat as they murmured all manners of concern for him! 

 It was such an enviable sight. All of a sudden, the surviving exponents felt a great sense of loss and they were all reminiscing to a point of time when they were with their loves ones or when they were in happier times…

 Yi Ping said, “Somehow it seems that Yu’Er and Mei’Er have exchanged and absorbed the Universal Force as their own vitality energies. That act alone would have killed them but it didn’t and instead they are elevated as Celestials…”

 Shen Xinyue smiled softly, “It seems that there are moments that the White Sage can be wrong. The Divine Calamity did happen but it only appeared very briefly before it got extinguished by the Universal Force. The shockwaves that we have all experienced were the result of the clash between the Divine Calamity and the Universal Force. These two maidens have a heart of gold and that is why the Divine Calamity didn’t last too long for them. This must be the shortest Divine Calamity that I have ever seen and also one that had arrived without any prior warning. If I am not wrong, creations of divine and celestial weapons can also brought forth the Divine Calamity. If they fail their Divine Calamity, not only would they die but their celestial weapons would also be destroyed.” 

 Yi Ping smiled, “You are right…”

 Ji Lingfeng had walked quietly to their side. No one seemed to have noticed her quiet expressions…

 When the Universal Force had struck her, she had experienced a headache and was feeling nauseous. The Universal Force had reawakened a familiar feeling within her…

 All of a sudden, there were hundreds of black ironclad fighters that that had appeared in the horizon. 

 Yi Ping had recognized that the man leading these fighters was Ji Wuzheng and the lady next to him was the Lady Dugu Zhen!

 Yunzi was delighted as she said with a smile, “Mother is here!”

 The orthodox fighters were alarmed that the Holy Hex Clan had arrived with their reinforcements and they were grim. It was because none of them had the strength to fight with the unorthodox fighters now. Out of five thousands orthodox fighters, only less than five hundred had remained…

 Ji Wuzheng was appalled at the sight as he walked towards Yi Ping as he muttered, “What is going on here?”

 As Ji Wuzheng turned and looked at Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages, they pretended not to see him as they focused on regaining their martial strength. 

 Xiao Shuai was startled when Xiao Fan walked silently besides him and said, “Father, forget it. It is all over. We should go back peacefully. Ji Wuzheng has promised me that they will not be pursuing any vendetta. Let bygones be bygones.”

 Xiao Shuai was startled, “Son, you are still alive? Who beat you up in this horrid manner?”

 He was comforted that Xiao Fan was alive because among all his sons and daughters, he was his favorite…

 Xiao Fan grinned as he looked at Dugu Zhen, Dugu Yunzi and Lingfeng, “This is the work of the heretic sects. We have all fallen into the stratagems of the heretic sects. It is Ji Wuzheng and that Yi Ping who has actually saved my life.”

 Xiao Shuai was startled. 

 Xiao Shuai said grimly, “Even then, have you forgotten that we are all so close to becoming a Celestial?”

 Xiao Fan sighed, “Father, look around you. So many lives have already been lost. Is it worth it?”

 Xiao Shuai said with a cold determination as he got up as he spat out the last bout of bad blood, “It is worth it, my son!”

 His recovery rate was startling!

 At the same time, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages had also recovered as they all stood up one by one!

 Han Shaodong said aloud, “This is not over yet. I have thought that this two maidens have learnt some epitome divine Skills. So it is just a freak celestial manifestation. But if you are all willing to surrender your swords, you can leave here immediately. I will give you my honor for that!”

 Shen Xinyue said softly, “Han Shaodong, Han Shaodong. I have thought you are a good man and that is why I take you in as my protégé disciple and even imparted to you the Divine Rejuvenation Force and the Big Dipper Hands. Why are you acting so malicious?”

 Han Shaodong said solemnly, “It is because the Celestial Palace left us with no other choices! Do you know how many exponents were killed by the Celestial Palace over the years? If we miss this Seven Star Alignment, goodness know how long must we wait again for another favorable sign to ascend as Celestials?”

 Yi Ping interrupted, “You can never overcome the Divine Calamity because…”

 “Who wants to challenge the Celestial Palace?” A beautiful and mesmerizing voice was heard. 

 Yi Ping was startled. It was because he had recognized her distinctive voice!

 Even Lie Qing was smiling, “I didn’t think I am beginning to miss her at any moment but now I do.”

 Shen Xinyue was the first to catch sight of her as an extremely beautiful maiden appeared in their midst via her traverse speed, brandishing her wicked long black scythe!

 She was slightly startled because she not only resembled Melody Star; her swiftness speed was also comparable to her! 

 Indeed, it was Lele as she laughed softly. “I am the Joyful Goddess, Prime Celestial of the Celestial Palace. Who is looking for a fight with the Celestial Palace? I am here now.”

 Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages were startled at her sudden appearance and when they saw her crimson eyes, they were alarmed and knew immediately that she was a Celestial!

 All of a sudden, the Joyful Goddess had noticed Shen Xinyue and grasped. “Aren’t you a Celestial too? Your eyes are gray…”

 Shen Xinyue nodded and said, “Yes, I am a Celestial too…”

 The Joyful Goddess began to encircle around her rapidly as she seemed to be pondering something, “Why is that I find your scent so familiar? Have we met before?”

 Shen Xinyue refused to answer her but smiled angelically. 

 Han Shaodong was stunned as he thought, “My protégé mistress is a Celestial?!”

 Xiao Shuai interrupted coldly, “There are five of us now. Pick five of you to be our challengers…”

 A soft gentle voice said, “I will be your first challenger then.”

 Everyone turned and saw an extremely beautiful maiden in light blue long dress walking silently into view. When she had appeared, she was like a beautiful goddess whose beauty had no comparison! 

 It was Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy! 

 Even though her cold demeanor was colder than ice as she gazed at everyone but the hearts of everyone was warm!

 Yi Ping was trembling as he muttered, “Xian’Er…you are still alive?”

 Xiao Shuai was startled, “Xian’Er…”

 Han Shaodong was muttering, “Xian’Er, is that you? I have grown old but you have not changed at all…”

 The Martial Sage was in tears as he ran towards her, “Xian’Er, is that really you? I didn’t expect to see you after so many years!”

 Even Shangguan Qingyun and Yan Nanfei who were not interested in the outcome of the battle were trembling with excitement as they ran towards her with joyful tears, “Xian’Er, is that really you? You have not changed at all!”
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Chapter 64: A Heroic Fight

 Shui Yixian was a little teary and a little emotional when she saw her old friends again!

 She was being surrounded by Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages, Shangguan Qingyun and Yan Nanfei…

 That was something that was unexpected for her. It was because she was a high level practitioner of the Emotionless Rhyme. The last time that she had lost control of her emotions was when she had first met Yi Ping…

 She said gently, “Yes, I am Xian’Er.”

 The Martial Sage was actually crying as he said, “Xian’Er, do you know that I have been looking for you everywhere?”

 Han Shaodong stammered, “Xian’Er, it is really you?”

 Shangguan Qingyun laughed heartily, “Xian’Er, I didn’t expect to see you again. I am so happy. How have you been? When Xiao Shuai had said that you are still alive and you are actually the Celestial Fairy and the Divine Eternal Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace, I didn’t really believe him…you are really in the Eternal Ice Palace all along?”

 Yixian nodded gently at him, “Yes, I am the Celestial Fairy and I have been in the Eternal Ice Palace all this while.”

 Yan Nanfei sighed, “I should have guessed a long time ago…”

 Shangguan Qingyun stared at him, “You always saying this same old line. Can’t you change to something else? Why Xian’Er had disappeared, you had said the same time too.”

 Yan Nanfei laughed aloud, “You know that is my favorite line.”

 The Martial Sage interrupted, “You always try to pretend to be wiser than anyone of us. But the fact is you are not.”

 Yan Nanfei said, “I know that you are now one of the Three Sages but I am after all, the protégé leader of the Zen Sect. You should at least give me a little face saving measures in front of Xian’Er.”

 Xian’Er smiled gently as she probed, “You are now the protégé leader of the Zen Sect?”

 Shangguan Qingyun quickly interrupted, “I am the protégé master of the Divine Sword Martial Clan too.”

 Yan Nanfei was looking immensely proud of himself when the Element Sage interrupted, “With a protégé leader like him that pretended to be wise, no wonder the Zen Sect seems like a cult to me. Xian’Er, do you know that he didn’t stick to our sacred covenant and even refuse to fight alongside with us. He has even cut off his thumb. What a loser, humph!” 

 Yixian had already noticed that Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun had cut their thumbs. She could already guess what had happened as she secretly stole a glance at Yi Ping, who was looking at her with a sense of loss…

 Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were muttering, “Xian’Er…”

 But Yixian seemed to give them the cold shoulder as she said gently to Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun, “It is really hard on you to do this.”

 Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun were extremely comforted by Yixian’s words as tears swelled in their eyes…

 Shangguan Qingyun stammered, “It is worth it…”

 The Martial Sage interrupted, “Xian’Er, how have you been? Do you know I have been waiting for this day when I can see you again…”

 Yixian interrupted coldly, “If you still regard me as your friend, why are you attacking my husband?”

 Han Shaodong was taken aback, “Xian’Er, you are married? Who is your husband?”

 Xiao Shuai kept quiet. He had already guessed that it would be Yi Ping and that was why he was trying to get rid of him.

 Yixian said gently as she smiled at Yi Ping, pointing towards him. “He is my husband!”

 Everyone presented was startled except for Xiao Shuai.

 The Martial Sage stammered, “That young man is your husband? How can it be?”

 The Element Sage, the Sword Sage and Han Shaodong, Shangguan Qingyun and Yan Nanfei took a step back in shock and stared at Yi Ping…

 Yixian said, “If he is not my husband, who else would it be? It is every maiden’s dream to find a good husband and I have found mine.”

 Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Yixian wake up from your senses. Did you not see there are so many beautiful maidens around him? He is nothing but a flirt and a lecherous man!”

 Yixian interrupted coldly, “Anyone that wants to challenge my husband will have challenged me first.”

 The Martial Sage said, “Xian’Er, you are obviously putting us in a spot. You know that we won’t fight you…”

 Even Xiao Shuai agreed, “That’s right…”

 Han Shaodong said, “Xian’Er, it doesn’t matter if you married to him. I am willing to accept you…”

 The Element Sage said, “Let me teach that rascal a lesson for you…”

 Yixian did not reply them but instead she walked past them and walked towards Yi Ping.

 As Yixian walked towards him, Yi Ping too had walked towards her. Behind him, followed the rest of the maidens! 

 As Yixian and Yi Ping smiled blissfully to each other, they reached out and held each other’s hands.

 Yixian said gently with great politeness, “My husband…”

 Yi Ping said, “My wife…”

 Shen Xinyue was slightly startled but she was not entirely surprised for she could tell that all these maidens were all affectionately attached to him but she asked nevertheless, “You are married to Revelation Star?”

 Just as Yi Ping was about to answer her, Yixian smiled gently at Shen Xinyue and said politely, “Hello. I am Shui Yixian the Celestial Fairy, from the Eternal Ice Palace and you are?”

 Shen Xinyue was startled that Revelation Star would be this amicable and even though she was not a Celestial, she had an air of tranquil that marked her no differently from a Celestial. Therefore she smiled angelically, “I am Fiery Phoenix. In the past, I am known as the Dark Enchantress. You can call me Shen Xinyue!”

 Yixian nodded gently as she said, “Really nice to know you.”

 She Xinyue smiled delightfully, “The same goes for me.”

 Lele said coolly to Yixian and for everyone within earshot, “We ought to be careful of her. She is a highly attained Celestial and we don’t really know her dark purposes. With a name such as the Dark Enchantress, she is hardly worthy of trust…”

 Lie Qing laughed softly, “Lele, you think too much. She is…really on our side.”

 Lele sighed, “I guess she can be the concubine then. I am alright with it…”

 Just as Shen Xinyue protested, “I don’t think so…”

 Lele suddenly embraced her, “Alright then, welcome to the big family!”

 Shen Xinyue was momentarily stunned and did not know what to say except for, “I suppose to say thank you?”

 Lele did not seem to hear her, she just exclaimed happily. “Sister Xinyue!” 

 Shen Xinyue sighed to herself, “It seems that this Lele is going to be hard to deal with…”

 She did not know she was not the only that found Lele to be extremely hard to handle; she could even test the patience of the Celestial Fairy with her unpredictable actions! 

 All the maidens except for Yunzi had found her almost impossible to handle. It was because Yunzi did something smart. She had pretended to be deaf and mute when she was handling Lele when things went out of her predictions! 

 Lie Qing had shared the same vision with Shen Xinyue and therefore she knew that she had a long entwined destiny with Yi Ping. 

 Yixian was immediately surrounded by her two protégés Yu’Er and Mei’Er who delightfully surrounded her and exclaimed joyously, “Protégé Mistress, look what we got!”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had showed her their two golden swords!

 Yixian smiled gently and said, “I see that both of you are Celestials now. I am always worried if the two of you are able to overcome the Divine Calamity when I am not around one day. It seems my worries are unfounded and I should worry for myself first. These two divine swords will be able to help you in your future progression. Have you given a name to the swords yet?”

 Yu’Er pondered for a while before she said quietly, “I like to call this sword Harp Whisperer.”

 Mei’Er laughed softly, “I am going to call my sword the Lyrical Whisperer.”

 As they named their celestial swords, their swords resonate in response and its golden light encircled brightly along its edges! 

 As Yixian and Yi Ping were looking at each other tenderly, Xiao Shuai obviously was not happy to see it. So he interrupted by shouting, “Xian’Er, step aside. We have not finished our fight yet.”

 Han Shaodong said, “Step aside Xian’Er. I am going to teach this insolent young man a lesson. He is nothing but a lecherous man and incompatible for you.”

 Yixian looked at them with an unsympathetic look, “If he is incompatible for me, then who is? I have said that if you want to challenge my husband you have to fight me first.”

 Yi Ping coughed weakly, “Xian’Er, they won’t give up unless they can get what they want.”

 The Element Sage said as he stared at Lie Qing, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Shen Xinyue, “We are only interested to rid the Martial Fraternity of the evils of the Celestial Palace and avenge the dead.”

 Lele was annoyed as she rebuked him, “So you are saying I am the one that kills them?”

 The Element Sage retorted, “Young maiden, the deeds of the Celestial Palace is not a secret. Even though you have a pretty face but I will not show my mercy toward you.”

 Lele laughed softly, “Oh really? It should be the opposite…”

 Yi Ping knew that if this continued, an irritated Lele was bound to come into conflict with the Element Sage so he quickly said. “I am the one that you are looking for. You are a martial elder and aren’t you ashamed to pick on a young maiden?”

 The Element Sage was speechless…

 Yi Ping looked solemnly at Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages as he said. “Does our earlier agreement still stand? If I am able to win all of you, you will let us go and retreat peacefully?”

 Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “You want to challenge all five of us?”

 Yi Ping said, “That’s right!”

 Immediately, all the maidens crowded around him except for Yixian as they disagreed with his decision…

 Lie Qing said, “You are injured and you have been in too many fights. This is really too forceful…”

 Shen Xinyue said, “We have just met and you are going to leave me again?”

 Even Lingfeng was saying, “You…we should all fight together. We may not lose to them now…”

 Yunzi said, “At least allow me to fight alongside you…”

 Youxue said, “Let me fight besides you…”

 Yu’Er said melancholy, “They just say, it is a five versus five fights…”

 Mei’Er said, “Master, their hearts are filled with killing intent and it not wise for you to fight them alone…”

 But Yi Ping looked tenderly at them one by one as he said, “I can’t afford to lose any one of you. Moreover, we have an agreement with them and I hope that they can stick to that agreement…”

 He was determined to help his sworn brothers so that they would not be hunted or attacked by the pugilists of the martial fraternity anymore…

 Han Shaodong shouted, “If you are able to win against the five of us, then we will let all of you go and we will not pursue your past deeds. But only if you really are able to win the five of us!”

 Yi Ping gripped his two divine swords tightly as he stepped forward, “So shall that be!”

 Lele said to Yixian, “Sister, why didn’t you stop him?”

 Yixian said gently as she looked at Yi Ping with utmost affections, “Let him try. I have faith in him. Moreover, he has the White Phoenix Sword and the Divine Echo.”

 Yi Ping looked at Yixian as he said, “Thank you…I will not lose.”

 The Martial Sage had interrupted, “Xian’Er knows you will surely lose to us, that why she don’t care if you have died in battle. Let me be the first one to send you to your maker first!”

 Yi Ping had already displayed the opening stance of the Horizon Swordplay when Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Do you think that it is fair that you have two divine swords in your hand?”

 Xiao Shuai had already noticed that Yi Ping swords and his skills in swordplay were not as weak as what Zuo Tianyi had described and he was silently cursing him! 

 Yi Ping was startled, “We are not contesting swordplay now?”

 Han Shaodong said, “Naturally it is not. The Martial Sage and I are actually better with our hand to hand fighting techniques…”

 Lingfeng said coldly, “How despicable! It is already five against one and you want to fight a weaponless man?!”

 Han Shaodong hummed coldly, “Not at all. Do you think that the blood of all the dead can be settled in such an easy manner? Then how do you expect us to be answerable to their clans and their families?”

 Lingfeng said coldly, “So you mean to say that Yi Ping must die today?”

 Yi Ping said gently to Lingfeng, “Lingfeng, do you know that you are…alas never mind about that first. I know your concern for me but…if I can settle this with them; we can prevent further bloodshed from happening…”

 Ji Wuzheng said, “Sworn Brother, be careful. I know that you are doing this to help me as well. But like what my sister has said, we may not lose if we fight them together…”

 Yi Ping smiled and said, “There are hundreds of martial clans and if we cause more bloodshed today, these martial clans will surely come to the Holy Amalgamate Mountains again with greater vendetta. Even those exponents that are neutral may decide to join them. In the end, the entire martial fraternity will be covered in bloodshed. I really don’t want that to happen.”

 Lingfeng reluctantly nodded…

 Han Shaodong interrupted, “Not only must he be dealt with today; the Celestial Palace must also be taken care of today!”

 Lele hummed coldly as she stole a glance at Shui Yixian and Shen Xinyue. They were surprising calm and she wondered what they were thinking about, “We shall see about that. All these are just brags.” 

 As she said, she took a look at Lie Qing who was brushing her long hair and blinked at her. “I wonder what Sister Lie Qing is thinking?”

 Lele too, began to stroke her long hair as she lowered her long black scythe as she pondered. “Don’t tell me they are all planning to rescue Ping’Er when he is in trouble so that their standing in front of him will increase? I mustn’t lose to them then…no wonder they are all so quiet. They just pretending to be docile and submissive in front of Yi Ping and by trying to dissuade him, I am already losing my own position. Not so easy, I am not allowing that…”

 Lie Qing, Youxue, Yunzi and Yixian were secretly smiling. 

 It was because they were all waiting for Lele to screw the battle for them and were secretly thinking what she would do later. The more mysterious and quiet they appeared to be, the more Lele would suspect something was amiss. Knowing Lele, she would probably break every single martial rules and conventions, intervening in whatever manner she liked. That was why they were secretly smiling!

 Yi Ping had sheathed his two divine swords behind his back and had displayed the Heavens Horizon with his hands as he said aloud, “I am ready!”

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er said at the same time, “Master, be careful!”

 Yi Ping coughed weakly but his eyes were gentle as he looked at them and said, “I will.”

 Lingfeng sighed as she knew that she could not persuade Yi Ping anymore. Even though she was unwilling to allow this to happen but she knew that at this point of time, she must not allow herself to distract Yi Ping anymore. She took a look at the other maidens who had all fallen into silence as she stepped aside most reluctantly!

 Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Sword Sage, the Martial Sage and the Element Sage exchanged malevolent looks at one another and nodded at the same time…

 Even though they were all thinking of different thing, they had the same objective; to kill this young man!

 The Martial Sage was thinking, “Just any one of us is a match and more than enough for this young man to deal with. I have to be tactically careful not to be the one that kill this young man so Xian’Er won’t hate me thereafter. I must be so brilliant to think of that!”

 While the Martial Sage was praising himself, the other four were actually thinking of the same thing; they were pretty sure that with the reckless and stubborn nature of the Martial Sage that once the battle had begun, the one that could dirty his hands to kill this young man would be the Invincible Ironfist who was now known as the Martial Sage!

 Xiao Shuai was actually thinking, “Once you have killed him, I will purposely fall out with you and declares that my intention was actually to just punish him and have no intention to kill him. Therefore even though my Unbreakable Hands is formidable, I am not going to use my full martial strength and skill. It is to allow Xian’Er to notice that from the very start, I have deliberately shown mercy towards him!”

 Han Shaodong was also thinking, “Xiao Shuai, Xiao Shuai. You didn’t treasure Xian’Er in the past and has always been too engrossed with your schemes. Once the Martial Sage has killed this young man, I will mobilize the Honor Manor to give the young man that is killed by you a good honorable name. Not only will Xian’Er be touched by my gesture, she will also fall into my arms on her own accord…”

 The Element Sage was the first to attack Yi Ping as he shouted, “Young man, how about taking my Five Element Fists?”

 Immediately he was upon Yi Ping as he rained dozens of powerful blows upon Yi Ping! 

 Yi Ping immediately retaliated with the Divine Horizon Hands as he counter-attacked with equally lightning fast attacks!

 Immediately, a burst of circular dust storm whirled around them and began to spread out even as the thunderous blows of their impacts could be heard! 

 Shen Xinyue had immediately lifted her martial power by tapping lightly with her foot as she sent an invisible globe of buffering light windforce that encircled Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen and the rest of the maidens!

 At the same time, Yixian had lightly lifted her left fingers and there was also a buffering refreshing icy windforce around them!

 Lie Qing, Lele, Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen, Youxue, Lingfeng, Yunzi, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and the rest of the onlookers were startled at their martial display! 

 Ji Wuzheng muttered, “Such a wide extending arc of martial force yet so gentle…”

 Shen Xinyue smiled amicably at him, “You don’t want to get dirty right?”

 Yixian smiled gently at Ji Wuzheng for an instant but her attention had returned immediately to the fighting…

 Yi Ping was now being surrounded by Xiao Shuai, the Martial Sage, Han Shaodong, the Element Sage and the Sword Sage at the same time!

 They were all now fighting so fast and so furiously that all the onlookers were in awe of their strikes and speed, hardly believing that it was even possible!

 The orthodox and unorthodox exponents were all muttering, “So these are the martial skills of the legendary Three Sages….”

 But regardless on whose side the exponents were, they were all astonished that Yi Ping, a young man was able to tank them all at the same time…

 Yi Ping was forced to use the Asper Continuum Hands, a secret technique that required all his martial strength to execute as he attacked and parried against his opponents with startling speed! 

 Han Shaodong was stunned that Yi Ping was tougher to defeat than the last time he had fought with him. As he lifted his martial power and displayed the deadly Divine Rejuvenate Force around him, he had also displayed the pressurizing force of the Big Dipper Hands against him!

 But Yi Ping switched towards him with an instantaneous speed, shouting aloud as he displayed the Asper Horizon Hands with a mighty force and knocked him five steps backward, forcing him to cough out a bout of blood!

 Han Shaodong could not believe that the martial power of the almighty Big Dipper Hands would actually lose to the Asper Divine Hands!

 But this ensuring distraction allowed the Sword Sage to leap upon Yi Ping as he displayed his sword finger, stabbing him on his back!

 Yi Ping staggered forward and coughed out a bout of blood even as he knocked the Sword Sage aside! 

 Xiao Shuai was immediately upon him with his Eighteen Unbreakable Hands, enveloped by his Divine Virtuous Force in its entire martial power!

 One thing for sure, the easy fight that they were expecting did not turn out to be easy and they were now fighting with all their strength even as they took multiple hits from Yi Ping!

 Yi Ping too had received multiple hits but he had tanked the powerful hits, retaliating with all his strength! 

 The hits that Yi Ping had received were no ordinary hits and each one was capable of shattering rocks and grinding it into powder. 

 Lingfeng, Youxue and Yunzi were teary and they could not bear to watch anymore as they turned their heads away. 

 Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already cast their Emotionless Rhyme away and were already in tears…

 Yi Ping and his opponents were now all sweating heavily. They were now at the peak of their martial powers and everyone was holding their breath for the fight…

 Xiao Shuai shouted, “Now!”

 Immediately, Han Shaodong had once used all his martial power to display the Big Dipper Hands and the Martial Sage had displayed his Hundred Invincible Ironfist secret technique!

 The Sword Sage, the Element Sage and Xiao Shuai had displayed their martial techniques as well as they attacked Yi Ping once again from all sides!

 Yi Ping gave a great martial shout as he displayed the Asper Divinity Horizon Hands, as a white ring of bursting fire exploded thunderous around him, not once but five times!

 There were five bursting loud thunderclaps and five ripples of powerful windforce that immediately swept across the onlookers, knocking many onlookers to the ground! 

 The Asper Divinity was an extremely powerful martial technique that could equal the martial power of any martial technique, including the Big Dipper Hands. When it was displayed, a ring of white fire would burst around the practitioner and exploded the air around him at the same time as the martial power that went into displaying the Asper Divinity was so powerful and tremendous that before the Asper Divinity had struck its opponent, the resultant force was lethal enough to kill or maimed most opponents! 

 Therefore the five Asper Divinities that were displayed at the same time was comparable to Yi Ping’s opponents being struck five times continuously with a force that was equivalent to the first secret technique of the Divine Horizon Hands, the Asper Horizon Hands! 

 Everyone was grasping…

 Yi Ping had been desperate and he was fighting five equally powerful opponents therefore he decided to use all his remaining martial power to use the Asper Divinity five times in quick successive, directed at each of his opponent, knocking them all back with such thunderous impact that they were all flung backward!

 Xiao Shuai tried to muster all his martial strength to block the Asper Divinity but it was too late as the powerful martial power of the Asper Divinity shrieked and swept his martial force aside and he was hit with a thunderous cracking impact!

 Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages had all turned white; they simply could not believe that this young man had actually bested their combine martial skills at the same time!

 Even as Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage struggled weakly to get up, they were coughing out blood. The flow of their blood was reversing and they had lost all their martial strength to continue the fight!

 As for the Sword Sage and the Element Sage, they had been knocked unconscious and they were now lying unmoving on the ground!

 Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun immediately lifted them to a sitting position as they hit their vital channels on their back several times; they were attempting to clear their erratic vital energies and attempting to save their lives! 

 Yi Ping was standing in the middle and he had turned completely white!

 The second Asper Divinity had been used quite forcibly by Yi Ping. But because he had just swallowed the Divine Dragon Pill, the Asper Divinity could still be forcibly attempted for a second time. But when he used the Asper Divinity for the third time without a break, his blood had reversed and he had coughed out blood, indicating that he had reached his limit! 

 But when he had tried to use the Asper Divinity for the fourth time, even his heart was not able to take it and he was knocked into a daze, snapping several meridian channels at the same time. If he had not cleared his life and death channels, he would have died immediately on the spot!

 Even though he was in a daze but his subconscious was bent on defeating every single opponent that was fighting against him so that he could liberate his friends. Theoretically he had already expended all his entire strength and could not muster any martial power, even for the Asper Horizon Hand. But because he had already reached his limit and was on his death knell, he had reached into his reserve life force and had executed the Asper Divinity; only a person that had reached this limit could muster their life force but the result of using up this reserve would only mean that the person was going to die…

 Yixian, Shen Xinyue, Lingfeng, Lele, Lie Qing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue and Yunzi were immediately besides Yi Ping as they called out to him frantically but he was not responding; he was just standing on the same spot unmoving with his eyes straight, either hearing or responding to anyone of them! 

 Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing had immediately hit him on his life channels in an attempt to revive him…

 Shen Xinyue had transferred the life reviving force of her Divine Rejuvenate Force onto him in an attempt to revive him but she was soon shaking her head, “It is no use. Even if we used up all our internal strength, we are losing him too fast. His meridian channels and his intricate life force energies are either not intact or in complete disarrays…”
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Chapter 65: The Heaveness

Hundreds of orthodox exponents and unorthodox exponents were now watching in stunned silence; none dared to move and were looking at one another for instructions and signs…

All nine maidens were now furiously striking Yi Ping’s body lightly with their internal strength in an attempt to keep him alive. Ji Wuzheng and Dugu Zhen could only look on with an unspeakable grief in their eyes…

Ji Wuzheng could only said coldly to Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong as he stared at them, “My sworn brother Yi Ping has won. So quickly turn back and never let me see you again!”

But Xiao Shuai laughed aloud, “Look who is dead now? He has won? We are the ones that have won the fight!”

The Martial Sage said weakly, “That’s right! We are the ones that have won!”

Han Shaodong said, “From now on, nothing can stop us, not even the Celestial Palace…”

As Lele and Lie Qing were hitting Yi Ping to revive him by transferring bursts of their internal strength in an attempt to clear his blocked channels and stemmed the flow of his blood, they were also staring with a murderous intent towards Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage!

Yixian was muttering, “It is no use. His body has already turned rigid. Not even a Celestial and any divine pills can save him now…”

Shen Xinyue was trembling as she stared at Han Shaodong…

When Han Shaodong caught her piercing glare, it was like a piercing arrow that had already pierced his heart and he was shivering from fear!

He had never seen his protégé mistress with this type of malevolent aura and saw her losing her angelic smiles. His impression of her was that she did not care for anything that had happened in the fraternity and it took him considerable effort to persuade her to join in the western expedition against the Holy Hex Sect and the Celestial Palace!

Shen Xinyue replied softly to Yixian even as she looked malevolently at Han Shaodong, “Unless the Celestial Heaveness is here, no one will be able to save him…”

Youxue was trembling as she cried out, “Who is the Heaveness, why don’t you get her now…”

She knew in her heart that it was impossible to find anyone in such a short notice and was totally irrational to ask that question but nevertheless she still asked; it was because she had totally lose her rational self now!

Even Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng were asking, “Where is the Heaveness and who is she?”

Shen Xinyue said melancholy, “She is just a mythical figure. No one has ever seen her. Some says that she is the first among all the Celestials. Some others say that she is never a human and has always been a Celestial and is the creator of all. Some others also say, she is able to travel between Beyond and here at will. It is said that she is the only Celestial that the Divine Calamity is unable to affect. There were times when she had revealed herself to some of the other Celestials but these Celestials were always reluctant to say a word. If there is a Celestial that can actually do the impossible, then it must be the Heaveness…”

Yunzi said with a heavy heart even as she continued to hit Yi Ping’s body with her internal strength, “What is the point of telling us about the Heaveness when it is obviously that she doesn’t exist? This will only give us a false sense of hope!”

Yixian looked coldly at Xiao Shuai, the Martial Sage and Han Shaodong. “You have won? Look around you. There are so many people that have died because of your ambitions! Is it worth it?”

But before they could even reply her, Lele had already flown to Han Shaodong with a startling speed as she raised her long black scythe high into the air, which immediately exploded the air around her with a terrifying booming sound!

She had appeared in front of Han Shaodong in the next instant as she said coldly, “Did you just say that nothing can stop you? The Celestial Palace or from ascending as a Celestial? You are just a muddle headed old man. Let me wake you from your senses!”

Before Han Shaodong could react in time, Lele had slapped Han Shaodong on his face even as he tried to raise his hands feebly to block her!

She then proceeded to give him a high kick that sent the defenseless Han Shaodong into the air!

Han Shaodong could only call out panicky as he landed with a stump on the ground as he coughed out more blood, “Help me!”

But the protégés of the Honor Manor was all looking at the ground and not one of them made a slight move to help him!

It was because the malevolent aura of Shen Xinyue and Lele was everywhere, striking fear in their hearts!

Xiao Shuai said weakly, “Despicable…”

But just as he had muttered out a word, Lele had already descended upon him as she gave him a kick across his face!

She cursed softly, “You say you have won the fight. You say you want to fight the Celestial Palace? I am from the Celestial Palace so your opponent should be me instead!”

Even as Xiao Shuai had landed backward with a loud heavy crash, Lele had already picked up the Martial Sage and had flung him towards Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong. She was already upon the three of them again as she gave them several kicks and slaps in a blink of an eye!

The kicks and slaps that they had received were so brutal that they were quickly covered in bruises as they pleaded, “Heroine, please have mercy, no more please…”

Yixian and Youxue were already besides Lele as they intercepted her!

Yixian said gently, “That’s enough already…”

Lele said spitefully, “Sisters! Do you know that they have just killed our husband?! Are we letting them off just like that?”

Youxue cried out, “He…he…no matter how bad he is, he is after all my father. I can’t bear to see him in this state…”

Yixian was also teary, “Sister, as much as I hate them but this fight is fair. If we really want to make Ping’Er happy, we should at least persuade them to declare Yi Ping as the victor. Don’t forget, you are now a Celestial. Do you want to suffer the same fate as me?”

She added with a forlorn sorrow as she looked at the numerous dead and the number of wounded people around her, “There are simply too many dead today…”

Lele sighed sorrowful, “You are right…”

She quickly withdrew her long black scythe as she swung it backward…

As she swung it backward, the backend of the metal scythe dealt accidentally hit Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and Martial Sage, smashing against their faces at the same time!

Immediately, they cried out in agony and pain as the blow was not light!

Lele quickly turned around panicky as she quickly apologized, “Awwww, I am so sorry. That is an accident…” But as soon as she had turned around, once again she had accidentally swung her long heavy scythe and broke Xiao Shuai’s nose, struck the head of Han Shaodong and sent the Martial Sage flying upward and landing with a hard stump!

The Martial Sage was muttering miserable, “Maiden, you…you did that on purpose!”

Yixian and Youxue were stunned!

It was because Lele had left them in a worst condition before they had intervened!

Lele seemed to be able to read their thoughts as she quickly said in panic, “That is totally an accident! I didn’t do that on purpose!” As she said that, she stepped on Xiao Shuai who was lying on the ground; there was a loud cracking sound as she stepped on his hands and legs!

Lele was astonished as she gently rebuked Xiao Shuai, “Why are you lying on the ground and getting in my way?” She proceeded to lift him up with care.

By now Xiao Shuai was too terrified of this extremely beautiful maiden as he mustered all his strength weakly to speak, “Don’t…don’t….touch…me…” But he was too weak now to even resist her!

Before Xiao Shuai could even reply her, Lele had turned around to Han Shaodong to ask him. “So Master Han Shaodong, who had won this fight?”

There was a loud cracking as Xiao Shuai was hit again by her long scythe as she turned around!

Xiao Shuai immediately fell down flat on the ground!

Once again, Lele turned around to check on Xiao Shuai who was accidentally hit by her as she fingered her long scythe clumsily around and Han Shaodong was hit in the face by the metal end of her long scythe!

Lele’s long scythe was made of steel. Even if it was made of wood, the force that was hitting Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong was enough to send most exponents bedridden for months. Moreover they had been struck so many times…

The Martial Sage was staring weakly at Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong as he thought miserably to himself, “This young maiden has the face of a heavenly maiden but she is no saint…”

The Martial Sage was also badly injured but not as severe as Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong. Moreover, he was renowned for his Invincible Iron Shroud Skill but this young maiden was still able to kick through his martial protection and injured him…

He could only sighed weakly to himself, “If we are not injured by the twin sisters and lost half of our internal strength and martial power, that Yi Ping may not be able to injure us especially with the five of us joining hands together. Now we are at the mercy of this young maiden…this is so disgraceful…”

Yixian had intercepted by reaching out and caught hold of Lele’s long black scythe as she said, “That’s enough already sister. They are already half-dead…”

Lele said unhappily, “I didn’t say I want them dead. I am just asking them the outcome of the fight.”

But Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were unable to answer her anymore. They were covered with blood and were muttering incoherently on the ground!

Lele stroked her long silken long hair as she said, “Weird, they are looking so refresh a while ago and now, they are half-dead. Oh well since they didn’t answer me, I declare Ping’Er to be the victor then!”

Xiao Shuai was muttering, “I…this fight…”

Lele stepped forward as she asked, “What did you say? I can’t hear you…”

All of a sudden, Xiao Fan had dashed in front of her and was bowing his head on the ground as he pleaded to her. “Maiden! Please have mercy on my father…”

Even Youxue had also fallen on her knees in front of her as she pleaded tearfully, “He is after all my father. Good sister…”

Even Xiao Fei had also fallen on his knees besides Youxue…

Lele said softly to Youxue, “Please get up sister…”

But Xiao Youxue shook her head with a quiet determination to plead for her to let her father off.

Lele’s eyes softened but she did not say anything…

Xiao Shuai was stunned to see Xiao Fan, Xiao Fei and Xiao Youxue kneeing in front of the Joyful Goddess and pleading for his life…

For the very first time, he was sincerely touched as he muttered almost inaudible, “The wrongs that I have done, is it too late to seek amends? Can I hope for any forgiveness?”

Xiao Shuai got up weakly and he was trembling in his blood soaked sweat, “I…I admit defeat. The young hero Yi Ping has won this fight. From now on…the Virtuous Palace will wash our hands from the martial fraternity…”

He looked at Yixian, “Xian’Er, will you…forgive me?”

Yixian looked quietly away. It was because while she was appearing emotionless on the surface but her heart was in grieving pain!

At the same time, Shen Xinyue had silently appeared besides Han Shaodong and all of a sudden she had given him a thunderous blow on his chest!

Immediately Han Shaodong threw out a bout of blood as he sunk into the ground in an awkward position!

Shen Xinyue said emotionlessly, “You have disgraced me and betray your protégé mistress. Your skills are imparted by me and now I am taking it back!”

Just as she was about to disable his skills, Yixian had intercepted her with a counter-strike!

Shen Xinyue said in a mono tone, “I am sparing his life but I am going disable his martial skills. This is just a light punishment for him!”

Shui Yixian sighed softly as she looked at Han Shaodong who was coughing weakly, “He…is my friend and I believe that they have learnt a hard lesson…”

Han Shaodong looked at Yixian feebly and he was actually teary!

He muttered weakly, “Xian’Er, you still treat me as your friend?”

Yixian nodded gently as she said, “In my heart, always.”

Han Shaodong laughed aloud as he wept, “Good…good!”

He rose up weakly and bowed on his knees at Shen Xinyue as he wept aloud, “Protégé Mistress! Your protégé disciple is undeserving of your forgiveness and grace…”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly as she looked around her; thousands of exponents had set off for this expedition and now only less than a thousand had remained…

All of a sudden, there was a large implosion as Lie Qing thrust her long black sword into the ground in a moment of anguish and frustration!

Everyone began to look into her direction…

She was covering her face with her hands as she cried tearfully and had broken down emotionally!

Who would have expected that the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing would be the first to have broken down?

Among all the maidens, she had the strongest will and was rarely affected by anything. But she had really fallen in love and was emotionally attached to Yi Ping. He was everything to her and she could not afford to lose him. It took her a long time to find someone that she could finally trust; that day when Yi Ping had refused to put her down despite fighting against the odds. This touched her greatly. This was not the only thing that Yi Ping had done for him. She had long pledged her heart to him…

Her silent tears flowed down her porcelain cheeks as she contemplated suicide as she said silently to herself, “Ping’Er, I have said to you that I want to be with you till the earth disintegrate, the rocks turned to dust and the oceans dried up. Now that you are gone, do you really think that I will want to live on my own? You are so heartless, how can you bear to leave me alone…”

Her thoughts were back again in the Icy Cavern with him when she had first known him…

In the meantime, Lingfeng too was overcome by grief as she continued to rejuvenate Yi Ping’s dead channels with her Great Dissolution Skill by striking him again and again.

And besides her were Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Yunzi who were also doing the same and did not stop trying even though Yi Ping body had become rigid and his skin color had turned gray!

They had ignored their surroundings and were exhausting all their internal strength just to create a shimmer of hope.

Even Lie Qing had given up hope as she threw her sword with a thunderous impact into the earth as she wept bitterly…

Yixian, Lele, Shen Xinyue and Youxue were all internal martial experts and were among the first to realize that they had already lost Yi Ping and that was why they had stopped trying to resuscitate him…

Lingfeng muttered softly, her hands were trembling as she held his face, “Yi Ping…”

Earlier, Lingfeng had experienced a severe headache. She rarely had migraine but after she was struck by the Universal Force that was generated by Yu’Er and Mei’Er, she had experienced the discomforts.

At first, she had thought that she was seriously injured by the Universal Force. But she soon realized that she was the only that seemed unaffected by it.

The Universal Force had awakened her true self, giving her a weird sense of familiarity which she could not point her finger at. As she looked at everyone, there was a strange feeling of quiescent. It was as though she was just a speculator and not part of the scene. This peculiar feeling stunned her for quite some time as she looked quietly at her surroundings.

But when it was obvious that she was losing Yi Ping and when Lie Qing had suddenly threw her long black sword into the ground, she was jolted; she had suddenly realized who she was!

Lingfeng sighed softly as she stroke Yi Ping’s face gently and arranged his long hair aside before she said delicately, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi…please step aside first. I can save him.”

Yunzi, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were startled as they examined her but from the look of it, it did not seem to be a casual remark.

Even Lie Qing was looking at Lingfeng curiously as she quickly said, “You…really have a way?” But as soon as she lifted her eyes to ask her, she was startled!

Ji Wuzheng and Dugu Zhen were also looking at Lingfeng with a startled expression!

It was not because of her casual remark that had startled them but as they turned to look at her, she had tiptoed and kissed the petrified Yi Ping on his lip in everyone’s presence!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were blushing as they lowered their heads…

There were grasps and muttering from hundreds of onlookers.

Even Shen Xinyue, Yixian and Lele were also looking in Lingfeng’s direction!

Many were sighing secretly regretfully that this young alluring maiden had received too much of a shock and was emotional distress. Quite a number of exponents from both sides of the martial fraternity wanted to go to her and to comfort her but they lacked the courage.

But to everyone astonishments, the young hero Yi Ping was now trembling as color returned to his skin and face!

Perhaps the greatest astonishment comes from Yi Ping when he opened his eyes and found himself kissing Lingfeng…

His first thought was, “I am not dead? Or is it a dream? I can’t even feel the excruciating pain in my heart now…”

Not only did his excruciating pain vanish, his strength was also slowly recovering and the aching pain of his injuries was also slowly relieving!

“Breathe in and out gently first. You are not dead and this is not a dream. I am trying to treat your injuries so don’t move for the time being alright or you will undo all my efforts. I can only attempt this only once.” It was Lingfeng’s voice in his head!

Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “I can hear you inside my mind?”

“This is the linking spirits of my Great Emptiness Translucence. While we are physically linked, we can exchange our spirits. Therefore you can hear me and I can hear your thoughts.”

Yi Ping said to her, “Lingfeng, you know the Emptiness Translucence too?!”

Lingfeng did not reply him.

Yi Ping suddenly said quietly, “You are the Heaveness?!”

Lingfeng trembled slightly, “Don’t say my name! You have promised to keep it to yourself!”

Yi Ping was startled, “You are really the Heaveness!”

This time it was Lingfeng who was startled in his thoughts, “How…did you know who I am?!”

Yi Ping was not sure how he knew so he said, “I don’t know either. I have seen you as the Heaveness through a vision with the Emptiness Translucence…”

He could hear her grasping with astonishment, “You know the Emptiness Translucence too?”

Yi Ping said to her, “I don’t know how I know this heart intricate skill. It was rekindled in my heart when Priest Liu Qingcheng had shown me a silver scroll and had recited to me…”

Lingfeng interrupted melancholy, “But still when a person dies, all memories should vanish as well. Even if you could learn the Emptiness Translucence again, it is not possible for you to retain any memories of old self. Unless…”

She seemed to pause for a while…

When Yi Ping noticed that Lingfeng was silent, he asked. “Unless…?”

He could hear her sighs as she said, “Even though the Great Emptiness Translucence is able to retain some vestige of a person memory but at the time of that person’s death, he has to think of her strongly…there exist a small possibility but that is impossible…unless…”

She paused for a while before she quickly changed to another topic, “No one should remember anything for sure. Maybe at most, you only get a vision of two…”

Yi Ping said gently, “You are the Heaveness and my grand protégé mistress. Why did you suddenly disappear that day? Where did you go?”

She grasped aloud and her surprise was evident in his mind!

“You…remember…?” She asked.

She was embarrassed to say it to him but she had forgotten that at this moment, they were linked spirit to spirit with each other. Even if she wanted to conceal her thoughts from him, it was impossible!

When he had mentioned that he was previously her grand protégé and had asked her whereabouts, she had unwittingly refreshed her memories!

That day, she had met him once again in the streets…

This time, he had mustered his courage to ask her when there was no one else around, “Grand Protégé Mistress, why are you here? It seems that we keep bumping into each other everywhere. This time, you are a songstress. I am surprise that you can sing so well but the song is too melancholy…”

The Heaveness said softly, “Yes, we keep bumping into each other everywhere…”

He mustered the courage to ask, “I have thought that grand protégé mistress is an eminent Sagess but why is that whenever I see you, you are always in such humble roles?”

The Heaveness sighed softly, “In a sense, I am trying to experience the emotions of others.”

He asked curiously, “Have you succeeded?”

The Heaveness smiled at him with her alluded eyes, “I may never be able to experience their emotions. Their happiness, their sadness, I can never experience. Nothing that they do or feel excites me.”

He was startled, “Is that the highest level of the Great Emptiness Translucence? To be completely freed from all emotions? That is a state of divinity that I hope to attain one day.”

The Heaveness looked away, “What if I tell you I am born with the Great Emptiness Translucence and have never feel any emotions for anyone?”

He said, “I may be young and ignorant but I hope grand protégé mistress pardon me for saying this, surely you will have felt a sense of loss when you lose someone or joy when you have learnt something new? I have seen protégé mistress in so many different roles and I am really impressed by your talents.”

He paused to catch his breath, “Surely, grand protégé mistress will have some affection towards me or else you won’t instruct me so patiently?”

The Heaveness was quiet.

Curious that she had suddenly turned quiet, he asked, “Am I not right to say so?”

The Heaveness said, “You are wrong. I have never felt anything toward you. I only know that you are the protégé of the Universal Old Man and I should instruct you accordingly. Other than that, I do not treat you any differently from the others. The so call humble roles that you have mentioned are just my way of expressing my disillusions with the people. Why am I being treat differently from the others? Just because I have a pretty face and I am able to attract people to patronize for me?”

Even now, there were many people who were looking at her in the streets and they were holding their breath at her alluring beauty and wondered who she was…

Just as he was pondering what she had just said, a little girl had accidentally bumped into him, causing him to trip as he fell into the Heaveness and accidentally kissing her on her lips!

The Heaveness was stunned. However, she quickly recovered her composure and pushed him lightly away but because she had utilized her martial force, he was sent flying away and tumbled onto a stall!

The Heaveness grasped to him, “I…sorry…”

An elderly old man who was tendering the stall quickly said aloud, “Hey young man, watch out!”

As he picked himself up, he quickly apologized profusely to the elderly old man many times.

But when the sleepy elderly old man had saw the alluring and refined Heaveness standing next to him, he appeared to be somewhat startled as he said again. “It is a couple that is quarreling?”

He was flustered as he quickly said, “She…alas, she’s not. In fact, she is my…”

The Heaveness interrupted him with a soft hum and he suddenly remembered that he was not supposed to tell anyone about her so he quickly said, “She’s a friend…”

The elderly old man laughed merrily, “One is a young maiden and one is a young man. It is only natural to be together. There is nothing to be shy at. Do you want to get your fortunes told?” He pointed at his banner that read ‘The Divine Teller, Never Missing a Telling’.

The elderly old man laughed merrily, “Are you impress now? Let me tell you, if I am not accurate then I won’t charge you a single cent. So what do you want to divine? Marriage, status or fortune?”

He was startled and he quickly shook his hands as he said, “That won’t be necessary. I am really sorry for knocking into your stall…”

The elderly old man laughed, “Don’t be shy. If you don’t know your eight birth characters, I can still be able to help you divine your destiny. All you need to do is to show me your palm or write a character on my table. How about that?”

He smiled bitterly at the elderly old man, “To be frank with you, I am a young priest. There is nothing that I desire to ask of…”

The elderly old man said with a smile. “Don’t be hasty first. Maybe you don’t want to know your destinies but your female companion may want to?”

He quickly replied to the elderly old man, “She isn’t someone who is interested in this sort of things…”

The Heaveness said softly, “Don’t make my decision for me. This won’t be good for your future attainment. Remember this.”

She smiled alluringly at the elderly old man and said, “Old Senior, you won’t charge a cent if you are not accurate?”

The elderly old man laughed merrily, “Naturally I won’t! So far, I have never been proven to be wrong.”

The Heaveness pointed at her grand protégé and said, “Why don’t you try on him first. I like to know his destiny.”

The elderly old man smiled and turned to ask him, “Young man, do you want to divine through your palm or your character?”

He reluctantly placed his palm on the table.

The elderly old man smiled and said, “What are you most interested in?”

He was hesitating for he really did not know, “I…anything?”

The Heaveness looked at him before she said, “Old Senior, help him to divine his marriage. How about that?”

When the elderly old man saw that the young man did not object, he laughed softly and said. “Marriage so be it!”

The Heaveness smiled alluringly, “Thank you.”

So the elderly old man took the young man’s palm and fingered it. But he was soon bewildered as he muttered while staring at the lines of the young man’s palm, “Weird. Your palm lines are straight. I have never seen anything like this.”

The elderly old man had broken into beads of perspiration on his forehead as he said, “I can’t read your destiny but you don’t have any marriage lines. There will be plenty of missed opportunities though…”

He tried to comfort the elderly old man as he said, “Don’t worry Old Senior. I am a priest, remember? So don’t worry. I really do not mind at all.”

The elderly old man sighed heavily and said to the alluring young maiden, “Maiden, do you want to get your destiny foretold as well?”

The Heaveness nodded and said, “That will be interesting, isn’t it?”

She proceeded to take a brush and wrote the character ‘Heaven’ on a piece of white paper.

The elderly old man stared at the character ‘Heaven’ as he muttered, “In my entire life, I have never seen anyone write the character ‘Heaven’ in such a perfect manner. Every stroke, every line is in such perfect harmony…”

The Heaveness asked, “So what are my marriage lines?”

The elderly old man was quiet for a while before he said, “If it is not offensive to maiden, may I take a look at your palm?”

The Heaveness nodded and took out both her tender palms at the same time for him to read.

Just when the elderly old man had said, “Just the right palm will do…” as he looked at her palm, he had suddenly staggered backward!

Both her palm lines seemed to have the same ‘Heaven’ character that she had just written!

Even the young man was startled for it was the first time that he had seen her palms and he had never seen anything like this before!

The elderly old man had immediately bowed down on his knees and kowtowed repeatly on the ground!

The Heaveness said, “Please rise, old senior. You haven’t foretold my marriage destiny yet.”

The elderly old man cried out miserly, “Maiden, please forgive me. Even if I know, I dare not divulge it. Moreover maiden, your destiny is in your own hands. If you are willing, everything is yours to will!”

The Heaveness said gently, “Is that so?”

She turned to say to her grand protégé, “I need to be alone for a while. Can you leave me for now?”

He nodded and bade his grand protégé mistress farewell, “Then I take my leave first…”

He seemed to have more things to ask of her but he could sense that the Heaveness was not in a good mood and moreover, he was still feeling guilty that he had just outrage the modesty of his grand protégé mistress. Therefore, he quickly left.

However, he did not know that that was actually the very last time that he would ever see the Heaveness again!

As the elderly old man watched them as they left, he was muttering. “Such tragic fates, such tragic couple…”

After they had parted, the Heaveness had walked quietly to the outskirt of the town, toward the mountains. Along the way, she had attracted the attention of many men who had tried to tail her. Even though she appeared to be walking leisurely and casually, her pace was astonishing and her admirers could not catch up with her; one by one, they fell behind from fatigue as they tailed her up and down the mountain paths.

In a short while time, she was deep in the mountains and had soon reached a waterfall.

She waved her hand with her inertia martial force as she caused the waters of the waterfall to part to the side, revealing a hidden cave behind the waterfall!

Immediately, she walked into the hidden cave and into what seemed to be a tunnel.

It was not long before she had reached the other side of the mountains and was in what seemed to be a beautiful adorned garden where there were all kinds of fruit trees and flowers.

As she stepped into the garden, the songbirds that were in the garden which came in a rainbow variety of colors began to sing jovially at the sight of her!

The Heaveness raised her hands as she whistled, mimicking their songs.

These songbirds instead of shying from her were all around her, flying and hopping around her!

The Heaveness said with a soft sigh, “My friends…”

“You are finally back. I am a little worry for you.” The Universal Old Man had walked quietly to her.

The Heaveness nodded gently, “I have met him earlier…”

The Universal Old Man asked, “Our protégé?”

She nodded gently.

The Universal Old Man said, “Does he know that we are leaving? I have left him a note at the usual place and he should be able to know it tonight.”

The Heaveness shook her head, “I didn’t tell him. You are his protégé master. That’s your duty, not mine.”

The Universal Old Man laughed jovially, “I want to imagine his expressions when he has learnt that his protégé master and grand protégé mistress have both abandoned him.”

But he had suddenly turned solemn, “If we do not hurry to the Firmament Mountains and transmigrate to Beyond, we will have to wait for a long time before another opportunity arises. I don’t want to be struck here for too long and continue to address you as my protégé mistress.”

The Heaveness said with an alluring smile, “What’s so bad about being my protégé?”

The Universal Old Man said, “You and I are equal. Just because I lost a bet to you and you have found him first, I have to pretend to be your protégé.”

The Heaveness said, “If we switch our roles, he may not necessary want to follow us. You have the look of a wise old sage and is convincing as a highly attained priest. If you don’t want to be his protégé master, then you are asking me to be his protégé mistress? He will end up being distracted by me and ruin his attainment. This is something that I am trying to avoid.”

The Universal Old Man sighed, “It is a lucky thing that we are able to find him just before we go but one year is really too short to impart to him anything. Hopefully, he will be able to survive the Divine Descendant in the future. But if we don’t leave now and when the Celestial Wrath descends upon us, countless lives will be lost. It is not something that we want to see. The question is; is he the one we are looking for?”

The Heaveness looked up to the cloudy heavens as she sighed melancholy, “To be able to ascend to Beyond, is the dream of every aspiring Celestials. But it is a place that I do not want to return; that vast expanse of empty spaces, that eternal loneliness. After I have returned from Beyond, I really do not wish to go back again. While they are all aspiring to ascend as a Celestial and transmigrated to Beyond, they didn’t know that a greater tribulation actually awaits them there and the Celestial Wrath in Beyond is even more deadly than the Divine Calamity here.”

The Universal Old Man said solemnly, “Time is running out for us. We are already at the last staging where we can finally transmigrated to the Gods’ Realm but that is something that have always eluded us. The longer we delay the celestial transmigration, the more powerful the Celestial Wrath is. Already so many of us have perished at the Astronomic Stellar Formation or at the Stellar Sanctuary in an attempt to locate the last mystery. Do you still remember that the reason we have come back here is to look for the last clue for the final ascension?”

The Heaveness nodded, “It is said that the Stellar Sanctuary is created by the first person that has ever ascended as an immortal being and the Astronomic Stellar Formation is the only place that is possible to transmigrate to the Gods’ Realm. The clues that we have found indicated that the immortal being had actually returned to the lower world to accomplish something and take something from here so that he could ascend. But what is it that exist here but did not exist in Beyond?”

The Universal Old Man added solemnly, “We have already incurred Heavens’ Wrath by trying to divine the secrets of heaven and returning here. The best of our divinations indicated that our protégé may hold the key to that clue. But while he can still take his own sweet time to become a Celestial, we really don’t have any time left. This time when I am back to Beyond, I am going to the Stellar Sanctuary again. It is better to die attempting to transmigrate than to be killed by the Celestial Wrath. I hope that you can accompany me to the Stellar Sanctuary again.”

But the Heaveness did not reply to his request, instead she muttered, “Do you think we can come back here again?”

The Universal Old Man said, “That is impossible. Do you still remember how many celestial artifacts we have to sacrifice in order to return here? All that for nothing! Even though I am a highly attained Celestial and no longer have any worldly desire over material things but I still feel a terrible ache in my heart over the loss of so many artifacts that made our descend here possible. Our next Celestial Wrath would not be easy to overcome and could well be our last without those celestial artifacts to ward us.”

The Heaveness smiled, “Highly attained Celestial? I am astonished that you can make it so far as a Celestial. You are always grudging over every little things, even trying to take my pomegranate fruits, mulberries and honey peaches.”

The Universal Old Man said grumbly, “You must know that I have been in Beyond for a long time and my nourishments come from those divine fruits. There aren’t any here except for those rare occasions. You will go with me to the Stellar Sanctuary?”

The Heaveness looked away quietly, “Since the great separation of the Heavens and the Earth, before the Great Inundation and when mortals could live to a thousand years, we have known each other. We have survived countless number of cycles of Celestial Wrath and have fought against terrible foes together. We are also the first among the Celestials but now only just a few of the original Celestials are left…”

The Universal Old Man was puzzled that she was suddenly melancholy and did not reply to his request but he said, “Your heart is sorrowful? You shouldn’t have those emotions because you are never a mortal in the first place!”

The Heaveness said, “Maybe I have already decided to be a mortal. I will not leave with you.”

The Universal Old Man was startled, “Do you know what you are saying? If the Celestial Wrath descends while you are here, nothing will survive!”

The Heaveness was without any emotions but her countenance was piercing sharp as she tossed a pearl with a rainbow halo on the ground, “This is my Heaveness Pearl. You may need this in the future. I am not going with you because I have already decided to transmigrate as a mortal instead. My greatest mistake in my entire life is to transmigrate from here to Beyond in the first place.”

The Universal Old Man was stunned and was left speechless!

The Heaveness said almost inaudible, “I want to be able to sing sentimental songs. I want to know what it is meant to love someone…”

Even when the Heaveness had walked away, he was still rooted on the same spot as he continued to mutter the same thing over and over again. “You are really going to give up all your hard earned attainment…”
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Chapter 66: The Dark Celestials

When Lingfeng realized that Yi Ping was reading her thoughts, she was immediately flustered and rebuked him gently in his thoughts, “How dare you read my thoughts…”

She quickly willed her Great Emptiness Translucence into a formless mirror that deny her thoughts from him.

Immediate, Yi Ping could no longer see or share in her memories.

Lingfeng laughed softly, “You are just a peeping tom.”

Yi Ping was silent.

Lingfeng asked, “You are upset?”

Yi Ping quickly recollect his thoughts, “I am not. It is just that I have been thinking, why should you give up being a Celestial and instead choose to be a mortal? Today, I have finally realized that only the Universal Old Man and you are the real Celestials and you shouldn’t be in the lower world. You and I, our gap suddenly seems so vast and…”

Lingfeng said convivially, “I used to be your grand protégé mistress and now I am just your older protégé sister. Our gap has closed down considerably already! Why, you are jealous of me?”

Yi Ping said, “That is not what I mean…”

Lingfeng interrupted, “I know…I hope we can be like before again.”

Yi Ping was silent for a while before he said, “I hope so too. Lingfeng, I thought that I am a goner. Why is that I am still alive?”

Lingfeng said, “I am now invigorating your meridian channels with the Divine Invigorate Skill and is transferring the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill that I have consumed earlier to you.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lingfeng, if you give me the Divine Dragon Pill, that will be detrimental to your future attainment. Even though I may be stupid, I know for a fact that extracting the essence of the consumed Divine Dragon Pill from your body is harmful and your martial skills will surely deteriorate! Let go of me now!”

Lingfeng said, “It is already too late. Stop struggling. If you distract me, not only will you die, I will suffer serious internal injuries and may die too. I hope you know what I mean…”

She was taking too long to heal his injuries. In the past when she was the Heaveness, this was just an easy matter to her. Even though she had recalled her Divine Invigorate Skill but her mortal body was not strong enough to co-ordinate with her efforts. It seemed that from now on, she had to relearn and started her divine practice from scratch again…

Yi Ping sighed, “Your sacrifice is too great. I am not the White Sage. You should know this. I am just an illiterate person that knows just a few necessary words and I am not interested to be a Celestial or follow in the footsteps of the White Sage. I may know these maidens in previous incarnations but that is in the past. I should cherish what I have now. I am not the one that you are looking for…”

Lingfeng said softly, “That is true. When I come into contact with your Great Emptiness Translucence, I can already feel that it is different from him. It is full of love and affections, devoid of materialism. But how do you know that this is not the staging that I have always been yearning for? Maybe that is why I choose to be transmigrated as a mortal. Maybe you are the one that I have been waiting for and not the White Sage that you have mentioned?”

Yi Ping was startled, “That is quite improbable. Even though I have some visions of the White Sage through the Emptiness Translucence but I am not him. Like I say, I wish to lead an ordinary life.”

Lingfeng said almost inaudible in his mind, “You have misunderstood me. I don’t wish to ascend as a Celestial Being either. I just want to lead an ordinary life. Why do you think I have transmigrated as a mortal? I want to be with you, do you understand?”

Yi Ping was stunned at her bluntness.

He asked, “Are you Lingfeng or the Heaveness?”

Lingfeng said, “Even you can’t tell the difference?”

Yi Ping answered with a deep sigh, “I can’t. Can you enlighten me?”

Lingfeng said melancholy, “Whether I am the Heaveness or Lingfeng, is it important to you? I am still the Lingfeng you have known. I don’t even want to recall the past.”

Yi Ping said quietly, “But I know that you have changed. Your air has totally changed. You have exactly the same air as the Heaveness in my visions. You have tried to conceal it but somehow I know that you are no longer the Lingfeng sister that I have known.”

Lingfeng said nonchalantly, “Since you have known, why did you ask?”

Yi Ping was quiet again but he mustered his courage to ask, “Will you leave?”

Lingfeng asked instead, “Do you hope that I can stay?”

Yi Ping sighed, “I don’t know…”

Lingfeng asked, “You don’t know?”

Yi Ping said, “If I ask you to stay, is it selfish of me?”

Lingfeng sighed melancholy, “So you want me to stay? Why don’t you say to me directly then?”

Yi Ping was startled, “I am afraid…”

He could hear her soft laughs as she said, “You are really so dense. What are you afraid of? I have already given you so many hints. I am willing to stay. Whether I am the Heaveness or not, I am still the Lingfeng that you have known.”

Yi Ping was relieved, “Lingfeng…”

“Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping was suddenly jolted, “Since you have transmigrated as a mortal, you shouldn’t remember anything. How did you recall the Great Emptiness Translucence and remember everything? It is as if, you have never passed on…”

Lingfeng was silent for a while before she said, “You…you are right! This time you are so brilliant!”

Yi Ping was startled to hear her praising him for the first time and he was momentarily confounded.

Lingfeng pondered, “I have regained my memories when I am struck by the Universal Force...”

All of a sudden, she said excitedly, “That’s right! The clues to the final transmigration! Why didn’t I think of that previously? The immortal being that left the clue in the Stellar Sanctuary was looking for the Universal Force in the lower world! There are no Universal Force in Beyond! The lower realm is the closest place that is near to the source of the Universal Force!”

She was suddenly saddened, “But what the point of knowing that now? I am no longer a Celestial. This knowledge has come too late…”

Yi Ping said, “Lingfeng, don’t be sad.”

She replied, “I am not.”

Yi Ping said, “That is good…”

All of a sudden, he had thought of Yixian and he knew that she was facing the Divine Calamity very soon. So he asked, “Lingfeng, Heaveness…”

She was suddenly solemn, “Promise me not to call me by my celestial name. I am really sensitive to it. And don’t tell others that I am the Heaveness previously, especially to Shen Xinyue and the Celestial Fairy.”

Yi Ping said, “I promise but I hope that you can use your past experience as a Celestial to help them to overcome the Divine Calamity…”

Lingfeng said, “I can’t and I will end up doing more harm than good.”

Yi Ping was clearly disappointed at her downright rejection.

She added gently, “It is not that I won’t try to help. But I have never experienced the Divine Calamity in the first place.”

Yi Ping was stunned, “You have never experienced the Divine Calamity before?”

She said, “Do I sound like I am lying to you? During my time, there is no Divine Calamity and things aren’t as hard as now. It is only when I have transmigrated to the Ninth Heavens to a place we call Beyond, we are forced to experience the Divine Wrath. Ninth Heavens may sound like a beautiful place but to us, it is actually a terrifying place where we have to undergo what is known as the ‘Nine Great Heavenly Tribulations’ and eighty-one minor crises in order to reach the final ascension level.”

Yi Ping asked out of curiosity, “Which level are you at previously?”

Lingfeng replied coldly, “I am already at the final ascension level.”

Yi Ping asked, “Is it hard to reach that final ascension level?”

Lingfeng explained patiently, “Extremely difficult. Even though I have not experienced the Divine Calamity before but I do know that after overcoming the first Divine Calamity, a Celestial Seeker has to first overcome the ‘Three Divine Calamities’ in order to transmigrate to the Ninth Heavens. After that, they have to face multiple Divine Wraths. Many don’t even survive on their first attempt. When a Celestial has overcome the ‘Nine Great Heavenly Tribulations’, they have to face what is known as the Celestial Wrath which is even more terrifying than a Divine Wrath. Altogether, it is said that there are just seven Celestials that can attain to that level. The Universal Old Man and I are one of them.”

Yi Ping was stunned and he could not imagine how arduous that journey was and how long it had taken her to reach the final ascension level.

He muttered, “I cannot imagine the difficulties that you have faced in the past. For you to give up all your hard earned attainment must be very hard on you…”

Lingfeng said casually, “It is precisely because I have reached the highest state in the Great Emptiness Translucence that I cannot feel any sense of loss or regrets. So you really do not have to feel pitiful for me.”

Yi Ping muttered, “Where is this Beyond that everyone wants to transmigrate to?”

Lingfeng said patiently, “Above the region of death.”

Yi Ping asked again, “Where is the region of death?”

Lingfeng said enigmatic, “You are really curious. Isn’t that for you to find out yourself so that you can attain to a higher level in the future?”

Yi Ping teased her, “I don’t really want to be a Celestial. I am asking my grand protégé mistress and older protégé sister for the answer.”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “I can tell you but you must not reveal it to anyone. Or else your life span will surely be reduced drastically and even your descendants will suffer.”

Yi Ping reluctantly agreed, “That is so serious?”

Lingfeng said, “So do you still want to know?”

Yi Ping said, “Will I affect you?”

Lingfeng said, “A little.”

Yi Ping said, “Then better not.”

But Lingfeng said, “The region of death is at 9000 meters above where no humans can survive. The Ninth Heaven can be entered at that point only. Not higher, not lower!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lingfeng, why did you tell me…”

Lingfeng said, “Because that is my business and I like to do so.”

Yi Ping was stunned.

Lingfeng said, “You can find the highest mountain when it is time for you to ascend. But you better be prepared to build an altar of heaven first and figure out a way. Because there are no mountains in the entire world that can take you to the region of death.”

Yi Ping was stunned again, “Then how do I reach the Ninth Heavens?”

Lingfeng said, “If you can move the Heavens, the Ninth Heavens will descend to you. That is all I can tell you. Wait for the changing winds. That is all I can reveal to you.”

Yi Ping tried to change the conversation, “That’s good enough already. There must be many highly attained and admirable Celestials in the Ninth Heavens. How I wish I can meet them…”

Lingfeng was heard sighing, “Maybe when you have met the Dark Celestials, then you won’t find them so admirable after all.”

Yi Ping was startled, “There are Dark Celestials in the Ninth Heavens?”

Lingfeng nodded, “You may think that is improbable but there are many of them actually.”

Yi Ping was somewhat stunned as he asked quietly, “Won’t the Divine Calamity dealt with them?”

Lingfeng said, “Yes and no. There are always highly attained Celestials that strayed from the path and walked on the dark side. Most Dark Celestials are hard to identify. That is why the Celestials in Beyond do not trust one another easily.”

She paused for a while before saying, “There are three types of Dark Celestials. First is the Ancient Dark Celestials. In the time before the Intermediate Era, there was no Divine Calamity in the lower world. Those who can ascend and transmigrated are able to reach the Ninth Heavens. Such is the grace of the Heavens upon all the mortals. In those years, mortals aged gradually and many could live to almost a thousand years. Six hundred years of age was just the beginning for the mortals, similar to a twenty year mortal!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Mortals can live that long?”

Lingfeng said, “If you read your classics, most Sages are able to live hundreds of years. Never mind, I know you don’t read.”

Yi Ping thoughts were full of awkwardness but Lingfeng seemed to have changed and did not try to tease him.

She patiently explained, “But something else had happened that caused their mortality to reduce to just a hundred and twenty. The reduced life-span became a trial to overcome the tribulations of eventually ascension. The Dark Celestials that overcome the Divine Calamity was able to transmigrate to Beyond are the second type of Dark Celestial.”

Yi Ping asked, “These Dark Celestials can overcome the Divine Calamity?”

He was also curious to know of the event that had caused mortality to reduce so drastically but he decided not to ask for the time being.

Lingfeng said, “That’s right! Either they are very powerful or they have actually taken advantage of the Divine Descendant to transmigrate to the Ninth Heavens during that time.”

Yi Ping sighed, “Why must Heavens allow the Dark Celestials to exist?”

Lingfeng said, “Because Heavens is merciful and no matter how harsh things are, there are always a way out.”

Her voice became almost inaudible, “We have been looking for a way out of Beyond for a long time too…”

She quickly said, “The third type of Dark Celestials is those that have joined the dark side willingly after they had ascended as a Virtuous Celestial.”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “But once they are in Beyond, isn’t there such a thing as the Divine Wrath to deal with them?”

She paused for a while and appeared to be melancholy, “Once they have reached Beyond, good and evil no longer exists. What is good, what is evil? The Divine Wrath won’t deal with them as they have already ascended as a full Celestial. But killing another Celestial directly is forbidden and detrimental to the practitioner’s progress.”

Yi Ping said, “That is a relief to hear that. At least there is no more killing in Beyond…”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “No more killing? That when you are wrong. There are many ways to kill a Celestial. For example, the most often used method is to injure the Celestial while not killing directly. In this way, the weakened Celestial would be killed by the Divine Wrath or spent too much recuperating rather than actually making progression in their state of divinity and eventually be killed.”

Yi Ping said, “I didn’t expect that the Ninth Heavens to be exactly the same here. I wonder how powerful a Dark Celestial is…”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “You! You…are just a martial idiot! You really think that martial skills can get you everywhere? Let me tell you this. Not all Celestials can fight.”

Yi Ping was somewhat startled, “They can’t fight then how do they reach the Ninth Heavens?”

Lingfeng said, “Your previous incarnation can’t fight at all. He is just a scholar. The Divine Calamity is a Divine Calamity that tests one’s limit. In order to ascend as a Celestial, you have to overcome yourself first. Sometimes it may be easier for a non-martial exponent to ascend but it is no less dangerous. In Beyond, the martial Celestials are the majority since those Celestials that couldn’t protect themselves can’t really survive on their own.”

Yi Ping was not paying attention anymore. He was extremely worried. “Yixian had learnt the Divine Emerald Skill to the tenth level. Does it mean that her Divine Calamity will test her to the very limits?”

Lingfeng said coolly, “Unfortunately yes. If she had stopped at the ninth level, things may be easier for her. The tenth level of her Divine Emerald Skill is said to be the ultimate and also an absolute defense martial force field. But the Divine Calamity will breech her Divine Emerald Skill for sure. Pity, there is no eleventh level in the Divine Emerald Skill. Even if it exists, she doesn’t have the time to divine that understanding.”

Yi Ping sighed softly…

While Yi Ping was sighing to himself, Lingfeng was startled!

It was because Yi Ping was now absorbing the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill at an alarming pace!

She was taking all necessary precaution to slowly transfer the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill to him because the Divine Dragon Pill itself was an extremely potent miracle pill. Even if an internal martial expert would to take one, it was not without its own risks. Taking two Divine Dragon Pills out of greed at the same time would kill anyone, including the Celestials.

But now, Yi Ping seemed to be absorbing the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill rapidly from her as though there was a vacuum in his body!

Lingfeng was very much perplexed for she had never seen anything like that before. She began to analyze and had come out with a conclusion; he could have reached the physical limit break and had undergone a startling physical transfiguration!

No matter if a person was a mortal or a celestial being, the physical limit would never change. The most adept mortals could be capable of utilizing a tenth of their physical limit while the most powerful celestials may be able to utilize up to one third of it. There were no exceptions for both mortals and celestials; none was able to reach the physical limit break!

But somehow, Yi Ping had reached beyond his physical limit break after he had used the Asper Divinity five times in a row. Now that she had recalled it, she had a startling thought all of a sudden; how did he even manage to unleash the Asper Divinity more than two times continuously in the first place?

Was it even possible for a mere mortal to achieve a physical transfiguration without becoming a Celestial Being in the first place?

But because she had no answers for that, her thoughts quickly shifted to her new awareness as she thought. “So I am the Heaveness. I am now able to feel despair, love, hurt, joy, the seven emotions and the six desires of a mortal. This is a wonderful feeling…”

Just as she was deep in thoughts, she could sense that Yi Ping had awakened and had gently stepped backward awkwardly…

Yi Ping was looking at her with embarrassment but he had also felt a deep sense of appreciation for her.

When the other maidens saw that Yi Ping had opened his eyes and had recovered his countenance, they quickly surrounded him in amazement!

At this distance, they were slightly taken back. When Yi Ping had opened his eyes, his eyes were golden but it quickly grew dim and normalized it in an instant.

All the maidens except Shen Xinyue did not think much of it, thinking that it came from the reflections of the Twin Sisters’ golden swords which were still glowing with a brilliant golden light!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er quickly sheathed their divine swords into their scabbards as they were afraid that its brilliant light would cause Yi Ping to feel discomfort.

As soon as they had sheathed their golden swords, many of the onlookers were feeling much better, their nausea had somewhat eased slightly.

Shen Xinyue was thinking, “Did I just see his eye pupils turned golden?”

Youxue quickly asked, “Ping’Er, are you alright?”

Lie Qing asked in surprise, “How did you recover…”

She looked suspiciously at Lingfeng…

Lingfeng pretended to be startled, “I don’t know either…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er did not care to know the reasons. They were simply too overwhelmed with joy as they embraced cuddly around him as they cried joyfully, “Master, we are so worried for you…”

Yi Ping sighed weakly as he looked at them with heartfelt emotions for he was deeply touched by their concerns for him.

The first thing that he had awakened and said was, “Have we won?”

Yunzi smiled and said, “Yes, we have won! Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong have admitted defeat!”

Lele said coolly, “That’s only because of me. I should be given some credits.”

Yixian, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue were exchanging knowing glances at each other. They simply could not believe what they were seeing and they were eyeing Lingfeng with some suspicious.

Even Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage and many others were incredulous!

Xiao Shuai was stunned, “Is he human?”

He was saddened for he knew that it was over for them. Their lofty ambitions of ascending as Celestials were shattered; they had completely lost!

Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage had walked quietly next to him as they said, “Brother, this time we have completely lost.”

Xiao Shuai nodded slowly as he looked at the direction where Yi Ping was.

After he had lost in such complete manner, he had finally realized that certain things could not be forced. He had already lost two of his sons and his mentor master Yuan Shao. If he persisted further, he may lost even his other son, Xiao Fan, his daughter Xiao Youxue, his nephew Xiao Fei and even his grandson Xiao Ao.

When he saw Xiao Fan, Xiao Youxue and Xiao Fei discarding their prides and pleading for his life, he was extremely touched and he knew that he had erred horrendously.

It was because the protégés of the Virtuous Palace was all trained by him and he knew that they all carried a strong sense of pride. He knew that they would never beg anyone for anything. That was what he had taught them and he had ensured that it was the unwritten rule; for a swordsman to lose their pride, they would lose their honor and fighting spirits!

He had only himself to blame for his sons’ death. Actually, he did not feel any remorse over the death of his two sons’ death. It was because he knew them to be as scheming as him. He had the intention to appoint Xiao Fan, his illegitimate son as his successor but he was wary that his other two sons might harm him. He knew for sure that Xiao Yuanjia and Xiao Da would definitely scheme to get rid of Xiao Fan just as they had always schemed against each other.

His injuries were not light and practitioners of the Divine Virtuous Force were fearful of getting internal injuries. Even though the Divine Virtuous Force was a powerful martial force skill, any internal injuries that were sustained were extremely difficult to treat and could even cause a deterioration of their martial skills!

When he had forced himself to fight Yi Ping again after sustaining internal injuries from the Twin Sisters, he knew that he was already hovering on death’s door and could not sustain any more serious internal injuries. But pride kept him going.

That was also the same for Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage, the Sword Sage and the Element Sage.

He was now looking at Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun who had managed to revive the Sword Sage and the Element Sage…

He was not someone who valued brotherhood or friends. But somehow, he was being sentimental about it. Maybe it was because they used to fight alongside one another and they had been fighting for the same cause as him even though they all had their differences.

All of a sudden, he seemed to have enlightened as he stared into the blank air.

Yixian had quietly approached him as she said gently, “It seems that you have finally seen through the illusions of life. The oppressing aura in your eyes is gone now.”

Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage were also sighing weakly as they looked at Yixian.

Han Shaodong said weakly, “I don’t think we can live for long and is just sustaining ourselves through our internal strength. Xian’Er, it is good to see you again. But it is a pity, we cannot be a Celestial anymore…”

Yixian expressions were full of sorrows as she said gently to them. “I am about to experience the Divine Calamity soon. If you are interested, you are invited to witness it.”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage were stunned.

Xiao Shuai began to tremble as he muttered, “If my Golden Rejuvenate Pills are not stolen and if this plan of ours had succeeded, we may invoke the Divine Calamity and ascend as a Celestial under the auspicious seven stars…alas…”

Han Shaodong said regretfully, “We are so close to the Heavenly Relic for ourselves and becoming a Celestial. So close yet so far now.”

Yixian asked, “Why do you want to become a Celestial?”

They went silent. It was because they all had their own selfish reasons for it.

The Martial Sage was the first one to find an excuse, “Xian’Er, you may not know this. The Celestial Palace is our common enemy. Do you know how many martial exponents have been killed over the years by them? Why do you think that with the martial skills of the Three Sages, we are still being forced to go into hiding? If we can be Celestials, then we can join you as a Celestial too. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Yixian smiled gently at them, “You have all misunderstood. I am not going to become a Celestial anytime soon. In fact, I am asking you to witness my demise.”

They were shocked.

Han Shaodong stammered, “Xian’Er, what do you mean?”

Yixian said gently, “Only the virtuous can ascend as a Celestial. The Divine Calamity is just a divine tribulation that acts for the will of the Heaven. I have killed numerous exponents in my life. My Divine Calamity is the worst type and I probably won’t be able to survive the ordeal. Even if you have the Golden Rejuvenation Pills, the Heavenly Relic, the blood of the Holy Maiden and the auspicious signs of the seven stars to aid you, the result will still be the same; death awaits you.”

Xiao Shuai was startled, “Is that the truth?”

Yixian said gently, “There no need for me to lie to you. After you have witnessed the Divine Calamity with your own eyes, you will understand.”

The Martial Sage was stunned, “Xian’Er, you will die? How come?!”

Yixian smiled gently, “You do not need to feel regrets for me. I am really happy to meet and know all of you and…”

She paused and looked lovingly towards Yi Ping who was still being surrounded by the other maidens who were showering him with all kinds of love and concern. “…and knowing my husband Yi Ping is the best thing that has happened to me.”

She looked at them and said, “The number of people that you have killed or ruined is enough to invite the wrathful retribution of the Divine Calamity. That is not something that mere mortals like us can overcome. That is why none of you will be able to survive the Divine Calamity. Look at the number of people that have already been killed today.”

Shen Xinyue who had extremely keen hearing had overheard their conversation. She walked quietly besides Yixian, “There is a blessing in disguise too. Earlier, I have sensed the creation of the Universal Force when everyone was struck by it. Those who had survived this battle have the residue of the Universal Force in their bodies. Given time, it is still possible to become a Celestial without the aid of any external help. However it is still dependable upon the state of divinity of the practitioners and the providence of the Heavens. That Universal Force is actually the benevolent type. It just that its shockwaves are so great that many could not withstand it and hence, so many is killed by it.”

Xiao Shuai was startled, “We can still become a Celestial?”

Shen Xinyue said, “In order to ascend, first know how to become a Human Sage and do no evil. That will clear the hurdles for you and makes the Divine Calamity less malevolent.”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage were all looking at each other as they stammered, “It is that simple?”

Shen Xinyue said, “It is that simple and it is all in the ancient classics. It is just that it is too obvious and everyone is looking the other way.”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage were extremely ashamed. They had read the ancient classics numerous times when they were young but as they grew up, they had forgotten about it…

All of a sudden, there was an evil laughter that resonated throughout the surroundings, startling everyone!

It was Zuo Tianyi and he was dragging Gu Tianle, who was motionless!

There was a frightening sword energy aura around Zuo Tianle and the air in the surroundings was chilly and filled with the spectral of death!

Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and Lingfeng were to first to raise the alarm, “Is this the Infinity-Zero level?!”
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Chapter 67: The Infinity-Zero

Zuo Tianyi was wrapped in an extraordinary powerful cold piercing sword energy as he looked murderously at everyone.

His aura was so malicious and cold that many exponents began to take frightful steps backward!

Zuo Tianyi was slightly startled to see the Joyful Goddess and the Celestial Fairy. He had recognized them and had borne a hatred for the Joyful Goddess.

It was because while he was at the Great Tranquil Mountains, she had interrupted his duel with Yi Ping by moving into the death zone of their sword energies. If he had been slower by a second, he would be killed by her. As a result of her attack, he had suffered a minor slash across his chest.

He had many puzzling questions that were on his mind.

How did she manage to get close to the killing sword energies that were rippling all around them that day without putting on any defenses? And why did she not get rip apart by their sword energies?

He was also perplexed to see the Celestial Fairy talking to Shen Xinyue, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Martial Sage.

He could tell that even the insolent Xiao Shuai was talking respectfully to her.

Did Xiao Shuai not know that it was actually the Celestial Fairy that had fatally injured Yuan Shao?

But when he saw the state of condition that Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages were in, he almost wanted to laugh aloud at their uselessness.

He was dragging Gu Tianle. When he had stopped, he let loose of him.

Immediately, the exponents from the various martial clans were muttering. “Isn’t that Gu Tianle, the Master of the Honor Manor? Is he dead?”

When the Universal Force had imploded and its shockwaves had rippled throughout the surrounding areas, Zuo Tianyi and Gu Tianle were recuperating from their injuries in the safety of the tent.

Zuo Tianyi who had developed a strong innate energy sense due to his superior sword energy level, had sensed a powerful shockwave towards them with a supersonic speed.

He had quickly grabbed Gu Tianle who was startled by surprise as he asked, “What are you doing…”

But before he could finish what he had wanted to say, the Universal Force had struck him directly!

Even though Zuo Tianyi had used Gu Tianle as a shield, he was still struck by the powerful Universal Force as it went past through to him!

He immediately coughed out a bout of black blood.

He had thought he was dead but he was feeling more energetic than ever. The Universal Force had completely forced out the sword energies that were caused by Yi Ping out of his body and had cleared his life and death channels!

As he looked in bewildered at himself, he noticed that his wounds were healing at a rapid rate and his agony pain was now endurable.

When he tried to muster his strength, he found that his internal energy was now very smoothing and he was even more energetic than ever before.

Zuo Tianyi picked out his sword and stared at it.

All of a sudden, he waved his sword as he tried to imbue his sword energy into his sword. But because he was not expecting his martial progression to improve, he was startled to see that the sword energy that he had imbued had flown out of the tent with a rippling slashing force!

Even though he was panting from the effort, he was excited; it was because his sword energies were limited to the length of his sword but now he could actually sent it flying out!

He laughed, “Providence is kind to me. To think that I have finally mastered the Infinity-Zero and can kill invisibly from afar. Now I am truly Invincible. Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Yi Ping and Shen Xinyue, I have tolerated all of you long enough. This is the day that the entire fraternity will only know who is Zuo Tianyi and the Infinity Sword Clan will take the leadership away from the Honor Manor!”

That was how he had attained the Infinity-Zero and he was now looking disdainfully at everyone!

Two elders of the Infinity Sword Clan stepped forward as they called out respectfully to him, “Congratulations to our Protégé Leader for mastering the Infinity-Zero Technique! But how are your injuries? Are you well? Master Gu is…”

Zuo Tianyi looked at them coldly, saying. “If I am not well, will I be standing here?”

He pointed his sword towards Yi Ping, “That man has killed Master Gu. If I don’t take vengeance for him, can I still consider myself as a righteous hero?”

The elder on the right, who had a short black beard said weakly, “The Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace have conceded. The battle is over and the Young Hero Yi Ping has won. Therefore we should also retreat peacefully back to the Central Fraternity. The Holy Hex Sect has given their word that they won’t be pursuing this matter anymore. Too many lives have already been lost…”

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Evil can only reign for a time but good will eventually triumph. Look at the number of dead around us. Are we going to let their sacrifices be in vain? Don’t forget that this expedition is to avenge the Old Sword Saint. Even if the other martial orthodox clans are too cowardly to oppose the Holy Hex Sect and the Celestial Palace, the Infinity Sword Clan is not going to put it to rest so easily!”

Han Shaodong said coldly, “This battle is meaningless. Put down your sword…”

Zuo Tianyi interrupted as he looked at the hundreds of orthodox exponents who were still standing, pointing at Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai. “If the Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace are unable to uphold the honor of the orthodox clans, maybe it is time for the Infinity Sword Clan to take the mantle of leadership.”

Xiao Shuai appraised him coldly before he said weakly, “So you have the lofty ambition to head the orthodox clans. But I wonder if you are capable.”

Zuo Tianyi was clearly provoked and his murderous intent was evident.

The two elders quickly tried to persuade him, “Protégé Leader, this is unnecessary. Let’s us go now…”

But Zuo Tianyi ignored them and shouted to Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

Yi Ping was startled.

He coughed weakly and was being supported by Lingfeng, Youxue and the rest of the maidens but he replied defiantly, “Tianyi, give it up. This fight is meaningless. What do you hope to achieve even if you have defeated me?”

Zuo Tianyi laughed aloud, “Everything that I have lost, every honor that I have lost will be regained if you are killed by me.”

Yunzi said, “There are certain things that once you have lost it, you will never be able to regain again.”

Zuo Tianyi looked bitterly at them and he had also noticed that for the very first time, all the martial exponents were on the same side and were all staring at him hostility!

But Zuo Tianyi disregarded their hostility for these injured exponents were not a threat to him.

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Those who are on my side and willingly to follow me to greater glory, come over to my side. From now on, I will take on the legacy of the Old Sword Saint and will also lead the righteous martial orthodox clans to exterminate all the unorthodox clans.”

Except for the remnants of the thirty odd protégés of the Infinity Sword Clan, no one else made a single move!

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “It seems that the orthodox exponents are all cowed by the presence of the heretics. In this case, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

All of a sudden, the ‘dead’ Gu Tianle raised a loud shout with the last bout of his strength. “Zuo Tianyi, you despicable man. You try to kill me!”

He had taken a fatal blow from the Universal Force when Zuo Tianyi had used him as a shield. It was only then did he realize that this Zuo Tianyi was an unscrupulous man that would do anything to satisfy his own desires.

Using the last reserve of his internal strength, he had used the basic heart intricacy formula of the Divine Rejuvenation Force which Han Shaodong had imparted to him to halt his heart beat and breathing, faking his own death.

Zuo Tianyi was startled that Gu Tianle was still alive. When he was startled by Gu Tianle, he reacted immediately by slashing him into two!

Immediately the entire congregation of martial exponents were all stunned and they had all broken into incessant mutterings!

Zuo Tianyi was looking at them and he was imagining that they were all scorning him!

Han Shaodong shouted angrily, “Zuo Tianyi, you dare to kill Gu Tianle!”

Zuo Tianyi shouted, “Shut your crap! I am going to use your blood as a sacrificial offering for my newly acquainted Infinity-Zero!”

He drawn out his beaming precious sword and waved in three different directions, stirring out the sand from the ground. Immediately, three rippling windforce energized by sword energies had flown with startling bursting speed towards the martial exponents!

As the rippling windforce swept across the field, it ripped apart everything that the invisible windforce had come into contact with as it shattered weapons, bodies and powdered rocks into dust!

Shen Xinyue, Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong quickly shouted aloud to everyone, “Run! These sword energies cannot be blocked!”

To the astonishment of everyone, Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing had leapt forward in three different directions with a startling speed towards the three wavering sword energies!

Yixian had raised her fingers forward and had shattered the incoming wavering sword energy apart with a loud implosion using her Divine Emerald Skill!

Lele had drawn out her long black scythe and sliced the ground in front of her with her martial force, creating a wall of inertia force. As the wavering sword energies struck her wall of inertia force, it exploded and she was sent moving back a few steps but she was otherwise unharmed.

Lele exclaimed with a soft relief, “Lucky!”

At the same time, Lie Qing had surrounded herself with her Invincible Divine Force and had drawn out her Perpetual Darkness as she executed her sword technique with a soft shout, “The Seventh Heavens Stroke!”

The Seventh Heavens Stroke was an epitome sword technique that was similar to the Infinity-Zero. It was a sword energy technique that Lie Qing only reserved for her strongest opponents. She had used it in the past against the Celestial Fairy.

As she executed it, seven beaming blue visible blue beams of sword energies flew and clashed against Zuo Tianyi’s incoming sword energy waves.

There was a thunderous implosion as the sword energies imploded against one another!

Zuo Tianyi’s sword energies were dissipated by Lie Qing’s sword energies as seven beaming bluish sword energies continued to fly towards Zuo Tianyi with astonishing speed!

Zuo Tianyi, unlike the majority of the exponents who were astonished that Lie Qing had the same level of energy technique as him was not surprised. It was because he had previously witnessed the duel between the Celestial Fairy and Lie Qing. That had the remarkable effect of helping him to progress his Infinity-Two to the Infinity-One at that time!

Unlike his invisible sword energy, her sword energies were visible and radiated a light hue. But the fact that she could unleash seven beaming continuous sword energies was a feat onto itself.

He immediately raised his sword and circulated his entire vital energies to block her sword energies, via the principle of using sword energy technique to guard against sword energy technique. Only a person of his level could be able to block sword energy with sword energy!

He smiled to himself. This would be a good time that he could prove to everyone that his Infinity-Zero was the most superior sword technique. He had decided that after he had defeated all of them, he would make this Lie Qing surrendered her sword techniques and sword manuals to him. He was particular interested in her sword energy as it may help to advance his future sword energy attainment.

Thereafter, he would demolish all his opponents, destroy the heretic sects and demolished the mysticism of the Celestial Palace! From this day onward, his renown and that of the Infinity Sword Clan would resonate throughout the martial fraternity!

All of a sudden when the seven beaming sword energies were about to approach him, he was startled and began to move backward!

It was because he had suddenly sensed seven extraordinary powerful energy bursts approaching at a terrifying speed. He was suddenly trembling and there was fear in his eyes!

As Zuo Tianyi had raised his precious sword, imbuing it with his sword energy and timed it against the seven flying bluish sword energies, he was ripped to pieces even before the bluish sword energies had even come within twenty paces of his body!

This development stunned the onlookers who were all grasping with startled disbelief!

While the super exponents could roughly guessed the reasons for that, only Shen Xinyue and Lele who had reached the Transverse state of divinity could see Lie Qing’s invisible sword energies!

Zuo Tianyi had ill-timed his defense too late and as soon as he had raised his long precious sword, seven beaming invisible sword energies had went through his body, ripping him apart instantly!

The bluish sword energies that everyone had seen were just the aftermath and trail of Lie Qing’s invisible sword energies; because it was speeding so fast and the intense heat was so great, it condensed the air behind the sword energies resulting in seven bluish trails!

Xiao Shuai muttered as he observed the nine hovering faint glow around Lie Qing, “She has not only mastered the Invincible Divine Force that the Virtuous Palace have been coveting but she has also reached the sword energy level of the Invincible Divine Force. Alas, it is a terrible mistake to fight her in the first place. If we have fought her one at a time, our fates would be the same as this Zuo Tianyi…”

Yixian sighed quietly, “This Zuo Tianyi has progressed too fast in his swordplay and has fought against too few powerful opponents that he has underestimated Qing’Er sword energy bursts and has allowed his eyes to deceive him.”

She took a quick glance at the breathless Lie Qing who had thrust her sword into the ground as she used it as a support.

The execution of sword energies was an extremely exhausting affair for any practitioner. But because Lie Qing still had her Invincible Divine Force around her and that did not dissipated with her Seventh Heavens Stroke, Yixian knew that her martial foundation had shown a marked progression since they had last fought.

She began to wonder if her epitome Divine Emerald Skill would be able to withstand her Seventh Heavens Stroke?

Shen Xinyue looked at the three Celestial Star Sisters of Fate with a startled expression. These three sisters had just stopped the Infinity-Zero and their martial skills were startling.

She sighed softly, “It is going to be interesting in the future…”

Yi Ping had taken a few steps forward as he sighed weakly, “Zuo Tianyi, this shouldn’t be your fate if you have repented of your past wrongdoings…”

The two elders of the Infinity Sword Clan and the three dozen protégés of the Infinity Sword Clan threw their long swords on the ground before walking towards Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong respectfully.

The black beard elder of the Infinity Sword Clan sighed as he said, “I am Zuo Ziya, elder of the Infinity Sword Clan. I hope the heroes of the fraternity will forgive our clan transgression and let this matter rest.”

Yi Ping took a quick glance at Lie Qing who was stroking her long hair before he replied weakly, “If the Infinity Sword Clan does not pursue Maiden Lie Qing for your protégé leader’s death and our transgressions over the deaths of your martial clan, I am naturally happy to let matters rest.”

Zuo Ziya sighed, “This entire expedition is but a mistake in the first place…”

Han Shaodong said regretfully, “The mistake is mine too. Go in peace. My protégé disciple’s death has nothing to do with the Infinity Sword Clan.”

Xiao Shuai nodded weakly, “The mistake is mine as well. I only hope that we can make amends for the wrongs that we did…”

Zuo Ziya bowed respectfully before he shouted to the protégés of the Infinity Sword Clan, “Let’s us go now!”

But before they could depart, there were columns of dust in the horizon!

Everyone was startled as they looked nervously at the horizons.

Had the heretic sects returned?

Or had a new enemy arrived to take advantage of the situation?

Ji Wuzheng shouted to his protégés, “Get ready for battle!”

He turned to address the orthodox exponents, “This is the territory of the Holy Hex Sect. Let us deal with the intruders. Evacuate all the wounded people behind our battle lines!”

Immediately, the injured martial exponents began to move to the back.

Xiao Shuai coughed weakly as he gripped his long sword, “Xiao Fei, Xiao Ao can you still fight?”

Xiao Fei said coolly, “I can still kill a few enemies.”

Xiao Ao said, “The same goes for me!”

Xiao Shuai laughed aloud, “Good, good! You have not disgraced the Virtuous Palace. Even if we all perish today, the honor of the Virtuous Palace shall still remain for all posterity!”

There were also scores of orthodox exponents that despite their injuries had also stepped forward and shouted, “We are willing to be deployed by the Master of the Holy Hex Sect and to fight alongside you!”

Yi Ping too had gripped his swords and had stood beside Ji Wuzheng, “Elder Brother, let me fight with you.”

Ji Wuzheng said, “Brother Yi Ping, you should take a rest first. You are in no condition to fight. No matter who the enemy is, the Holy Hex Sect has more than enough men to handle it…”

Lingfeng said coldly, “He wants to court his own death so fast, brother. So let him be.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at her.

Lele closed her eyes for a second before she said solemnly, “The approaching enemies are numerous, probably in the thousands!”

Ji Wuzheng, Yi Ping, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Yan Nanfei, Shangguan Qingyun and the Three Sages were startled.

The Sword Sage coughed weakly, “Thousands? Who else could muster so many fighters?”

Yi Ping looked at everyone.

Yixian smiled gently at him as she held his hand tenderly, “Life and death is predetermined. I am content enough to know you and to listen to your voice. Ping’Er, are you afraid?”

Yi Ping looked tenderly at her, “Xian’Er, with you by my side I am not afraid. I just wish that I have my strength now…”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly, “Even if I have to destroy my attainments today, I would be willing.”

She looked at Lele and Lie Qing who were also looking intently at the horizon and knew that they were also thinking the same because she could feel their disguised killing intent, however slight it had been.

Yu’Er said melancholy to Yi Ping, “You know I don’t care about being a Celestial.”

Mei’Er blinked at Yi Ping, “Master, you should take a step back to rest. You have been fighting nonstop all this while. How about this? Let’s us form the Celestial Star Formation and you can watch in the middle while we fight off the intruders?”

Dugu Yunzi said demurely, “Mei’Er, this is an excellent idea!”

Youxue said coldly, “It doesn’t matter how many they are. They are not getting past me.”

Xiao Shuai laughed faintly, “That is my good daughter!”

Lingfeng said coolly, “Don’t be alarmed. Things may not be as bad it looked.”

Yi Ping nodded as he stared at the horizons.

They could see thousands of men with martial banners approaching in the horizon now.

All of a sudden, Ji Wuzheng and Yi Ping stared blankly at each other!

It was because they had quickly caught sight of Huo Fu who was leading his protégés, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Sufeng, Suxin, Suyue, Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen and many other martial clans that were from the Western Fraternity!

Huo Fu, Nangong Le, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing, Sufeng, Suxin and Suyue were worried for Ji Wuzheng and Yi Ping. Despite their injuries, the four sworn brothers were determined to offer whatever aid they could to Yi Ping and Ji Wuzheng. The daughters of Ji Wuzheng were worried for their parents and they were also worried for Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing and Nangong Le. Therefore, they had forced them to bring them along.

When they were at the foot of the mountains, they had met Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Bai Chongzhen who had led more than thirty other martial clans of the Western Fraternity to aid Yi Ping and to fight against the dominating ambitions of the Honor Manor!

Priest Bai Chongzhen was startled to see Yi Ping and Xiao Shuai standing on the same side, “Young Hero, whose side are you on now?”

Yi Ping smiled as he bowed respectfully with both his hands, “The battle is already over. We have made peace. There are no more feuds.”

Immediately, the fighters that had just newly arrived shouted thunderously; their shouts shook the ground with excitement and joy!

Everyone who could move was hugging one another in joyous exclamations at the announcement, regardless of their clan and fraction affiliations!

Priest Bai Chongzhen was relieved, “That’s good to hear…all men from four corners of the fraternity are brothers…”

Lele laughed heartily, “Yi Ping, you should thank me for this.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Why should I?”

Lele was not happy that Yi Ping was questioning her so she replied, “Why do you think there are so many reinforcements coming to aid you?”

Yi Ping was surprised, “You have a help in mustering them?”

Priest Bai Chongzhen bowed respectfully to the Joyful Goddess, “The Joyful Goddess is the envoy from the Celestial Palace. With her token, we manage to persuade a large number of martial clans that were still neutral in the Western Fraternity to join our cause.”

He turned to Yi Ping to say, “Young Hero, you must know that in the Western Fraternity, the Celestial Palace has a powerful presence.”

Lele blinked at Yi Ping, “Now you know who you should thank?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly at her.

Priest Bai Chongzhen saw that Yi Ping did not know what to say so he laughed aloud, “The credit naturally belongs to the Joyful Goddess. We are just doing our part to help.”

Lele clapped her hands delightfully as she said to Priest Chongzhen, “The Celestial Palace will definitely reward you handsomely for accomplishing this task so well!”

Priest Chongzhen said humbly, “We are honored that the Joyful Goddess has appointed me as the Celestial Messenger and the Traverse Clan as the guardian clan of the Celestial Palace…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly interrupted, “The Tranquil City also plays a major role in this. Why is that all the credits now belongs to the Traverse Clan?”

Priest Bai Chongzhen smiled, “Why didn’t you ask the Joyful Goddess for a reward then?”

Lele said delightfully as she clapped her hands, “Both of you will be rewarded handsomely!”

Lie Qing almost fainted from the scene as she thought miserly, “She seems to be enjoying herself as she makes a fool out of them. She is a fake Celestial Envoy…”

Yixian, Youxue and Lingfeng were sighing…

Yi Ping could only smile bitterly…

When Ji Wuzheng saw the awkward smile that was on Yi Ping, he thought that Yi Ping did not believe in the far reaching influence of the Celestial Palace, so he said. “Brother Yi Ping, do you still remember the Celestial Liege? He…”

He was suddenly interrupted by Lele who exclaimed with surprise, “What?! You have seen my bro…the Celestial Liege?”

Ji Wuzheng said respectfully, “Indeed. The Celestial Palace has paid us a visit not too long ago.”

Lele had turned ashen as she whispered softly, “He didn’t take anything from you or ask for anything? What did he say to you?”

While Ji Wuzheng was explaining to the Joyful Goddess, Priest Liu Qingcheng said to Yi Ping, “Brother Yi Ping! I have also come to warn you to be wary of the seven maidens! Do you still remember the silver scroll that I have shown you?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Which seven of the maidens are you talking about?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was also smiling bitterly as he looked at the hostile stares of the maidens that were standing behind Yi Ping.

Youxue said coldly, “Be wary of who? Do you want to say that again?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng broke into a cold sweat as he stammered, “Nothing…”

Nangong Le suddenly clapped him on his back, “I think you are in trouble, brother…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng stared at him, “Brother? I thought that I am your protégé teacher and master now.”

Nangong Le laughed, “I haven’t mastered your Dual Inertness Intricacy Skill yet…”

Priest Ling Kongquan hit him on his head, “Stop being so slippery and accept your fate!”

Suyue looked at them shyly, “Why are you bullying Brother Nangong Le?”

Priest Ling Kongquan and Priest Liu Qingcheng looked at each other before they roared with laughter!

Suyue was startled, “Why so funny about that?”

Yi Ping quickly tried to change the conversation as he turned to Yixian and Lele with an earnest sigh, “Xian’Er, Lele. I am so sorry…”

Lele asked curiously, “Why are you sorry?”

Yixian smiled at him gently, “Ping’Er, what’s wrong?”

Yi Ping sighed, “I have promised Lele to find a miracle pill to help her grandpa. I have got a Divine Dragon Pill…”

He looked at Yixian with a sad expression, “But my heart wants to give this Divine Dragon Pill to you first. This may be the only thing that can help you...”

Lele was startled, “You have the Divine Dragon Pill…where did you find it?”

Yixian smiled gently, “Ping’Er, you can give it to Lele. Life and death is predetermined. Even if you have given me the Divine Dragon Pill, I may not be able to overcome the Divine Calamity. Rather than let it be wasted, it is better that you give it to Lele.”

When Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Sages heard that Yi Ping had the Divine Dragon Pill with him, they were startled and they were already drooling to see it. In fact, they wished they could take it from him and swallowed it immediately!

The Martial Sage was the most impatient, “Young Hero Yi Ping, can you show it to us? I am really curious to see what it is like.”

Xiao Shuai was trembling, “This pill is a legendary martial treasure…those who can consume it are able to become a Celestial Being…”

Shangguan Qingyun said, “Young Hero Yi Ping, do you still remember that I am the one that gives you this Divine Dragon Pill? I don’t regret giving it to you but I hope that you can give it to Xian’Er instead. I don’t want her to die…”

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Martial Sages were shocked.

Han Shaodong interrupted him, “You have the Divine Dragon Pill all the time and you have actually given it away?!”

But Shangguan Qingyun ignored them.

Yi Ping said to Shangguan Qingyun, “The one that you have given me, I have actually given to Maiden Lie Qing to save her life. I have since found another one.”

Shangguan Qingyun was startled as he muttered, “You really found another one?”

Ji Wuzheng said, “My wife and I can be the witness!”

Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng said at the same time, “We can vouch for Brother Yi Ping as well!”

Yi Ping sighed as he reached into his garment to take out the Divine Dragon Pill that he had carefully concealed, “This is the only one Divine Dragon Pill now. I wish that there are two in the world…”

Yixian smiled gently at him, “Ping’Er, do the right thing and give it to Lele. Don’t worry about me.”

Lele looked tearfully at Yixian as she fell into her embrace, “Sister! I don’t want you to die either! I…don’t know what to do…”

Lie Qing moved quietly next to Lele and held her hands…

All of a sudden, Yi Ping had turned ashen as he searched panicky. He muttered aloud in alarm. “Where is it? I can’t find it!”

Lingfeng had turned around and looked away…

Yunzi and Youxue were quiet too. They had witnessed how Lingfeng had stolen the Divine Dragon Pill and giving it to Yi Ping to save his life…
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Chapter 68: Melancholy Farewell

A few days later and somewhere in one of the desolate peaks of the Holy Amalgamate Mountains range…

Yixian and Yi Ping was in a cave looking the majestic Holy Amalgamate Mountains range while waiting for the rest of their acquaintances to arrive.

The only signs that disturbed the scenic view were the endless rumbling and tremors of the unceasing earthquakes.

While waiting, Yixian gently examined Yi Ping’s pulses for signs of injuries.

She pondered for a while before saying quietly, “It seemed that you have already broken through the Life and Death Channels. These two are the most difficult of the eight wondrous meridians and until now, not many practitioners know their effects. That you are alive and able to recover can be considered miraculous. I have never seen anything such as this.”

Yi Ping was curious as he asked, “What are the Life and Death channels?”

Yixian asked, “You really do not know?”

Yi Ping was awkward. It was true that he did not know. That was because he was actually a greenhorn in the martial fraternity. Like many of the pugilists, Yi Ping knew only the fighting principles. He did not meet anyone that could teach him other principles like knowledge in internal strength, the vital channels, martial thoughts, martial schools and many others.

Yixian could see it from his expressions. She smiled and explained gently, “The Life and Death Channels controlled and restricted the flow of martial power in the body. That is only so much that the body would be able to take before internal injuries are sustained. Therefore the Life Channel restricted it and in a way is helping to protect the body. Severing the Death Channel stops air from being absorbs and kills the practitioner.”

She smiles and added, “Try holding your breathe for as long as possible.”

Yi Ping did as he was told. He continued to hold his breath for twenty minutes and he could feel his heart slowing down and it was as though he had been solidified into a stone.

Yi Ping was astonished, “It is as though I don’t need air?”

Shui Yixian smiled, “Not true but your body have other means to obtain air through your vital energies. I once heard from my protégé mistress that most people have only one means of obtaining vital breath through breathing. But for some others, they have other means to do so. Exactly how, I do not know. Maybe they practiced some unknown martial skills that we did not know of. But nevertheless, without the life and death channel hindering us, our martial power growth will be unrestricted and replenished much faster.”

All of a sudden Yi Ping asked, “If we are born with such inherent ability, then why are these abilities sealed in the first place?”

Shui Yixian said woefully, “I do not know. Maybe a higher power seals it and there is a heavy price in obtaining it. Anyone that tries to do it forcefully is likely to lose their life. Even if they have succeeded, they are unlikely to remain in the mortal realm for too long.”

Yi Ping could not understand and he asked, “We will die?”

Shui Yixian smiled gently, “We will all die eventually. That is natural. You may not die but I am going to very soon.”

Yi Ping had a jolt in his head and he said to her, “We have just been reunited. Do you know how happy I am to see you alive and well! We are not going to part anymore and will be together!”

Shui Yixian looked at him melancholy, “I really appreciate what you have said to me. That is what my heart is hoping for as well. I really wish I can have more time with you but it is already too late for me.”

She sighed, “These tremors are a sign of the forthcoming Divine Calamity that is about to come…”

Yi Ping interrupted woefully, “Xian’Er, let hide in the deepest reach of a cave and avoid the Divine Calamity. How about that?”

Shui Yixian shook her head and said, “My protégé mistress was killed by the Divine Calamity. Before she died, I have told her exactly the same thing. And she told me that, no past protégé leaders had ever survived the ‘Divine Calamity’. There was a past protégé leader that hid in the deepest reach of the Eternal Ice Palace but in the end, she was still killed by the Divine Calamity and the Eternal Ice Palace was almost completely destroyed back then.”

Shui Yixian said, “That is why past protégé leaders instructed us to face the ‘Divine Calamity’ outside the Eternal Ice Palace to prevent unnecessary loss of life.”

Yi Ping said, “I don’t understand. What is this ‘Divine Calamity’ and why did it have to occur?”

When he had said this, another earthquake occurred and the cave began to vibrate for a while.

Shui Yixian said, “I do not know the reasons too. I only know that it happens only to those that practice the Divine Emerald Skill and the practitioner progression must reach a point when the Divine Calamity would forcefully occur. The Divine Calamity is a type of supernatural force. I once witness my protégé mistress died in that occurrence.”

Yi Ping sighed heavily, “Surely, there must be a way to avert it?”
Shui Yixian shook her head and said nothing.

Yi Ping said, “I still find it so hard to believe. We have been through so much and yet Heavens have to separate us…”

Shui Yixian smiled gently, “You shouldn’t blame Heavens for it. Heavens is already kind enough for let us acquaint with each other. At least I know that I have a husband that is a real hero. It is actually my fault for not being appreciative of you while you are at the Eternal Ice Palace. ”

Yi Ping said, “Xian’Er, don’t say that. That’s not true. It is not your fault. What exactly is the Divine Calamity? Is it really so powerful?”

Shui Yixian said, “I have witnessed it twice before. The first time was when I was still very young. My grand protégé mistress perished in the fiery fireball from the skies while my protégé mistress died when a lightning bolt struck her.”

Yi Ping was stunned, “These are natural forces? Fire would fall from the skies?”

Shui Yixian said, “I would never believe it in the past. But after I have seen it, I am convinced it is all too real.”

Yi Ping asked, “Why were the two divine calamities so different?”

Shui Yixian said, “Your mother, my protégé sister told me that it might be because our protégé mistress was trying to dodge the divine calamity with her extraordinary swiftness skill therefore the divine calamity was a lightning bolt. What we fear most, the more it is unavoidable.”

Yi Ping was startled, “This Divine Calamity actually is a sentient?”

Shui Yixian said, “I do not know. That is just our conclusion. Past protégé leaders told us that the Divine Calamity is unavoidable and we must overcome it with all our might.”

Yi Ping asked, “The Divine Calamity always occur when past protégé leaders of the Eternal Ice Palace was almost a hundred and twenty?”

Shui Yixian nodded gently, “That is true.”

Yi Ping said, “But this time it seems to occur three decades earlier for you?”

Shui Yixian shook her head, “I really do not know the reason. It may be the tenth stage of the Divine Emerald Skill that is causing this.”

Yi Ping was at a loss. He really did not know if it was fiction or the truth. But no matter what happened, he was determined not to lose Yixian again…

In the meantime…

Ji Wuzheng said, “I did not know that such a scenic place exist these mountains.”

Dugu Zhen smiled at him, “Indeed!”

Lingfeng smiled to her brother, “There are three hundred mountains and peaks in the Holy Amalgamate Mountains range alone. There are many more inaccessible and even more beautiful scenic places here that you think.”

Ji Wuzheng sighed, “I have been too buzy in the sect affairs and martial pursuits to appreciate the beauty around me. That is why I am missing the obvious…”

Even though he was saying that to himself, Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were also sighing to themselves.

Yixian, Yi Ping, Lele and Shen Xinyue had advanced ahead of them to find a suitable place for Yixian to overcome the Divine Calamity.

Following them were Lie Qing, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Yunzi, Youxue, Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen, Huo Fu, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Ling Kongquan, Suxin, Sufeng, Suyue, Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng.

Besides Yi Ping’s friends, there were Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Shangguan Qingyun, Yan Nanfei, the Three Martial Sages, Xiao Fei, Xiao Ao, Xiao Fan and Chi Zhengqi!

Those were the ones that had been invited for the Celestial Fairy had no wish for anyone else to witness her tragic demise.

Most of the martial exponents in the fraternity would never have the opportunity to encounter the Divine Calamity. So this was an eye-opening for them.

Along the way, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Three Martial Sages’ heart were still very heavy. Not only would Xian’Er, the person that they had long to find was going to meet her end soon but they were also thinking of the Divine Dragon Pill that Yi Ping had taken!

When Yi Ping had uttered out that he had lost the mythical Divine Dragon Pill, everyone was frantically searching on the ground for it. After all, finder was the keeper in the pugilistic fraternity!

However, Lingfeng said to them. “There is no need to search for it. Yi Ping didn’t drop it. When Xiao Shuai’s flying sword had struck him, I took his Divine Dragon Pill to save his life. He didn’t know about it. Other than the Divine Dragon Pill, is there another miracle in the entire fraternity that could heal his wounds and expended strength so quickly?”

Xiao Shuai was stunned and was muttering, “I have caused Xian’Er to lose the only chance that could have saved her life…”

Even Yi Ping was stunned and was muttered to himself, “I have taken two Divine Dragon Pills. Now I cannot save Xian’Er or Lele’s Grandpa. I would rather die in Xian’Er place…”

Yixian knew what Yi Ping was thinking so she smiled gently, “This is my destiny. Remember what you have told me before? Our fate is in our own hands and not in the destinies of others. Moreover, this Divine Dragon Pill may be too potent for me and not suitable for cold and negative martial practitioners.”

Lele too smiled at him, “Don’t worry about your promise too. Now that I am a true Celestial, I may be able to help my grandpa to overcome his forthcoming Divine Calamity. Moreover…”

She blinked at Lie Qing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Shen Xinyue, “We have four other true Celestials here who are able to help me. Right, sisters?”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Surely!”

Yu’Er said, “I am curious to test my skills against the Divine Calamity.”

Mei’Er laughed jovially, “For sure I help!”

Shen Xinyue just smiled gently with a nod.

She was a little amused because even though she did not know who was the Jade Emperor was but for him to encounter into difficulties with his Divine Calamity only meant that his crisis was not an easy matter for the twin sisters who had just attained into Celestials to handle.

All of a sudden, Shen Xinyue called out. “Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong.”

She had tossed a pouch to Han Shaodong who caught it.

Han Shaodong asked curiously, “What is that?”

Shen Xinyue smiled, “This is the Heavenly Dreams Divine Pills that I have concocted in the event that I would get injure. If you treasure your lives, quickly take the pills. Don’t say I am heartless.”

Han Shaodong was startled and he bowed on the ground immediately!

Xiao Shuai stammered, “This is also a miracle pill? I can live?”

Shen Xinyue said, “Indeed. It is good for internal injuries and I have concocted it for the aftermath of my Divine Calamities.”

Martial practitioners like Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing who had attained a high state of divinity and who were aware of the Divine Calamity were careful to have with them several life-saving pills to be used for emergencies.

Lie Qing had previously taken several miracle pills after her failure to battle the Divine Calamity hoping that somehow she would be able to survive her injuries. However her injuries were simply too serious and she did not regain her conscious.

Back to the present and just when the martial exponents were wondering which of the mountain paths to take; they had caught sight of Shen Xinyue and Lele who were on top of a cliff.

Lele said aloud, “Here!”

The martial exponents could see that this cliff was extremely steep and was dangerous to scale. However, it was not a daunting task for these veteran exponents except for a few.

Nangong Le was sighing, “Let’s hope I don’t fall to my death later…”

Suyue laughed softly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you slip.”

Qiu Wufeng was rubbing his chin and looking at Chi Zhengqi, who was also looking at Gongsun Jing.

Sufeng blinked at Qiu Wufeng, “So Windless Swordsman, do you need any help?”

Qiu Wufeng smiled bitterly.

Suxin said to Gongsun Jing, “Do you need help too?”

Gongsun Jing smiled, “My martial skills are not that weak. I have learnt how to scale this type of cliff before.”

Suxin asked, “Oh really? Let’s compete to see who can reach the top first then!”

Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “The Fairy Breeze swiftness skill of the Holy Hex Sect is renowned for its weightless feat and swiftness speed…”

Suxin asked again, “You dare not? Then don’t you talk to me ever again.”

Gongsun Jing quickly said, “But what if I have won?”

Suxin smiled, “Wait till you have won first!”

Just as they were talking and looking for the best way up the cliff, Lele had taken five hops down the extremely steep cliff and landed in front of them effortlessly!

She had landed lightly with her long black scythe and there was barely even any expression on her. It was as though it was just a casual five walking steps!

She smiled, “Hurry! What are you all waiting for? Yi Ping and Sister Xian’Er are still waiting for us!”

Even though many of the martial exponents here like Huo Fu, Ji Wuzheng, Xiao Shuai, Lingfeng and Youxue were exceptional skillful in their swiftness skill, they were still stunned to see her martial display!

Lie Qing walked quietly to Lele and whispered softly, “Sister, you are pregnant now. You ought to be more careful…”

Lele whispered softly, “I am alright. This is still the early stage. I don’t want to let anyone knows, especially Ping’Er!”

Lie Qing sighed softly…

Lele smiled and in a blink of an eye, she had taken fifteen hops up the sheer cliff and was besides Shen Xinyue in an instant!

Lele laughed softly as soon as she was on the top of the cliff again, “Hurry!”

Going up was ten times much harder than going down and she had scaled the sheer cliff so effortless.

The Martial Sage patted his potted belly and asked, “Is there any way up?”

Huo Fu who was famed for his swiftness movement skill also said, “Even though I am a good runner but I am not really good in climbing…”

Qiu Wufeng was sighing, “She didn’t even uses her hands…”

Chi Zhengqi asked, “Anyone have a rope here? I am weighted down by my five swords…”

Lingfeng said, “This sheer cliff is not impossible to scale. It just requires some time.”

Youxue smiled, “That’s right!”

Lie Qing was actually groaning. It was because she knew that her swiftness and weightless skill was not as superior as Lingfeng and Youxue.

Xiao Shuai took charge, “Let us climb up the cliff then and let’s don’t waste any more time. Xian’Er is still waiting for us!”

There seemed to be a charisma pull in his voice as he issued the command but yet Shangguan Qingyun and Yan Nanfei failed to make a move.

Xiao Shuai looked sternly at them, “Why are you not making a move yet? Are you not eager to see Xian’Er?”

Shangguan Qingyun smiled bitterly, “I wish I am able to climb but have you forgotten that I have cut off my thumb and I have difficulty grabbing…”

Yan Nanfei was also smiling bitterly, “I as well…”

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong looked at each other awkwardly…

Han Shaodong said, “Perhaps it is best that we can find another way up.”

Lie Qing quickly said with her mesmerizing eyes, “That’s right. I don’t want to dirty my beautiful dress. Moreover, I am shy to climb in the full view of so many others. My pose will be ugly.”

Yunzi smiled quietly as she said, “I am sure that there are other ways to go up.”

Lele was looking at them with disapproval from above as she said aloud, “You guys are not climbing up?!”
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Chapter 69: The Divine Calamity

When the others had arrived in the cave, Yixian was standing regally besides Yi Ping and they were sharing some nuts together.

When Yixian saw their approach, she smiled gently at them, “You are all here. Do you want to have some nuts too?”

Lele sighed softly as she looked at Yi Ping, “I have no appetite.”

None of them had any appetite.

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong had a solemn look on their faces.

Yi Ping was looking at the gathering dark clouds and the flurrying winds that were sweeping into the dimly lit cave.

But they waited patiently for Yixian to finish her last meal.

Han Shaodong asked, “Xian’Er, you eat so simple…”

Yixian smiled comfortingly, “Brother Han, have you forgotten that I am a vegetarian? These are delicacies to me.”

Han Shaodong sighed, “That’s right. Time flies and I have forgotten…”

Yixian smiled gently as she looked calmly at everyone, “If only there are some good wines to be shared among us. That will be nice too.”

Xiao Shuai sighed, “It is a pity that there are none right now…”

The Martial Sage sighed, “That’s right.”

Yi Ping immediately said, “Xian’Er, wait for me. I go get the wines…”

Xian’Er caught hold of him immediately with a quiet smile, “Silly! By the time you have returned, more than a day will have passed. That is just a casual remark. Don’t go, alright?”

Yi Ping hesitated for a while before he was interrupted by Yixian. Her melancholically eyes were gazing at the gathering dark clouds, “It has come. Remember to stay back and don’t come out of the cave.”

Yi Ping said bitterly, “Xian’Er! You cannot go out. It is too dangerous…surely we can think of another way?”

Xiao Shuai said gravely, “Xian’Er, is there another way?”

Yixian smiled gently, “Brother Shuai, it is already too late. Everywhere that I go, the Divine Calamity will follow me. This is also the reason why this cave is picked for you to witness the furies of the Divine Calamity. Remember to do more good, stay away from evil and avoid needless killings.”

She paused for a while before adding woefully, “It is precisely because I have killed so many people that my Divine Calamity will be difficult to overcome. Let my fate be a lesson to all.”

Xiao Shuai stammered, “You call me Brother Shuai…I am still your Brother Shuai? After all that I did?”

Yixian nodded gently, “That’s right.”

Xiao Shuai murmured, “Xian’Er…”

Han Shaodong said quietly, “Xian’Er, be strong. I know that you can overcome the Divine Calamity.”

Yixian said gently to him, “Thank you Brother Han. Let the past be the past. You should put the past aside and look forward. Given your intelligence, you can easily ascend to be a Celestial eventually.”

Han Shaodong smiled bitterly, “I have the blood of many in my hands as well. Can I still hope for that?”

The Martial Sage quickly said, “Xian’Er, I know that you can surely overcome the Divine Calamity. You don’t have to worry about my safety. Later when you are in trouble, I will surely…”

All of a sudden, Yixian had raised her fingers and had struck the Martial Sage three times on his chest!

The windforce of her fingers were so resonate and the blows received by the Martial Sage were so loud that the entire cave could feel the windforce that was generated by her fingers!

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong was startled that Yixian’s finger skills would be so astonishing that she could even penetrated through the Martial Sage’s Iron shroud skill and to numb him!

The Element Sage praised Yixian, “Xian’Er, your skills have improved! Even with my skills, I am not confident of striking through his Iron Shroud Skill and hit his pressure points.”

The Martial Sage was suddenly grasping for breathe and he had fallen on his knees, “My foot! Quickly help me to clear my channels!”

The Element Sage smiled bitterly, “I just say I am not confident of bypassing your Iron Shroud Skill. If I fail to hit your channels properly, I may even worsen your numbness. I think you have better wait for your channels to clear on its own. Unless of course, you want to tell me the weakness of your Iron Shroud Skill…”

The Martial Sage interrupted him, “Do you think that I am foolish and senile?”

But he quickly turned to Yixian to say, “Xian’Er, why did you do that for…”

Yixian said gently, “Brother Ironfist, I know that you will surely come to aid me. That is what I am most afraid of. I have temporary disable your internal strength. With your internal strength, it won’t be long before you clear your channels and regain your strength. But that will be enough to stop you for acting recklessly.”

The Martial Sage hit his fists on the ground as he wailed aloud, “Xian’Er, I…if you are gone, I really don’t know what my existence is for!”

The Sword Sage sighed and helped him up, “Maybe Xian’Er will live. Don’t you think too much.”

Yu’Er was downhearted as she tried very hard to withhold her tears, “Protégé Mistress will surely survive the Divine Calamity.”

What she had said did not match her emotions.

As everyone looked at Yu’Er and her fluffy eyes, they could sense her heartfelt emotions.

Yi Ping sighed sadly. But at this moment, he refused to say anything because he did not want to distract Yixian!

He could only lend her his silent support!

After Yu’Er had ascended as a Celestial, her Dual Inertness Intricacy had advanced to the level of the ‘Reflective Emotions’. Her emotions were like a mirror that affected everyone and her feeling could be felt mutually by all the others!

Immediately, those who were already saddened by her voice found themselves shedding silent tears!

Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng managed to suppress their emotions with their present attainment of the Emptiness Translucence but only barely…

Lingfeng was unaffected but she was sighing melancholy…

Yixian sighed softly. This was really something that she did not want to see.

Even with her cultivation in the Emotionless Rhyme, she was already brimming with tears as she embraced Yu’Er.

Yixian said gently, “Yu’Er, you are always more mature than Mei’Er. Take good care of Mei’Er for me. She needs your care and support…”

Even as Yu’Er nodded, Mei’Er had already flown into her embrace as she began to sob uncontrollable, “I don’t want protégé mistress to leave us! You are more than our protégé mistress to me…I…mistress, I don’t want you to leave us…”

Yunzi and Youxue had already looked away with silently tears as they could not bear to look anymore.

Yixian caressed Meijian’s face gently, smiling fondly at her. “Mei’Er, don’t be willful anymore. Be a good wife to Ping’Er and take good care of him on my behalf.”

Mei’Er cried, “I will…I will…”

Yixian held Yujian and Meijian with loving hold as she said, “I’m so happy that both of you are Celestial Being now. This is the lifelong wish of our clan patriarchs to overcome the Divine Calamity and see the world beyond. Finally, we have the two of you. I am so proud of you…”

Yu’Er pursed her lips as she cried aloud, “This is not Yu’Er wish at all! Without protégé mistress to guide us, we really don’t have confident to survive even the next celestial crisis! I only want mistress to be with us forever!”

Mei’Er cried, “Yes. Without protégé mistress to guide us, what hope do we have? We are so young and there are so many things we don’t know yet. We can never be as good as protégé mistress. Why is Heavens so unfair to us? The one that should be a Celestial Being is Protégé Mistress and not us!”

Yixian smiled gently and looked at Lele and Lie Qing with a soft sigh, “Sisters, help me to take care of them as your dear sisters too. And Ping’Er…”

Lele glanced at Yi Ping unhappily, “Ping’Er, you do not have any last words to say?!”

Yi Ping sighed softly, “I have already said all I want to say when we are alone.”

It was true. There was nothing he could do now at this point.

He had of course, his own decisions but he was determined to keep it to himself. In order not to make the others worry for him, he refused to say anything!

Yunzi sighed softly as she looked keenly at Yi Ping as she thought, “I don’t believe you will not do a thing.”

She had witnessed his fearless gut and how he had stand in front of adversity many times. The first time was when she had met him at the Honor Manor. The second time was when he dared to battle Yuan Shao alone so that she could escape and the third time was when he battled the Three Evils of the West, refusing to put down Lie Qing.

If her analysis was correct, he would surely rush into the Divine Calamity to take the blunt of it!

Therefore she had decided to keep a watchful look on him…

In the meantime, Lie Qing pulled Lele’s sleeves, “Sister, surely you know that this is the inevitable and is irrational to ask Yi Ping to do anything at this moment. Let Heavens decide the forthcoming outcome and lets us just pray for Sister Xian’Er.”

Even Suxin, Sufeng and Suyue who did not know Yixian were also embracing her and they were also inconsolable!

Shangguan Qingyun recited aloud, “Sorrowful partings, sorrowful farewells. Destinies meeting, destinies parting. When will Provident be kind to the empty soul?”

As he recited, he began to draw his long sword with his left hand and engraved the words that he had just recited into the wall!

Yan Nanfei immediately said, “You, you…!”

Shangguan Qingyun laughed bitterly, “What’s the matter, Brother Yan? You didn’t expect that my calligraphy skills and my swordsmanship to be this good?”

Yan Nanfei said bitterly, “Indeed! I am really surprise!”

Shangguan Qingyun sighed, “If only all these praises would turn my solemn mood into joyous mood…”

Yan Nanfei interrupted angrily, “You really think I am praising you? I feel like beating you up instead!”

Everyone was startled.

It was because Yan Nanfei had suddenly turned hostile and he was looking dead serious.

The Sword Sage was startled, “What’s the matter with you brothers?”

Shangguan Qingyun quickly asked, “Yes, what’s the matter? You seem upset with me all of a sudden?”

Yan Nanfei smiled bitterly, “I only realize that you are a left-handed swordsman today. You have cut off your thumb on your right hand and I did the same. You have not lost your sword skills but I have. Now tell me, why shouldn’t I be angry with you?”

Shangguan Qingyun was stammering as he tried to pacify him, “Don’t be angry, Brother Yan…I can explain…”

In his melancholy mood, he had actually forgotten to conceal the fact that he was also an ambidextrous swordsman and had accidentally let his secret slipped out…

The Element Sage said, “Both of you cut your thumbs willingly. Now it is not the time to quarrel. You will only be distracting Xian’Er.”

Shangguan Qingyun said quickly, “That’s right. We will only be distracting Xian’Er…”

Yan Nanfei kept quiet immediately but he was sighing heavily…

He was not really upset and was just venting. He took a quick glance at Yixian who was smiling to him and immediately he was not gloomy anymore.

He said aloud, “Forget it. This is just a small trivial. I don’t really like to fight…”

Shangguan Qingyun interrupted, “Of course it is trivial to you. Everyone knows you are more renowned for your Vacuum Fist than your swordplay. As for me, not able to use a sword in the Divine Sword Clan is a big handicap and is a subject of scorn.”

Yan Nanfei stammered, “You! You are the Old Master of the Divine Sword Clan. Who will dare to ridicule you and get away from it? And your swordplay isn’t even impaired…”

Yi Ping was amused that these two Old Seniors were poking fun at one another. But he knew that the two of them were old friends and had also aided him in the past. Moreover Shangguan Qingyun had given him the precious Divine Dragon Pill…

He murmured to himself, “They are good men…”

Even Yixian was amused as she giggled softly, “Stop it. I really got to go now.”

Shangguan Qingyun and Yan Nanfei sighed as they called out at the same time, “Xian’Er…”

Yixian was now standing at the entrance and the heavy, powerful winds were sweeping into the cave. The entire skies had turned dark even though it was still noon.

The winds were lashing so furiously now that everyone could barely stand straight!

Yi Ping had mustered his martial power immediately to steady himself while his attention was still on Yixian.

Yixian was about to exit the cave when Shen Xinyue called out to her, “Sister Xian’Er. Can I call you sister?”

Yixian nodded gently and held her hands.

Shen Xinyue smiled and took out a pouch, “Inside the pouch are three Heavenly Dreams Divine Pills. Take it when you are in desperate needs. These pills can grant a temporary boast to your internal strength and can even treats internal injuries. But be warned, these pills are also lethal and are poisonous.”

Yixian nodded as she smiled faintly, “Thank you, my good sister…”

Xiao Shuai immediately interrupted, “If these are poisonous then where are the antidotes? You didn’t give it to us…”

Shen Xinyue blinked at him, “There are no antidotes. I haven’t managed to concoct one successfully yet. The only way to prevent the poison from reacting is to suppress it with another Heavenly Dreams Divine Pills periodically.”

Han Shaodong stammered, “What happens when the poison reacts?”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly, “Then you will feel like a thousand scorpions stinging on you all at the same time.”

The Element Sage was well versed in herbalism and he quickly asked, “What are the main ingredients of this Heavenly Dreams Divine Pill that cause it to be so poisonous and lethal?”

Shen Xinyue said coolly, “I am afraid I cannot tell you or else you will not be able to sleep or eat for days.”

Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai, the Element Sage, the Sword Sage and the Martial Sage were all smiling bitterly at her…

While they were talking, Yixian had quietly walked out of the cave as she struggled to walk in the fury winds to the platform outside the cave.

Yi Ping clenched his fists as he watched her walking towards the rugged platform.

The entire skies above the platform had turned eerily dark and the winds were howling so loud that it seemed almost supernatural. And in the middle of the skies, a dark whirling vortex had appeared!

It was a lucky thing that they were in a cave shelter or else they would be swept off their feet by the wailing winds!

Yi Ping had never seen such a powerful gale before.

He immediately increased his martial power again and executed the Thousand Weighed Skill to steady himself, as did the rest too!

Even though they were in the cave shelter, they could already feel the powerful might of the howling windforce. They could only imagine how strong the windforce was and the difficulties that Yixian had to brave outside!

As the intensity of the windforce grew in fury, Yujian and Meijian were forced to use the Divine Emerald Skill continuously to stay on their feet.

Yujian said to her sister as she stood in front of her, “Mei’Er, at this rate we will surely exhaust our martial power. Let’s take turn to use the Divine Emerald Skill.”

Meijian nodded silently as she withdrew her Emerald Intricate Energy and just steadied herself with her internal strength!

Lie Qing was besides the Martial Sage at a startling speed as she quickly struck him several times on his body, freeing him from his immobilization.

The Martial Sage sighed, “Thank you…”

Lie Qing combed her long hair as she laughed softly, “Quickly clear your channels. Things are getting more dangerous soon.”

The Martial Sage nodded as he took a deep breathe…

Chi Zhengqi, Qiu Wufeng, Gongsun Jing and Nangong Le had already broken into cold sweat. They had already mustered all their strength and yet this windforce seemed to be trying to suck them out of the cave!

Lele quickly thrust her long sickle into the hard rocky ground with a large implosion as she said anxiously, “Everyone, stand behind Yu’Er quick! This is not an ordinary Divine Calamity. In all my years, I have never seen anything like this before! Grab my pole everyone!”

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were startled at her internal strength.

The Sword Sage murmured, “She can pierce through this rocky ground with her pole. That is some amazing feat…”

Chi Zhengqi was puzzled. He quickly drawn his long sword and tried to thrust his long sword into the rocky rock; his long sword could only pierce just a little of the rocky rock before it got deflected! There was no way his long sword could go into the hard rocky ground…

When he had diverted part of his martial power away, he had lost his balance and in that instant he was swept off his feet; the powerful vortex had threatened to suck him out of the cave when the Element Sage caught hold of his foot, “Careful nephew!”

Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Ling Kongquan were all sweating as they exercised their entire martial power to keep themselves on the ground!

Even Xiao Shuai who had profound internal strength was panicky as he asked, “Does anyone knows how long this wind vortex will last? We can’t maintain our martial power like this!”

Xiao Shuai was right. Martial power was a sudden burst of a practitioner’s internal strength and using martial power itself was physical demanding.

Ji Wuzheng had just mustered a martial shout as he raised his palms continuously to fight off the sucking wind vortex with his Holy Amalgamate Force by absorbing and neutralizing the windforce. He too, was sweating heavily and was worried for his wife and daughters, “At this rate, we will all be forced out of this cave and sweep into the skies!”

Shen Xinyue had turned pale completely, “Be careful. This windforce is not just trying to knock us to the ground. It is trying to pull us towards the dark vortex up the skies above.”

She too, had never seen anything like this before!

Yujian was already standing at the entrance of the cave where it was the strongest as she lifted her fingers to deflect the furious vortex!

If she was not there, many of them would have already been swept out of the cave by now!

A tree that was outside the cave had just been uprooted by the strong winds and was swept in a circular motion up to the skies above. As it touched the vortex, it was ripped apart!

Only Yi Ping, Shen Xinyue, Lele, Youxue and the Element Sage could still maintain their balance through the Thousand Weight internal skill but from their expressions, it was also taking considerable effort to do so!

Xiao Shuai cursed aloud as he grabbed the Element Sage to steady himself, “If I know this would happen and that the Divine Calamity would be like this, I would have focused on internal strength training rather than martial power training!”

The Element Sage managed a weak smile, “Don’t envy me. Maybe it is because Xian’Er is an internal strength practitioner so that is why this Divine Calamity was a test on internal strength foundation.”

Yujian almost cried. Like Yi Ping, she had wanted to aid her protégé mistress but she could barely move at all!

Earlier, Shen Xinyue had emphasized to Lie Qing, Lele, Mei’Er and her that on no circumstances must she lend any lending hand to the Celestial Fairy. It was because once they had decided to aid her, the Divine Calamity would transfigure and that would cause Yixian to ascend as a Dark Celestial.

But when Yu’Er saw how terrifying this Divine Calamity was and the worst had yet to come, she did not care for that warning anymore and just wanted her protégé mistress to live!

Yi Ping had steadied himself with his martial power as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. He saw that Yixian was now standing in the midst of the furious winds.

Without giving any prior warning to the others, he began to take slow steps as he walked out of the cave towards her!

Yi Ping could only move very slowly, lifting his feet slowly. As he stepped onto the ground, he left behind a deep imprint onto the rocky ground. Each step of his was likened to a ton of force as he concentrated all his martial force into his center of gravity.

He could see that Yixian was now sitting in mediation in the middle of the platform. He was in awe of her internal strength. As he moved closer to the platform, he could feel the lashing of the furious winds that continuously seek to cause him to lose his balance and blown him into the skies.

He could only move very slowly for each step was extremely tedious and difficult now.

Shen Xinyue and Ji Lingfeng called panicky to him but their voices were quickly drowned as Yi Ping had already stepped out of the cave!

Shen Xinyue was stunned and she was not sure if Yi Ping could hear her even though she had traversed her words through the Thousand Mile Skill.

Lingfeng sighed softly, “It is no use. Even if you have used the Thousand Mile Skill and even if Yi Ping has heard you, he probably won’t turn back. He is this stubborn…”

Dugu Yunzi was breathless as she raised the martial power of her Invincible Divine Force once again to maintain her balance, “That’s right. Right now, we can only pray.”

Youxue was battling the furious vortex with her Divine Emerald Skill beside Yu’Er and Mei’Er, pursing her lips silently as she watched helplessness when Yi Ping had walked past her…

Yu’Er and Mei’Er called after Yi Ping but their concerned voices were drowned out by the howling winds. They had tried to move forward but could not resist the slaughtering of the winds so they were forced to remain in the cave shelter.

Dugu Zhen said aloud, “Everyone, save your strength. We can only pray for now. I got a very bad feeling about this and this is best that we conserve as much strength as possible.”

Shen Xinyue sighed softly and said, “That’s right. We are in equally precaution position as well. I have thought that we are out of reach from the Divine Calamity but it seemed that this is a most unusual Divine Calamity. I have never seen anything like this before…”

Her voice was soft but everyone could hear her clearly despite the howling winds. That spoke volumes of her internal strength.

Lingfeng said quietly, “This is the Divine Wrath.”

Lele, Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue had an astonished look in their expressions.

Lele asked, “You have never even seen a Divine Calamity before. How do you know what it is?”

Lingfeng who was the Heaveness and had recovered her memories kept quiet and did not reply to Lele. Instead she was looking intently at what happened outside.

Shen Xinyue’s suspicious was immediately aroused. It was only now that she had noticed that Lingfeng was able to maintain her balance in perfect harmony and seemingly effortlessly!

She immediately thought, “What martial skill is she using? And she is not even using the stance of the Thousand Weight Skill for her posture was too casual. That isn’t a skill from the Holy Hex Sect as even Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen and Dugu Yunzi are all struggling against this forceful vortex.”

Lie Qing and Lele were also exchanging curious looks to one another…

Lie Qing was already thinking, “If this is the legendary Divine Wrath, how can mortals like us overcome this?”

All of a sudden, she had felt mortal and was even afraid. Even though she was a Celestial but she felt no different from the others…

Not only was she trembling with fear, Shen Xinyue was also trembling and a sense of petrifying fear had also began to creep into everyone!

Suxin was already grasping as she struggled against her fatigue, “I cannot hold much longer. I am too tired…”

Lingfeng said softly, “Everyone, sit on the ground and hold each other hands. This divine storm isn’t something that we can handle alone.”

Nangong Le said panicky, “That’s right. Let us hold hands. I have already exhausted all my strength.” He tried to move towards Lingfeng and Shen Xinyue when he caught an angry glance coming from Suyue. He smiled bitterly and walked towards her instead.

As soon as everyone had sat down and holding each other hands, there was a loud rumbling earthquake as the ground began to shake violently and at the same time, multiple flashes of purple lightning began to flash thunderous across the entire skies!

Lele grasped, “This is an electric thunderstorm!”

There was a light drizzle and all of a sudden, a fireball freaked from the sky and headed right towards the middle of the platform where Yixian was mediating!

Everyone was shocked at the sudden appearance of the huge fireball that had burst out of the blue from the darkened skies!

Lingfeng said quietly, “This is just the beginning of the Divine Wrath and more are yet to come.”
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Chapter 70: The Lightning Calamity

Yixian the Celestial Fairy raised both her hands and stood up, displaying a defense stance. This defense stance was a lot more difficult to her than other times as she had to divert most of her internal strength to maintain her balance and to battle the furious vortex that was threatening to blow her to the whirling dark heavens above.

Yi Ping was panicky when he saw the huge fireball trekking down from the skies as he gave a martial shout and tried to hasten his steps amidst the hurricane winds!

Yixian was startled as she turned and saw his shadowy figure in the hazy windstorm, “Ping’Er, why are you here?!”

But her attention soon returned to the fiery fireball that was above her.

As the fireball drew close, Yixian and Yi Ping could feel the fiery heat and the suffocating pressure of the huge. The ground below them was shaking violently and fissure cracks appeared on the ground as the fireball fell!

Yixian was terrified when she saw the fireball but her will was resolute. She was determined to do her very best and she quickly regained her composure.

She did not dare to be careless as she quickly displayed the Divine Emerald Skill to the ninth level, the Absolute Defense Stance. With some difficulty, she managed to raise her internal strength to its zenith and raised the level of the Divine Emerald Skill to the tenth level in a nick of time as the fireball had impacted directly over her, sending multiple smaller fireballs in many different directions!

As the fireball exploded and imploded over her, the ground beneath her gave way as the sheer pressure of her fireball and her Divine Emerald Skill collided violently!

Just when she thought that she could not withstand the sheer collision anymore, the shattered fireball began to break apart and flew in all directions and most of the fireballs were eventually sucked into the dark vortex above.

Yixian was startled as she thought curiously, “It seems that the dark vortex above me is also indirectly helping me? If there isn’t the powerful wind vortex above me, I doubt very much I can hold the fireball in place with just my martial skill alone. Is the Divine Calamity a test of one’s courage and resolute?”

In the end, she had only suffered a few minor burns but was otherwise unscathed.

Yi Ping was almost swept forcefully aside when the huge fireball impacted upon Yixian. He displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon Hands with his martial power, imploding and deflecting the smaller fireballs with multiple forceful blows when it flew towards him!

The huge fireball had exploded with a thunderous impact, stirring the dust like a huge mushroom and sending flurry of burning windforce in all directions!

When the dust had cleared, Yi Ping was relieved to see that Yixian was still standing but she was grasping breathlessly. She was otherwise unharmed but the shock that she had received was evidenced in her…

Yixian was aware all of a sudden that Yi Ping was besides her.

Yixian said, “Ping’Er, why are you here? You shouldn’t have come. It is very dangerous. I can sense that this is just the start. Move away quickly!”

Yi Ping said with a soft sigh, “Xian’Er, I know I won’t be much help but if you were gone, I don’t have the courage to live too. I really want to brave through this with you.”

Yixian saw the determination in his eyes and knew that he would not listen. She did not have much strength to protest either. She simply closed her eyes to recuperate as much as possible while waiting for the next calamity to happen.

She simply said, “Be very careful!”

Yi Ping said, “I will. Don’t worry about me. Don’t let me be your distractions. I will look out for myself. I am not the target of the divine calamity.”

They began to hold hands as they resisted the furious winds with their internal strength together.

The ground below them was rumbling loudly and tremors could be felt nonstop.

At this moment, the skies grew even darker and ominous.

Purple lightning began to streak across the dark clouds and the sounds of thunder grew even louder. Purple lightning bolts were flashing and striking the ground all around them, zapping and stirring up dust storms all around them!

At the same time, the relentless powerful winds that were generated from the dark vortex were also increasing in fury and attempting to pull them toward it!

Yixian had turned paled, “Ping’Er, this is the lightning calamity. You must leave immediately. The shockwave of the lightning is able to hit the surroundings. You will be in grave danger!”

She had heard from Lele and Lie Qing that among all the Divine Calamities, the lightning Calamity was the most feared. It was sometimes called the Divine Triple Lightning as it would strike three times before it could cease. Each time a lightning had struck, the next one would be even more deadly than the last!

Yi Ping looked gently into her eyes and he placed his hands on her shoulder, “Xian’Er, you focus on the incoming lightning calamity. I will use my martial power to steady you. Don’t bother about me…”

Yixian knew she could not persuade Yi Ping in time and if she did not have sufficient preparation, she would cause both of them to be killed instantly. Therefore, she lifted her martial power once again and formed the ‘Absolute Defense Stance’ as she braced herself for the incoming lightning calamity.

All of a sudden, a white streak of lightning thundered and landed right in front of the Celestial Fairy! This lightning bolt had appeared out of the blue and descended so fast in a blink of an eye that if she did not prepare herself, she would surely be electrified instantly.

As the lightning bolt struck her ‘Absolute Defense Stance’, the impact was so thunderous that Yi Ping thought that they would perish immediately!

Yixian’s fingers were trembling as she barely deflected the force of the lightning bolt. She turned around and asked, “Yi Ping, are you alright?”

Yi Ping had felt a surge of electricity energy bursting through him. It was as though his heart would burst at that time. He immediately inhaled and exercised the Divine Revelation to control his heartbeat.

He said, “Xian’Er, I am alright. My joints feel a little stiff. Is it over?”

Shui Yixian lifted her martial power again and shook her head, “If the divine calamity ceased, then the winds will die down as well. But it is not ceasing and in fact blows even stronger.”

Yi Ping turned pale immediately. In the past he would never have believed that fire and lightning would descend from the skies and would descend upon a person so vengefully as though it had a will on its own!

Both Shui Yixian and Yi Ping tried to raise their martial powers as much as they could to brace themselves for the next calamity attack. It was an effort to muster their martial power as they were also using the bulk of their martial power to resist the threatening forceful winds that could at any time uproot them from the ground and sucked them into the dark vortex above them.

A bigger and blue lightning bolt thundered and zapped towards Yixian.

It struck the invisible barrier created by her ‘Absolute Defense Stance’ and this time she screamed and fell onto the ground. It was as though there was no resistance between her ‘Absolute Defense Stance’ and the wicked blue lightning bolt.

Yi Ping too, was thrown onto the ground as he felt the terrifying power of the blue lightning bolt!

There was small sparks of fire and burning smell around them.

But Yi Ping quickly struggled to stand as he called out panicky, “Xian’Er, are you alright?”

Yixian was also grasping, “Yi Ping, how are you?” In her most critical moment, her one and only concern was Yi Ping and not herself. She grabbed his hands and held him onto the ground as she could feel his vanishing martial power. It was to prevent him from being spiraled away to the dark vortex above as the strong violent windforce did not cease its furies; instead it was growing stronger every moment!

Yi Ping had suffered severe burning as the lightning bolt had passed through Yixian and through his body!

As Yixian called out to him, he quickly recovered his senses. “Xian’Er, I am alright.” He exercised his martial power again and steadied himself as he said weakly to Yixian. “You must concentrate, I am really alright.”

Yixian looked woefully at him, “Yi Ping, I…”

It was because she had discovered that the Divine Emerald Skill could only halt the power of the lightning bolt so much and could not prevent it from piercing her. Just when the blue lightning bolt passed through her, she had felt a severe shock but that shock was quickly alleviated by another force; Yi Ping had drawn away much of the power of the lightning bolt with his martial power.

And now, Yi Ping was reaching his limit; his heart would not be able to take anymore shock and to handle the burning temperatures of another lightning bolt.

Yi Ping reminded her, “Xian’Er, you must concentrate. I think the third lightning is coming!”

Yixian reluctantly turned her back from him and after a great deal of difficulty raised the ‘Absolute Defense Stance’ again. Her fingers were trembling, her footing was not steady and even her body was swaying!

But she knew that Yi Ping had suffered even greater injuries than her.

That gave her the resolute to muster her struggling internal strength as she was determined not to let Yi Ping come to further harm!

The winds grew even stronger and lightning streaked across the skies continuously! It was as though heavens were testing the limits of their endurance!

Yi Ping mused as sweat covered his entire face, “If the divine lightning did not strike now, we will die of exhaustion first!”

Indeed, he was right.

Yixian had broken into cold sweat as she struggled to maintain the ‘Absolute Defense Stance’. She dare not cease the flow of her internal power for the Divine Lightning would strike at any time!

Yixian said gently, without losing her enchanting demeanor, “If we can survive this last tribulation then we can survive! Ping’Er, please hold on!”

Yi Ping said weakly, “Xian’Er, you must hold on too…”

All of a sudden, a purple lightning bolt, more powerful than the two previous lightning bolts flashed with a brilliant purplish light upon them!

As soon as Yixian saw the lightning bolt, she immediately lifted all her martial power to its zenith and Yi Ping did the same too!

Yi Ping saw that Yixian was losing her strength rapidly so he supported Yixian with his left hand to root her onto the ground and used the remaining of his martial power to display the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand as he clashed with the incoming purple lightning bolt!

All of a sudden and at the same time, there was another brilliant bolt of light from the other part of the sky that struck the purple lightning bolt!

There was a brilliant clash of explosion and binding flash of light as the ground beneath them exploded thunderously!

Yi Ping and Yixian were both flung across the platform!

The roaring winds suddenly died down and the dark clouds suddenly dispersed. It was as though it had never happened!

The cloudy skies had three opening as three rays of brilliant white light seemed to descend gently upon the fallen Yixian.

Yi Ping was convulsing as he could feel a gentle calming force entering his body!

His first thought was, “Am I about to become a Celestial? We have overcome the Divine Calamity?”

But when he had thought of Yunzi, Youxue and Lingfeng who had not overcome the Divine Calamity, he felt a terrible sadness as he recalled the lingering memories of the White Sage.

If he was a Celestial, then he would not be able to aid them in the future. It was an outcome that he did not want to see.

Not wanting to be separated from them, he did not hesitate at all as he rejected the Divine Force that was entering his body…

As he got up weakly, he saw that Yixian was already standing quietly besides him.

She was smiling at him…

Her eyes had turned crimson and now she had a divine air around her that was similar to Lele, Lie Qing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Shen Xinyue.

Yixian was looking at the golden sword that was thrust into the ground. It was enveloped by a golden halo and it had landed exactly at where they were standing just a moment ago…

She muttered, “This sword has just saved our lives by absorbing the lightning. I wonder what it is. It just appeared out of the blue from the heavens above…”

Just as she was pondering this question, she was greeted by joyous cries as everyone had run out of the cave excitedly!

Lele was already hugging her as she said excitedly, “You have now awakened as a Celestial! Congratulation Sister! I know that you will surely overcome the Divine Calamity! What’s more, you have just overcome the Divine Three Lightning! That’s one of the most dreadful Divine Calamities that can happen. I almost faint from fright when I saw it!”

Lie Qing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were swiping the tears away from their eyes.

Lie Qing and Lele were particular excited. It was because Yixian had finally overcome the Divine Calamity on her first attempt, a tribulation that they had failed in their first attempt. That failure had caused their confident to plummet and they were afraid that the same fate would be met by Yixian too.

Shen Xinyue was grasping as she pointed at the golden sword that was thrust into the ground, “That is the Heavenly Earth Sword! This sword is the pinnacle sword of the Celestial Star Formation and it is the only celestial sword that can unleash the Universal Force and withstand the Divine Calamity!”

Yixian smiled weakly, “Is that so? I wonder why it is here…”

Shen Xinyue was also pondering the same too, “I do not know but this sword is originally yours and it seems that the Heavenly Earth Sword is here to help you…”

She was interrupted by Mei’Er and Yu’Er who were embracing Yixian with soft cries of joy, followed by the rest!

Youxue was holding hands with Yunzi as they looked delightfully at the Celestial Fairy.

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Three Sages, Shangguan Qingyun, Yan Nanfei, Huo Fu, Ji Wuzheng, Dugu Zhen and the rest of the maidens were crowding around Yi Ping and Yixian excitedly, expressing concerns and joyous applauds!

Lingfeng was secretly startled, “This is the Heavenly Earth Sword?”

She had silently raised her trembling fingers in its direction and was startled to find that the sword was indeed exuding vestiges of the Universal Force!

She was already thinking, “This is the secret key that the Celestials in Beyond have been searching for all these while?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by the startled grasp of Lie Qing who was looking tenderly at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, why aren’t you a Celestial yet?”

Immediately, Shen Xinyue and Lele turned pale!

Shen Xinyue murmured with a surprise expression, “I have never heard of anyone that can reject the Divine Force of the Divine Calamity. You supposed to be a Celestial after overcoming the Lightning Calamity. This is not possible…”

Yi Ping was silent as he stole a look at Yunzi, Youxue and Lingfeng, “I just don’t want to be a Celestial yet...”

Yunzi sighed softly but she was secretly glad…

Youxue was touched. She knew that he was doing it for her. If Yi Ping becomes a Celestial and if she did not in the future, they would be separated.

Lingfeng was looking at Yi Ping tenderly and her eyes were affectionate…

But Lele was obviously unhappy!

She said melancholy, “You may have given up the one and only chance that you could have to possibly awaken as a Celestial Sage. Goodness knows what are the consequences and implications that will be in the future?”

Yi Ping said weakly, “That’s alright…”

Lele interrupted, “That’s not alright. That is because from now on, Yixian and I will have to leave you to continue on our celestial progression or the consequences in the future will be dire for us!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lele, Xian’Er, you are going? Where are you going?”

Lie Qing said quietly, “That’s right. We are all leaving. That includes Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Shen Xinyue too. Even though Sister Xian’Er has now awakened but this is just the beginning. Most of us have not even cleared the first celestial stage yet. That is also the most critical stage that will determine our future progression and fate. That’s why we must leave so that we will not be distracted by worldly attachments. If you have become a Celestial, you can come with us to continue training. But you have not and we cannot wait for you.”

Shen Xinyue added softly as she eyed Yi Ping with soft tears, “I will wait for you. You must also persist, till we meet again.”

Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “Must we part?”

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were also startled and they had said aloud at the same time, “Xian’Er, you will be leaving us?!”

Yixian nodded uncomfortably as she stole a glance towards Yi Ping.

The Martial Sage stammered, “Xian’Er, I want to become a Celestial too. Wait for me. Don’t go yet…”

Shangguan Qingyun was also stammering, “Xian’Er, you are leaving us so soon?”

Yixian sighed softly as she picked up the Heavenly Earth Sword, “If destiny allows, we will surely meet again.”

Shen Xinyue said, “Be careful of the Dark Celestials while we are not around.”

Lele emphasized, “Not all the Dark Celestials are from the Celestial Palace. Be careful of the heretic sects.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Other than the Dark Celestials from the Celestial Palace, there are other Dark Celestials elsewhere?”

Shen Xinyue nodded, “There are many more Dark Celestials and Celestials than you think. The battles between the Dark Celestials and the Celestials have never ceased.”

Lele had discreetly turned away and her eyes were melancholy. It was because she had been hiding a secret. She had long suspected that her grandpa had already turned into a Dark Celestial…
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It was winter and there was snow everywhere. Even though the weather was cold and harsh but it did not seem to affect the Celestial Liege and a five year old little girl that was beside him.

Even though the little girl was little but she seemed to know that her parents were leaving her and her face was wet with her silent tears.

The Celestial Liege was sighing softly, “So today is the day…”

He watched silently as the lights of the Celestial Star Formation began to move rapidly.

They were standing on the other side of the mountain peak but they could see the other side clearly…

A young handsome man was standing in the middle and he was surrounded by nine heavenly maidens. There was a brilliant flash of light and they were all gone…

The little girl could not hold back her tears anymore and she began to sob uncontrollably.

The Celestial Liege patted the little girl head as he muttered, “Be strong. The day will come when you will see your parents again. They are going to a faraway place and won’t be coming back.”

The little girl asked sorrowfully, “Where are they going?”

The Celestial Liege said, “They are going to Beyond, above the ninth heavens…”

The girl looked at her uncle and asked almost inaudibly between her sobbing, “Where is it and why are they going there?”

The Celestial Liege smiled gently at the little girl as he gave her a comforting tug, “It is a Celestial Realm and they are going there to help the Heaveness, who is also your mother to solve a mystery and to fight the other Dark Celestials. One day, I hope that I can also go there and to lend them a helping hand.”

The little girl nodded and said with resolve, “One day, I want to go there too as well!”

Book One End
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A Martial Odyssey
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